Iran research


539 BC – Prophet Jeremiah and the fall of Babylon. The rise of Persia, Iran, led by King Cyrus. The Jewish people return to their land. The deserts of Sinai Israel. (The mystery of the Shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

539 BC – Babylon tyranny, union of church and state. Babylon was founded by Nimrod many centuries before Christ, it became a world empire 626. Babylon was overthrown by Medea Persia under Cyrus in 539 BC. (Holy bible King James (c)1976 CD Stampley US).

539-331 BC – Persia and Babylon in 539 BC. Ruled for 208 years until Alexander the great and the battle of Arbela in 331 BC. (Holy bible King James. (c)1976 CD Stampley US).

538 BC – Timeline of Daniel 2. Medo Persia. Silver chest. The Medo Persian empire which overran Babylon in 538 BC. Two Kings and two armies. Daniel 2. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson (c)2003 US).

537 BC – The decree of King Cyrus in Persia. Ezra 7:11-26. Ezra 6:14. (Holy bible King James. (c)1976 CD Stanpley US).

536 BC – Cyrus became King. Cyrus issued the first decree for Jews to return to their homeland. Isaiah. Records, Babylon. Daniel. Cyrus was king of Persia. Daniel. The third year of Cyrus. Daniel was fasting Daniel 1:21. When Cyrus came to power he issued a decree for the Jews to return to Jerusalem. Ezra 1:1-1. The Samaritans opposed the rebuilding of Jerusalem. Ezra 4:1-5. (Holy bible King James. (c)1976 CD Stampley US).

524 BC – Mystery, lost Persian army of 50,000 Persian troops, lost in the Sahara desert. Care2 news.

518 BC – Burning of Persepolis, Darius Persia Iran 25 miles south of Pasargadas a residence began in 518 BC. Thousands of tablets in Persepolis. (A universal history of the destruction of books. Fernando Baez (c)2004 US)

457 BC – Persian King Artaxerxes decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem. Ezra 7. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson (c)2003 US).

331 BC – Alexander the great Babylon 40,000 troops and 7,000 cavalry. The Tigris and Euphrates and attacked Darius III army of a million men. Alexander in the battle of Gaugamela in 331 BC. The treasures of Persepolis were carried off on 20,000 mules and 5,000 camels. (A universal history of the destruction of books. Fernando Baez (c)2004 US).

0000 – Jesus Christ was born and lived.

579 – King Chosroes of Persia died after a 48 year rein. Persian power from the Red Sea to the Oxus river. (ehistory timeline).

7th century – Iran has been predominantly Muslim since the 7th century, officially Shiite for the past few hundred years. They were never part of the Ottoman empire. (The middle east ©2006 C Catherwood).

22 Dec 856 – Damghan Iran earthquake. 200,000 people died. USGS historic world earthquakes.

12th 13th centuries – Printed Chintzes in Europe in 1606. Imported fabric. Broderie Perse, Persian embroidery to Europe in the 12th and 13th centuries. The Resht Iran inlaid applique from felt, cotton and wool. Photo. Inlay applique from wool cloth from Resht Iran. (Quilting patchwork applique. Caroline Crabtree (c)2007 UK),

1275 – Alamut fortress in Iran. Persia. Hasan Sabbah in 1090. In 1275. (Gods assassins ©2009 UK. G Baddeley. P Woods).

26 April 1721 – In Tabriz Iran an earthquake with deaths of up to 250,000. Tabriz was powerless. The Ottoman Turks got control by 1722. (India Today. 7 Dec 2015)

18 Nov 1727 – Tabriz earthquake, about 77,000 people were killed. Rapture Ready.

18 Nov 1727 – An earthquake in Tabriz Iran killed 77,000 people. USGS historic world earthquakes.

1835-1846 – Israel rebuilding Jerusalem. The Samaritans complained. Ezra 4:18. The Prophets Haggai and Zechariah. Haggai 1:1-6. Darius Hystaspes was killed. Psuedo Smerdis ruled for 36 years. Persian and Behistan rock records were found and translated in 1835-1846 by Sir Henry Rawlinson. (Holy bible King James. (c)1976 CD Stampley US).

1853 – The Persian government exiled people (non Muslims), to Baghdad Iraq, then part of the Ottoman Empire. (History Today. April 2013 UK).

1868 – Gertrude Bell was born in 1868 she traveled to Iran Persia where her uncle was British minister in Tehran. During the first world war she joined the Arab bureau based in Basra, she was area spymaster and controlled among others the father of Kim Philby. (Empires children ©2009 Anton Gill).

1877 – Interpol. Created in 1877 Iran’s national police force, headed by the Commander in chief of the armed forces. Border and crime fighting,

1908 – The discovery of oil. The first strikes were made by the Anglo Persian oil company in 1908 in Iran. Winston Churchill, the First Lord of the admiralty, ordered conversion of Royal Navy ships to oil. (History Today. July 2014 UK p54).

1908 – The Anglo Iranian oil company discovered the first major oil deposits in southwest Iran. Britain recognized that oil from these vast fields would soon be critical to the Royal navy’s new fleet of oil burning super combatants like the Dreadnought. The newly discovered Persian oil fields would become crucial to the continued rule of the seas. (Americas wars ©2003 Huchthausen).

31 Aug 1909 – Opium in Persia. Manawatu Times NZ. Papers Past.

31 Aug 1909 – In Persia. Colonist NZ. Papers Past.

31 Aug 1909 – Opium trade in Persia. Wanganui Herald NZ. Papers Past.

31 Aug 1909 – Opium smoking in Persia. Taranaki Herald NZ. Papers Past.

1921 – Rheza Khan ruled Iran.

1931-34 – The ruins of Persepolis were visited by the Oriental Institute of Chicago. 30,000 tablets in Elamite, the official language of the Persian empire were found. Registers of commercial 753 tablets found in Xerxes treasure room. (A universal history of the destruction of books. Fernando Baez (c)2004 US).

26 Jan 1935 – Persia awakens. Auckland Star NZ. Papers past.

1941 – British Soviet forces invade, son Muhammed Reza Khan. Pahlavi was installed.

1941 – British and Soviet forces occupied Iran, to prevent it from siding with Germany. (The great cold war. Gordon S Barrass. ©2009 US).

1941 – British and Soviet forces entered Iran to secure an overland route for land lease supplies flowing to the Soviet Union and to pre-empt German occupation of the vast Persian oil fields. The British and Soviets jointly unseated Reza Shah Pahlavi and installed his 21 years old son Mohammad Reza Pahlavi instead. (America wars ©2003 P Huchthausen).

1942 – Stalin delayed the withdrawl of Soviet troops from northern Iran, where they had been stationed since 1942 as part of a British Soviet deal to keep Iran’s oil supplies out of German hands. (The cold war ©2005 JC Gaddis).

1943 – Rudi Hamburger, GRU husband of Sonia, Ursula Beurton, headed back to Russia after his arrest in Iran in 1943. He then spent 5 years at a labour camp in Russia. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher (c)2011 UK).

April 1943 – Rudi Hamburger GRU was arrested for espionage and sabotage by US security in Iran. Russian agents were spying on the British and US in Iran. on behalf of the the Red army, GRU. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher ©2011 UK).

November 1943 – Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin were at a wartime summit in Tehran. (The cold war ©2005 JL Gaddis).

27 Nov 1943 – The Conference of Tehran. Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 27 Nov 2015).

1945 – During the Tehran conference in 1943 Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt pledged formal support for Iran’s territorial integrity and independence. Six months after the war ended the British and Americans withdrew from southern Iraq and tried to establish a client state. Soviet forces withdrew 1946. Iranian communist Tudeh party. (Americas wars ©2003 P Huchthausen).

1945-46 – In 1945 the communist Tudeh party, working with the Soviet’s overthrew the central government in the Azerbaijan and Kurdistan regions of Iran. The young Shah’s gendarmarie assisted by US military advisors crushed this leftist uprising in 1946.

1946 – In spring 1946 Soviet troops withdrew from northern Iran.(Cold war ©1993 M Walker).

1946 – Soviet occupation of northern Iran to the UNSC early in 1946. Stalin ordered a quiet withdrawl from Iran several months later. (The cold war ©2005 Gaddis).

Feb 1946 – Stalin agreed to withdraw Soviet troops from northern Iran by Feb 1946. Preparations began for their reinforcement along with the formation of a separate movement in the Iranian province of Azerbaijan. (Cold war ©1993 M Walker).

1947-53 – Dr Robin Zaehner, was at the British embassy in Tehran until 1947. Bribing the Persian press. He returned in 1951 for the Anglo American overthrow of the Mossadegh government in 1953. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

4 Feb 1949 – A gunman tried to assassinate the Shah of Iran. The Shah responded by outlawing the Tudeh party and proclaiming martial law.

1951 – The Mossadeq government nationalized British oil holdings. (Cold war ©1993 M Walker).

1951 – Iran’s PM Mohammed Mossadegh nationalized the British petroleum company assets. CIA agent Kermit Roosevelt plan to assassinate Mossadegh, the CIA replaced Mossadegh with the Shah. Kermit Roosevelt was a CIA employee. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins. ©2007 US).

1951-53 – SIS head of station in Iran Christopher Monty Woodhouse arrived in Iran in 1951. He began a plot to overthrow Mossadeq and return the Shah to power. In 1951 AIOC paid more taxes in London than in Tehran. In April 1953 Allen Dulles director of CIA, gave $1 million for American agents to overthrow Mossadeq. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

1951-57 – 1950s Anglo Iranian oil company AIOC, oil production in the region, one of the largest refineries in the world in Abadan. AIOC was half owned by the British govt. In 1951 it made 100 million profit. In May 1951 the Iranian PM Dr Mohammed Mossadeq nationalized AIOC. Mossadeq was a rich land owner, who came to power after the assassination two months earlier of his rival PM General Ali Razmera. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

22 March 1951 – Iran nationalized the oil industry.

May 1951 – Mass rallies and a general strike in the British owned oil industry organized by the outlawed Tudeh party, the Shah appointed Mossadegh as PM. Mossadegh enacted an oil nationalization law and appropriated the British Iranian oil company installations.

1952-53 – 12 June 1952 the Iranian Army Chief of Staff warned that a coup by Tudeh was likely. US Ambassador was Loy Henderson. Robin Zaehner was a UK covert specialist in Iran. The Rashidian brothers were the main SIS agents in Iran. On 4 April 1953 Allen Dulles provided $1 million for the fall of Mossadegh. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1952-53 – In July 1953 Eisenhower gave the green light for Operation Boot also known as Operation Ajax, to overthrow Mossadeq and install the Shah. 1952 meeting SIS and CIA officers John Bruce Lockhart and Frank Wisner. Woodhouse. John Collins. Norman Darbyshire. George Kennedy Young. Donald Wilbur. Kermit Roosevelt. General Norman Schwarzkopf. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

Nov 1952 – CIA clandestine service history, overthrow of premier Mossadeq of Iran. Nov 1952-Aug 1953. March 1954. New York Times April 2000. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

1953 – Ron Jorgensen seaman boats trading in the Persian gulf. He was arrested on 7 June 1951 Meyers park Auckland incident. One and a half years jail. (The Bassett road machine gun murders. Scott Bainbridge (c)2013 NZ).

1953 – Deak and company, a money changing and private banking group was founded by Nicholas Deak, who served in the OSS, the CIAs WW2. Deak assisted the CIA on several occasions. In 1953 he provided untraceable cash for a covert operation in Iran. The overthrow of the PM Mohammad Mosaddeq which enabled the Shah to return to power. Operation Ajax.

1953 – Of total arms sales nearly half of $3.9 billion were going to Iran. When he had first been put on the throne by the British in 1941 he was regarded as a puppet by the British government and British oil company Anglo Iranian (later BP), coming to power in 1951. Dr Mossadeq, who nationalized the oil company and exiled the Shah. He was only reinstalled with the help of a coup instigated by the CIA and British secret service, as his oil revenues increased, he was becoming an increasingly important customer for arms. It was Theodore Roosevelt who organized the coup which overthrew Mossadeq and restored the Shah in 1953. (Arms bazaar ©1977 A Sampson).

1953 – Lockheed made use of the New York firm Deak and company, which specialized in quietly transmitting currencies abroad. It was set up by Nicholas Deak, a former Hungarian who had been an officer of the OSS. The forerunner of the CIA, and it had 20 subsidiaries offices overseas. Deak was believed to have been sometimes used by the CIA, to finance the coup against Mossadeq in 1953. (Arms bazaar ©1977 A Sampson).

1953 – The Iranian army 120,000 troops.

1953 – The US used covert action to overthrow the government of Iran, Mohammed Mossadegh a leftist. The Shah of Iran was restored to power by the US. (Cold war ©2005 Gaddis).

1953 – When a Soviet backed coup threatened the Shah in 1953, President Eisenhower authorized Operation Ajax to oust Mohammad Mossadegh who had the support of the communist Tudeh party. The plan was directed by Kermit Roosevelt of the CIA. The operation was a success and in return the Shah gave American and British oil companies each 40% of the Iranian oil consortium. (Americas wars ©2003 Huchthusen).

1953 – Donald Wilbar, a CIA officer who had assisted in the Iran operations in 1953. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1953 – 19 August 1953 there was street fighting in which 300 people were killed. There was a tank battle near Mossadegh’s home. A team of five Americans went to Iran to train members of a security service called SAVAK. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1953-54 – The US and UK intervened using the CIA in covert political action to reverse the Iranian nationalization of oil, broaden US commercial access, and overthrow the government of Mossadegh and restore the Shah. (Compassionate peace ©1982 AFSC).

July Aug 1953 – SIS and CIA. Robert Zaehner. Rashidian brothers. July 1953 Kermit Roosevelt. More than 300 Iranians were killed in protests. On 22 Aug 1953 the Shah returned from Rome Itlay. Security service SAVAK. Its chief used a wild bear to interrogate victims. BP was used as a cover for SIS officers overseas. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

1954 – Iranian army officers, directly assisted financially and logistically by the CIA, military troops, occupied government offices and arrested Mossadegh, while crowds of CIA paid protesters marched through Tehran in popular support for the shah against Mossadegh. The Shah returned to Iran accompanied by Allen Dulles the director of the CIA and Kermit Roosevelt, the agent who masterminded the coup to return him. Increasing oil revenues, the Shah built a massive military establishment.

1956 – By 1956 the US navy was conducting joint military operations with Iran. (American wars ©2003 Huchthausen).

1957 – In 1957, with the aid of the CIA and Mossad, the National security organization SAVAK of Iran was formed. Brutal tactics in the 1970s. From 1957 to 1963 opposition to the Shah increased and many workers went on strike.

20 Feb 1960 – The US will sell Iran sidewinder air to air missiles. Military basis for a proposed reply to the Shah of Iran concerning his request for additional military assistance. Top secret position paper. Digital national security archive.

1962 – Agence Reza Pahlavi, the main financial front of the Shah of Iran, disbursed from account number 214895.20 of the Union bank of Switzerland in Geneva, one million dollars in the account of Mr Henry Luce in 1962. (Last days of America ©1981 Erdman).

12 April 1962 – The Shah of Iran and Defence Secretary Robert McNamara. Iran wanted operational sidewinder missiles for its F-86 fighter planes. Iran also wanted surface to air missiles SAMS to defend its airfields. (William Bundy US Iran relations Secret memo of conversation. digital national security archive).

1 Sept 1962 – Earthquake 10,000 people were killed. Timeline of earthquakes.

June 1963 – Revolutionaries led by Shiite clergy developed into an open rallies and riots in 1963. The Shah put down the clashes with brutal force. In June 1963 hundreds of protesters in the city of Qom were killed. The unrest was instigated by the Ayatollah Khomeini, jailed and exiled to France after the 1963 riots. Khomeini continued to fuel Iranian dissent, sermons were smuggled into Iran on audio cassette tapes. (Americas wars ©2003 Huchthausen).

July 1963 – There were mass demonstrations by workers. In early June 1963 Ayatollah Khomeini openly denounced the Shah and his policies. Then in a move the armed forces struck at protesters in Qom, Tehran, Tabriz and Isfahan. Thousands of people were killed and Khomeini was arrested and exiled to Iraq.

Late 1960s – The Shah of Iran opened the Iran electronics industries IEI nuclear repair facility in Shiraz to the Pakistanis. (Ann Tibbetts Schulz. San Francisco Westview Press 1989).

July 1966 – Washington sold the new McDonnell Phantom fighters to Iran. The Shah then only seven months later made a deal with Russia to buy $110 million in military equipment Feb 1967. (Arms bazaar ©1977 Sampson).

31 Aug 1968 – 7.8 earthquake, thousands of people died. Dashte Bayaz 60,000 houses were destroyed. Timeline of earthquakes.

1970s – Before the fall of the Shah of Iran, BCCI owned 15% of Iran’s Arab bank based in Tehran.

Early 1970s – While building a revolutionary movement in Iran. The exiled Ayatollah Khomeini actively supports the PLO and al-Fatah brigades, funding and training militant groups in Syria with Syrian aid on Syrian soil. Shiite muslim’s support the groups sunnis under protection of a secular dictatorship.

10 April 1972 – 6.9 earthquake in Fars 5,000 people were killed. Timeline of earthquakes.

16 Nov 1972 – As part of Operation Enhance plus the US sold Iran air to surface missiles. The US allowed Iran to own fighter planes they had previously leased. (TR Pickering, Top secret cable, digital national security archive).

1973-77 – Joseph Farland successor in Iran was Richard Helms, Helms was CIA director from June 1966 until Feb 1973. Helms was forced out of the CIA in 1973 during Nixon’s second term. Helms picked Ambassador to Iran and served until 1977 when he left the government.

1973-78 – Iran spent about $18 billion on arms from the US, the single largest customer for US arms sales abroad at that time. By 1978 about 500 US companies were operating in Iran. A large contingent of military advisors about 45,000 American expatriates lived and worked in Iran. The average native Iranians annual income was $2,750. The Shahs brother in law accepted multi million dollar payoffs for help with contracts from the Textron corp. The Shahs sister shams in 1976 was arrested in Switzerland with $20 million of heroin in her car.

Feb 1973 – The Pentagon revealed that Iran had contracted to buy $2 billion worth of weapons from the US, the biggest single deal ever negotiated, it would include 175 jet fighters, 599 helicopters and numbers of air to surface missiles.

22 Dec 1973 – The petroleum ministers of 6 middle eastern countries met in Tehran. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran, OPEC. During the 2 months before this meeting, OPEC had doubled the price of oil. OPEC quadrupling of the oil price. Causing one of the biggest transfers of wealth in human history.

1974 – The US sells 78 F-14 fighter planes and 200 Phoenix air to air missiles to Iran. (AP 29 March 1979 Lexis Nexis).

10 Feb 1974 – The Iran Iraq war broke out. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 10 Feb 2016).

1975 – Bell helicopters delivered the first 300 16 seat helicopters to Iran in 1975, which 3 days later set a new record for maximum altitude. Shah of Iran, a war lord, was fascinated by gadgets. (Arms bazaar ©1977 A Sampson).

22 Jan 1975 – The growing US involvement in Iran. Secret report by the US Dept of Defence. Digital national security archive.

9 May 1975 – Negotiations between Iran and Hughes missile systems on co-production of the TOW and Maverick missiles are strained over the pricing structure. Hughes set the costs for Iran at $20 million for the TOW and $26 million for the Maverick. (Sidney Soler your meeting with the Shah at Blair house. Confidential memo to secretary of State Kissinger. Digital national security archives).

8 Dec 1975 – The Iranian army made a $352.8 million order for an upgraded tracked version of the Rapier missile launcher system. The British aircraft corp guided weapons division makes the Rapier and the upgraded version consists of 8 missiles. The Iranian army also ordered the American made M-548 tracked cargo carrier made by the PMC corp of California. The M-548 are designed to carry missiles.

8 Dec 1975 – Iran orders tracked version of Rapier. Aviation week and space tech. Lexis nexis.

1976 – The Iranian army had more than 400,000 troops. By 1976 Iran imported 76% of the food products it consumed.

16 Sept 1978 – A 7.7 earthquake in which 25,000 people were killed. Timeline of earthquakes.

6 Nov 1978 – The Shah of Iran put Iran under military rule. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 6 Nov 2015).

1979-82 – 28 Nov 1980. 12 Aug 1982 stock market. Jan 1980 severe recession. July 1981 unemployment. Economic crisis 1979 Iran and oil prices 1979-80. Economic crisis 1979 global recession Jan 1980 the stock market fell in Nov 1980. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

1979-2000 – In Iran after the 1979 revolution Islamists reduced the minimum age of marriage for girls to nine years. In 2000 Iran’s parliament raised it to 15 years old. Ayatollah Khomeini married a ten year old girl. (You cant read this book. Nick Cohen (c)2012 UK).

Feb 1979 – The Shah of Iran lost power to Ayatollah Khomeini’s Islamic revolution. Khomeini gave the Israeli embassy in Iran to the PLO. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

13 May 1979 – The Shah of Iran and his family were sentenced to death in Tehran. ( Today in history. 13 May 2015).

6 Nov 1979 – Ayatollah Khomeini took over Iran. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 6 Nov 2015).

22 Sept 1980 – Saddam Hussein’s Iraq invaded Iran. The war lasted for eight years. Both sides use chemical weapons and suicide attacks. More than one million people died on each side. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom ©2005 US).

20 Jan 1981 – 52 Americans held hostage in Iran for 444 days were freed. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 20 Jan 2016).

11 June 1981 – 1,500 people were killed. Timeline of earthquakes.

1982 – A history of Persian earthquakes. Cambidge uni press UK.

1983 – Saudi Arabian arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and Irangate. The US gave Iran Tow anti tank missiles and Hawk anti aircraft missiles. The Saudis paid for them. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the kingdom ©2005 US).

9 Dec 1984 – Iran’s commandos end day hijack of Kuwaiti plane. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 9 Dec 2015).

Sept 1985 – Iran paid $7 million out of Swiss bank accounts. Iran gate. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

14 Sept 1985 – late Aug 1985 arms were sent to Tehran from Israel. US hostage in Beirut Lebanon was Rev Benjamin Weir. Miles Copeland CIA was in Iran. SAS. Iran got 128 US tanks. 200,000 Katysha rockets. 10,000 tons of artillery shells. 3,000 air to air missiles. 4,000 rifles and 50 million rounds of ammunition. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

17 Jan 1986 – US Pres Reagan sold weapons directly to Iran. (Inside the NSC. ©1988 C Menges).

25 May 1986 – Air technician working for Aer Lingus the Irish airline. Amiram Nir and Oliver North from Tel Aviv to Tehran. 97 Tow guided missiles and Hawk missile spare parts. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thoams (c)2008 UK).

1987 – Kuross A Samii. Involvement by invitation, strategy of containment in Iran. Park Pennsylvania state uni press.

1988 – Thousands of Iranian Shiites were in Saudi Arabia for the Hajj. Saudi police opened fire on them. A large Iranian crowd, 400 Iranians were killed and 600 wounded. No investigation. (The house of Saud. Said K Aburish ©2005 UK).

3 July 1988 – The shooting down by the USS Vincennes, of an Iranian passenger plane in the Persian Gulf. Killing 290 people. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

1989 – At the Saudi Arabian Hajj. A tunnel incident and a stampede in which 4,026 people were killed. Mainly Iranian Shiites. No investigation. (The house of Saud. Said K Aburish ©2005 UK).

20 June 1990 – 50,000 people were killed in a 7.7 earthquake. Rapture Ready.

21 June 1990 – 50,000 people were killed in a 7.7 qearthuake. Timeline of earthquakes.

21 June 1990 – In Rudbar Iran an earthquake caused 40,000 fatalities. 60,000 people were injured. Homeless Lakh. 700 villages of Rudbar, Lushan and Manjil in Iran. (India Today. 7 Dec 2015).

22 July 1991 – Iran Contra, BCCI scandal. History news.

1992 – Louise Fawcett. Iran and the cold war. The Azerbaijan crisis of 1946. New York Cambridge uni press.

May 1996 – N I Yegorova. The Iran crisis of 1944-46. A view from the Russian archives CWIHP working paper #15.

15 May 1996 – Soviet Tudeh party. Natalia I Yegorova. The Iran crisis of`1945-46. Russian archives CWHIP white paper.

2001 – The 1953 coup in Iran. E Abrahamian. Science and society JSTOR. These archives remain inaccessible, a century has passed, the Pahlavi dynasty has fallen, the cold war has ended and most participants have died.

2001 – The history of Iran. Elton L Daniel. Westport CT Greenwood press. Worldcat database.

24 June 2001 – Wikipedia. The CIA had numerous accounts at BCCI. Oliver North. Iran Contra scandal. The cover up begins to crack. Time magazine.

11 Sept 2001 – Afghani Haji Zaheer went to Iran, Zahedan the south east of Iran. It was one of the smuggling centers in the Middle East and Asia, for drugs and other trafficking to Europe. (The 9/11 wars. Jason Burke ©2011).

12 May 2003 – al Qaeda operatives in Iran played a role in the 12 May 2003 suicide bombings in Saudi Arabia. 34 people, including 8 Americans, were killed. (Chch Press NZ. 27 May 2003. AP Reuters)

23 Dec 2003 – Bam 30,000 people were killed 6.6 earthquake. Rapture Ready.

26 Dec 2003 – 6.8 earthquake in Bam. 30,000 people were killed. (Aljazeera 15 Oct 2013).

26 Dec 2003 – Bam 26,000 people dead in the earthquake. (Hindustan Times 2 April 2014).

26 Dec 2003 – 26,000 people were killed in Bam. (ABC Australia 6 Feb 2013).

26 Dec 2003 – Bam city in Iran, the 2,000 year old citadel of Arge Bam was destroyed by the earthquake. Along with 90% of the buildings in the city of Bam. More than 26,000 people were killed and thousands of people were injured. Severe damage from the earthquake. (Apocalypse. Amos Nur. (c)2008 US).

19 Feb 2006 – Colin Freeman. Philip Sherwell. Iranian fatwa approves use of nuclear weapons. Daily Telegraph UK.

23 July 2006 – Aid from Iran to Syria to Lebanon medical and pharmaceutical drugs, planeloads 23 July 2006 IRNZ reports. Red Crescent society. Iran’s charge d’affairs in Syria was Ghazanfar Roknabadi. RFE/RL.

5 Aug 2006 – Ali Akbar Mohatashemi, former Iranian ambassador to Syria and the founder of Hezbollah. Mohtashemi was one of Ayatollah Khomeni’s students.

15 March 2007 – Interpol and the AIMA Red notice. Lyon France. The Red notice dispute. Iran and Argentina.

2008 – R Bergman. The secret war with Iran. One world.

6 Nov 2008 – aangirfan. Child abuse, Iran Contra, BCCI, Bush, Dutroux. Joel van der Reijden. 29 July 2008.

14 Sept 2009 – Interpol chief met Iran and Argentina officials about the AIMA terrorist attacks. Lyon France. Interpol’s Ronald K Noble.

23 Oct 2009 – Andrea Stricker. A smugglers use of the US financial system to receive illegal payments from Iran. ISIS report. Institute for science and int security Washington.

17 Sept 2010 – Ardebili. John Shiffman. Shadow war, hunting Iranajn arms brokers. Philadelphia Enquirer.

20 Nov 2010 – The banksters, BCCI, Iran Contra, Kissinge, NSC and BCCI.

13 Dec 2010 – Thai authorities, smugglers arrested at airport from Iran. BBC London. Heroin and cocaine.

2011 – The Iranian embezzelment scandal. Saderat bank of Iran. The largest fraud in Iran’s history.

3 Dec 2011 – Iran police seize 584kg of opium in southern Hormozgan region. BBC London.

2012 – The UK’s Standard Chartered bank began in 1969. Money laundering in 2012. It hid billions of transactions from the US, which were to sanctioned Iran. The US fined the bank $300 million. The Guardian UK .20 Aug 2014.

10 Feb 2012 – Rothschilds wants Irans banks. Pete Papaherakles. American free press.

July 2012 – HSBC money laundering report.

11 Aug 2012 – 180 people were killed and 1,300 wounded in twin earthquakes 6.4 and 6.3 in Tabriz. (Aljazeera 15 Oct 2013).

11 Aug 2012 – Two powerful earthquakes killed 250 people and injured 2,000 people in Tabriz Ahar. (ABC Australia 6 Feb 2013).

11 Aug 2012 – 306 people were killed in a 6.3 earthquake. Rapture Ready.

5 Oct 2012 – Guns, drugs, Jihad. Iran Contra, BCCI, transmissions.

9 April 2013 – 6.3 earthquake in Bushehr killed 37 people. (Aljazeera 15 Oct 2013).

7 Marc 2014 – October surprise. Iran Contra. Noreiga BCCI. Smileycoyote. Steve Mizrach, Octopus.

29 Aug 2014 – Meth replaces opium in Iran. Iran Times. Meth is also known as ice or crystal meth.

1 Sept 2014 – Six myths about the coup against Iran’s Mossadegh. The National Interest. Documents, US State Dept Iran 1952-54. Newly declassified documents.

10 Sept 2014 – From the archives. Iran in the 1960s. The Guardian blog. Ayatollah Khomeini was exiled to Najaf in 1964. The Assassination of PM Hassan Mansour a few months later.

21 Nov 2014 – Iran does nothing about slavery. Iran Times int. Washington DC. Islamic republic.

20 Jan 2015 – Ignoring the news of Iran’s evildoing. Benny Avni. New York Post.

24 Jan 2015 – Oil crisis mafia. Rehman Malik. Geo TV Pakistan. London. Petroleum crisis mafia to sell Iranian oil.

26 Jan 2015 – Iran’s terror and the death of Alberto Nisman in Argentina. Front Page magazine. Interpol Red Notice on six Iranians and Hezbollah.

27 Feb 2015 – Corruption currents. $1 billion was smuggled into Iran.

3 April 2015 – Iran info graphic. Ignorant on IAEA inspections. Nima Shrazi. Wide asleep in America. AP.

17 Oct 2015 – Two people were killed in a drive by shooing at a Shiite religious ceremony. Twitter. Anonymous news.

20 Oct 2015 – Ancient excavations in Slouy state in Isfahan. History archeology. Iran front page. Twitter.

20 Oct 2015 – Caught on tape. Inside Iran’s secret underground missile tunnels. Twitter. Before its news.

5 Nov 2015 – A 4.1 earthquake in northern Iran. My earthquake alerts. Twitter.

10 Nov 2015 – Iran is no longer dismantling centrifuges in two uranium enrichment plants. Now the end begins. Geoffrey Grinder.

21 Nov 2015 – Jonathan Cahn. End times. War with Iran. Earthquakes and disasters. Youtube.

22 Dec 2015 – Lea Speyer. Breaking Israel news. AP. Iranian cyber hackers infiltrate US power grids in an attempt to cause blackouts.

3 Jan 2016 – Riots in Tehran. Diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia cut. Saudi embassy in Tehran, rioters opned fire and torched the building. Ron Yanai. Jerusalem online.

3 Jan 2016 – Saudi Arabia cuts diplomatic ties with Iran and expels Iran’s diplomats.

15 Feb 2016 –

15 Feb 2016 –

17 June 2016 – BBC UK. Two people are dead in Tehran from a gas explosion.

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