UK 1900 to 2016 research

UK part 2

19th century – The Rein of Queen Victoria. Embroidery frames and knitting flourished. (Knitting. Joanna MacDonald ©1962 UK).

19th century – Magdelen hospital educated women who were very young, rape victims were made servants. (Detectives of genealogy. Kathy Chater Anness ©2005 UK).

1900 – Peak of the Industrial schools for orphans and abandoned children. 8,000 children in 71 schools in Ireland. (A history of neglect. The God squad).

The Rein of Elizabeth I, Scotland. Knitting patterns have been lost. Families handed down patterns from generation to generation, they have now died out. No written records of stitches remain. Fishing villages and Guernseys. (Knitting. Joanna MacDonald (c)1962 UK).

1901 – The Whitakers were a British business dynasty who lived in Sicliy Palermo Italy. The British community occupied Sicily during the Napoleonic war. The Whitakers were invited to London for Queen Victoria’s state funeral in 1901. (Costa Nostra. John Dickie ©2004 Italy).

22 Jan 1901 – Albert Edward prince of Wales took over the throne. King Edward VII. 81 year old Queen Victoria died at Osborne house on the isle of Wight. She had been Queen for 63 years. (Hidden history. Gerry Docherty. Jim Macgregor (c)2013 UK).

24 June 1901 – Polish born financier Jeande Bloch gave a lecture at the Royal United Services institute in London. (History Today. April 2013 UK).

June 1903 – Royal institute Marconi Cornwall morse code hacked. Eastern telegraph company (Intercept. Gordon Corera. (c)2015 UK).

1904 – After 1904 birth certificates do not show a birth in a workhouse, listed anonymous street names were recorded, place of death too. (Practical family history. Feb 2010 p38).

1908-1909 – The UK Old Age Pension Act of 1908. Over 70 years. The Act disqualified drunks, convicts and pauper lunatics. The Act came into force on 1 Jan 1909. Inability of pensioners to sign was widely noted. In many areas not one in 40 could sign their name. Proof of age was also required. (NZ genealogist May June 2011).

14 Nov 1908 – Limerick orphans poisoned. Murder of nine girls. Weekly Times Dublin.

28 Nov 1908 – Limerick orphans poisoned. Inquest and verdict. Weekly Irish Times Dublin.

1909 – Assassinsation in London, Sir William Curzon Wyllie was killed by an Indian student Madan Lal Dhingra. (Christophre Andrew. M15 UK (c)2009).

1909 – M15 military intel dept 5. British counter intel was formed in 1909 to combat spying against Britain. (The spys handbook. Herbie Brennan (c)2003 UK).

7 Oct 1909 – SIS began. Commander Mansfield Cummings. March 1909 PM was Herbert Asquith. Anti-espionage, secrecy and denial. Warning of war was an important part of the work. (M16 SIS Keith Jeffery ©crown 2010 UK).

1910 – 19 year old William Collin Jackson. East India company. Merchant was arrested and jailed in Fleet debtors prison. Private debtors lock ups Palsgrave place. (History today. Dec 2013 UK).

1910 – Winston Churchill was at a cabinet meeting in 1910 with Edward Grey and Lord Crewe, picture p27. (History today. Dec 2013 UK).

1910-1916 – Field books from the Isle of Wight were destroyed during World War Two. Valuation surveys between 1910 and 1916. Inland Revenue valuation office. (Family history monthly. March 2004 p35).

Dec 1910 – Census, certificates, database. Picture p159. Young boys working at the troughs coal pit in Bargoed south Wales. (Who do you think you are. Genealogy handbook BBC (c)2014).

1911 – M16 military intel dept 6 formed in 1911. Funded by British taxpayers for more than 70 million pounds a year. (The spys handbook. Herbie Brennan ©2003 UK).

1911 – Census. Annie Read aged 7, a pupil at St Mary’s industrial school in Croydon, London. Her brother Patrick was at Cannington industrial school in 1911. Why were they in industrial schools and what happened to their parents. They lived in Southwark London. Thomas and Annie Read. (Who do you think you are. May 2014 UK).

5 Aug 1911 – British Socialists. Auckland Star. Papers Past NZ.

28 May 1912 – British Socialist conference. Colonist. Papers Past NZ.

6 March 1913 – Protestant home for orphans and destitute girls. Sale of work. The Irish Times Dublin.

1914 – The British government raided the WSPU HQ, tapped its phones, intercepted its mail and seized its newspapers and by 1914 were going to prosecute the WSPU financial backers. The suffragettes were a women’s union. (History Today. June 2013 UK).

1914 – Wartime censorship, the PO worked with the war office to censor all post and telegrams between Britain and other countries. The capture of a 1914 German spy, Karl Lody, was the first German spy to be executed in Britain during the war. They also sent parcels to British prisoners of war in German occupied areas. (Family tree. Dec 2009 p15-16).

1914 – Yipunka koudaof. Liverpool. The roaming Roma. Pinterest.

1914 – Scarborough is bombarded by german warships killing 19 people and destroying many buildings. (Who do you think you are. P82 Sept 2014 UK).

1914-18 – Index cards National archives. 5 million index cards, first world war. (Who do you think you are. Genealogy handbook BBC (c)2014)

1914-18 – POW camps Red Cross records. First World War. (Who do you think you are. Sept 2014 UK).

1914-18 – Surviving M15 archives. 65 German agents arrested under the Aliens Restriction Act during world war one. German archives show 120 agents were sent to the UK. (Christopher Andrew. M15 UK (c)2009).

1914-19 – Records were destroyed during the blitz. Thiepval memorial. 73,000 UK and South African deaths, those bodies were never found. (Who do you think you are. July 2014 UK).

2 Aug 1914 – The British army set up a secret code breaking section called M11b. Intercepting German radio communications. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich (c)2010 UK).

2 Aug 1914 – A global system of intercept called censorship, telegraph. Spy fever gripped the country as war approached. Censorship of the telegraph cables, “the system”. (Intercept. Gordon Corera (c)2105 UK).

4 Aug 1914 – War was declared. Within a month 200,000 reserves were called up and 439,000 men joined the army as volunteers. By the end of the year a million men enlisted. In addition, two regular divisions from India and volunteers from Australia, New Zealand and Canada, prepared for war in Europe. (Today in History. May 2014 UK).

4 Aug 1914 – The first world war, this was the day that Britain went to war. (Christopher Andrew. M15 UK (c)2009).

5 Aug 1914 – Dover and Bourdeaux. UK post office archives, cables and the ship called Alert. War was declared on Germany. The telegraph, first world war. (Intercept. Gordon Corera (c)2015 UK)

15 Oct 1914 – German spies in England. The Times London UK.

Nov 1914 – Winston Churchill code breakers Germany. (Intercept. Gordon Corera (c)2015 UK).

16 Dec 1914 – The German battleship Franz von Hippon bombed the UK ports of Hartlepool and Scarborough. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 16 Dec 2015).

World War One – Genealogy records disappear, people die and events go unreported. Ancestors sometimes lied. Info on soldiers during World War One. A vast amount of that material was destroyed by bombing in World War Two. About 80% of that material was destroyed by bombing in World War Two, some completely destroyed. (The people detective. Tom McGregor. ©2001 UK).

1915 – Women conduct tests in a lab of the lord explosive factory at the Scottish town of Gretna. When German imports were cut off, Britain faced shortages of military supplies and medical drugs. Until 1915 Britain put aside royalties to the German industrialists Krupps for fuses and shells launched against the Germans. Makeshift hospitals were dangerous places, riddled with disease, short of supplies and soldiers with shell shock. (History today. Feb 2014).

1915 – German spies in England exposed. William Le Queux. London S Paul and co. Worldcat Database.

1915 – Biochemist Chaim Weizman later became the first president of Israel, a Russian Jew in London. (History today. Feb 2014).

1915 – Birmingham chemists collaborated with Lever brothers to develop a tear gas that could penetrate the filters on German facemasks. Medical research. Germany was previously the main supplier of anaesthetics and medicines. (History today. Feb 2014).

1915 – UK, France and Japan divided up the former German colonies and holdings in Asia and Africa in the secret 1915 treaty of London. They also carved up the Ottoman empire. Colonies were called Mandates. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1915 – German archives show that the number of German agents in the UK went from 22 in Jan 1915 to 4 at the end of 1915. (Christopher Andrew. M15 UK (c)2009).

1915-17 – Between April 1915 and July 1917 British forces suffered 21,908 casualties and 1,895 deaths from gas warfare. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

May 1915 – 32,000 men were interned and 20,000 women, and children. Spy mania during the war. It turned out that most German spies were not German. (Christopher Andrew. M15 UK (c)2009).

May 1915 – Intercept of UK mail going to the US. Offices in Liverpool. Telegraph and secret blacklists. (Intercept. Gordon Corera (c)2015 UK).

30 July 1915 – During the first world war in London, two men Jansgen and Roos were shot. Telegraphs sent to the Netherlands, Amsterdam for the German secret service. (Intercept. Gordon Corera. (c)2015 UK).

1916 – Easter uprising in Dublin Ireland. The centre of Dublin was almost destroyed in six days of uprising. (History Today. May 2014 UK).

1916 – High food prices, labour shortages and bad weather. (History Today. May 2014 UK).

1916 – M15 card index of one million. Black list of suspects filled 21 voloumes. 13,524 men. The Registry was called H-2. (Christopher Andrew. M15 UK (c)2009).

1916 – German scientists in 1916 had a plot to start a plague epidemic in the UK. Infecting rats with plague bacilli or dropped from Zeppelins. (Christopher Andrew M15 UK (c)2009).

1916-17 – anti consctription. From June 1916 to Oct 1917 M15 interned 5,246 people suspected of pacifism anti military. Of 7,000 conscientous objectors. 3,000 were sent to labour camps run by the Home office. 1,500 were jailed. (Christopher Andrew. M15 UK (c)2009).

10 Feb 1916 – Military conscription began in the UK. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 10 Feb 2016).

11 Dec 1916 – David Lloyd George. British war. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 11 Dec 2015).

1917 – By spring 1917 the M15 central registry had 250,000 cards and 27,000 personal files on suspects. The registry filing system. Cards in the index. (Christopher Andrew. (c)2009 M15 UK).

April 1917 – Four outbreaks of anthrax on the Isle of man. German agents tried to infect horses and mules in the UK with anthrax. (Christopher Andrew (c)2009 M15 UK).

May 1917 – Liberal MP Sir Donald Maclean, father of the Cambridge spy, Donald Maclean. (The lawn road flats. (c)2014 David Burke UK).

12 July 1917 – Germany unleashed potent mustard gas weapons against British forces at Ypres. From then until the end of the war British forces suffered 160,970 casualties and 4,167 deaths. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1918 – Deaths during the 1918 influenza pandemic. (NZ Memories. Feb March 2014).

27 May 1918 – A Russian trade delegation arrived in London on 27 May 1918. Lloyd George. Russia founded the Communit Comintern in March 1919. Members of the Soviet trade delegation were Cheka agents, Nikolai Klishko. (The lawn road flats. (c)2014 David Burke UK).

8 Aug 1918 – The British suffered 80,000 casualties, and on one day 8 Aug 1918, 6,500 Allied troops were killed. The army on the western front. (The new spy masters. Stephern Grey (c)2015 UK).

30 Aug 1918 – The London police, 10,000 of the 19,000 Met police did not report for work. They demanded recognition for the Left wing union and a pay rise. The strike happened, but no reords of the strike survived. (Christopher Andrew. (c)2009 M15 UK).

1919 – Jewish emigre from Poland, Aaron Kosminski, was sent to the mental prison in the UK in 1891 and he died in 1919. (National Post. Guy Walters. The Telegraph UK. 8 Sept 2014).

25 Jan 1919 – London’s opium dens. Horowhenua Advertiser NZ. Papers Past.

25 Jan 1919 – London’s opium dens. Auckland Star NZ. Papers Past.

25 Jan 1919 – Opium dens in London. Hawera NZ. Papers Past.

25 Jan 1919 – London’s opium dens. Auckland Star NZ. Papers Past.

27 Jan 1919 – London’s opium dens. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

27 Jan 1919 – Opium dens in London. Grey River Argus NZ. Papers Past.

29 Jan 1919 – London’s opium dens. Colonist NZ. Papers Past.

1 Nov 1919 – Formed on 1 Nov 1919 The Govt code and cipher school or GC&CS. It was eventually transferred to the control of the Foreign office. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1920 – London tube undeground map. (Trade me NZ. Antiques documents maps. 7 April 2016. Auckland NZ $50).

1920 – German spies at bay, an actual record of the German espionage in Great Britain during the years 1914-1918. Sidney Theodore Feistead. London Hutchinson. Worldcat Database.

1920 – Pinterest. Gypsy boy and dog. Museum. Tumblr.

1920 – Formation of the British Communist party in 1920. Harry Pollitt, David Ramsey, Robert Robson, John Campbell ,Robert Stewart and the trade unions. (Christopher Andrew. (c)2009 M15 UK).

1920 – Review, British Communists the untold story. International journal of Socialist renewal. 11 Nov 2014. CPGB Communist party of great Britain was founded in 1920. Part of the Third International, Lenin and Bolshevics.

1920s – The UK controlled more than 25% of the world’s land mass, a territory 150 times larger and the UK. (The shadow market. Eric J Weiner ©2010).

1920s – The Zinoviev letter, was found by the secret services and it lead to the collapse of the Labour government in the 1920s. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1920s – Yad Vashem and the names of the six million jews who died in the Holocaust. Millions of people remain unidentified. The names recovery project. Children from Pinsk orphanage in the 1920s. (Who do you think you are. July 2014 UK).

1920 – 44 – Mr Montagu Norman was governor of the Bank of England from 1920 to 1935. He did not step down from governorship of the Bank of England until 1944. (Barry Eichengreen. Hall of mirrors. (c)2015 US).

1920s to 1960s – Pinterest. Billy Hill was involved with organised crime in London. Smuggler and extreme violence.

1920 to 1970 – Researching reform. 13 June 2016. Natasha. UK child abuse inquiry to include children sent to Australia and Canada from 1920 to 1970. Homeless children and sex abuse.

1921 – In 1921 the UK Ministry of health, all papers relating to cases of exemption from military service were destroyed. Tribunals files were destroyed. Guilt of what they did. The government destroyed the records of Conchies. Conscientious objectors for compulsory war service. (The people detective. Tom McGregor ©1996 UK).

16 March 1921 – Signing of the Anglo Russian trade agreement. Soviet trade mission in London. A British trade mission in Moscow opened in April 1921. (Christopher Andrew. UK (c)2009 M15).

1922 – Images of orphans burned out during civil war. Protestant boys were sent to England, and later to Australia in 1922, after the Connemara orphanage was torched. Michael Parsons. The Irish Times Dubin. (19 March 2012).

1922 – Even after the partition of Ireland in 1922, many men from Ireland joined the British army and many fought in World War Two. (Family tree. Dec 2009 p22).

1922 – The Irish public record office in Four Courts Dublin was destroyed by protests against British rule in 1922. Much of the contents of the Church of Ireland parish registers, census returns and wills were destroyed. After 1922 laws on registrations of babies, adoption and illegitimate children were added in Eire and northern Ireland. (Detectives of genealogy. Kathy Chater Anness ©2005 UK).

1922 – Libraries, archives of local newspapers. Brightsolid was the company behind findmypast newspapers. The empire Settlement Act of 1922. Australia, the UK and empire. People search (Who do you think you are. May 2013 UK).

30 June 1923 – 40 orphans were killed. Weekly Irish Times Dublin.

1924-30’s – Soviet spying in the UK in the 1930s. Russian physicist Pyotr Kapitsa was in 1924 at the Cavendish lab at Trinity college Cambridge. (Christopher Andrew. UK (c)2009 M15).

1925-1961 – The order of Bon Secours nuns ran Tuam home. In 1961 the home was closed. All records went to the Health service executive Galway Ireland. 796 children were dead. A mass grave in Galway, might not be the only one. Says Irish leader Kenny. (6 June 2014 Sheila Langan )

1926 – Adoption of children register ACT. History of BMD records. (Detective of genealogy. Kathy Chater Anness ©2005 UK).

1926 – Family record centre. Indexes on divorce and adoption BND overseas. Adoption before 1926, adoptions were arranged informally. After 1926 a register of adopted children was set up. Adoption section of the FRC to obtain original birth certificates. (Detective of genealogy. Kathy Chater. Anness ©2005 UK).

1926-1961 – The Bon Secors nuns, Catholic mothers and babies home, from 1926 to 1961. Children died from malnutrition, measles, convulsions, tuberculosis, gastroenteritis and pneumonea. The nuns also ran hospitals. (Donal Okeeffe. The 31 May 2014).

12 Feb 1926 – Opium in Britain. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

1927 – If you were born and adopted in England after 1927, the registers of adopted children can be seen at St Catherine’s house, where they are on open shelves. (Janet Reaker. How to trace your missing ancestors. ©2000 Australia).

1927 – A register for adoptions began. Before this, adoptions were informal. It may be difficult to find proof, except in family papers or wills. (Who do you think you are. Sept 2013 UK).

1927 – Adoptions before 1927. No laws for adoption, records may not survive, orphanages. Barnardos childrens homes. The 1927 adoption of children Act. Of 1926 adoption legal from Jan 1927. Westminster city 1927 to 2011. (Who do you think you are. The genealogy handbook BBC UK 2014).

1927 – M15 was formed under Captain Vernon Kell in 1909. German spies in the UK on the outbreak of war. ARCOS raids in 1927. The Soviet Trade delegation 49 Moorgate and the All Russian Cooperative ltd, ARCOS was raided by police, on orders from M15.Espioage activity was found. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright. ©1987 UK).

12 May 1927 – The Arcos raids. All Russian coop society ltd through which the Soviets did business in the UK. A front for Soviet subversion. No evidence of Soviet espionage was found in the raids. (M16 SIS Keith Jeffery ©crown 2010 UK).

12 May 1927 – Raid on ARCOS offices Soviet trade and spies. (Intercept. Gordon Corera (c)2015 UK).

23 Aug 1927 – Orphans greet the Queen. Her Royal visit to Lichfiels cathedral. The Irish Times Dublin.

1928 – Richard Sorge was sent to Britain from Germany in 1928, he was working for the Comintern. He was posted to Shanghai in early 1930, aged 35. Sorge was executed by the Japanese in 1944. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

1928-30s – Adoption was legalized in Britain in 1928. In the 1930s there was 1,000 children’s homes orphanages in Britain with 35,000 children. (Family history monthly. March 2002 p29).

24 Sept 1928 – Socialist Baronet Mr Oswald Mosley Socialist British House of Commons. NZ Herald. Papers Past NZ.

1929 – Boys over 14 and girls over 12 could get married. It was not until 1929 that the law stopped marriage for people under 16 years old. (Family history monthly. March 2004 p24).

1929 – John Tiltman in 1929 in London, operation against Comintern communications code named Mask. Secret subsidies paid by Moscow to the communist party of the UK and its newspapers The Daily worker. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1930 – Elderly and widows had to live in workhouses, poor women, children and beggars. The System for the poor, workhouses. It was not until 1930 that workhouses and the Board of Guardians was abolished. (Detective of genealogy. Kathy Chater. Anness (c)2005 UK).

1930 – The British Communist party was under instruction from Moscow. Russian oil products, ROP was founded in the UK in 1924. (Christopher Andrew UK (c)2009 M15).

1930 – Colonel JFC Carter was at the specal branch section which dealt with Communist subversion. (Christopher Andrew UK (c)2009 M15).

1930 – “Operation mask” Comintern messages and Soviet traffic in London, ran until Oct 1937. (Christopher Andrew UK (c)2009 M15).

1930 – The workhouse system was in operation until 1930 when it passed from the poor laws guardians to local authorities. (Family tree. Dec 2009 p63).

1930s – The Lawn road flats was a center of Soviet espionage in London during the 1930s. Jews and Communists were linked to Soviet intel at the Lawn road flats. (The lawn road flats. (c)2014 David Burke UK).

1930s – More than 2,000 Irish orphans were vaccinated against diptheria in the 1930s in medical trials by Burrough Wellcome. GSK, Mass grave were found near the site. Tip of iceberg. (Societies child RT).

1930s – New Zealand spy Paddy Costello and Canadian Herbert Norman were both members of Trinity college Cambridge in the 1930s. Canadian diplomat Herbert Norman was high commissioner to NZ in 1953, died in Egypt on 4 April 1957. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1930s – The “ring of five” spies recruited in the UK in the 1930s. Kim Philby. Burgess, Maclean and Blunt. But the identity of the fifth man was a complete mystery. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright (c)1987 UK).

1930-35 – In the 1930s there was a worldwide financial crisis, the effects of slump and the great depression. In 1935 Peter Wright moved to a farm in Cornwall. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright ©1987 UK).

1930-36 – Thousands of Irish orphans were used in vaccine experiments for Burrough Wellcome. GSK, More than 2,000 children, orphans. Old medical records, diptheria vaccine. No records of deaths or side effects. (10 June 2014 mts the other news).

1930s-4-0s – The cold war and the info trade. Kim Philby was in SIS and Anthony Blunt was in M15. (The new spy masters. Stephen Grey (c)2015 UK).

1930-1948 – Workhouses continued to exist until 1930 when poor relief was replaced by public assistance. It was not until 1948 that the poor laws were swept away by Clement Atlee’s post war government. (Practical family history. Feb 2010 p37).

1931 – Nicholas Monsarrat graduated from Trinity college Cambridge. Friend of scientist Victor Rothschild. (The lawn road flats. (c)2014 David Burke UK).

Sept 1931 – 17 Sept 1931 ten million pounds of gold was withdrawn from the Bank of England. The next day the figure rose to 18 million pounds. The government abandoned the gold standard on 21 Sept 1931 ending the gold standard. (M15. Christopher Andrew (c)2009 UK).

12 Sept 1931 – Solar eclipse. The UK abandoned the gold standard, setting of stock market crashes and bank failures worldwide. Wall street. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

19 Sept 1931 – the UK discarded the gold standard. The Great Depression. The shemitah and the Great Depression overlap. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

1932 – Oct 1932, 20 year old at Trinity college, uni of Cambridge. Desmond Patrick Costello. NZ spy for the Soviet Union. Dublin born Irish Catholic. He joined the Communist party of the UK at Cambridge uni in 1932. Recruited by GRU. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1933 – Industrial schools were abolished in the UK but not in Ireland. A history of neglect The God squad.

1933 – David Daube a German Jew went to Cambridge UK in 1933 to study law. Daube had relatives interned at Dachau after Kristallnacht. In early Nov 1938. (History Today. April 2013 UK).

20 June 1933 – The Times London. (Trade me NZ. Antiques documents maps. 7 April 2016. Welllington NZ $18).

July 1933 – World economic conference in London. 54 world leaders attended. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

29 Sept 1933 – A year after his resignation from the Foreign office. Oldham was found, gas filled house in Pennbroke, taken to hospital, dead on arrival. Inquest. Oldham was murdered. (The Mitrokhin archive. Christopher Andrew. Vasili Mitrokhin (c)1999-2000).

1934 – Captain Hugh Miller died after an accident in 1934. M15. (Christopher Andrew. (c)2009 M15 UK).

1934 – Maxwell Knight SIS later after 1933 a flat in Dolphin square rented, Lois Coplestone 1937. Knight, security service M15 by 1934. (Christopher Andrew UK c)2009 M15).

1934 – Jimmy Kensit was first arrested in 1934, in and out of jail. Jimmy Kensit. The Krays and Richardsons. Reggie Kray. (Who do you think you are. Genealogy handbook. BBC UK (c)2014).

18 Dec 1934 – Bingham. Lord Lucan was born. He went missing on 7 Nov 1974.

1935-37 – Wikipedia. Dolphin square. 70 MPs and 10 Lords.

8 June 1935 – Widows and orphans pension. New bill in the Dail. Weekly Irish Times Dublin.

1936 – Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild the 4th baron Rothschild born in 1936, the eldest son of Victor Rothschild who worked for M15 during world war two. Grandson of Charles Rothschild in the UK great grandson of Nathan Rothschild British banker, the first Jewish member of the house of lords. Great grandson of Meyer Amschel Rothschild of Frankfurt Germany.

20 Jan 1936 – Edward VIII succeeds British King George V. (Chch Star NZ. Today in. history. 20 Jan 2016).

May 1936 – The Left book club began in the UK in May 1936 by Socialist Victor Gollancz to spread Socialism, the Socialist party and the Soviet Union. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1937-38 – Divorce case records after 1937 are not available to the public, private divorce records after 1938. Not public by government decree. (Who do you think you are. May 2013 UK).

1938 – Records of orphanages, where to find adoption records. British agencies of adoption and fostering 2001. 1,000 orphanages in 1938, but records of only 63 have survived. (Family history monthly. March 2002 p29).

1938 – Spy cases in the 1930s, a major Soviet attempt in 1938 to invade the Woolwich arsenal using a veteran Communist engineer working there, Percy Glasing. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright. ©1987 UK).

1938 – In the UK no legal aid before 1920 , liars gave false info. Discrepancies before. Local newspapers. Only the rich were allowed to divorce. Central index mostly destroyed from 1858, thousands of cases between 1858 and 1911. (Who do you think you are. The genealogy handbook. BBC UK 2014).

1939 – Find my past, release of the 1939 register. At the outbrak of world war two. (Who do you think you are. June 2015 UK).

1939-40 – War broke out on 20 April 1939. In Sept 1940 Buckingham palace was bombed. London had beeen blitzed by German bombers. (Royal babylon. Karl Shaw ©1999 US).

1939 to 1945 – Second world war. Records, ministry of defence. British army POWs 1939-45. Databases ancestry, National archives. Imperial war museum. 18,000 private papers, unpublished diaries 1914. Military records. Commonwealth war graves. (Who do you think you are. Th genealogy handbook. BBC UK 2014).

1939-53 – Guy Liddell was M15 director of counter espionage. He kept a diary. (History Today. May 2014 UK).

25 Feb 1939 – The first Anderson bomb shelter appears in Britain, in Islington garden. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 25 Feb 2015).

March 1939 – Quex Sinclair was chief of the SIS from the 1930s. He fell ill in March 1939 and his illness proved fatal. (Christopher Andrew (c)2009 M15 UK).

2 Dec 1939 – British imperial airways and British airways merged to form BOAC. (Chch star NZ. Today in history. 2 Dec 2015).

1940 – John Cairncross was at Trinity college Cambridge in 1934. From 1940 he was at the top secret Bletchley park. Ultra code breakers, with access to secrets. Part of the Cambridge spy ring. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1940 – More than half of the service records were destroyed during the blitz in 1940. 40% survived. (Who do you think you are. The genealogy handbook BBC UK ).

1940 – Thousands of workers were at Bletchley park, codebreakes. Austria, Czech and Poland had fallen to Germany. (The secret life of Bletchley park. Sinclair McKay (c)2010 UK).

1940-41 – During the Blitz, systematic bombing of Britain by Hitler’s Luftwaffe. Plymouth suffered some of its worst ravages. The HMS Ladybird was hit and sank by the Germans in Tobruk harbour Libya. (NZ Memories. Aug Sept 2014).

1940-45 – Bombed out in Barking from Oct 1940 to Jan 1945. Barking and Dagonham were bombed for the six years that Britian was at war with Germany. 426 fatal casualties, 1,178 seriously injured and 1,297. 12,743 badly damaged in the area. (Who do you think you are. p50 Sept 2014 UK).

1940s-50s – The Magdalene laundries was a church run institution for women.

March 1940 – By March 1940 the interception of Soviet traffic was big business. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

June 1940 – M15 central registry. Two million cards and 170,000 personal files or dossiers. In June 1940 M15 interned every alien enemy in the UK. More than 27,000 foreign nationals were interned in Britain during the war on M15 orders. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

23 July 1940 – Blitz, all night air raid, German bombers on London. (Christchurch Star NZ).

Sept 1940 – The M15 office in Wormwood scrubs was bombed, causing a fire. Lord Rothschild? (Treachery. C Pincher ©2011 UK).

Sept 1940 – M15, moving secret files. In the last week of Sept 1940 an incendiary bomb fell on Wormwood scrubs. The incendiary bomb fell on the prison and set fire to part of the registry, the heart of M15 where the records were held, but they had been duplicated. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

7 Sept 1940 – Germany began its blitz on London. The blitz caused a lot of damage. 43,000 people were killed, and 130,000 people were wounded. (Bad times in history. Roland C Barker ©2001 US).

25 Sept 1940 – The German Luftwaffe bombed a spitfire factory in Southampton UK. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 25 Sept 2015).

14 Oct 1940 – Sir Cliff Richard aka Harry Webb. Born in Lucknow India birthday. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 14 Oct 2015).

11 Nov 1940 – The British fleet air arm attack destroyed half the Italian fleet in Taranto. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 11 Nov 2015).

3 Dec 1940 – The US ambassador in London UK was Joseph P Kennedy. He said the British request for loans was duplicitory. The British had major assets in Latin America and was in ruthless competition with American businesses. William J Donovan was sent to London in 1940. (The FBI a history. Rodri Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

1941 – Buckinghamshire code named Ultra. Silence was only lifted in the late 1970’s. GCCS code breaking. (The secret life of Bletchley park. Sinclair McKay (c)2010 UK).

1941 – Bustle. Lucia Peters. 26 Sept 2015. Clara Bauerle a WW2 spy, M15 records. The Midlands in 1941.

1941 – Dudley news UK. Riddle over woman in the Wych elm. Bella. Unsolved murder. Bella in the wych elm. German spy ring maybe. Clara Bauerle was a Nazi spy, Clarobelle who patachuted into the west Midlands in 1941. M15 files. Gestapo agent Josef Jacobs parachuted into Cambridgeshire in 1941.

1941-47 – American terms of the 1944 Bretton Woods accord. The US dollar as the new gold. A global monetary system. American aid for the UK. 1941 British financial disaster. Lend Lease terms President Roosevelt,. A new global money system at Bretton Woods. 1947 Pres Truman tried to prevent a Soviet driven Communist takeover of Western Europe, the Marshall plan. (History Today. June 2013 UK).

8 Aug 1941 – Simon Kremer GRU had a meeting with Klaus Fuchs in Brighton. Fuchs was GRU agent code named Otto. Ivan Sklyarov also met with Fuchs. Fuchs was signed up by GRU. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher (c)2011 UK).

18 Nov 1941 – British troops opened an attack on Tobruk north Africa. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 18 Nov 2015).

1942 – Major Ismail Alchmedov GRU defected. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher (c)2011 UK).

1942 – Cornwall, west county. Loss of wills in Exeter in 1942. The Devon wills project, to list many of the missing records. Somerset wills were destroyed in Exeter and Cornish wills proved in Exeter were also lost. (Who do you think you are. May 2013 UK).

Sept 1942 – Edward Travis and the head of Bletchley park naval station, Frank Birch went to Washington. Signed the Holden agreement, Anglo American relations secret alliance, which still exists today. (GCHQ Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1943 – St Josephs industrial school in Cavan Ireland, was run by a Religious order. It was burnt to the ground in a fire. Killing 35 girls and an elderly women. (A history of neglect. The God squad).

1943 – BRUSA Anglo American signals intel agreement. (GCHQ Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

April 1943 – Womans’ body found inside a tree. Murder but the victim was never identified. A skeleton was found inside a hollow tree trunk in Hagley wood 10 miles from Brighton UK Midlands. Died from asphyxiah. 35 year old woman the woman’s identity remains a mystery. In 1953 a Dutch Nazi spy. The skeleton disappeared mysteriously in Dec 1942. Mysterious Universe.

18 April 1943 – Bustle. Lucia Peters. 26 Sept 2015. Hagley wood in Worcester, found a woman’s skull in elm trees. Bella wych elm.

18 April 1943 – Dudley news UK. Riddle over woman in the wych elm. Bella. 3 June 2016. Sarah Cousin. Unsolved murder. A woman’s skull was found. Bella in the wych elm.

2 Sept 1943 – List of Communist party members in government departments, all records were stored at Blenheim. Records held at M15 Blenheim substation. (Treachery. C Pincher ©2011 UK).

Early part of the war – Lord Rothschild, a Cambridge scientist who had joined M15, sublet a London house to Anthony Blunt and Guy Burgess. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

1944-45 – Signals intelligence and the SIS against Axis enemies like Hitler’s secret service the Abwehr. Section V, under Colonel Felix Cowgill with 250 staff by 1945. Counter espionage. Section IX to study past records of Soviet and Communist activity RS, Feb March 1944 a new anti-Soviet section. 19 Sept 1945 committee. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

22 Feb 1944 – London bombed again. Chch press NZ. Papers past.

July 1944 – June 1945 – In July 1944 the UK and US were raiding the archives and labs of Germany for documents. The teams returned to the UK with the material 6 June 1945. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

Late 1940s – An M15 officer said he suspected Hollis was a Soviet agent from the late 1940s. He refused to reveal the names of his agents to him for fear of betrayal. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher. (c)1984 US)

25 Nov 1944 – A Geman V-2 rocket hit a Woolworths store in Deptford killing 160 people. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 25 Nov 2015).

27 Nov 1944 – 4,000 shells detonated at an RAF arms depot near Stoke on Trent, in a Staffordshire village which was destroyed and at least 70 people were killed. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 27 Nov 2015).

1945 – The M15 registry was held at Leconfield house then it was moved to Wormwood scrubs prison during World War Two to safeguard the files. Within a year the prison was bombed and many files were destroyed or damaged by fire. Registry Files and card indexes. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright. ©1987 UK).

1945 – John Marriott during the war was secretary of the Double Cross Committee. M15 was recruiting dozens of Nazi Intel agents. A distinctive Masonic handshake, Peter Wright’s father was also a Mason. The brotherhood or Freemasons. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright. ©1987 UK).

1945-47 – Deception organisation UK, the London controlling section, LCS, 1945. General Leslie Hollis the Hollis centre, 9 July 1947. Deception plan. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1945-49 – “Operation Dick Tracy” a large collection found at Hitler’s mountain retreat in Berchtesgaden Bavaria. Classifying this GX material, Oct 1945 went on until Jan 1949. Mass photography, RAF use, held in the UK at various locations. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich (c)2001 UK).

20 March 1945 – British food crisis. NZ Herald. Papers past.

27 March 1945 – Daily Mail. (Trade me NZ. Antiques postcards. 7 April 2016. Wellington NZ $8).

July 1945 – Britains new PM, Clement Attlee, Labour, flew to join Churchill at the Potsdam conference where Britain, the US and the Soviet union were discussing devastated Europe. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

July 1945 – The Labour govt of Clement Attlee was elected. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

Aug 1945 – The US ended the lend lease support, which sent Britain into economic crisis. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

29 Aug 1945 – Sir David Petrie. Roger Hollis 5 Sept 1945. Andrew H Walton. The Gouzenko case and British secret intel. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

Sept 1945 – The first post war foreign ministers conference was held in London. (We know now. John Lewis Gaddis ©1997 US).

15 Sept 1945 – A new picture of the history. UK’s Geoffrey Sudbury was the GCHQ officer who ran the VENONA project. He was a fluent Russian speaker. VENONA traffic. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright ©1987 UK).

Oct Nov 1945 – 7 Oct 1945 Roger Hollis M15 on the ship Queen Mary, Mackenzie King Canadian PM. 23 Oct 1945 in the UK. Gousev to London. Canadian PM Mackenzie King and the Soivet embasyt iun London. 9 Nov 1945 he went to New Yorpk. 9 nov 1945 Gouzenko defectd to Canada. (The atom bomb spies. H Mongomery Hyde (c)1980 UK).

1946 – The radio security service RSS. Soviet messages were recorded during the war. Much of this material was destroyed when it was due to be handed over to GCHQ. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

4 March 1946 – Nunn May was arrested. Official secrets act of 1911. Spied for Communist Russia. Nunn May was tried at the old Bailey 1 May 1946. Dr Allan Nunn May. Wakefield prison Yorkshire, penal servitude, released in 1952. Went to Cambridge, his wife Dr Hildegard Broda deputy medical officer of health. (The atom bomb spies. Montgomery Hyde (c)1980 US).

30 April 1946 – Retired diector general Sir David Petrie in early 1946. Sir Percy Sillitoe a policeman took over on 30 April 1946. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher (c)2011 UK).

Aug 1946 – A GRU navy officer Lieutenant Vladimir Skripkin tried to defect to the UK. Navy intel accepted . May and July 1946. Skripkin returned to Moscow, he was arrested and executed. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher (c)2011 UK).

May 1947 – By 1947 the onset of a new war, the cold war, was clear to all. The Soviet Cominform and US CIA. By May 1947 Britains economic crisis began to bite. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

May 1947 – Meeting in London. Short of money in post war austerity UK. The US Sigaba machine. (GCHQ (c)2010. Richard J Aldrich).

27 Sept 1947 – Meeting Klaus Fuchs and KGB controller Alexander Feklisov in a London hotel. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher (c)2011 UK).

1948 – Jamacian immigrants on board the ex troop ship empire Windrush at Tilbury. (Who do you think you are. Genealogy handbook. BBC (c)2014. p171 picture).

1948 – Picture p177. Immigrants from Jamaica arrive at Tilbury London. Windrush. 1948 five young boxers. (Who do you think you are. The genealogy handbook. BBC UK 2014).

1948 – The case of a three year old girl, June Anne Devaney, who was taken from a hospital, then raped and killed in a park in the city of Blackburn. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

1948 – GCHQ UK made Soviet atomic weapons its top priority target. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1948-62 – Immigration increased to the UK from the Caribbean and India, records. There are few archive records from 1960 onwards. Registers of slaves. (Who do you think you are. The genealogy handbook. BBC UK 2014).

7 Oct 1949 – Sonia, Ursula Beurton, husband Len, was working at Banbury. He had a motorbike accident and broke his leg. Sonia applied for a visa to visit east Germany GRU. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher (c)2011 UK).

1950 – Cecil Roth. History of the great synagogue.

1950s – Tests, construction of a nerve gas production plant at Nancekuke in Cornwall in the early 1950s. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1950s – GCHQ priority was war with Russia and gathering info on Moscow’s nuclear arsenal. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1950s – The watchers and M15 during the 1950s, how to detect and follow the increasingly large number of Russians through the streets of London. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright ©1987 UK).

1950s and 60s – (Aangirfan 17 Nov 2014). Nazareth lodge in the 1950s and 60s in Northern Ireland, abuse of children in the church run care home.

1950s-60s – Evidence from Peter Righton in 1992. Paedophiles (Robert Booth. The Guardian UK. 16 March 2015).

1950-70 – Aangirfan 8 July 2014. Jimmy Savile. M15 ran brothels in Church street Kensington in 1950 and early 1960s. Boys and girls. Kincora boy brothel and M15 blackmail. Edward Heath and Jeremy Thorpe. CIA, Mossad, M15 and M16. Michael Stone. Sex trafficking in the 1970s.

21 Jan 1950 – George Orwell aka Eric Blair died in the UK. (The Observer years. George Orwell (c)2003 UK).

2 Feb 1950 – Fuchs was arrested, he was physics British atomic research at Harwell UK. (FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

April 1950 – Alexander Feklisov was recalled to Moscow. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher (c)2011 UK).

May 1950 – Morris and Lona Cohen. Fuchs and Rosenberg’s. (Treachery. C Pincher ©2011 UK).

10 Dec 1950 – Banished by Lenin hounded by Hitler. The story of Semyon Frank. Voice of Russia history. 16 July 2013. Alice Lagnado. In 1922 Lenin expelled about 140 rich and other families from Russia. He arrived in 1945. Semyon Frank to Golders Green in North London where he lived until his death on 10 Dec 1950. Jewish family in Moscow.

1951 – Defection of Maclean, documents about the case have been listed as M15 papers which may be withheld indefinitely and will be weeded or even destroyed. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher (c)1984 US).

1951-63 – Philby defected to the Soviet Union in 1963. The financial settlement made to Philby when he resigned in July 1951. Philby arrived in Beirut Lebanon in Sept 1956 and worked for the Economist and Observer as a journalist. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

April May 1951 – In the late 1940s VENONA revealed a Soviet agent in the British govt. April 1951 M15 Donald Maclean in the foreign office. Ring of five Cambridge spies. May 1951 Maclean and Guy Burgess defected to the Soviet Union. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

25 May 1951 – Defection of two British born foreign office officials. Donald Maclean and Guy Burgess. A policy of cover up, so much is unknown to the public. Especially concerning the cover ups. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

1952 – 12 vintage English postcards. (Trade me NZ. Antiques postcards. 7 April 2016. $6).

1952-53 – NSA was responsible for communications intel, or Comint. Electronic warfare UK/US. GCHQ December 1952. 1953. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

Jan 1952 – Alan Turing’s home in Manchester was burgled. Homosexual. M15. Two foreign office, Burgess and Maclean had just fled to Russia. Homosexuals. (Intercept. Gordon Corera (c)2015 UK).

6 Feb 1952 – Queen Elizabeth II succeeded King george VI to the British throne. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 6 Feb 2015).

29 Feb 1952 – Nuns expelled for alleged murder of orphans. The Irish Times Dublin.

5 Dec 1952 – Lethal smog kills 12,000 people in London. G+. Before its news. 5 Dec 2015.

1953 – Actress Vivien Leigh was in Ceylon and had an affair. She was removed from the film and replaced by Elizabeth Taylor. In London Vivien Leigh was forced into a mental prison and electroshocked. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe ©1998 UK).

1953 – Holland Amsterdam and London, a fire in M16 archives and all Dutch resistance records were destroyed. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich. ©2001 UK).

1953-54 – Churchill in April 1953 was ill, in bad shape. Churchill suffered from a series of strokes, that left him incapacitated by 1954. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich. ©2001 UK).

Feb 1953 – Large scale intrusive security investigation. US bases in the UK. CIA Survey of British groups that opposed US bases in the UK. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1 Sept 1953 – Sir Percy Sillitoe was replaced by Dick White as Director General of M15. PM Winston Churchill. White helped bring Hollis into M15 in 1938. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

17 Oct 1953 – The cold war in Britain, on new front. London staff. The Manchester Guardian UK.

8 June 1954 – Alan Turing’s body was found. Cyanide. (Intercept. Gordon Corera (c)2015 UK).

1955 – Child abuse by Sir Jimmy Savile in the late 1950s. Jimmy Savile also visited Moscow Russia.

April 1955 – Gerald Templer’s investigation for the Cabinet about British colonial security worldwide. His report remains secret (classified), because of its frankness. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

23 Sept 1955 – White paper, report covering the disappearance of two former foreign office officials. HMSO.

1956 – When Hollis became Director General M15, the sheer scale of Soviet bloc intel acting in Britain, with at least 300 Russian intel officers. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright. ©1987 UK).

1956-57 – April 1956 Portsmouth harbour. The Buster Crabb incident, a British navy diver. He was found in June 1957, 14 months later, headless and handless body in a diving suit. SIS mission. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1956-66 – Menwith Hill in Yorkshire began in 1956. In 1966 it was taken over and run by the US, NSA. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1956-82 – The arrest of Geoffrey Arthur Prime on official secrets act charge in July 1982, Aged 44, Prime was spying for the Soviet Union for at least 14 years, 9 of them inside GCHQ. Prime joined the RAF in 1956 and worked in Gatow in Berlin. Joined GCHQ in Sept 1968. In March 1976 he moved to GCHQ at Cheltenham UK. (Too secret too long. C Pincher.©1984 UK).

March April 1956 – Nicholas Elliott M16 officer who later interrogated Philby. Lionel Buster Crabb was killed in April 1956. In March 1956 KGB chief Ivan Serov visited London. The Soviet leader arrived on 18 April 1956. M16 officer Ted Davies took part in, Davies after a heart attack. 19 April 1956 Crabb. Crabb was never seen alive again. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher. ©1984 US).

April 1956 – The Crabbe incident. Soviet leaders Khrushchev and Bulganin visited Britain on the battleship Ordzhonikidze in Portsmouth. M16 London station chief was Nicholas Elliott. A frogman, Buster Crabbe disappeared, later a headless body was washed up and found. M16 planned the Crabbe operation. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright ©1987 UK).

14 July 1956 – Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller arrived at Heathrow airport, 75 police were present. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe ©1998 UK).

Aug 1956 – The Rote Kapelle. Alexander Foote died. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher (c)2011 UK).

1957 – The Arago case. Colonel Oldrich Pribyl said Soviet intel must have a spy inside M15. GRU. nothing was done about the evidence. This clue fits Hollis. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

1957 – Will Moira’s killer be found at last. The Times London, 23 Sept 2006 A Paedophile ring is involved in the unsoved murder of a girl in 1957. Paedophile rng involved in the unsolved chid murder.

June 1957 – The headless, handless body of a frogman would wash up at Chicheslo in June 1957. Miles from where Crabb disappeared 14 months earlier. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher. ©1984 US).

1958 – Hollis introduced Peter Wright to Victor Rothschild who worked inside M15 during the war. Rothschild was head of research for Shell oil corp, controlling 30 labs worldwide. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright ©1987 UK).

1959 – M16 and the Russian cruiser Ordzhonikidze, despite the Buster Crabbe incident in Portsmouth, M16 was determined to hunt the ship down. In 1959 it docked in Stockholm Sweden, ciphers. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright. ©1987 UK).

1959 – SH Steinberg. Five hundred years of printing. Faber and Faber. London UK.

31 Dec 1959 – Mary Flanagan, now aged 72 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

1960 – Paul McGennis was making porn films in the UK of children in his care in hospitals for sick children. McGennis was charged in 1997 with molesting girls in his care at Crumlin hospital in the 1960s. (A history of neglect The God squad Gardis).

1960s – M15 evidence of Cyril Smith abuse in Lancashire in the 1960s. Channel 4 Sept 2013.

1960s – Torture in Kenya, institutionalised, a police state. Intel manipulation. M15 officer Peter Wright and his book Spycatcher 1987. M15 Director General Sir Roger Hollis was a Soviet agent, according to Wright. Wright worked in M15 technical section intel bugs and covert activities in the early 1960s. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

1960s – Paedophile ring and 30 years of abuse. 17 Sept 1998 Ian Murrell The Independent UK. A paedophile ring in the early 1960s, victims as young as 8 years old.

1960s – Wikipedia. Kincora boys brothel in Belfast Northern Ireland. Martin Billon says McGrath was employed by M15 since the 1960s, used for blackmail. McGrath was a homosexual paedophile. Private Eye magazine. Whitehall sex abuse of boys at Kincora boys brothel in Belfast Northern Ireland.

1960s – Enemies of the people 9 July 2014. Watt Tyler. Sex abuse ring 1983 Geoffrey Dickens. Nov 1983. VIP child abusers. Cyril Smith back to the 1960s. May 1995. Geoffrey Dickens dies. Sept 2010 Cyril Smith dies aged 82. Jimmy Savile 1960s.

1960s – James Reeves Twitter July 2015. I spoke to and hung out with runaway boys from care homes in the 1960s. Boys in the streets of London, as I was, some as young as 11.

1960s – Jonathan Cork. A girl in care at Roeclife manor, Elizabeth April murder in the 1960s. Jimmy Savile killed at least 5 kids. Daily Star 29 June 2014. Savile at NHS hospitals 5 mystery deaths. Two women at Broadmoor killed in a mental prison in the early 1990s. Mystery disappearance of a child from a care home Roeclife manor in the 1960s Leicestishire.

1960-61 – Adopting while abroad. Irish adoptee sues GlaxoSmithKline. She lives in Philadelphia USA. Also sueing the Catholic order. She was used as a guinea pig in drug experiments, while a baby in 1960-61. A four in one shot against childhood diseases. Diptheria, whooping cough, tetanus and polio. The Irish Central.

1960-63 – Child abuse at Kincora boys home in Belfast, which was run as a boy brothel by M15. Blackmail and contol of political leaders. Jimmy Savile visited. 1963 a male victim said Jimmy Savile raped him in Cheshire.

1960s-1970s – 300 orphan children in care homes were used in medical experiments in Ireland. (Society’s child RT. 9 June 2014) Tip of iceberg.

1960-1999 – BAC British aircraft corp on 1 July 1960 a merger of Vickers Armstrong. aircraft. BAC was nationalised in 1977. British aerospace in 1979. In 1981 BAE was under a public limited company. In 1987 BAE British aerospace became BAE systems in 1999 merged with Marconi. British company in Saudi Arabia. (The shadow world. Andrew Feinstein (c)2011 US).

1960-2012 – Jan 1984 Dickens and British childrens homes. Philippines dossiers Nov 1984 PIE jailed Cyril Smith paedophile. Daily Mirror 27 Nov 2012. 8 days in childrens homes Rochdale in the 1960s. Cyrul Smith and Cambridge house hostel care home in Rochdale, young boys.

19 Feb 1960 – Birthday of Prince Andrew. Duke of York. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 19 Feb 2016).

27 March 1960 – Eugene Ivanov, a Soviet naval officer arrived in the UK on 27 March 1960. Naval attache at the Soviet embassy, intel operative and GRU official. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

June 1960 – M15 was compiling info about the sexual activity of MPs and ministers. Tom Driberg. Hollis as Director General of M15. Irregular sexual relations .Defects in character and access to top secret info. Paedophiles for example. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher. ©1984 US).

Oct 1960 – June 1960 Gordon Lonsdale, a Canadian Soviet illegal who used the name and passport of a dead Canadian. Aug 1960 Lonsdale, named Konon Molody KGB. The Navy ring or Portland spy ring. Lonsdale in Britain in Sept 1960. Oct 1960 Lonsdale, Pete and Helen Kroger. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher. ©1984 US).

21 Oct 1960 – The first British nuclear submarine, the HMS Dreadnought was launched. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 21 Oct 2015).

25 Dec 1960 – Pinterest. Michael Canfield, the illegitimate child of Violet Evans and George the Duke of Kent. He was adopted by Cass Canfield, a US publisher who married Lee Bouvier, the sister of Jacqueline Kennedy. While Michael Canfield was on a jet from the US to London on 25 Dec 1960 he died of an alleged overdose of alcohol and pills.

1961 – Biderman and Zimmer. The manipulation of human behaviour. London, Wiley.

1961 – British PM Edward Heath sex attacks on young boys. Fox news.

1961 – The order of Bon Secors nuns ran Tuam home. In 1961 the home was closed. All records went to the Health service executive Galway Ireland. 796 children were dead. Mass grave at Galway, not the only one, Irish leader Kenny says. (6 June 2014 Sheila Langan).

1961 – The Conservaive party’s Monday club was set up. Harvey proctor, Rhodes Boyson and Peter Bottomley. Visited Elm guest house boys brothel and took boys to Amsterdam. Elm guest house was linked to M15.

1961 – Karel Zbytek Czech British early 1950s. British citizen, changed his name to Charles Charles. He ran a boarding house in Folkestore where he died of a heart attack in 1961. This Soviet bloc agent, the Czech Philby was named in 1969. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher. ©1984 US).

16 Jan 1961 – Russian espionage ring detected in UK.

3 May 1961 – 42 years jail for George Blake, a KGB spy in M15 UK. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher. ©1984 US).

July 1961 – The 46 year old secretary of state for war, Jack Profumo had sexual relations with a 19 year old girl, Christine Keeler. The Profumo affair. (History Today. April 2013 UK).

Oct-Dec 1961 – Daily Mail 5 Oct 1961. Sir Alastair George Miller, Baronet took a girl aged 11 on holiday. Daily Mail 1 Dec 1961 Baronet jailed for taking a girl.

1962 – Gretna Green, a Scottish village for weddings. Richard Remison, one of the last anvil priests, married 5,147 couples in the old blacksmiths shop, before he retired in 1962. (Family history monthly. March 2004 p28).

1962 – Wikipedia. Dolphin square. John Vassall was a Soviet spy, arrested at apartment 807 in Dolphin square in 1962.

1962 – Cyril Smith gave medical examinations to young boys in care homes. Sex abuse. Rochdale victims David Bartlett. In 1962 Cyril Smith was aged 34, Rochdale hostel for poor boys. Barry Fitton aged 15 was a victim of sex abuse by Cyril Smith. Medical examinatons at Cambridge house.

Aug 1962 – Golitsen’s evidence of a “ring of five”. Burgess, Maclean, Philby, Blunt and a fifth man who survived 1951 and who remained undetected in Aug 1962. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright. ©1987 UK).

12 Sept 1962 – The arrest of the Portland spy ring in Jan 1961 and Soviet espionage. Like Vassall, Soviet controller Nikolai Karsedov. Vassall was arrested on 12 Sept 1962 convicted and jailed. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

Oct 1962 – The British Royal Observer Corp, ROC, was on full alert because of the Cuban missile crisis. (Family tree. Dec 2009 p32).

1963 – Kim Philby’s defection in 1963. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

1963 – The identity of the recruited Soviet agent who had exposed Anthony Blunt in 1963, Michael Straight. (Too secret too long. C Pincher. ©1984 UK).

1963 – Menwith Hill near Harrogate. US army listening station, taken over by NSA. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1963 – The Kray twins and mind control, brainwashed. Winston Churchill, Lord Boothby and the Kray twins. Supplied boys to the elite.

1963 – An investigation said there was not enough evidence for a conviction of Soviet spy Anthony Blunt. (The Mitrokhin archives. Christopher Andrew. Vasili Mitrokhin (c)1999-2000).

1963-65 – Spies in Ireland. Enno Stephen. Harrisberg Stackrole. Worldcat Database.

23 January 1963 – Kim Philby left the UK and went to live in Moscow. (Secret wars. ©2009 G Thomas US).

14 Feb 1963 – Passengers on the “SS Himalaya” leaving London. (Australia family tree. Sept 2010).

March 1963 – Golitsyn arrived in the UK. Arthur Martin was head of DI Soviet counter espionage or M15 aka the Security service. The British equivalent of Angleton in the CIA.

29 March 1963 – Barry Arthur Watson died in Sal Eng.

24 April 1963 – The Vassall tribunal published findings on 24 April 1963. 218 Russians in London and 106 British in Moscow. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

June 1963 – When JFK visited Ireland, five months before he was assassinated, the Irish police took care, after getting three death threats. Nov 1963 there were multiple threats of assassination surfacing. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

2 July 1963 – British sergeant Brian Patchett a sigint specialist defected to the Soviets. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

19 Nov 1963 – Daily Mail 19 Nov 1963. Man with record got job at remand home, previous convictions.

1964 – Counter espionage department, when the search for spies in British intel was at its most intense. (Spycatcher. ©1987 P Wright).

16 Oct 1964 – Harold Wilson Labour won the British elections. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 16 Oct 2015).

Late 1960s – M15 up to the early 1970s, more than 175,000 files were destroyed that involved espionage and subversion cases. It was halted in the late 1960s. (Treachery. C Pincher. ©2011 UK).

1965 – Thousands of people lined the streets of London for Winston Churchill’s funeral. The Queen sent a message to Churchill’s widow, Clementine. (History Today. June 2013 UK).

1965-66 – 1965-88 Sir Jimmy Savile was a founder at Stoke Mandeville hospial, abuse, in 1965 Greystone heath school for boys in Warrington. Boys used by a child abuse ring. 1966 Lord Mountbatten introduced Jimmy Savile to Prince Philip.

1965-1998 – Mikhail Petrovich Lyubimov, KGB agent in London UK, was made persona non grata in 1965. Russian spies have been replaced by the Russian mafia 1998. (Undercover lives. ©1998 H Womack).

Jan 1965 – Churchill died at his London residence, a few days after suffering a severe stroke. (History today. July 2014 p9).

10 May 1965 – Frank Bossard was sentenced to 21 years jail. A spy for the Russians. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright ©1987 UK).

9 Oct 1965 – Elsie Frost unsolved murder. 14 years old. On 8 Oct 1965 she was stabbed 5 times in Wakefield West Yorkshire. The case files on the unsolved murder are sealed until 2060. Peter Sutcliffe suspected. Linked to the Yorkshire ripper. (Mail online. Files in the national archives Kew. (Barbara Davies. Nazia Parveen. Daily Mail. 17 April 2015).

1966 – Chile obtained subsonic Hawker Hunter aircraft from the UK. (Arms bazaar. ©1977 Sampson).

1966 – George Blake and M15, in prison after 6 years in jail he escaped, Wormwood Scrubs prison. George Blake escaped in 1966 and went to Moscow, where he still lived in 1984. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher. ©1984 US).

1966 – Donald F McKenzie. The Cambridge uni press. 1696-1712 UK (c)1960.

1966 – Michael Trestrail linked to Elm guest house boys brothel. He was the Duke of Edinburgh’s police officer.

1966-80 – Jimmy Savile BBC and the Yewtree probe. David Smith aged 67, 1980s. 22 counts of sex abuse with young boys. Rebecca Camber. Daily Mail. Lizzie Parry. 28 Oct 2013. Sex offences in 1966. Sex abuse of boys 1966 David BBC.

20 Feb 1966 – Code name Primrose. Nunn May was being questioned in London. (The atom bomb spies. H Mongomery Hyde (c)1980 UK).

Oct 1966 – The escape of George Blake from Wormwood scrubs prison, then smuggled into Germany. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

21 Oct 1966 – 144 people died when a coal waste landslide engulfed a school in Aberfan south Wales. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 21 Oct 2015).

1967 – Guy Marsden, Jimmy Savile’s nephew, 13 year old, homes of rich men, sex abused girls and boys as young as 10 with Jimmy Savile present.

1967-80s – Enemies of the people. 9 July 2014. Watt Tyler. Elm guest house Barnes south west London 1970s and 80s. Grafton close Richmond Surrey. Catholic priest from Norwich Charles Napier PIE. 1970S 80s Lord Janner. Harriet Harman PIE. Jack Dromey 1979-1999 now with M15. Lord Brittan in 1967.

21 Feb 1967 – The D notice. The Daily Express article by Chapman Pincher. Big brother intrusion into privacy.(GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

May 1967 – Keith Lyon a 12 year old boy from Sussex. Killed south down Brighton. Unsolved. (UK Ireland database missing children intenet).

1968 – A history of copper mining in Cornwall and Devon. Denys Bradford Barton.

1968 – Philby. My silent war. Macgibbon and Kee.

1968 – Rothschild bank AG Zurich Switzerland. Founded by British and French Rothschild families in 1968. 30 March 2012, bank assets of $US 14.7 billion.

1968-1972 –

1 May 1968 – Maria Aldridge, now aged 64 missing from east Midlands. (UK kids missing internet).

11 Sept 1968 – Douglas Brittten an RAF technician Sigint specialist. On 11 Sept 1968 he was arrested. Two years jail.(GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

7 Oct 1968 – Riots in Derry Northern Ireland after the Royal Ulster constabulary crushed a civil rights protest two days earlier. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 7 Oct 2015).

1969 – Jimmy Savile visited the island of Jersey, child abuse, torture and murder at Calder high school which was run by the security services, military and Israel.

1969-1994 – Ned Keeling. Andrew Baader. Twitter. 14 June 2016. Manchester Evening News. Shredding of CPS documents. Investigation into Know I view childrens home between 1969 and 1994. 16 Sept 2015.

1969-1999 Northern Ireland coroners reports 30,000 from 1969 to 1999. PRONI web catalouge. (Who do you think you are. Aug 2014 UK).

1969-2007 The British army ‘troubles’ archives. “Opeation Banner” the British army in Norrthern Ireland. Evidence about unsolved crimes. Also the British army ops in Iraq and Afghanistan. (BBC UK. 8 Dec 2015).

8 April 1969 – April Fabb a 13 year old from Norfolk. Missing person. (UK Ireland database. Missing children internet).

2 Sept 1969 – Steven Paul Newig aged 11 from Fakenham. (UK Ireland database missing children internet).

5 December 1969 – Britain attack on airliner in London, four militants were arrested.

17 December 1969 – Britain London hijacking foiled

1970 – Edward Heath visits child abuse island of Jersey, PM, and Jimmy Savile.

1970s – Barnados homse and orphanages, Barnados ran hundreds of childrens homes across the UK until the 1970s.

1970s – Gary Hoy was abused at Kincora childrens home in Belfast in the 1970s. Feb 2015 Channel 4. M15 knew about the abuse. In 1981 three staff of the school, sex abuse of 11 boys at Kincora. Channel 4 feb 2015.

1970s – Wikipedia. Elm guest house child abuse. South west London. 1970′ and 80s. “Operation Fairbank” in 2012.

1970s – Paedophile rings. Kincora and Morris Fraser. Child sex rings. Dr Morris Fraser a paedophile, Kincora boys home in Belfast. Azimuth trust for boys. (The Independent UK. Mick Browne. James Harding. 12 July 2015).

1970s – Charls Napier aged 68. Child abuse and PIE 1970s and 80s. Child porn from Amsterdam. International paedophile ring.

1970s – By 1970 many Soviet spies and agents operated in and from London. More than 300 of the diplomats and trade officials sent to London by Moscow, were active intelligence agents of the KGB and GRU. KGB chief was Yuri Andropov. (Too secret too long. C Pincher ©1984 US).

1970s – Aangirfan 8 July 2014. Richard M Bennett Asia Times June 2003.Early 1970s Rafael Eitan from Mossad. The SAS in Hereford UK. 1972 John Wyman of M16.

1970s – The UK controlled more than 25% of the world’s land mass, a territory 150 times larger than the UK. (The shadow market. Eric J Weiner ©2010).

1970s – East Cothian iron age hill Broxmouth was excavated in the 1970s. Pinterest. 7 Nov 2015. Archeology British isles.

1970s – Enemies of the people. Watt Tyler. 8 Jan 2015. M15 blackmial and child sex abuse. 1970s Kincora boys home in Belfast.

1970-71 – Oleg Lyalin, a KGB officer at the Russian embassy in London, was caught by M15 watchers. 15 August 1971 Lyalin was stopped by the police. (Secret wars. ©2009 G Thomas US).

1970-80 – In 1970 British petroleum discovered the huge Forties oil fields, 100 miles northeast of the Scottish city of Aberdeen. 1971 Shell found the Brent field further north, later Beryl, Piper and Ninien oil fields, 400 oil and gas fields were found in the UK north sea territory. By the 1980s the UK was pumping half a million barrels of oil and gas a day. The UK government has no records about what happened to the money. (The shadow market. Eric J Weiner ©2010).

1970s-80s – (Robert Booth. The Guardian UK. 16 March 2015). Murder at Dolphin square, jigsaw, child sex abuse. Elm guest house late 1970s and 80s.

1970s and 1980s – 19 Dec 2014. British paedophile ring linked to international paedophile ring.

1970s to 80s – Paedophile ring for top people in childrens care homes in Islington in London. Margaret Hodge at Islington and Tony Blair. 1970s Sir Jimmy Savile visits the Haut de la Garenne childrens care home on the island of Jersey. 1970 child abuse Sir Jimmy Savile at Duncroft school in Surrey.

1970s 80s – Mail Online 23 Dec 2014. Whistleblowers death probe calls. PA. Deaths 20 years ago of two whisteleblowers. Child sex abuse ring Westminster. 22 Mps and “Operation Trinity”. Childrens homes in Lambert south London. Two suspected deaths of victims.

1970s and 1980s – Newsweek 11 July 2014. Operation Fairbank. Young boys at Elm guest house in Barnes south east London.

1970s and 1980s – 22 Dec 2014. Newsweek. Paedophile ring victims don’t trust the police. Operation Trinity. Operation Midland, The murder of three young boys in the 1970s and 1980s. Investigation.

1970s 80s – The Telegraph. Scotland Yard and murders by Westminster paedophiles. 8 year old Vishal Mehrotra. Bill Gardner 18 Nov 2014. Murder in the 1980s. 1981 Elm guest house. Three boys killed, child sex abuse 1970s 80s. 29 July 1981. June 1982 police raid Elm guest house. Martin Allen aged 15 child porn.

1970s and 1980s – 22 Dec 2014 Newsweek. Dossier on Westminster paedophile ring, investigating 22 high profile figures. Labour MP John Mann. Three members of the house of lords. Mann says at least 5 paedophile rings were operating at Westminster in the 1970s and 1980s Operation Trinity. Children’s homes in Lambeth south London.

31 Aug 1970 – Spring 1970 M15 recruited a KGB officer defector, Oleg Lyalin, 34 year old trade delegate at the Soviet mission in Highgate, and a member of Smersh. On 31 Aug 1970, 90 Russians were to be declared persona non grata and 15 not allowed to return to the UK. (Too secret too long. C Pincher. ©1984 UK).

1971 – Essays in Cornish mining history. Denys Bradford Barton.

1971 – Claire McAlpine a dancer on BBC TV died aged 15, her diary.

1971 – In April 1971 the British government expelled 105 Soviet intelligence officers in Operation Foot. In the five years after Operation Foot, Soviet intelligence officers crept back to their old posts. At the embassy, trade delegations and other Soviet organisations. (Stasi files. ©2003 A Glees).

1971 – A member of the Soviet trade mission in London, 34 year old Oleg Lyalin, was recruited by M15 in spring 1971, he then defected to the UK. Lyalin was an officer in the sabotage section of the KGB. From May to Sept the British govt launched Operation Foot. 90 to 100 Soviet diplomats and officials were declared persona non grata and expelled. There was more than 550 Soviet personnel in the UK. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1971 – Mass expulsion of Russian KGB and GRU from London. (Christopher Andrew. M15 (c)2009 UK).

21 Feb 1971 – The UK began a decimal system of currency. Before 1971 a system of pounds, shillings and pence which had been in use for centuries. (Empires children. ©2007 Anton Gill).

March April 1971 – Planning for interrogation. Visit of M15 director general Sir Dick White to Belfast, deployment in Northern Ireland. (Brainwash. Dominic Streatfeild ©2006 UK).

Sept 1971 – The British govt launched ‘Operation Foot’ close to 100 Soviet diplomats and officers were declared persona non grata and expelled. There were more than 550 Soviet personnel in the UK. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK)

Sept 1971 – Oleg Lyalin, a KGB major, defected to the UK. The British ordered 105 Soviet intel oficers to leave the UK. (The great cold war. Gordon S Barress ©2009 US).

Sept 1971 – Annette McGavigan age 14 was shot dead in Londonerry North Ireland. Unsolved murder. (BBC UK. 8 Dec 2015).

2 Sept 1971 – IRA bomb across region Belfast the HQ of the Ulster . (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 2 Sept 2015).

4 Dec 1971 – McGurks bar bombing. A bomb exploded at a Catholic owned pub in Belfast. 15 people were killed and 17 wounded. The troubles. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 4 Dec 2015).

1972 – Confidential inquiry into 226 consecutive infant deaths. IDG Richards HT McIntosh Archives of disease in childhood.

1972 – Private madhouses. William Parry Jones. The trade in lunacy. A study of private madhouses in England in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

1972 – A KGB defector Oleg Lyalin, a wet affairs expert who went to the UK in 1972, said the KGB ended its assassination program in 1959.

1972 – Judith Roberts aged 14 murder unsolved. (UK Ireland database missing children internet).

Jan 1972 – American anger at British conduct in Northern Ireland. Reports of Bloody Sunday. (Brainwash. Dominic Streatfeild ©2006 UK).

27 Jan 1972 – Two Royal Ulster constabluary were shot dead by the IRA in an attack on a car in Creggan rd Derry. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 27 Jan 2016).

27 Jan 1972 – The British army and the IRA in a gun battle near county Armagh. British troops fired over 1,000 rounds of ammunition. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 27 Jan 2016).

10 Feb 1972 – Two British soldiers were killed in a land mine attack. County Armagh. One IRA member was shot dead, exchange of gunfire RUC. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 10 Feb 2016).

17 Feb 1972 – The British parliament voted to join the European Common market. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 17 Feb 2016).

April Sept 1972 – Northern Ireland, info wanted on covert British army unit. PSNI legacy branch. Daniel Rooney and a drive by shooting. Two people were killed and more injured. Unsolved. (the Guardian UK. 2 Dec 2015).

12 May 1972 – Shooting death of Patrick McVeigh in west Belfast. Unsolved murder. (The Guardan UK. 2 Dec 2015).

21 July 1972 – Bloody Friday. An IRA bomb attack killed 11 people and injured 130 in Belfast Northern Ireland. Ten days later three IRA car bomb attacks in the village of Claudy killed six people.

9 September 1972 – An Israeli diplomat was killed by a letter bomb in London. One person was killed.

Dec 1972 – Woman arested Belfast. Jean McConville’s unsolved murder. Missing person abducted and killed by the IRA. (The Guardian UK. Henry McDonald. 16 April 2014).

24 December 1972 – A Palestinian convicted of planning attacks in Scandinavia was freed in the UK after a year.

1973 – Ida Greehan. Irish family names highlights of 50 family histories London.

1973 – BCCI opened its first branch in London, which became the banks HQ. Later established a holding company in another British colony, Cayman islands.

Incorporated in Luxembourg.

1973 – 1981 evidence liniking Elli GRU to M15 Roger Hollis. Roger Hollis died in 1973. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher (c)2011 UK).

1973 – Aangirfasn 8 July 2014. Who framed Colin Wallace, book by Paul Foot. Kincora boys brothel in 1973. M15 and Clockwork Orange. Blackmail in Oct 1974. 30 Jan 1990. 21 Dec 2011 The IRA was run by the UK’s M15 and M16. Ian Hurst aka Martin Ingram.

1973 – Historian Eamon Phoenix files. The murder of a ten year old boy in Belfast at Kincora boys brothel. Brian McDermott. 27 Dec 2013. BBC Northern Ireland.

1973 – Facebook. John McKeague the red, controlled by M15. Anthony Blunt M15 Soviet spy and Elm guest house in London. Kincora boys brothel in Belfast and M15 paedophile ring. Investigation in 1973. Murder of Brian McDermott aged 10. John McKeague.

1973-75 – At the end of 1973, BCCI’s first full year of operation, it had 19 branches in five countries, of those eight were in the UAE, and four in the UK. In 1975 BCCI had 64 branches in 13 countries, the UAE and UK had 19 branches each.

1973-81 – John McCaffery, Hambros bank Italian rep. British spy. 1981 student McCaffery 1973. (Gods bankers. Gerald Posner (c)2015 UK).

1973-82 – 1973 Michael Trestrail was linked to Elm guest house. He became the Queens bodyguard. 1973-82 children from Grafton close childrens home were being sex abused at Elm guest house by top people, a paedophile ring. NAYPIC.

20 Jan 1973 – A car bomb exploded in Dublin Ireland. One person was killed and 17 people were injured. No one claimed responsibility. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 20 Jan 2016).

4 Feb 1973 – Northern Ireland, two men were arrested for an unsolved murder. Catholic in Belfast. Seamus Gilmore age 18 murder. He was Shot several times at a petrol station in Ballysillan rd. No one was convicted. (The Guardian UK. Henry McDonald 20 Aug 2013).

20 May 1973 – Letter bombs sent to UK and Holland. Two Arabs were arrested and expelled.

29 May 1973 – Search for seven runaway orphans. The Irish Tines Dublin.

Sept 1973 – BBC Northern Ireland 27 Dec 2013. Northern Ireland State papers. Kincora link to Brian McDermott aged 10, murder. The Kincora boys brothel in Belfast in the 1970s. Historian Eamon Phoenix files. The murder of a 10 year old in 1973.

26 Oct 1973 – Roger Hollis M15, Gru Elli, died in Catcott UK.

31 December 1973 – BCCI’s assets were $200 million.

1974 – John McGuffin. The guinea pigs. London, Penguin.

1974 – The penguin atlas of world history vol 1 UK ©1974. Herman Kinder and Wermere Hilyaman.

1974 – The school leaving age was 16. (Detectives of genealogy. Kathy Chater Anness ©2005 UK).

1974 – The unsolved murder of John Pat Cunningham age 27. Discredit and cover up. (The Guardian UK. Henry McDonald 10 March 2015).

1974 – UK establishment and child sex. UK 18 Dec 2013. In 1974 a group of child sex abusers and the Paedophile Info Exchange PIE. Establishment and the Kincora boys brothel. HSBC scandal.

1974 – Unidentified woman Lockley Norfolk unsolved no grave or headstone. Swaffham churchyard. Wikipedia.

1974-90 – Sir Peter Morrrison and Margaret Thatcher. North Wales childrens care homes were used as boy brothels. Child abuse rings at childrens care homes in north Wales. Margaret Thatcher’s friend Sir Peter Morrison and a McAlpine were involved.

18 Jan 1974 – Glenis Carruthers. Clifton Bristol 20 year old from Amersham was found strangled on Clifton. Wikipedia.

Nov 1974 – Colin Wallace. The murder of Brian McDermott, a 10 year old boy, ritual. Sex trafficking paedophiles. The Franklin cover up. Who framed Colin Wallace by Paul Foot. 1970s. Kincora boys brothel in Belfast. Blackmail and M15.

7 Nov 1974 – Richard John Bingham the Earl of Lucan. He went missing. Unsolved murder of his children’s nanny Sandra Rivett age 29. No body or death certificate for Lord Lucan. New identity living overseas age 81. Neil Berriman the adopted son of Sandra Rivett was 7 or 8 years old when she was killed. He only found out about his adoption then. Was he Lord Lucan’s son too? (National Post. Sarah Kaplan. Washington post. 4 Feb 2016).

7 Nov 1974 – The Irish Times. Denis Staunton. Death of Sandra Rivett age 29. Lucan’s father was a Socialist. Family crimes during the Irish famine.

8 Nov 1974 – Richard John Bingham the 7th earl of Lucan disappeared, in a car in Sussex UK (The annals of unsolved crime. EJ Epstein ©2012 US).

1975 – The Children’s ACT, in which adopted children were allowed to obtain their original information on their birth certificates. (Detective of genealogy. Kathy Chater. Anness ©2005 UK).

1975 – March 1945, atomic bomb info. Viktor Oshchenko was a former KGB science and tech intel. He was at the London residency in 1975. Oshchenko recruited Michael Smith. KGB British during the cold war. (The Mitrokhin archives. Christopher Andrew. Vasili Mitrokhin (c)1999-2000).

1975 – In 1975 the law changed, to allow people over 18 who were adopted, to apply for access, to their original records of birth. But you were forced to be interviewed by a counsellor first. (Janet Reaker. How to trace your missing ancestors. ©2000 Australia).

1975 – The old taxes were replaced by the Capital Transfer Act. The Estate Duty Register went back to 1796. The Legacy Duty Act of 1796. (Who do you think you are. May 2013 UK).

1975 – Adopted people over 18 were allowed to apply for their birth certificates. (The people detective. ©2001 T McGregor UK).

1975 – Simpson. In the highest degree odious. detention without trial in Britain. Oxford Clarendon.

1975 – Sir Jimmy Savile beat and raped a girl at Stoke Manderville hospital, sadist basement. Express UK. Mid 1970s the paedophile info exchange PIE was tied to child sex. In 1975 Prince Edward was pres of the scouts. Child victims of the CIA MKULTRA mind control experimenbts. 1975 MKULTRA and the church committee US congress. Jimmy Savile went to Israel in 1975.

1975-80 – Yorkshire ripper murders. Jimmy Savile was a suspect, said west Yorkshire police.

1975-84 – Victim says witnessed three boys murdered by VIP paedophiles. Press TV. 18 Dec 2014. Nick now in his 40s. Crimes by paedophiles between 1975 and 1984. Senior military and political figures.

15 July 1975 – Orphans graves at Artane. Cyril Daly. The Irish Times Dublin.

17 July 1975 – Orphans graves at Artane. R L O’Driscoll. The Irish Times Dublin.

29 November 1975 – Dublin terminal explosions killed one person and wounded five others.

1976 – Brother Joseph O’Connor, was founder of a boys home. He was proved to be a multi rapist of boys, in an industrial school (A history of neglect. The God squad RTE).

1976 – Tracing your ancestry. M Mander. Newton Abbott David and Charles.

1976 – Jimmy Savile at Haut de la Garenne and child abuse on the island of Jersey. Sex abuse of John aged 10. Jersey’s Haut de la Garenne care home was a paedophile ring.

1976 – Jimmy Savile was in Belfast at the Kincora boys home brothel. Several mysterious murders of children.

Jan 1976 – Peter Wright retired from M15. After that he had no access to classified info. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright ©1987 UK).

23 April 1976 – Sandy Davidson, now aged 44 missing from Scotland. (Missing kids UK internet).

1977 – BCCI posted its fastest growth in the UK in 1977. The number of UK branches rose from 29 to 45 and the British work force nearly doubled to 900. By the end of 1977 BCCI’s global network had grown to 121 branches in 37 countries.

1977 – (Channel 4. 7 April 2015). Richard Kerr Kincora boys home Belfast 1970s sex trafficking to London in 1977, boys now dead.

1977 – AP Donajgrodzki “social police” and the bureaucratic elite. A vision of order in the age of reform. Social control in the 19th century. Croom Helm 1977 Britain. (History today. Feb 2014 p39).

1977 – Since 1977 M15 has released to the National archives over 4,000 files on its first half century. Historical research. (Christopher Andrew. M15 (c)2009 UK).

1977 – London. Peter Righton and PIE, sex abuse of an 11 year old boy. Sir Cyril Smith and VIPs were involved. Mirror UK.

1977-83 – Exaro 22 Nov 2014. Met looks into reports of missing boys and links to VIP’s. Mark Conrad. Westminster paedophiles 1977-83 missing boys.

18 March 1977 – Man arrested in Ireland’s oldest missing persons case. Yahoo news UK. 22 Oct 2014. Gardia arrested a 64 year old man for the abduction of Mary Boyle. The six year old from Kincasslagh Co Donega,l who disappeared while visiting her grandmother at Ballyshannen. A paedohphile. This is the day she went missing.

31 December 1977 – BCCI’s assets reached $2.2 billion. The fastest growing bank in the UK and the world.

1978 – Patrick Sede. Maureen McConville. Philby, Pengun.

1978 – Edward Maclysaght The surnames of Ireland 3rd ed Dublin.

1978 – A London target of the Bulgarian secret service, Georg Markov, was assassinated in a London street in 1978, with a ricin dart fired from an umbrella, developed by the KGB. (Stasi files. ©2003 A Glees).

1978 – The penguin atlas of world history vol 2. Herman Kinder Werner Hilgeman UK ©1978.

1978 – Belgiun writer Georgy Markov died. He was working as a London Journalist for BBC. An assassin jabbed a ricin pellet into his leg while at Waterloo bridge. (Putin’s Labyrinth. Steve Levine ©2008 2009 US)

Late January 1978 – Bank of America said it would be disposing of its BCCI stock over the next few years.

13 March 1978 – Abedi’s Third World Foundation applied for registration as a charity in the UK.

19 Aug 1978 – Genette Tate aged 13 from Aylesbearne Devon. Missing person. (UK Ireland database missing children internet).

Sept 1978 – A KGB agent who was never caught. A Bulgarian defector Georgi Markov was killed by a nerve agent ricin jabbed in the thigh with an umbrella. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

Sept 1978 – Markov was murdered in London. In a bus queue, prodded with an umbrella pellet, with poison ricin.

7 December 1978 – Amjad Awan was hired by BCCI as marketing manager in its flagship branch in London.

1979 – MP Airey Neave car bomb one death.

1979 – FH Hinsley. EE Thomas. British intelligence in the Second World War. Vol HMSO.

1979 – Sir Anthony Blunt, M15 officer and friend of the Queen. Disclosure in 1979 that he was a Russian spy. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright ©1989 UK).

1979 – Richard Deacon. The British connection. Hamish Houton.

1979 – Paedophile from Bristol new charges over 1970s . Bristol Post 4 Jan 2015. One man who was abused by Slade and other PIE members, not part of the UK investigation. Daily Mail. He was passed between paedophiles in 1979 when he as 14 years old.

1979 – Margaret Thatcher became PM. Martin Allen aged 15 disappeared. A man and boy were seen at Earls court, close to Elm guest house. Harvey Proctor. UK paedos exposed London 1979. Aangirfan. paedophile ring and Warwick Spinks.

1979-80 – Exaro. ‘Operation Midland’. Tory MP boys murder. Second boys death in a sex attack. Mark Conrad 15 Nov 2014. ‘Operation Midland’. A third boys murder 30 years ago. Paedophile MPs VIP, house in central London in 1980. Strangled a boy to death, a boy aged 12. Killed a boy aged 10 or 11 in south west London in 1979.

1979-81 – Martin Johnstone was lured to the UK from Singapore by two Scottish drug dealers. Johnstone was murdered on 9 Oct 1979. Clark went to London in April 1979 and a trip to north Scotland on 9 Oct 1979. On 15 July 1981 Mr Asia syndicate ceased to exist? Not according to people in NZ. Clark and Karen Soich in the UK. 19 May 1980 Terry Clark was charged with murder and drug conspiracy. Terry Clark got 22 years jail. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

1979-81 – An 11 year old boy, Vincent, was abused at Elm guest house at a house in Bexhill.

30 March 1979 – Yvette Watson aged 17 from Norwich. Hellesdon near Norwich. (UK Ireland database missing children internet.)

Late May 1979 – Jim Shepherd Heathrow airport. Margaret Thatcher was PM. London Hilton hotel and Terry Clark. Clark’s arrest six months later in London. Clark’s increasing cocaine use an addict. Clark was swaping heroin for cocaine with British drug dealers. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

July Nov 1979 – July 1979 Bob Trimbole went to London to see Terry Clark and Jim Shepherd. Sept 1979 Jim Shepherd, Terry Clark and Karen Soich. Clark’s arrest in Nov 1979, he was a a cocaine addict. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

11 July 1979 – Orphans of the street. The Irish Times Dublin.

14 October 1979 – The body of Marty Johnstone was found in a quarry in Lancashire. Terry Clark, New Zealand “Mr Asia” drug syndicate.

31 October 1979 – Head of Mr Asia drug syndicate Terry Clark was arrested in London. Royal commission into drug trafficking in Australia 1981-83. (Mr Asia. ©2010 J Shepherd Aust NZ).

Nov 1979 – Karen Soich was arrested in the UK on drugs charges. Terry Clark, she was living with him in the UK. Karen Soich was released on bail. Clark was convicted of murder, Mr Asia Christopher Martin Johnstone. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

5 Nov 1979 – Paedophile ring linked to Martin Allen aged 15, on guy fawkes night, 5 Nov 1979 his body has never been found. A cover up. (The Guardian Josh Halliday. 19 Nov 2014).

5 Nov 1979 – Martin Allen aged 15 disappeared. Last seen at Kings cross tube station. Links to Elm guest house. Martin Allen’s brother was threatened. Daily Mail UK. Mail online 23 Nov 2014.

16 Dec 1979 – Four British army troops were killed by landmine in county Tyrone. British army soldiers were killed by landmine in county Armagh. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 16 Dec 2015).

1980 – Starting your family tree by Eugene McLaughlin. Beginning your family history George Pelling.

1980 – Peter Calvocoressi. Top secret Ultra. Cassell.

1980 – Joseph Robini. The lost children. Dublin institute of public administration.

1980 – Keith Sinclair. A history of New Zealand. rev ed. Allen Lane. London UK.

1980 – The British wanted to buy ground launched cruise missiles from the US, to replace the old Polaris submarine based ballistic missiles. The Pentagon would not release these maps to the British, so they opted for the Trident ballistic missile at a total cost of $12 billion. (Last days of America. (C)1981 Erdman).

1980s – Paedophile Michael John Carroll. The Mirror 28 April 2014. Jason Beattie. James Lyons. Tom Pettifor. 1998 police probe. 1980s a childrens home run by a paedophile in Lamlet south london. Cyril Smith. Paedophile, children in a flat in Angell rd childrens home Brixton south London in the 1980s.

1980’s – The East German embassy at 34 Belgrave square was the London base for several Stasi officers. At the same time it was also the HVA’s Residency 201 and home too for the military intelligence unit of the National Peoples army or HVA. Both were secret groups under Mielke’s control and agents in London were illegally in the convention of international law. The Stasi in the UK in the 1980’s, up till 1990 when it changed (Stasi files. ©2003 A Glees).

1980’s – The Stasi relied on the British “peace” movement CND and its associated groups like END. These spies were controlled by military intelligence officers in London. Bruce Kent the CND leader etc. Stasi East German Communist regime under KGB Campaign for nuclear disarmament CND. (Stasi files. ©2003 A Glees).

1980’s – A British journalist who was attacked, after probing into BCCI, was the “late” Anthony Mascarenhas of the Sunday Times of London. Mascarenhas began looking into BCCI in the early 1980’s, and said they were laundering money. One night in London he was attacked and put into hospital. BCCI was behind the attack. He suffered a broken jaw and burst eardrum and was knifed several times. While he was in the hospital, his files on BCCI disappeared from the newspapers office.

1980s – John Stalker deputy chief constable of great Manchester police. Inquiry into a shoot to kill policy in Northern Ireland. Police would find a 10 year old girl in your hotel room and they would lock you up. (Justice. Kevin Ryan (c)1997 NZ).

1980s – Grafton close, south west London, Children trafficked to Amsterdam. Elm guest house, Amsterdam brothel in the 1980s ‘Operation Fernbridge’. 3 Feb 2013.

1980s – Cyril Smith was arrested at a sex party with teen boys. Liberal MP in the 1980s. (Sunday Express. 19 July 2015 Rob Virtue).

1980s – Protected child abuse and snuff network. Whale. Abuse and trafficking ring. British relocated to Amsterdam in the 1980s.

1980s – Westminster paedophile ring Sir Peter Hayman. (The Telegraph 31 Jan 2015).

1980s – Mirror 29 April 2014. Tom Pettifor. Abuse at London childrens home in 1998 and a police probe. Childrens home in Lambeth south london run by paedophile Michael John Carroll in the 1980s. More than 200 rape victims.

1980s – 20 Nov 2014 PA Telegraph Lancaster. Cover up of boys home in the 1980s. A paedophile ring led by Sidney Cook. Jailed after ‘Operation Orchid’ Elm guest house. The Orchid files and two child abduction,s 17 unsolved murders. Murders linked to ‘Operation Fairbank’.

1980s – 1 Sept 1996. Westminster child trafficking ring. 1980s homosexuals. Derek Laud. Harvey Proctor. Michael Portillo. Neil Hautte. Ian Greer. Michael Frow.

1980s – Daily Mail 6 Feb 2013 Richard Pendlebury. Steven Wright. Priest father Tony McSweeny. Under age boys at Grafton close and Elm guest house in the 1980s. gay Elm. Elm guest house and Grafton close care home in the 1980s.

1980 – Daily Mail online. 6 Feb 2013. Richard Pendlebury. Steven Wright. Boys abused at Elm guest house. Catholic priest, head of boys home was arrested. Peter Hatton Bernshin victim. Grafton close childrens home in London, a. 12 year old boy orphan in the 1980s. VIP paedophile ring in the 1980s. John Stingemore aged 70 and priest Tony McSweeny aged 66.

1980s – The Yorkshire ripper was held in Broadmoor asylum for the criminal insane Berkshire in the early 1980s. (Diana, death of a goddess. David Cohen (c)2004 UK).

1980 – Facebook. Kincora boys brothel in Belfast Northen Ireland. A quest for justice, a paedophile ring was run by M15. Blackmail. Orphanage in Belfast. Children were used in orgies in 1980. Children were raped. M15. William McGrath, Raymond Semple and Joseph Mains. Martin Billon and PM Edward Heath.

1980-83 – The British “peace” movement, Stasi files and the CND nuclear disarmament of the West. Labour party leaders, Michael Foot was involved with the anti-nuclear movement since the 1950’s. Neil Kinnock, who succeeded him, joined CND as a student at Cardiff university in 1961. Kinnock was also a member of a CND, committee an extreme branch of CND. (Stasi files. ©2003 A Glees).

1980-86 – Russian diplomat Victor I Popov was the Soviet ambassador in London from 1980 to 1986. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher (c)2011 UK).

24 Jan 1980 – Wikipedia. Kincora boys brothel in Belfast Norhern Ireland. Organised sex abuse. Cover up in 1980 State collusion. The boys brothel was set up in 1958 for boys aged 15 to 18 years who were abused. Irish Independent, sex racket at the childrens home and RUC. Royal Ulster constablary. Belfast boys were sex slaves.

27 Oct 1980 to 20 March 1981 – File found in National archives. “PREM 19/588 SECURITY” Dr Chris Murphy found the file in the National Archives at Kew south west London. (Westminster sex abuse file found. PA. 21 Jan 2015. Daily Mail UK).

23 Nov 1980 – Mafia drug smugglers plan coup in Britains paradise islands. The Observer 1901–2003 UK.

1981 – BCCI’s links to terrorists, Abu Nidal group used the bank in London a lot. Samir Najm al-Din put tens of millions into BCCI in 1981.

1981 – Three senior care staff at Kincora boys home were jailed for abusing 11 boys.

1981 – Albert Speer, a Nazi war criminal, died in a London hotel, Interview with BBC. (Operation Paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

1981-83 – Terry Clark was found guilty by a British court, and sentenced to life in jail. He died of an unnatural heart attack two years later. Terry Clark “Mr Asia” heroin drug trafficking syndicate and corrupt police. (Article by Kara Lawrence 312 January 2009. The Daily Telegraph.)

May 1981 – 30 years after the great defection, documents about it were withheld and the relevant US papers were held back too. The cover up continued and is likely to continue. Soviet spies. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

13 July 1981-12 Aug 1983 – A trial lasted 6 months for Terry Clark. Andrew Maher, James Smith, Keith Kirby and Fred Rudd who were connected to Johnstone’s murder and jailed for life. Clark died in Parkhurst prison on the Isle of Wight on 12 August 1983. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

29 July 1981 – An 8 year old boy was killed Vishal, a paedophile ring. Elm guest house. Boy abducted. Part of Vishal’s body was found in Feb 1982, no legs, no pelvis no lower spine. (The Guardian Josh Halliday 19 Nov 2014).

29 July 1981 – Telegraph Lancashire. Cover up over boys murder. PA 20 Nov 2014. Murder by child sex ring. 8 year old Vashil Mehrotra 33 years ago. Still unsolved. Kidnapped, Elm guest house in Barnes south London 1981. Three boys were killed, witness saw a boy being stranged to death by a Tory MP. Boys body parts were found in June 1982. Vishal disppeared on 29 July1981.

28 Nov 1981 – Katrice Lee, now aged 35 missing from overseas. (Missing kids UK internet).

Dec 1981 – BBC Northern Ireland 27 Dec 2013. Three former employees of the house at Newtown road run under the Stormont department of health and special service, were jailed for 4 to 6 years for abusing boys, at Kincora boys brothel. William McGrath was a house father at Kincora.

1982 – Conviction of a spy, for the Soviet Union for 30 years, Hugh Hambleton in early winter 1982. (Too secret too long. C Pincher. ©1984 UK).

1982 – A chief trader at BCCI was Syed Ziauddin Ali Akbar who became head of the treasury department in 1982. A banker in his 30’s with ties to BCCI’s top management. Akbar ran the treasury department in London and he managed the Grand Cayman branch. Decisions about the BCCI Cayman entities were made in London. (BCCI. ©1992 P Truell and L Gurwin).

1982 – The story of an east Galway parish. Galway Ireland.

1982 – Worldwide family history. N Currer Briggs London Routledge and Kegan Paul.

1982 – Brian de Breffny. Irish family names arms origins and locations Dublin.

1982 – Peter Hennessy. Gail Brownfield. Britains cold war security purge. Historical journal.

1982 – The Falklands war.

1982 – Mirror 19 April 2014. Keir Audie. Nick Dorman. Cop probing VIP child abuse at gay sex party, raped boys. 16 year old sex slave at Elm guest house near Barnes south London. 1982 Cyril Smith and policemen were abusers. M15 and Anthony Blunt.

1982 – UK were kids trafficked by a paedophile ring to Belgium for child sex tourism. Stamford. Child porn. UK MP Keith Vaz. Elm guest house, Barnes common. Grafton close. Boys from Richmond council run care homes.

1982 – UK MP Keth Vaz. Elm guest house boys brothel, 13 year olds in July 1982. Barnes common sex attacks and cover ups. Westminster paeophile ring. Jimmy Savile. Peter Righton. Charles Napier. Islington Suffolk, PIE.

1982 – 9 Aug 1982 Elm guest house police raid. Daily Express. Two boys were murderd, police files on the boys, silenced. Scotland yard. Unsolved murders.

Jan 1982 – Wikipedia. Kincora boys brothel in Belfast Northern Ireland. A private inquiry was run by James Prior and a RUC investigation. 355 page report on 31 Dec 1985. Judge William Hughes. Irish Times Sex slavery at Kincora. Joshua Cardwell died mysteriously in 1982 after speaking to the RUC.

5 Feb 1982 – BBC Northern Ireland 27 Dec 2013. Belfast Telegraph. Prior re thinks on open Kincora inquiry. RUC were investigating the DHSS file on Kincora boys brothel in Belfast in 1977.

28 Feb 1982 – Secret cold war files are scrapped by the foreign office. David Leigh. Paul Lashmar. The Observer UK.

28 Feb 1982 – The foreign office has destroyed virtually all the anti Communist info from the Cold War. The IRD Info Research Dept. 30 year old internal files locked in the foreign office and suppressed. (David Leigh. Paul Lashmar. The Observer.)

10 March 1982 – Hollis, M15, Lord Victor Rothschild. (Treachery. C Pincher ©2011 UK).

10 May 1982 – Jeffrey Allen, now aged 50 missing from south east. (Missing kids UK internet.)

June 1982 – Roberto Calvi. an Italian banker, ended up dead under Blackfriars bridge. Calvi was also banker to the Papacy in Rome and had Mafia ties. (GCHQ. Richards J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

18 June 1982 – Ambrossiano bank debt $1.8 billion granted by the Vatican bank. Another coroner Dr Arthur Gordon Davies. Official unsolved case. US based Kroll. In 1998, 16 years after his death, the Calvi family got his body exhumed. In 2002 mislaid evidence, latest forensics which had not existed in 1982. Trial in Rome 6 Oct 2005. (Gods bankers. Gerard Posner (c)2015 US).

19 June 1982 – On 11 June 1982 Roberto Calvi, chairman of Banco Ambrosiano, left Italy immediately for the Vatican. One week later his body was found hanging under Blackfriars bridge in London. London police found the body 19 June 1982. Suspect was Michele Sindona, a financier. On 18 March 1986 Sindona died in a prison in Rome, of cyanide poisoning. (The annals of unsolved crime. EJ Epstein ©2012 US).

July 1982 – Mystery deaths, Jack Wolfendon, a senior officer at GCHQ, who died when his glider crashed into a Cotswold hillside. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

13 Aug 1982 – Sunday Express. Peter Hann. Cold case arrest. Rape and murder of 17 year old Yiannoulla Yianni in north London. Greek Cypriot family shoe shop. Over 1,000 witness statements and no arrests. 13 Jan 2016.

15 Aug – News of the world. Police bust den of vice. Elm guest house.

25 Aug 1982 – Margaret Thatcher’s police briefing on Elm guest house. Twitter 2015.

25 Aug 1982 – Twitter. Why was Margaret Thatcher in a meeting with police about Elm guest house?

Sept 1982 – The funeral of Princess Grace. Grace Kelly. (Diana, death of a goddess. David Cohen (c)2004 UK).

Oct 1982 – Mysterious deaths, Ernst Brockway, a GCHQ radio office, found dead at his home. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©(2010 UK).

1983 – A guide to English historical records. A Macfarlane Cambridge university press.

1983 – Desmond Keenan. The Catholic church in the nineteenth century. Dublin.

1983 – Early 1980s the red top newspaper published in south London. The police revived an ancient Vagrancy Act which was called the Sus law, it enabled police to arrest on suspicion, between 1983 and 1996. (Empires children. ©2009 Anton Gill).

1983 – Terry Clark in prison in the UK. Affidavit to incriminate lawyers. False statement allegedly giving money to the IRA for guns. He was Irish. Affidavit prepared but never signed. Before Clark could sign it he died. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

1983 – Terry Clark was sent to Parkhurst prison on the Isle of Wight where he died (suspiciously) in 1983. (Law breakers mischief. ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).

1983 – Terry Clark was murdered in 1983, Parkhurst prison in the Isle of Wight. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).

1983 – Terry Clark was murdered in 1983 in Parkhurst prison on the isle of Wight. People in Singapore, Hong Kong and Switzerland stamped his files as deceased estate no known relatives. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

1983 – Newsweek 11 July 2014 Andrew Gimson. Geoffrey Dickens, a Conservative MP who is now dead. He compiled a dossier of a Paedophile ring and gave it to Leon Britten, 114 files were destroyed in a cover up.

1983-85 – John Whittingdale. Leon Brittan. Jimmy Savile. PIE. Charles Napier. Elm guest house. Peter McKelvie. Dickens dossiers. Sherborne school. “Operation Fairbank”. The Times article 24 Nov 1983. Paedophiles. Anthony Berins a govermnment worker aged 57 child porn.

Jan 1983 – Philip Aldridge was jailed for 4 years in Jan 1983, for trying to sell a top secret document to the Russians, he was 19 years old. (Too secret too long. C Pincher. ©1984 UK).

29 Jan 1983 – Devon Cornwall. Jail for 100 sex crimes, schools. Daily mail.

26 March 1983 – Anthony Blunt died suddenly of a heart attack, his estate 500,000 pounds, was willed to William Gaskin, a former Irish guardsman. (Too secret too long. C Pincher. (c)1984 UK)

Aug 1983 – Terry Clark’s death in a British prison, Parkhurst prison on the Isle of Wight. Murdered in his prison cell. Mr Asia drug syndicate. An unnatural heart attack. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd (c)2010 Australia).

25 Nov 1983 – The world’s biggest robbery to date. 11,340 kg of gold at Heathrow UK. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 25 Nov 2015).

1984 – Tracing your family tree. S Colwell London Faber.

1984 – A handbook of Cornish surnames. GP White Redruth Dyllanson Truran.

1984 – The Oxford illustrated history of Britain. Kenneth O Morgan. Oxford Oxfordshire. New York uni press. Worldcat database.

1984 – Family history in focus. Don Steel Lawrence Taylor eds Lutterworth UK.

1984 – Zayed of UAE and BCCI paid $17 million to Abu Nidal, some of the money was deposited in BCCI accounts in London, controlled by the Abu Nidal organisation.

1984 – Antony Simpson. Masculinity and control. The prosecution of sex offences in eighteenth century London. New York uni phd thesis.

1984 – The missing dimensions. Government and intelligence communities in the 20th century. Christopher Andrew, D Dilks London Macmillan.

1984 – Britain stopped arms sales in Libya after the murder of a British policewoman by Libyans outside their London embassy. (Americas wars. ©2003 P Huchthausen).

1984 – The Pitanlinco apartment. Andrew Gilligen. Sir Peter Hayman, a former director of M16, SIS police, a member of the paedophile info PIE. He was convicted of gross indecency in 1984. (Telegraph 15 Nov 2014. Westminster paedophile ring).

1984 – Michael Bettany from M15 was jailed for 23 years in 1984 (until 2007), for passing secrets to the Soviet Union. Official Secrets Act UK. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1984 – Newspaper boss tells police of VIP paedophile ring cover up. The Guardian UK 21 Dec 2014. The Observer reported. The Surrey Comet. 1984 report on a police D notice.

24 April 1984 – London baggage area explosion injured 24 people.

3 July 1984 – On 30 June 1984 Umaru Dikko from Nigeria was in the UK. On 3 July 1984 a Nigerian army 707 fighter was at Stansted airport north of London. Umaru Dikko while in London was kidnapped, anesthetic and drugged. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

September 1984 – British leader is at home in the lords work. Elder Derek A Cuthbert by Breck England LDS.

23 Sept 1984 – Ruairi Aherne, now aged 47. Missing from Eire. (Missing kids UK internet).

25 Oct 1984 – The arrest of Robert Trimbole in Ireland. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

25 Oct 1984 – Robert Trimbole Mafia. Arrested in Ireland. Wanted to be extradited to Australia for 3 murders and drug smuggling.

27 Nov 1984 – London mafia drug dealing centre. The Guardian UK.

15 December 1984 – Soviet general secretary Mikhail Gorbachev visited the UK. (The Stasi files. ©2003 A Glees).

1985 – The new mercenaries. Anthony Mockler ISBN 0-283-99296-4.

1985 – Discovering your family tree. D Iredale. J Batrrett Princes Risborough shire.

1985 – Oleg Gordievsky a KGB officer, and spy for M16. In 1985 he was resident of the KGB London station. The five, Kim philby, Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean and Anthony Blunt. Gordievsky said the fifth man was John Cairncross, Trinity college Cambridge. Austrian Dr Arnold Deutsch, a Soviet illegal, recruited the five spies. Vienna Austria uni. (The lawn road flats. (c)2014 David Burke UK).

1985 – The Stasi within the KGB orbit, with 50% of HVA intelligence going to the Soviet Union. Its work for the Soviets was intensified after the 1985 defection of Oleg Gordievsky. (Stasi files. ©2003 A Glees).

1985 – Daily Express 1 Sept 1977. Cyril Smith at Elm guest house in London. Mirror article. Jimmy Savile. Child killer Sidney Cooke. Child brothel and the Islington council 1986. Sidney Cooke tortured and killed 14 year old Jason Swift in 1985. Teen. boys were taken from the streets of Kings cross and raped. (Snuff videos of Jason Swift were known to be circulating in Amsterdam).

1985-86 – National archives revelations. The Guardian 29 Dec 2014. Two years of Downing street files for 1985 and 1986, were released by the National archives. A 30 year disclaimer rule was reduced to a 20 year rule.

1985-86 – In 1985 the British Media said that two of the Queen mother’s neices, Katarina and Nerissa Bowes Lyon, were held for more than 40 years in an NHS ward, of the Royal Earlswood mental prison in Redhill. Nerissa, a first cousin of Queen Elizebeth II, died in 1986. She was buried in a paupers grave with a plastic cross. (Royal babylon. Karl Shaw ©1999 US).

1985-87 – Stasi accounts ledger in Residency 201 in London. There were at least three HVA intelligence officers who paid out sums in Sterling during these years. Erich Schwager, Klaus Pfenning and Dieter Rost. All three were diplomats on the diplomatic list. (Stasi files. ©2003 A Glees).

20-21 Feb 1985 – Organised crime and heroin trafficking. Miami Florida. Washington DC. Worldcat database.

7 April 1985 – The McRae mystery. Daily Record. 19 oct 2007. Reg McKay. 5 April 1985. Unsolved murder. Willie McRae 7 April 1985 anti nuclear proesters. On M15 files. UK atomic energy 1980. Dumping nuclear waste at Ayrshire hill.

August 1985 – Grading system for honesty and reliability. On 24 October 1985 Schneidratus’s file recorded that his name was added to the list of contacts of Oleg Gordievsky of the first main directorate. Gordievsky had been in the UK since June 1982, changing sides in August 1985. (Stasi files. ©2003 A Glees).

1986 – The Stasi controlled the hearts and minds of the British “peace” movement and the CND. The control of “peace” issues and activities was a core Socialist strategy. (Stasi files. ©2003 A Glees).

1986 – Sergeant Barry Mannakie, a bodyguard of Diana’s, one of the Royal protection sqaud. He was withdrawn from Royal duties in 1985. In 1986 Mannakie died in a road accident in east London. (Diana, death of a goddess. David Cohen (c)2004 UK).

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1986 – Geoffrey Dickens. Mirror article. Elm guest house. North London flats Archway. Islington north London. Jeremy Corbyn MP evidence from locals was silenced. Archway court. Islington childrens home.

1986 – “Operation Orchid” Sidney Cooke and Scotland Yard. Jimmy Savile cover up. Exaro. Peter Spindle. Pictures and files disappeared in a cover up. Sidney Cooke and the Islington council run childrens homes, sex abuse by VIPs and a police cover up.

1986 – Joan Miller was convinced that Hollis, M15, was a Soviet agent. Book, One girls war. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher (c)2011 UK).

1986 – Chronicle live. 4 Nov 2015. “Operation Seabrook” Medomskey sex abuse brutality. Medomsky died in 1986.

14 Feb 1986 – Three babies and chikdren as young as 7. Brothel kids. Baby 3 dies. Estate in Islington north London. Geoffrey Dickins. Child brothels in Islington north London. Scotland Yard, an estate in the Archway district 40 kids. Daily Mirror.

2 March 1986 – Kevin Hicki, now aged 45. Missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

2 March 1986 – Kevin Hidu aged 16 from Croyden. (UK Ireland database missing children internet).

25 May 1986 – In Jan 1986 Frank Hegarty from the Catholics of Londondery told the British about a large shipment of weapons, Gaddafi’s Libya. Stored in Ireland, guns. Hegarty was re-settled in Kent. On 25 May 1986 Hegarty’s body was found dumped northern Ireland, Shot several times. (The new spy masters. Stephen Grey (c)2015 UK).

16 July 1986 – BCCI and Saddm Husseins missing billions. Cyrus Hashemi collapsed at his Belgraveia home and died in a private clinic owned by BCCI two days later on 18 July 1986. Unexplained death. Contras. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

9 Oct 1986 – Nicola Fellows and Karen Hadaway from Brighton. Two 9 year old girls. Sex attacks murder. (UK Ireland database missing children internet).

23 Oct 1986 – 13 year old Schoolboy Philip Cairnes went missing in Dublin. (11 June 2016. Mirror UK. Blanaid Murphy).

1987 – Crime and society in England 1750-1900. Clive Emsley. London. New York. Worldcat database.

1987 – Antony Simpson. Legal innovation and its effect on the prosecution of rape in eighteenth century London. George S Rousseau, Roy Porter. Sexual underworlds of the enlightenment. Manchester.

1987 – Ireland had no laws about medical experiments until 1987. Mother and baby homes in Ireland from 1920s to 1960s. Medical experiments on orphans used for drug tests. (Societies child. 9 June 2014).

1987 – Spycatcher. Peter Wright. ISBN 0-85561-098-0. Spycatcher. Peter Wright M15 UK. Paul Greengrass. William Heinemann Australia. ISBN 0-85561-166-9.

1987 – John Cuckney from M15. He left M15 and joined Victoria investments and the Crown lands agents as Chairman of the Port of London authority. In 1987 Sir John Cuckney is Chairman of Wetland Helicopters. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright. ©1987 UK).

1987 – Twitter Stephen Andersom July 2015. Details of an attack on an Asian friend in Blackburn in 1987. First account the police ignored us. Jack Straw in 1990.

2 March 1987 – Missing people Liverpool. Mark Garney disappeared aged 15. (Liverpool Echo 15 Dec 2014).

2 March 1987 – Mark Garvey, now aged 43. Missing from north west. (Missing kids UK internet).

10 March 1987 – Daniel Morgan a private investigator was murdered in a pub car park. After a police corruption probe and phone hacking.

25 July 1987 – The unsolved murder of John Benedict Devine, a Catholic who was shot dead at his home, in Fallswater st west Belfast, aged 37. (The Guardian UK. Henry McDonald. 21 Sept 2015).

18 Nov 1987 – 31 people died in a fire at Kings Cross London tube station. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 18 Nov 2015).

1988 – M O’Laughlin The master book of Irish names.

1988 – Since 1988 the Prince and Grand master of the Order of Malta was Fra Andrew Willoughby Ninian Bertie, who was born in London in 1929.

3 Feb 1988 – Controlling the plans of CND, including a campaign against the US Star wars plans and its stance on NATO, in a Stasi report. END group and its German links. (Stasi files. ©2003 A Glees).

9 Feb 1988 – BCCI’s Abedi suffered a massive heart attack and a stroke at his home near London. Abedi’s heart was so badly damaged that doctors recommended heart transplant surgery. Abedi remained in poor health and later suffered more heart attacks.

May 1988 – The college of supervisors bank regulators for the UK Europe held its first meeting regulation of BCCI. The federal reserve of the US was not a member.

10 Sept 1988 – Lee Boxell, now aged 42. Missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

26 Nov 1988 – Mafia planned to control UK drug market. Gareth Parry the Detroit mob a 20 million cocaine smuggling racket. Gareth Parry. The Guardian 1959-2003 UK.

1989 – The Red web, M16 and the KGB master coup. Autumn press.

3 Feb 1989 – Four men found guilty, rent boy conspiracy. The Glasgow Herald.

3 Feb 1989 – Colin Peters, Alan Delaney, Ernest Whittington, Victor Burnett. Sex ring. ‘Operation Hedgerow’ and a Westminster ring. Colin Peters and Elm guest house. ‘Operation Fernbridge’, child trafficking to Amsterdam.

1990s – In the early 1990s, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the destruction of files began again, since then at least 200,000 files have been destroyed. M15 espionage files. (Treachery. C Pincher ©2011 UK).

1990 – Andrew, a victim of a British paedophile ring. Films snuff movies in Amsterdam, he was kidnapped, drugged and disappeared. Warwick Spinks and paedophiles June 1997. Amsterdam and snuff films. Drugging of kidnapped boys.

1990 – NAYPIC British paedophile ring, snuff movies in a warehouse in Amsterdam. Drugged and put in a van. The Elite twelve, paedophile group videos.

1990s – 8 May 2009. The Herald Glasgow Scotland. Scottish paedophiles worked at the Celtic east boys home in the 1990s.

28 July 1990 – 3,000 names on Yard paedophile register. Andrew Culf. The Guardian London UK.

19 Aug 1990 – Jail links to child abuse network. Jason Bennett. The Observer London UK.

1991 – The child care act gave power to health boards to care for children who were ill treated, neglected or sexually abused. A history of neglect The God squad.

1991 – Arrest of a Thai officer at Heathrow airport with 49 kilos of heroin. Heroin trafficking. (The new spy masters. Stephen Grey (c)2015 US).

14 April 1991 – Rachel McLean disappeared in Oxford UK she was 19 years old. Blackpool. Her body was later found. She was killed by her boyfriend. (A case of murder, unsolved NZ. Tony Williams ©2000).

17 April 1991 – Unsolved murder. Catholic John Joseph Gerard O’Hara shot in Dunluce south Belfast 41 years old, taxi diver. Masked men, the shots killed him. (The Guardian UK. Henry McDonald))

15 June 1991 – ‘Operation Orchid’. Sarah Boseley reports, police track victims of paedophiles. The Guardian London UK.

5 July 1991 – The Bank of England closed down BCCI. The largest Islamic bank in the world. The Pres of UAE owned 77% of BCCI at the time of its closing. The UAE had most of the financial records for BCCI. The UAE did not shut down its branches of BCCI its just renamed it National Union Bank.

21 July 1991 – Ben Needham, now aged 25. Missing from Greece. (UK missing kids internet).

1992 – James Walvin. Black ivory. A history of British slavery.

1992 – World famous unsolved crimes. Colin and Damon Wilson. Magpie London. ISBN 1-85487-154-4.

1992 – Charles and Diana seperated. Royal divorce stated, 17 million pounds. (Diana, death of a goddess. David Cohen (c)2004 UK).

18 April 1992 – A suspicous fire killed boys who had been abused in care. Paedophile ring.

13 Sept 1992 – Abuse victims accuse police. Brian Johnson Thomas. David Rose. The Observer London UK.

28 Sept 1992 – Police fear Japanese mafia is moving into Britain. Duncan Campbell. The Guardian 1959-2003 UK.

23 Dec 1992 – Johana Young from Norfolk 14 years old. Body found, unsolved. (UK Ireland database missing children internet).

1993 – Margaret Thatcher. The Downing street years.

1993 – Directory of Irish archives. Seamus Helferty. Raymond Refausse. Blackrock Dublin. Irish academic press. Worldcat database.

Feb 1993 – Suspicious deaths of two council workers. Mr Bulic Forsythes in Clapdon south London was assassinated. The killer set fire to the flat. Three official looking men were carrying files away before the murder. The killer damaged his skull with a heavy weapon. (23 Dec 2014 Express UK John Towery.)

4 Feb 1993 – Three official looking men were seen carrying away files from his flat in Clapton south London. Tom Pettifor Mirror 21 May 2014. Lambeth sex abuse. Bulic. Angell rd childrens home in Brixton in 1980. Council buildings were used for child sex abuse. South vale center in west Norwood. Films murder, snuff. Rape sex attacks videos porn. Bulic Forsythe 4 Feb 1993 last seen alive.

6 Feb 1993 – Tom Pettifor. Mirror UK 21 May 2014. Kiddist Forsyth child sex abuse in Lambeth. Linked to people in power. 6 Feb 1993 firefighters at Bulic’s flat. Social services .His skull was fractured by a heavy object.

12 March 1993 – Orphans to sue Catholic group. The Irish times Dublin.

July 1993 – Manuel Schaduald aged 12 from Berlin, snuff movies, went missing. Trafficking of boys from Berlin to the Netherlands The Guardian UK.

2 Nov 1993 – Jamie Cheesman, now aged 38. Missing from Yorkshire Humberside. (Missing kids UK internet).

28 Dec 1993 – 70 million cocaine seizure linked with mafia move in UK. Edward Pillington. The Guardian 1959-2003 UK.

1994 – Genrikh Borovik. The Philby files. The secret life of master spy Kim Philby. Philip Knightly. Boston little brown.

1994 – Enemies of the people. Watt Tyler. Graville Janner VIP child abuse and the death of Frank Beck. Childrens home and Frank Beck 1994. He died in Whitemoor jail. Leicestehire house. Paul Winston aged 13 was sodomised by Janner.

1994 – Chicksands Beds. NSA USAF until 1994. The UK Defence intel and security centre. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1994 – Stephen Milligan MP suspicious death. Canterbury Dolphin square gay mafia.

1994 – Herbert Hart. The concept of law. Oxford Clarendon.

1994 – World famous gangsters. Ian Schott. Magpie books. ISBN 1-85813-374-2.

4 Jan 1994 – Missing from Mersey side. Brian Hesketh aged 34. (Liverpool Echo 11 Nov 2014).

7 Feb 1994 – Hugh Toner went missing from a county Armagh Northern Ireland hospital. Guardian UK. 27 Jan 2016.

8 May 1994 – Business Moscow mafia organised crime from Russia hitting Britains soft targets. Deen Nelson. Peter Beaumont. The Observer UK.

30 June 1994 – Paedophile ring jailed for 45 years. Paul Myers. The Guardian London. UK.

18 July 1994 – Richard Willaims was found dead in a car. He had been molested while in care. Scribd.

13 Aug 1994 – Arlene Arkinson, now aged 36. Missing from Northern Ireland. (Missing kids UK internet).

5 Nov 1994 – One of the first known hacking attacks. DDos attack on a British government website, taking it down for a week, beginning on guy fawkes day. (We are Anonymous. Parmy Olson ©2012 US).

7 Nov 1994 – Lindsay Jo Rimer 13 year old girl Hebden bridge West Yorkshire. Murdered. Body found in canal on 12 April 1995, unsolved. (UK Ireland database missing kids internet).

1995 – Late in the field. Catholic sisters in 20th century Ireland and the new religious history. M MacCustain Journal of womens history. 1995. Case study of the fire disaster that consumed the lives of young orphans in an Irish country town. A look at the darker side of an orphanage. MacMillan 1992. Children of the poor Clares Belfast.

1995 – First Irish poor laws. John O’Connor. The workhouses of Ireland. Grania O’Brien. The fate of Ireland’s poor. Dublin.

1995 – Altink Sietske. Stolen lives. Women, sex and slavery. London Scarlet press.

By the late 1990s the Muslim population of the UK. Muslims numbered about 1.6 million, out of about 60 million population in total. (The 9/11 wars. Jason Burke (c)2011).

Jan 1995 to Jan 2009 – The UK prison population rose 66% between Jan 1995 and Jan 2009, from 49,500 to 82,100. Mainly from drugs and violence offences. (Drug barons. Paul Copperwaite ©2010 US UK).

12 Feb 1995 – Dean Nelson, death of a young man abused for years in a council children’s home. The Observer London UK.

19 April 1995 – Appeal to track down paedophiles after a boys body is found in the woods. Duncan Campbell. The Guardian London UK.

May 1995 – Dickens, a Conservative MP, died in May 1995 without any action being taken on his compiled dossier evidence. Newsweek 11 July 2014.

4 May 1995 – Interpol chief warns of danger of European paedophile ring. Duncan Campbell. The Guardian London UK.

5 May 1995 – Mafia exploiting loopholes in British banking system. Duncan Campbell. The Guardian 1959-2003 UK.

30 May 1995 – Independent UK. Eileen Farwell. Stalin facts.Islington child abuse, mass sex abuse of Islington children from north London. Child brothel.

27 Nov 1995 – Ruth Wilson, now aged 36. Missing from south east. (Missing kids UK internet).

1996 – A conviction for sexual abuse by a worker in a children’s home, traveller children in the 1980s. A history of neglect The God squad.

1996 – A report on the physical and sexual abuse of children in state and church care. The report was covered up by the government. A history of neglect The God squad.

1996 – Illegal adoptions. The Roger Cook report. Baby bandits. Islington council UK. From Guatemala to the UK. Jim Wroe.

1996 – Edzell Brechim US Navy NSA site 1960-1996. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

6 Jan 1996 – Wikispooks Belgium. The Belfast Kincora boys home. The Guardian. True sale of child abuse.

24 Feb 1996 – Perverting the truth of abuse. The Guardian London UK.

12 April 1996 – Call for coordination of orphans files. Carol Coulter. The Irish Times Dublin.

8 May 1996 – Boys killer, sex. Two paedophiles snatch 9 year old Daniel Handley from street on his bike. Owen Bowcott. The Guardian London UK.

12 June 1996 – Letter to Editor. Paedophiles in power. Steven Williams. The Guardian London UK.

20 July 1996 – Killer of Sophie aged 7, a bomb about to go off, Martyn Hadsall. The Guardian London UK.

21 July 1996 – Fears of a child abuser blacklist launch. Heather Mills. Barry Hugill. The Observer London UK.

21 Aug 1996 – Girls aged 12 were fed to paedophiles. Maggie Okane. The Guardian London UK.

25 Aug 1996 – Paedophiles a billion dollar business. Barry Hugill. The Observer London UK.

2 Oct 1996 – The message that unleashed Maclean. The Times London. Codebreakers cryptograms KGB.

2 Nov 1996 – Damien Nettles, now aged 35. Missing south east. (Missing kids UK internet).

13 Nov 1996 – Priest who led internet paedophile ring jailed. Madeleine Buty. The Guardian London UK.

5 Dec 1996 – Home Office confusion on paedophiles. Michael White. The Guardian London UK.

26 Dec 1996 – David Spencer, now aged 31. Missing from west Midland. (Missing kids UK internet).

26 Dec 1996 – Paedophile ring. The Times London. Paedophile ring at the council run Aberdare.

26 Dec 1996 – David Spencer and Patrick Warren. Chelmsby wood aged 11 and 13. Missing people. (UK Ireland database missing children internet).

1997 – Thomas Acton. Gypsy politics and traveller identity. Hatfield. Also Thomas Acton and Gary Mundy. Romani culture and gypsy identity. Hatfield.

1997 – John Caincross. The Enigma spy. The story of the man who changed world war two.

1997 – M15 released its first batch of historcal files, sending them to the National Archives in Kew. Personal files PF. M15 released them every six months since 1997. Spies at the Lawn road flats. (The lawn road flats. (c)2014 David Burke UK).

15 Jan 1997 – Diana princes of Wales called for an international ban on landmines. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 15 Jan 2016)..

9 Feb 1997 – Mental prison. News Digest. Sunday Times London. A paedophile ring was run at a secure mental prison aka Black jail..

13 Feb 1997 – Liara Breen, now aged 36. Missing from Eire. (Missing kids UK internet).

19 Feb 1997 – William Davies, now aged 34. Missing from Wales. (UK missing kids internet).

28 Feb 1997 – Iain Mills MP death. Dolphin square. Geoffry Dickens MP PIE. Indepndent UK. Michael Stroter. John Vassall. Cyril Smith Dolphin Square.

9 March 1997 – Paedophiles and vulnerable children. David Connett and Jonathan Calvert. Britain’s social services. The Observer London UK.

9 March 1997 – Paedophiles work with school children. David Connettt and Jonathan Calvert. The dark secrets of British social services.

15 March 1997 – Dorrell faces legal challenge on paedophile ring. The Guardian London UK.

18 May 1997 – M15 thrills historians by opening up its files. Stephen Grey. Sunday Times London UK. Established in 1909, the cloak and dagger hunt for German spies during the First World War provides full disclosure.

2 June 1997 – Kathy Marks. Blair issues apology for Irish potato famine. The Independent.

13 June 1997 – Police keep track of 25,000 paedophiles. The Guardian London UK.

19 June 1997 – Thousands of child sex offenders at large. Alan Travis. The Guardian London UK.

11 Aug 1997 – Five orphans die in blaze. The Irish Times Dublin.

10 Nov 1997 – M15 opens war files but keeps its agents secret. Michael Evans Defence correspondent. The Times London UK

15 Nov 1997 – Kate Bushell aged 14 from Exeter. Body found murder unsolved. (UK Ireland database missing children internet).

22 Nov 1997 – Police schools, child porn, existence of paedophile ring. Peter Hetherington. Duncan Campbell. Rebecca . David .The Guardian London UK

1998 – In and around record repositories in great Britain and Ireland by Joan Cole and Rosemary Church .

1998 – Richard J Aldrich. Espionage, security and intel in Britain 1945-1970. Manchester uni press. (FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

1998 – A mass grave with the skeletons of 40 bodies, victims of the battle of 1461. Were unearthed during building work at Towton in Yorkshire. (History today. Sept 2013 UK)

26 March 1998 – Blair to host conference of European Socialist parties in London. AFX news London. European Socialist parties.

1 April 1998 – Cook cracks down in child sex tourism. Ward int coop underage sex slavery trade. The Guardian London UK.

9 May 1998 – Abuse, systematic abuse in British children’s homes. Evidence against care workers. Bob Woffinden. Richard Webster. The Guardian London UK.

23 May 1998 – Carmel Fenech, now aged 34. Missing from south east. (Missing kids UK internet).

10 June 1998 – Child sex. The news letter Belfast Ireland. Londonerry Creggan housing estate where a paedophile ring operated for years.

29 July 1998 – Fostering rules to be revised. Social services. David Brundle. The Guardian London UK.

15 Aug 1998 – A car bomb IRA killed 29 people in Omagh Northern Ireland. AP. 14 Nov 2015.

5 Sept 1998 – Sean Ryan, now aged 34. Missing from Northern Ireland. (Missing kids UK internet).

6 Sept 1998 – Hundreds dodge world sweep on paedophiles. Lucy Johnston. Michael Gillan. David Connett. The Observer London UK.

17 Sept 1998 – Scout paedophile ring abused 300 children. Stuart Miller. The Guardian London UK.

17 Sept 1998 – Perverts and scouts. The news letter Belfast Ireland. Paedophiles and 2,000 boy scouts.

1 Nov 1998 – Police identify child sex victims. Sunday Times London. International paedophile ring. Photos of child victims.

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21 Feb 1999 – Paedophile suspects face jobs blacklist for life. Andy McSmith. Paedophile care givers. The Observer London UK.

20 May 1999 – BBC. Uncovering Britains most shameful secret. Top level cover up over forced migration of children.

22 June 1999 – Councils urged to vet foster families. David Brindle. The Guardian London UK.

22 July 1999 – Charity, famine children, paedophile scourge. Refuge for orphans, sex abusers. Audrey Gillan. The Guardian London UK.

22 July 1999 – Paedophiles infiltrate aid charities. Audrey Gillan. The Guardian London UK.

23 July 1999 – Paedophile law change sought, charities urge clampdown on child sex abusers. Audrey Gillan. The Guardian London UK.

23 July 1999 – A brutal trust. Padophiles find the third world safer. The Guardian London UK.

20 Sept 1999 – New Straits Times. More Britons unmasked as former East German spies. London. 6 Britons identified by Britains intelligence service M15 as the agents for the Stasi. Sunday news reported. BBC said Robin Pearson, an economic historian at Hull university in northern England, worked for the Stasi for 12 years from 1977. Vic Allen, aged 77, a retired professor of economics at Leeds university sent info on the CND to east German agents. Gwyneth Edwards from Loughborough university.

6 Oct 1999 – Paul Kelso. Sidney Cooke child abuse. The Guardian UK. 1980s. Murder of Jason Swift in London. Amsterdam links.

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2000 – 75% of those leaving health board care became homeless in the first two years. A history of neglect The God squad.

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19 Jan 2000 – Paedophiles admit murder plot. Undercover police, plot to look for young girls, kidnap and rape them. Matt Wells. Britains dangerous paedophiles. The Guardian and Observer. London UK.

1 April 2000 – Sarah Benford, now aged 29. Missing fro east Midlands. (Missing kids UK internet).

5 July 2000 – Two held as police target paedophiles in hunt for missing girl. Sarah Hall. The Guardian London UK.

18 Sept 2000 – Britain infiltrated by 28 Stasi spies. Ian Cobain The Times London UK.

30 Sept 2000 – British link to snuff videos. Guardian. Snuff movies where children are killed. British paedophile ring, 50 to 100 people are missing.

1 Oct 2000 – British link to ‘snuff’ videos investigation. Jason Burke. Amelia, Philip William. The Observer London UK.

2 Oct 2000 – Orphans of history. Robert Holden. Text publishing. Colonists, slums and prisoners of London.

Nov 2000 – Investigation, British child abuse and Amsterdam. Nick Davies, trafficking network and snuff movies. Amsterdam, UK trafficking boys and child porn. Warwick Spinks. Amsterdam July 1990 paedophile underworld 1995 Spinks and Scotland Yard.

26 Nov 2000 – M15 poised to seize east German spies in Britain. Stephen Grey and John Goetz. Sunday Times London UK.

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1 Jan 2001 – Jerome Thomas, now aged 30. Missing from Wales. (Missing kids UK internet).

11 Jan 2001 – Global child porn ring broken. Britons face jail after raid on internet paedophiles. Nick Davies. Jeevan Vasagar. The Guardian London UK.

10 Feb 2001 – Memebrs of an international paedophile ring. The Guardian UK. The Wonderland club, was an online/internet international paedophile ring.

14 Feb 2001 – Wonderland. The Times London. Wonderland paedophile ring.

28 March 2001 – Police search child porn network. Boy of 13 and 30 held in raids on paedophile suspects. David Ward. The Guardian London UK.

18 April 2001 – Lies and whispers. Sophie Petit Zeman. The Guardian London UK.

17 June 2001 – Most wanted paedophile may be in UK. Jason Burke. The Observer London UK.

July to Sept 2001 – Between July and Sept 2001 at least 300 African boys went missing from London schools. Thousands go missing each year. (BBC. 13 May 2005).

20 June 2001 – Plea for missing Allison, vanished mum. Daily Mail Glasgow Scotland. Her home in Rothesay where she helped expose a paedophile ring.

20 June 2001 – Appeal over missing mother. The Herald Glasgow Scotland. A paedophile ring in Largs, Strathclyde police.

Sept 2001 – Murder of boy, Adam, found in the Thames. Ritual killing, from Nigeria. Thousands of African boys go missing from London schools each year. (BBC. 13 May 2005).

10 Sept 2001 – Britain ordered germ bombs in cold war. Anthrax and plague bacteria tested for biological retaliation. James Meek The Guardian UK.

11 Oct 2001 – British on child abuse charges. The Times London. David Allen aged 59. International paedophile ring which was trafficking orphans from the Ethiopian famine to north London.

29 Nov 2001 – Nine held in net child porn raid. Nick Hopkins. The Guardian London UK.

2002 – Family history monthly carried an article about the Cornish parish clerks project. Provides detailed records of local parishes online. (Family history monthly. August 2003 p74).

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28 March 2002 – Robert Williams, now aged 28. Missing from Wales. (Missing kids UK internet).

25 April 2002 – Police use new software to arrest 27 in child porn raid. David Ward. The Guardian London UK.

26 May 2002 – 700,000 victims of Britains abused children, Britains paedophile rings. Don Boyd. The Observer London UK.

2 July 2002 – International paedophile ring. Justin Davenport. The Evening Standard. Paedophile ring worldwide, police and teachers were involved.

3 July 2002 – Britons arrested as worldwide child porn ring smashed. Vikram Dodd. The Guardian London UK.

28 July 2002 – Sky news. BBC. Tycoon 5 people killed in a fire at a flat. Nicholas van Hoopstraten.

3 Aug 2002 – Doctor filmed molesting drugged boys. Mervyn Howe. The Indpendent UK. Timothy Healy aged 56, part of a paedophile ring which opeated a surgery in East Finchley West London.

11 Aug 2002 – Paedophile ring and the armed forces. Sunday Times London. Air force involved in an international paedophile ring called Wonderland.

21 Sept 2002 -Jail for doctor who drugged and abused boys. Richard Alleynz. Daily Telegraph UK. Timothy Healy aged 57 is a member of a paedophile ring. He sedated and assaulted at least a dozen boys and filmed them.

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19 Jan 2003 – Child rape scene sent police on trail of internet paedophiles, child porn websites. Martin bright. The Observer London UK.

3 May 2003 – Daniel Entwistle, now aged 19. Missing from east of England. (Missing kids UK internet).

3 May 2003 – David Entwistle aged 7, east Yarmeth. Missing person. (UK Ireland database missing children internet).

15 May 2003 – Head teacher of a Roman Catholic boys school. International paedophile ring. The Times London. Member of international paeophile ring.

25 July 2003 – Face map database fights child porn. Owen Bowcott. The Guardian London UK.

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2005 – “Black psychiatry” testing on human guinea pigs. Nazi drug testing experiments at Dachau. Details of experiments are still classified, half a century later. Inquest into the death of Roland Madison, who was exposed to the nerve agent sarin. Drugs in experiments at Porter Down in 2005. (Brainwash. Dominic Streatfeild ©2006 UK).

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16 Feb 2005 – Underwater hunt begins. Evening Times Glasgow. She disappeared without a tace. She was helping to expose a paedophile ring.

13 May 2005 – BBC. Hundreds of young African boys are missing from London schools. Black boys age 4-7. Thousands of children go missing each year.

19 May 2005 – Evening Gazette Middelbourgh UK. A court barrister was jailed after his involvement in an international internet paedophile ring.

3 June 2005 – Satanic paedophile ring, rituals reported at least 25 children. Tom Leonard. Daily Telegraph London. Children were baused by a satanic paedophile ring. Ritual rapes of at least 25 children.

14 June 2005 – Vladimir Bukovsky was a Soviet dissident, for 12 years he was in and out of mental prisons, before being expelled to Switzerland, then to the UK in 1976. Cambridge UK.

8 Oct 2005 – Girls school and years of sex abuse. The Times London. Three girls. Paedophile ring in the outer Hebridies was failed by corrupt social officials.

9 Oct 2005 – Police re open abuse case. Scotland on Sunday Edinburgh. Official report, satanic paedophile ring on the Isle of Lewis, girls were trafficked and abused.

11 Oct 2005 – Plea over isles girls. Daily Record Glasgow Scotland. Reports of a Satanic paedophile ring on the Isle of Lewis.

2006 – Sir John Bond, the chairman of HSBC, Britains largest bank., HSBC managed billions of dollars for Libya $65 billion worth. The Libyan investment authority LIA was set up in 2006 to manage Libya’s oil wealth. Lord Rothschild signed on as a key investment adviser to LIA. Lord Jacob Rothschild and his youngest son Nathaniel. (The shadow market. ©2010 Eric J Weiner US).

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2006 – Daily Telegraph. NZ Herald. 24 Jan 2015. American spies intercepted communications between members in the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. The Telegraph UK. NSA working with M16, a Russian state execution. Litvinenko’s death in 2006. He ate at the Mayfair hotel and died three weeks later. Polonium 210.

2006 – Aangirfan. 8 July 2014 The body of 10 year old Brian McDermott was found in a sack in the river Lagan in 1973. Maurice Oldfield M16 spy. Sunday World 3 Feb 2013. Dennis Donaldson worked for M15, blackmail in the mid 1980s. Belfast Kincora boys brothel and paedophile ring, the IRA. In 2006 Donaldson was found shot dead.

1 Jan 2006 – Martin Joyce missing person from greater Manchester. (9 Sept 2015. Lee Swettenham. Patrick Scott).

9 March 2006 – Mariam Ashraff, now aged 24. Missing from north east. (Missing kids UK internet).

11 April 2006 – Yan Chen, now aged 24. Missing from south east. (Missing kids UK internet).

13 April 2006 – The mass graves of children found. Whale. More than 50,000 children were illegally experimented on. The bones of hundreds of children, found buried in mass graves.

23 April 2006 – (Aangirfan 17 Nov 2014. Sunday Times). Strathclyde police have a dossier about members of a child abuse ring. Public figures, senior police officers, members of the crown and Scottish offices.

30 June 2006 – Cahal Milmo. Gay honey traps. Vassall the Soviet spy.

29 July 2006 – Lingran Lin, now aged 20. Missing from south east. (Missing kids UK internet).

10 Aug 2006 – Paedophile ring and the body dig house. The Times London. Mr Dedman and his father Ford Thrussell and a third man, ran a paedophile ring from the house.

10 Aug 2006 – Police search garden. The news letter Belfast Ireland. Addyton estate near Croydon south London where a paedophile ring opeate for 40 years.

10 Aug 2006 – Paedophile ring base. The Times London. Mr Dedman, his father Ford Thrussell and a third man ran a paedophile ring from the house. His daughter Stacey Dedman aged 19.

14 Aug 2006 – Hunt starts for missing in garden. The Evening Standard UK. 107 Walton Green, New Addington was the centre of a paedophile ring.

1 Nov 2006 – Aleksander Litvinenko was poisoned with polonium-210. Almost all the world’s polonium is produced in Russia. The alleged killer, Andrei Lugovoi. He denies it. (The new cold war. Edward Lucas ©2008 UK).

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2007 – More than 20 big Russian companies, worth $625 billion, are now listed in London, many of them arrived in 2007. Only five Russian stocks are listed on the New York stock exchange. London is also a centre for Russian corporate bodies, with more than $33 billion raised in 2007. (The new cold war. Edward Lucas ©2008 US).

1 Feb 2007 – British Labour party chief fundraiser, Lord Michael Levy, has been arrested for a second time, as part of a corruption probe into party political funding. Levy is Blair’s Middle East envoy, arrested conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. (Christchurch Press NZ AFP).

22 Feb 2007 – Internet padophile ring found. The Times London. A sting by British police found a 300 member paedophile ring. Stewart Tendler writer.

26 Feb 2007 – Abu Qatada. al Qaeda. Jordan UK Osama bin Laden’s Islamic ambassador in Europe. UK Muslim cleric loses deportation appeal .

27 Feb 2007 – Garda suspected in child rapes. Evening Herald Dublin Ireland. A trainee Garda and a paedophile ring, including about ten men.

March – April 2007 – In many places taxes pre date civil vital records. Your ancestors before you paid taxes. (Amy Johnson Crow CG. Ancestry. March April 2007).

26 March 2007 –

Drug ring buy run by Pakistanis in Dunstable UK.

May 2007 – Kohlberg Kravis Roberts brought the British drug store chain Alliance Boots for $22 billion. (The shadow market. Eric J Weiner ©2010).

3 May 2007 – Madeleine Beth McCann 11 years old now, born in the UK. Interpol missing person.

13 May 2007 – Mother disappeared, she was the victim of a paedophile ring. Sunday Times London. Teixera, her son was abducted and abused by a paedophile ring. A few months after she vanished. The Wonderland club.

June 2007 – British police arrested a contract killer, minutes away from Mr Berezorskys office. Scotland yard told him his life was in danger and recommended he leave the UK. (Deception. E Lucas ©2012 UK).

18 July 2007 – Security services foil plot to kill Berezovsky at the London Hilton. Richard Beeston. The Times.

13 Sept 2007 – The fall of Northern rock. The UK’s 5th largest mortgage lender. It collapsed and Northern rock was nationalised. (The Harbinger. Jonathan Cahn (c)2011 US).

14 Sept 2007 – Andrew Cosden aged 14. Dancaster London. Missing person. (UK Ireland database missing children internet).

27 Sept 2007 – Part of international paedophile ring. Herald Scotland. Possession of more than 1,000 child porn.

27 Oct 2007 – Scottish cannabis production smashed. Jail for key player linked to triads. The Herald Glasgow Scotland.

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1 Jan 2008 – Amy Fitzpatrick, Dublin Ireland aged 15. (UK Ireland database missing children internet)..

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3 Aug 2008 – The island of Jersey had a childrens home run as a boys brothel for the elite. Child abuse, CIA, M16, M15 and Mossad. Mail on Sunday.Eileen Fairweather, sent children into care homes on Jersey. John Henry parliament for Birmigham Yardley. Islington childrens home and the Zandvoort network, Dutroux paedophiles. Grafton close. Dolphin square. Syril Smith and Elm guest hpuse.

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5 Jan 2009 – Missing person when 3 years old. Michael Jcau from Colombia. Now 9 years old. Male. Interpol.

21 Jan 2009 – ex KGB billionaire buys UK newspaper. CNN. Russian billionaire and former KGB agent buying a control. He has interests in hotels in Italy, France and Switzerland.

20 May 2009 – Ireland child sex abuse in Roman Catholic schools and orphanages. American school and university.

August 2009 – The Romany and family history society is not geographical and can offer advice to help people to research gypsy ancestry anywhere. (Family history. August 2009 p40).

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12 Oct 2009 – David Leigh. The Guardian is gagged from reporting Parliament. The Guardian UK.

13 Oct 2009 – Third woman charged over paedophile ring. Evening Gazette Middleborough UK. Paedophile ring, George aged 39 and Angela Allen aged 39.

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3 March 2010 – Dunedin New Zealand police fail to follow up on a ‘sighting’ of missing British girl Madeline McCann. A local security guard approached police with info about her disappearance. (Political kiwi).

30 March 2010 – Victory for the Standard. 26 councils pledge to ban mass graves for children. Old fashioned journalism. London Evening Standard.

10 May 2010 – The Rothschild’s. Worth $500 trillion. They owns Reuter and AP. Jeff Fenske. The Rothschild’s control the world’s gold markets.

28 May 2010 – Fears grow over paedophile abduction ring. The Evening Standard London UK.

13 Aug 2010 – London’s dispossessed. Hidden London. David Cohen. Poverty. London Evening Standard.

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12 Oct 2010 – Russian spies may have used six Irish passports. May Fitzgerald. Gary Moriarty. The Irish Times 1921 Dublin.

19 Oct 2010 – Paedophile and abuse of baby. The Times UK. Winchester a woman linked to the Vanessa George paedophile ring.

19 Oct 2010 – Case worker found guilty of abusing baby. The Indpendent UK. Abuse and porn offences, infant child abuse by Colin Blanchard guilty 17 child.

19 Oct 2010 – Woman and child abuse. Care worler found guilty. Nigel Bunyan Daily Telegraph UK.

Dec 2010 – Operation avenge Assange. Anonops. Wikileaks. Dedication to the free flow of info. Anonymous guy fawkes masks. (The many faces of anonymous. Gabreilla Coleman ©2014 UK).

17 Dec 2010 – Richard Stallman. The Anonymous Wikileaks protests are a mass demo against control. The Guardian UK.

2011 – Britains Royal families. The complete genealogy. Alison Weir.

2011 – UK census the population of the UK was 56.1 million. (Who do you think you are. The genealogy handbook. BBC UK (c)2014).

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2011 – Britains GCHQ targeted AnonOps communications infrastructure. A GCHQ unit called the JTRIG, threat research intel group. Hacking DDos attacks against Anonymous. Called OpWealth. The UK government was using Ddos attacks. Chris Weatherhead was arrested. (The many faces of Anonymous. Gabriella Coleman ©2014 US).

2011 – Sue Wilkes. The children history forgot. Robert Hale ltd.

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27 Jan 2011 – British police arrested five men in connection with ‘Operation Payback’, attacks on Paypal, Mastercard and Visa. An AnonOps operation. (We are Anonymous. Parmy Olson ©2012 US).

27 Jan 2011 – Poor Irish migrants were buried in mass graves. Marie O’Halloran. The Irish Times Dublin.

6 Feb 2011 – Wikileaks. Anonymous said all info should be free. Guy Fawkes masks. (We are Anonymous. Parmy Olson ©2012 UK).

16 March 2011 – BBC Worlds biggest paedophile ring, International police lead by a UK team, internet paedophile ring Global from 70,000.

16 March 2011 – BBC. Allegedly the world’s largest paedophile ring is uncovered. International police, shut down a paedophile ring with 70,000 global members.

17 March 2011 – International paedophile ring..

7 May 2011 – An International paedophile ring run from in a village in Lincolnshire was smashed by police. Lincolnshire Echo UK.

12 June 2011 – The Telegraph. Police covered up violent campaign to turn London area Islamic. Andrew Gilligan.

13 June 2011 – International paedophile ring leaders jailed. Independent UK. Millions of porn images and films.

20 June 2011 – Ryan, his botnet and a DDos attack on the UK government website of the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency, he was arrested. (We are Anonymous. Parmy Olson ©2012 US).

19 July 2011 – British police arrested a 16 year old male hacker from LulzSec. (We are Anonymous. Parmy Olson ©2012 US).

21 July 2011 – LulzSc claims to have News International emails. The Guardian UK. (We are Anonymous. Parmy Olson ©2012 US).

27 July 2011 – British Police arrested Shetland Islander Jake Davis of LulzSec. (We are Anonymous. Parmy Olson ©2012 US).

9 Aug 2011 – James Cridland, paid content, what I learned mapping the London riots. 9 Aug 2011 and 7 Sept 2011. (Web of deceit. Anne P Mintz ©2012 US).

2 Sept 2011 – In Jan 2012 Jeremy Hammond. Ryan Mark Ackroyd was arrested in the UK, 25 years old. He had been in the British army and spent time in Iraq. Two charges of conspiracy to hack a computer network. (We are Anonympus. Parmy Olson ©2012 US).

2 Sept 2011 – British police arrested 24 year old Ryan Ackroyd of LulzSec. (We are Anonymous. Parmy Olson ©2012 US).

7 Sept 2011 – Cyber crimes, Paypal attacks, Mastercard and Visa. In the Westminster Magistrates court. Peter David Gibson, cyber offences, Christopher Weatherhead and Ashley Rhodes, 17 years old. AnonOps.Operation Payback. (We are Anonymous. Pamy Olson ©2012 US).

28 Sept 2011 – Couple ran international paedophile ring from Rotseth. Trail of 5 people, international paedophile ring.

29 Sept 2011 – Child abuse in her home. Daily Telegraph London. Mother of 4, an international paedophile ring for children to be sexually abused.

6 Oct 2011 – Tip of iceberg. GlaxoSmithKline license to kill. Pharmafia. The Irish nuns and babies for sale to the US. Vaccine trials. Sunday World. 6 June 2014. Mari Steed aged 50 lives in the USA. Irish Times 2010. Belfast Telegraph. Irish daily mail. 5 June 2014.

2 Nov 2011 – Paedophile ring 16 charges. Daily Mail UK. A woman and 4 men. International paedophile ring.

2 Nov 2011 – paedophile ring trial. Daily Express UK. A woman and 4 men. International paedophile ring.

2 Nov 2011 – Guardian UK. Julian Assange awaits a high court ruling on extradition. (We are Anonymous. Parmy Olson ©2012 US).

16 Nov 2011 – Doncaster free press. Thousands of Doncaster OAPs live in fuel poverty.

25 Nov 2011 – James Kirkup The Telegraph. Prepare for riots in Euro collapse foreign office warns. British embassies in Europe.

28 Nov 2011 – Herald Scotland. Authorities are signalling failing victims of trafficking slavery in the UK. EHRC. Crimes trafficking sex slaves.

30 Nov 2011 – The Sun city UK. Steve Hawkes. Prepare for Armageddon. Banks told to prepare for Eurozone collapse.

1 Dec 2011 – BBC Nature news. How animals predict earthquakes. Victoria Gill Science reporter.

10 Dec 2011 – Charity scheme keeping homeless warm. UKPA warm clothes and blankets its winter. St Vincent de Paul society in London.

20 Dec 2011 – Five people were jailed for their role in an international paedophile ring. UK now. The Guardian. Robert Hathaway and Melissa Noon. 2 of 5 people jailed, horrific ring.

2012 – NZ Herald 13 Dec 2014. A friend of Young. Robert Curtis aged 47 a property tycoon, died falling under a tube train in London. London property.

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2012-2013 – In 2012 Darren Martyn in Dublin was arrested by the Irish police in 2013 for hacking into the network of a political party, Finan Gael. Sabu was working for the FBI, privately recruiting him. (We are Anonymous. Parmy Olson ©2012 US).

Jan 2012 – Activist Post. 16 Nov 2012. Dead girls bodies on the Royal estates. Prince Andrew and paedophile pimp Jeff Epstein.

Jan 2012-Dec 2013 – Britains missing babies (8 June 2014) Thousands of children from Council care. 5,000 disappeared. By Amanda Williams. 4,852 cases filed, more reported missing, 24,320 cases logged, many disappeared more than once.

11 March 2012 – Justice minister David Ford, human trafficking ring in northern Ireland force sex slaves. Sunday Life Belfast. Chinese triads are making millions forcing smuggle.women.

April 2012 – Previously “lost” colonial office records, which were only made available to the public in April 2012. These supposedly “rediscovered” records were about British colonial rule.(Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

18 April 2012 – Ian Cobain and Richard Norton Taylor. Sins of colonists lay concealed in secret archives for decades. The Guardian. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

14 May 2012 – Minister starts inquiry into the exploitation of Wicklow orphans. Pamela Duncan. The Irish Times Dublin.

15 June 2012 – Paedophiles arrested. British police raided homes of paedophiles. The Canberra Times ACT Australia. 76 arrested including a retired teacher.

21 June 2012 – Kingpin of international paedophile ring, raped children;. Child porn videos. Darren Leggett.

21 June 2012 – Kingpin of international paedophile ring raped children. Daily Mail UK. Supermarket order, international paedophile ring raped children as young as five, taking videos.

July 2012 – HSBC money laundering report. HSBC is in more than 80 countries around the world.

9 July 2012 – Big pharma criminal public knowledge. Bribery fraud price fixing. A criminal racket. GlaxoSmithKline.(Natural news Mike Adams).

17 July 2012 – Glaxo whistleblower goes public with details of bribery fraud and other pharma crimes. Illegal marketing of drugs to children. Medical mafia, big pharma. Selling drugs to children illegally. Exploiting children in vaccination trials. (Natural news. Mike Adams. Alex Jones show Infowars.).

12 Oct 2012 – Nottingham post. Charity dealing with 27% increase in rough sleepers.

17 Oct 2012 – Triads toxic tobacco trade. Royal mail use to flood Scotland with fake smokes. Daily Glasgow Scotland. Chinese Triads.

23 Oct 2012 – Jimmy Savile and British international paedophile ring. Whale.

4 Nov 2012 – Senior Tory and child abuse. Just a fraction of the child abuse. Patrick Sawer and Jason Lewis. Sunday Telegraph London. A paedophile ring operating from Westminster included police and social workers.

9 Nov 2012 – BBC business. Claims of criminal account holders investigated by HSBC bank. Money laundering. Jersey operation. Simon Gompentz reports.

9 Nov 2012 – Daily record Sunday Mail. Charity says 5,300 Scottish kids will be homeless this Christmas. Shelter Scotland.

9 Nov 2012 – BBC Bradford homeless charity persuades leaders to sleep rough.

10 Nov 2012 – Daily record. Sex slave, traffickers are profiling from the misery of governments. Edinburgh.

11 Nov 2012 – The Telegraph. Warning over secret database featuring children. Graeme Paton Data security.

15 Nov 2012 – The right scoop. CBN news. Islamic sharia law covers to Great Britain. Eric Stakelbeck London.

16 Nov 2012 – Activist Post. Bendon Turbeville

19 Nov 2012 – 7 arrested in London after Bulgarian tipoff. Organised crime. Human trafficking.

21 Nov 2012 – Mirror UK. Facebook rape parties groomed girls placed on menus for paedophiles to choose their victim. Adrian Shaw.

26 Nov 2012 – How secret offshore firms feed London’s property boom. Offshore secrets British virgin islands. The Guardian. David Lenigh. Harold Freyman. James Dall.

28 Nov 2012 – BBC news Northern Ireland. Facebook challenge, sex offender at risk of attack. Paedophiles in Northern Ireland.

29 Nov 2012 – Brussels EU Observer. Andrew Rettman. Mystery death of Magnitsky informat camper fear. Alexander Perepilichuyy a 44 year old Russian businessman found dead outside his home in Surrey on 10 Nov 2012.

29 Nov 2012 – Russian mafia whistleblower found dead in UK. Natalie Huet and Maria Golovnina. world.

30 Nov 2012 – The Independent. 24,000 die in winter as fuel poverty. Simon Read.

30 Nov 2012 – UK police toxicology tests on body of Alexander Perephilichny, Russian whistleblower who outed corruption. Maria Golovnina. Reuters. Russian mafia scandal. Swiss tax fraud.

11 Dec 2012 – The Independent. HSBC The drug worlds local bank. Jamie Dunkley. Money laundering probe.

12 Dec 2012 – Martin Hidleman. Scotland yard investigation paedophiles child abuse in the 1980s. Independent UK.

16 Dec 2012 – Top novelist sold to the triads as a sex slave. Sunday Times London. Teresa, beaten by the triads she could not walk.

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28 Jan 2013 – Senior British linked to organised child sex abuse paedophile ring. Press TV.

3 Feb 2013 – Abuse victims trafficking abroad. From care homes in south London. Two victims of a paedophile ring were taken on trips to Amsterdam.

6 Feb 2013 – Martin Hickman Two arrested over MP’s child sex ring. Independent UK.

9 Feb 2013 – Church must account for stolen babies. The God squad. Irish examiner. Sinead O’Connor. Graves all marked with Magdalen.

15 Feb 2013 – Paedophile ring fear over boy. The London Evening Standard. 25 years ago a boy disappeared, in an area where a paedophile ring operated.

19 Feb 2013 – The Coleman experience. Dolphin square deep dark secrets.

27 Feb 2013 – A journalist was arrested for investigating a paedophile ring. Vice. Sex abuse at orphanges in Jersey.

27 Feb 2013 – Tory MP paedophiles 30 years ago. Independent UK.

March 2013 – History today magazine UK.ISBN 0018-2753.

March 2013 – NZ Herald 13 Dec 2014. Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky, who was a friend of Young. He was found dead at his Berkshire home.

March 2013 – Boris Berezovsky billionaire and media magnate also Jewish Israeli passport. Berezovsky went to London UK. Convicted of embezzlement and fraud, extradtion was refused. He was found dead in his Berkshire home in March 2013 a hangmans rope, assasination. (The colder war. Martin Katusa (c)2015 US).

3 March 2013 – Paul Cahalan. James Hanny. Paedophile ring London. Independent Sunday.

April 2013 – History Today magazine vol 63 issue 4 ISSN 0018-2753.

May 2013 – Who do you think you are. no 73. ISSN 1755-7690 magazine.

May 2013 – Almost half of the children born today in the UK are born to unmarried mothers or single women. (Who do you think you are. My 2013 UK)..

May 2013 – The paper trail of people and history. Records and the hundred year rule. This bans the release of the UK census. FOI info commissioner UK. Data prohibition Act UK controls how personal and so called sensitive info about living people is kept. (and lies in govt files). Restrictcted acess or not accessable.(Who do you think you are. May 2013 UK).

May 2013 – Ryan Ackroyd a British national with LulzSec. Pled guilty to hacking the US Pentagon and conspiring to hack Sony. British health service and Rupert Murdock’s news international. Ackroyd got 30 months jail but served only 10 months. (The many faces of Anonymous. Gabriella Coleman ©2014 US).

May 2013 – Tracesmart UK. Peopletracer UK. and and electoral, telephone archives and company directors. Missing persons (Who do you think you are. May 2013 UK).

May Oct 2013 – Tory MP Alan Duncan’s government job as special envoy to Oman. Free holiday to Spain. Oman’s biggest bribery scandal. Along with special envoy to Yemen. CCC ltd the UK arm of Consolidated Contractors Oman branch in May 2013. Mohammed al Khusaibi was jailed for 3 years. $1 million in bribes to an official. Faithi Alaa al Din was also jailed. Consolidated Contractors founder Said Khoury, a Palestinian billionaire who died in Oct 2013. Its now run by his sons. (Private Eye mag. 9 Jan 2015 UK).

7 May 2013 – Silenced. The God squad. Paddy Doyle. Dublin. Vaccine trials in industrial schools in Ireland. St Kynons orphanage 1968. Missing post mortem results.

15 May 2013 – The Azimuth trust paedophile ring. TV news posts Spotlight. Dr Morris Fraser and PIE international and his Azimuth trust.

June 2013 – History today magazine. ISSN 0018-2753.

1 June 2013 – The London foundling hospital. Victorian. Orphanages for poor orphans. Parish history.

8 June 2013 – Thi Nguyen, aged 18 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

9 June 2013 – Calal Milmo. Paul Peachy. Police search of Elm guest house paedophile ring. Independent UK.

27 June 2013 – Satanic paedophiles English Dondevanos. Edward Heath. Kincora boys home where M15 created a paedophile ring.

28 June 2013 – Daily Telegraph UK. Girls were groomed, raped and trafficked by a paedophile ring.

28 June 2013 – British Pakistani paedophile ring, jailed for life. The pk. London British Asian paedophile ring, grooming underage girls for sex.

9 July 2013 – Barry Geroge. Jill Dando. Jimmy Savile. BBC paedophiles. The brutal murder of Jill Dando was linked to a VIP paedophile ring in the BBC.

Sept 2013 – History Today, magazine vol 63 no 9.

Sept 2013 – John Stingeman died aged 72. Sex abuse chargse, manager at Grafton close childrens home. Multiple counts of sex abuse and cihld porn. Daily Mail. Childrens home boss.

2 Sept 2013 – UK pilot and the sex abuse African orphans. Telegraph UK. A British airways pilot sex abused young girls in African streets and orphanages.

16 Sept 2013 – Children plied with drugs and trafficked in Northern Ireland in taxis for sex exploitation. Michael McHugh and David Young. Looking for a Paedophile ring.

3 Oct 2013 – Mail online Jason Groves. Hypocrite unions duck $2 million tax bill, despite criticising business who dodge corporation tax. Ten unions affiliated to Labour raked in over 10 million from investments.

3 Oct 2013 – Mail online. Hypocrite unions duck $2 million tax bill, dispute slavery firm who dodge corporate. Jason Grovy. Tax avoidance unions bankroll Labour party.

6 Oct 2013 – Cabinet was told nothing about GCHQ spy programs says Chris Huhne The Guardian. Nick Hopkins. Matthew Taylor.

7 Oct 2013 – Trafficking of women for sex in UK worth 130m pounds. Rosa Silverman. Organised crime. The Telegraph.

7 Oct 2013 – New secret service in UK to fight Russian mafia. Russia and India report. Itar Tass.

10 Oct 2013 – Human traffickers who sold smuggled women as sex slaves for sham marriage, jailed. Express Dion Dassanayake.

10 Oct 2013 – British in danger of becoming anti Christian. Christian today Kristins friends.

17 Oct 2013 – Life sentence for human trafficking in slavery crackdown. BBC UK. Tom Symonds. Sexual exploitation, domestic.

18 Oct 2013 – Disabled girl held captive in UK. Raped for years in cellar. The Times of India. Cahal Milmo. The Independent. Trafficking.

30 Oct 2013 – The Elfir network. Police gunman told him to ignore paedophile rings.

7 Nov 2013 – Tunis study suggests Jobelyn HIV Iraq and oil? This racket pharma company Glaxo/Borough Wellcome, manufacturer of AZT, it destroys the immune system. In Nigeria the US government swaps AZT for oil. (Femi Kusa. The nation. Truth in defence of freedom.)

27 Dec 2013 – Kincora boys brothel deaths. BBC Northern Ireland. Kincora boys brothel in Belfast link to Brian McDermott’s murder. A ten year old boy.

2014 – British surnames database online in 2014. 11th century identify origins of British surnames. (Practical family history. Feb 2010.)

2014 – UK child migrants Database UK and Eire Paedophiles UKPaedos UK child abusers named and shamed. Access blocked.

2014 – Global child sex trafficking ring. The Lantern project. Britain is key child sex trafficker.

2014 – The lawn road flats. Spies and writers. David Burke. 32 flats Soviet agents in the 1930s and 40s. Cambridge spies. ISBN 978 1 84383 7834. The Boydeil press Woodbridge.

2014 – Orphan, a British government orphan migration program under investigation Queensland Australia.

2014 – Taylor Downing. Secret warriors, key scientists, code breakers and propagandists of the great war. Little Brown.

2014 – Hacker, hoaxer, whistleblower, spy. The many faces of Anonymous. Gabriella Coleman. Digital activism. The internet age and culture. Creative commons. ISBN 13-978-1-78168-583-9. Croydon.

11 Jan 2014 – Scotland Yard are woried that snuff movies made in Amsterdam by VIP British are coming to light. The mad hatter xxxx.

13 Jan 2014 – Lifting the veil special report. Historical institutions abuse inquiry. Northern Ireland 1922-1995. The Ryan report 20 May 2009 Paedophile ring. Child migration Ireland, Australia, America, New Zealand, UK, Canada, Malta etc.

16 Jan 2014 – International paedophile ring origins in Northamptonshire UK. Northamptonshire Organised live streaming of child abuse over the internet from the Philippines.

16 Jan 2014 – Over 100 British in international paedophile ring. Daily Mail UK. They streamed live child abuse from the Philippines. Police tracking them from child porn videos.

16 Jan 2014 – Over 100 British in international paedophile ring. Daily Mail UK. Obscene videos, abuse network, streamed live from the Philippines.

31 Jan 2014 – Drug trade and money laundering. Valentin Katasonov.

4 Feb 2014 – Snowden docs show UK spies attacked Anonymous hacker. NBC news.

March 2014 – Missing person when 16 years old. Romanian female. Georgiana Valentina Mavroian. Now 17 years old. Interpol.

19 March 2014 – ex Mafia man wins fight to stay in UK. The Age Melbourne Australia.

19 March 2014 – BBC International paedophile ring. Liveleaks.

19 March 2014 – Bill Maloney BBC International paedophile ring. Disclose TV. Child protector and Nick Clegg.

21 March 2014 – BBC International paedophile ring. Philosophers stone UK. Bill Moloney and Nick Clegg.

26 March 2014 – Triads deadly trade in fake ecstacy pills. Drug lab invents new killer every week. Daily Record Glasgow Scotland. Triads supply drug dealers in Europe.

30 March 2014 – 500 victims from a borstal. Sunday Mail Glasgow Scotland. Paedophile ring in the 1970s and 1980s. At Medomsley childrens home.

April 2014 – More than 10 politicians UK Paedos exposed. Database of abused children paedophiles. Twitter Children have rights.

6 April 2014 – Mafia boss in custody in London. Sunday Telegraph. A mafia fugitive living in west London, underworld.

14 April 2014 – Mirror. Paul Byrne. Luke Traynor.

16 April 2014 – The Times UK. Sir Cyril Smith was in the Westminster paedophile ring. MP alleges in new book. The late Rochdale MP was shielded from prosecution by being part of a network. Cyril Smith’s abuse was covered up at the highest level. MP’s new book claims. 12 April 2014.

20 April 2014 – Voice of Russia. Fears over missing children in care in London. At least 1,600 children have gone missing while under legal care of a government department. Juliet Spare. Sexploitation. Looked after children missing from care. Caroline Pidgeon. Section 22 of the Children’s Act 1989. Rape and sex victims young white girls, social services missing from care homes.

28 April 2014 – Government is now releasing your children’s personal data to companies. Data collected since 2002. Antony Savvas Computer world UK.

28 April 2014 – Mirror. Jason Beattie. James Lyon Tom Pettifor. Preyed on boys for sex. ‘Operation Middleton’, Michael John Carroll childrens home.

May 2014 – History Today magazine. Vol 64 issue 5.

May 2014 – Who do you think you are, magazine. No 86.

4 May 2014 – Scotland organised crime unit and the mafia. Sunday Mail Glasgow Scotland. 50 operations in Scotland worth 5 billion. Mafia in the economy.

20 May 2014 – GlaxoSmithKline engaged in bribery and corruption planet wide. Big pharma giant. Emails and the Wall street journal, corrupt practises in Iraq. Bribery of physicians and doctors, Iraqi doctors. Glaxo won a contract with the Iraqi ministry of health in 2012 to supply Rotarix vaccine. Whistleblowers. Bribed 11 doctors in Poland. (Natural news JD Heyes)

22 May 2014 – Tom Pettifor. Mirror. Was Bulic Forsythe killed by prominent paedophile ring. Linked to former minister in Tony Blair’s govt. Council official childrens home, visited by powerful figures. Bulic aged 42 was beaten to death in his flat. Case unsolved for 21 years. 1998 childres home, poliec in Lambeth south London.

27 May 2014 – Mass vaccinations, the nuns also ran hospitals, human sex trafficking. The

27 May 2014 – Making money, babies adopted by Americans and Irish, human sex trafficking. Catholic run orphans homes, still going on? It continued into the 1990s. Milltown cemetery in Belfast graves of 11,000 infants and adults buried in mass unmarked graves in meadows. The

27 May 2014 – Mass grave of 800 babies in Galway. The home was closed in the 1960s, before the 1920s it was used as a workhouse. Tip of iceberg, There are thousands of mothers and their babies buried in the unmarked graves in Ireland. This is why the government refuses to open adoption records in the UK. Adoption into the 1990s, The Catherine Corless

28 May 2014 – GlaxoSmithKline faces criminal investigation by the serious fraud office. Bribery and corruption in China. (The Guardian UK Julia Kollewe).

31 May 2014 – Societies child. Donal O’Keeffe The

31 May 2014 – Ireland mass grave filled to the brim with bones, The Bon Secors nuns operated the home between 1926 and 1961. Thousands of unmarried mothers and their illegitimate children died of malnutrition, measles, convulsions, tuberculosis, gastroenteritis and pneumonia. Societies child. Donal O’Keeffe The, photo of children in 1924.

31 May 2014 – Value of British economy to include illegal drugs. The New York Times.

June 2014 – History Today vol 64 issue 6.

3 June 2014 – Mass grave for Irish babies born out of wedlock draws scrutiny. Terrence McCoy. The Washington Post.

4 June 2014 – Hundreds of children’s bodies found in mass grave. Children’s home Ireland. NZ Herald.

5 June 2014 – Concern that other mass baby graves exist across Ireland. Niall O’Connor. Taoiseach.

5 June 2014 – It is possible to determine the cause of death in Tuam babies. 800 babies in a septic tank. Mother and baby home. Tuam Galway. The grave was first located in 1972. Babies placed there between 1921 and 1965.

5 June 2014 – Children in Galway mass graves. The Guardian UK. Emer O’Toole. Ireland’s Catholic church, children died in care.

6 June 2014 – Hard questions for Irish over baby skeletons in a forgotten field Tuam Galway. Sheila Langan. Irish Central. For profits medical experiments were conducted on these orphan children. Then they were adopted or sold.

6 June 2014 – Mass grave at Galway not the only one. Says Irish leader Kenny. Irish Central Sheila Langan. Between 1922 and 1949, 220 children died and are in unmarked graves, Dublin.

7 June 2014 – Tuam investigation finally underway. Amnesty international and adoption groups want justice. Patrick Couniham Irish Central.

7 June 2014 – Catholic mass graves with 350,000 missing children found. In Ireland, Spain and Canada. Judy Byington. Child mass graves linked to the Catholic church. 32 child mass graves in Canada. Catholic run residential schools. Paedophiles.

7 June 2014 – Thousands of babies feared hidden in mass graves across the UK. National inquiry. Thousands of unmarked graves.

7 June 2014 – Catholic mass grave sites of 350,000 missing chldren found. Child abuse recovery. 800 children’s bodies buried in an Irish nuns septic tank, the 34th child mass grave site linked.

8 June 2014 – Britains missing babies. How thousands of children have disappeared from council care in the last two years. One infant still cant be found. Almost 5,000 children, including babies, disappeared from council care. By Amanda Williams. 4,852 cared for children were reported missing between Jan 2012 and Dec 2013. There were 24,320 cases logged. And many disappeared more than once.

8 June 2014 – More Irish mass graves likely to be found. Leading Irish Archbishop warns of more mass graves at other convents. The Telegraph online. Archbishop of Dublin. Secret graveyards for infants and mothers.

8 June 2014 – More Irish mass graves are likely to be found, warns archbishop of Belfast. Telegraph UK. Irish archbishop warns of more mass graves at other convents..

9 June 2014 – Thousands of Irish orphans were used in drug experiments. More than 2,000 care home kids were vaccinated against diptheria in the 1930s in medical trials by Burroughs Wellcome. Among the test sites was a mass grave, 2,051 children and babies. 300 children in care home in the 1960s and 1970s were used in experiments in medical drug trials in Ireland. ‘Tip of iceberg’. Societies child rt.

9 June 2014 – Ireland had no laws about medical drug testing until 1987. Mother and baby homes operated in Ireland from 1930s to 1960s. Medical experiments there. Thousands of Irish orphans were used for drug tests. Societies child rt.

10 June 2014 – Thousands of Irish orphans were used in vaccine experiments. More than 2,000 children were used in illegal drug trials. Orphans. Old medical records diptheria vaccine for Burroughs Wellcome. 1930 to 1936 no records of deaths or side effects. MFS the other news.

10 June 2014 – Irish orphans used for secret drug trials. Mass grave, 800 orphans in a septic tank in Tuam Galway. Tip of iceberg. Mother and baby homes operated in Ireland from 1920s to 1960s. Medical experiments there. 9 missing women are also in the septic tank, mass baby grave, mfs the other news.

10 June 2014 – Secret drug tests on orphans also took place in British colonies like New Zealand. Burroughs Wellcome later merged to become pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline. Testing drugs on orphans also in the US. RIA Novostoi Sergei Veniavskiy Michael Dwyer.

10 June 2014 – Irish infants in Catholic care homes were vaccinated in illegal drug trails in the 1930s. More than 2000 children at orphanages, diptheria vaccine. GlaxoSmithKline. GSK said that 298 children in 10 care homes were involved in medical trials in the 1960s and 1970s. This left 80 children ill after they were given vaccines intended for cattle. Truthdig.

10 June 2014 – Ireland to investigate baby deaths at care homes. Forced adoptions. Film Philamena. Chicago Tribune.

10 June 2014 – Irish baby graves scandal. 2,000 children were used for drug experiments at orphanages linked to the mass baby They were injected with a vaccine for diptheria.

10 June 2014 The Independent UK. Judge and sex informer Ian Gabb aged 38 from Briston London. Murder of two London boys, Barry Lewis aged 5 and Jason Swift and 14. Sidney Cooke. Snuff videos were made to order. Jason Swift snuff videos were known to be circulating in Amsterdam.

11 June 2014 – Adoption referendum required to help children find info about their birth parents. Legal difficulties. 50,000 adoptees. Drug trials on children, 800 babies buried.

11 June 2014 – Women were treated like an inferior sub species. Poor young women were forced to hand over their children. Medical trials, deaths, adoptions, 35,000 mothers in ten homes in Ireland up to the 1980s. Today’s homeless, sex trafficking victims. Taoiseach.

11 June 2014 – Irish orphans were used as drug guinea pigs in the 1930s, records show. Mass grave at one of the test sites. More than 2,000 orphans. Diptheria vaccine by Borroughs Welcome. Tip of iceberg. No laws about medical tests until 1987. Orphans were used as drug guinea pigs decades after these events. (The Fix. The Irish Daily Mail.)

11 June 2014 – Mass graves and illegal vaccine trials. Ireland’s Inquiry. Bons Secors home for mothers and babies.

13 June 2014 – The Galway childrens mass graves. The Guardian UK. Historian Catherine Corless research. Tuam Ireland.

13 June 2014 – Decapitated, dismembered children in Catholic mass graves. Antioligarch wordpress. Cover up by clergy of child mass grave sites.

14 June 2014 – Over 2,000 Americans seek truth with their Irish adoptions. Mother and baby homes in Ireland. Illegal adoptions sold to rich Americans. Bessborough home in Cork in 1960. Adoption and medical records Tuam. Unamarried women in female gulags banished babies. 1920s and 1960s Many women were raped. (Irish central. Salem Philadelphia PA USA)

14 June 2014 – Were Irish orphans of the 1930s used in clinical trials. GlaxoSmithKline. Michael Cook. Tip of iceberg. Bioedge. Untested vaccines.

16 June 2014 – 796 babies in a septic tank. Does anti-Catholic bias help. Forbes. Babies and children died in an orphanage. Denial and secrecy to protect its paedophiles.

21 June 2014 – The weed blog. Rich people in London get warnings for drugs. Poor people get arrested. It’s a war on the poor.

21 June 2014 – Catholic mass grave sites of 350,000 missing children. The Sleuth Journal. Atrocity, the 34th mass grave site found.

22 June 2014 – Poverty has not doubled its greed that has grown.

22 June 2014 – Major murder case collapses in a new police corruption scandal. The Independent.

23 June 2014 – US State department, Irish Central. Ireland as the top destination and transit country for sex trafficking. Irish Mirror. Identified Irish children are subjected to sex trafficking within the country.

24 June 2014 – Adoption driven system. A child protection system central in the UK a system driven by adoption. Effects Australia, UK, America and New Zealand. (Social Justice

27 June 2014 – Irish police seize large amounts of heroin cocaine. Xinhua news agency.

July 2014 – Who do you think you are. no 88 ISSN 1755-7690 Immediate media ltd. Romany gypsy ancestors. Stanley and Johnson are common gypsy names in southern England. Childrens homes records go online. website for UK, Canada and Australia. Peter Higginbothen workhouse website.

July 2014 – Background to Empire. Universities as part of a pattern of control. Cultural patterns of inclusion and exclusion. Imperial networks. (History Today. July 2014 UK. Jeremy Black).

July 2014 – History today magazine UK.

2 July 2014 – UK government blocks 1 out of 5 websites as censorship. Tweaktown. Michael Hatamoto. Open rights group.

4 July 2014 – Its time for Britain to abolish slavery, again. Apology for the old form of slavery, recognising the new one, like sex slavery.

4 July 2014 – A bitter pill for GlaxoSmithKline. The Economist. Corruption, British drug business and troubles in China, Shanghai.

4 July 2014 – Daily Mail UK. PA. Detective charged over rape cases. Carl Ryan.

4 July 2014 – Detective charged with misconduct in handling of rape and sex assault cases. The Independent UK. Tom Harper. Carl Ryan accused. Sapphire 2010-2012 which deals with rape and sex assault cases.

4 July 2014 – Martin Tideswell. Children scavenging in bins not to be ignored. The Sentinel.

4 July 2014 – Left foot forward. British children go hungry and are eating out of bins. James Bloodworth. Poorest people local children, foodbanks, tip of iceberg.

4 July 2014 – Voice of Russia. Homeless in the UK. Rough sleeping is only the tip of the iceberg.

4 July 2014 – More than 10 politicians on list held by police investigating. Telegraph. Child abuse Westminster paedophile ring. Missing dossier on paedophiles in Westminster.

5 July 2014 – 40 politicians in the UK paedophile rings. Your news, wordpress. UK police, paedophile rings involving Qatar and Amsterdam, snuff movies.

5 July 2014 – Human trafficking. BBC. Four men and a woman were arrested for trafficking women into the UK for sex.

5 July 2014 – Paul Cahalan. Daily Mail online UK. Labour Lords sex attacks 12 children allegations horrific include rape sexual assault.

5 July 2014 – Violent end of mafia man who had cash at Harrods. The Times London. Magliana, the Calabrian mafia.

5 July 2014 – 40 politicians in the UK in a paedophile ring. Your news WordPress. UK paedophile ring involving Qatar, Amsterdam and snuff movies.

6 July 2014 – Triads in bid to control northern Ireland drug market. Chinese triads. Sunday Life Belfast.

6 July 2014 – Child abuse covered up. Norman Tebbit. BBC.

6 July 2014 – Sam Marsden, Stephen Wright, Martin Robinsom, Brittan raped me, then the police lied and said I had mental health problems. Claims women. Try Grandee 1967 police in 2012. Police launched a smear campaign to frame her as promiscuous and mentally ill.

6 July 2014 – The paedophile ring at the heart of the British government. The Telegraph. Tom Whitehead. Operated from the 1960s onwards. 114 files lost in the cover up.

7 July 2014 – Irish Examiner. Authority admits thousands of adoptions illegal. Claire O’Sullivan, Conall O’Fatharta. Their registration is illegal or irregular. False birth certificates. Tip of iceberg. Those coz mother was under the age of consent.

7 July 2014 – Georgia Graham. Telegraph. Child porn, former chair of paedophile info exchange PIE claims he hid material in locked cabinets at the UK home office. Steven Adrian Smith.

7 July 2014 – Westminster child abuse claims will get independent inquiry. Osborne. The Guardian. Matthew Weaver, Mark Train, 100 files organised paedophiles. A political cover up, “the system” Justice needed for victims of paedophile networks.

7 July 2014 – The Irish Times. Theresa May announces major child abuse inquiry. Patrick Wintour. Lost more than 100 files on organised paedophilia.

7 July 2014 – Press TV. British PM vows to probe paedophile ring. Corruption in government departments. Files compiled by Geoffrey Dickens to the Home Office in 1983 have disappeared.

7 July 2014 – Paedophiles and child sex trafficking, exposing a satanic paeophile ring as part of the british establishment, investigation. Wechoria Wells Fargo blacklists. HSBC bank in the US Virgin Islands.

8 July 2014 – Westminster paedophile ring, 20 top figures investigated. Police were investigating more than the current and former.

8 July 2014 – TVNZ Britain orders probe into child abuse claims. Organised sexual abuse. 114 files on child abuse were lost. Paedophiles and corruption.

8 July 2014 – Peter McKelvie. Daily Mail UK. VIPs child sex ring claims campaign whistleblower, says politicians, military, and people linked to the Royals are members. Chris Greenwood.

8 July 2014 – Kounteya Sinha. Mitrokhin archive TNN Rare documents espionage, made public in UK The Times of India.

8 July 2014 – UK children homes were a supply line for paedophiles. Gulf News London. Powerful rich people in the 1980s targeted children’s homes.

8 July 2014 – Peer backs claims of paedophile rings and children’s homes. London Evening Standard. A child protection officer, Paedophile ring in the 1980s, by an elite group of 20 senior politicians and public figures.

8 July 2014 – Aangirfan. The CIA, Mossad and M15 were at Kincora boys brothel in Belfast Northen Ireland. The murder of Brian McDermott aged 10. The brothel was run by M15. One of the child brothels run by M15 and M16. Wiliam McGrath, Sam Mcbride and files from 1982 Belfast Telegraph 30 Dec 2012.

8 July 2014 – Catholic mass grave sites of 350,800 missing children. Above Top Secret. In Ireland, Spain and Canada. The 1980s Franklin cover up scandal child sex ring in the US was just the tip of the iceberg. Satanist elite mass murder and abuse of children . The 34th child mass grave site linked to the Catholic church.

8 July 2014 – 20 establishment figures in elite paedophile ring. Telegraph UK. Covens, parish nuns and the Judicia.

9 July 2014 – Harlow Star. Public health England to recommend moving Porton Down labs to former GlaxoSmithKline Harlow campus.

10 July 2014 – Harlow Star. Shocking rise in food banks use. Tip of iceberg.

11 July 2014 – Newsweek. Child abuse and politicians goes right to the heart of the British establishment. Andrew Gimson. Cover up, parliament and public figures. In 1983 Geoffrey Dickens, a Conservative MP who is now dead. He compiled a dossier of 8 high profile, and gave it to Leon Britten, 114 files were destroyed.

12 July 2014 – Dark secrets of Westminster challenges British elite paedophile ring of silence. 21st century wire. International now. UK info about paedophile ring.

12 July 2014 – UK Amsterdam paedophile snuff movies connection. Before its news.

13 July 2014 – Sir Nicjolas Farbairn in child abuse scandal. The Scotsman Edinburgh.

15 July 2014 – BBC International paedophile ring. Galactic.

16 July 2014 – The Guardian. At GCHQ geeky and misogynistic code names tell us about coders. GCHQ in Cheltenham. Alex Hern.

16 July 2014 – More than 600 paedophiles were arrested. Telegraph UK. Doctors, teachers, care workers and police officers were among those paedophiles arrested.

16 July 2014 – Orange order and M15 Boy brothel at Kincora in Belfast. Irish blog. Ian Paisley was involved in Kincora boys brothel cover up scandal. Adrian Rutherford 16 July 2014. Clint Masley was abused, 16 years old, he was sent to Kincora. Mike Nesbitt.

16 July 2014 – Arrets made across the UK. 660 arrests in paedophile ring. HSBC bank.

19 July 2014 – Radio Prague Czech. UK held Mitrokhin archives reveal KGB operations and Prague spring 1968. Jan Richter. Smuggled files, invasion August 1968. Files also reveal spies in New Zealand.

19 July 2014 – BBC virtual paedophile matrix links British bankers to paedophile SOS and Jarrett’s paedophile extorton and snuff films.

22 July 2014 – ex Scotland Yard commander, we were ready to investigate. Mirror. A big paedophile ring in Westminster, a major investigation was.

22 July 2014 – The Guardian. Police disciplinary hearings could be held in public says Theresa May. Alan Travis. Protect whistleblowers. Police complaints and corruption in police.

23 July 2014 – Public inquiry announced into the death of Putin critic Litvinenko, a former KGB agent. Mark Hennessy. Classified British papers.

25 July 2014 – UN calls for abuse probe in Ireland. MSN news AFP. Catholic church institutions, adoption and vaccine trials on children.

25 July 2014 – 3News NZ. UN watchdog calls for Ireland abuse probe. Catholic homes


Aug 2014 – History Today vol 64 issue 8 UK.

1 Aug 2014 – A Kincora boys brothel in Belfast Northen Ireland, abuse investigation was stopped by M15, says army officer. BBC.

3 August 2014 – Police files reveal corruption in the Met. Documents show how organised crime networks, infiltrate the force at will. Scotland Yard has, at least, 260 crates of documents on police corruption. Operation Tiberias in 2002, when officers were involved in trafficking, deleting and fabricating evidence, also in Operation Othona. (Independent. Tom Harper.)

3 Aug 2014 – Missing people alert after bin death. Sunday Times London. Cases of missing people in the greater Dublin area, after more body parts are found.

5 Aug 2014 – UK govt wants one huge database to help it . Engadget. Daniel Cooper.

5 Aug 2014 – gizmodo. The govt wants a central database of UK citizens details. Gerald Lynch. Those who owe the govt money, multiple debts. Telegraph.

5 Aug 2014 – Daily Express. Chapman Pincher died aged 100. Dion Dassanayake. He died of old age on 5 Aug 2014.

6 Aug 2014 – Anil Dawar Express. Jailed, university brothel. Rape is not work, it’s a sex crime not a labour issue. Sex exploitation.

6 Aug 2014 – BBC news. Norfolk doctor arrested charged with rape. Sex offences against young girls under 16 years.

6 Aug 2014 – Noel O’Driscoll. Pushed to the point of homelessness. Council red tape, or corruption? Kildare council.

7 Aug 2014 – The Independent. Internal police report points to highly corrupt cells in the met. Scotland yard detectives. Tom Harper.

8 Aug 2014 – RT Endemic corruption. Drugs police corruption UK. Met officers sold ecstacy drugs to the black market. Investigation into organized crime in the UK.

8 Aug 204 – Mass graves of poor children. David Shurter. Warns the archbishop of Dublin.

9 Aug 2014 – Adoption secrets, lies, myths. Irish examiner. Claire McGettrick. Forced adoption system.

11 Aug 2014 – Scottish govt, BBC. Food poverty in Scotland is not acceptable say Sturgeon. Food banks and welfare changes are to blame for the hunger. Benefit cuts and food banks use are directly linked.

16 Aug 2014 – Cold war traitor spy story more compelling than fiction. Kim Philby fed info British Soviet agent. Winnipeg free press Canada.

21 Aug 2014 – EU will probe Italian mafia links to Scotland. The Herald Glasgow Scotland. The Camorra Naples links to Sicilian mafia. Milan.

21 Aug 2014 – Aberdeen oil granite and the Naples mafia. Daily Telegraph London. EU filed research on the Neopolitan mafia of Milan.

21 Aug 2014 – EU probe Italian mafia links to Scotland. The Herald Glasgow. Italian organised crime in Scotland.

23 Aug 2014 – Mafia Aberdeen. Italian mafia. Katie Gibbons. The Times London. EU filed research on the Scottish oil and gas hub, and the mafia in Aberdeen.

24 Aug 2014 – Irish seek truth behind buried bones. Boston Globe. Dozens of sets of bones Frannie Hopkins said a concrete chamber a crypt or tomb.

26 Aug 2014 – The Guardian. Rotherham abuse report. Children were groomed, raped and trafficked. Alexandra Topping. Tip of iceberg.

26 Aug 2014 – About 100 police officers a year are suspended over alleged corruption. Daily Mail. Met officers.

26 Aug 2014 – Rotherham child abuse scandal. Paedophile ring. Mirror UK. Rapes, beaten and abused by paedophiles, child victims.

27 Aug 2014 – The Guardian. Alexandra Topping. Tip of iceberg. Paying to rape children, corruption.

27 Aug 2014 – BBC Rotherham child abuse victim on reporting rape claims. Raped weekly. Police failed to act on her claims. 1,400 children were sexually exploited.

27 Aug 2014 – Poor children are seen as worthless. Rotherham abuse scandal. Suzanne Moore. The Guardian. Men paid to rape children.

28 Aug 2014 – Sky news. Abuse scandal happening all over the country. Barnardos. Abused girl was raped every week. At least 1,400 children abused.

28 Aug 2014 – Chris Broke. Richard Marsden. Jack Doyle. Rotherham child abuse scandal. Daily Mail. At least 1,400 young girls abused and the rapists are still on the loose. Still passing the buck. Public sector corruption.

30 Aug 2014 – The Guardian. Rotherham police commissioner accused of hindering ability to safeguard children. Ami Sedghi. Helen Pidd. Child rape and corruption.

Sept 2014 – deceased Faceboook and Twitter DO.(Who do you think you are. Sept 2014 UK).

Sept 2014 – History Today mag UK. Vol 64 no 9.

Sept 2014 – Who do you think you are. magazine issue 91. ISSN 1755-7690. Immediate media ltd.

2 Sept 2014 – The Guardian. Police investigate their handling of Rotherham child abuse scandal. Raped, groomed and trafficked children. Culture of denial. Calling raped children and paedophiles, ‘a relationship’ is wrong and corrupt.

5 Sept 2014 – Bioedge. Xavier Symens. We have a right to know our parents. Changes to birth certificates, biological parents and identity.

5 Sept 2014 – Irish Examiner. Call to change adoption law on access to birth parents. Adoption and identity people in a legal vacuum.

5 Sept 2014 – BBC former police officer jailed for raping teen in Thurso. Porn too. Neil Livett a rugby coach raped teenage girls.

8 Sept 2014 – The story of the famine’s youngest victims, unearhed in mass graves. Irish Examiner. More than 500 child skeletons from a mass workhouse, uncovered deaths, the youngest victims.

17 Sept 2014 – Cocaine worth 500,000 pounds. Manchester Evening news. Hidden in a fleet of cars drugs. East Lancs Manchester Telegraph.

18 Sept 2014 – The Illicit Elite and the global paedophile network. Neon Nettle. Images of children, paedophile ring.

19 Sept 2014 – Trust doctors? Telegraph UK. National crime agency. Arrest of 660 paedophiles, doctors, teachers and police officers.

21 Sept 2014 – Sold as a baby for 45 pounds my illegal adoption was kept secret for nearly five. Mirror UK. Theresa Tinggal.

21 Sept 2014 – More than 500 police officers were disciplined or quit for sex investigations. Mirror UK. Police are accused of failing to investigate rich powerful paedophiles.

22 Sept 2014 – Woman tells of years of sex abuse in Welsh cult. International Business Times. Rochdale. Girls were sex abused by groups of paedophiles for a long time.

23 Sept 2014 – Plymouth Herald. 100 kilos cocaine seized five million pounds worth.

23 Sept 2014 – 25,000 paedophiles identified, but will never be caught. The Times UK. Investigation into online paedophiles, child porn in the UK. Police trap 25,000 paedophiles, but they wont face justice. The Week UK.

24 Sept 2014 – Missing person when 15 years old. Yusra Hussien female. Now 16 years old. UK Somalia Dutch. Interpol.

25 Sept 2014 – Dominion Post Wellington NZ. UK PM. World must tackle corruption. Goals to end extreme poverty, bribery and corruption. The more corrupt a society the poorer its people. Corruption in government departments. Sex trafficking inside the country.

27 Sept 2014 – Dead Reconing. Aberdeen Press Journal. She created techniques for identification which helped break up Scotland’s largest paedophile ring.

30 Sept 2014 – Child sex exploitation. South Yorkshire police. A Network of paedophiles targeting children in care homes in south Yorkshire, report.

30 Sept 2014 – Emmanuel college. Brisbane Times. Sex abuse. UK school was a haven for paedophiles.

Oct 2014 – 16 year old Vo Van Long disappeared. He was last seen in Newcastle but may be in Liverpool. A 16 year old boy. Liverpool Echo 28 Nov 2014. Missing person.

Oct 2014 – History Today vol 64 issue 10 magazine.

1 Oct 2014 – The Telegraph. Police under fire for delay in investigation into an alleged paedophile teacher for child porn. Essex teacher alleged suicide.

2 Oct 2014 – Former M16 chief warns of mass snooping, Register. Paedophiles use location based devices to find and abuse kids.

5 Oct 2014 – A safe pair of hands. Morning Star online. Lord Brittan as home secretary receiving the “lost” dossier on paedophile MPs, which was compiled by MP Geoffrey Dickens.

6 Oct 2014 – Operation Yewtree. New sex abuse investigation. Yahoo news UK. Savile and other paedophiles.

6 Oct 2014 – Madeleine McCann’s disappearance. Internet troll accusing her parents found dead in hotel. Liverpool Echo.

10 Oct 2014 – Vigil at notorious child home calls for child abuse investigation as law. Islington Tribune. Described as the epicentre of the sinister, powerful and well connected paedophile network.

14 Oct 2014 – Hundreds of paedophiles walk free. Arresting them is too difficult. Manchester Evening News. Metro. Constables are kicking rape victims in the teeth.

14 Oct 2014 – Child abuse inquiry. The Guardian. Children’s home was frequented by late paedophile MP Cyril Smith. Boys at the school were groomed by paedophiles.

15 Oct 2014 – Police not tackling grooming. Belfast Telegraph. Police moves on child abuse is dangerous.

16 Oct 2014 – Does a perv know Maddie McCann’s fate? Daily Beast. Operation Grange. Known paedophile ring in Portugal.

17 Oct 2014 – A million pensioners still living in poverty. Age UK. BBC news. More than a million pensioners not given welfare?

17 Oct 2014 – Scots firm in 12.5 billion cash scam probe. Police in former USSR, Russian gangsters. Daily record Glasgow Scotland. Money laundering by Russian mafia.

17 Oct 2014 – Home office may never release abuse files, MP warns. Yorkshire Post. Labour MP Bassetlaw, paedophiles at London guest home.

17 Oct 2014 – Lord Brittan vice chairman at UBC investment bank. Exaronow. Home Office knew the Dickens material named MPs and other prominent people as paedophiles.

17 Oct 2014 – Scots ghost companies 12.5 billion. Scottish Daily Record. Money laundering by the Russian mafia, ghost firms in Edinburgh. RINF.

18 Oct 2014 – 2,000 police officers are implicated in corruption. The Independent. Scotland yard corruption of detectives.

18 Oct 2014 – Child porn image database launched in the UK. RT. Home office. Police are identifying child victims and paedophiles.

18 Oct 2014 – Three women could solve the riddle of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance. Express UK. Detective chief inspector Andy Redwood who heads the Yards “Operation Grange” team trying to solve the seven year riddle.

18 Oct 2014 – A crazy Korean move. Teachers bid to make boys at 3,600 pounds. Daily Mail. A 49 years old member of the revolutionary Communist party of Britain, marxist Communist, chairleader for Kim Jung.

18 Oct 2014 – New investigation after 2,000 police officers are implicated in corruption. The Independent UK. Inquiry into police links to organised crime.

19 Oct 2014 – New investigation after at least 2,000 police officers are implicated in corruption. The Independent. Home Office report.

19-23 Oct 2014 – Harvey Proctor was private secretary to the Duke of Rutland at Belvoir castle. Asking for young people to work there, on facebook.

20 Oct 2014 – Inquiries continue after two years, the UK was given lists of paedophile suspects by Canada. The Guardian. Paedophile lists were given to child exploitation and online protection centre CEOP, from Canada Toronto in July.

20 Oct 2014 – More than 250 paedophiles still at large, two years later. Child porn. Metro.

20 Oct 2014 – 17 suspected Essex paedophiles under investigation. Heart.

20 Oct 2014 – Suspected paedophiles remain at large in the country. The Argus.

20 Oct 2014 – Police still investigating 18 suspected paedophiles in West Midlands. Birmingham Mail.

20 Oct 2014 – Bristol Crown Court. Paedophiles hacked. Bristol Post. Paedophiles got into a secret substation city, images of abuse to girls and boys as young as 4.

21 Oct 2014 – Kincora childrens home and UK abuse. The News letter Belfast Northern Ireland. British establishment paedophile ring and boys from the Kincora children’s home.

21 Oct 2014 – Mass graves of Victorian paupers discovered in Eastulle Bristol. Workhouse paupers.

22 Oct 2014 – Taxi company Rochdale, two Pakistanis. Daily Mail. Child sex grooming trafficking crime. Paedophiles. Jailed, sex trafficking children.

22 Oct 2014 – Poverty in Northern Ireland after 125 years. Belfast Telegraph. Photos from the 1800s. Poverty in Northern Ireland.

22 Oct 2014 – Hurricane Gonzalo causes havoc in the UK. Mirror UK. Three people are dead and many injured, as a storm batters Britain.

22 Oct 2014 – Letting vile paedophiles go free. Mirror UK. Men wont be charged. The Guardian.

22 Oct 2014 – Man arrested in Ireland’s oldest missing persons case. Yahoo news UK. Gardia arrested a 64 year old man, for the abduction of Mary Boyle on 18 March 1977. The six year old girl was from Kincasslagh Co Donegal, she disappeared while visited he grandmother at Bullyshanen. Paedophile.

22 Oct 2014 – Thousands of historic cases from British asylums go online. Live science. The history, lies, corruption and torture at mental prisons in the UK. Not just Stalin.

22 Oct 2014 – Get Hampshire UK. Aldershot paedophile ring, McCann disappearance. James Chapple. Roderick Robinson from Aldershot UK. Global paedophile ring.

22 Oct 2014 – The week UK BBC news. Child abuse inquiry. Woolf urged to quit over letter fiasco. Labour MP Tom Watson house of commons. Powerful paedophile network linked to parliament and no10.

23 Oct 2014 – 60,000 adopted people in Ireland are looking for their real parents. Irish Mirror. Adoption Rights Alliance. Release of records should be a human right.

23 Oct 2014 – McCann pics of her as a 9 year old now. Inquistr UK. International Paedophile ring, info about abduction.

23 Oct 2014 – Work M15 and the cold war. The Guardian. Members of the Communist party of the UK.

25 Oct 2014 – Just Chillin. Kincora, Rothschild, Monarchy, M15, Mossad and the CIA.

26 Oct 2014 – M15 surveillance of Communist historians. The Guardian. Martin Kettle. Historian Eric Hobsbawn life member of the Communist party after 1956.

27 Oct 2014 – Today Britain, were the poor are forced to steal or beg from food banks. The Guardian. Starving and broke.

31 Oct 2014 – Dublin Socialist party. Ruth Coppinger a Socialist. Ireland parliament travel.

31 Oct 2014 – Socialist party demands.

31 Oct 2014 – Socialist politics, shameful. Tory MP James Wharton says. Gazette. Party politics Socialist.

Nov 2014 – NZ Herald 13 Dec 2014. Martin Evans. Nicola Harley. A friend of Young. Johnny Elichaoff aged 55 died falling of Whiteley London, antiques dealer.

1 Nov 2014 – Met starts investigation into child sex abuse at Dolphin square. Exaro.

2 Nov 2014 – Murderers, rapists and paedophiles among 223 foreign criminals arrested. Brighton Mail. West Midlands in last 5 years.

3 Nov 2014 – UK Raza Laskar admits abusing boys. Int business Times UK. The 650 paedophiles, doctors, teachers and Police are all part of the ring.

3 Nov 2014 – Burlington man can finally say, my father was a spy. Eric Roberts M15. history writing. The record.

4 Nov 2014 – Senators publish bill on adoption rights. RTE. Irish Mirror. Give adopted people automatic rights to their birth certificate.

5 Nov 2014 – Video. Nick tells of MPs linked to abus.e Exaro.

5 Nov 2014 – Dickens dossier file on paedophiles in the UK government, could be made public. Independent UK. Paul Gallagher. Geoffrey Dickens.

6 Nov 2014 – Covidien used Irish company in the planning. Irish Times. Multinational drug company Covidien, right to loans $6.9 billion from Luxembourg.

7 Nov 2014 – Mirror UK. Despicable doctor mass raped 10 year old girl for two years. Fired, that’s all…Paedophile.

7 Nov 2014 – UK and Australia to share DNA database for Int crime. RT. Police access DNA and biological database for crime.

7 Nov 2014 – Borders police Kevin Storey convicted of rape and sex attacks. BBC South Scotland. Edinburgh.

8 Nov 2014 – Fails to find dossier on paedophiles. The Week UK. In Oct 2012 Labour MP Tom Watson intel powerful paedophile ring in parliament and number ten. Child abuse inquiry could not find the Dickens dossier about paedophile MPs. Int Business Times UK. Dossier about sex crimes in the 1980s. Child sex abuse, cant find it. Daily Mail.

8 Nov 2014 – Police cover up links with union blacklists. The Guardian UK. Daniel Boffey. Scotland Yard. Keeping people out of work for decades. Those who refuse to join unions.

9 Nov 2014 – Children in Scotland have been murdered, filmed by paedophiles, snuff movies. Daily Record and Sunday Mail. David Taylor.

9 Nov 2014 – Daily Record and Sunday Times. Africans with bayonets. Scotland and cocaine. Derek Alexander. Immigrants to Scotland drug empires from Somalia.

9 Nov 2014 – High Wycombe jihad central. Muslims from a Buckinghamshire town left to fight in Syria. Sunday Telegraph London UK. Jihad in Syria.

10 Nov 2014 – UK hotel footage girl aged 13 lured into room. Scottish Daily Record. Paedophiles, runaway from street, three other paedophiles.

10 Nov 2014 – Cambridge news. Police officer guilty on three counts of rape. Raymond Brown. Nick Lidstone aged 54. Paedophile and child porn.

10 Nov 2014 – David Cameron. Vladimir Putin could plunge world into new cold war. Telegraph UK.

11 Nov 2014 – Paedophile doctor Myles Bradbury, filmed victims. Daily Mail. Video camera, film abuse cancer patients 18 boys 8 years old. Child porn. A fraction of his victims.

11 Nov 2014 – Mirror UK. Its possible VIP paedophile ring was covered up. Theresa May. Jack Blanchard. Organised, systematic child abuse, cover up.

11 Nov 2014 – Cameron would be prepared for new cold war with Russia. The Independent.

11 Nov 2014 – Telegraph. Tom Whitehead. David Barrett. International paedophile ring.

13 Nov 2014 – Did special branch seize a dossier linking MPs and paedophiles. Police investigation whether officers of special branch confiscated documents listing 16 MPs and peers links to an international paedophile ring. Daily Mail UK.

13 Nov 2014 – Police handling of child abuse intelligence to be investigated. BBC UK. 3 police forces face an inquiry over failing to act on tip offs about paedophiles.

13 Nov 2014 – UK Police to share DNA database with Europe’s police forces. Financial Times. Secret memo. UK tests 3,000 on DNA database for Europe’s police forces. 10,000 unsolved crimes in UK.

14 Nov 2014 – Abuse inquiries. Police examine paedophile homocides. BBC.

14 Nov 2014 – Online paedophiles. Telegraph UK. Establishment cover up of underage child abuse 30 years ago. BBC UK.

15 Nov 2014 – Former Blackburn MP archives, search for files. ITV news. Library archives of Barbara Castle, historic child sex abuse.

15 Nov 2014 – International paedophile ring. Now where does the investigation go. The Daily Telegraph.

16 Nov 2014 – Sunday Times London UK. Men from High Wycombe Buckinghamshire travel to Syria to join ISIS, Islamic State.

16 Nov 2014 – Tory MP orgy and abuse. Govt news wire. Murder linked to Westminster paedophile ring. Jeffrey Epstein.

17 Nov 2014 – Scotland Yard and claims of child killing by Tory paedophile ring. A boy aged 12 in the 1980s.

17 Nov 2014 – Labour’s John Mann gave evidence of abuse to Scotland Yard. Investigation was shelved. Daily Mail.

18 Nov 2014 – Scotland Yard probes murders involving killing boys in paedophile sex ring, one of at least 15 victims. New York Daily News. Corinne Lestch 1970s and 1980s. A ten year old boy. Operation Fairbank. Operation Midland. To probe paedophile murders.

19 Nov 2014 – The Guardian. Paedophile ring. The Police are failing us. Murdered boys father says. Vishambar Mehrotra. Police cover up Westminster paedophile ring. Elm guest house London. Sandra Laville. Josh Halliday.

19 Nov 2014 – The Guardian. Josh Halliday. Father claims police covered up sons murder by Westminster paedophile ring. 8 year old boy killed in 1981. Vishambar Mehtotra a retired magistrate and his 8 year old son. Elm guest house paedophile ring.

20 Nov 2014 – Paedophile ring may have killed 17 more children. The Times. Child abuse, its files, evidence for Scotland Yard. Westminster paedophiles. Hissing Sid’s gang of abusers.

20 Nov 2014 – Killer paedophiles Charles O’Neill and William Lauchlan. Scottish Daily Record. Murderous paedophiles, dangerous, predators, high risk to safety of public.

20 Nov 2014 – UK anti slavery chief, police abuse of slaves. Africa news service. Anti slavery commissioner, and victims of sex slavery. Rape is not work, no consent. Katie Nguyen. Comtex news. Forced sex against your will is not employment.

21 Nov 2014 – paedophile orgies at Dolphin square flats and claims 3 boys were murdered. Daily Mail. Whistleblower.

21 nov 2014 – Justitia Etlux. Scribd. 51 homosexuals linked to the VIP sex abuse network. Social services .Jimmy Savile. Deaths from the 1970s.

22 Nov 2014 – In Great Britain protecting paedophile politicians is a matter of national security. Michael Krieger.

22 Nov 2014 – Exaro. Met looks into reports about 200 missing boys and links to VIP’s. Mark Conrad. Westminster paedophiles 1977-83 missing boys.

23 Nov 2014 – Media gagged over bid to request MP child sex crimes. The Guardian. D-Notice issued over police investigation into the Elm guest house in London. High profile paedophiles operated and killed there.

23 Nov 2014 – MP paedophiles were untouchables, ex special branch officer says. Exaronews. A powerful group of untouchable paedophiles in the UK parliament. Metro police paedophile unit Scotland.

23 Nov 2014 – Food banks face record demand. Poor people look for help. The Guardian UK. Corruption in government departments.

24 Nov 2014 – Whistleblowers good. Former Scotland Yard detectives say young boys were murdered by Westminster paedophile ring. Daily Mail UK.

24 Nov 2014 – Retired Scotland Yard detectives back the claim that paedophile MPs murdered boys at sex orgies, Westminster. Mirror UK. Mark Conrad reports.

24 Nov 2014 – Former Royal Navy officer Geoffrey Rooney aged 39, jail after horrific child sex. Western Daily Press.

24 Nov 2014 – Google’s London building is emitting massive static electricity. Unexplained. Now the end begins.

27 Nov 2014 – Somali sex ring rapes underage British school girls. Mirror UK. Rape ring, paedophiles 13 year old girl.

28 Nov 2014 – Children for sex. Zac Goldsmith. Elm guest house owner Carol Kasir.

28 Nov 2014 – Care home boss is one of Britains worst paedophiles. Mirror UK. Sex abuser John Allen. He sadistically abused children in care homes. Sky news.

30 Nov 2014 – International paedophile ring. The Times UK. A paedophile provided boys for politicians, at Dolphin, London.

30 Nov 2014 – Sunday Times. John Allen. Holland/Amsterdam and the UK. Dolphin square. James Gillespie. Josh Boswell.

30 Nov 2014 – International paedophile ring. A 16 year old was groomed and abused by men at Buckingham palace. International Business Times UK. While he worked as a member of the Royal kitchen staff.

5 Dec 2014 – Live leak. Church 100 orphans. Sex abused children in care.

6 Dec 2014 – VIP paedophile inquiry. Child abuse victims want the abuse investigations scaled back to the 1950s to avoid a whitewash. Mirror UK.

8 Dec 2014 – Faily4love. Sickest of the sick. A Dating website for paedophiles exposed by the Mirror. Irish Mirror. A vile social network using children for sex. Sunday Mirror investigations.

9 Dec 2014 – Scottish cops to solve missing persons cases. Scottish Daily. Scores of missing people, body parts and DNA profiles.

10 Dec 2014 – Child sex abuse cases and missing persons cases are linked. Scotsman. Linking corpses and body parts to missing people.

11 Dec 2014 – Dark net technology to be used to trace internet paedophiles. The Independent UK. At least 5,000 deaths last month were directly attributed to the paedophiles worldwide international ring.

11 Dec 2014 – Death fall tycoon Scot Young was pushed by gangsters over mafia debt. Metro. Tycoon Scott Young was murdered by Russian gangsters, impaled outside his flat in central London.

13 Dec 2014 – NZ Herald. Mafia killed tycoon and now fear for own life. Martin Evans. Nicola Harley London. Scott Young and Noelle Reno. Scott Young owed money to the Russian and Turkish mafia. Similar deaths to 4 of his friends. 52 year old, his body was impaled. Young was worth $806 million, the 5th man to have died.

13 Dec 2014 – UK Police and the ‘Goole mafia’. Stalking, rape, harrasment, corruption and surveillance in the UK. Colin Andrews aged 58 at the Manchester crown court. A group of senior police officers called the ‘Goole mafia’. Hull Daily Mail.

13 Dec 2014 – Police and a cover up for paedophile MP’s VIP’s. Exaronews. Police in online forums and paedophile investigations by Scotland Yard were closed down as they covered VIPs.

14 Dec 2014 – The Russian mafia’s role in millionaire “ring of death”. Irish Independent. A close circle of UK millionaires, a rich list in London. All five have died in strange circumstances.

14 Dec 2014 – Willie McRae was killed because he was close to info on a Paedophile ring. Express UK. Info on this paedophile ring in the Scottish judiciary, sex abuse.

15 Dec 2014 – Death plunge tycoon links to crime gangs. Millionaires ex wife says ties with the clan. Daily Record Glasgow Scotland. Impaled tycoon Scot Young’s links to organised crime.

16 Dec 2014 – Inquiry is needed into the buried infants. Caroline Woollan. Glasgow Scotland. Forgotten babies from northern Ireland, buried in mass graves. Mother and baby homes. Tuam Gallway.

18 Dec 2014 – Victim of VIP paedophile ring Martin Allen. Australian high commission in London. Sydney Moning herald.

18 Dec 2014 – Child abuse investigation. Police, three murders. BBC. Dolphin square Pimlico.

18 Dec 2014 – Victim says witnessed three boys murdered by VIP paedophiles. Press TV. Nick now in his late 40s. Crimes by paedophiles between 1975 and 1984. Senior military and political figures. (It is possible these people were impersonated?)

19 Dec 2014 – Daily Mail UK online. Drug dealer with 6.5 million worth of heroin in the back of a taxi. Abbey road studio. Sam Matthew. Manchester. Billal Baig aged 32 and Joseph Salmon aged 37.

19 Dec 2014 – British paedophile ring linked. 1970s and 1980s. International.

19 Dec 2014 – UK VIP paedophile ring. Martin Allen’s disappearance linked to UK VIP paedophile ring.

21 Dec 2014 – Scottish orphans were used for military experiments. Daily Expess. Holyroods child abuse inquiry. British military. Drug testing on orphans in Scottish mental prisons.

21 Dec 2014 – Newspaper boss tells police of VIP paedophile cover up. The Guardian. D notice of police investigations of a paedophile ring based at Elm Guest house, getting boys from care homes. The Observer reported. The Surrey Comet. 1984 report on police D notice.

21 Dec 2014 – Paedophile ops. Ex police to submit dossier to met chief. Exaronews. Cover up of VIP paedophiles. Scotland Yard.

21 Dec 2014 – ex detectives claim VIP paedophiles were protected in cover ups. Mirror UK. Investigations were axed in a cover up.

21 Dec 2014 – 2 million pounds . Italian job fake Euros. Men from eastern Europe claiming to be Italian. Neel Keeling. The Mirror UK. Portland Thistle hotel in Manchester city. Men in suits who said they were from Italy. Actually from Eastern Europe, links to international organised crime groups. Impersonating Italians?

21 Dec 2014 – Businessman in a horrific hammer attack on a homeless man gets 7 years jail. Manchester Evening news. Chris Osuh.

21 Dec 2014 – Holy Rood child abuse. Scottish orphans were used in British military experiments. Express UK. British military drug tests on orphans in Scottish mental prisons.

21 Dec 2014 – Scottish orphans were used in military experiments, secret. Sott. Survivors, newspaper reports. Evidence, a public inquiry into historic abuse.

22 Dec 2014 – Newsweek. John Mann, paedophile ring. Victims don’t trust the police. Operation Trinity. Operation Midland. The murder of three young boys in the 1970s and 1980s. Investigation.

22 Dec 2014 – Scottish orphans were used in secret military experiments. 3,500 children at Porton Down. Experimenting on orphans with drugs for the cold war.

22 Dec 2014 – Newsweek. Dossier on the Westminster paedophile ring, and the investigation of 22 high profile figures. Labour MP John Mann, Three members of the house of lords. Mann says at least 5 paedophile rings were operating out of Westminster. In the 1970s and 1980s. Operation Trinity. Children’s homes in Lambeth south London.

22 Dec 2014 – Andre Walker. A dossier naming 13 former ministers as paedophiles was handed to police. Breitbart. By ex police VIP paedophile ring UK. 22 names including 3 current members of the house of lords.

23 Dec 2014 – Tycoon Scott Young’s death plunge. Express UK. Police say it was not mafia linked. John Twomey. Mr Young aged 52 fell from his fourth storey flat in central London on 8 Dec 2014. Mr Young acted as a fixer for Russian tycoons.

23 Dec 2014 – Charles Napier was jailed for 13 years for child sex abuse. BBC. He retired to Sherborne. He is a lifelong predatory paedophile. He admited hundreds of sexual assaults. (Privae Eye mag. 9 Jan 2015 UK).

24 Dec 2014 – Daily express UK. Former detective Roger Gaspar said, I was warned off a police investigation into VIP’s paedophile rings in the UK.

31 Dec 2014 – Batley and Bristall news. Teacher in court over child porn images. Spared jail, guilty plea. Thousands of child porn images. Jonathan Craven 47 from Heckondwike. Leeds Crown court. A maths teacher at Bentley business college. 13,000 child porn images on his laptop. Also 1,780 videos and file sharing software. 872 movies and 571 images. Operation Noterise, his IP address was traced.

5 Jan 2015 – Bill Gardner. Murder link to Margaret Thatcher aide. Rape teen boy. Daily Telegraph.

6 Jan 2015 – Victims groups call for a senor organised crime investigator. Newsweek. Victims of child abuse, organised crime by rich government figures, politicians.

7 Jan 2015 – Police officer lead a double life, leading an organised crime gang. ITV news. West Midlands police officer jailed, ringleader of an organised crime ring that ran brothels and sex slavery in London.

8 Jan 2015 – Newsweek. Children’s group wants senior organised crime investigator to head the Westminster inquiry. Amelia Smith. Cover up by police. Child abuse and the house of lords.

8 Jan 2015 – Telegraph UK. Al Qaeda plotting attacks on Britain. Tom Whitehead. Andrew Parker M15. Plans to blow up a passenger jet, crowded places, transport systems (smoke and tunnels), and al Qaeda. Internet companies.

8 Jan 2015 – Long War Journal. (archives search), UK to announce the findings of a Muslim Brotherhood investigation soon. Mohammed al Shafey.

9 Jan 2015 – John Leyden. M15 boss, we need securo tech, assistance from data slurp firms. The Register. Operation Overt. Between 2008 and 2010 plotting to blow up multiple transatlantic airliners. Al Qaeda in Pakistan.

9 Jan 2015 – al Qaeda is plotting massacre in Britain, says M15. RT. Parker head of M15. Islamic State and al Qaeda is plotting a massacre.

9 Jan 2015 – UK mass attack by al Qaeda, M15 chief warns. International business Times AU. UK in severe threat.

9 Jan 2015 – M15 head says al Qaeda is plotting mass casualty attacks against the West. The Independent UK.

9 Jan 2015 – Support linked to Finsbury Park mosque. Daily Telegraph London UK. Cherif Kouachi aged 32 and Djamel Beghad, al Qaeda. Shoe bomber Richard Reid and Zacaria Moussaoui who was the 20th hijacker in the 9/11 attacks.

9 Jan 2015 – Private Eye magazine. No 1383 Private Eye news Twitter and Facebook. Julian Le Grand, advisor to Tony Blair. He is also advisor to the Department of Education on outsourcing child protection.

9 Jan 2015 – I don’t want to bring up ancient history from last week. Death in custody. Jailing child victims, 15 year old Alex Kelly was 4 year old when was put on a government register. 6 years old when he was put into “care”. He was raped by two paedophiles when he was 12 years old. 15 years old he died in Cookham Wood, a young offenders institution in Kent. (Private Eye mag. 9 Jan 2015 UK).

9 Jan 2015 – Dame Fiona Woolf, former historic abuse inquiry chief, remained an MBE, Member of the British Esablishment. (Private Eye mag. 9 Jan 2015 UK).

9 Jan 2015 – David Walker, Labour ruler of Edinburgh city council, was trying to help a criminal, who was jailde for violence against a homeless man. (Private Eye mag. 9 Jan 2015 UK).

10 Jan 2015 – al Qaeda plotting new massacre in Britain. Sky news. Yahoo search.

10 Jan 2015 – British on UK terror watchlist. The Times London UK. The Charlie Hebdo killers were on a British terror watchlist with links to al Qaeda militants at Finsbury Park mosque in London.

12 Jan 2015 – Missing people, we are too busy so don’t call says Lynne Owens of the UK police. Hospitals and care homes don’t do enough themselves to find missing people. Daily Mail.

13 Jan 2015 – Terror threat highest since 9/11. Daily Mail online. 5,000 terror suspects are at large after returning from Syria, warns Europe police chief. Tom McTague. Europol.

14 Jan 2015 – Warning 5,000 Europeans are political terror threat. Caroline Woollard. The Herald Glasgow Scotland. Similar to the situation that existed before the 9/11 terror attacks.

16 Jan 2015 – After Paris what is the Jihad threat to Britain. London Evening Standard.

16 Jan 2015 – Childrens home boss found dead. Historic sex abuse. The Daily Telegraph. John Stingemore.

17 Jan 2015 – Comments. Laws relating to war. Get the public on side, they are at threat too. Its like a modern day war. Getting info from internet firms. Getting public support.

18 Jan 2015 – Forced adoptions, Irish govt investigation. Irish Central. Philomena Lee, mother and baby homes, a new investigation in Ireland.

18 Jan 2015 – Daily Mail UK. Spy laws, terrorists use facebook, M15. Lord Evans of Weardale. Matt Chorley.

20 Jan 2015 – Four in ten cases of homelessness in London are caused by eviction. Newsweek. Government figures.

20 Jan 2015 – Ady Adrian Wane aged 47 homeless in Lancaster Preston, a rough sleeper. Missing person. (Facebook).

21 Jan 2015 – Westminster sex abuse file found in archives. Daily Mail UK. PA. Top secret file found at National archives. “PREM 19/588 SECURITY” 27 Oct 1980 to 20 March 1981. Dr Chris Murphy searched the archives at Kew south west London. “PREM” means Prime Ministers office.

23 Jan 2015 – Domestic slavery in the UK is worse than Saudi Arabia. Michael Pollitt. Our Kingdom.

24 Jan 2015 – Historic collection of documents at county archives. Lancashire Telegraph. A historic collection from 1197 to 1947. Lancaster. The Halton collection. Lancaster city council.

24 Jan 2015 – Yorkshire Post UK. Investigaton. The cartels and organised crime gangs and food fraud. Laced food and drink with poisons.

25 Jan 2015 – The Independent. Anonymous says the NHS database can reveal patients identities. database can be accessed for a fee. Also fake lies in records spread.

25 Jan 2015 – Daily Record UK. Derek Alexander. Pictures of Scottish schoolgirls were posted on a US website and viewed by 7 million paedophiles.

27 Jan 2015 – A Hoax caller impersonating the UK spy chief got through to UK PM Cameron’s mobile phone. Robert Hannigan is head of GCHQ.

27 Jan 2015 – Derbyshire missing people. Buxton Advertiser. UK missing persons, out of about 121,726 missing people, 77,965 were children aged 0-17.

27 Jan 2015 – Anonymopus march against child sex abuse. The Register. John Leyden. Anti paedophiles. Operation Death Eaters. Child trafficking networks.

29 Jan 2015 – Paedophile aged 42 with 800 child porn images in Padgate. Warrington Guardian. Matthew Hobbs. On the internet, Brendan Bennett from Duxford Padgate. Cheshire police.

30 Jan 2015 – The Guardian UK. Westminster council and the Qatari Royal family for 200 million pounds. Cornwall terrace. Gulf billionaires property buying spree and petro dollars in London.

30 Jan 2015 – Police corruption and sex. RT. Reuters Paul Hackett. Rapes, sex exploitation, sex slavery and trafficking.

30 Jan 2015 – Police were told to review many cases of corruption in the police. Cases which were not investigated properly. The Guardian UK. At least 2,000 cases of corruption.

31 Jan 2015 – The KGB and CIA kept dossiers on British VIP paedophiles. Mirror UK. Westminster sex scandal and blackmail.

31 Jan 2015 – Margaret Thatcher warned of paedophiles in Westminster.

31 Jan 2015 – BBC. Solve crime yourselves, victims told. Do your own investigations. Police lack respources to probe corruption in the police.

31 Jan 2015 – Westminster paedophile ring and diplomat Sir Peter Hayman found in secret files. Telegraph UK. National archives in the 1980s.

31 Jan 2015 – BBC. Five tips for doing your own investigations.

4 Feb 2015 – Thousands of hidden homeless are not in government records. RT. Missing homeless and corruption

4 Feb 2015 – Telegraph UK. Four Westminster child abuse secret files found in the Whitehall archives.

4 Feb 2015 – Newsweek. Anonymous UK protests against paedophiles in the establishment. Lucy Draper.

5 Feb 2015 – Paul Harper. Dozens of people are going missing more than once. Police figures reveal. Get Surrey UK. In Surrey. More than 175 people had disappeared before. During 2013 to 2014 at least 16 people had disappeared between six to ten times.

5 Feb 2015 – ODT. New Zealand judge takes over the UK child abuse inquiry, padophile rings.

5 Feb 2015 – Wall Street Journal. New Zealand judge to head the UK child abuse inquiry and Westminster paedophile rings. The Guardian. New Zealand high court judge Lowell Goddard.

8 Feb 2015 – Durham missing teen aged 15 Rebecca Laithwaite. Charlotte Dobson Manchester Evening news.

16 Feb 2015 – Wikipedia. Kincora boys brothel in Belfast Northern Ireland. Belfast news letter. Files on Kincora are missing Jan 2013 from1982 PRONI. The Guardian UK. M15 is accused of a cover up of sex slavery at the boys brothel. 16 Feb 2015.

17 Feb 2015 – Missing person when 9 years old. Zainab Salam Amin. Pakistani. Interpol.

17 Feb 2015 – Missing person when 5 years old. Khadija Salam Amin. Pakistani. Interpol.

17 Feb 2015 – Missing person 12 years old. Ayesha Salam Amin. Pakistani. Interpol.

28 Feb 2015 – Child mass graves uncovered with 350,000 dead. AnonHQ. Grotesque torture of thousands of children. To become uncovered.

11 March 2015 – MSN news AFP. Archeology dig up 3,000 skeletons from an old London site. Victims of the plague from a mass grave. Care2.Ancient skeletons. 1569 to 1738. Bedlam ground was used. Bedlam Royal hospital the worlds oldest mental prison.

11 March 2015 – Daniel Kunicki aged 18 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet)

13 March 2015 – BBC UK. Q & A Julian Assange and Wikileaks. He took refuge in the Ecuador embassy in London, asylum Wikileaks released classified US military info on the Afghan and Iraq wars.

16 March 2015 – Met police probed over child abuse cover up. BBC.

16 March 2015 – Robert Booth. The Guardian UK. Westminster chid abuse inquiry. Dolphin square back to the 1970s. Multiple child murders. Children as young as 7. 30 years ago. Killing 3 year old boys. A child was run over.

20 March 2015 – Abdullah Shinwari aged 16 missing from west Midland. (Missing kids UK internet).

24 March 2015 – Forced adoptions. UK families flee to Ireland to keep their children. RT. Social workers use false allegations and lies of abuse to force children from their parents and boost adoption statistics. RTI.

26 March 2015 – Kevi Allarja aged 17 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

27 March 2015 – RT. High level corruption. Investigation into police cover up of child abuse, expanded. Reuters.

28 March 2015 – Homelessness in London has risen by 79% since 2010. RT. People sleeping rough on the streets of London.

30 March 2015 – Cahal Milmo. Tory MP Enoch Powell investigation into Westminster paedophile networks. The Independent.

1 April 2015 – Mass graves unearthed, under university, a medieval graveyard 1,300 burials Cambridge. CNN.

1 April 2015 – Puong Tran aged 14 missing from west Midland. (Missing kids UK internet).

2 April 2015 – Before its news. More than 1,000 ancient skeletons have been found beneath Cambridge university UK. Archeologists. Medieval cemetery 1,300 skeletons buried there. St Johns college Cambridge. Medieval hospital burial ground.

7 April 2015 – Kincora Westminster child abuse scandal. Richard Kerr victim. Channel 4. Kincora boys home Northern Ireland sex traffickin.g Elm guest house and Dolphin square. M15 Brian Gemmell.

7 April 2015 – Did M15 know about child abuse but failed to act. Kincora boys home. Channel 4 news. Kincora and Richard Kerr. Brian Gemmell.

7 April 2015 – Kincora historic VIP paedophile ring. Channel 4 news. London Elm guest house and Dolphin square. Richard Kerr. Gay brothels and young children molested.

11 April 2015 – Thomas Woodbridge aged 15 missing from Luton. In social services ‘care’. (Missing kids UK internet).

12 April 2015 – Sunday Express. James Fielding. M16 covered up historic child sex abuse rings. Found while doing surveilance ops. Links to Westminster. Kincora boys home in Belfast. William McGrath. 1970s. Boys were sex trafficked to Holland, Amsterdam and Vienna Austria. Anthony Blunt at Elm guest house in London.

13 April 2015 – Bui Tuing aged 16 missing from south east. (Missing kids UK internet).

16 April 2015 – Lili Munteanu aged 15 missing from north east. (Missing kids UK internet).

17 April 2015 – Mohammed Abdullah aged 15 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

18 April 2015 – Daniel Boffey. Guardian UK. Greville Janner after the childrens home investigation. Kirkwood. 1993 inquiry. 1970S and 80s. Frank Beck trial.

19 April 2015 – Mahmud Abbas aged 17 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

19 April 2015 – Spotlight. Peter McKelvie. Lord Janner. Childrens home. The Kirkwood inquiry. Observer.

20 April 2015 – Selim Bakalli aged 17, looks older, missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

23 April 2015 – Lam Nguyen aged 14 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

27 April 2015 – Na Dang aged 14 missing from Wales. (Missing kids UK internet).

28 April 2015 – Mohammed Elkoumy aged 17 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

1 May 2015 – Gracel Mitombo aged 17 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

8 May 2015 – James Reeves. 49 suspected homocides with links to the Westminster VIP child sex abuse network. Jimmy Savile, multiple homocides and mysterious deaths.

14 May 2015 – Charlie Magrino aged 17 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

22 May 2015 – Tommaso Abbate aged 15 missing from south east. (Missing kids UK internet).

23 May 2015 – Abdirizak Alassow aged 17 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

25 May 2015 – Mirjan Rusi aged 16 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

29 May 2015 – Kieran Betteridge aged 14 missing from south east. (Missing kids UK internet).

31 May 2015 – Thihang Nkuyen aged 16 missing from south east. (Missing kids UK internet).

2 June 2015 – Mohammed Abdo age 15 missing from south east. (Missing kids UK interent).

3 June 2015 –

7 June 2015 – Lukas Razbadauskas aged 15 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

7 June 2015 – Germay Negassie Teklie Berhan aged 17 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

10 June 2015 – Farhan Khan aged 16 missing from west Midland. (Missing kids UK internet).

11 June 2015 – Jarell Mcgowan Murray aged 16 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

18 June 2015 – Nasteho Ali aged 14 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

20 June 2015 – Ishmael Deen Conteh aged 16, looks older, missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

20 June 2015 – Jack Parfitt aged 13 missing from south west. (Missing kids UK internet).

22 June 2015 – Gary Hewitt aged 17 missing from north west. (Missing kids UK internet).

24 June 2015 – Inayah Beddelem aged 14 missing from west Midland. (Missing kids UK internet).

26 June 2015 – Camilia Lupu aged 14, looks older, missing from north west. (Missing kids UK internet).

28 June 2015 – Renea Collins aged 16 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

29 June 2015 – Bibet Koy aged 16 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

30 June 2015 – Jessie Morgan aged 16 missing from west Midland. (Missing kids UK internet).

30 June 2015 – Zaynab Khalil aged 15 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

2 July 2015 – Samson Ayodele aged 15 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

2 July 2015 – Amy Taylor aged 14 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet)

2 July 2015 – Mercedes Wolfe aged 16, looks older, missing from south east. (Missing kids UK internet).

2 July 2015 – Tia Kelly aged 15 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

5 July 2015 – The Week. Daily Telegraph. 10 politicians on paedophile ring list. Cyril Smith. Sir Peter Morrison. 1983 dossier went missing.

7 July 2015 – Mason Orchard aged 14 missing from London. (Missing kids UK internet).

9 July 2015 – Sunday Express. Paeophile ring in Westminster. In the 1980s. “Operation Hydrant” Historic child sex abuse at childrens homes, schools, health. M16 covered up historic child sex abuse. Child porn.

11 July 2015 – Reece Pateman aged 14 missing from south west. (Missing kids UK internet).

12 July 2015 – Hide details of paedophiles linked to the government, national security . The independent UK. FOI requests refused. Kincora, Morris Fraser. Azimuth trust boys. Mick Browne. Child sex ring. Dr Morris Fraser. Paedophiles Kincora boys home Belfast.

13 July 2015 – Neil Jones missing from west Drayton. (Facebook)

14 July 2015 – Paedophile kept a girl in the boot of car. Horrific sex abuse. Jailed. Sunday Express. Nick Gutteridge. Colin Cross 16 years jail. Rapes of children. 77 years old. Sex attacks. Plymouth child abduction evidence historical.

17 July 2015 – Cheyann Ridley aged 14 missing from Glouceshire. (Facebook).

18 July 2015 – Exaro news. Richard Kerr names men who covered up Kincora. Intel, politics, unions, by Mark Watts. Kincora cover up of paedophiles. Kincora boys home in Belfast.

18 July 2015 – Exaro. Richard Kerr, men covered up Kincora. Lord Mountbatten. Sir Maurice Oldfield SIS M16. Sir Anthony Blunt. M15. Sr Knox Cunningham unions.

18 July 2015 – Sir Peter Hayman. M16. Sir Nicholas Farbairn. Sir Cyril Smith. Children’s homes. Jail in 1981 for sex crimes against boys. In 2012 Exaro named Anthony Blunt, Elm guest house, paedophiles in London. William McGrath Kincora and M15.

19 July 2015 – Undercover info. Kincora child sex abuse, docs, cover up video.

20 July 2015 – Patrick Butler. Arnett. Guardian UK. Benefit cuts hit huge numbers of children.

22 July 2015 – WISHTV com. Michael Sermersheim child porn and sex 23,000 images from Shelbyville child rape case. Howard Monroe. Belgium BBC child porn Leighton Early. Twitter. Spinks. Child murder and rape. James Reeves.

22 July 2015 – RAF bases. Child sex. Nigel O’mara.

23 July 2015 – M15 knew about paedophiles in the Thatcher govt, so did BBC. The newshub. M15 documents.

24 July 2015 – James Reeves. Twitter. Care homes in London UK. A victim of child abuse.

28 July 2015 – Police raid a London flat. Lord Sewel arrested. Cocaine and alleged call girls. Undercover footage. 69 year old. Daily Mail.

28 July 2015 – Why did HSBC shut down bank accounts. BBC. World check database owned by the financial info, Thomson Reuters.

30 July 2015 – A rape test for welfare is a chilling way to save money. The Guardian UK.

30 July 2015 – Received letter in the post. Publishers in the UK

31 July 2015 – Mass medieval grave found at Aberdeen school. The Scotsman UK. More than 20 medieval skeletons 13th century. Old Blackfriars abby. Michael Maitland. Scotland 1230-1249 the Abbey was founded by Alexander II dated 1560. Archeology Roman Catholic abby.

12 Aug 2015 – CNN. Player put London. A mass grave dating back to 1665 London. Scellie Morgan..

30 Aug 201 – Body found in search for mising Japanese tourist. RTE. A mans body found in Kilkee Ireland county Clare. Body found in water. Shoe found, Japanese couple missing. Irish Mirror. Belfast Telegraph. Body of Japanese tourist found.

3 Sept 2015 – Every year at least 100,000 children go missing in Britain. Yet the UK government spent over 10 million pounds hunting for Madeleine McCann. Twitter. Ian Hitchings.

10 Sept 2015 – Benefit cuts cause rising homelessness. Mirror UK. Pensioners made homeless by benefit cuts.

18 Sept 2015 – The Sun. Two million pounds for Maddie hunt. The home office UK. Lauren Probert. Daniel Cutts.

19 Sept 2015 – Mike Sullivan. Dolphin sqaure murder of 3 boys. Nick VIP. The Sun. “Red dockets” Murder of 3 boys. Police archives. 1980s. “Operation Circus”. Rent boys from Piuccadily circus VIPs. The late Sir Thomas Hetherington 1985. The x4 files, info was shredded.

24 Sept 2015 – CNN. Medieval burials found in London. Westminster abbey. Archeology unearthed, more than 50 people 11th or early 12th century. Victorian church.

7 Oct 2015 – The Royal Mint sells 1kg of gold bullion bars and 25,000 pounds of gold bullion sales. Richard Dyson. Telegraph UK.

21 Oct 2015 – BBC UK. Geoffrey Dickens. Investigate sex abuse dossier. Tom Symonds. Daniel de Simone.

4 Nov 2015 – The Guardian UK. Simon Jenkins. The Cambridge 5. Blunt, Mclean, Philby, Burgess.

14 Nov 2015 – Telegraph. Reuters. Jihadi John. M15 on alert ISIS. British Islam.

16 Nov 2015 – Britain to hire 1,900 more spies to combat Islamic state. Belek Turkey. Kylie Maclellan. Reuters. World war three. G-20 summit in Turkey.

17 Nov 2015 – The Independent. George Osborne. ISIS planning cyber warfare to kill people in the UK. GCHQ cyber center Oliver Wright.

27 Nov 2015 – Fake Dutch ambulances smuggled at least 1.6 billion pounds worth of cocaine, heroin and ecstacy into the UK. Fake health workers and fake patients. Amsterdam, Holand based. Belfast Telegraph.

8 Dec 2015 – The British army ‘troubles’ archives and ‘Operation Banner” from 1969 to 2007. The British military in northern Ireland. Evidence of unsolved crimes. Also British army ops in Iraq and Afghanistan. (BBC UK. 8 Dec 2015).

9 Dec 2015 – UK police get more than 6,000 missing persons reports each week. More than half of these are children or youth. Western Daily Press.

12 Dec 2015 – Mystery man died in the Pennines. Man last seen on 12 Dec 2015. A 1949 plane crash. 27 Jan 2016 Michael Moran.

17 Dec 2015 – Clark Boustridge New Zealander dies in dodgy London rooftop fall. NZ Herald. Regan Schoultz.

17 Dec 2015 – Saudi Arabian millionaire Ehsan Abdulaziz age 46 is cleared of rape of teen age 18. He claimed he fell on her at his Maide Vale flat in west London. Sydney Morning Herald.

1 Jan 2016 – Press TV. Homeless of London, street sleepers has doubled in the last five years. Homeless UK.

7 Jan 2016 –

17 Jan 2016 – Stuart Clark age 59 missing since 17 Jan 2016. West Dunbartonshire UK.

18 Jan 2016 – Missing persons list. Torso found dumped . Man in his 20s. May be east European or Irish. Shot or stabbed. Violent death.

28 Jan 2016 – American Airlines Boeing 777-300 returned to Heathrow UK. Luggage. was mysteriously taken. Flying over Keflavik Iceland Norway. Volcanos?

25 April 2016 –

June 2016 – 11 June 2016. Mirror UK Blanaid Murphy. 79 year old Eamon Cooke died in a hospice last week. He is the suspect in many boy murders. A paedophile.

12 June 2016 – Daily Record Scotland. Alan Dow. Ambulance driver urged backpackers to stop flagging down cars in dark just before she was killed. Madison Rice age 21 died hit by car in Skye. Same ambulance called, Neil Campbell. Hired car driven by tourists. Her boyfriend Joe Perry from Aucland New Zealand. A road accident near Sligachan. First at the scene was a Hungarian age 35 Peter Pogonyi.

2018 – Archives. The World War One centenary is due to end in 2018. (Who do you think you are. May 2014 UK).

2018 – RAF museum centenary in 2018. Projects, the Royal Air Force. (Who do you think you are mag. June 2015 UK).

Nov 2018 – Records and photos, runs till Nov 2018. Surrey world war one heritage project. Surrey county. Surrey in the great (Who do you think you are mag. June 2015 UK).

2021 – The ongoing BNA British newspaper archives. 40 million papers scanned by 2021. A fraction of the library’s total holdings. Free at the British library and Find my (Who do you think you are mag. June 2015 UK).

2022 – Collecting info. The UK census is not made public until 100 years after it was taken. The 1921 census is due for release to the public in 2022. (Who do you think you are. The genealogy handbook BBC UK 2014).

2060 – Elsie Frost unsolved murder. Linked to the Yorkshire Ripper. 14 years odl on 8 Oct 1965 she was stabbed 5 times in Wakefield West Yorkshire. The case files relating to the unsolved murder are sealed until 2060. Peter Sutcliffe suspected. (Mail online. Files in the national archives Kew. Barbara Davies. Nazia Parveen. Daily Mail 17 April 2015).

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