Singapore research


6 Feb 1819 – Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles found Freeport harbour in Singapore. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 6 Feb 2015).

1830-1945 – E Nathan. The history of the Jews in Singapore 1986.

April 1867 – Singapore, Panang and Malacca became British crown colonies. (Today in history. Chch Star NZ. 1 April 2015).

9 April 1939 – Chinese Jack Choo was born in Singapore. A member of the Mr Asia drug syndicate, importing heroin and buddha sticks into Australia and New Zealand from Thailand. Japanese occupation of Singapore during the Second World War. Burma and Thailand, supplying heroin. He was related by marriage to Khun Sa, the opium war lord who controlled most of the heroin in the Golden Triangle, between Thailand and Burma. For 40 years. Heroin on credit. Most of the heroin Clark got was on credit. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia)

Jan 1941-May 1941 – The British SOE branch in the far east was named Oriental mission OM. AE Jones was sent to Singapore in Jan 1941 to set up HQ and a regional organisation, responsible for northern China. Japan occupied Shanghai, Japanese invasion of China in 1937. Japanese across Suzhou in Hong Kong. In May 1941 a head of OM was appointed, Valentine Killery, office of Singapore. (Japans Gestapo Mark Felton ©2009 UK).

No date – The British sent one of the American copies of the “purple” machine to the British naval station in Singapore, soon before it fell to the Japanewe. It was sent by ship, it disappeared and its fate is unknown to this day. (GCHQ (c)2010 UK Richard J Aldrich).

1942 – 26 Sept 1942 seven months after the British surrendered Singapore to the Japanese. The Japanese Kempeitai special investigation branch in Singapore was run by Lieutenant Colonel Haruzo Sumida. POWs at Changi jail under command of Kempeitai in Singapore was Lieutenant Colonel Oishi. There were 200 Kempeitai in Singapore. The main Kempeitai prison was Outram road jail. (Japans Gestapo. Mark Felton ©2009 UK).

Feb 1942 – Outside China, Unit 731, Raffles medical university in Singapore, Unit 9420 Kono unit, for research into malaria. Umeoka unit for plagues. Unit 9420 had a unit in Thailand during the war. Japan destroyed records and medical research before the Allied war crimes in Sept 1945. (Japans Gestapo. Mark Felton. ©2009 UK).

15 Feb 1942 – Other Indian troops were captured at the fall of Singapore on 15 Feb 1942 and moved to Borneo as slave labour alongside British and Australian prisoners. (Japans Gestapo. Mark Felton ©2009 UK)

15 Feb 1942 – War, severe rationing, food and clothing. Vice admrial Lord Louis Mountbatten, chief of cenrtal operations and Ultra. 15 Feb 1942 the fall of Singapore. 62,000 POWs fell to Japan as spies, starvation. (The secret life of Bletchley park. Sinclair McKay (c)2010 UK).

26 Sept 1942 – Seven months after the British surrendered Singapore to the Japanese. The Kempeitai special investigation branch in Singapore was headed by lieutenant colonel Haruzo Sumida. POWs in Changi jail. Overall command Kempeitai in Singapore was lieutenant colonel Vishi. There were about 200 Kempeitai in Singapore. Main jail was Outram road jail. (Japan’s Gestapo. Mark Felton. ©2009 UK).

1943 – Lieutenant Rod Wells a 23 year old Australian POW at Ram road jail in Singapore from a prison camp at Saidakan in north Borneo in 1943. (Japans Gestapo. Mark Felton ©2009 UK).

1946 – Colonel Howard Ellis returned to M16 in London in 1944. In 1946 he was posted to M16, controller responsible for south east Asia and the Far east, based in Singapore. (Too secret too long. C Pincher. ©1984 US).

1947-48 – Intel reports from DSO Malaysia and Singapore. DIA Hamblen M15 Sir Marston Logan 20 July 1948 DSO Special conference HE Singapore 26 June 1947. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

1950-56 – From the early 1950s there were demands for Singapore self govt. British and defence for Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Hong Kong. 10,000 British troops were in Singapore. Aug 1956 British defence and Singapore. M15 role in the future. Singapore population was about 1.5 million, three quarters of them ethnic Chinese. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

1956-59 – Sept Oct 1956 meeting. Gov of Singapore was Sir Robert Black. M15 in Singapore. 1959 govt Lee Kuan Yew as PM with British control of defence and foreign policy. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

28 Aug 1956 – Security intel far east 24 May 1964. Singapore constitutional talks JB Johnson .Lee Kuan Yew. Lennox Boyd. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

3 Dec 1956 – Intel and security Singapore constitutional talks. ND Watson 14 Aug 1956, 5 Dec 1956. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

1968 – Santos Trafficante visited Singapore, Hong Kong and south Vietnam in 1968. The Florida mafia boss and American troops in south Vietnam. An underworld narcotics stronghold. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem (c)1988 US).

1975 – Since 1975 Martin Johnstone was setting himself up in Singapore where he lived and controlled his business. He had numerous companies in Singapore. Cross and Mercer in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. (Mr Asia. ©2010 J Shepherd Aust NZ).

1975-80 – Since 1975 Martin Johnstone was in Singapore with companies, Cross and Mercer, wife Bronwyn Davies. Oct 1976 the Marco Polo hotel 9 Oct 1979.Martin Johnstone got a half share in John Chedderton’s ex-Taiwanese fighting trawler the Konpira Maru. Timor international marine and oceanographic research called ‘Timor’ Dec 1980 Debts of $480,000, 26 Nov 1976 (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd (c)2010 Australia).

Aug 1978 – Chinese Jack Choo in Singapore, heroin dealer for Mr Asia. Police protection. He also owned a crockodile farm. Choo Cheng Kui. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

1984 – Heroin trafficking. Ho Chin Hoon alias Vincent Ho, Chinese Triads. Heroin and Danny Chubb Australia. False passports from Indonesia. Sydney, heroin trafficking and couriers. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1986 – Singapore historical postcards from the national archives collection. Times ed. Worldcat database.

2 April 1994 – Hubbard. Singapore shrugs of uproar over barbaric flogging. The Independent UK. (International human rights law. Oxford UK ©2014).

2003 – Chin Peng. My side of history. Singapore. Meda nations.

2005 – Colin Smith. Singapore burning. Heroism and surrender in World war II. London Penguin books ltd.

18 April 2005 – Singapore plans to develop two casinos. BBC UK.

28 April 2005 – Singapore ASEAN to act on child sex trafficking. Child sex slavery, paedophiles. BBC UK.

28 Oct 2005 – Feds, Singapore drugs, Drugs from Cambodia. Sydney Morning Herald.

11 Sept 2006 – Barricades on roads for IMF meeting in Singapore.

18 Sept 2006 – The day before a World Bank meeting in Singapore. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins. ©2007 US).

9 Aug 2010 – Singapore says golden triangle opium increased production. BBC UK.

26 Feb 2011 – Crown steps up push Singapore casinos lure high rollers. Damon Kitney. Two news casinos in Singapore Burswood casino in Penh. The Australian.

2 March 2011 – Casinos boom in strait laced Singapore. Auckland. Marina by Sands casino. NZ Herald.

20 Oct 2014 – New Zealand’s Auckland Pakuranga plaza was sold to a Singapore business. One of the years biggest New Zealand business property sales. $96 million to Stanley Tan, chief executive of Global yellow pages and Pang Yoke Min of Gyp, a subsidiary of Global yellow pages, based in Singapore. ( Catherine Harris).

4 Nov 2014 – Singapore government to hold major share in Auckland New Zealand waterfront property. Multi million dollar deal. TVNZ.

6 Nov 2014 – Joint venture with GIC in five New Zealand shopping malls. Scentre group ASX SCG with GIC Singapore wealth fund, five shopping malls in New Zealand. $NZ 2.1 billion.

7 Nov 2014 – Singapore fund buys into New Zealand’s Westfield shopping centre. $1 billion stake in some of New Zealand’s top shopping malls. Herald Sun.

8 Nov 2014 – New Zealand sale of malls. Westfields, government investment group of Singapore $930 million deal. The Australian.

9 Feb 2015 – Singapore paedophiles ask other paedophiles about travel tips for sex with children. Elizabeth Law.

28 March 2015 – Singapore government property buying spree in New Zealand reaches $1.2 billion. NZ Herald. Anne Gibson.

29 July 2015 – Headless body, the murder of a 35 year old. Organised crime. Coroner’s. inquiry and report. The body was found in the Whampoa canal. Asia one.

21 Oct 2015 – The founder of a Singapore church has been found guilty of embezzling $35 million in donations. AP. Twitter.

2 Dec 2015 – Lockheed Martin gets a $1.28 billion upgrade to Singapore’s F-16s. Channel news Asia.

8 Dec 2015 – US spy plane deployment in Singapore. US Singapore deployment of a US P8 Poseidon spy plane in December 2015. Jerusalem Post Israel news.

20 Jan 2016 – Singapore deports 26 workers from Bangladesh. Washington Post.

29 Jan 2016 – Singapore’s Jurong island. Swiss company Bertschi dangerous chemicals.

14 April 2016 – Four citizens of Singapore were among 41 people arrested and charged in New Zealand drug raids, meth. The Straits Times.

3 June 2016 – Man from Singapore in fatal crash in New Zealand. Gets home detention, a fine and community work. The Straits Times. Hamish McNeilly.


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