Life after torture in New Zealand

Life after torture in New Zealand



Rape slavery is a weapon of war. Political violence. Innocent people are lied about and dehumanized by the torturers.

New Zealand is the only country in the world (that I know of), where torturers get away with it. Even those who torture terrorists get arrested in other countries.

Crazy, whore wanker. An ‘opinion’ about right wing people by the hard left. But in New Zealand they take it a few steps further, than just an opinion. Rape slavery is a weapon of war. Political violence. Terrorists get released from jail. Criminals get released from jail. Comfort women get life after rape slavery.

Its only right to expect life after torture for innocent people in new Zealand. Lies and slander are no excuse for rape torture. Hitler did that. Lies and slander are not an alternative to a warrant, for internet sites or internet service providers. Taking over Facebook to access emails and spread discrediting pornography is a crime in most countries, but not in New Zealand. Blame the victims punish the victims. Imagine if the US cops did that to Sarah Palin.

You dont ‘give up’ being waterboarded. Its not a job, work or employment. Minimum wage zero. Rape slavery is similar. You dont ‘give up’ being raped or tortured. No amount of lies can cover up their crimes. You cant join the unemployed rights union because its only on Facebook. Im not on Facebook now.

I am a Christian and a journalist. Not a crazy, whore wanker, as the hard left would have you believe. Not a gang member either. No tatoos and no prison record. Yet plenty of local New Zealand police have tatoos and some have prison records too.

Life after torture in new Zealand. I consented to staying alive and ive never been suicidal. So I got that. Corrupt cops go from door to door and shop to shop spreading lies and slander. You cant get a job at a shop or volunteer at a charity because of this. These corrupt cops lie to family members of neighbors too. They are being threatened, with the sack, eviction or worse.

No access to any kind of ‘so called’ justice system. Never any compensation for anything. The government files are full of lies and slander. It would cost $40,000 to correct these ‘so called’ errors in the New Zealand government files. It records who wrote them and when. But they may have been threatened to write them too.

The only journalists who are ‘recognized’ in New Zealand are those in the Green party or Communist party. I write lots of blogs. But im not called a blogger. Crazy, whore wanker is the label they use. They will never run out of lies.

















NATO’s bid for global dominance could lead to new Cuban missile crisis – top Russian senator — RT Russian politics

The policy of one-sided military dominance exercised by the US and its NATO allies could cause a major standoff similar to the Cuban missile crisis of the early 1960s, the head of the Russian Federation Council’s International Affairs Committee has warned.

Source: NATO’s bid for global dominance could lead to new Cuban missile crisis – top Russian senator — RT Russian politics