1. As a fellow Muslim in Malaysia, you are now a marked man, Codey Herman. It would not be a surprise if your funeral is not far off. You know that if you interfere with Muslims(and worse for what you did to Aya Maasarwe), you are marked in Palestine & the Islamic world. You can hide in jail, hide in the courts but our men in time, will get you for what you did in Melbourne/Bundoora. You better go & hide in South America or Antarctica forever. Then you might escape. That student did nothing to you. She came to Melbourne as an international student. You killed her to show yourself as a great Aboriginal rapper ? Tell you what. If the Indonesian Army wants to finish Aboriginal murderers like you off, its a very easy job, my friend. Black skins like you are an easy target, Codey Herman. They can just blow you up.



  2. Once gone, the dead cannot come back. You saw to it that Ayya Maasarwe was never to return to physical life, Codey Hermann. And you set out to do just that. Now you hang your head down and look remorseful. If you had not done what you did, all would have been fine. For you, for the Maasarwe family, for Ayya etc. Now, you will have to pay for that murder. No, not just jail. Jail is too easy. As you raped, tortured & killed Ayya Maasarwe, you too will undergo the same treatment by our Palestinian brothers. Be assured of that, Aboriginal man. You can run but they will get you. In your coffin, only you can see Shaitan rapping ! You cannot see them, but demon ghosts(djinn) are following you. Ayya’s parents, siblings & family members are suffering because of you, Codey Hermann. You have also brought shame to Aboriginal Australia. Better start rapping on your cock & shove it up your ass while you can ! You are on borrowed time.



  3. Adrian Bayley(killed Jill Meagher in 2012), Codey Hermann(black dingo arsefucker) & Sean Price(stabbed Masa Vukotic schoolgirl 49 times in 2015) should each have a live chainsaw shoved up their arseholes for what they’ve done. People such as these three deserve to be brutally tortured(ISIS are experts at this). Sean Price bragged around for what he did to Masa Vukotic. Let us hear Sean when a live chainsaw is wedged up his arse ! Or set them alight by pouring kerosene oil on them first. Yay ! Fireworks ! With loud heavy metal music in the background, Adrian Bayley, Sean Price & Codey Hermann will be dancing around while on fire ! Roasted criminals. Never ever let these criminals out into the community. They WILL kill again.



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