Australia 1900 to 2016 research


1900s – The Plati mafia began arriving in Australia in the early 1990s from Italy. Cannabis, then cocaine. Families from Plati, Sinopoli and Siderno. Nicola Ciconte and Vincenzo Barbieri cocaine fom Italy. Money laundering through banks in Hong Kong, offshore, Australia and New Zealand. (Zero zero zero. Robeto Saviano (c)2013 UK).

13 August 1901 – Edith Grindle, female, was born in NSW Australia.

11 February 1902 – Immigration. Sydney to Wellington ship “Cornwall” Raper. (14 July 2013).

19 Aug 1902 – Police Gazette 1905 NZ. Murder of constable Denis Guilfoyle and seriously inuring a second constable Michael Joseph Maher in Redfor Sydney. Wanted was George Slugmere alias Malone alias Whitten aged 35. He was last seen in Wellington NZ. (NZ genealogist Jan Feb 2011.

22 May 1905 – Opium smoking in Australia. Marlborough Express NZ. Papers Past.

23 May 1905 – Opium trade in Australia. Wanganui Chronicle NZ. Papers Past.

1907 – Pinterest. Gypsy woman and two young children. Annerley Brisbane. Flikr.

28 Feb 1908 – Adelaide opium plant. Taranaki Herald NZ. Papers Past.

17 July 1909 – Customs frauds in Sydney. Nelson Evening Mail NZ. Papers Past.

1 Sept 1910 – Opium seizures at Sydney. Wanganui Chronicle NZ. Papers Past.

29 Sept 1910 – Australian Russian murder. Ashburton Guardian NZ.

1911 – Mr Charles Blythe sold his station in 1911 for 44,000 pounds and brought a home in Kelmscott. Heifer calves a herd of stock. (Western pioneers. ©1980 Australia JE Hammond).

1911 – Coastal ship “Monaro”. (Australia family tree. Sept 2010)

10 March 1911 – A shipwreck found off western Australia, was built in Peru. The SV Inca from Peru to Sydney. Daily Mail UK. Jenny Awford. 14 Jan 2016.

27 June 1911 – Opium smuggling in Australia. Nelson Evening Mail NZ. Papers Past.

22 Aug 1911 – In Victoria 27 year old Mary Davies aka Mrs Nelson, had an abortion in Melbourne. Dr Samuel Peacock. She went missing Her body was never found. Peacock died in June 1932. He left land and real estate in Melbourne. (Justice denied. James Morton. (c)2015 UK).

15 Sept 1911 – H E Holland general secretary of the Socialist federation of Australia. Maoriland worker. Papers past NZ.

29 Sept 1911 – H Scott Bennett Australian leading Socialist orator. Maoriland worker. Papers Past NZ.

13 July 1912 – The Advertiser. Abbatemaggio a rascal of deep dye. (Blood brotherhoods. John Dickie ©2011 Italy).

21 Jan 1913 – Opium in Australia. Nelson Evening Mail NZ. Papers Past.

1915 – Foiled, the enemy in our own land. The experiences of detective Dunnett in his fight against the German spies in Australia. Walter G Henderson. Sydney Australian. Worldcat database.

1915 – Newspaper archives, collected until 1915. Melbourne Australia 1941 ABC deaths in 1976 Tasmania. Hobart Tasmania convict index transportation. Overflowing prisons in the UK. Whitechapel London in 1856. NSW Sydney food supply crisis.(Who do you think you are. The genealogy handbook BBC UK (c)2014).

1915-79 – The Bexley boys home in Australia opened in 1915. In was closed in 1979. In the 1960s and 70s boys were rented out for abuse at a Salvation Army boys home in Australia. In 1974 Bexley was run by Captain Lawrence Wilson, sex abuse.

1920 to 1970 – Homeless children and sex abuse. Researching reform. 13 June 2016. UK child abuse inquiry to include children sent to Australia and Canada from 1920 to 1970. Natasha.

Jan 1922 – St Josephs refuge Fullarton SA. John William Maloney 15 January 1922. 3 January 1922 Ms Maloney. Priest Leonard Brereton. Adopted name John Anthony Peers. Certificate names and lying in records. Catholic church archives, a mystery. (Australian family tree connections. Sept 2010 p18).

7 Aug 1922 – Irish orphans offer of a home in Australia. The Irish Times Dublin.

12 Aug 1922 – Irish orphans offer of a home in Australia. Weekly Irish Times Dublin.

1926 – Catholic leaders in Perth planned for a farm school at Tardun, west of Geraldton. An extension of Clontarf orphanage to be staffed by Christian brothers.

9 Dec 1929 – Birthday of Bob Hawke Australian politiian. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 9 Dec 2015).

1930s – Australian map Victoria road and railway. (Trade me NZ. Antiques documents maps. 7 April 2016. Auckland $20).

1930 – William Ransey Smith. Myth and legend of the Australian aboriginals. London. George G Harrey.

16 August 1930 – Joseph, born in Australia. His parents were farmers in Victoria, one of his parents was Lebanese. (Crime in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

1931 – Mr Thompson Logue land at Cookernup in south west early days of the colony. Stoek was a farm. Death in 1931 at age 93 years Mr Logue lived at Cookernup all his life. He was a justice of the peace for over 30 years and a church warden. (Western pioneers. ©1980 Australia JE Hammond).

19 March 1931 – Robert Trimbole was born in Australia to Italian parents. Griffith area. Access to corrupt police and customs. Brian Alexander and Terry Clark. Mr Asia drug syndicate. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).

19 March 1931 – Crime library The fixer The rise and fall of Australian drug lord Robert Trimbole. Patrick Bellamy.

19 March 1931 – Robert Trimbole was born in Griffith. His father was from the Calabrian town of Plati Italy. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

1932-55 – In 1955 the Royal Commission on espionage in Australia. The Petrov’s. Ian Frances George Milner was a New Zelander and Russian spy. Before 1932 Milner went by ship to Leningrad as a Socialist. Milner returned to NZ in Aug 1939 as a NZ government worker. A friend of Dr Sutch, the Soviet spy and Dr Martyn Findlay in 1939 and Walter Seddon Clayton also a NZ Socialist. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

13 Sept 1933 – Donald MacKay was born in Griffith Australia. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

1934 – Gianfranco Tizzone was born in 1934. Trimbole, Melbourne James Frederick Bazley and the murder of Donald MacKay. Drug couriers Douglas and Isabel Wilson. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

18 April 1935 – Sydney. James Smith, he disappeared on 8 April 1935. In the 1930s Sydney was a violent city. There was a large criminal underworld, controlling the flow of opium, from the east to America. Ships from the far east sailed to the American west coast. Sydney, transfer opium aboard ships. Opium dealing. (World famous unsolved crimes. Colin Wilson ©1992 UK).

29 Oct 1935 – Antonio Sergi. Trimbole drug operation. Calabrian mafia member born. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

12 March 1936 – Opium haul. Australian 1,000 pound haul. Auckland Star NZ. Papers Past.

1938-40 – Nazi spies in Sydney shortwave coded messages. Annette Wagner in Australia in 1938. Photo Australian womans weekly Jan 1939. Corrupt politics and business. She went to France in 1940. Died in 1946 jumped from a window in Paris police HQ, a Nazi spy. Australian National archives. 12 March 2015. Nigel Gladstone. North Shore Times. News local.

1939-1944 – In 1939 Australia had a population of 7,000,000, it had an army of 80,000 men, volunteers increased its numbers to by 1944 reached half a million. (The momentous years. ©1961 Priestly and Betts).

13 Jan 1939 – Black friday bush fires. 71 people were killed and 20,000 sq km burned. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 13 Jan 2016).

April 1939 – Mosze Rozen baum of Radzilow Poland, poor and destitute, emigrated to Australia. (The crime and the silence. Anna Bikont (c)2015 UK).

5 April 1939 – Brian Alexander was born in Sydney. His disappearance was in December 1981. Brian William Alexander and the Sydney law firm of John Lawrence Aston. Corrupt police and customs. The Mr Asia drug syndicate. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).

1940s to 1960s – Child sex abuse. Royal commission into child sex abuse in Perth. Homes run by the Christian brothers from the 1940s to 1960s. Clair Moodie. Sydney ABC 28 April 2014.

1940-47 – Sigint operations were controlled by the UK. In 1940 Australia established its own separate organisation. The Australian Defence signals bureau. Formed at Albert park barracks in Melbourne on 12 Nov 1947, in the shadow of GCHQ. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©)2001 UK).

1940-63 – Since the 1940s Australian mafia in Auckland NZ. Brickie Molloy and Jack Coles. Ring bolted. Mid 1963 horses Melbourne Australian mafia. NZ election 30 Nov 1963. Melbourne Ken Mitchell Italian suits. (The Bassett road mahine gun murders. Scott Bainbridge (c)2013 NZ).

29 April 1941 – In Meeberrie Australia a 7.2 earthquake. USGS historic world earthquakes.

10 Feb 1942 – Search for spies in Australia. The Manchester Guardian UK.

19 Feb 1942 – 150 Japanese warplanes attacked Darwin. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 19 Feb 2016)

July 1942 – The “Montevideo maru” from Rabaul in July 1942 with 1,000 Australian POW’s. The ship was torpedoed and sank by an American submarine off Luzon in the Philippines. None of the prisoners survived. (Japans Gestapo. Mark Felton ©2009 UK).

Sept 1942 – Kokoda track company. Soldiers of the Australian 39th battalion. Pinterest. 7 Nov 2015.

30 December 1942 – Frances John Nugan was born in Griffith NSW. Frank Farrell Australia dictionary biography 2000 Nugan Hand bank.

1943 – Wikipedia. Venona project. Soviet espionage and Australia. Venona revealed Wally Clayton “Klod” as an official in the Communist party of Australia. CPA chief organiser of Soviet Intel in Australia. No date.

1943-46 – Soviet espionage in Australia was known to a core of western officials since 1944, Soviet agents in Canberra. In 1946, info from Gouzenko also pointed to espionage in Australia. Leaks of US info in Australia. Documents had been leaking from Canberra since 1943. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich (c)2001 UK).

1943-48 – At the end of 1947, leaks into Soviet secret services traffic showed the presence of an active Soviet agent inside the Australian government. 27 Jan 1948 a leak in High government circles in Australia, to Russia, since 1943. Canberra dept of external affairs. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1943-62 – Murray Stewart Riley was a former police officer. He joined the police in 1943 aged 19, a corrupt detective Ray Kelly. In 1962 he resigned and went into organized crime. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1944-50 – Desmond Ball. David Horner. Breaking the code. Australian KGB network. Sydney 1998.

3 Jan 1944 – Nazi spies in Australia. Evening Post NZ. Papers past.

14 Jan 1944 – A Kempeitai unit called Matsu Kikan or Pine Tree, on the northwest shore of western Australia. Japanese landings near Carter and Browne islands in western Australia, enemy troops in Australia during the Second World War. (Japans Gestapo. Mark Felton ©2009 UK).

1945-46 – Venona codebreaking operation. New Zealander and Soviet spy Ian Milner was named twice in traffic between the Soviet embassy in Canberra Australia and Moscow. 29 Sept 1945 New Zealander Soviet spy Wally Clayton, code named “Klod”. 6 oct 1945 Venona decrypts. March 1946 Milner and Klod. Milner also worked for Czech intel 1932. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1945-70 – Vaccines were tested on Australian orphans. Orphan babies and children for 25 years as wards of the state. Experiments on orphans in Victoria. (11 June 1997. Independent UK. Robert Millike Sydney).

5 May 1945 – Payment to a KGB agent inside the Australian government. Canberra no 141 Venona story.

29 Sept 1945 – A Communist party member who is a KGB agent in the Australian dept of external affairs. No 361-62 Venona story.

29 Sept 1945 – Venona. The Soviet embassy in Canberra Austarlia and Moscow traffic. New Zealanders and Soviet spies, Ian Milner and Wally Clayton. Venona began in Feb 1943. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1946-47 – Australia KGB spy cases were uncovered by Venona in the late 1940s. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1946-47 – In July 1947 UK and Australia. A spy in Australia was connected to the Igor Gouzenkou case, in which a defecting KGB cipher clerk had revealed a major spy ring in Ottawa in 1946. In Nov and Dec 1947 Venona revealed that documents were leaving from Canberra to the KGB. Material was passed to the KGB from the dept of external affairs in Canberra. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1 Jan 1946 – Pasquale Sergi born Plati Calabria. Trimbole family drug trafficking Griffith Sydney. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

April 1947 – In 1947 Australian SIGINT agency to defence Signals branch DSB in M elbourne. British GCHQ officer Teddy Poulden April 1947. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

1948 – Soviet espionage in the late 1940’s in Australia. ASIO Labour PM Ben Chifley. Venona and the cold war. Julius Rosenberg and Alger Hiss. Historians access to files. UKUSA intel with Canada, Australia and NZ. Sigint 1948. (GCHQ (c)2010 UK Richard J Aldrich).

1948 – Roger Hollis was allegedly in Australia in Sept 1947, but he did not visit Australia until 1948. GRU M15 Elli. In Jan 1948 decrypts of KGB traffic said a major espionage effort was underway from Australia to Russia. Soviet diplomats in Canberra and leaks in high government circles in Australia to Russia. On 17 Feb 1948 a request from Australia for US guided missile data wa refused. In Feb 1948 UK Sillitoe went to Canberra. PM Ben Chifley. Hollis former assistant Robert Hemblys-Scales. In May 1948 the US broke off data sharing with Australia. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher (c)2011 UK).

1948-49 – In Feb 1948 Sir Percy Sillitoe was sent to Australia. Australian PM was Joseph Chifley and Defence minister was Sir Frederick Shelden, ASIO. On 19 April 1949, a month after the formation of ASIO. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1948-52 – Australian PM in Sept 1948 was Ben Chifley. Minister of defence was John Dedman and external affairs HR Bert Evatt. Venona info and the prosecution of Soviet agents in the dept of external affairs. The SLO in Australia was close to M15. ASIO in March 1949 which still exists today. In 1952 British SIS was set up by the Australian ASIS. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

Feb 1948 – Sir Percy Sillitoe went to Australia, the head of M15 UK. Roger Hollis went with him, the head of M15 C division. The creation of ASIO by Labour PM Ben Chifley and vetting. (GCHQ. (c)2010 UK Richard J Aldrich).

May 1948 – The US and defence sharing agreements with Australia. This threatened the British Australian rocket development project. (Treachery. C Pincher ©2011 UK).

Aug-Sept 1948 – Roger Hollis M15 GRU Elli was in Caberra Australia. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher (c)2011 UK).

Sept 1948 – Research records detect Communists in government departments UK New Zealand and Australia. M15 in 1948 and Venona decrypts identified.a high level Soviet espionage network operating in Australia Canberra. Venona relations, the US placed a ban on all US intel going to Australia. Sept 1948 Sir Percy Sillitoe and Roger Hollis went to Australia and M15. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

1 Dec 1948 – The Somerton man, a cold war spy?

1 Dec 1948 – Pinterest. A man in his mid 40’s was found dead on Somerton beach Australia.

1 Dec 1948 – Bustle. Unsolved mystery. Lucia Peters. 26 Sept 2015. The Somerton man. Taman Shud. Adelaide south Australia. No labels on clothes. Unidentified. On 30 Nov 1948 a suitcase at the Adelaide railway station.

1 Dec 1948 – Taman Shud. A V Club UK. 3 Jan 2016. The Somerton man, a Soviet spy. Mike Vago. Wikipedia. Lt Alfred Boxall turned up in 1949. The Australian government refused to exhume the body to confirm DNA. Unsolved death.

1949 – Norman Brookman was born in 1884 and died age 65 in 1949. Australian politicain. Died in a car crash Noarlunga south Australia. Head on crash with a 4 ton truck. Wikipedia.

1949-59 – ‘Operation Mole’ in Australia. Charles Spry was head of ASIO in 1959. Spry was made head of ASIO on its formation in 1949. He had previously been director of military intelligence. He lobbied for an intelligence gathering agency similar to M15. Defection of the Petrov’s who worked in the cipher section of the Russian embassy in Canberra. Russia broke off diplomatic relations and placed their embassy under Switzerland.

1949-59 – ‘Operation Mole’. A visit to London by Sir Charles Spry, head of Australian Intel ASIO in 1959. Spry was made head of ASIO on its formation 1949. Since the defection of the Petrov’s from the Russian embassy in Canberra, the Russians broke off diplomatic relations and placed their embassy under the Swiss. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright ©1987 UK).

1949-66 – Australia’s longest serving PM was Menzies. (History today. Oct 2014 UK).

7 Feb 1949 – ASIO, Australian security Intel organisation began, to defend Australia against espionage and sabotage. It was a law unto itself. Roger Hollis M15 GRU Elli left the UK to return to Australia. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher ©2011 UK).

25 Feb 1949 – Soviet intel bureau Melbourne. Australian intel service. 25 Feb 1949. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

1950 – Maltese child migrants, all boys, arrived in Australia. All were placed in the Christian brothers institutions in western Australia. 280 Maltese child migrants went to Australia.

1950 – br J G Ramsey came from south Dublin. He was educated at Christian brothers high school Dublin. He was killed during a science demonstration at St Laurence’s college south Brisbane Australia. Christian brother Catholic.

1950s – ASIO, Australia security intel organisation, equivalent of M15. The Venona twelve kept the ASIO staff of 200 busy well into the 1950s. Infiltration of the police. Almost a quarter of the Venona messages relating to Canberra still remain classified. KGB agents not pursued or prosecuted. The creation of ASIO by PM Ben Chifley. Historians need to access files of the KGB and Soviet military intel or GRU in Moscow for more of the Venona story. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1950s – Irish orphans children were sent to Australia in the 1950s. Historic sex abuse.

1950s – Op death Eaters OZ. Jehovah’s witness cover up. Child sex crimes date back to the 1950s. Twitter 29 July 2015.

1950s-1963 – Australian mafia 1963 NZ, seamen sailors Auckland. George Walker 1950s. Italian suits. Gerald Wilby seaman unionist. (The Bassett road machine gun murders. Scott Bainbridge (c)2013 NZ).

9 April 1951 – Australian hitman Percy Charles Neville Sydney since 1928. Died in Melbourne 9 April 1951 shot dead. (The Bassett road machine gun murders. Scott Bainbridge (c)2013 NZ).

1952 – Test of British first nuclear weapon in the Monte Bello islands off the coast of western Australia. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

Oct 1952 – The first explosion of the British bomb at Monte Bello in western Australia. Aldermeton Berkshire in the UK. CND protests. (The atom bomb spies. H Montgomey Hyde. (c)1980 UK).

3 Oct 1952 – British test of atomic weapons off the west coast of Australia. A guard on the test site was in place until mid Jan 1953. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1953 – Child migration to Australia. John Moss UK home office.

12 Sept 1953 – 14 year old Shirley Collins in Richmond Melbourne. To days later her naked body was found at Mount Martha 38 miles from Melbourne. Unsolved murder. (World famous unsolved crimes. Colin Wilson ©1992 UK).

1954 – ASIO Defection of two KGB officers in Canberra, Vladimir Petrov and his wife.(Treachery. Chapman Pincher ©2011 UK).

1954-55 – In late 1954 Australia spy case defector of the Soviet Union, intel officer Vladimir and Eudokia Petrov in mid 1955 for years after their escape the defection of Vladimir Petrov a KGB officer in Australia. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

April 1954 – Vladimir Petrov, third secretary at the Soviet embassy in Canberra defected to the west. (NZ and the Soviet Union. AC Wilson ©2004).

April 1954 – Vladimir Mikhailovich Petrov, a KGB resident in Canberra defected. ASIO George Richards . (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

3 April 1954 – Australia defection of Soviet intel KGB head of station in Canberra, Vladimir Petrov. Mikhail Bialoguski was a Polish doctor and part time ASIO agent, political asylum 3 April 1954 Petrov defected to ASIO. He was sent by Soviet intel chief Lavrenti Beria, who was executed by Soviet leaders in June 1953. The Petrov’s live in Australia under aliases. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013)

3 April 1954 – Vladimir Petrov was third secretary at the Soviet embassy in Canberra.

ASIO. Political asylum. ASIO head was Charles Spry. The Soviet spy network in Australia. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

3 April 1954 – Royal Commission national archives Australia 1945-55. Defection of Petrov.

13 April 1954 – A KGB officer named Vladimir Petrov, working at the Soviet embassy in Canberra, defected to the ASIO, was then joined by his KGB officer wife. The Australian security officer in charge of the Petrov defection was Michael Thwaites. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

13 April 1954 – Hollis was involved in the 13 April 1954. KGB officer called Vladimir Petrov at the Soviet embassy in Canberra. Defected to ASIO Fillip Kislytsin. was in charge of a section in Moscow passing info and documents provided by Maclean and Burgess. The Australian security officer in charge of the Petrov case was Michael Thwaites. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

14 April 1954 – Vladimir Petrov. RT Reed M15. 8 April 1954. Soviet espionage in Australia. The Times UK. 14 April 1954. Vladimir Petrov. RT Reed. M15. 8 April 1954. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

14 April 1954 – Soviet diplomat Vladimir Petrov asks for political asylum in Canberra. (

1955 – Australian public affairs info service APAIS National library of Australia Commonwealth.

1955 – M Bialoguski. The Petrov story. William Heinemann Melbourne.

1955-61 – Gianfranco Tizzoni moved from Italy to Australia in 1955, married with two children. He worked as a truck driver until about 1961 when he became a taxi driver in Melbourne. (Crims in grass castles ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

1956 – Child migration to Australia. Report of a fact finding mission. UK govt London.

1956 – W J Brown. The Petrov conspiracy unmasked. Crest books Sydney.

1956 – John Ross investigations into Australia’s child care homes, to which British children were sent. 26 institutions, children were tortured and raped in children’s care homes in Australia. Police were involved in the abuse. Australia Sun Herald has evidence of the abuse of children in New South Wales.

1956 – (Aangirfan 17 Nov 2014). In 1956 John Ross investigated Australian childrens care homes, in which British children were sent. He wanted 26 institutions shut down. Children were tortured and raped in care homes in Australia.

1957 – Cathy O’Brien was born, a child victim of mind control, a government project called Monarch. Which was part of the CIA’s MKULTRA, sex abuse ring . International paedophile ring, drug barons and sadists.

25 Sept 1957 – UK nuclear tests at Maralinga Australia. (Today in history. Chch Star NZ. 25 Sept 2015).

9 Oct 1957 – UK nuclear tests at Maralinga Australia. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 9 Oct 2015).

1959 – ASIO Australia and the Soviet embassy in Canberra. Roger Hollis M15 chief, GRU Elli and Operaton Mole. (Treachery. Chapman Pincher (c)2011 UK).

1960 – Old road map of NSW. (Trade me NZ. Antiques documents maps. 7 April 2016. $5)

1960s – Barry Raymond McCann was one of Murray Riley’s partners. Trafficked heroin, Mr Asia and George Savvas. Heroin in Cabramatta. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1960s – George David Freeman was protected by corrupt police and politicians, crime in Australia. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1960s-70s – George Freeman controlled illegal casinos in Sydney. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Austrlia)

1960s to 1980s – Paedophile Gerald Ridsdale abused at least 54 students in the 60s, 70s and 80s. Boys and girls. One of Australia’s worst sex offenders. (1 April 2015. Shannon Deery Herald Sun).

14 Jan 1960 – The Reserve Bank of Australia RBA. Australia’s central bank. The Reserve Bank Act of 1959.

1962 – Secret dossiers probed Godfathers behind Melbourne Mafia bloodshed in 1960s Domenico the pope Italiano in 1962 Calabrian Mafia in Australia was killed. (Herald sun. 13 July 2013).

1962-63 – Bodies of Kevin Speight and George Walker found Remuera Auckland NZ on 10 Dec 1963. Gangsters from Australia. Ring bolt to NZ, Seamans union and other unions. Brickie Molloy and Walter Jackie Steele from Melbourne in NZ. 1962 Mafia murders in Melbourne. (The Bassett road machine gun murders. Scott Bainbridge (c)2013 NZ).

24 Dec 1962 – A Melbourne woman in her late 40s went missing. Janina Wojcitr. She was found dead years later in Canberra. Article would not copy and paste. 15 May 2016. The Age Polish name?.

After 1962 – New Zealand SIS agent David Warner and an Australian intel ASIO Op. The KGB officer Ivan Fedorovich Skirpov. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

1963 – Charles Bateson. Gold fleet for California 49ers from Australia and New Zealand. Sydney Ure Smith.

1963 – The family among the Australian aborigines. A sociological study. B Malinowski. Schocken books.

1964-70s – Anthony ‘Pommy’ Tony Eustace moved to Australia in 1964. By the early. 1970s he was involved in Sydney drug importing and trafficking. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

10 Feb 1964 – The Australian destroyer HMAS Voyager sank after colliding with the aircraft carrier HMAS Malbourne. 82 people were killed. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 10 Feb 2016).

6 April 1964 – John Frederick Bennett. Missing person. Born in 1940. Sydney, he worke.d for the Navy. AFP Australian federal police.

26 Oct 1964 – Eric Cooke was the last person officially hanged in Western Australia. (Brothers. Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).

Late 1960s – Bruno Trimbole was born on 19 March 1931. Late 1960s Ndrangheta or Calabrian mafia in Griffith. Trimbole had Donald MacKay killed. Mr Asia syndicate. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

Late 1960s – Lennie McPherson and George Freeman Australia. Joseph Dan Testa Chicago Illinois US. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

Jan 1965 – Australia said it would send more military advisors to join its training team in South Vietnam. It said it might send a battalion if America introduced combat forces. (NZ and the Vietnam war. Roberto Rabel ©2005).

Feb 1965 – Joseph Dan Testa from Chicago Illinois visited Australia as a guest of casino, Ronnie Lee. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

27 Sept 1965 – Mafia in Australia, police raid houses. The Irish Times 1921 Dublin.

Nov 1965 – Jackie Steele went to Australia from NZ. He was gunned down outside his home in Woollahra Sydney. (The Bassett road machine gun murders. Scott Bainbridge (c)2013 NZ).

1 Nov 1965 – Police seek mafia in Australia. The Guardian UK.

1966 – Pine gap station opened in Australia. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK)

1966 – When Australia sent a task force to Vietnam and a signals intel unit. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1966-1989 – Nicholas Oman was rep of Merex in the early 1990s. He was born in 1943 in Podkoren Slovenia. From the 1960s he lived in Australia. The Canberra branch of Interpol said in 1966 he was guilty of assault with a weapon. In 1967 possesssion of a restricted substance. In 1973 unlawful assault. In the mid 1980s theft by deception,.fraud and armed robbery. Nicholas Oman went to Italy in 1989, he met with Licio Gelli and a banking scandal. (The shadow world. Andrew Feinstein (c)2011 US).

26 Jan 1966 – The Beaumont children. Jan, Arnna and Grant. Last seen then disappeared. Genelg Adeilade.

26 Jan 1966 – The Advertiser. Adelaide. South Australia’s most notorious unsolved cases and mysteries. Lynton Grace. 14 Jan 2014. The Beaumont children, Jane, Arnna. and Grant may be living in New Zealand.

26 Jan 1966 – Last seen in Australia.

1967 – Australia got its first O boats and senior British officers and technicians transferred to the Royal Australian navy with them. The Australian Sigint target was the Soviet naval power in the Pacific. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

26 Jan 1966 – The Beaumont children. Bustle. Unsolved mystery. Lucia Peters. 26 Sept 2015. Adelaide Somerton park three kids went missing. Same place where the Somerton man went missing 20 years earlier. Not a coincidnce.

1967-76 – George Pierce Countis, from San Francisco went to Australia in 1967. Murray Riley. Harry Wainwright, a lawyer for the mafia in the US west coast. Wainwright became an Australian citizen, NSW drugs 1976 Riley heroin syndicate. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

3 Feb 1967 – Ronald Ryan was the last person to be hanged at Pentridge jail in Melbourne. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 3 Feb 2016).

Nov 1967 – Conference of counter intel officers from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. To be held every 18 months. Called CAZAB. The first conference was held in Melbourne Australia in Nov 1967. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright ©1987 UK).

17 Dec 1967 – Harold Holt PM of Australia, disappeared, at Cheviot beach in Australia. (The annals of unsolved crime. EJ Epstein ©2012 US).

1968-75 – In 1968 Trimbole was declared bankrupt, his petrol station and all the records of the business was burnt. Discharged from bankruptcy in 1975, with assets of $2 million. (Smack express. Clive Small (c)2010 Australia).

14 Oct 1968 – A 6.8 earthquake in the town of Meckering, ruptured roads and railways nearby. (14 Oct 2015. Chch Star NZ. Today in history.)

14 Oct 1968 – In Meckering Australia a 6.9 earthquake. USGS historic world earthquakes.

1 Nov 1968 – Robert Trimbole was made bankrupt. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

1 Nov 1968 – Robert Trimbole was made bankrupt, a $10,986 deficit. The Pool garage burnt down, destroying business asssets and records. Suspicious cause of fire. Trimbole kept working on cars as a mechanic. (Crims in grass castles. Keith Moor (c)2009 Australia).

1969 – At its peak 68,889 troops from Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Thailand and the Philippines were in Vietnam. The Vietnam war. (Timelines of history. Siam Thailand).

25 Aug 1969 – Lucille Gaye Butterworth missing person.

1970s – About 80,000 people were adopted in NSW since the first laws governing adoption came into force in the 1970s, illegitimacy. (Janet Reaker How to trace your missing ancestors. ©2000 Australia).

1970s – The declassified Kingfisher files. The Royal Australian Air Force. Kingfisher POWs at Sandakan. (Japans Gestapo. Mark Fulton ©2009 UK).

1970s – Bob Trimbole, the Ndrangheta, and the Mr Asia syndicate. Griffith NSW. Griffith had 12,500 residents. Three fifths of them were of Italian birth. Calabria Italy. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1970s – Archbishop concealed sex abuse. Radio NZ. Paedophile priest Jim Fletcon. Archbishop Wilson in the Maitland Diocean near Novicotle NSW 1970. Archbishop Wilson aged 64 senior Catholic officer. 17 March 2015.

1970s – Inquiry planned into pre 1970s use of orphans in vaccine tests in Australia. Melbourne. (The Irish Times Dublin.11 June 1997).

1970s – 2010 – Aunty. Australian cocaine importer. A Colombian woman in her 50s who moved to Australia in the 1970s. A tonne of cocaine every 18 months, a syndicate. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1970s-80s – 1970s Queensland Australia Jon Bjelke Peterson PM A police state corruption was rife, police were a law unto themselves, June 1978 Police were fabricating evidence and telling lies. In the late 1980s the Fitzgerald inquiry into corruption in the Queensland police said it was endemic. Detective sergeant Peter Le Gros. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

1970s 80s – The family murders. 1970s to 1983. During the 1970s and early 1980s in Adelaide. High profile group and young male teens, some hitchikers, at least 200 boys were drugged, sex abused and at least 5 were killed, dumped mutilated and dismembered. Unsolved. (The Advertiser. Adeilade. South Australia most notorious unsolved crimes. Lynton Grace 14 Jan 2014).

1970-1990s – Victoria Catholic boys boarding school priest, David Edwin Rapson, rape of boys. Eventually jailed and defrocked by the Pope. (31 March 2015 Shannon Deery. Herald Sun).

13 Jan 1970 – Van Ro Le, Cabramatta Vietnamese, murder drugs. Born 13 Jan 1970. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

13 March 1970 – Peter Francis Colburn went missing after work at Dinmore meatworks 20 miles from Brisbane. Bruce Peters and Kerry Rowan also went missing. (jJstice denied. James Morton (c)2015 UK).

19 July 1970 – NSA first Ryolite satellites. Pine Gap Australia and Menwith Hill near Harregate in Yorkshire UK. NSA Sigint was collected by satellites. (GCHQ Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1971 – Christian brothers Catholic school. Edward Dowlah. In 1971 he was at Ballarat St Alipius as a priest with other paedophiles. Gerard Ridsdale and Robert Best. Convicted as worst paedophiles in Victoria’s history.(Herald Sun. 27 March 2015 Padraic Murphy and Shanon Deery).

1971-73 – In 1971 Tizzoni, Trimbole and Archie Molinaro dealt with Bally coin machines, alleged mafia connections. By 1973 Tizzoni was the Melbourne head of the marijuana distribution for the Griffith family. (Crime in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

1971-85 – Schools run by the Catholic Christian brothers, Cathedral college in east Melbourne, Chanel college in Geelong. Warrnambool and Ballarat. Dales got 10 years jail in 1996 for 1971 sex crimes. Ballarat St Alipius primary school. Paedophiles Gerald Ridsdale and Robert Best. (27 March 2015).

1971-85 – Catholic Christian brother eventually jailed for sex attacks on students. Edward Dowlah sex attacks on more than 20 students, some as young as 8. (27 March 2015. Herald Sun. Padraic Murphy and Shannon Deery).

3 July 1971 – Julian Assange was born in Townsville Queensland . (Wikileaks. Inside Julian Assange’s war on secrecy. ©2011 UK).

1972 – Phyllis Mander Jones ed. Manuscripts in the British isles relating to Australia and New Zealand. Australian national university.

1972 – Robert Trimbole mafia knew Griffith policeman Al Grassby who became immigration minister in Gough Whitlam’s Labour govt in 1972. (Crims in grass castles. Keith Moor (c)2009 Australia).

1972-73 – George Freeman and Lennie Mcpherson , visits from Danny Stein Steinberg Las Vegas casinos. Meyer Lansky. Stein visited Sydney four times. Business with Freeman. Mafia involvement in NSW a series of meetings in Double Bay. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1972-Dec 1981 – NSW policeman Fred Krahe, died in December 1981, aged 62. Krahe was employed by Frank Nugan. Krahe retired from the police in 1972. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

1973 – Nugan Hand ltd was founded in Sydney in 1973 by Australian lawyer Francis John “Frank” Nugan, ties to the Mafia in Griffith NSW. (Wiki Nugan Hand bank).

25 Aug 1973 – Kirste Gordon and Joanne Ratcliffe went missing. 4 and 11 years old. Bodies not found. Unsolved. (The Advertiser Adeilade. South Australia. Unsolved. Lynton Grace 14 Jan 2014).

Feb 1974 – Two of the first marijuana crops discovered in Australia were found near Griffith. Calabrian mafia cell in Griffith, Robert Trimbole. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

19 Feb 1974 – Giuseppe Scarfo was arrested and charged. British, Australia, sentenced 21 May 1974 and fined, small fines. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

Sept 1974 – Organized crime and corrupt police. American mafia in Australia. John Stewart Regan was gunned down in a Marrickville street. A child Regan was minding disappeared. Organized crime in NSW and the mafia. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

mid 1970s – Murray Riley’s drug operation, heroin distribution. (Smack express. Clive Small (c)2010 Australia).

mid 1970s – Arthur Stanley Smith. Murray Riley heroin distributor. Sold heroin. Corruption Roger Rogerson. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

mid 1970s – Murray Stewart Riley NSW police, resigned in 1962 corruption since the 1950s. Heroin trade from mid 1970s. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

Late 1970’s – Robert Jantzen was CIA station chief in Thailand. Nugan Hand bank in Australia. Drug trafficking between Thailand and Australia. Money laundering.

23 June 1975 – A brothel keeper named Shirley Finn was shot dead in her car near the south Perth foreshore. The murder is unsolved. Police corruption is suspected. A year before Finn’s murder a bomb blasted the façade of one of her brothels. (Brothers. Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).

4 July 1975 – Robert Trimbole was discharged from bankruptcy. (Crims in grass castles. Keith Moor (c)2009 Australia).

3 Oct 1975 – Terrence Clark was arrested charged with importing heroin into NZ. Clark got bail and fled to Australia. He based his activities in Australia for the next two years, with connections to NZ. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

10 Nov 1975 – Drug bust at Coleambally near Griffith. The Calabrian mafia. The market value of the drugs was $25 million. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

10-11 Nov 1975 – Drug bust in Griffith. The Calabrian mafia. The Whitlam govt and governor general Sir John Kerr, after a marijuana crop was found. (Crims in grass castles. Keith Moor (c)2009 Australia).

11 Nov 1975 – Australian PM Gough Whitlam was removed from office by the governor general Sir John Kerr. The first elected PM removed in 200 years. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 11 Nov 2015).

1976 – Terry Clark ran the “Mr Asia” heroin trafficking syndicate. Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the UK. Corrupt police and customs. Terry Clark moved from New Zealand to Brisbane in 1976 with his first wife. She was a heroin addict, who later died.

1976 – Nugan Hand and BCCI used the same law firm in the Cayman islands, Bruce Campbell and company. The firm acted a registered agent for Nugan Hand. In 1976 it set up BCCI unit International Credit and Investment Company Ltd ICIC. Bruce Campbell also organised and managed several other corporate entities related to BCCI.

1976 – Murray Riley imported 50 kg of heroin into Australia in at least six shipments, smuggled inside a cruiser. Vesey and Cornwall. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1976 – Murray Riley. American Michael Hand, a former green beret in Vietnam. Nugan Hand merchant bank. Murray Riley laundering money from heroin trafficking. And large cash deposits from the American mafia. Hand bank in Thailand Chiang Mai. Neil Evans from Queensland worked in Nugan Hand bank Chiang Mai drug money. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1976-79 – Terrence Clark imported massive amounts of heroin into Australia. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

1976-79 – Christopher Martin Johnstone in Auckland NZ in the early 1970s. Singapore ships crew Thailand buddha sticks drugs. Terrence Clark and maritime companies. Heroin trade. Clark moved to Sydney. Johnstone moved to Singapore. By mid 1977 couriers heroin in Melbourne and Perth. 200 kilograms of heroin between 1976 and 1979. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia)

Early 1976 – Another death linked to Terry Clark Mr Asia. 26 year old Maria Ann Hission whose bullet ridden body was found in Sydney harbour in early 1976, weighed down with a ships anchor. (Law breakers mischief. ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).

1977 – Another key member of the “Mr Asia” drug syndicate was “Aussie Bob” Trimbole, a senior member of the L’Onorata society, the honoured society, in Griffith Australia. Italians of Calabrian descent. In the late 1970’s drug trafficking. 1977 Donald Mackay’s body was never found. Trimbole organised fake passports. He visited Terry Clark in London in July 1979 and left Australia in 1981. He fled to Spain from Ireland in 1987 and allegedly died. (Article 31 January 2009 by Kara Lawrence. The Daily Telegraph.)

1977 – Donald MacKay was shot dead in a Griffith pub car park. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

1977 – Fred Krahe, killer cop, worked for Frank Nugan in 1977. Ex cop killed MacKay book Sydney connection 15 August 2007.

1977 – Terry Clark brought Peter Fulcher and Patrick Norton Bennett from NZ to set up his Sydney markets. Couriers through banks like Nugan Hand 1977. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

1977 – The Texan tavern and Texan butchery was sold to Giuseppe Sergi in march 1973 by Robert Trimbole. The 15 July 1977 disappearance and murder of Donald Mackay. Giuseppe Sergi and Tony Sergi were involved. Griffith policeman Al Grassby was in the Gough Whitlam Labout govt. References to a meat mincer. (Crims in grass castles. Keith Moor. (c)2009 Australia).

1977-80 – Clive Small was an investigater on the Woodward Royal Commission into drug trafficking. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1977-1995 – 40 unsolved murders from 1977 to 1995 by the mafia crime group and drug trafficking. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

March 1977 – The “Konpira” ship and heroin smuggling into Australia. 400 kilos of white China four heroin smuggled to Australia.

March 1977 – Clark killed four people, the first two were crewmen of the trawler Konpira, which had 400 kilos of drugs from Thailand, then the two crewmen were killed and thrown overboard. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia)

July 1977 – Jim Shepherd made a few trips to Singapore to set up false bank accounts for himself. Clark asked him for $50,000 over the next 2 years. Millions, banks like Nugan Hand. (Mr Asia. ©2010 J Shepherd Aust NZ).

15 July 1977 – Donald MacKay was kidnapped in a hotel car park. Shotgun shells and blood were found in his locked van. (Wiki organised crime timeline).

15 July 1977 – Donald Bruce MacKay was murdered. Griffith cell of the Calabrian mafia Australia. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

15 July 1977 – About 6.30pm the identity of the man who shot MacKay remained unknown for more than 5 years. MacKay’s body has never been found. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

15 July 1977 – Donald MacKay was murdered outside the Griffith hotel 6pm but his body has never been found. ABC net au. 16 July 2002 James O’Brien.

15 July 1977 – 40 year old Donald Mackay disappeared from the Griffith hotel. Corrupt police. Griffith mafia and Robert Trimbole. Trimbole was leader of the Omorata société or honoured society. Calabrian ndrangheta. Sicilian mafia. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

Aug 1977 – Within weeks of Mackays murder, Trimbole’s main business was heroin. NZ born syndicate Mr Asia. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

Late 1977-1982 – In late 1977 Terry Clark shot Greg Ollard in the head, Sydney. Their bodies were found in 1982. Julie Theilman, a heroin user, was also shot dead by Clark. (Law breakers mischief. ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).

Oct 1977 – Johnsonny Bi Dinh was jailed for money laundering for the Asian international drug syndicate, heroin and Vietnam. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1978 – The mafia began selling heroin in Australia, getting heroin from the Mr Asia syndicate. Tizzoni distribute heroin. (Crime in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

1978 – Krahe, along with Frank Nugan and others, was charged in 1978 with conspiracy to defraud the Nugan group ltd. He was discharged on all counts. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

1978 – Major drug importers gave their main distributors large amounts of drugs on credit. A million dollars in credit. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

1978 – Corrupt police and public servants. Couriers, false identities and passports. Ndrangheta murders. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1978 – Christopher Dale Flannery. The body of Raymond Francis Locksley was found in Bush near Sydney. Murdered shot four times. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

April 1978 – Chinese Jack Choo was a member of the Mr Asia drug syndicate, importing heroin and buddha sticks from Thailand into Australia. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).

May 1978 – March 1979 – In May 1978 Harry Lewis, British London to NZ to Australia. Sydney he was arrested for cannabis in May 1978, and had not been seen since. In March 1979 his body was found in NSW. (Law breakers mischief. ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).

June 1978 – Clark was arrested and extradited to NZ. Heroin importing charges. Doug and Isabel Wilson, heroin and addicts. Brian Alexander a law clerk. Harry Pommy Lewis was murdered. Handless body was found in bush near Port Macquarie NSW. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

June 1978 – Fishing boat “Anoa” police army and navy surveillance operation. Cargo of buddha sticks for Australia. (Mr Asia. ©2010 J Shepherd Aust NZ).

Oct 1978 – Three men with machine guns kidnapped Les Kane in a car. He was never seen again. (Smack express. Clive Small ©210 Australia).

Late 1978 – early 1979 – Terrence Clark, Mr Asia, and Trimbole peaked. Import to Australia of 16 suitcases with 48 kilos of heroin with an estimated street value of $96 million. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

1979 – Raymond Bennett. Bennett was shot dead while walking between courts at Melbourne magistrates court complex. Payroll robbery. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1979-81 – Sydney, Jim Shepherd late Oct 1979 last meeting with Bob Trimbole. In May 1981 Bob Trimbole quietly slipped out of Australia and died in Spain in May 1987. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd (c)2010 Australia).

3 March 1979 – Hoang Ha La was born, Cabramatta, heroin. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

13 April 1979 – The Wilsons left Sydney for a syndicate meeting in Melbourne. Soon after, Clark left Australia for the UK, never to return. Within weeks the bodies of Doug and Isabel Wilson were found at Rye near Melbourne. A month later Trimbole visited Clark in the UK. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

May Aug 1979 – Allison Dine was a drug courier for Mr Asia. Corrupt police forced her into Hughling private hospital on 17 May 1979. Police raided Dine’s flat on 8 Aug 1979 and planted 20 grams of heroin, then arrested and charged her. A false passport used by Dine was under the name of Lisa Ann Morrison. (Crims in grass castles. Keith Moor (c)2009 Australia).

June 1979 – Alan Barnes age 17 was found mutilated and dumped in south Para reservoir, 7 days after he went missing. (The Advertiser Adeilade. South Australia. Unsolved. Lynton Grace 14 Jan 2014).

Aug 1979 – The dismembered body of Neil Muir age 25 was found in garbage bags on port river Osborne. (The Advertiser. Adeilade. South Australia. Unsolved. Lynton Grace 14 Jan 2014).

Aug 1979-1983 – Aug 1979 Alison Dine was arrested in Sydney, for possession of heroin. She went to the UK on a false passport, supplied by Trimbole. Then went to the US. Six weeks later, Marty Johnstone’s body was found in a quarry in Lankashire UK. Johnstone’s killer was to be Andrew Maher. Clark died in 1983. Mr Asia and at least a dozen murders. More than 100 false passports. (Smack express. Clive Small (c)2010 Australia).

Sept 1979 – Jim Shepherd stopped business with Terry Clark in the UK, who was a cocaine addict. Jim Shepherd was in Australia then. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

1980 – Western pioneers. The battle well fought by JE Hammond edited by Osland K Battye. Imperial printing company 397 Hay street Perth. Hesperian press Western Australia. ISBN 0-85905-015-7. Osland K Battye Perth May 1936.

1980 – Drug traffic narcotics and organised crime in Australia. Google books. Alfred W McCoy.

1980 – Nugan Hand bank affair. Alfred W McCoy audiobook Sydney abc (Worldcat database).

1980 – Michael Moylans died in jail of a heart attack. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1980 – Nugan Hand bank was in Sydney, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore. 20 heroin traffickers, heroin syndicates. Pak Leung and Mr Asia. The bank collapsed in 1980 a front for the CIA. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1980 – Australia’s Nugan Hand bank. Price Waterhouse in the Bahamas in 1976. 1980 drug trafficking and the Safari club. (Global research. Peter Dale Scott. 6 Sept 2008).

1980 – Wkipedia. Nugan Hand bank. The Australian merchant bank collapsed.

1980s – Western Australia’s organised crime. Bruno Romeo was the leader of the N’Drangheta, with family ties to the Calabrian drug bosses of the Griffith region in NSW. (Brothers. Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).

1980s – Daniel Michael Chubb was importing heroin into Australia. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1980s – Warren Charles Lanfranchi, heroin distributor, corrupt detective Roger Rogerson. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1980s – A refugeee camp on the Thailand Cambodian border run by the Khmer Rouge. Khao I Dang camp in Thailand registered with the UNHCR for repatriation to Australia. Many Khmer Rouge responsible for killings slipped through the net. More than 230,000 relocated to the US, Europe, Canada and Australia. Khmer Rouge refugees. (Nic Dunlop. The lost executioner (c)2005 US).

1980s – Alan Bond, corporate collapse in Australia.

Early 1980s – Paddy McNally was murdered in Sydney’s Kings Cross. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

Early 1980s – Richard Bruce Cornwall was importing cocaine into Australia. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

Early 1980s – Michael John Sayers was suspected of several murders. Drug trade Sydney. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1980-87 – NZ Herald 17 Dec 1986 The NZ govt was trying to get $4 billion from secret Arab accounts. 1987 Wall street journal. Jonathan Kwitny. Nugan Hand Australian bank in the late 1960s. Australin and Pacific banking NSW. CIA shareholders. Michael Hand. Frank Nugan. Covert ops for the CIA. The bank funded NZ’s Mr Asia heroin smuggling ring. Frank Nugan was shot dead on 27 Jan 1980. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

16 Jan 1980 – Marion Anne Sandford, Sydney Australia, missing person. Born 1 Feb 1956. (NZ police missing persons).

27 Jan 1980 – Nugan faced stock fraud charges, he was shot dead outside Lithgow NSW. (Wiki Nugan Hand bank).

27 January 1980- Frank Nugan was found dead, in his locked car by the side of the road outside Sydney. He had been shot in the head with a rifle. The Nugan Hand bank collapsed within six months. Michael John Hand disappeared. (Who really runs the world. ©2005. T Burnett A Games).

Feb 1980 – A Melbourne lawyer, Roger Wilson, disappeared. Mark Alfred Clarkson. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

6 April 1980 – Linda Susanne Davie, missing person, Sydney Aust. Born 13 Nov 1957. (NZ police missing persons).

June 1980 – Official Australia inquest into Nugan’s death, he owed 50 million. (Wiki Nugan Hand bank).

June 1980 – Michael Hand in was Sydney. Co-founder of Nugan Hand bank. Michael Hand is now 73 years old and goes under the name of Michael Jon Fuller. He is living in Idaho falls. Frank Nugan age 37 died outside Lithgow. Nugan Hand bank had debts of $50 million. Money laundering. Australian banker on the run for 35 years, is a CIA agent. 9 Nov 2015.

June 1980 – Australian banker on the run for 35 years is a CIA agent in the US. 9 Nov 2015. Michael Hand left Sydney in June 1980. Nugan Hand bank. Michael John Fuller age 73 lives in Idaho falls.

25 Sept 1980 – Sydney Morning Herald. The last 20 frantic days of Frank Nugan’s life. Desperate bid to save the empire.

26 Dec 1980 – Disappeared, abducted and murdered. Deborah Boundy. Kevin Williams girlfriend. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1981 – The first fleeters. Sydney Australian document library. PG Fidlon and RJ Ryan eds.

1981 – Guide to convict records. The archives of NSW. Sydney govt printer. Worldcat database.

1981 – Genealogical research directory. Library of Australian history 1981-95 Keith A Johnson and Malcolm R Sainty eds.

1981-83 – Clive Small was commonwealth state joint task force investigating the Nugan Hand bank and Murray Riley. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1981-85 – In early 1981 the Royal Commission into drug trafficking in Australia by PM Malcolm Fraser and Justice DG Stewart. Mr Asia drug syndicate ran from 25 June 1981 to 25 Feb 1985. (Mr Asia. James Diamond Jim Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

1981-1994 – Phuong Canh Ngo arrived in Australia as a refugee in 1981 from Vietnam. John Newman was assassinated in 1994 and Ngo was charged with his murder Cabramatta. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1981-2003 – William Bill El Azzi joined the police in 1981, he used underworld boss Frank Hakim, the Lebanese Godfather, as reference. Sydney drug syndicate 2003 convicted to 7 years jail. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

March 1981 – The CIA, Nugan Hand and the Kerr group. Denis Freney article Island magazine (Informit literature database).

7 May 1981 – Trimbole departed Australia for Europe via the US. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

7 May 1981 – Trimbole flew out of Australia. He was warned by corrupt police, he never retuned to Australia alive. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

June 1981 – Hand fled Australia under a false identity, that of a butcher, Alan Glenn Winter. On a flight to Fiji in late June 1981. He spent a week in Fiji, false beard and mustache, then went to New York city. (Wiki Nugan Hand bank).

June 1981 – Michael Hand of Nugan Hand bank, money laundering for the CIA, disappeared in June 1981 He went to New York city and was never found. (The annals of unsolved crime. EJ Epstein ©2012 US).

June 1981 – The Stewart Royal Commission of Inquiry into drug trafficking was set up. Mr Asia. Terrence Clark imported at least 85 kilos of heroin into Australia. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

21 Aug 1981 – Paul Sheehan. Tom Ballantyne. Greg Wilesmith. How Michael Hand left Australia. Sydney Morning Herald.

Late 1981 – Law clerk Brian Alexander was Terry Clark’s conduit to corrupt police. Bob Trimbole arranged the same Brian Alexander in late 1981 because of corrupt police. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

December 1981 – Brian William Alexander was murdered and disappeared. Sydney law firm of John Lawrence Aston. Robert Trimbole and Terry Clark. Corrupt police and customs. Mr Asia drug syndicate. (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).

Dec 1981 – Corrupt police, Brian William Alexander was a law clerk at Sydney law firm John Lawrence Aston. Corrupt state and federal police between July 1977 and July 1979, Mr Asia and NSW. Alexander disappeared. Philip N Roach Sydney solicitor in the 1960s. Lawyers and corrupt police in Sydney between 1970 and 1985 corrupt police in NSW involving Kerry Packer. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

21 Dec 1981 – Brian Alexander disappeared. Mr Asia and corrupt police in NSW Australia. He went to his death on a police boat, the police murdered him. The last people to see him were police who tied him to a chair, with weights, off the back of a police launch to a watery grave.(Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd (c)2010 Australia).

1982 – Sub rosa memoirs of an Australian intel analyst Sydney Allen Unwin RH Mathams.

1982 – Have you stopped dealing with Nugan Hand bank George Molnar (Worldcat database).

1982 – The dismembered skeleton was found at middle beach. Peter Stogneff age 14, 10 months after he went missing. (The Advertiser. Adeilade. South Australia. Unsolved. Lynton Grace 14 Jan 2014).

1982 – John Kizon was convicted of heroin trafficking and was jailed. (Brothers. Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).

1982 – Report on the legalising of gambling casinos in NSW. Ken Booth treasury NSW (Worldcat database).

1982 – Report The associates of Murray Riley investigation of Harry Wainwright Nugan Hand ltd and its associated companies and the affairs of Murray Stewart Riley and his associates Australia joint task force on drug trafficking Canberra (Worldcat database).

1982-83 – Perth. Gold bullion swindled in 1982 from the Perth mint on Hay street. (Brothers. Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).

1982-87 – In 1982 Ben Menashe, Israel’s intel visited Australia to hire accounting firm and open accounts in four major banks. $US82 million 1986. 12 C-130 aircraft from Vietnam for repairs. Held at the port of Fremantle western Australia 1987. Ben Menashe’s book Profits of war. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart. (c)1995 NZ).

March 1982 – Gianfranco Tizzone, Melbourne mafia, was arrested for cannabis trafficking. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

March 1982 – Matrk Langley age 18, his mutilated body was found. (The Advertiser. Adeilade. South Australia. Unsolved. Lynton Grace 14 Jan 2014).

1 April 1982 – 7 Dec 1982 – Three brothers were indicted on 8 counts between 1 April 1982 and 23 June 1982. Ray, Brian and Peter to defraud the director of the Perth mint of gold. Burglary 7 April 1982 and the third count was arson. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).

7 April 1982 – The premises of Conti Sheffield estate agency in north Perth, an agency of WABS. It was broken into and blank WABS cheques were stolen. The burglars set fire to the building to cover the theft. (Brothers. Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).

13 May 1982 – Burglars broke into a real estate agency in Bull creek southern Perth. They stole blank PBS cheques and set fire to the building to cover their tracks. (Brothers. Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).

June 1982 – Arpad security firm employed a number of serving and former SAS soldiers. Gold worth $250,000 disappeared from a TAA flight in June 1982. Accusations were made against Lazlo Bacskai and his firm Arpad security. (Brothers. Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).

9 June 1982 – Macleans The scandal of Nugan Hand Philip Grenard

8 July1982 – Detective John Kenneth Ellis aged 52 and two other Griffith police were sent to jail. Conspiracy to pervert justice in relation to the Barbaro and Scarfo marijuana plantations. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

Aug 1982 – Terrence Basham and Susan Smith were found shot in the head on their horse ranch near Murwillumbah NSW, drug transactions. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

Nov 1982 – Les Kane’s brother Brian was shot at the Quarry hotel Brunswick. Later in Nov 1982 Leslie Cole was assassinated in Sydney.(Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1983 – Joint task force on drug trafficking Australia report on Nugan Hand bank.

1983 – Wikipedia. J Owen. Sleight of hand. The $25 million Nugan Hand bank scandal. Sydney. Colporteur press. ISBN 0-96399-0231.

1983 – Sleight of hand the $25 million Nugan Hand bank scandal. John Owen Balmain. Sydney Colporteur press. Morton Lobez. (Worldcat database).

1983 – It was suggested that Paddy McNally led Sydney detectives to Peter Fulcher. Mr Asia connections. Long prison sentence for drug trafficking. On another occasion McNally was stabbed at Comptons arms hotel the police interrogated him, Australian police. He was a friend of Diamond Jim Shepherd who had 20 years in an Australian prison for importing heroin. McNally was killed just as he was planning to return to NZ. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

Jan Feb 1983 – Nugan Hand on Wall street inc accuracy in media article Quadrant (Informit literature database).

4 Jan 1983 – Louise Bell age 10 was kidnapped from her home at night. South Australia police mystery. DNA tests, murder, yet no body has been found. She may not be dead. (Ken McGregor. The Advertiser. 22 Sept 2015. Adelaide)

7 Feb 1983 – The Perth mint swindle trial. Three men were accused of the crime. Former SAS soldier and Vietnam vet Raymond Mickelberg. (Brothers. Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).

8 June 1983 – NSW policeman Joe Parrington and the Victorian town of Ballaratt, Catholics. (Crims in grass castles. Keith Moor (c)2009 Australia).

21 Oct 1983 – Key homocide detective who investigated Michelle Buckingham murder, dies, before court hearing. Murder of 16 year old Michelle Elvira Buckingham on 21 Oct 1983, the date she was last seen alive. (Emily Portelli. Herald Sun Australia 3 July 2014).

1984 – Clive Small, policy team of police commissioner John Avery, drug enforcement and policy. 1984 shooting of detective Michael Drury. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1984 – Police have new leads in 1984 Calabrian mafia murders. Herald Sun 30 Oct 2014. Melbourne gangsters Rocco Medici.

1984-86 – Roger Caleb Rogerson NSW police corruption. 1984 resigned police in 1986 later jailed. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1984-87 – George Savvas imported more than 100 kilograms of heroin. 1987 McCann was shot dead. (Smack express. Clive Small (c)2010 Australia).

1984-88 – In 1984 Gianfranco Tizzone was sentenced to 8 years jail, for conspiracy to murder Donald Mackay and the Wilsons. Released in 1986. He then got a tax bill from the Australian government for $ 1 million. In 1987 Tizzone lived in Foligno Italy Perugia. Tizzone died in Feligno in 1988. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

Feb-march 1984 – Dateline Australia the nation. 3 march 1984 The Nugan Hand investigation. Jack Anderson. San Francisco chronicle 4 Feb 1984 Banking on drug traffic.

6 June 1984 – Christopher Flannery was shot in Drury at his home, Drury survived. Constable Michael Drury. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

Nov 1984 – Daniel Michael Chubb was murdered. Heroin Sydney. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

6 Nov 1984 – Murder and rape of 6 year old Kylie Maybury. Kidnapped in Preston. A 73 year old man has been arrested. (9 June 2016. The Age Melbourne).

24 December 1984 – The Age Melbourne “Mr Asia” news man set free.

1985 – Dom Meadley. Writing a family history. Australian institute of genealogical studies Victoria.

1985 – John Wynyard and John Connell left Australia. Cook islands helping David Lloyd set up tax havens. 24 Dec 1981 Cook islands transit corp and a tax haven 1982. Wynyard died in jail in Australia in 1985, he was on tax fruad charges. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

1985 – Royal commission of inquiry into the activities of the Nugan Hand group NSW parliament book Sydney (Worldcat database).

1985 – How to write and publish your family history. Joanna Beaumont. Orlando Sydney.

1985 – The Whitlam government. Lionel Murphy was a high court judge and a former attorney general. Clarrie Briese was the chief magistrate. 1985 guilty, 18 months jail was acquitted. Lionel Murphy died of cancer. Labour and the Hawke government. banned access to the inquiry materials for 30 years. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 Tom Lewis).

1985 – Christopher Dale Flannery in Sydney. Corrupt detective Roger Rogerson. His attempt to murder detective Michael Drury in his Chatswood home wounded him. Flannery killed several people during the 60s of mid 1980s. (Smack express. Clive Small (c)2010 Australia).

mid 1980s – Heroin sales for the mid 1980s Johnsonny Bi Dinh bulk heroin to Cabramatta Vietnamese. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1985-89 – Gold and ghosts. A prospectors guide to metal detecting and history of the Australian goldfields. DW de Havelland 1951 Hesperian press.

21 Feb 1985 – Fayez Frank Hakim Sydney Australia was charged with heroin and possession of a New Zealand passport in the name of Strathdee, an unidentified women. (Blood money. Clive Small. Tim Gilling ©2010 Aust).

9 March 1985 – The West Australian reported on a Book about the Mickelbergs removed from sale. John Quigley lawyer for the police Union and the prison officers Union threatened to sue if the book “The Mickelberg stitch” was not removed from sale. The police Union bankrolled the legal action by imposing a special tax of $1 per pay from all left wing Union members. (Brothers. Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).

May 1985 – Cornwall and Bull, two tonnes of cannabis in Thailand to New Guinea then to Australia. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

9 May 1985 – Christopher ‘rent a kill’ Flannery ‘disappeared’. Linked to George David Freeman. Flannery moved to Sydney in the early 1980s from Melbourne. Corrupt police. (Blood money. Clive Small Tim Gilling ©2010 Aust).

July 1985 – Author was extradited from the US to Australia. James Shepherd Sydney Mr Asia drug syndicate. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).

Late 1980s – The Fitzgerald inquiry into corruption in the Queensland police Australia. Corruption endemic in the state. (Mr Asia. ©2010 J Shepherd Aust NZ).

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26 Jan 1988 – Margaret Anne Bernie was last seen in South Australia. (Australian police missing persons).

1989 – Mafia certainly killed AFP assistant commissioner in 1989. Colin Winchester. Article by Richard Guillialt The Australian. Calabrian mafia Ndrangheta accused. 23 February 2013.

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1989-1992 – Backpacker murders. Ivan Milat charged with the abduction and murder of seven backpackers in Belanglo state forest south of Sydney. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1989 – Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.. Roderick McDonald aged 76. Deported to Australia from Portugal, rape of 8 year old girl in 1989. While on bail he went to New Zealand. Later left New Zealand in 2009 on a false passport. Paedophile ring. (3news NZ 16 Oct 2014).

1989 – In 1989 Nicholas Oman went from Australia to Italy. He met with Licio Gelli and a banking scandal over billions of dollars missing from Banco Ambrosiano. Propaganda due P2 lodge was a far right group in Italy in 1987. Nicholas Oman and Gelli investments for Tonga in 1989. In 1991 Nicholas Oman went back from Australia to Slovenia. (The shadow world. Andrew Feinsten (c)2011 US).

10 Jan 1989 – Colin Stanley Winchester. Shot twice in the head, aged 55. Wikipedia.

27 Dec 1989 – In Newcastle Australia a 5.5 earthquake. 13 people died. USGS historic world earthquakes.

1990 – Clive Small and the backpacker murders investigation. Arrest of Ivan Milat, for the abduction and murder of seven backpackers in Belanglo state forest south of Sydney, between 1989 and 1997. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1990 – Sydney George Freeman knew Robert Trimbole. Freeman died in 1990 of an asthma attack aged 55. (Crims in grass castles. Keith Moor (c)2009 Australia).

March 1990 – The Heiner case in Australia in the 1990’s. Cover up of government misdeeds. Sex abuse in Queensland institutions for teens and children. Paedophiles. Destruction of records of the investigation led by Noel Heiner. The Queensland cabinet in March 1990 destroyed the Heiner inquiry evidence, of sex abuse of children in state youth children’s center. Pack rape of an in Aboriginal female child by male inmates. Destruction of records, cover up of child abuse and paedophiles. (Archive power. Randall C Jimerson (c)2009 US).

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8 April 1991 – Rod Campbell. No extradition for Hand. Canberra Times.

4 July 1991 – Dr Victor Chang in Australia. Chang was driuving to work when his Mercdes Benz was forced off the road by two Malaysians. They tried to get $3 million from him. They shot him, murder. The Victor Chang cardiac research institute in Australia. (Diana, death of a goddess. David Cohen (c)2004 UK).

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7 Oct 1992 – Rhianna Barreau a 12 year old in Victoria. Adeilade.

7 Oct 1992 Rhianna Barreau age 12 missing. Kidnapped. Victoria police. (The Advertiser. Adeilade. South Australia. Unsolved. Lynton Grace 14 Jan 2014).

Nov 1992 – NZ IRD Auckland frauds and Rarotonga, Hong Kong, Jersey and the Channel islands. Zorasong ltd, offshore entities. Zorasong was operating through the Channel islands. The Jersey firm and 63 filing boxes of documents, not shared with NZ in 1995. Australian John McLennan of Westpac. BNZ was up for sale to National Australia bank in Nov 1992. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

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6 March 1993 – Peter Lipton aged 32 .

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1994 – Vietnam Triads, heroin trafficking, extortion, loans and sex slavery. Australian MP John Paul Newman was assassinated. (The history of organised crime. David Southwell ©2006).

2 March 1994 – Geoffrey Bowen aged 36 and a parcel bomb.

2 March 1994 – Mafia murder, Detective sergeant Geoffrey Leigh Bowen Australian police, was murdered by a parcel bomb in Adelaide. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

2 March 1994 – The NCA bombing, parcel bomb to policeman Geoffrey Bowen age 36. (The Advertiser. Adeilade. South Australia. Unsolved. Lynton Grace 14 Jan 2014).

5 Nov 1994 – Revelle Balmain missing person.

8 Dec 1994 – Brisbane Times 6 Dec 2014. Meth smuggler Kalynda Davis aged 22, her grandfather Noel Thompson was a police officer and Penrith police commander who died in a car crash on 8 Dec 1994. Her father was also in the crash and was injured.

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1995 – Money laundering. A report of the Australian financial intelligence unit Austrac said that 3.5 billion $A were recycled through Australia each year. As little as 1% of this laundered money was seized by the police.

1995 – Duong Van Ia, aliases Van Duong and Ah Sau. Heroin .Vu Duong also gambled $24 million at the Sydney Harbour casino. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1995 – Shayne Desmond Frederick Hatfield drug trafficker. Cocaine distributor for Colombian Aunty. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1995 – State election NSW. Joseph Tripoli became Labour and was elected. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

Jan 1995 – Chum Hom Kok closed down and operations moved to Geraldron in Australia. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich (c)2010 UK).

mid 1995 – Neil Hoffman, Cornwall Australia. Japanese Yakuza in Australia NSW. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

Late 1990’s – Several al-Qaeda fund raising support cells were set up in Sydney Melbourne Adelaide. There was also a significant JI presence in Australia.

1995 – mid 1990s Clive Small secret investigation into widespread police corruption in Fairfield Cabramatta region. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

13 May 1995 – Sydney man disappeared without a trace. Richard Sajko, 21 years old was last seen. Unsolved homocide case. (Daily Telegraph AAP 29 Sept 2014).

11 June 1995 – The men who exposed sex trafficking in Australia. Natalie Craig. Sydney Morning Herald.

23 July 1995 – Tamela Menzies missing person.

11 Sept 1995 – Andrew Petrelis died of a heroin overdose in Queensland, he was found naked. Petrelis died a month before he was due to testify. His death delayed the trial. Murder was suspected. (Brothers. Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).

4 Nov 1995 – Janice Jarrett. Murder of assistant commissioner Colin Winchester. The Canberra Times. AFP.

1996 – Western Australia legislative assembly child rights Perth.

1996 – Ivan Milat was convicted of seven murders and sentenced to life in jail. Backpacker murders. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1996 – Dales got 10 years jail in 1996 for 1971 sex crimes. Schools run by the Catholic Christian brothers. (27 March 2015).

1996 – Annual reports of Australian archives and advisory council on Australian archives. Journal magazine government publication Canberra. Worldcat database.

Jan 1996 – 18 year old Sarah Spiers from Perth disappeared. On 9 Jan, Jane Rimmer age 23 disappeared. Following March, Ciara Glemon age 27 disappeared. Police hunting a serial killer.

4 Jan 1996 – Shar Marie Mulle missing person.

July 1996 – NSW policeman Duncan Demo, a police Royal commission in Sydney. The Barrel brothel where, women who were called willing prostitutes were. Royal commission Justice Wood. NSW police and the Fitzgerald inquiry Queensland corruption. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 NZ Tom Lewis).

4 July 1996 – Sydney Morning Herld. NSW police, Kate McClymont. Policemen had naked women, who were called willing prostitutes, on their knees. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 NZ Tom Lewis).

23 Dec 1996 – Socialist left going with new Labour. Shane Green. Farah Farouque. The Age Melbourne Vic. Victoria’s Socialist left MP Brumby as leader.

1997 – Corinna Marr aged 25.

1997 – The Welfare of British child migrants to Australia, third report, session. 1997-1998 London UK.

1997-1998 – ABC Australia. 10 Oct 2015. Police allegedly appeal for info on navy sailor and post office worker, with links to NZ. David Weber. Richard Edward Dorrough died in Perth in 2014. In 2010 Dorrough was acquitted of the 1998 murder of Rachael Campbell in Sydney. In 1997 he was the last person to see Sara Lee Davey in Broome. HMAS Geelong and a post office worker.

1997-1998 – Murderer spent time in NZ. NZ Herald. 12 Oct 2015. Richard Edward Dorrough was a suspect in the 1997 disappearance of a 21 year old woman in north west Australia, Brome. Charged in the 1998 murder of a 29 year old woman in Sydney. Acquitted in a trial.

14 Jan 1997 – ABC Australia. 10 Oct 2015. Police appeal for info on navy sailor linked to NZ. David Weber. Richard Edward Dorrough died in Perth in 2014. Sara Lee Davey’s inquest to be held in April 2016. In 1997 disappearance of 21 year old Ms Davey. A suspicious taxi driver said he took Dorrough and Davey to Broome. Body never found.

11 June 1997 – Independent UK. Vaccines were tested on Australian orphans. Robert Milliken in Sydney. Orphan babies and children, for 25 years as wards of the state. Experiments on orphans in Victoria from 1945 to 1970.

21 Aug 1997 – Child sex rackets are protected. Gary Roberts. The Age Melbourne. Paedophiles are judges and politicians. There are at least 300 paedophiles in Queensland. Police officers are also paedophiles.

26 Aug 1997 – Paedophiles staff wards. Leon Gattler and Tim Pegler. The Age Melbourne Vic. Sex abuse of youth by paedophiles in care.

25 Aug 1997 – Paedophiles not named. Illawarra Mercury Wollongong NSW. Wood Royal Commission into paedophiles. Prevent paedophiles being protected by police.

30 Sept 1997 – Paedophiles in parliament. Illawarra Mercury Wollongong NSW. Paedophiles in State parliament and a conspiracy to protect paedophiles in the NSW parliament and judiciary.

7 Oct 1997 – Parliament paedophiles. Illawarra Mercury Wollongong NSW. Paedophiles among politicians and judges. Conspiracy to protect rich paedophiles.Wood Royal Commission, paedophiles in the clergy and teachers.

7 Oct 1997 – Arenas back on track. Parliament and paeophiles. Illawarra Mercury Wollongong NSW. Paedophiles are politicans and judges. High profile paedophiles. The Wood Royal commission. Paedophiles are also clergy, teachers and police officers.

15 Oct 1997 – Carr warns Arena over paedophiles. Illawarra mercury Wollongong NSW. Name high profile paedophiles in Australian parliament. NSW labour, names are suppressed.

17 Oct 1997 – Arena paedohphiles are a threat, Central Herald Newcastle NSW. Judges, MPs, paedophiles, names suppressed, high profile paedophiles, solicitor Mr Peter Karp.

25 Oct 1997 – Secret meeting to protect paedophiles. Illawarra news Wollongong NSW. Suppression of prominent paedophiles names. Inquiry, cover ups of high profile paedophiles.

31 Oct 1997 – Arena, paedophiles, Bob Carr cover up. Illawarra Mercury Wollongong NSW. Premier Bob Carr conspires to protect paedophiles in positions of power.

4 Nov 1997 – State care sex ring. Illawarra Wollongon NSW. Paedophiles and children in state care in NSW. Prominent paedophiles. Sex abuse of children.

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1998 – Funeral of murdered Melbourne crime figure Alphonse Gangitano. John Kizon was a pallbearer. (Brothers. Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).

1998 – When Cornwall got out of jail, cocaine. Juan Guillermo Diez Orozco. Colombian and Australian citizen. Cocaine importer. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1998 – Queenslander Richard Dorrough confessed to at least 3 murders. Kate Kyriarou. Richard grew up in Bundesberg. The 1998 murder of Rachael Campbell a 29 year old. Sydney women, found a year later in a Sydney church car park, raped, stabbed. Coutier Mail Brisbane.

Jan 1998 – Dale McCauley age 44 went missing from South Australia. His body has never been found. 5 Jan 2016. AAP.

17 June 1998 – Vladimir Petrov a Soviet spy. The Times London.

20 June 1998 – Australia, child migrant scheme, considered as abuse of power. Compensate the child migrants these children were victims of abuse of power. Paedophile ring, sex abuse. BBC UK.

9 Sept 1998 – Socialist party for workers. Central Coast Herald Newcastle NSW. The Socialist labour now called the Socialist equality party.

7 Nov 1998 – Police allegedly appeal for inf oon Aussie serial killer, linked to NZ. David Weber. Richard Edward Dorrough died in Perth in 2014. Rachael Campbel’s body was found in a Sydney car park. Richard Edward Dorrough was born on 27 Macrh 1977. On 7 Nov 1998 the body of 29 year old Rachael Campbell was found in St Josephs church car park in the Sydney suburb of Roseberg. Stabbed. ABC 10 Oct 2015.

8 Dec 1998 – Cocaine seized on yacht raid. Greg Beary. Sydney Morning Herald NSW.

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2000 – Book, Janet Reaker a guide, How to trace your missing ancestors. Hale Iremonger genealogical series ©2000 Australia. ISBN 0868065315.

2000 – 2003 – Veniamin had murdered a prominent mafia figure Frank Benvenuto at his Beaumaris home in May 2000 and drug dealer Dino Dibra outside his west sunshine home mafia leader. Two other killings Paul Kallipolitis body found October 2002 and Nik Radev a drug dealer killed in Coburg on 15 April 2003. (Lives of crime. G Tippet I Monro ©2008 Aust).

2000 – 2004 – By 2000 Tom was selling bulk cocaine for Shayne Hatfield. In 2004 they sold 200 kilograms of cocaine for Colombian Aunty. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

22 March 2000 – Saverio Ganino last seen Unanderre, mount Kemble, princess. Australia.(Australian police missing persons).

Aug 2000 – In 2000 a three container lot left Barranquilla Colombia, through the port of Gioia Tauro. The ships were owned by the Dutch company Maersk sealand, cocaine. In March 2000 a container with 434 kilos of cocaine went from Barranquilli to Australia to Nicola Ciconte, a Calabrian who was born in Wonthaggi Melbourne. The cocaine arrived in port Adelaide in Aug 2000. (Zero zero zero. Roberto Saviano (c)2013 UK).

24 Oct 2000 – Qing Yue Chen missing person from the Stan city casino.

31 Dec 2000 – Garry Moana Payne missing person from Australia.

2001 – Khanh Quang Do survived two assassination attempts by the Hoang Ha La gang Cabramatta Australia. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

2001 – Warwick Funnell. Government by Fiat. The retreat from responsibility. Sydney. Uni of NSW press.

2001 – Clive Small was at the Greater Hume police region in western Sydney. Cabramatta Australia’s heroin capital. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

2001-2005 – Sydney businessman Harry Gordon in 2001 and a boating accident, body not found. In 2005 he was arrested at Sydney airport on a flight from New Zealand, where he had been living. (How to disappear. Frank M Ahearn. Eileen C Moran. (c)2009 Australia).

2001-2009 – ABC Australia. 10 oct 2015. Police appeal for info on Aussie serial killer. David Weber. Richard Edward Dorrough was extradited to NSW from WA in 2009 after a DNA match. In 2009 Dorrough was charged with attempted murder after running down a pedestrian with his car. Released from jail in 2001.

11 Jan 2001 – 107 internet paedophiles are caught in world wide search. The Daily Telegraph Surry Hills NSW. Clubs set up by paedophiles worldwide. Chairman Harry Mudd.

15 Feb 2001 – Fury at soft jail for net paedophiles. Janine Walker. The Australian Canberra Act. Paedophiles and internet ring, 107 paedophiles.

15 March 2001 – Community affairs reference committee. Child migration from the UK. PDF file is missing.

April 2001 – Colombia to Australia cocaine trafficking. Zapata got out of jail, boats Colombians. Cornwall, John Lawrence and Diez Orozco. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

13 May 2001 – Russian mafia claws in Sydney property. Police commissioner Peter Ryan. Frank Walker Sun Herald Sydney NSW Russian Mafia.

26 May 2001 – The powder trail. Heroin. Rory Callinan. Tanya Targett. The Courier Mail Brisbane QLD.

15 July 2001 – Police brace for heroin. Canberra Times ACT.

Aug 2001 – Senate committee Canberra. Lost innocents, righting the record on child migration. Senate parliament house Canberra.

1 Sept 2001 – Don Hancock and Lou Lewis. Driveway of former detective Lathlain. There was an explosion. Don Hancock died instantly and Lou Lewis died at the scene. Bikies were charged. (Brothers Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).

2002 – Tracing your past. A practical intro to genealogy and family history in Australia. Lesley Silvester and Mike Murray Timetrackers.

2002 – Murray Riley changed his name to Murray Lee Stewart and went to the UK. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

16 July 2002 – Donald Mackay murder twenty five years on. ABC net au. James O’Brien.

6 Sept 2002 – UN plans hi tech refugee tracking. The Australian. Megan Saunders. Asylum seekers screening for refugee claims. Biometric ID system to track asylum seekers movements throughout the world. Data fingerprints and retinas. International biometric database UNHCR (Gale Chch library).

9 Sept 2002 – Skinny Shane Spiller disappeared, Wyndham Australia. (Lives of crime. G Tippet I Munro ©2008).

25 Oct 2002 – Bernadete Liston.

30 Nov 2002 – Call for paedophiles passports to be taken. The Age Melbourne. Children and convicted paedophiles.

30 Nov 2002 – Call for paedophiles passports to be taken. Padraic Murphy. The Age Melbourne. Passports of convicted paedophiles who travel overseas. 18,000 paedophiles and sex offenders.

3 Dec 2002 – $30m in heroin seized from organised crime. Nigel Hunt. The Advertiser Adelaide. South east Asian organised crime, drugs.

23 May 2003 – Crystal meth import ring. Police charge, ice. Tanya Nolan. ABC news wire Sydney. Crystal meth.

9 Sept 2003 – Team to fight sex traders. Mark Baler. Sydney Morning Herald.

9 Sept 2003 – Police bid to fight Asian sex slaves. Mark Baker. The Age Melbourne Vic.

13 Sept 2003 – $1400m drugs. Mark Buttler. Herald Sun Melbourne Vic. $1.4 billion of drugs.

28 Nov 2003 – The mystery boats. G Barker. Australian financial review.

13 December 2003 – Underworld shooting murder of Graham Kinniburgh, gunned down outside his home in Kew. (Lives of crime G Tippet I Munro ©2008 Aust).

2004 – Australia’s first convicted terrorist was British born Muslim Jack Roche. He used his contacts in JI to connect with al-Qaeda. Prosecutors said he went to Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda officials got him to form a terrorist cell in Australia and carry out the bombing of a Canberra synagogue. The trial said that Ba’aysin was the groups leader. The structure of JI in south east Asia. (Simon Jeffrey 9 Sept 2004 The Guardian UK).

2004 – Sydney connection, the Nugan Hand Murray Riley the murder of Donald MacKay, book by John Jiggens (Worldcat database).

2004 – Shayne Desmond Frederick Hatfield sold 200 kilograms of cocaine and imported 30 kilograms of cocaine NSW. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

2004 – A report by the Italian interior ministry said Australia and the Ndrangheta were active and the most internationally dangerous of Italy’s mafia groups. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

2004-2012 – On 28 Jan 2004 a shipment of 242 kilos of cocaine. Follow the money laundering trail. In Oct 2009 a mafia meeting was held in Lombardy Italy. Nicola Ciconteis an Australian born Calabrian. Italy wanted his extradition in 2004 and again in 2012. He lived on the Gold coast, in Melbourne and Adelaide. Fraud. (Zero zero zero. Roberto Saviano (c)2013 UK).

11 Feb 2004 – Hells Angels link to record drug haul. The Advertiser Adelaide.

March 2004 – NSW registry of births deaths and marriages. White paper on civil registration. Sydney restrictions on the release of certificates, births at 100 years, deaths at 30 years and marriages at 50 years. The business of identity fraud and identity theft. In 2003 in the USA, 12 million people were the subject of identity fraud. (Family history monthly. March 2004 p6).

12 April 2004 – Remains found in Melbourne may be Terrence Blewitt age 53 last seen on 12 Aptil 2004. ( 21 Jan 2016).\

16 April 2004 – Organised crime linked to the fishing industry, fishing crime. ABC premium news Sydney. $100 million a year drug trafficking .

20 May 2004 – Detective Lewandowski was found hanged at the rear of his home in Parmelia. His funeral was six days later. (Brothers. Antonio Buti ©2011 Aust).

22 May 2004 – Russian Mafia in Australia.

10 June 2004 – What sparked our police corruption crisis. Greed for speed. John Ferguson. Sun Melbourne Vic.

8 July 2004 – want to know. Info. Victorian police in paedophile rings. Victims. Sydney Morning Herald. Operating since the 1970s. Police corruption and paedophile rings.

6 Aug 2004 – Alleged corrupt cop escapes crime commission investigation. McCabe. Rafael Epstein. Mr McCabe Sydney.

6 Aug 2004 – Police officer implicated in drug trade. McCabe corruption. Nick McKenzie. Australian broadcasting corp.

28 Aug 2004 – Casino focus of organised crime. Steve Barrett. Weekend Australian Canberra ACT. The Russian Mafia and organised crime in casinos.

22 Nov 2004 – Vic police blacklist underworld criminals vic underworld figures banned from casinos races. Rachel Carbonell.The world today Sydney.

8 Dec 2004 – Sadists, paedophiles prey on poor children. AAP General news wire Sydney. Adelaide AAP. Sadists paedophiles also prey on wards of the state.

8 Dec 2004 – Sadists and paedophiles abused state wards, inquest told. ABC Sydney. Children were sex abused by sadists and paedophiles in the State system.

24 Dec 2004 – 8.1 earthquake off the coast of Tasmania. Timeline of earthquakes.

2005 – Murdered by the mob, the mafia hit that shocked Australia, Rachel Morris Sydney (Worldcat database).

2005 – Leslie Robert Mara importing cocaine, arrested. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

2005 – Michael Nicholas Hurley cocaine imports to Australia. Robert Mara. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

28 Jan 2005 – QLD, govt accused of being soft on paedophiles. AP General News Wire Sydney. Laws and paedophiles, tap computers and track paedophiles, police investigation.

24 March 2005 – NSW man refused bail after opium find. AAP. Sydney home with 1.4kg of opium.

16 April 2005 – Call to cancel paedophiles passports. AAP Bulletin Sydney. 20 convicted paedophiles try to travel to Indonesia and Thailand.

16 April 2005 – Tsunami disaster is exploited by Australian paedophiles. AAP General News Wire Sydney. Melbourne. 20 paedophiles from Australia released from jail SAFE.

16 April 2005 – Police keep paedophiles from tsunami victims. Australian paedophiles try to enter Asia’s wide spread damage. Tsunami and vulnerable children. ABC General news Sydney. Child sex offenders.

16 April 2005 – Cancel passports of paedophiles, child abuse. AAP General news wire Sydney. Passports of paedophiles, cancel them to stop the targeting of Indonesia and Thailand.

17 April 2005 – Seize paedophiles passports. Australian paedophiles enter Asia and prey on tsunami victims. ABC General news Sydney. Paedophiles travel overseas to Thailand and Indonesia. Sex abuse children.

9 May 2005 – NSW ex-police officer among 11 arrested over heroin racket. AAP Sydney Morning Herald. Cocaine imports.

28 June 2005 – Fears of pirates in organised crime. The Australian Canberra ACT. Multimillion dollar piracy organised crime.

8 July 2005 – Queensland paedophiles and a 10 year old rent boy. AAP news wire Sydney. Two paedophiles corrupted five.

18 July 2005 – Union first. Denis Peters. The Courier Mail Brisbane QLD. Trade wars fighting ACTU Greg Combet.

27 July 2005 – Organised crime involved in illegal fishing. ABC premium news Sydney. International organised crime.

23 Aug 2005 – Police investigate links to international organised crime. Asian sex slaves feared. Kerri Ann Stout. The Cairns Post QLD.

5 Sept 2005 – Amanda Hodge. Canberra ACT Violence with crystal meth, has increased five fold. Chinese move in as crystal meth overtakes heroin.

28 Sept 2005 – Organised crime links to illegal fishing, under investigation. AAP General news wire Sydney. Global organised crime syndicate and rouge boats.

6 Oct 2005 – Police urged to probe organised crime, illegal fishing. ABC premium news Sydney. Organised crime syndicate.

9 Oct 2005 – Corruption cop regrets rolling over. Neil Mercer. Sydney Telegraph Surrey hills NSW. Bribes for cocaine and heroin. Bill Bayeh.

20 Oct 2005 – Fraud, billions washed in banks National The Age. Money laundering in Australia from the Asian drug markets.

20 Oct 2005 – Bali drug mule. Rob Taylor. Marian Carroll. Herald Sun Melbourne Vic.

10 Nov 2005 – Rahme el Dennaoui now aged 3. At Lurnea NSW. Kidnapped from her bed. AFP.

12 Nov 2005 – Corrupt police protest organised crime bosses. Gary Hughes. The Age Melbourne Vic. 24 secret probe into police crime links operations links between corrupt police.

16 Nov 2005 – Rahma El Demodoui NSW female born in 2004. Missing toddler. AFP Australian federal police. Missing from her bed.

1 March 2006 – Corrupt cop to cough up. Daily Surrey hills NSW. Heroin charges.

8 April 2006 – Drug lab, organised crime. AAP Sydney The Cairns Post QLD.

16 may 2006 – Fed, organised crime identity syndicate, AAP general news wire Sydney. Organised identity crime syndicate. Identity crime task force ICTF.

7 June 2006 – Paul Richard Anthony Slack. Director of football for Christchurch NZ based Mainland soccer. He left his job in May 2006 and went to Australia. He was under investigation as part of an international child pornography sting in 2005. He was wanted on child porn charges. He was picked up during Operation Falcon, a US Department of homeland security investigation into child porn. Operation Falcon sparked Operation Tercel in New Zealand. Slack left New Zealand for Brisbane on 7 June 2006. After being made aware he was under investigation. He has not returned to NZ. Manchester born Slack holds British, Canadian and NZ passports. Slack was living on the Gold coast. (NZPA John Henzell Christchurch Press 9 February 2007).

11 July 2006 – Nugan Hand bank, the CIA and the assassination of JFK. John Simkin.

5 August 2006 – Jihadis to target Australia. Natalie O’Brien and Stephen Fitzpatrick. The Australian news. Islamic Jihadis Eka Jaya an Indonesian 31 years old who was registered to fight against Israel.

25 August 2006 – Boilivarian book club pro-Chavez Venezuela Marxists. Hasta la Victoria street bookshop 360 Victoria street North Melbourne ph(03) 9326 4280 Australia.

19 September 2006 – Are the wharves the weakest link? Australian maritime security. The Age article.

30 September 2006 – 4th Latin America solidarity conference in support of Venezuela’s Chavez and Cuba’s Castro, held in Sydney. Attending was Commandante William Izarra former vice minister of foreign affairs in the Chavez regime.

9 October 2006 – Poison in cooking powder, a substance was identified after tests and five people were sent to hospital after adding the powder to their food.

10 Oct 2006 – Kids groomed for paedophile ring. Michael Ruffles. The Canberra Times Act. Children groomed by paedophiles for sex abuse and underage sex are brainwashed.

19 Oct 2006 – Vic children unions. AAP Workplace children Australian. Australian council of trade unions ACTU pres Sharan Burrow.

30 Oct 2006 – Mafias dark secrets. Keith Moor. Herald Sun Melbourne Vic. Multi million dollar mafia racket. Calabrian mafia.

1 November 2006 – Food tampering, fruit and vegetables were recalled in Melbourne’s Safeway scare.

7 November 2006 – The FBI opened an office in Sydney. Thomas Fuentes special agent in charge of international operations at a press conference. (The Australian AAP

13 Nov 2006 – Mafia migrants had a penchant for crime. Keith Moor. Geoff Wilkinson. The Daily Telegraph Surrey Hills NSW. Mafia in Australia.

18 Nov 2006 – How Mafia bosses enforced silence. Keith Moor. Herald Sun Melbourne Vic. Mafia and death. Murder and the Calabrian Mafia. Italian secret society.

23 Nov 2006 – Slovenia to ask Australia for extradition of Nicholas Oman. Armenia press agency.

2007 – James Morton. Susanna Lobez. Gangland Australia. Victoria. Victory books.

2007 – Tony Reeves. Mr Sin, the Abe Saffron dossier. Allen Unwin Sydney.

2007 – Brisbane man Jason Merrett, and a scam to steal a car. 17 charges in court. (How to disappear. Frank M Ahearn. Eileen C Moran. (c)2009 Australia).

2007 – Richard Woolcott. Undiplomatic activities. Melbourne.

23 January 2007 – Nine terrorist suspects in Sydney conspiring to make explosives for a terrorist attack. (13 November 2006 AAP The Age Melbourne NSW Terror suspects case adjourned).

16 Feb 2007 – Identity fraud trial leads to international organized crime AFP. Chris Uhlmann. Identity case trail.

March 2007 – Clive Small left the NSW anti corruption ICAC. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

18 March 2007 – Sex abuse at two Catholic Christian brothers orphanages in Victoria. Broken Rites. Catholic order of Christian brothers. Homeless boys were sexually abused.

14 April 2007 – Jihadists praised by cleric Richard Kerbaj. Weekend Australian Canberra ACT p2.

19 April 2007 – WA Paedophiles plan to kill kidnap sex slaves. AAP General news wire Sydney. Perth. Two paedophiles were abusing and torturing boy.

23 April 2007 – Australia Islam prisons The Daily Telegraph Surrey hill NSW article by Kate Sikora about Bassam Hamzy and Ron Woodham.

24 May 2007 – Paedophiles kill plot. AAP Bulletin Sydney. Two paedophiles who kidnapped, sexually abused and plotted to kill a teen.

20 June 2007 – Australian arrests. The Scotsman Edinburgh. Four arrested in Australia in international paedophile ring. Live videos of child rapes.

23 June 2007 – Our forgotten shame of wartime sex slavery. Brisbane Times.

10 July 2007 – Child trafficking, drugs and sex trade, biometric scanning. Richard Ford. The Australian Canberra ACT. Trafficking of children for sex.

15 August 2007 – Alex Constantines blacklist. The CIA, Nugan Hand bank and the murder of Donald MacKay. Rupert Murdoch?.

15 August 2007 – ex cop killed Donald Mackay. John Jiggens book the Sydney connection, Fred Krahe, killer cop worked for Frank Nugan in 1977.

22 Oct 2007 – Gillard Socialist skeletons. Stephen Lunn. Samantha Maiden. The Australian Canberra ACT. Gillard’s Socialist links. Socialist forum.

23 Oct 2007 – Gillard under fire for her Socialist forum role, still a member in 2002. Gerard McManus. Herald Sun Melbourne Vic. Gillard was a member of the Socialist forum.

7 Dec 2007 – Fed, drug imported cocaine for four years. AFP AAP Sydney.

2008 – The export import bank of China which is owned by the Chinese government gave the Australian mining company Resource house $5.6 billion in finance to build a massive coal mine. (The shadow market. Eric J Weiner ©2010).

2008 – Lives of crime The Melbourne gangland murders and other tales of true crime Gary Tippet and Ian Munro Harper Collins publisher ISBN 978 0 7322 8609 5

2008-2009 – Preserving the past for the future 12th Australian Congress on genealogy and heraldry editor Vivienne M Parker ISBN 9781877217463.

5 Jan 2008 – Laura Haworth missing person.

15 Jan 2008 – Organised crime infiltrating east Timor. UN police. Jill Jolliffe. The Canberra Times ACT. Organised crime in east Timor, trafficking of women.

10 Feb 2008 – Leaked documents circulating online. The guy fawkes mask. Anonmous protests in east Australia when 550 to 850 people poured into the streets. (The many faces of Anonymous. Gabriella Coleman ©2014 UK).

10 Feb 2008 – 800 Anonymous supporters protested in Australia. (We are Anonymous. Pary Olson (c)2012 UK).

7 March 2008 – 24 year old Melbourne man, James Russouw body found in a burnt out car. Unsolved murder.

17 March 2008 – Rod Wells. Stolen years, Australian prisoners of war Australian war memorial. Japan.

11 April 2008 –

9 May 2008 – Unions to topple watchdog. Kate Hannan. The Canberra Times ACT. Unions MPs. Union behaviour and construction.

June 2008 – 150 kilograms of cocaine was sent from Colombia to Melbourne. The drugs were loaded in Italy. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

13 June 2008 – Fed, Heroin cocaine seizures at Australian borders. AAP Sydney.

14 Aug 2008 – Drug bust reveals Mafia still casts a shadow over Griffith. Bob Bottom. The Australian Canberra ACT. Mafia in Australia. Plati in Calabria Italy.

Nov 2008 – Police say the likely time of the murders was Nov 2008. Khandalyce and Karlie. No confirmed sightings after Dec 2008. 2 year old and mother Karlie Jade Pearce Stevenson. Both suffered violent deliberate deaths. (Twitter. Candice Marcus. ABC news).

18 Nov 2008 – Poe Lav missing person.

11 Dec 2008 – Australian probe into money laundering via casinos nets 2,200. Mr Ludwig says the investigation. BBC UK.

2009 – The seduction of power The gripping story of the Calabrian mafia in Australia Sergio Scasioli book Ringwood Vic Brolga pub (Worldcat database).

2009 – A Victoria woman and Black Saturday bushfires, a faked death. (How to disappear. Frank M Ahearn. Eileen C Moran. (c)2009 Australia).

2009 – The killer cop and the murder of Donald MacKay. John Jiggens book Westend Qld network to investigate the MacKay murder. (Worldcat database).

2009 – How to disappear. Disappeared persons. Vanishing without a trace. Frank M Ahearn and Eileen C Horan. Penguin books.

2009 – Smack express. How organised crime got hooked on drugs. Google books. Clive Small, Tom Gilling. In 1980 Al McCoy book, organised crime and drug trafficking in Australia.

2009 – Crims in grass castles. Keith Moor ©2009 Trimbole, Mr Asia and Donald MacKay. ISBN 978067007 3818 pbk. Penguin books Australia.

21 Feb 2009 – Missing man links with organised crime. Drug dealer found dead. The Adelaide. Disappearance.

March-April 2009 – China in March 2009, Hunan Valin iron and steel group brought nearly 18% of Fortescue metals group Australia’s fourth largest mining company for $893 million. Then in April Chinas Minmetals corp tried to buy OZ minerals for $1.8 billion. It was blocked by the Australian military, the Australia aerospace site was near one of OZ mines. (The shadow market. Eric J Weiner ©2010).

3 April 2009 – Hells Angels. Natalie O’Brien. The Australian Canberra ACT. Sydney lawyer who worked for the Hells Angels has been found dead in a locked room. Anthony Zervas death.

22 May 2009 – St Augustine orphanage in Geelong. Janette Lier.

June 2009 – Sydney, a false drowing in Ecuador in 2007, Paul Terroni aged 28. He was later found alive in Sydney in June 2009. Terroni applied for a passport in Ecuador under a false name to travel back to Australia on. (How to disappear. Frank M Ahearn. Eileen C Moran. (c)2009 Australia)

2 June 2009 – Michael Wines. Australia nourishing Chinas economic engine Qushins ties. New York Times.

5 June 2009 – Unions take their lesson into schools. Ewin Hannan. The Australian Canberra ACT. Union NSW office of Matt Dixon.

21 June 2009 – Queensland police search bush. A NZ woman went mising on about 21 June 2009 in Australia. Linda Francis Sidon aged 46. A part time cleaner, where she worked I dont know. (NZ Herald. AAP 31 Aug 2015).

27 June 2009 – Unions. Evin Hannan. Weekend Australian Canberra ACT. ACTU congress of union leaders officers Cath Bowtell.

18 July 2009 – Hells Angels charged over casino chips. AAP Bulletin Sydney.

18 July 2009 – NSW Hells Angels charged over $200,000 in casino chips. AAP General news wire Sydney.

7 Aug 2009 – Union war. Gillard force. Debbie Guest. The Australian Canberra ACT. Union turf wars.

Sept 2009 – A Police officer went missing from Queensland while on a routine work trip. His son thinks he was murdered. Police failed to investigate. Coroner. ABC. 12 July 2012 and 16 Nov 2015.

15 Oct 2009 – Pirates turn hi-tech, Interpol reveals link to Somalis. Herald Sun Melbourne Vic. Somalis are being used by crime syndicates organised crime. Jean Michel Loubutin.

19 Nov 2009 – US doctor accused of Russian mafia hit in Australia. AAP General news wire Sydney. Attempting to hire a Russian mafia hit man to kill a business rival. Eye surgery centres in the US and Canada. Dr Joseph King, and the Russian mafia.

5 Dec 2009 – Italy mafia came through Australia. The Age Melbourne. Global operations of the Camorra.

8 Dec 2009 – Unions at war. Ewan Hannan. The Australian Canberra ACT. Nurses union chief Ged Kearney.

2010 – The Anoa drug import by a former police officer Murray Riley, Australia NSW police commissioner was Merv Wood. Corruption. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

2010 – Mr Asia last man standing. James Diamond Jim Shepherd who was born in NZ. ISBN 978-1-4050-4020-4. Drug trafficking Australia.

2010 – Blood money, Bikies, terrorists and Middle Eastern gangs. Clive Smal, Tom Gilling ©2010 Allen Unwin Australia ISBN 9781 74237 1870

2010 – No one was ever charged with this largest heroin importation ever into Australia at that time. The “Konpira” ship. Access to corrupt police and customs. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).

2010 – Gangland Australia colonial criminals to the Carlton crew. Google books. James, Susanna Lobez brothel keepers drug traffickers.

2010 – Sin city crime and corruption in 20th century Sydney Tim Girling Butcher MD Kirby NSW (Worldcat databse).

2010 – Smack express. How organized crime got hooked on drugs. Clive Small and Tom Gilling. Allan Unwin Australia. ISBN 978-1-74237-208-2.

17 January 2010 – TV3 news cold case reopened on Kiwi linked to “Mr Asia”. Marion Sandford, disappeared, in Sydney 30 years ago, a heroin addict. Reward for info about her…

March 2010 – Chinese prosecution of Stern Hu and three other employees of the Australian mining company Rio Tinto on bribery and corporate espionage charges. (The shadow market. Eric J Weiner ©2010).

19 March 2010 – Mormons lend a hand by Lanai Carter. Eight mile plains Australia LDS news online.

14 May 2010 – Drug trafficking ring run from Australian bank. Telegraph UK Asia Pacific.

22 May 2010 – Terry Clarks money man making money and dodgy death. Britton Broun Dominion Post.

13 July 2010 – Jason Hazelgrove age 38 disappeared. Had spent 10 years in jail before this.

6 Aug 2010 – Court hears organised crime claim. Russian Mafia sent to coast. Tanya Westthorp. The Gold Coast Bulletin QLD. International organised crime cartel linked to the Russian mafia.

7 Aug 2010 – Unions Qld health pay debate. Rachel Tourle. Townsville bulletin QLD. Practitioners.

12 Aug 2010 – Melbourne raids net heroin worth millions. ABC Sydney. Victorian police, heroin from south east Asia.

15 Aug 2010 – Unions and Abbott. Josh Gordon. Sunday Age. Vic. Australian council of trade unions chief excec Jeff Lawrence.

30 Aug 2010 – Police and global drug syndicate. The Age Melbourne. Comancheros bikie gang, Chinese triads and corrupt Australian officials. Operation Hoffman investigation.

Sept 2010 – Bundaberg genealogical association inc Queensland records. Adelaide northern districts family history group inc Salisbury SA records. Cornish association of Victoria inc records held relating to Cornwall UK. (Australian family tree. Sept 2010)

21 Sept 2010 – US UK Australia trade treaties finally pass committee. Defence news.

27 Nov 2010 – New police plan aims to tackle organised crime. Identity crime laundering. Sydney Morning Herald. Dylan Welch NSW.

28 Nov 2010 – AnonOps, an alleged hacker from Australia, Julian Assange publicy leaked cables. Wikileaks. (We are Anonymous. Pary Olson ©2012 UK).

Dec 2010 – American tourist Kenneth Rodman aged 55 went missing in Australia. (ABC online. The Queensland Times 29 June 2015).

15 Dec 2010 – Christmas island is a detention center for asylum seekers. An Australian territory in the Indian ocean 2600 km north west of Perth. 360 km south of Jakarta Indonesia. The boat was the 126th to arrive in Australia in 2010. 2971 asylum seekers were on Christmas island detention center. Tragedy struck on 15 Dec 2010. (The Australian book of disasters. (c)2011 Gary Writer Australia).

28 Dec 2010 – Opium bribe. The Daily Mercury MacKay QLD. Man Sang to import opium and sell it in Sydney.

2011 – Book, Irish family history resources online, Chris Paton, Unlock the past. ISBN 978 1921956 010. Published in Australia, printed in Australia.

2011 – The Australian book of disasters. Larry Writer. Murdoch books pty ltd. ISBN 978-1-74196-902-3. Griffin press.

2011 – The Bush orphanage. Recollections of a British child migrant and Australia’s human trafficking past. John Hawkins.

2 Jan 2011 – Killer cocaine cartel has Australia in sight. Dylon Welch. Sydney Morning Herald NSW.

12 Jan 2011 – Second Socialist counciler Yara council. Clay Lucas. The Age Melbourne Vic. Second Socialist counciler 2008 election Socialist party candidate Anthony Main. Socialist party member Stephen Jolly.

March 2011 – Gordon Esam in Australia Narraweena NSW died in March 2011. (The Bassett road machine gun murders. Scott Bainbridge (c)2013 NZ).

17 March 2011 – International paedophile ring, the biggest of its kind. Police hit worldwide paedophile ring. 31 Australians arrested, the worlds largest.

17 March 2011 – International paedophile ring. The biggest of its kind says police. 31 Australians were arrested. The worlds biggest internet paedophile ring. The Australian.

17 March 2011 – International paedophile ring, the biggest of its kind, say police. 31 Australians were arrested. The Australian.

17 March 2011 – International paedophile ring.

23 April 2011 – The Labour senator. The French consul and the KGB A Labour member and Whitlam govt member a Soviet intel collaborater. Sydney Morning Herald.

15 July 2011 – Geelong man Daniel O’Keeffe age 24 went missing. Human bones later found under family home. 22 March 2016. Caroline Zielinski and Aisha Dow. Coroner.

26 July 2011 – Forced adoption scandal. Catholics in Australia. Thousands of women were involved in forced adoptions. Christian Post.

28 July 2011 – Police investigate organ trafficking. The Daily Telegraph Surrey Hills NSW. Donor shortages fuels illegal trafficking in organs.

12 Aug 2011 – Canberra more drug policies, corrupt ex-cop. The Canberra Times ACT.

10 Sept 2011 – Corruption in unions. Australian council of trade unions ACTU, corruption in health services union, culture. Bronwyn Herbert. ABC Sydney.

8 Oct 2011 – Human trafficking raid on brothel. Tom Reilly. NSW. Victims, crime that goes unreported. Corruption. Sydney Morning Herald.

10 Oct 2011 – Legal brothels linked to international sex trafficking ring. The flesh trade. Nick McKenzie. Sydney Morning Herald NSW. Sex slavery ring and organised crime, brothels.

11 Oct 2011 – Murderous drug traffickers eye Australia. The Courier Mail Brisbane QLD.

19 Oct 2011 – Unions. Judith Slou. The Australian Canberra ACT. Union provided credit cards. Health services union.

20 Oct 2011 – Business day. Leonie Lamont. Citibank. National Australia bank. International fraud by a imposter. NSW supreme court. Events in Nov 2010 Citibank Sydney branch. $15,000 to an HSBC Hong Kong account for Susana Velarde Palon, Philippines. Further payments to HSBC Hong Kong accouts in the Philippines. Fraud and identity theft. Citibank fraud, personal info. Sydney Morning Herald.

6 Nov 2011 – Have the AFP been busted yet again. Was mafia, Colin Winchester gunned down.

11 November 2011 – US marines to be stationed at Australian base Darwin. Sydney Morning Herald.

16 November 2011 – Human trafficking in western Sydney, by Callan Lawrence. Penrith city star. Asian women.

17 November 2011 – US troop deployments digging into data. CNN Ally Barnard.

20 Nov 2011 – Italian Australian gangsters and criminals. Posted by Gangsters inc.

21 November 2011 – Chasing Nugan Hand. Whitlam, the CIA and Nugan Hand, John Jiggens.

23 November 2011 – Public comment sought on slavery laws. Crime of sex slavery and trafficking. ABC Melbourne.

1 December 2011 – Australia urged to work with Asia to combat trafficking. UN ABC radio.

1 December 2011 – The Victoria. UN official urges human trafficking unit. Maris Beck Victoria police.

3 December 2011 – Corruption fight stuck in vacume under office of police integrity. The Australian national affairs. John Ferguson Victorian police editor.

4 December 2011 – UN calls on Australia to better assist victims of human trafficking. Many are children. Child trafficking news.

4 December 2011 – Alcohol crackdown nets 1,500 arrests. Operation Unite. ABC news.

5 December 2011 – . Australian trafficking focuses of needs of victims UN press release human rights office Geneva Canberra. Scoop NZ.

6 December 2011 – Sydney Morning Herald. Australia adopts more sanctions on Iran. AFP.

8 December 2011 – Now anti-corruption cops will have semi automatic guns and armor. AAP Victoria. Herald Sun.

9 December 2011 – Taipei Times front page. US tries to reassure China on military ties with Australia. Reuters Beijing.

2012 – The Australian security intelligence organisation. Frank Cain. Google books.

2012 – The Sting. Nick McKenzie. Australian plot to crack a global drug empire. Victory books ISBN 9780522860924 pbk organised crime.

2012 – The double life of Herman Rockefeller. Hilary Bonney. Penguin books.

4 Jan 2012 – Gillard rebukes Hawke on unions. Jessica Wright. Sydney Morning Herald NSW. Power of unions within ALP.

8 Jan 2012 – Willing sex as prostitution, concern over unwilling sex, sex trafficking, its very widespread. Matt Malone. The Examiner Launcesten Tas. Sex trafficking.

3 Feb 2012 – Sydney brothels and sex trafficking. The Canberrra Times ACT. A Sydney brothel owner.

18 Feb 2012 – Italian Australian gangsters and Mafiosi. Posted by Gangsters inc.

3 March 2012 – Australia forum. Mexican drug cartels target Australia. Mark Benson.

14 March 2012 – Paedophiles prey on Asian children, sex crimes. Miles Kemp. Herald Sun Melbourne Vic. Convicted paedophiles leave Australia to prey on children. 1194 paedophiles traveled overseas.

13 April 2012 – NSW. Sid Maher. The Australian Canberra ACT. Michael Williamson pres of union NSW.

14 April 2012 – Urgent need to shine light on church. The suspicious deaths of at least 40 victims of a paedophile ring. Catholic clergy in Ballerat, tip of iceberg. The Age Melbourne.

22 April 2012 – Stuff ups and cover ups protect paedophiles. Sharon McCrohan. Sydney herald Sun Melbourne Vic. Paedophiles, the system gives paedophiles secrecy.

8 May 2012 – Unions Gillard. Ewin Hannan. The Australian Canberra ACT. Airline unions.

13 May 2014 – Krejcir said to have. The Star South Africa. Dealing of 25 k worth of crystal meth into Australia.

18 May 2012 – Bandt, unions and Greens party policies. Rachel Willingham. Sydney Morning Herald NSW. Unions, Greens, corruption and Adam Bandt.

13 June 2012 – HSU chief. Ewin Hannan. The Australian Canberra ACT. Health services union Kathy Jackson. ALP politics.

20 June 2012 – The Calabrian Ndrangheta in Australia posted by Gangsters inc.

4 July 2012 – ex-cop Hells Angels law firm. Robyn Wuth. The Gold Coast south QLD. A law firm that represents the Hells Angels. Nick Crawford.

7 July 2012 – Unions look for power deal. Bolger. The Examiner Launceston Tas. Tasman boss Kevin Harkins.

25 July 2012 – Arrest of organiser of unions. Tried to stop hospital work. David Kidick. The Mercury Hobart Tas. Union militancy.

31 July 2012 – NSW organised crime disappearance. AAP General news wire Sydney. Asian organised crime ring disappearance. Mr Cook.

10 Aug 2012 – Lisa Mosley. Inquiry ordered into the 1989 Colin Winchester murder. Lateline.

10 Sept 2012 – Child sex trafficking. Sunshine coast daily. Morochydore QLD. Child sex trafficking, child slavery.

20 September 2012 – A Kurd who fled Iraq refugee resettlement watch, internet. Human trafficking case Australian citizenship 11 years jail.

4 Oct 2012 – Paedophile ring used carers. Paedophile ring operating in Hunter and Newcastle. Sydney Morning Herald..

4 Oct 2012 – Evidence of a foster care paedophile ring. Hunter valley foster care sector. ABC news now Sydney.

4 Oct 2012 – Paedophiles as carers. Rory Callinan. Access to sex abuse children. Sydney Morning Herald.

9 October 2012 – Sex trafficking is thriving in Australia. VOA.

10 October 2012 – ABC news by Stephen Anderson. Police fail to investigate corruption allegations. Gangland figure Earl Williams murder Victoria.

3 Nov 2012 – Ndrangheta into Australia by Steven Ralph posted by Gangsters inc.

9 November 2012 – Nurse held for drug smuggling freed. Kuala Lumpur Australian nurse Malaysian court. IOC news.

11 November 2012 – An Australian Paul Freeman held in Bulgarian prison. Article by Thea Lowie. ABC news.

12 November 2012 – Google to pay damages over underworld link $200,000 damages. Melbourne underworld shooting unsolved in 2004. ABC news.

16 Nov 2012 – Child sex abuse victims in orpahanges and foster care. Timothy McDonald. The Royalston boys home in Glebe Sydney.

21 November 2012 – AFP busts $237m international drug ring. ABC A Canadian and an American yahoo 7 news.

22 November 2012 – Canadians arrested in Sydney. The Mirror UK by Natalie Evans. Smugglers steamroller haul of drugs worth 154 million pounds, found stashed inside machinery in Australia. Cocaine shipped from China.

22 November 2012 – European ATM skimming machine your credit cards worst enemy in Australia crime first by David Murray.Herald Sun.

24 November 2012 – Australia targets China’s rich with millionaire visa by David Rogers. If you have $5 million to invest Australia accepts applications. Wall Sreet Journal.

29 Nov 2012 – Law shields paedophiles. Noel Towell. The Canberra Times ACT. Law may shield paedophiles.

30 Nov 2012 – Sean Jukia Wass, missing person when 3 years old. NSW. English Japanese. Interpol.

December 2012 – Sydney Morning Herald. Richard Baker. Australian Catholic church uses smokescreen to hide paedophiles. Safe world for women Katerva.

7 December 2012 – AM Australia Tony Eastley. Sugar cane farmer seeks recognition for buried slaves. The Queensland sugar industry was built on slavery.

18 Dec 2012 – Boys home staffed by paedophiles. The Border Mail Albany Wolonga NSW. Bayswater boys home was a paedophile haven. Free access to the boys.

21 Dec 2012 – Paedophiles in jail porn ring. Noel Towell. Louis Andrews. The Age Melbourne Vic. Paedophiles in Canberra jail set up a porn ring.

22 Dec 2012 – Corruption among customs officers and links to organized crime. Ann Scott Young. The Examiner Launceston Tas.

2013 – Catholic Priest David Edwin Rapson was jailed for 13 years for sex crimes against kids. Rape of boys. (Shannon Deery Herald Sun 31 March 2015).

12 Feb 2013 – Mexican gangs send cocaine via private jet. The Courier Mail Brisbane QLD. Tonnes of cocaine flew into Australia. South America.

23 Feb 2013 – Mafia certainly killed AFP assistant commissioner in 1989 Colin Winchester. By Richard Guilliantt The Australian. Calabrian mafia N’Drangheta accused.

24 Feb 2013 – Winchester murder a mafia murder. Mafia certainly killed AFP assistant commissioner Colin Winchester. Richard Guilliantt. The Australian.

25 Feb 2013 – Inmate drug use rife in secure prisons. Michelle . Geelong Advertiser Vic.

11 April 2013 – Salvation Army homes. At least 500 children were sex abused in orphanages in Victoria. Sex abuse in Salvation Army orphanages in Victoria. ABC Sydney.

9 May 2013 – Trafficking in illegal brothel. Herald Sun Melbourne Vic Slavery and human trafficking.

10 May 2013 – Brothel king and hidden trafficking. Jane Lee. The Age Melbourne Vic. Victims in sex industry.

14 May 2013 – Meth use doubles, Steve Lillebuan. 592 crystal meth cases in Melbourne 2011-2012. AAP.

15 May 2013 – Bikie farewell Hells Angels gangland funeral for drugs boss Tony Makbels mother. Wayne Flower. Herald Sun Melbourne Vic. A police officer corrupted by the Hells Angels was stealing documents.

6 June 2013 – Victims of Ashram child sex scandal, inquiry. CNN 30 May 2013. Senior Catholics and the govt of Victoria. State of Victoria and child sex abuse.

7 June 2013 – Cocaine trafficking financier avoids jail. The Melbourne financier told his private school background wont save him from jail.

14 June 2013 – Blog Friends of ours. Australian police search for remains of anti-Mafia activist Donald MacKay, murdered in 1977. Ndrangheta or Calabrian mafia. Reported by Keith Moor Herald Sun.

22 June 2013 – Unions and Gillard. Peter Hartcher. NSW. Union Paul Howes Meeting of leaders of unions to donate to the Labour party. Sydney Morning Herald.

1 July 2013 – Baby boy bought for abuse and traded by a paedophile ring. The Chronicle Australia. Babies and toddlers are used by paedophiles, children are abused.

1 July 2013 – Boy given to paedophiles. Cairns. American court. Child sex crimes. Paedophile ring and child porn. Visits to New Zealand men. Sydney Morning Herald. Nick Ralston.

10 July 2013 – Unions industrial. Heath Aston. The Age Melbourne Vic. Australian workers union. Paul Howes. The Canberra Times ACT.

6 July 2013 – HSBC exec praises Australian banks. Business spectator. HSBC pleaded guilty to laundering drug cartel money Australia.

11 July 2013 – Herald sun news. Mafia buster fury over failure to arrest mobsters Nicola Ciconte Vincenzo Medici and Michael Calleja. By Keith Moor.

30 July 2013 – Organised crime rips billions from Australian economy. Steve Marshall. Sydney. One news Australia.

31 July 2013 – Organised crime and the economy, newsdesk report. News Mail Bundaberg QLD. $15 billion identification documents. Ms Clare said organised crime.

2 Aug 2013 –

3 Aug 2013 – Business insider Australia. Edward Snowden walked right into a bizarre alliance between Wikileaks and Russians. Micheal Kelley.

14 Aug 2013 – Man charged with importing 2kgs of cocaine into Sydney. foreign Australian federal police.

29 August 2013 – HSBC London asks for diplomatic missions. Radio Australia. Banking giant HSBC the bank had for years acted as a conduit for drug lords of Asia and Pacific.

1 Sept 2013 – Missing person when 9 years old. Mathieu Pierre Michael Etienne Macintosh. NSW Australia France. Interpol.

4 Sept 2013 – Socialist Alliance, Greens, Grayndler. Ean Higgins. The Australian Canberra ACT. Grayndler the Socialist Alliance website.

22 Sept 2013 – Woodland boys were abused by Christian paedophiles. The Herald Australia. Organised paedophile ring. Anglican and Catholic clergy, children’s programs.

23 Sept 2013 – Paedophile ring uses boys homes for cover. Newcastle Herald NSW.

1 Oct 2013 – Portsmith brothel human trafficking Asia sex hub. Bianca Keegan. The Cairns Post QLD. Human trafficking in Queensland brothels. Sex slavery, corruption.

3 Oct 2013 – Tyrone Slemnik shooting Hells Angels member arrested. Megan Levy Sydney morning herald NSW.

8 Oct 2013 – Leighton hits back at claim of corruption. Bridget Carter. Construction. Business Wall st journal The Australian.

15 Oct 2013 – KGB ran at least two Australian politicians as agents in the 1970s (Intel news. Joseph Fitzanakis. Fairfax media.)

15 Oct 2013 – Liberals push for inquiry into unions, after Michael Williamson guilty plea. Corrupt union officials. Health services union. ( Steve Lewis news ltd ).

17 Oct 2013 – Nearly 30 million people in slavery around the world, report Trafficked, and domestic sex slaves. ABC news.

23 Oct 2013 – Hells Angels charged over drugs in QLD. Petrina Berry. AAP buliton Sydney. Drug trafficking.

18 Oct 2013 – Sydney Morning Herald. Eric Abetz readies for clampdown on building unions. Clay Lucas, Workplace editor for the Age.

7 Nov 2013 – Organised crime in Australia posted by Gangsters inc.

11 Nov 2013 – The man convicted of murdering top cop Colin Winchester. Herald Sun. Police operation against the Calabrian mafia.

15 Nov 2013 – How cops busted a paedophile ring. Brisbane Times. International paedophile ring. 348 people were arrested and 386 children were rescued.

9 Dec 2013 – Australian paedophile Peter Truong was jailed for 20 years in the US. ABC. International paedophile, trafficked to global paedophile ring.

14 Jan 2014 – The Advertiser Australia. South Australian unsolved cases. Lynton Grace.

16 Jan 2014 – International paedophile ring. Today online. US, UK and Australia.

16 Jan 2014 – International paedophile ring. Huffington Post. Police operation, US and Australia.

23 Jan 2014 – NSW $6m cash haul in a suitcase in Sydney. AAP 105 people were arrested.

29 Jan 2014 – Abuse in showers and dorms of boys home. Emily Bourke. The World Today. Sydney ABC.

30 Jan 2014 – Unions. Greg Ray. Herald NSW. Australia’s biggest unions, health services union.

30 Jan 2014 – Australian unions. The Border Mail Albury Wodoga NSW. Trade unions and criminal behaviour by union officials.

31 Jan 2014 – Death cart rattled for corruption in unions. Piers Akerman. The Daily Telegraph. Surry Hills. NSW. Inquiry into trade unions, an epidemic of union corruption.

4 Feb 2014 – Paedophile ring and boys in care. Sydney Morning Herald. Boys in Queensland in the 1970s. Paedophile ring sex abuse.

10 Feb 2014 – Leaders and the unions. Royal Commission. The Courier Ballarat vic. Corruption and union leaders to give evidence. Pres Ged Kearney, police probe union corruption.

10 Feb 2014 – South Australia $1 million reward. 13 cold cases and 18 children. From 1966 to 2000. AAP. 18 children presumed murdered. Beaumont children in 1966. 13 cases. 18 children. Glenelg. The Guardian UK.

11 Feb 2014 – Union attack on Abbott over corruption inquiry. Charli Newton. Mandurah Mail WA. Corrupt union bosses.

11 Feb 2014 – Abbott to shine the spotlight on union inquiry. Steven Scott. The Courier Mail Brisbane QLD. Corruption political ACTU.

11 Feb 2014 – ALP linked unions. Royal Commission. LEMEU. Dossier on Gillard Mark Kenny. James Massola. The Age Melbourne Vic. Five unions named.

12 Feb 2014 – Missing person when 9 years old. Nelson Peyton Lee. Interpol.

12 Feb 2014 – Missing person when 6 years old. Nathaniel Colixto Lee. Interpol.

12 March 2014 – Drugs rife in prisons. Alex Chitz. Herald Sun Melbourne Vic.

12 March 2014 – Victims of state ward sex abuse. Commissioner for children and youth. Bernie George. Sex exploitation of wards of the state, children in state care. At least 40 wards of the state including 12 year olds. Rachael Brown. ABC Sydney.

19 March 2014 – Paedophile ring in Adelaide. State inquiry. Adelaide news. A paedophile ring was operating in Adelaide for more than two decades. International ring with links to the UK.

9 April 2014 – Union corruption. Illawarra Wolbngog NSW. Royal Commission into union corruption.

25 April 2014 – Identities of backroom witnesses. Sydney Morning Herald. Mining magnate Nathan Tinkler mafia links.

26 April 2014 – The Catholic Christian brothers and decades of child sex abuse. The Daily Telegraph AU. Orphanages and sex abuse scandals in Australian Catholic orphanages.

28 April 2014 – ABC Australia Claire Moodie. Extent of child sex abuse yet to be exposed. Christian brothers homes 1940s to the 1960s. Child migrant trust shipped from the UK and Malta. Paddy Dorrain was sent to Bindoon when he was 11 after being shipped from an Irish orphanage. Sarah Ferguson.

28 April 2014 – Child sex abuse. A Royal commisson into child sex abuse in Perth. Homes run by the Christian brothers. From the 1940s to the 1960s. Claire Moodie Sydney ABC.

30 April 2014 – Australia crystal meth pandemic. More arrests, record seizures.

5 May 2014 – Daily Telegraph UC Laws weigh toward the accused allowed paedophiles in the ranks of Christian brothers to escape trial. Corruption. Janet Fife Yeomans. It was not until 1962 that the Christian brothers were banned by law from abusing children. Rules since 1947. Australia Perth News Corp Australia Orphans shipped from the UK 1930s and 1930s.

5 May 2014 – Labour’s Socialist credo has to go. Troy Branston. The Australian Canberra ACT.

19 May 2014 – UK child abuse inquiry to send lawyers to Australia to investigate. 1940s and 50s migration program. Orphans who were not.

23 May 2014 – Libs take money of mafia man. The Age Melbourne. Mafia bankroll a liberal party federal seat in 2013.

24 May 2014 – Bungle leaves convicted mafia in the community. The Age Melbourne. Immigration dept organised crime and murder charges.

27 May 2014 – MP has links to mafia boss. The Age Melbourne. Liberal MP Ken Smith, charity mafia boss a linked donor to organised crime.

29 May 2014 – MP Liberals blood money. The Age Melbourne. Mafia links.

6 June 2014 – Melbourne football doctor linked to Hells Angels charged with drug trafficking. ABC premium news Sydney. Prescriptions.

9 June 2014 – NZ woman charged over meth haul. AAP news wire Sydney. 5 kilograms of crystal meth into Sydney hidden in machinery.

9 June 2014 – NSW Kiwi charged over crystal meth haul. AP Sydney. Smuggling 5 grams of crystal meth into Australia.

16 June 2014 – The Australian. British orphans were sexually abused UK migration. Bernard Lagan The Times. Forced migration of thousands of orphans to Australia. Sex abuse before and after UK to Australia migration. Institutions.

16 June 2014 – Orphans sent to Australia were sexually abused. The Times. Bernard Lagan Sydney Aust. Australia and New Zealand. Secret transfers of thousands of children. 1940s and 1970s. Inquiry in 1997 child migrants.

18 June 2014 – Police join forces on Mackays case leads. Keith Moore.The Australian.

18 June 2014 – Gangbusting cop joins fight to find Mackays murderer. Keith Moor. The Daily Telegraph.

18 June 2014 – Fresh police eyes on drug campaigner Mackays murder. Keith Moore. The Daily Telegraph.

18 June 2014 – Donald Mackay mystery. Victoria’s gangland squad to help NSW police with cold case. ABC premium news.

25 June 2014 – Australia child sex trafficking. FBI operation. Mandie Sami Herald Today Sydney. Child sex trafficking.

1 July 2014 – With Rolf Harris convicted, the silence about sexual abuse is being disturbed. Suzanne Moore. The Guardian UK. Certain young boys and girls were seen as disposable, they still are.

12 July 2014 – The Australian. Legal mafia, corruption unions.

18 July 2014 – Bribery charges for AFP officer. The Australian. Australian federal police officer had contacts with organised crime figures. Bribes for releasing confidential.

30 July 2014 – Jailed for child porn. AAP. More than 1,000 porn images and videos. 46 year old man. South Australia. The man himself was abused when placed in “care” with Boyston south of Sydney aged 11.

3 Aug 2014 – Missing persons how they get found and what you can do to help. Andrew Koubaridis crime reporter.

4 Aug 2014 – ABC Woman dies while being held in police custody South Hedland. Jacob Kagi. A 22 year old women western Australia.

4 Aug 2014 – ABC Older women at risk of homelessness. Nicolas Perpitah.

5 Aug 2014 – Alexandra Back. Living in a cave in Sydney, when she died as a consequence of being homeless. Been living in the cave for 6-7 years. Who is she?

5 Aug 2014 – The Guardian UK. Queensland premier under pressure as inquiry into corruption chief drags on.

7 Aug 2014 – The West Australian. Yahoo news. Homeless need help not prison. Perth homeless persons week. Let them have lawyers who are on their side, not against them.

7 Aug 2014 – NZ Herald AP. Jewish children threatened on Sydney school bus. Canberra. New South Wales police arrested five children then released them.

9 Aug 2014 – The Australian. Homeless hit by soaring prices. Cassandra Wilkinson.

10 Aug 2014 – Sydney Morning Herald. Agent Albert. KGB . Philip Dorling.

11 Aug 2014 – Sydney Morning Herald. Agent Albert, MP listed as secret KGB informant in Russian archives. Philip Dorling. Agent Albert was a NSW policeman. The late Mr James died in 2006.

12 Aug 2014 – Acoss calls for a single welfare payment for life’s essentials. Judith Lined. Sydney Morning Herald.

12 Aug 2014 – The Age Melbourne. Australian church leader was a KGB spy. Phillip Dorling. Codenamed “Zorik” an archbishop, Armenian church.

22 Aug 2014 – Translated from Italian. January 10 lives not to be forget. Angelo Serino. Rosario Zerilli is referred to as the perpetrator of the crime. The records of Italian immigration to Australia. Drug trafficking. Murder of Colin Winchester, Australian police in 1989.

22 Aug 2014 – Cipher mysteries. The Somerton man. Missing list. Nick Pelley. Tamam Shud. Xplor. Sir Percy Sillitoe sent M15. The Soviet problem in May June.

22 Aug 2014 – David Eastman conviction for murder of policeman Colin Winchester. The Guardian. Members of the Ndrangheta mafia were behind the killing.

25 Aug 2014 – Say no to Labour leader. Kelmeny Fraser. Townsville Bulletin QLD.

26 Aug 2014 – Winchester mafia links not persued. The Sydney Morning Herald. Failed to investigate mafia links in assassination of Colin Stanley Winchester.

28 Aug 2014 – Herald Sun Melbourne. Sex surgeon Dr Suresh Nair will be deported back to Malaysia.. Daniel Mears. The Daily Telegraph. Sydney neurosurgeon jailed for cocaine deaths of two women. Deported to Malaysia. The 2011 death of 22 year old Dominques Zaupi, cocaine overdose in Sydney in 2009. Coke addict surgeon. Many botched operations. Death of Victoria McIntyre aged 23 at his apartment.

1 Sept 2014 – Labour mans mafia links. The Age Melbourne. Local council elections bankrolled by a Calabrian mafia boss, in ALP.

1 Sept 2014 – Irish children sent to Australia were sex abused. The Guardian UK. Sir Anthony Hart.

6 Sept 2014 – Student club ban. The Age Melbourne. Union group the Socialist alternative has been deregistered as a club by Monash university.

10 Sept 2014 – Misconduct claims. The Age Melbourne. Council party bankrolled by a mafia boss.

11 Sept 2014 – al Qaeda plots a 9/11. Abu Sulayman al Muhajir from Australia is now an al Qaeda leader in Syria.

12 Sept 2014 – William Tyrrell age 3 went missing from Kendall NSW. (AAP. 2 Jan 2016. NZ Herald).

18 Sept 2014 – Guerilla grassroots city square food stall feeds Melbourne’s homeless. Carolyn Webb. The Age Melbourne Victoria.

18 Sept 2014 – Union mafia . The Australian. Melbourne old Pentridge prison, union Croatian mafia. Pay deals Royal Commission heard.

19 Sept 2014 – Scale of paedophile activity shocks police. The Age Melbourne. A special police task force on sex offenders and child abuse, porn in Australia is underestimated.

20 Sept 2014 – Praveen Kashyap. Police spent $2.5 million on hacking software to track phone and computers. Hackers news bulletin. Wikileaks. NSW police.

21 Sept 2014 – Sydney Morning Herald. Canberra Times. John Hatton. Winchester corruption, police mafia link. John Thistledon. Operation Seville.

22 Sept 2014 – Mexican drug cartels reach Australia. TVNZ One news. Fairfax media.

27 Sept 2014 – Body found in house. The Age Melbourne. Located two people who were missing.

27 Sept 2014 – Ice (meth), cartel linked to docks imports. The Age Melbourne. Major organise crime figures

29 Sept 2014 – Daily Telegraph. NSW missing persons case, police. AP Sydney man vanished without a trace 20 years ago. Richard Sajko 21 years old. Disappeared on 13 May 1995. Unsolved homocide case.

4 Oct 2014 – Meth that crystal clear. Times Canberra. The Courier Mail Brisbane QLD. Meth labs are being seized nearly every day.

8 Oct 2014 – Only 15% of child sex abuse cases see court. The Daily Telegraph. Paedophiles NSW prosecutions are plummeting.

9 Oct 2014 – Socialist Alliance Newcastle by elections. ABC Sydney. Socialist Alliance Steve O’Brien Newcastle.

9 Oct 2014 – Access to secret mafia evidence in the Winchester case. The Canberra Times. Police, mafia in killing of Colin Winchester.

10 Oct 2014 – ABC Aust. Crime corruption commission. Mike Featherstone. Queensland police detective home raided. Tip of iceberg.

14 Oct 2014 – Bid for tougher NSW child sex laws fails. The Daily Telegraph. Convicted paedophiles.

21 Oct 2014 – Mafia book. The West Australian. Mafia hitman shot and killed Perth underworld. Sydney Morning Herald.

23 Oct 2014 – Union Royal Commission set up taskforce to probe crime. Sydney Morning Herald. Ties between organised crime and unions.

23 Oct 2014 – The Guardian UK. John Pilger. CIA and M16 1975 Gough Whitlam.

24 Oct 2014 – Taskforce to explore links between organised crime and union bosses. The Sydney Morning Herald. Multi taskforce investigating ties between organised crime and union officials.

29 Oct 2014 – Sydney Morning herald. ACTU slams head of Royal Commission into union corruption. The Australian. ACTU attack on Royal Commission into union corruption. Tim Lyons.

30 Oct 2014 – 1984 Calabrian mafia murders of Rocin Medici. Herald Sun. Victoria Calabrian mafia boss Liborio Benvenuto and his bodyguard Joe Rossi. Medici and Furira were killed.

31 Oct 2014 – Police taskforce to investigate trade union corruption. ABC Australia. Trade union Royal commission. Organised crime connections, in the construction industry. Crime figure George Alex gave cash to union delelgates. Bullying of whistleblowers. Dave Noonan. Socialist corruption in government departments is linked to this.

31 Oct 2014 – Australian human trafficking cases soar. Yahoo7 news AAP. Victoria police, human trafficking, sex slavery. Forced marriage and child exploitation in Australia.

31 Oct 2014 – Sex trafficking, sex slavery and forced marriage on the rise in Australia, says police. Sydney Morning Herald. Human trafficking.

31 Oct 2014 – Royal Commission into union corruption told Julia Gillard, about her dealings with unions who misappropriated money. Sydney Morning Herald.

1 Nov 2014 – Gillard to address Australia. Former PM Julia Gillard, lawyers and her conduct, a union slush fund, one of her boyfriends, Socialists.

2 Nov 2014 – Socialist candidate Green left weekly. Socialist alliance candidate Westward. Australia first party AFP Morrickville council.

2 Nov 2014 – Socialist Newcastle by election. Green left weekly. ALP Steve O’Brien Socialist Alliance.

2 Nov 2014 – NSW police taskforce to investigate corruption in the building industry. Sydney Morning Herald. Royal Commission into trade union corruption. Dyson Heydon.

3 Nov 2014 – NSW police taskforce investigating corruption in the building industry. Sydney Morning Herald. Royal Commission into trade union corruption

4 Nov 2014 – Australian law and spy operations. World Socialist web site. ASIO’s 65 year history of operations against Socialists and protest groups.

4 Nov 2014 – Human trafficking goes largely unreported in Australia, says police. SBE. Difficult to investigate and few cases get prosecuted.

4 Nov 2014 – Police complicity in the sex abuse of children in care. Advocate. Burnie Ta, Australia orphanages, children homes and foster care.

7 Nov 2014 – UK and Australia to share DNA database for int crime. RT. Police access each others DNA and biological database int crime.

8 Nov 2014 – Sarah Carty. Sick child like sex dolls and paedophiles Australia NSW. Daily Mail UK. Mail online. Sydney man charged, imported by paedophiles. Child abuse laws. Chinese website plus 8,000 child porn images.

10 Nov 2014 – Unions paid to control Victoria. The Australian. Labour leader Daniel Andrews. Victorian construction unions.

11 Nov 2014 – The Guardian UK. Sex abuse inquiry names 3 people. Noel Greenway. Ronald Ward and Frank Valentine. Abuse in NSW institutions, no one was charged because they worked for the government. AAP. 11 men who raped, bashed girls in NSW institutions. 1960s and 70s. Parramatta girls school and Hay institution. “care” of the state and sex abuse in schools. 8 year old girls. School closed in 1974.

12 Nov 2014 – Three shooting sprees in Sydney have police baffled. TVNZ. No links.

13 Nov 2014 – Canberra monitoring Russian warships north of Australia. BBC UK. Four Russian naval vessels, two frigates, track the warships.

13 Nov 2014 – Cameron Stewart. The identity of a KGB spy inside Australia’s ASIO is an intel mystery. The Australian.

14 Nov 2014 – Brisbane Times Queensland. G20 tax haven crackdown. Tony Moore. Trillions of dollars are going into tax havens.

22 Nov 2014 – Dismembered corpse found in chilly bin. New Zealand Herald. Lord Close Edmonton. Allegedly a Napier father cut into pieces and stuffed into a chilly bin in rural Australia Queensland police. Campbell Paterson of Napier. 3news. Found in bushland south of Cairns. Radio live news at midnight 23 Nov 2014. Australian police said the body has not yet been identified.

24 Nov 2014 – Yooralla disability provider finds rape and corruption. Sydney Morning Herald. Handling of rape and sex harassment cases. Corruption and leaked documents, whistleblowers say.

29 Nov 2014 – Asylum seeker raped twice on Nauru. The rapist was then given a visa. The Age Melbourne. Sarah Whyte.

29 Nov 2014 – Australia’s second largest drug haul $A1.5 billion TVNZ drugs worth $A1.5 billion, second largest drugs haul in Australia.

6 Dec 2014 – Drug smuggler Kalynda Davis aged 22. Her father Larry Davis was inured in the 1994 crash in Australia. China meth smuggler. The daughter of a top police officer. Peter Gardner aged 25 was arrested in China too. By Daniel Piotrowski. 8 Dec 1994 Car crash in Penrith Australia 1994. Daily Mail UK.

6 Dec 2014 – Australians involved in international drug smuggling networks. Brisbane Times. International drug trafficking syndicates. Phillip Wen Beijing. Peter Gardner a 25 year old New Zealander based in Sydney.

11 Dec 2014 – Middle Eastern organised crime, investigating the shooting of Lola Hamzy. The Daily Telegraph. Sydney west. Hamzy’s links to Organised crime.

11 Dec 2014 – Police in ban on mobster.The ban has been made on public interest grounds, organised crime. Mr Madafferi. The Age Melbourne.

15 Dec 2014 – Cars seized in organised crime syndicate bust in Melbourne. The Age. Stolen cars. Raids on scrap metal dealers $1 million.

16 Dec 2014 – Drug syndicate busted. Multi million dollar international organised crime syndicate. Raids in Melbourne, heroin ring. Herald Sun.

18 Dec 2014 – Police find $3.3 million Australian currency cash in two Holden utes. Arrests and charges. Frazer.

18 Dec 2014 – International ring hit. The Age Melbourne. Organised crime in Australia.

18 Dec 2014 – Melbourne actor Jeremy Kewley and 103 child porn images. The Age Melbourne.

19 Dec 2014 – UK VIP paedophile ring. An Australian boy, missing for 30 years, may have been murdered .

21 Dec 2014 – Cairns stabbing accused may have been on meth. The Guardian UK. Mersane Wairria in hospital with injuries.

22 Dec 2014 – Strike force Badin. More arrests and property seizures. NSW police press release. Organised crime gangs.

30 Dec 2014 – Drug dealer used a five year old to sell heroin in Sydney streets. Police allege. Sydney Morning Herald. NSW. Megan Levy.

2015 – Noble energy watched as Royal Dutch Shell was building the world’s first floating LNG plant off Australia. Liquified natural gas. (The colder war. Martin Katusa (c)2015 US).

18 Jan 2015 – Aussie finance chief stole $7 million to gamble. Sydney finance, more than $7 million and a 3 year global manhunt.

22 Jan 2015 – Found in the waters off south east Victoria Australia. A frilled shark. 47 rows of teeth. Half eel and half shark.

29 Jan 2015 – Shopping for children. Australia’s adoption market puts children at risk. The Conversation AU. Plans for adoption in Australia.

29 Jan 2015 – Chaplain sex offences against girls. Broken sites au. A senior Catholic nun spoke of the removal of a priest, Peter Bernard, from a girls orphanage.

31 Jan 2015 – Corruption investigation of police intel. The Australian. Victoria. John Ferguson Melbourne. Corruption and murder.

24 Feb 2015 – Knox Grammar erected a memorial to one of its paedophiles. The Daily Telegraph. Mr Ashton, an abuser, worked at the Hellfire club.

25 March 2015 –‘highest-risk’-to-australia

27 March 2015 – Schools run by the Catholic Christian brothers. Cathedral college in east Melbourne. Chanel college in Geelong. Warrnambool and Ballarat. 1971 to 1985 Dales got 10 years jail in 1996 for sex crimes in 1971. Ballarat St Alipius primary school. Paedophiles Gerald Ridsdale and Robert Best.

27 March 2015 – Victims lash out as Catholic Christian brother is jailed for sex attacks on students. Herald Sun Padraic Murphy and Shannon Deery. Christian brother Edward Dowlah. Aka Ted Baler. Three years jail for sex attacks on more than 20 students, some as young as 8. Paedophile is 65 years old. 1971 to 1985 crimes.

31 March 2015 – Evil x priest David Edwin Rapson was jailed for the rapes of six boys at a Catholic boarding school. In 2013 he was jailed for 13 years for sex crimes against kids. 1970 to 1990s Victoria Catholic boys boarding school priest. He was defrocked by Pope John Paul in 2004. (Shannon Deery. Herald Sun)

31 March 2015 – Julia Gillard opens an exhibition of archives on forced adoptions. Without consent. Australia’s past adoption practices. The Canberra Times.

1 April 2015 – Victims of a notorious priest abuser, Gerald Ridsdale seek compensation Shannon Deery. Herald Sun. He is 81 years old. He abused at least 54 students, in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Boys and girls. One of Australia’s worst child sex offenders. Ridsdale was first jailed in 1994 for abusing at least 21 children.

14 April 2015 – Former Ballarat orphanage grounds dug up as police investigate allegations of buried children’s remains. ABC online.

15 April 2015 – Police dig for children’s remains at former site of Ballarat orphanage. The Guardian UK.

15 April 2015 – Police excavate Vic orphanage site. Excavation work at the old Ballarat orphanage, investigating children going missing from the orphanage. Sky news Australia.

17 April 2015 – Government officer covered up priest’s rape of Neerkol boy. Sarah Elks. Brisbane. Rockhampton Catholic orphanage. Vicious repeated rapes of boys. Royal commission. The Australian.

21 April 2015 – Inside money. Australian banks in OZ probe. ASIC. Scandals at the Commonwealth bank of Australia and the National Australia bank. NZ Herald.

28 April 2015 – A 100 million year old sea monster fossil has been found. A sea predator called Kronosaurus. CNN.

3 June 2015 –

18 June 2015 – Paedophile brother Francis Cable guilty of sex crimes. The Marist brothers. Catholic school paedophile. Raped at least 17 boys over 15 years. He got 16 years jail. Sydney Morning Herald.

29 June 2015 – American tourist Kenneth Rodman aged 55 went missing in Australia in Dec 2010, 5 years ago. (ABC online. The Queensland Times).

29 June 2015 – Radio NZ. Mafia ties to Australian officials. Calabrian Ndrangheta Mafia.‘ties-to-australian-officials

29 June 2015 – Mafia linked to. Australian politicians.

1 July 2015 – Philippines call center where a worker stole customer details sold them to a Sydney crime gang, police say. Nick Ralston. Fraud racket in Sydney. Citibank fraud and cybercrime. NSW police fraud squad. Sydney Morning Herald.

6 July 2015 – Greg Duffy age 37 went missing from his Ashmore home days after arriving in the Gold Coast from Darwin. He is still missing. Links to the Bandidos bikie gang. (Courier Mail 2 Nov 2015. Bisbane Times)

6 July 2015 – $2.2 million in Mafia bribes to NSW judges alleged in top secret police reports. Sydney Morning Herald. Michael Bachelard. Nick McKenzie. Richard Baker. .

7 July 2015 –

7 July 2015 –

17 July 2015 – A childs skeleton found on South Australia higheway. Sally Lee. John carney. Cindy Tran. Tina Brodal. Daily Mail Australia. A child 3 to 5 years old. Violent death. Dumped in a suitcase. Mail online.

17 July 2015 – Tests could identify the child. Sky news Australia. In a suitcase south of Adelaide. Skeleltal remains along the Korooda highway. A motorist found the remains the the suitcase. The child aged 2 to 7 years old. Two months before. Died elsewhere. AP.

18 July 2015 – Toddlers death. Skeleton and a violent death. Michael Owen Adeladie. The child was dumped in a suitcase on the side of the highway in south Australia. Skeleton. DNA profile. No one has reported the child missing. Korooda highway. The Australian.

19 July 2015 – 60 minutes special on VIP paeophile rinsg in the UK. Exaro news. Spies lords predators.

23 July 2015 – Carrie Anne Greenbank. New evidence in the death of Gold Coast toddler. Murder of a 4 year old boy who was bashed up to 70 times in 2009.

24 July 2015 – ABC Australia Twitter. Child’s bones found in South Australia are the body of a girl who died as far back as 2007. Aged 2 to 4 years.

25 July 2015 – Missing person reports up in South Australia. Missing person reports have more than doubled in the past 10 years in South Australia. ABC online.

27 July 2015 – The Australian Forced adoption policy. Royal commission. Medical practitioners illegal heinous practises. ABC online.

28 July 2015 – 9 Australia. British police investigating Madeleine McCann’s disappearance contacted South Australian police about the child’s remains found there. British police refuse to rule our that the child’s skeleton found in South Australia could be the missing UK girl. Madeleine McCann. Scotland Yard and the suitcase girl. Koroonda highway on 14 July 2015. 3 year old McCann disappeared from her bed in Portugal 8 years ago.

28 July 2015 – Queensland toddler. Bail on rape charges. 40 year old wanted for Queensand case 2007. Rape and the making and possession of child porn. Brisbane Times.

28 July 2015 – Madeleine McCann. UK Met contacted Australian police about the child’s body found. The disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Girl found in a suitcase. Scotland Yard are investigating. BBC UK.

28 July 2015 – 9 Australia. South Australian police say the child found two weeks ago may have died up to 8 years ago. Autopsy not released. Girl aged 2 to 4 years.

29 July 2015 – British police are to test Medeline McCann’s DNA with the body found in Australia. The Met police are in charge of the Maddie case and they contacted Australian officials.

29 July 2015 – Police smash Perth paedophile ring. 8 charged with 503 offences. ABC online.

29 July 2015 – Melbourne man charged with child torture porn web ring. The Age. Matthew David Graham, south Moray Victoria and FBI sting. Online paedophile ring.

29 July 2015 – 8 men arrested in WA for child abuse of teen girl.

29 July 2015 – 8 Australian men are charged in paedophile ring. 8 men charged with 503 child sex offenses, including sex slavery of a 13 year old. BBC UK.

29 July 2015 – Cats could be banned 24/7 from outdoors in Australia. Cox media action news

30 July 2015 – Queensland earthquake 5.3 felt from Brisbane to the Sunshine coast. The Guardian UK.

2 Aug 2015 – Homeless services roped in to find missing people. Neelima Choahan. Missing persons advocacy. Street people Melbourne homeless. Soup kitchens. Missing person Daniel James O’Keefe went missing on 5 July 2011. The Age Victoria.

2 Aug 2015 – Queensland police 600 cases of suspected child sex abuse over 6 months. Never get reported to the police. AP. 644 reports of suspected abuse from the public school. The Guardian UK.

6 Aug 2015 –

17 Aug 2015 – McDonalds opening soon. This fake sign was put up for tourists in the Australian outback. Business Insider. NZ Herald.

20 Aug 2015 – 73 images Ballarat new cemetery Invermay park Victoria. 4 days ago. Billion graves activity

25 Aug 2015 – Huge cocaine haul in Coomera. 70kg cocaine was found on a yacht at Coomera. The largest cocaine haul in Queensland’s history .Sydney Morning Herald.

10 Sept 2015 – Govt funds $18.5 million Australian national facial recognition database. A sharing tool for police. I news.

10 Sept 2015 – Adelaide link to billionaire Taib Mahmud in a corruption investigation. South Australian billionaire Malaysian politician. ABC online.

19 Sept 2015 – Queensland child sex abuse charges. A 52 year old and three children aged 6 to 9 years from 1997 to 1999. Herald Sun.

19 Sept 2015 – Victoria. Simone Quinlan missing since 24 Aug 2015. James Dowling aged 33. Herald Sun.

20 Sept 2015 – Australian email.

28 Sept 2015 – A New Zealander who was about to be deported from Australia. Died suspiciously in custody jail. NZ City.

12 Oct 2015 – Murderer spent time in NZ. Richard Edward Dorrough and his travel for the last 20 years. He confessed to at least 3 murders. Aussie serial killer. A postal worker. NZ Herald.

12 Oct 2015 – Sam de Bruto, was found dead in north Bondi. He worked for Fairfax. Brisbane Times NSW. Nick Ralston.

19 Oct 2015 – New info on missing woman Linda Sidon. Missing for 6 years last seen in in 2009 age 46, a part time cleaner, born in NZ. She had not left the Gold Coast. Excavations in Numinbah. AAP. Brisbane Times. Queensland.

20 Oct 2015 – Serco run Christmas island detention centers. Starving NZ inmates, not enough food. 3News. No visas. Brook Sabin.

20 Oct 2015 – 73kg of meth and heroin was seized at Melbourne airport. Malaysians were charged. Drugs worth $46 million. In suitcases. Three Malaysians on a flight from Kuala Lumpur.

21 Oct 2015 – A Qantas aircraft narrowly misses a lightening bolt over Sydney.

21 Oct 2015 – Girl in suitcase, the daughter of a woman found in a NSW forest. Two unidentified female bodies found dumped in NSW and SA. Wynarka. An Australian woman was found in the Belanglo state forest in 2010. Suitcase girl in Wynarka. Ava Benny Morrison.

21 Oct 2015 – Girl in suitcase identified. Khandayice Kiara Pearce, whose mother, Karlie Jade Pierce Strevenson was found in the Belanglo state forest. ABC news.

23 Oct 2015 – A former Australian PM is on the paedophile list. There are 28 rich men on a list of paedophiles. Calls for a public inquiry into child abuse. Business Standard. 20 Oct 2015.

23 Oct 2015 – A size 4 earthquake hit off the south east Queensland coast, aftershocks expected. ABC online. The Sunshine coast daily.

27 Oct 2015 – Australian victim of VIP paedophile ring speaks out. Former PM. ATS. Above top secret. Twitter.

12 Nov 2015 – Indigenous, native, push fro treaty rights momentum. Chris Sarra. ABC. Sydney Morning Herald.

13 Nov 2015 – Australia is exporting selling uranium to India. The Huffington Post. Dave Sweeney.

13 Nov 2015 – Australian police spend millions on spyware. Wikileaks. NSW got more than $2 million in a spy program to monitor the mobile phones of Australian citizens. RT. G+.

23 Nov 2015 – Alleged mafia Rocco Arico faces depotation to Italy from Australia. Mafia boss Frank Madafferi. Herald Sun.

27 Nov 2015 – A nuclear waste ship is heading to Australia, despite safety fears. It left the French port of Cherbourg, and will reach Australia on 27 Nov 2015. It has 25 tonnes of nuclear waste ,from the Areva reprocessing plant. It is a 14 year old ship with spent nuclear fuel. (16 Oct 2015. BBC UK).

2 Dec 2015 – China is said to launch a massive cyber attack on the Australian government. Huffington Post. Twitter. Treadstone 71.

14 Dec 2015 – Sydney and Wollongong. A Balkans mafia drug ring. Three killings, a new crime syndicate. The Daily Telegrph. Mark Morri.

22 Dec 2015 – Queensland’s first cyclone of the season could hit on Christmas day. The Guardian UK. AAP.

24 Dec 2015 – Corruption called ‘error’. Birth certificates and possible identity fraud. Nine Australian families have been effected so far. A major privacy breach. More cases are possible A government registry in Victoria. Birth certificates involved. The Age Melbourne.

31 Dec 2015 – 100 swimmers were rushed out of the water after 15 sharks were spotted, NSW coast. One news. AAP.

1 Jan 2016 – A 6.3 earthquake in the ocean south of Tasmania Australia. Bloomberg. Edward Johnson.

1 Jan 2016 – Great white sharks seen in NSW, beaches are closed. 60 shark seen. Inquisitr. Dustin Wicksell.

6 Jan 2016 – Mass assault on New Zealanders in Adelaide South Australia. A group of 30 men. Joel Maxwell.

12 Jan 2016 – Karen Chetcuti age 49 was last seen at the Whorouly hotel on 12 Jan 2016. Northern Victoria. Her car was found burnt out a long way from her home. ABC news. 15 Jan 2016.

14 Jan 2016 – The Conversation.

15 Jan 2016 – A 25 year old Adelaide man has been charged with child porn. To appear in an Adelaide court on 15 Jan 2016. The Australian. 27 Oct 2015.

15 Jan 2016 – A 5.4 earthquake Macquarie island Australia. G+. Griffin Walker. Earthquake news today.

16 Jan 2016 – Racist anti aborigine game. RT.

31 Jan 2016 –

2 Feb 2016 –

3 Feb 2016 –

15 Feb 2016 –$1bn-methamphetamine-haul-in-australia

20 Feb 2016 – Nazi war criminals. Socialists right or left. International VIP paedophile gangs. Child sex trafficking.

26 Feb 2016 –

2 March 2016 –

9 March 2016 –

12 March 2016 –

15 March 2016 –

16 March 2016 –

19 March 2016 –

20 March 2016 –

22 March 2016 – Woman rescued from car boot. Melbourne abduction sex attack. Herald Sun. Woman abducted from a shopping center car park, in the boot of her car. She was taken to hospital.

22 March 2016 – Mystery. Daniel O’Keeffe’s death. Liz Burke. Missing person case. DNA from bones found under family home. He went missing on 15 July 2011.

28 March 2016 – A 34 year old died in John Hunter hospital Newcastle NSW when his life support was turned off. A day after an alleged break in and murder charges. The copied link did not paste.

April 2016 – Inquest to be held, Sara Lee Davey who disappeared in 1997 age 21. On 14 Jan 1997, a suspicous taxi driver, said he took Dorrough and Davey to Broome. Her body was never found. Richard Edward Dorrough died in 2014. ABC Australia 10 Oct 2015. David Weber.

16 April 2016 – Satanic NSW police trolls.

25 April 2016 – Reuters. France gets $40 billion Australian submarine contract. Colin Packham. Nobuhiro Kubo. Tim Kelly.

26 April 2016 – Daily Mail online. Peter Devlin and Louise Cheer. An Asian woman has been found killed and dumped. Unidentified. At Snapper point blowhole NSW coast. Autopsy. In 8 years there have been 16 deaths between Snapper point and Frazer park 3km along the NSW coast.

24 May 2016 – 17 foot tall giant unearthed in Australia. RS. Real Strategy. Debunked. Christopher Kemmett. Ayers rock Alice springs. The largest human skeleton ever discoverd. Archeology Adelaide.

29 May 2016 – The Guardian UK. Western Australia earthquakes like an atomic bomb. WA goldfields, caused by tectonic plate stress. Three earthquakes. A 5.2 quake felt in Perth.

29 May 2016 – Mystery. Disappearance of a New Zealand man after Perth night out. Man missing for more than a week in Western Australia. NZ Herald. 37 year old Sean David Mitchell from Rotorua NZ.

9 June 2016 – Daily Mafia son charged. Francesco Madafferi’s son alleged home invasion in Melbourne’s north west.

2020 – War on cats. 2 million cats to be killed by 2010 in Australia. Genocide of cats. Australia is up to no good. They are not killing crockodiles or sharks. Whale oil beef hooked. Cameron Slater blog. Washington Post. 22 Dec 2015.

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