Israel research clues


5800 BC – Olive oil has been found from 8,000 years ago. At Ein Zippori near Nazareth. The Olive oil vessels found were dated to 5800 BC. (Christianiy Today 30 Dec 2014. Gordon Gouier).

1400 BC – Jericho and Israel. They circled the city seven times. The ground began to shake and the wall collapsed. Tourmentous collapse of the walls of Jericho. Joshua. The city was destroyed and set on fire. Walls and floors were found blackened by fire. Biblical accounts. The Judean mountains, Canaan. (Holy wars. Gary L Rashbe (c)2011 US UK).

1400 BC – In Jericho a massive wall. Recent earthquakes, the Jordan river. The Book of Joshua. Ark of the coventant. Earthquakes occured at the time. Crossing the banks of the Jordan river. Stone tablets. Ten Commandments which Moses got on Mount Sinai. Seven priests blew rams horn tumpets. 40,000 Israelis. (Holy wars. Gary L Rashbe. (c)2011 US UK).

1000 BC – Dor and Meggido, ancient towns in Israel were destroyed about 1000 BC. Earthquakes in the region, killer quakes of the bible. Meggido and Dor were repeaedly hit by earthquakes in the past causing destruction. (Apocalypse. Amos Nur (c)2008 US).

1000 BC – Killer earthquakes of the bible. The ancient towns of Dor and Meggido collapsed. Armageddon is an ancient city in Israel aka Meggido. (Megiddo). (Apocalypse. Amos Nur (c)2008 UK).

950 BC – King Solomon built the temple of Jerusalem. (The sory of archeology. Justin Pollard (c)2007 UK).

928-11 BC – King David and his son Solomon. Solomon’s son Rehoboam from 928-11 BC. (Holy wars. Gary C Rashhan (c)2011 US UK).

740-800 BC – Archeology evidence. The exodus.Moses in the bible. 751-800 BC. The Assyrians control world. Prophet Amos. Mitzvot, mount Sinai. Amos disciple Isaiah 740-700 BC. (Converts to Judaism. Lawrence J Epstein. US UK (c)2015).

732 BC – The Harbinger and ancient mysteries. The global economy. Ancient Israel in 732 BC and an enemy attack, a wake up call for the people. Assyrians. (The mystery of the Shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

732 BC – Israel was attacked. The prophet Isaiah said to repent and be humble. Ruined buildings the Assyrians had destroyed. (The mystery of the Shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

732 BC – Israel was attacked. The prophet Isaiah. (The mystery of the Shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

732 BC – Looks like a storm. The days of calamity. Prayers and scripture. The 9 harbingers have been manifested in the last days. Each one is a sign. (The harbinger (c)2011 Jonathan Cahn US).

626 to 586 BC – Jeremiah, the son of Hilkiah, a priest in Anathoth near Jerusalem. He prophesised in Jerusalem for 40 years. During the reign’s of Josiah, Jehoiakim and Zedekiah. He was a contempory of the Book of Mormon prophet Lehi. They both condemned the wickedness of the people in Jerusalem and foretold the destruction of that great city. (Ensign Oct 2014 p9 LDS).

605 BC – Daniel (From the bible) and three others were taken to Babylon. 605 BC was also the time of Nebuchadnezzar’s Syrian campaign. The next 19 years Judah was. subject to Babylon. After a few years, king Jehoiakim was disloyal to Babylon. The Jews lost their freedom and were taken captive, the King was killed. (Holy bible King James. (c)1976 CD Stampley US).

605 BC – Babylon captivity and Israel. Nebuchadnezzar was the King of Babylon. 70 years Jeremiah’s prophecy. The Romans destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD. (Warning revelation is about to be fulfilled. Larry W Wilson (c)2014 US).

605-606 BC – Bible books Daniel and Revelation. Daniel was the only book in the Bible to be sealed. Nebuchadnezzar went against Jerusalem. Jehoiakim was the King of Judah. Shinar was another name for Babylon. Jehoiakim burned God’s words. (Holy bible King James. (c)1976 CD Stampley US).

600 BC – A vision which God gave to King Nebuchadnezzar in 600 BC. The vision occurred around 600 BC. Two men saw the vision of the image. King Nebuchadnezzar saw the vision first and later. God gave a copy of this vision to Daniel so he could explain the vision to the King. It spans a time period of more than 2,600 years. This vision has not yet been fulfilled. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson. (c)2003 US).

589 BC – We sailed for many days and arrived in the promised land, pitched tents. Called it the promised land. Sailed from Jerusalem Israel to the Americas. (The Book of Mormon p43 Lehi and Nephi).

587 BC – The Babylon ruler Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jeursalem and deported its Israelite and Jewish population to Mesopotamia. (A brief history of the human race. Michael Cook (c)2003 UK).

587 BC – The bible. Judaism and Islam with Israel at the seige of annihilation. During the exile in Babylon. (The biblical world. Jean Pierre Isbouts (c)2007 US).

586 BC – Daniel’s faith in God. Chronology matrix. Bible prophecy and historical records. Revelation. King Nebuchadnezzar set seige to Jerusalem three times. He finally destroyed the city in 586 BC. Jeremiah 25. Ezekiel 14. King of Babylon. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson (c)2003 US).

586 BC- Babylon destroyed Jerusalem and the temple that Solomon built. More Jews of Judah are taken captive to Babylon. (Timeline internet 3 April 2010).

586 BC – Jerusalem was destroyed and many members of the remaining two tribes of Israel were taken captive. (Gospel principles. LDS Mormon p247).

586 BC – The Shemitah is once every 7 years, rest, like the Sabbath. The economy, debts are cancelled, forgiveness of debt. Calamities. 586 BC Jerusalem, Judah. The prophet Yirmayahu aka Jeremiah and Babylon. (The mystery of the Shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

586 BC – Prophecy and the destruction of Jerusalem. The Shemitah, covenant with God. All blessings come from God. The people of Israel and the Sabbath days and Sabbath years. An act of faith to trust in god. 586 BC the holy city was left a buring ruin. The holy land, calamity. The poor. The Shemitah sabbath of years and Jewish history. (The mystery of the Shemitah. Jonathan Cahn. (c)2014 US).

586 BC – The Babylonian army destroyed a temple built by King Solomon in Jerusalem. Prophet Jeremiah. The ark of the covenant was hidden. Discovery update.

586 BC – The Shemitah and the destruction of Jerusalem. Economy and trade. Recession, depression. Stock market crash and bankruptcy. Rabbis. The Shemitah is a sabbath rest and a blessing. Israel 586 BC calamity. Iran, Persian and Assyria;. (The mystery of the Shemitah Jonahan Cahn (c)2014 US).

552 BC – The first year of Belshazzar. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson (c)2003 US).

550 BC – Pieces of a puzzle. God gave the vision in Daniel 8 to Daniel in about 550 BC. The Apocalyptic sequence order of events. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson (c)2003 US).

538 BC – Angel Gabriel and Daniel. The time of the end. Mark of the beast, survival to buy and sell. Daniel 8 is a prophecy. 538 BC and ends with the second coming of Christ. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson (c)2003 US).

457 BC to 33 AD – The 70 weeks of Daniel 9 began in 457 BC and ended in 33 AD. (A study of the seven seals and the 144,000. Larry W Wilson (c)2004 US).

457 BC to 1844 AD – The 2,300 years began in Spring 457 BC. Spring 1844 AD. Daniel 9. The opening of the 3rd seal, Revelation 6. Books opened in 1844. 457 BC marks the beginning of the 70 weeks in Daniel 9. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson (c)2003 US).

300 BC – There are 13 religious works written by Jewish authors before 300 BC and the late 1st century Apocrypha. Book of Revelation. Chronology of biblical events. Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey. Noahs ark. (The biblical world. Jean Pierre Isbouts (c)2007 US).

250 BC to 65 AD – The Isaiah scroll. Dead sea scrolls. The oldest parts of the bible. The Qumran scrolls. Text of the bible. Pinterest. 7 Nov 2015.

6 Dec 167 BC – Antiochus IV desecrated temple. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson (c)2003 US).

167 BC – Jews in Jesah and Antiochys wars. The Maccabean. A priest Judas Maccabeus led the Jews. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson (c)2003 US).

16 Dec 164 BC – Temple cleansed and services resumed. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson (c)2003 US).

164 BC – A new altar was dedicated in the temple of Jerusalem. Jews celebrated the restoration of the temple, day Chislev 25, ever since. Hannukkah the dedication. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson (c)2003 US).

27 March 160 BC – death of general Nicanor, one of the generals that Lysais appointed to destroy the Jews. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson. (c)2003 US).

73 BC – The Romans attacked the Jews in Masada and Judea. Roman coins have been found. The arch of Titus. (Holy wars. Gary C Rashban (c)2011 US UK).

72-73 BC – Jewish revolt against Rome. (Holy wars. Gary C Rashban (c)2011 US UK).

64 BC – Pompey invaded Jerusalem. Ancient Rome timelne. History timelines. Internet.

31 BC – The prophet Elijah. Mount Horev. An earthquake and fire. Herod the great in 31 BC and a devastating earthquake. (Apocalype. Amos Nur (c)2008 US).

21 BC to 61 AD – The Dead sea scrolls in Qumran Israel. (The story of archeology. Justin Pollard (c)2007 UK).

0000 – Jesus Christ was born and lived. Biblical archeology. The birth of Jesus Christ.. The reign of king Herod. Julius Caesar, Mark Antony and Cleopatra. Rome Tetrach. (Daily reporter. Tear down this wall. 18 Oct 2015. Coldwater Michigan US).

0000 – Rome had power in Israel at the time of Jesus Christ birth. The little horn power refers to pagan and Papal Catholic Rome. Daniel 7:21-25. A human priesthood denied worshipers access to Christ. Catholic and LDS churches. Gabriel the angel and the prophecies of Daniel. Revelation 1:3. (Holy bible King James. (c)1976 CD Stampley US).

27-31 AD – The baptism of Jesus Christ was in 27 AD. Christ was crucified in spring 31 AD and hung on the cross. Daniel 9:24-27. Matthew 27:50-51. (Holy bible King James. CD Stampley (c)1976 US).

7 April 30 AD – Jesus Christ died. (A study of the seven seals and the 144,000. Larry W Wilson. (c)2004 US).

31 AD – Tiberius was emporer of Rome. Pilate was the Roman ruler over Judea Israel. The crucifiction of Jesus Christ. The Jews were oppressed. The Rabbis said Jesus Christ would end Rome’s rule and oppression. 2 Corinthians 4:4. 2 Thessalonians 2:2-12. Jesus Christ was put to death on a Roman cross. Hebrews 2:14. (Holy bible King James. CD Stampley (c)1976 US).

33 AD – The crucificxion of Jesus Christ. Roman rule of Jerusalem. The origin of Christianity. Ancient Rome timeline. History timelines. Internet.

70 – The destruction of the temple at Jerusalem in 70. Destroying hundreds of texts, but the Jews hid some. (A universal history of the destruction of books. Fernando Baez (c)2004 US).

70 – The Romans destroyed Jerusalem Israel. Matthew. Jesus prophesied this. Jersusalem was surrounded by armies. Judea to flee. (Warning revelation is aboiut to be fulfilled. Larry W Wilson (c)2014 US).

70 – Biblical prophecy and the end times. The Jewish people, Jerusalem and Israel. 2,000 years. In 70 AD Israel was invaded by Roman armies. In the 15th century the land fell to the Turkish Ottomans, who ruled until the 20th century. The 20th century Balfour declaration, the Jewish people were back in Israel after 2,000 years in exile .(The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

70 AD – Jerusalem under seige by the Roman army led by Titus, son of emperor Vespasian. Roman forces broke down the walls and set fire to the temple. Thousands of people were killed and tens of thousands of people were enslaved. 40 years earlier, Galilean Rabbi Yeshua aka Jesus Christ prophecy of Jerusalem being destroyed. (The Shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

70 AD – Jesus warned the Jews of the future destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Prophecy. Timothy 3:1-5. The symbol of the great red dragon or devil satan was pagan Rome. (Holy bible King James. CD Stampley (c)1976 US).

70 AD – The seige of Jerusalem in 70 AD. New Testament. Christ. Matthew 24:20. (Holy bible King James. CD Stampley (c)1976 US).

95 – Isaiah. God gives people choice or agency. Ancient history. God revealed the last days to John in 95 AD. (Warning revelation is about to be fulfilled. Larry W Wilson (c)2014 US).

363 – A earthquake in Jerusalem and fire killed many people. (Apocalpse. Amos Nur (c)2008 US).

19 May 363 AD – Earthquake. Strong winds and storm. 23 cities were badly damaged. Excavations in Petra. (Apocalypse. Amon Nur. (c)2008 UK).

637 – Bethlehem Israel, the nativity and Jesus birthplace. The west bank and the Muslim caliphate Omar Ibn al Khattab in the Bethleham in 637. Bethlehem’s Christian population. (History Today. Dec 2013 UK).

749 – South of Susita are the ruins of ancient Bet Shean, a city from the bible. Bet shean was destroyed by the 749 earthquake. Excavations in the city. (Apocalypse. Amos Nur (c)2008 UK).

9 Oct 1192 – Richard I of the UK, lion heart, allegedly left Jerusalem Israel in disguise. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 9 Oct 2015).

1202 – Earthquake in Israel. (Apocalypse. Amos Nur (c)2008 UK).

1517-1917 – Israel during the Ottoman period. Earthquakes, the walls of a mosque collapsed. Faults, two different earthquakes. Metzad Ataret. (Apocalypse. Amos Nur (c)2008 UK).

14 Jan 1546 – A large earthquake struck Jerusalem. In Nablus 500 people were killed in the ruins. The damage was severe in Jerusalem. (Apocalypse. Amos Nur (c)2008 UK).

1798 – The angel Gabriel said the beginning of the “time of the end” was to be at the end of 2300 days. Daniel 8:14-17. This book (Daniel) was to be sealed for a specific time. The unsealing of Daniel, when the prophecies could be understood. The words sealed. The time of the end could not come until all that was predicted of the Papal power had been fulfilled. Papal power in 1798. (Holy bible King James. (c)1976 CD Stampey US).

1843 – Since 1843 the book of Daniel has been unsealed. The prophecies understood . Daniel was read and studied. Unsealing of Daniel. (Holy bible King James. (c)1976 CD Stampley US).

1844 – Christ’s judgement. Last days. Revelation 14:6-16. The judgement arrived in 1844 in the fulfillment of Daniel 8:14. Its going on now. (Holy bible King James. (c)1976 CD Stampley US).

1844 – The judgment of the dead began in 1844. (A study of the seven seals and the 144,000. Larry W Wilson (c)2004 US).

11 Sept 1880 – The exodus of Israel. NZ Herald. Papers past.

1917 – The Balfour declaration, Yom Kippur. Allenby in Jerusalem. 11 Dec 1917. Balfour declaration on 2 Nov 1917. 16 Sept 1917 the year of the end of 2,000 years in exile. In 70 AD the Jewish people were scattered. 1917 marked the end of 2,000 years of exile. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

2 Nov 2017 – Allenby entered Jerusalm on 11 Dec 1917. The Balfor declaration on 2 Nov 1917. It was the Ottoman Turks that relinquished the land. 2,000 years of foreign rule over the land came to an end. (The Shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

9 Dec 1917 – British troops and General Allenby seized Jerusalem. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 9 Dec 2015).

1921 – Snow in Jerusalem in 1921. Snow is mentioned in the bible only once. Holy land. Pinterest. 7 Nov 2015.

1927 – Jericho earthquake in Jerusalem Israel. (Apocalypse. Amos Nur (c)2008 US).

1927 – The dead sea and a major earthquake fault. Jericho earthquake, the largest in the region, near Jerusalem. (Apocalypse. Amos Nur (c)2008 US).

1938 – Ancient Jericho is the world’s oldest city. The Jews worked in wheat fields in the Jezreel valley in 1938. Photo. (Holy wars. Gary C Rashban (c)2011 US UK).

17 Sept 1939 – Philby, father of spy Kim Philby, met with Chaim Weizmann, later first president of Israel, to negotiate with Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia, acceptance of a Jewish State. In return for 20 million pounds. Ibn Saud was broke and accepted. (The house of Saud. Said K Aburish ©2005 UK).

Late 1940s – Collection and preservation of knowledge, the Dead sea scrolls, found in the late 1940s in caves near the north western shore of the Dead sea, they are written on parchment leather. (A history of info storage and retrieval. Foster Stockwell (c)2001 US).

1948 – One of the Jewish agency officials, Reuven Zislani who worked in the Foreign intel dept of the agency. After 1948 Zislani changed his name to Reuven Shiloah and became the first head of Israel’s foreign intel service, the Mossad. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton (c)2013).

14 May 1948 – The state of Israel was proclaimed. (This day in history. 14 May 2015).

29 Jan 1949 – The UK, Belgium, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, New Zealand and Switzerland recognised Israel. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 29 Jan 2016).

12 Feb 1949 – An unidentified aircraft bombed Jerusalem. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 12 Feb 2016).

1950 – Excavations by the British, they found fallen red bricks from the wall. Dates back to Jericho in 1400 BC. (Holy wars. Gary L Rashbe (c)2011 US UK).

2 March 1951 – Mossad was created. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

12 Feb 1953 – The USSR broke off relations with Israel. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 12 Feb 2016).

29 Oct 1956 – Israel invaded Egypt Suez canal, joined by France and the UK. ( This day in history 29 Oct 2015).

1 June 1962 – 11 April 1961 Adolf Eichmann was on trial. A Holocust Nazi SS officer. 15 Dec 1961 hanging death. 1 June 1962, (Before its news. 14 Dec 2015).

1967 – Israel and war with Egypt. 19 May 1967 and 22 May 1967. Egypt blocked Israeli ships from the Straits of Tiran. 5 June 1967 “Operation Focus” and the 6 day war. 2,000 years since 70 AD. Jerusalem was Jewish, end times prophecy. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

7 June 1967 – Biblical prophecy. The western wall as the holiest site of Judaism in Jerusalem. Prayers and rabbi Shlomo Goren Shofar. The land of Israel with Jerusalem the holy city. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

21 Oct 1967 – An Israeli ship, the Eilat, was off the Egyptian coast and was hit by 3 Russian styx missiles, fired from Port Said. 47 Israeli sailors were killed and 41 injured. Out of 197 officers, the Eilet was sunk. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

17 Feb 1969 – Golda Meir was sworn in as PM of Israel. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 17 Feb 2016).

1970s – When Israel and Russia signed a secret nuclear deal in the 1970s. Jewish emigration from Russia to Israel increased. (The history of organised crime. David Southwell ©2006).

1972 – Sayerat Matkal Israeli green berets stormed a hijacked Belgiun airliner at Tel Aviv airport. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2009 UK).

1972 – Ezer Weizman at the Israeli defence ministry met with PM Botha from South Africa. BOSS and Mossad. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

1973 – Archeology and the Dead sea scrolls. London UK. Oxford uni press.

1973 – Earthquake, Hebrew Armageddon. The Book of revelation 16. 1973 prof Ben Menahem Weizmann in Israel. Eruption and the Dead sea fault. Archeology and text evidence. (Apocalypse. Amos Nur (c)2008 US).

5-6 Oct 1973 – Egypt, Yom Kippur Jewish holy days, war began. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

1988 – Shmuel Almog. Anti semitism through the ages. Oxford. Pergamon press.

1988 to 1995 – Between 1988 and 1995 more than 750,000 Jewish émigrés left Russia for Israel. (The history of organised crime. David Southwell ©2006).

14 Dec 1989 – Discovery of mass graves in Israel. This may solve the mystery of the lost children. Globe and Mail Toronto Canada. 200 children were in six mass graves. A 40 year old mystery. Yemenite Jews.

1990-1998 – Israeli defence colonel Yair Klein. Liberia’s anti terrorist unit. RUF of Libya. Diamonds for arms. Two other Israelis, Dov Katz and Dan Gertler. Jan 1990. Sept 1998 Ukraine. Istanbul Turkey. Leonid Minin was born Leonid Bluvstein in Odessa Ukraine in 1947. Jewish Russian emigres went to Israel. 1975 in Germany. (The shadow world. Andrew Feinstein (c)2011 UK).

17 Jan 1991 – Iraqi Desert Storm. Seven scuds hit Tel Aviv and Haifa destroying 1,587 buildings and wounding 47 people. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

22 Jan 1991 – An Iraqi scud missile landed in Tel Aviv’s suburb of Ramat Gan. 96 people were wounded and three people died of heart attacks. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thoams (c)2008 UK).

22 Jan 1991 – Gulf war. Three Scuds and one Patriot missile hit Ramat Gan in Israel. 96 people were injured. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 22 Jan 2016).

1992 – Tel Dor 1100 BC city of Dor, skeletons south of mount Carmel, excavations 1050 BC. Dor buried ash and charcoal. Excavations at Dor. Photos. Bones were found under rubble, skeletons, earthquake. (Apocalypse. Amos Nur (c)2008 UK).

6 April 1994 – The first Palestinian suicide bombing was in Afula Israel. (The looming tower. Lawrence Wright ©2006 US).

Nov 1995 – Israeli PM Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated at a peace rally in Tel Aviv. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

May 1997 – The Eizenstat report. US and allied efforts to release gold and assets looted by Nazis during world war two.

30 July 1997 – Two Hamas suicide bombers killed 15 people and injured 157 in Jerusalem. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

2-4 Dec 1997 – Papers from the London UK conference on Nazi gold.

Jan 1998 – Elizabeth White. The disposition of SS looted victims gold during and after world war two. American uni int law review.

Dec 2000 – Plunder and restoration. The US and Holocaust victims assets. Advisory commission on Holocaust assets and the staff report.

May 2003 – Two British born suicide bombers attacked Tel Aviv. Three people were killed and 50 injured. The explosives were made in a weapons research lab in ZDF China, 4 miles west of Beijing. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas. (c)2008 UK).

2005 – Sex slavery and porn, drugs and extortion. By 2005 Israel had laundered $10 billion of the Russian mafiya’s illicit profits. (The history of organised crime. David Southwell ©2006).

May 2005 – From Argentina to Israel, escape, evacuation and exile. Mario Sznajder and Luis Roniger. Journal of Latin American studies.

26 Feb 2006 – Orly Halpern. Exiled Hamas leader gives interview. Jerusalem Post.

2007 – Gregg J Rickmann. Conquest redemption. A history of Jewish assets from the Holocaust. New Brunswick NJ.

2007 – Frank Joseph. Opening the ark of the covenant. US new p books.

16 Aug 2007 – US and Israel in $30 billion arms deal. BBC UK.

2008 – Dead sea scrolls. Caves in the Judean desert. Caves filled with rubble, Historical accounts of earthquakes in this area, archeology at Qumran. Dead sea scrolls. Other scrolls await discovery under the rubble. (Apocalypse. Amos Nur (c)2008 US).

2008 – Gideon’s spies. Gordon Thomas. Mossad. Aurum press UK. ISBN 978-1-78131-281-0.

2009 – Jewish people lost 6 million people in the Holocaust. Incuding 2 million children. In 2009 the Hebrew uni said that if the Holocaust had not happened their would be 32 million Jews, rather than only 13 million. (Converts to Judaism. Lawrence J Epstein. UK US (c)2015).

2011 – Holy wars. Gary L Rashbe. Battles in the holy land. US and UK. ISBN 978-1-61200-008-4. Casemate publisher.

11 Nov 2012 – Israel fired a warning missile after Syrians strike Golan. Radio Free Europe. Radio Liberty. Reuters. AP. AFP.

3 Dec 2012 – Road at Bethsaida from the time of Jesus. Archeology. The ancient town of Bethsaida, sea of Galilee excavations, to find artefacts from the Roman times.. Bible history. Pinterest. 7 Nov 2015.

5 Jan 2013 – A 61 year old Israeli tourist was killed in New Zealand. Irit Wilder of Kiryat Tivon. She was CEO of Medicalix a pharma company in Israel. Apartheid Fort New Zealand.

31 May 2013 – Mass graves in Jaffa. But who killed them. Algemeiner. Gaza kindergarten was run by Islamic Jihad. Six mass grave sites 1936 Palestinian uprising.

2 June 2013 – Mass graves from 1948 uncovered in Jaffa. Ynet news. Six mass graves with the remains of dozens of Palestinians killed.

2014 – The mystery of the Shemitah. Jonathan Cahn. Charisma house book group US. ISBN 978-1-62998-193-2.

2014 – Israeli farmers. The Shemitah and Jewish Rabbis. The earth belongs to God. A cleansing of the financial and economic slate brings release. God is the source of all blessings. Be humble, every good thing comes from God. The Shemitah rest sabbath years. Puzzle pieces. The Shemitah is to years what the sabbath is to days. (The mystery of the Shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

26 Nov 2014 – Holocaust victims database. jpace news. Yed Vashem’s database. Erica Morris.

2015 – Stories from biblical times to today. Converts to Judaism. Lawrence J Epstein. Rowman and Littlefield. US UK. ISBN 978-1-4422-3467-3. Hardback.

2015 – Anti semitism. The oldest hatred. John Mann. Bloomsbury publishers. ISBN 978-1-4729-2075-1. Paperback.

22 Jan 2015 – US issues a travel ban on the Israel Lebanon border. Jerusalem Post.

22 Jan 2015 – The Times of Israel. Hezbollah threatens to capture the Galilee and beyond. Lebanese terror group.

27 Jan 2015 – World marks 70 years since the Auschwitz liberation. The Jerusalem Post. Dispora, the world is once again facing a rise in anti Semitism.

7 Feb 2015 – In New Zealand a van crash killed an Israeli tourist while four others are in hospital. A rented mini van in Canterbury’s Greta valley. Six Israeli tourists. One news. TVNZ.

10 Feb 2015 – Israeli tourist in a New Zealand car crash will be buried in Israel. Liora. Keren age 61.

18 Feb 2015 – Divers find Israel’s biggest trove of gold coins off the Israeli coast. CNN.

30 July 2015 – Twitter. The Times of Israel. A 4.4 earthquake was felt across Israel.

20 Aug 2015 – 3575 images Kiryat shaul west side Tel Aviv district Israel 3 days ago. Billion graves activity.

20 Aug 2015 – 3691 images added to Kiryat shaul cemetery Tel Aviv district Israel 3 days ago. Billion graves activity.

4 Sept 2015 – Youtube. Sid Roth’s its supernatural. Shemitah 2015 with Jonathan Cahn. What you need to know.

30 Sept 2015 – Rubin center research.

Oct 2015 – Discovery update. Wake up and turn to God. Disasters strike the world. Israel and the Dead sea. Sodom and Gomorrah. The border between Israel and Jordon. Archeologists found 1,000,000 graves. Gomorrah and a city reduced to ash. 3,900 years ago. Corrupt cities and brimstone. Dead sea sites.

16 Oct 2015 – Palestinians set fire to biblical Joseph’s tomb. Jewish holy site in Nablus, amid riots. BBC UK

17 Oct 2015 – Holocaust. Old pics archive. Twitter. Anonymous uncensored.

23 Oct 2015 – Hamas leader vows continuing terror attacks against Israelis. He spoke at a rally in South Africa. Khaled Mashaal. Penny Care2.

3 Nov 2015 – Archeology finds in Jerusalem, the city of David. Ancient mystery. Excavations. The Jerusalem Post.

10 Nov 2015 – Floods wreck havoc in Israel. RT. Twitter.

14 Nov 2015 – A Palestinian gunman kills two Israelis in the West bank. G+. Griffith Walker. Reuters.

27 Nov 2015 – Russia to boycott Turkish goods and buy from Israel instead. G+. Israel national

4 Dec 2015 – A Tel Aviv court convicts the head of the Israeli mafia in New York. Eitan Haya. Jerusalem Post.

20 Dec 2015 – Nazi looted art shows up in Israel. Holocaust assets. Breaking Israel news.

21 Dec 2015 – Danon urges UN to condemn rocket attacks on northern Israel. Jerusalem Post. Danielle Ziri.

27 Dec 2015 – Russian arrested in Israel, at the request of the US, for breaking into computer databases. Alex Burkov and extraditon to the US from Israel. Russia beyond the headlines.

Jan 2016 –

1 Jan 2016 – Torture of Jews. Haaretz. Chaim Levinson.

2 Jan 2016 – A terrorist gunman opened fire at a Tel Aviv bar in Dizengoff street. 12 gunshots were heard. The terrorist ran away. Irish Independent. Inna Lazareva. Two people died and seven injured.

2 Jan 2016 – Anti Israel historians get a taste of their own medicine. Jerusalem Post. Rafael Medoff.

12 Jan 2016 – Jewish Telegraph agency.

26 Jan 2016 – Jerusalem Post. Palestinians using foreign aid to fund anti-Israeli terror..

27 Jan 2016 –

27 Jan 2016 – Eight Hamas militants were killed during heavy rains as a terror tunnel under Gaza city collapsed. Jerusalem post.

27 Jan 2016 – Archeology. Found in Galilee inscriptions, rabbis 1,700 years old. Aaramaic. Late Roman era, cemeteries Jewish. Jesus language. Jerusalem Post.

4 Feb 2016 – Two Israeli tourist rabbis were involved in a car accident in New Zealand. Minor injuries. Crash with a Chinese tourist businessman.

6 Feb 2016 – Archeology. A 3,500 year old seal of Pharaoh Thutmose III has been found in Israel. The Cairo Post. G+. Gnotic pasta.

24 Feb 2016 –

Sept 2016 – Sept 2015 to Sept 2016. Begining on Yom Kippur. Jubilee. Jerusalem restoration, (The Shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

New Zealand 1350 to 1939 clues

New Zealand 1350 to 1939

No date – Find your family on the internet. Ros Henry. A NZ guide. ISBN 1-877361-09-7.
1350 – Maori ancestors arrived in New Zealand on seven canoes from Hawaiki. The mother island of east Polynesians. First ancestors of Maori came from Hawaikki.

15th century – The records of Maori in the memory of the Tohungas, was handed down from generation to generation. This dates their landing in NZ at the beginning of the 15th century. (Canterbury old and new. Whitcombe and Tombs ltd).

15th century – Victoria uni archeologist Bruce McFardge said there is evidence of huge waves hitting NZ in the 15th century. Maori legend says waves reached up to the clifftops and tsumani. (Chch Star NZ. 25 Sept 2015 Gabrielle Stuart).

1617 – Transportation of poor children or orphans to Australia, Canada and New Zealand began in 1617. (The peoples detective. Tom McGregor UK).

1640-1846 – Pakeha presence, British in the 1640s. By 1840 NZ was annexed by the UK, there were 7,000 British traders, whalers and settlers before 1846. (Family history monthly. August 2003 p74).

1642 – NZ was first visited by Europeans in the reign of King Charles 1. In 1642 by a Dutch explorer named Abel Jansen Tasman. (Canterbury old and new 1850-1900. Whitcombe and Tombs ltd).

1717 – The Alpine fault in the South island there was an 8 quake. The last one was in 1717. (Chch Star NZ. 7 Jan 2015).

1769-1779 – Captain Cook in 1769, more than 100 years after the visit by Tasman. Hawaii where captain Cook died in 1779. (Canterbury old and new. Whitcombe and Tombs ltd).

1769-1869 – A people’s history. Dept internal affairs. From the dictionary of NZ biography vol 1 ©1992 ISBN 0-908912-20-x.

Oct 1769 – Europeans arrived on the Endeavour with canons and muskets. (Asia making of NZ. H Johnson B Moloughney)

1787-1968 – About 60,000 ships sailed in Australian and New Zealand waters between 1787 and 1968. Website run by Peter Larson. (Family history monthly. August 2003 p62).

1790’s – New Zealand was settled by whalers and traders. First free settlers arrived in Australia. (The people detective. ©2001 T McGregor UK).

1792-1859 – NZ trade with China dates back to 1792 with a shipment of sealskins. China was still a market for NZ exports when the first trade meeting was published in 1859. (Asia making of NZ. H Johnson B Moloughney).

1796-1852 – James Cook explored NZ on the Endeavour in 1796. New Zealand was under New South Wales Australia until it became a British colony in 1840. Fencible soldiers and families arrived between 1847 and 1852. Irish settlers with pensions from the British army, escaped from the great famine in Ireland, they were given free passage for their families. (How to trace your Irish ancestors. ©2008 Ian Maxwell UK)

July 1796 – Charlotte Badger, one of the first two pakeha women to live in NZ. In July 1796 she was sentenced to seven years transportation to Australia, exile for life. (Convicts NZ. M.Wright ©2012).

1798 – 1844 is 46 years after 1798. When Jesus began his ministry on earth. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson (c)2003 US).
1800-1945 – Settlers in New Zealand were immigrants from England, Ireland and Scotland by Hearn Terry Phillips Jock. ISBN 1869404017 Publication date 1/4/2008 Trade me $40.

1806 – First British women arrived in New Zealand. (Timeline NZ internet).

1810-1814 – In 1814 John Lidiard Nicholes who sailed on the “Active” to the Bay of Islands. Met an Indian Lascar who had jumped ship from the ‘City of Edinburgh’ in 1810 and who lived with the Maoris, runaway Lascars were from India. (Asia making of NZ. H Johnson B Moloughney).

22 Dec 1814 – Samuel Marsden arrived in the Bay of islands. NZ’s first mission station. Sheep, cattle, horses and poultry were introduced. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 22 Dec 2015).
1815 – Thomas Holloway King became the first British child born in New Zealand. (NZ in history. internet).

1815 – The chief at Waimate was Horomona Pobie. Born at Waimate in 1815, he died there and was buried in the cemetery with a fine tombstone. (Canterbury old and new. Whitcome and Tombs ltd).

1815 – Eruption occurred near Green lake Kermadec islands. Teara govt NZ, video 2006 eruptions.

4 Nov 1819 – Maori chiefs Hongi Hika and Rewa sold 13,000 acres at Kerikeri to the Christian missionary society for 48 felling axes. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 4 Nov 2015).

1820’s – Whaling stations began up the East Coast of the South Island, in Marlborough, on Cook Strait and the Kapiti coast, Hawkes Bay and East Cape in the 1820’s. Whale oil was in demand for lighting and heating, soap and tanning leather. (Trackless sea. ©2008 Megan Hutching).

1820-1839 – History of the Jews in New Zealand. As early as 1820s Jewish traders were among the groups of whalers, mariners, escaped convicts from Australia and missionaries who explored New Zealand. Solomon and Bevan Levy, were cabinet makers, who arrived on the ship “Oriental” in 1839. Wikipedia.

1823-1846 – Maori warrior Te Rauparaham with allied tribes from North Taranaki, settled in Kapati in 1823, at Taupo Pa. Te Rauparaha was arrested in July 1846. (NZ Memories. Feb March 2014).

1825-26 – In 1825 the first NZ association was formed in London UK. The ship “Rosanna” conveyed settlers here. Captain Herd arrived in Hauraki Gulf in 1826. (Canterbury old and new. 1850-1900 Whitcombe & Tombs ltd).

1830s – The Colonization of New Zealand began. (Hope for all. The hidden power. Hope
1830 – A whaling station was established at Te Awaiti on Cook strait. Also in 1830 Otakou shore whaling station was built in Otago harbour. (NZ a short history. Laurie Barber ©1989).

1830-1840 – In 1830 there had been no more than 300 to 330 Europeans living in NZ. By 1840 the number increased to 2,000. Most came to stay. Most came from New South Wales Australia. In 1840 the year the Treaty was signed, Maori outnumbered Pakeha in NZ by ten to one. (The story of NZ. J Bassett. K Sinclair. M Sienson ©1985).

17 July 1831 – Horrible cannibalism in NZ. The Observer 1791-1900 London UK.

1 October 1831 – John Guard was the second European child born in the South Island. (Trackless sea. ©2008 Megan Hutching).

1834 – William Colenso brought the first printing press to New Zealand. (Hope for all. The hidden power. Hope

1835 – The “Friendship” ship as wrecked at Norfolk island, prisoners. Norfolk was a Penal Colony at that time, from Sydney NSW 1835. (Trackless sea. ©2008 Megan Hutching).

1835-40 – Alexander McKenzie 1835 ?-1840 (Migration. Rod Edmond ©2013 NZ).
21 December 1835 – HMS Beagle sailed to Bay of Islands NZ (Timeline internet).

19 Dec 1836 – Crew of schooner “Marion Watson” ship Captain Harwood witheld provisions and water from them and discharged 3 men. (R4086400) Restricted access. Record is missing. Archives NZ. Archway records. British resident.

21 Dec 1836 – Record master of “Marion Watson” ship. Bay of Islands. 1836 British resident. Archives NZ. Archway records.

27 Dec 1837 – Colonization of NZ. The Manchester Guardian 1828-1900 UK.

1839 – The NZ company arrived in Lambton harbour, named it Wellington. (p7 colonial capital Wellington 1865-1910. Terence Hodgson ©1990).
1839 – There were only 2,000 white Europeans in Aotearoa NZ and 114,000 Maori. (NZ a short history. Laurie Barber ©1989).

1839 – After the British voted to abolish the slave trade, ( it still exists in 2015), NZ missionaries, the Reverend Brumby bought 20 slaves to Wellington, to return to their Maori families. (NZ genealogist May June 2011)

July 1839 – March 1840 – The “Adelaide” with Hunt A Baker from Feoch in Cornwall, arrived in port Nicholson and the “Glenbervie”. These two ships were the last of six ships to reach Petone New Zealand. (Trackless sea. ©2008 Megan Hutching)

1840 – M N Watt. Index to the NZ section of the register of all British ships 1840-1950. NZ ship and marine society Wellington 1961.

1840 – Auckland maritime museum. Ancestors who came to NZ from the UK by ship from 1840’s onwards. The museum holds lists of ships passengers. Poor immigrants. Museums of all kinds in every town. (p64 Writing your family history. A NZ guide. Joan Rosier Jones ©1997).

1840 – Ship the “Magnet” from Sydney to Otago.

1840 – Since 1840 about 10 tsunamis bigger than 5m have hit NZ. A big one in 1868 following a 9 earthquake off Chile. (Chch Star NZ. 25 Sept 2015 Gabrielle Stuart.)
1840 – Hugh and Lyn Hughes were discharged in NZ. Soldiers of the Imperial foot regiments who took their discharge in NZ 1840-1870 NZGE Auckland 1988.

1840’s – Most of the early NZ immigrants were young. Few old people could stand the long sea voyage. The longest route for migrants in the world, of several months. (The story of NZ. Bassett Sinclair Stenson ©1985).

1840s to 1850s – Florence Rebecca Bensemann was born on 27 Jan 1877. All her grandparents emigrated from northern Germany to NZ, to Nelson and spoke German. (NZ Memories June July 2014).

1840-1870 – The Smith Nairn commission reports, from the 1870s. The department of lands and surveys had these documents. Maori lands in the 1840s, 50s and 60s in the South island. Settlements, the legal personality of the group or person, you have signed, but have been ignored. Recognise the legal personality, of who you are dealing. Dehumanising tactics. (The Bolger years. Margaret Clark ©2008 NZ)_.
1840-1900 – NZ birth records from early newspapers CD extracted from newspapers (Trade me $40).

1840-1902 – Henry Brett. White wings Immigrant ships to NZ. Ed Cyril Bradwell Reed Wellington NZ 1984.

1840-1944 – MP Lissington. New Zealand and the United States. Wellington 1972. (The great wrong war. Stevan Eldred Grigg ©2010 NZ).

1840-1960 – Between 1840 and 1860, 40,000 British emigrated to New Zealand by assisted passage. From 1890 to 1960 British emigration is found in passenger lists and national archives. (Family tree. Dec 2009 p20).
4 Feb 1840 – Henry Williams and his son Edward translated the Treaty of Waitangi into Maori. (NZ a short history. Laurie Barber ©1989).

6 Feb 1840 – The treaty of Waitangi was signed between 40 Maori chiefs and the British crown at Waitangi. Shared sovereignty. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 6 Feb 2015).

12 Feb 1840 – The “Bengal Merchant” Captain Henley carried 120 passengers to NZ arrived on 12 Feb 1840, after a voyage of 104 days. Three other ships the “Ariel”, “Aurora” and “Roxburgh” early settlers. (Canterbury old and new 1850-1900. Whitcombe & Tombes ltd).
18 Apr 1840 – The first newspaper was published in NZ, the NZ Gazette. (Tracing family history in NZ. Anne Bromell).

1841 – The McKenzie family name was recorded as MacKenzie in the 1841 census but not elsewhere. (Migrations. Rod Edmond NZ ©2013).

1841 – The “Blenheim” arrived in NZ. Captain Sinclair. In 1841 John Hay arrived on the “Mandarin”. (Canterbury old and new 1850-1900. Whitcombe & Tombes ltd).
1841-1842 – The voyage to NZ took four months, or longer if the ship struck bad weather. It was crowded and uncomfortable, fresh food was scarce and illness a constant worry. No fresh water for washing. For example the ship “Lloyds”, which sailed for Nelson in 1842, 65 children died during the voyage. 8 died from whooping cough, the rest died from malnutrition, diarrhea and neglect. Small bodies were buried at sea and were a common sight. (The story of NZ. Bassett Sinclair Stenson ©1985).

6 Jan 1841 – Mount Stead cemetery, the first Roman Catholic cemetery in Wellington, in NZ. It began 6 Jan 1841 Bishop Pompallier. Only about 200 headstones survive in the heritage site. (The NZ Genealogist. Sept Oct 2010. 4.35am 4 Sept 2010 Christchurch Earthquake).

1842 – Old colonists jubilee Auckland NZ 1842 –92.

1842 – Thomas Cole was born in Auckland NZ.

1842 – The Parkhurst boys were sent to Auckland from a British jail in 1842. (Convicts NZ. M Wright ©2012).
1842 – 43 – Convicts were sent to New Zealand. On the “St George”, 92 boys arrived in Auckland on 25 October 1842, and the “Mandarin” with 31 boys on 14 November 1843. Boys aged between 12 and 16 were sentenced to prison as convicts.

1842-62 – NZ Jury lists. (NZ genealogist March April 2011).

9 January 1842 – Juliette Daniell was born in Wellington. Her father Edward Daniell was from a large Cornish family with property called Trelissick which was sold. Corwall UK and settlements in New Zealand. (Trackless sea. ©2008 Megan Hutching).

7 March 1842 – The hanging of Maketu in Auckland. The first person to be executed in NZ. Guilty of murder in November 1841. (NZ crime timeline).

October 1842 – Ship “St George” to Auckland. 92 convicts, boys aged 12 to 19 years from Parkhurst prison on the Isle of Wight in the UK. (Find your family on the internet. Ros Henry a NZ guide no date).
1843 – Aliens naturalised in NZ 1843 – 1916. BAB Microfilming 4 Kathryn ave Auckland. ph: 09-625 9778.

1843 – Newspaper, Daily Southern Cross Auckland 1843-76. Did this newspaper change its name to the NZ Herald?

November 1843 – Parkhurst prison on the Isle of Wight. A second group of 31 convict boys arrived on the “Mandarin”. (Find your family on the internet. Ros Henry a NZ guide. no date).

1844 – Christ’s judgement, last days revelation. Judgement in 1844 fulfilment. Daniel 8:14. Its going on now. (Holy bible. King James. CD Stampley ent inc (c)1976 US).

1844 – Spring 1844. Daniel 9. The opening of the books. The 3rd seal. Revelation 6. 1844 is 46 years after 1798. Jesus began his ministry on earth. Passing judgement on the records of the dead. Jesus began going through the books of records. The horn power of Daniel 8 appears after 1844. A stern faced King, a man, antichrist. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson (c)2003 US).

1844-1939 – John Jackson, the second Chinese immigrant arrived in 1844, and went to Palmerston North in 1870. More Chinese arrived in Palmerston North in the mid 1870s. Ex miners from Guangzhou, Canton. In 1939 Chinese refugees moved into NZ. (Heritage NZ. Winter 2012 p13).

Jan 1844 – Tom White was an American whaler who lived in Port Levy, later in Pigeon bay. (Canterbury old and new 1850-1900. Whitcombe & Tombes ltd).
1845 – H G Longley. The NZ wars 1845-1866 2 vols. Wellington 1967 navy 1972 army.

1845-1875 – More gold was found than in the whole previous 350 years. California in the late 1840’s. Australia in the 1850’s. New Zealand in the 1860’s and 70’s. (Costly gold. JS & RW Murray. Clutha riches and their human toll. Reed publishers).

11 March 1845 – The Flagstaff war. Chief Hone Heke and Kawiti led 700 Maori to chop down the British flagstaff. For the 1840 Treaty of Waitangi grievances. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 11 March 2015).
7 May 1846 – A devastating landslide at Lake Taupo killed about 60 people. (NZ disasters. timeline internet).

1847-48 – Clementina Burns was the wife of Rev Dr Thomas Burns, a pioneer Presbyterian minister and coloniser of Otago. Scotland 1842 “New Edinburgh” as Dunedin was first named sail on the Philip Laing 27 November 1847. The Philip Laing arrived in Port Chalmers on15 April 1848, about three weeks after the arrival of its sister ship the John Wycliffe. In June the Burns family went to live in their half built house in Dunedin, near Princess street at the intersection of Jetty street. Arthur, son, started farming on land his father chose at Andersons bay. (Petticoat pioneers. ©1980 B Harper).

1847-1850 – The first police magistrate used armed police to collect the census info. In 1847 police magistrates were abolished, but the armed police continued going door to door, under the Superintendant of resident magistrates, as late as 1850 it was their beat. (NZ genealogist May June 2011).

1847-1851 Arrived in NZ in 1851 on the “Cornwall” John Mackenzie emigrated to Australia 1845 and 1847 left Australia for NZ. (Canterbury old and new 1850-1900. Whitcombe & Tombes ltd).

1848 – There was a severe earthquake in Wellington. Otago settlement founded. (Tracing family history in NZ. Anne Bromell ©1996).

1848 – Presbyterian minister, Biography first church of Otago 1848-1920 archives (Find your family on the internet. Ros Henry).

1848 – In NZ the registration of UK births and deaths began in 1848. Marriages are registered for 1854 onwards. Before these dates, vital events were recorded in parish registers. (Oxford guide to family history. David Hey ©1993).

1848 – Samuel Finch was born in Milton Otago New Zealand.

1848-49 – In Dunedin and Christchurch the new settlers stayed in special barracks, until they were ready to build their own houses. 1849 Dunedin making damper bread. Landing of the first Otago immigrants in 1848. (The story of NZ. Bassett Sinclair Stenson ©1985).

1848-53 – Christchurch began in 1848. On 1 Sept 1850 the first emigrants, the Canterbury pilgrims arrived. Three days later four ships with 800 passengers left Gravesend for NZ, Lyttelton in December. By the first year of Christchurch, 19 ships and 3,000 immigrants arrived in Lyttelton. James Edward Fitzgerald was the migration agent for the Canterbury association in London. He founded the Press newspaper and was the first Superintendant in July 1853. (History Today. May 2014 UK).

1848-1855 – Earthquakes in 1848 and 1855 destroyed the Fort and only the foundations remain. The Fort was built by troops from Sydney during the Hutt war. Plimmerton area. Fort Paremata or Taupo Pa. (NZ Memories. Feb March 2014).

1848 & 1855 – Two earthquakes in Wellington 1848 and 1855. (Colonial capital Wellington 1865-1910 Terence Hodgson ©1990).

1848-1859 – Settlement of Otago began in 1848. Arrival of the John Wyckliffe and the Phillip Laing. Dunedin was by 1859 a town of 2,262 inhabitants. (NZ a short history. Laurie Barber ©1989).

1848-1898 – NZ in 1848 the colonial office began to collect details of births, deaths and marriage registration. ACT 1854 established a registry of marriages. Divorce in NZ began in 1867. The 1898 NZ six pence stamp with a kiwi. (Family tree. Dec 2009 p19-20).

Jan 1848 – Emily McNamara was born in Liverpool, she went to NZ on the “Clifton” in Jan 1848, with her parents, John McNamara, a Fencible and his wife Mary (nee Drayton) retired soldiers from the UK.

June 1848 – The chiefs and people of the Ngai Tahu met at Akaroa and sold lands, to the NZ company, from Kaiapoi to Port Chalmers. (Canterbury old and new. Whitcombe and Tombs ltd).

17 June 1848 – Joseph Burns was hanged on the site of the murders. The first pakeha convicted of murder in NZ. (Law breakers mischief. ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).

17 June 1848 – The hanging of Joseph Burns, Devonport Auckland. The first European to be hanged in NZ under British law. He was convicted of murder. (NZ crime timeline).

October 1848 – The earthquakes of October 1848. The first quake was big and caused much damage in Wellington. Many brick buildings were damaged and half of the chimneys fell down. The Wesleyan chapel, the jail and other public buildings were badly damaged. Frightening aftershocks. Then on 17 October 1848 there was another sharp quake. The Wellington Independent described it, several buildings fell down and two children were killed by falling bricks. (Trackless sea. ©2008 Megan Hutching)

1849 – “Ajax” London UK to Otago NZ ship.

1850s and 1860s – Jessie Finnie was one of a large number of, sex slaves, in Auckland NZ. Constable Thomas Powley of Auckalnd province. armed police, was a regular visitor at the brothels. Most of the Auckland brothels were in Chancery st. Early sex slavery in NZ. (A peoples history. ©1992 p71 & 72 NZ).

1850 – Christchurch was founded.

1850s – Pioneer days when many homes had patchwork bedcovers. Women were thrifty and saved old clothing fabrics. Candles and lamps were used at night. Sewing and mending clothes and bedcovers. Sewing was part of a woman’s daily work. (Patchwork. Lauri Tapsell ©1979 NZ).

1850-1867 – By the late 1850’s there were 1.5 million sheep in New Zealand, with most in Canterbury and Hawkes Bay. Wool was central to New Zealand’s economy. By 1867 sheep numbers grew to 8.5 million, mainly in the South Island. (Trackless sea. ©2008 Megan Hutching).

1850-1900 – Canterbury old and new 1850-1900. Whitcombe and Tombs ltd., Old pioneers early history of Canterbury.

16 Dec 1850 – The ships the Charlotte Jane and Radolph brought the first Canterbury settlers to Lyttelton Christchurch. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 16 Dec 2015).

1851 – Clues about family history in old newspapers. The earliest census was taken in NZ in 1851. (Find your family on the internet. Ros Henry. p39 no date).

1851 – Some headstones date back 150 years. Established in 1851 the Barbadoes st cemetery was the first in Christchurch, it was severely damaged in the 2011 earthquakes. (NZ genealogist July Aug 2011).

1851 – 1900 – Otago death records from early newspapers CD (Trade me $20).

1851 – 1900 – Canterbury death records from early newspapers CD Colonial books (Trade me $20).

11 Jan 1851 – The first issue of the Lyttelton Times was on a Saturday. (Canterbury old and new 1850-1900. Whitcombe & Tombs ltd).

1852 – Canterbury, a few sheep in the settlement. Sheep, cattle and horses were being brought from Australia, imported by Charles Sidey. Also stock brought by Sefton Moorhouse. (Canterbury old and new. Whitcombe abd Tombs ltd.).

1852 – 1923 – Passenger lists Victoria Australia outwards to NZ. Gold miners moving. a CD, ISBN 9781877217517 (Trade me $30).

1853 – James George Deck, his wife and 8 surviving children arrived on the “Cornwall” in Wellington . (A peoples history. ©1992 p58 NZ).

Sept 1853 – Elections for Christchurch provincial council. Christchurch, until the earthquake of 2011. (History Today. May 2014 UK).

1855 – Wairarapa 8.2 quake. NZs most powerful recorded quake in which about nine people died. (NZ newswire Te Ara).

1855 – Malay mail online Malaysia. 6 Jan 2015 AFP. Wellington NZ most powerful quake 8.2 quake. Four people died. It pushed the shoreline up 650 feet and the harbour floor up.

1855 – Highway to the Hutt valley, the 1855 earthquake pushed up the shoreline by about a metre, making more land available for a road. (Trackless sea. ©2008 Megan Hutching).

23 January 1855 – Wairarapa earthquake. The 8.2 quake struck the lower north island and killed between 5 to 9 people and altered the Wellington region. (NZ disasters timeline internet).

23 Jan 1855 – The most powerful earthquake recorded in NZ. Altered the geographical landscape of Wellington 8.2 (On this day in NZ. Ron Palenski ©2010).

23 Jan 1855 – Wellington an 8 earthquake. 4 people died. USGS historic world earthquakes.

March 1855 – James Mackenzie shepherd, drover, sheepstealer by Cathy Marr. Mackenzie emigrated to Australia in about 1849. North of Timaru in March 1855. Lyttelton Times 12 May 1855. (A peoples history. ©1992 NZ)

March 1855 – About six weeks before this, there was a large earthquake in Wellington. Windows broken, chimneys fell down, plaster peels from the walls and furniture flying all over the place. Shock after shock continued. (Trackless sea. ©2008 Megan Hutching).

4 March 1855 – James Mackenzie was found with 1,000 sheep stolen from south Canterbury. Mackenzie country named after him. (NZ crime timeline).

4 March 1855 – Sheep rustler James Mackenzie caught in a pass, in the upper Waitaki river basin, with 1,000 sheep missing from the Levels station, north of Timaru. (Today in history. Chch Star NZ. 4 March 2015).

1856 – Auckland Almanack and directory W Lambert. Auckland public library POBox 4138 Auckland NZ.

1856 – Archives NZ. Christchurch was chartered as a city in 1856, the first city in NZ. NZ history.

1856 – William Wilson, Christchurch first mayor. Got married in 1856 to Elizabeth Williams 17 years younger than him, age 20. They had 14 children. He beat her up and was charged with assault. (Chch Mail. Anna Price. 4 Feb 2016).

1856-1862 – Martin Cash was a convict, policeman and brothel keeper. He moved to New Zealand from Hobart Australia in 1856. In 1860 Cash was in Christchurch as a constable in the Canterbury province armed police force, which he joined in 1859. His main line of work was brothel keeping. (He was a pimp), His identity and activities were eventually investigated. In March 1860 Cash was sacked and fined for keeping a brothel. Many others like him moved to NZ after the decline of the Australian goldfields. Cash returned to NZ by December 1862. He continued to operate several brothels in Christchurch, red light districts and Salisbury street, including the Red house. He moved to Otago gold fields then returned to Christchurch. (p35 A peoples history. ©1992 NZ).

1857 – Prince Edward Islanders on the “Gertrude” to NZ. (Australian family tree. September 2010)

1857-1860 – Thomas Hammond’s parents and siblings left Clee Hill in Shropshire UK to migrate to NZ arriving in 1857. Dinah Hammond was born 1838 while in NZ, married James Galbritte children Alice, Lavina, Patty, John and James. During the latter part of the 19th century they returned to the UK. Galbraith in 1860. In the UK in 1881 census. Islington and London from the early 20th century in Surrey. (Practical family history. July 2003 p20).

1857-1863 – For the four years 1857-60 the total gold exported from NZ was nearly 36,000 ounces. In 1861 alone 400,000 ounces. In 1863 625,000 ounces. Most came from the Clutha areas. Gold quantities were expressed in troy ounces. One troy ounce is equal to 31.1035 grams. (Costly gold. JS RW Murray Clutha riches and their human toll).

1857-1898 – On 15 April 1857 the “Maori” laid anchor outside Otago heads. Uncle Donald Borrie’s farm. John the oldest son went to work at James Macandrew’s store in Dunedin. As the news of gold spread, Dunedin began to boom including Macandrew’s store. The port became packed with shipping, and the customs officer was overworked. So John Borrie left the store to join the customs staff. The influx of gold speculators meant the need for more productive farms. On Sunday Janet Borrie attended church, Rev W Gillies was the minister. Janet died in 1898 and was buried in the west Taieri cemetery bedside her husband near the church. (Petticoat pioneers. B Harper ©1980).

1857-1957 – Old historical records The Cromwell Argus weekly from 1869-1947. In the century between 1857 and 1957 NZ exported gold valued at nearly 120 million pounds, most gold was in the Clutha area. (Costly gold. JS RW Murray 1978 Clutha riches and their human tol.l ISBN 0-589-01132-4).

1858-1958 – From distant villages, the lives and times of Croatian settlers in NZ 1858-1958 by Stephen A Jelicich. (NZ society of genealogists inc. Nov-Dec 2011 p253).

1858-1980 – NZ Maori land claims. (NZ genealogist March April 2011).

7 May 1858 – Sarah Jane Finch was born in Milton Otago.

1859 – “Cheviot” From Glasgow Scotland to Port Chalmers Otago, ship.

1859 – The “Strathallah” in 1859 in south Canterbury. The “Lancashire witch” the “Victory” and the “Tiptree” and other ships, each with many immigrants. Those on the “Tiptree” were mostly Cornishmen from Cornwall or from the south of England. Flour was imported from Adelaide Australia. (Canterbury old and new. Whitcombe and Tombs ltd).

1860’s – Iwi receive multimillion dollars settlement, by Rebecca Quilliam 17 December 2012. NZ Herald APMZ. Maori wars of 1860’s.

1860 – Martin Cash in Christchurch, was a constable in the Canterbury province armed police force, which he joined in 1859. His main line of work was brothel keeping. His identity and activities were ‘eventually’ investigated. In March 1860 Cash was sacked and fined for keeping a brothel. Many others like him moved to NZ after the decline of the Australian goldfields. (p35 A people history. ©1992 NZ).

1860s – Gold rush of the 1860s with immigrants from Australia and California in the US. 2,000 Chinese moved from the Pearl Delta region of Guangdong province. The Chinese often stayed on as laundrymen and fruiterers. Market gardeners, hawking fruit and veges from door to door. (Chch crime and scandals. Geoffrey W Rice ©2013).

1860-61 – Taranaki records 1860 Taranaki Herald 21 July 1860. 19 May 1860 sent to Nelson. Taranaki war 28 June 1861. 174 Maoris were killed and 14 settlers killed. (NZ genealogist March April 2011).

1860-1862 – The Dunedin’s synagogue was built in the 1860s for Dunedin’s Jewish congregation. The story of the world’s southernmost synagogue began in 1862. Discovery of gold in Otago the previous year, with an increase in Jewish numbers. Among the early congregation was Julius Vogel. (Heritage NZ. Winter 2012 p7).

1860-1900 – Otago marriage records from early newspapers. Otago and Southland CD Colonial books Trade me.

1861 – Melbourne to Port Chalmers Otago the“Oscar”. Also Glasgow to Port Chalmers Otago the “Lady Egidia”.

1861-1911- Berge Picalmot left Italy in 1855 and arrived in NZ in 1861. In Greymouth 1865. In 1874 he was appointed Italian consul until his death in 1911. (Alan Poletti).

4 Oct 1861 – Charles C Cole moved to Dunedin on 4 Oct 1861. Coach company Cobb and co, Cole and co. The Otago gold rush was on. Hundreds of miners supplies needed to be transported into central Otago. (NZ Memories June July 2014).

1862 – Old NZ pics. City road Auckland. photo. (Twitter 1 March 2015).

1862-1863 – Gold strike on the Arrow river 1862. The first gold discovered was attributed to Jack Tewa (Maori Jack) Otago. Chinese miners and a speech by Madam Xiutian Tan, Chinese Consul General. The gold escort left Arrow township on 18 Jan 1863 with 12,000 ounces of gold. Subsequent escorts carried over 20,000 ounces. During the winter of 1863, 2,000 miners in Arrow district sent 6,000 ounces of gold a month. One ounce of gold was worth 3 pounds 15 shillings in the 1860s. (NZ Memories Dec Jan 2012 2013).

Sept 1862 – Emigrant ship the “Pladda” New Zealand from Ireland. 193 girls were on the ship. (NZ Memories Dec Jan 2014).

December 1862 – Martin Cash retuned to NZ by December 1862. He continued to operate several brothels in Christchurch, red light districts and Salisbury street Red house. He moved to the Otago gold fields then returned to Christchurch. (p35 A people history. ©1992 NZ).

1863 – A first year in Canterbury settlement by Samuel Butler London Trade me $188.

1863 – Meeting of settlers and Maori at Hawkes bay. 1863_Meeting_of_Settlers_and_Maoris_at_Hawke’s_Bay,_New_Zealand_large.png

1863 – Otago Dunedin Gold rush, miners from Melbourne and mounted police from Melbourne arrived. Illegitimate children. Villians were now at the goldfields in Otago. Agents in Otago arranged for young single women from Ireland to be sent here as sex slaves. (NZ Memories Dec Jan 2012 2013).

March 1863 – Mr A Raper. City of Hobart – Otago NZ. (Public records office Victoria Australia). (15 July 2013).

13 April 1863 – Official details of the loss of the HMS Orpheus in NZ, list of survivors. Chares Hill. The Observor 1791-1900 London UK.

21 Nov 1863 – Maori Battle of Rangiriri, casualties were among the worst of the NZ wars. 132 British and 70 Maori were killed or wounded. 280 casualties. (Chch Star 21 Nov 2014. Today in history.)

1864 – Widespread financial crisis NZ. (A peoples history. ©1992 NZ)

1864 – 1964 – NZ National mortgage and agency co 100 years by G Parry 1st ed 1964 Trade me $5.

26 Aug 1864 – The NZ war. The Manchester Guardian 1828-1900 UK.

17 Oct 1864 – The war in NZ. The Irish Times. Daily Advertiser. Dublin Ireland.

5 December 1864 – Samuel Finch and Elizabeth Strain were married in Milton Otago..

1865 – The Maori land courts were formed to determine the ownership of Maori land.. (Family tree. Dec 2009 p20).

1865 – 1954 – NZ electoral rolls.

1865 – Newspaper, Evening Post Wellington.

19 Jan 1865 – Otago Princess st. James Pryo.r Clovers, ryegress and lucerne. Bruce Herald p12. Papers past.

4 May 1865 – Agricultural and garden seeds. Otago seeds. Princess st south near Jetty st Dunedin. James Pryor and co, seeds, clovers, ryegrass and lucerne. Bruce Herald. P12. Papers past.

20 May 1865 – The city of Dunedin paddle steamer boat left ellington for Nelson. Then to Hokitika. It disappeared and no trace was founbd James Parker Boyd and 24 crew, 22 passengers. Wreckage was later found wahed up on the south coast. Mystery sinking. NZ disaster timeline. Papers past 13 June 1865.

Sept 1865 – Otago’s first hanging. William Jarvey from Dunedin prison. (NZ genealogist. March April 2012 p94).

1866 – Directory of the city and suburbs of Auckland 1866-67 Mitchell and Seffern.

1866 – Chinese first arrived in 1866 mainly from Pon Yu regioin of southern China headed for the Otago goldfields. (Th NZ Gnealogist p212 Sept Oct 2010).

1867 – William Wilson Christchurch first mayor. He became Christchurch mayor in 1867. (Chch Mail. 4 Feb 2016. Anna Price).

7 Jan 1867 – The first recorded murder in the region was Military settler Alfred J Campbell Oropi who died of a gunshot wound. (Tauranga murders in history. 23 Sept 2014 Sun Live).

12 June 1867 – The Mongonui murder. Wanganui Herald.

13 June 1867 – The murder of Mr Burke. Wanganui Herald.

20 June 1867 – Death. Wanganui Herald.

30 June 1867 – Abraham Bennett White, a settler in the Bay of Plenty, was murdered at Ohiwa river. The head of Mr White was found in a sandhill near the Ohiwa, his body was never found. (NZ genealogist Jan Feb 2009) (Nelson Examiner and NZ Chronicle 20 July 1867).

July 1867 – Canterbury had a large snow storm which lasted six days. Half a million sheep were killed. Provisions got very low. Storm damage. (Trackless sea. ©2008 Megan Hutching).

2 July 1867 – The earthquake at Mytelene. Wanganui Herald.

3 Aug 1867 – Reported murder of four Europeans and four Maoris. Wanganui Herald.

21 Aug 1867 – The murderers of Mr Burke. Wanganui Herald.

21 Aug 1867 – Death. Wanganui Herald.

1868 – 150 years ago Lyttelton and a 7m wall of water, the tsunami waves smashed ships in the harbour against the wharf. A man in the chatham islands was killed in the tsunami. The tsunami was caused by a 9 earthquake off Chile, which killed thousands of people. Since 1840 about 10 tsunamis larger than 5m have hit NZ. (Chch Star NZ. 25 Sept 2015. Gabrielle Stuart).

1868 – natlib NZ govt journals homocide. The death of Frederick Rasmus Kornerup. NZ Genealogy. Bryan Bang. A Danish migrant who was murdered in 1868.

1868 – The Christchurch Star newspaper has been an integral part of Christchurch since 1868. (Chch Star NZ. 25 Feb 2016 Editors desk).

1868 – Canterbury provincial roll 1868-69, 1870-71, 1972-73, 1873-74. BAB Microfilming.

1869 – 1873 – Tower NZ formed in 1869, as the Government life insurance office, department. Tower corp in 1987. In 1989 Tower brought National insurance company of NZ, head office in Dunedin Otago. Formed in 1873. (Wikipedia. Tower).

7 Sept 1869 – NZ and the colonial office. The Manchester Guardian 1828-1900 UK.

1870 – Eruption occurred near Green lake Kermadec islands. Teara govt nz video 2006 eruptions.

1870’s – Chinese immigrants arrived in Palmerston North in the mid 1870’s. Ex miners from Guangzhou (Canton), who went to the Otago goldfields. (NZ Heritage. winter 2012)

1870-1878 – Cardrona was at its peak in the 1870s, the residents were mainly Chinese miners, about 1,000 people, seven stores, a post office, a bank, a school, a jail and a police HQ, 4 butchers, a baker and a blacksmith. By 1878 Cardrona had a population of only 200. (Heritage NZ. Winter 2012 p7).

1870-1977 – Martin Cash autobiography by James Lester Burke published in 1870 The adventures of Martin Cash. He died on 27 august 1877 in Tasmania Australia. (p35 A people history. ©1992 NZ).

1870-1880 – In the 1870s and 1880s the appearance of Russian explorers in the south Pacific and Antarctica waters brought fear of the Russian raids on NZ ports. (NZ a short history. Laurie Barber ©1989).

27 March 1871 – Oreti beach a 150 year old shipwreck. May be from the Hindu. Ran aground on a Southland beach near Invercargill. Oreti beach. On 27 March 1871. The Hindu from Fuzhou, then called Foochow China to Dunedin with a cargo of tea. 15 Jan 2016.

28 September 1871 – Wilfred von Sturmer was born in Auckland.

1872 – Wises NZ Directory NZ Post office 1872, 1880, 1900, 1955.

1872-1873 – Newspaper, Standard and peoples Advocate Gisbourne.

1873 – Susan Love Noone was born in Alexandra Otago.

1873 – Chapmans Auckland directory for 1873 and 1874.

19 April 1873 – Elizabeth Catherine Finch was born in Dunedin Otago.

24 Nov 1873 – Consecration of the Masonic hall Timaru. Press NZ. Papers past.

1874 – Melbourne to Otago the “Alhambra”. Also London to Port Chalmers the “Christian McAusland”. Photo. Also Gravesend to Port Chalmers the “Sussex”.

1874-75 – Greenock to Otago the “Wild Deer”.

1874-1895 – In 1895 the Bank of NZ bought the Colonial BNZ, which was founded in Dunedin in 1874. The BNZ archives hold the Colonial BNZ staff registers, but it is incomplete. Many were from Scotland. (NZ genealogist March April 2012).

1874-1968 – Italian migration and settlement in New Zealand. J H Burnley. 30 July 2009.

8 Aug 1874 – The “Adamant” ship arrived in Nelson from Plymouth UK. The trip took 93 days. There were nine voyages of the “Adamant” altogether. (NZ genealogist Jan Feb 2009).

7 January 1875 – Agnes Finch was born in Milburn Otago

4 October 1875 – Thomas Pryor was born in Dunedin Otago.

1876 – St Vincent de Paul industrial school Dunedin. NZ Christian brothers Catholic in NZ since 1876.

1876 – Christchurch in 1876, had a population of about 30,000. (Chch crimes scandals. Geoffrey W Rice (c)2013).

2 April 1876 – Leaders of the first NZ Catholic Christian brothers, br Dunne, Healey and McMahon arrived in Port Chalmers on the “Arawata”. Christian brothers school in Dunedin 1876 to 1886.

1877 – There were 53 Italians in Okura in 1877. (Alan Poletti).

1877 – Charles Kenneth Cotton was born Lyttelton Christchurch. Boer war and World War One. Married Ethel Kate Bromley. NSW Australia info wanted. (Chch Star NZ. 18 March 2015. public notices).

15 Sept 1877 – (papers past) Otago Witness p13. James Pryor calender of gardening for Otago. Rye grass, clovers, lawn grasss and seeds. Fruiterer George st Dunedin.

16 September 1877 – Lucille Evelyne Finch was born in Dunedin Otago.

29 Sept 1877 – (papers past) Otago Witnesss . James Pryor calendar of garden operation for Otago. Seeds.

1878 – Liverpool to Port Chalmers the “Invercargill” diary.

1878 – Turtons land deeds of the North Island pre 1878. Alexander Turnbull library POBox 12-349 Wellington NZ.

1878 – William Wilson, became Christchurch first mayor in 1867. He stood for Christchurch council a second time in 1878. (Chch Mail. 4 Feb 2016. Anna Price).

1878-1879 – Records, Maori prisoners were arrested by the Crown during the 1878 South Taranaki resistance at Waimate and Parihaka, archives NZ records are limited. 1878 the first arrests by armed police on 30 June 1879. July 1879, 180 arrests were made. 40 of them were given two months jail, sent to Wellington. (NZ genealogist July Aug 2011).

5 February 1878 – Sarah Jane Finch was married in Milton Otago.

7 Feb 1878 – A 42 year old Chinese hawker, Yan Quam Quam Yan aka Quam Yam was arrested and accused of raping a ten year old girl in Opawa, Alice Maud. He spoke very little English and needed an interpretor. He pleased not guilty. (Chch crimes and scandals. Geoffrey W Rice ©2013).

1 April 1878 – Quam Yan appeared in court, accused of the rape of a 10 year old girl, he pleaded not guilty. No lawyer. (Chch and scandals Geoffrey W Rice ©2013).

24 Sept 1878 – (papers past) Westport Times. Suez mail. James Pryor, colonel Mahon MP for Clare. Lombard depot bank forgery, minute books and bank defrauded..

30 Sept 1878 – Great flood hit the South island. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 30 Sept 2015).

1879 – Long lost relatives Timaru Rootsweb. John Thomas Webber went from Plymouth UK to NZ in 1875. He was last heard of in Timaru Canterbury in 1879.

1879 – The Prison department correspondence to native department in 1879. About the arrest of Maori prisoners. This file no longer exists, it was destroyed in the Hope Gibbons fire of 1952, which burnt the records of seven government departments. (NZ genealogist July Aug 2011).

1879 – Bankruptcy files Barclay. William Pryor.Deed of assignment. Archives NZ. Archway records. (R23213287) Open access.

1879-1880 – Taranaki maori arrested in 1878 were moved to Mt Cook barracks in Wellington, where prisoners were first sent 10 July 1879. James Mackay inspected the 600 Maori prisoners, who arrived by 9 July 1879. By 29 Oct 1879 there were 131 Maori prisoners at Mt Cook jail. One prisoner, Tami Raiha could not be sent to another prison and he died on 7 April 1880. On 22 July 1990 Watene Tupuhi died in Dunedin jail of consumption, 25 years old. (NZ genealogist July Aug 2011).

27 May 1879 – Ada Lillian Finch was born in Dunedin Otago.

19 June 1879 – Great fire in Wellington. Colonist NZ. Papers past.

26 Sept 1879 – Opium smoking. NZ Tablet. Papers Past.

1880 – On 23 Sept 1880 Pirerangi died in Dunedin jail of consumption. (NZ genealogist July Aug 2011).

1880 – Italians were living in Westland NZ in 1880. Italian census NZ by Alan Poletti ancestors and archives.

1880-1928 – Deceased estates under public trust in NZ. Trade me $5 1931-1950 CD Colonial books 1929 and 1930 and missing.

1880 – 1950 – Italians in NZ Wellington area 1940s and 50s. The came from Stromboli offshore from Naples, or a town off Massaburense, they started arriving from the 1880s. (NZ Memories. Feb March 2014).

23 January 1880 – Amelia Rosetta Williams was born in Auckland

26 July 1880 – (papers past) Southland Times p3. Wanted weekly about 150 pair good rabbits. James Pryor 193 George st Dunedin.

1881 – Archives NZ. 1881 Chinese immigrants Act by NZ Parliament. NZ history.

1881 – The first Chinese gold miners arrived in NZ in 1866 and 3 years later there were more than 2,000 immigrants, mainly from Guangzhou China. By 1881 there were about 5,000 Chinese in NZ. Mr Sew Hoy in 1883. (Maritime executive 19 Nov 2014).

1881-1882 – Trustee Executors was established in 1881. Will and Trust Deeds, Otago. Private Act of Parliament. Statutory Trust Company in 1882. In the 1970s Tower, in 1988 and 1999. Mid 2003 Trustee executors name again. (Website).

22 Jan 1881 – (papers past) ODT magistrates court. James Pryor versus James Denton. .

29 Jan 1881 – An English lady is murdered in NZ. Weekly Irish Times 1876-1920 Dublin Ireland.

1 March 1881 – William John Finch was born in Dunedin Otago.

May June 1881 – 24 May 1881 several severe shocks of earthquake. 26 June 1881 Earthquake most prolonged felt. (NZ Memories June July 2014 p56).

5 Dec 1881 – Very severe shocks of earthquake. (NZ genealogist March April 2011).

12 Dec 1881 – (papers past) Otago Witness. James Pryor cash purchase of provincial grown fruit. 62 Princes and 193 george st Dunedin.Turkey’s for christmas, one shilling per pound if delivered before 21 Dec 1881. Pryor 62 Princess and 193 George st Dunedin.

1882 – Auckland city and suburban directory Ingram and Gardner.

1882 – NZ property tax department a return of the freeholders of NZ Government printer Wellington.

1883-4 – Auckland city suburban and provincial directory Ingram and Gardner.

11 Aug 1883 – (papers past) Otago Witness p16. White flint corn. James Pryor puchased the crop of Mr Cormack, St Andrews corn. 62 Princess st 193 George st Dunedin.

9 Jan 1884 – (papers past) Daily Telegraph p2. Death at the Hawkes bay hospital Napier. On 9 Jan 1884 James Pryor of Napier aged 74 fractured his neck, of the thigh bone on 10 Dec 1883.

1 May 1884 – Murder suicide rape. Poverty Bay Herald.

1885 – The earthquake of 1885, in which people died. (NZ Memories June July 2013.

1886 – Sir Hepi’s great grandfather in 1886. Apparently gave the central mountains of the north island to the crown?. (The Bolger years. Margaret Clark ©2008 NZ).

1886 – Stone’s Dunedin and Invercargill directory.

1886 – The defenders of NZ TW Gudgeon Brett.

1886 – Kevin Ryan’s grandfather was the engineer on the ship the “penguin” which hurried to the nearest port of Tauranga when mount Tarewa erupted. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

1886-1917 – RS Hill. The iron hand in the velvet glove. The modernisation of policing in NZ. Palmerston North 1995. (The great wrong war. Stevan Eldred Grigg ©2010 NZ).

1886-1986 – Wanganui police history. Charles E Spicer Trade me $24.

10 June 1886 – The great Tarawera eruption left 153 people dead and damaged homes. (NZ Memories Dec Jan 2014).

10 June 1886 – Mount Tarawera in the Bay of Plenty, a noisy eruption. (Spies revolutionaries (c)2007 Graeme John Hunt NZ).

19 June 1886 – The eruption of Lake Tarewera, Ta Wairoa. 31 May 1886 the eruption of mount Tarawera and on 10 June 1886 Mount Trawera burst into life. The volcano erupted with a force so large that the number of those killed will never be known, officially 153 dead. (NZ mysteries. Nicola McCloy. ©2005 NZ).

1887 – Giant squid. In 1887 scientists documented a giant squid found in New Zealand. 55 feet. (Washington Post AP Lindsay Bever 15 May 2005).

1888 – Alpine fault and northern Canterbuiry. 7.3 earthquake.

1888-1915 – Coroners inquest records NZ 1888 to 1915. Archives NZ in Wellingon. The Cause of death and surname. (The NZ Genealogist. May June 2009).

23 May 1888 – William Pope missing. Bay of Plenty Times. Papers past.

31 Aug 1888 – A rabbiter missing. Auckland Star.

1889 – Cleaves Auckland city and suburban directory 1889, 1890, 1891 until 1923.

1889 – Italian immigrant Louis Chemis was convicted for the murder of a rich landowner, Thomas Hawkins of Kaiwharawhare Wellington. (NZ Genealogist. March April 2010).

1889 – Chinese in Nelson. The first ‘naturalised’ Chinese in NZ. A house was built by Wong Ah Poo Hoc Ting, aka Appo Hocton. (NZ Memories. Feb March 2014).

17 Aug 1889 – NZ at present, Canterbury and Christchurch. Weekly Irish Times 1876-1920 Dublin Ireland.

1890 – Maori skulls in macabre collection to be brought back to New Zealand. 800 human skulls in Sweden at the Karolinska institute in Solna north of Stockholm Sweden. Maori skulls in 1890 from a zoologist Conrad Fisredt were used for scientific racism. (Bernard Orsman NZ Herald APNZ. ODT 27 Jan 2015).

1890-1892 – In Jan 1890 Arthur Bentley Worthington, his wife Mary and children arrived in Christchurch from the US. A sect called the students of truth. 400 Christchurch members. 1892 the temple of truth in Latimer square Christchurch. (NZ mysteries. Nicole McCloy ©2005 NZ).

1890s – 1900s – William Pryor was born 3 June 1867 in Dunedin. Dominion organiser of the NZ employers association in the 1890s and 1900s. Industrial disputes around NZ, and ran for parliament in 1905. He died 56 years old on 26 Feb 1922.

1890s – American fraudster Arthur Bently Worthington and his Temple of Truth in Latimer square Christchurch. He later went to Australia. (Chch crimes scandals. Geoffrey W Rice ©2013).

5 March 1890 – David Nicol died in Dunedin NZ

8 April 1890 – Supposed murder of a tourist. Ashburton Guardian.

22 April 1890 – A painter missing. Auckland star.

15 Sept 1890 – (papers past) Colonist p3. Fatal accident at Collingwood. James Pryor was killed in the Johnston united mine by a fall of earth.

16 Sept 1890 – (papers past) Nelson Evening Mail p2. Johnstons united mine. James Pryor was accidently killed in the Johnston united mine. Fired a shot, the face of the stope, a slab of rock fell from the roof onto his head. He had been working in the mine for 8 years. Inquest.

7 Sept 1891 – Importation of opium. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

17 Sept 1891 – A missing rabbiter. Bush Advocate.

18 Sept 1891 – Search abandoned. The Star, John Gray missing farmer from Waikoikoi.

1 Dec 1891 –Papers past Auckland Star p6. Masonic news. Bro James Pryor IG Ponsonby.

2 Dec 1891 – Papers past. NZ Herald. Ponsonby Masonic meeting, annual meeting James Pryor IG.

2 Dec 1891 – Papers past. Auckland Star. Masonic news. Grand lodge EC Masonic lodge Ponsonby hall. Bro James Pryor IG.

1892 – George William was found dead in the bush while on a visit to his sister Susannah. (NZ genealogist. Jan Feb 2009).

1892 – Grace Emma Munro, 30 years old was killed by her husband. (Tauranga murders in history. 23 Sept 2014 Sun Live).

12 Feb 1892 – Mysterious murder. Auckland Star.

23 March 1892 – James Pryor and Emily Jane Cole were married in Ponsonby Auckland.

30 April 1892 – (papers past) ODT Meeting of creditors. Re JJ Pryor, estate of James John Pryor, fruiterer NZ bancruptcy and estate.

1 Dec 1892 – (papers past) Auckland Star p8. Births. Pryor on 18 Oct 1892 Dedwood tce Ponsonby, wife of James Pryor a son born.

1893 – The Industrial Conciliation and Arbitration Act of 1893. It was rewritten in the 1990s. (The Bolger years. Margaret Clark ©2008 NZ).

1893 – NZ became the first country in the world to give women the right to vote. Newstalk ZB 120th anniversary womens sufferage.

1893-1904 – NZ bankruptcy notices CD PDF file Trade me.

30 Oct 1893 – A wealthy young man meets a mysterious death. Thames Star.

27 Nov 1893 – Smuggling opium. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

13 June 1894 – (papers past) The Press Chch p6. Passenger southern express for Christchurch. Messrs James Pryor.

14 June 1894 – (papers past) ODT p1. Trains from Dunedin for the north. Mr James Pryor overland passenger.

17 September 1894 – Raper. Sydney to NZ. (NZ immigration passenger list 1855-1973) (14 July 2013).

26 October 1894 – 1 November 1894 Raper.

1 November 1894 – Raper. Sydney NZ. Born 1849 British female aged 45. Ship “Tasmania” (14 July 2013).

5 November 1894 – Raper. Lyttelton NZ (NZ immigration passenger list 1855-1973).

8 Feb 1895 – (papers past) Evening Post p2. Ignoring the half holiday. James Pryor fruiterer, seeds, vegeatables and plants. Convicted and fined with costs.

8 Feb 1895 – (papers past) Auckland Star p3. Police court. James Pryor fruiterer and seedsman was charged with failing to close his shop. Fined 5 shillings and costs.

8 Feb 1895 – (papers past) Marlborough Express p2. The weekly half holiday. Dunedin police court. James Pryor fruiterer and seedsman charged with failinhg to close his shop. He sold seeds on that day. Fined one shiling and costs 7 shilingsa 6d.

8 Feb 1895 – (papers past) The Press Chch p6. The half holiday Dunedin. 7 Feb 1895 police court. James Pryor failure to close his shop. Fined 1s and costs 17s 6s. Wellington 7 Feb 1895 the Labour dept also prosecuted 20 Chinese fpr not closing in the afternoon.

9 Feb 1895 – (papers past) Nelsom Evening Mail p3. The half holiday. James Pryor fruiterer and seedsman was charged with failing to close his shop. He sold seeds on that day. Combined trade of seedsman and fruiterer. He was fined a shilling and costs.

9 Feb 1895 – (papers past) Ignoring the half holiday. Wairarapa Daily Times p3. Dunedin fruiterer and seeds, vegetables and plants. James Pryor was convicted and fined with costs.Two Chinamen were also fined under the Act.

20 July 1895 – Archives NZ. Archway records. (R20803341) Eric Nicol Pryor WW1 army. Restricted acess. Newspaper reporter before enlistment. Born 20 July 1895 in Auckland. His parents were James Pryor and Emily Jane Pryor (nee Cole).

6 Aug 1895 – Chinese opium dens. Nelson Evening Mail. Papers Past.

6 Aug 1895 – Chinese opium dens. Press. Papers Past.

6 Aug 1895 – Chinese opium dens. Papers Past.

2 August 1895 – Minnie Dean was a baby farmer, she was found guilty of murder and hanged at Invercargil prison on 12 august 1895. The only women executed in NZ. Southland Times reports. (Law breakers mischief. ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).

1896-97 – Dunedin. The sisters of mercy of Aotearoa NZ. Michael Verdon took over in Dunedin, the second Catholic bishop in 1896.

1896-1920 – The hawkers prevention bill of 1896. The immigration restriction ACT of 1899. The immigration restriction amendment ACT of 1920. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ).

1896 – Agnes Finch married Joseph Robinson in Milburn Otago

1896 – A Census measured the population at about 743,214 (Timeline NZ internet).

19 March 1896 – Shocking murder. Evening Post.

27 April 1896 – A shocking murder. Feilding Star.

27 April 1896 – Brutal murder. Hawera Normanby Star.

10 June 1896 – Earthquakes at Napier, a series of violent quakes. Marlborough express p2 vol xxxi issue 132.

15 Dec 1896 – Another man missing. Marlborough Express.

29 Dec 1896 – (papers past) Auckland Star p8. Births. At her home in Northcate, the wife of James Pryor, a daughter was born.

1897 – Cyclopedia of NZ vols 1-6 Christchurch NZ .

1897-1898 – Principle of the Christian brothers school in Dunedin br Bodkin. Catholic.

1897 – William Wilson Christchurch first mayor died in 1897 bankrupt. (Chch Mail. 4 Feb 2016. Anna Price).

1897-1968 – Economist Dr Bill Sutch and Rhodes scholar Ian Milner. Both Communist,s but not members of the Communist party. Dr Bill Airey taught history at university. One of his students was Des Costello aka Paddy Costello. The NZ peace council was another Comunist front group. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt. (c)2007 NZ).

4 June 1897 – Interprovincial. The Star. James Cook, tailor, south Dunedin missing since saturday. His coat sand hat were found on the beach.

5 August 1897 – Frederick John von Sturmer died in Hamilton Waikato.

2 Dec 1897 – Rewi Alley’s birthday. Communist New Zealander. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 2 Dec 2015).

27 Aug 1898 – NZ rabbit exportation. Weekly Irish Times Dublin Ireland.

12 Oct 1898 – William Larnach walked into a parliament committee room in Wellington and shot himself dead. Its now the Parliament house library. (NZ mysteries. Nicola McCloy. ©2005 NZ).

1 Nov 1898 – The Old age pensions Act became law. A means tested pension for the elderly. NZ history.

1899 – Every place in NZ the NZ index Wises Christchurch.

1899 – Oil lamps. Large oil lamps were used to read, write and do craftwork Colza oil from Rape seed for lighting. (NZ Memories. Aug Sept 2014).

1899 – 1919 – Charles Kenneth Cotton (R20519509) SA7543. Archives NZ. Archway records. WW1 26995 army NZ defence force personnel.

3 Feb 1899 – The NZ gold mines. The Manchester Guardian 1828-1900 UK.

24 Feb 1899 – Illegally importing opium. Wanganui Chronicle. Papers Past.

24 Feb 1899 – Importing opium. Hawkes Bay Herald, Papers Past.

24 Feb 1899 – Charge of importing opium. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

1 March 1899 – Samuel Finch died.

22 Dec 1899 – St Andrews orphanage and sex abuse. Colonist.

1900 – Christchurch population was about 50,000. (Chch crimes scandals. Geoffrey W Rice ©2013).

1900-1940 – NZ police gazette. In 1915 there were reports of opium smoking. (NZ genealogist Jan Feb 2011).

24 July 1900 – (papers past) Birth. Auckland Star, at her home in Northcote, the wife of James Pryor, a son.

24 July 1900 – (papers past) Auckland Star p8 on 24 July 1900 at her home Northcote wife of James pryor a son born.

1901 – The NZ Socialist party was founded in New Zealand. Karl Marx and Engles (internet).

1901 – Census out of a Chinese population of 2,792 only 30 were women. There were 82 Chinese men in Christchurch. Racism against them. Gambling dens and opium smoking. Poor English. (Chch crimes and scandals. Geoffrey W Rice ©(2013).

1902 – Troy More in 2001 posted on Coldcases, then moved to New Zealand from the US. One of New Zealand’s oldest cases, an unidentified women found floating in Wellington harbour in 1902. (The Sketeton crew. Deborah Helber ©2014 US).

1902 – The SS Ventnor was a British ship in 1902 Cheong Sing Tong, a charity led by Dunedin businessman Choie Sew Hoy. Remains of Chinese gold miners who died being sent back to China for reburial. (Maritime executive 19 Nov 2014).

1902-1905 – Police gazette. George Skidmore aka Malone aka Whitten, was wanted for the murder of a Sydney policeman. Last seen at a hotel in Te Aro Wellington. The murder occurred in 1902 and in 1905 he was still at large. (NZ genealogist Jan Feb 2011).

3 Feb 1902 – NZ and the war. The Manchester Guardian 1901-1959 UK.

11 Feb 1902 – Immigration Sydney to Wellington ship “Cornwall” name Raper.

28 Feb 1902 – (papers past) NZ Herald law and police p7. Magistrates court. Joseph Mrs Shrewsbery versus James Pryor, 6 pounds costs 23s.

19 March 1902 – Charles Kenneth Cotton orderly room sergeant rank. North island regilent. Christchurch. Clare rd St Albans Christchurch. South African war service .

23 April 1902 – Raid on opium dens. Taranaki Daily news. Papers Past.

24 April 1902 – Raid on opium dens. Colonist. Papers Past.

24 April 1902 – The raid on opium dens. Wanganui Chronicle. Papers Past.

24 April 1902 – An opium raid. Fielding Star. Papers Past.

29 Sept 1902 – Smuggling opium. Wanganui Chronicle. Papers Past.

29 Sept 1902 – Opium smuggling. Taranaki Herald. Papers Past.

Oct 1902 – The Ventnor project, the wreck of a ship that sank in Oct 1902. 13 crew and 499 Chinese from the Otago goldfields. (Waatea news 20 Nov 2014).

28 Oct 1902 – 499 coffins on the lost ship. Duncan Sew Hoy, aged 79. The vessels went down with the ship. The SS Ventnor sunk off the Hokianga coast. (ODT. NZ Herald. 14 Nov 2014).

29 Oct 1902 – The SS Ventnor sank off Hokianga. The ship left Wellington bound for Hong Kong on 26 Oct 1902. The next day it sank on a reef off the Taranaki coast. (Maritime executive 19 Nov 2014).

20 Nov 1902 – Missing. German sailor arrested. Grey River Argus.

13 Dec 1902 – Opium smuggling. Manawatu Herald. Papers Past.

13 Dec 1902 – Opium smuggling. Papers Past.

15 Dec 1902 – Alleged opium smuggling. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

1903 – James Pryor and Emily (nee Cole) were living in Christchurch. Richmond the Bowhill street New Brighton and children.

1903-21 – The NZ police fingerprint bureau was set up in 1903 and by 1921 it had 22,000 sets of fingerprints. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ)

20 Jan 1903 – Smuggling opium. Wanganui Herald. Papers Past.

3 April 1903 – A warning to chemists. Wanganui Herald. Papers Past.

3 April 1903 – Opium sale and chemists. Nelson Evening Mail. Papers Past.

3 April 1903 – Chemists and opium. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

4 April 1903 – Chemist and the sale of opium. Otago Daily Times. Papers Past.

16 April 1903 – Smuggling opium. Feilding Star. Papers Past.

16 April 1903 – Smuggling opium. Hawera Star. Papers Past.

16 April 1903 – Importing opium. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

16 April 1903 – An opium smuggler. West Coast Times. Papers Past.

17 April 1903 – Opium smuggling. Press. Papers Past.

17 April 1903 – An opium smuggler. West Coast Times. Papers Past.

25 June 1903 – Chinese laundry raided. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

25 June 1903 – Raid on opium den. Taranaki Daily news. Paper Past.

23 July 1903 – Chinese and opium. Nelson Evening Mail. Papers Past.

24 July 1903 – Chinese and opium. Press. Papers Past.

24 July 1903 – Opium and leprosy. Bay of Plenty Times. Papers Past.

15 Sept 1903 – The missing clergyman. Manawatu Times.

28 Sept 1903 – Opium imports. Wanganui Herald. Papers Past.

11 Feb 1904 – Opium smuggling at the Bluff. Nelson Evening Mail. Papers Past.

11 Feb 1904 – Opium smuggling. Bush Advocate. Papers Past.

11 Feb 1904 – Smuggling opium. Wanganui Herald. Papers Past.

12 Feb 1904 – An opium smuggler. Press. Papers Past.

28 April 1904 – (papers past) The Press Chch p2. Supreme court. Disputed will. James Pryor and O’Connor in his kitchen. Emily Pryor and O’Connor while he was in Mr Pryor’s home, he had a stroke. Michael O’Connor and a will.

12 May 1904 – Opium smuggling. Manawatu Times. Papers Past.

12 May 1904 – Importation of opium. West Coast Times. Papers Past.

19 July 1904 – Missing American emissary. Auckland Star.

13 Aug 1904 – Smuggling opium. Thames Star. Papers Past.

16 Aug 1904 – Opium smuggling. Press. Papers Past.

19 Sept 1904 – Raid on an opium den. Feilding Star. Paper Past.

19 Sept 1904 – Raid on an opium den. Wanganui Herald. Papers Past.

27 Sept 1904 – Opium raids. Star. Papers Past.

28 Sept 1904 – Another opium raid. Press. Papers Past.

31 Jan 1905 – Chinamen fined. Taranaki Herald. Papers Past.

4 April 1905 – A Chinese opium monopoly. Marlborough Express. Papers Past.

11 April 1905 – Alleged opium smoking. Colonist. Papers Past.

18 April 1905 – Opium in New Zealand. Taranaki Herald. Papers Past.

8 May 1905 – Christchurch Socialist. Manawatu Times. Papers Past NZ.

18 May 1905 – Opium smuggling on the increase. Nelson Evening Mail. Papers Past.

18 May 1905 – Opium smuggling. Herald. Papers Past.

19 May 1905 – Opium smuggling. Thames Star. Papers Past.

22 May 1905 – A crusade against opium. Wanganui Herald. Papers Past.

4 July 1905 – A Chinaman fined. Evening Post. Papers Past.

4 July 1905 – Chinese and opium. Taranaki Herald. Papers Past.

5 July 1905 – Chinese and opium. Nelson Evening Mail. Papers Past.

12 Sept 1905 – A Chinaman and his opium. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

22 Sept 1905 – Chinese and opium. Nelson Evening Mail. Papers Past.

22 Sept 1905 – Chinese and opium. Taranaki Herald. Papers Past.

30 Sept 1905 – Chinese and opium. Hawera Star. Papers Past.

9 Oct 1905 – A Chinaman and his opium. Wanganui Herald. Papers Past.

12 Dec 1905 – Fireman drowned. West coast Times.

16 Dec 1905 – Chinese and opium. Taranaki Herald. Papers Past.

29 Dec 1905 – James John Pryor died in Dunedin aged 68. It was an unexpected sudden death. Coroners report. Mr CC Graham coroner.

29 Dec 1905 – (papers past) Auckland Star p3. In Dunedin, James Pryor aged 68 of Tomahawk died suddenly last night.

29 Dec 1905 – (papers past) Feilding Star p3. Accidents and fatalities. Dunedin .James Pryor aged 68 died suddenly in Tomahawk while undressing.

30 Dec 1905 – (papers past) Oamaru Mail p2. Telegraphic news. James Pryor aged 68 of Tomahawk Dunedin died suddenly last night while undressing.

30 Dec 1905 – (papers past) Marlborough Express p3. Accidents and fatalities. Dunedin James Pryor aged 68 of Tomahawk died suddenly last night while undressing.

30 Dec 1905 – (papers past) NZ Herald p5. A sudden death. Dunedin James Pryor aged 68 of Tomahawk died suddenly last night while undressing.

30 Dec 1905 – (papers past) Accidents fatalities. The Star Chch p5. Dunedin Mr James Pryor aged 68 of Tomahawk died suddenly last night while undressing.

1906 – Mr Wong Mee Chang who left NZ to return to China in 1906. His friend Ah Ming. Children in NZ, three generations of the Meechang’s family in NZ. (NZ Memories June July 2013).

1906 – New Zealand’s first Catholic PM, Joseph Ward took office in 1906. Wikipedia.

1 Jan 1906 – (papers past) ODT p7 Inquest. Jame John Pryopr aged 68. Seedsman and fruiterer died suddenly at his home in Tomahawk Andersons bay Dunedin. Inquest coroner. Jury, Mr Henry Duckworth. Dr Church said it was a heart affection.

2 Jan 1906 – (papers past) Waiganui Chronicle p5. Accident in Dunedin. James Pryor aged 68 of Tomahawk died suddenly while undressing.

3 Jan 1906 – (papers past) Fatalities. Colonist. James Pryor aged 68 of Tomahawk died suddenly last night while undressing.

3 Jan 1906 – (papers past) Otago Witness Inquest. James John Pryor aged 68 seedsman and fruiterer. Died sudenly at Tomahawk Andrsens bay Dunedin. Inquest CC Graham coroner. Dr Church said it was a heart affection.

12 Feb 1906 – A missing school master. Waikato Times.

15 Aug 1906 – Portion of body still missing. Marlborough express.

27 Dec 1906 – China and opium traffic. Colonist. Papers Past.

21 Feb 1907 – Raid on Chinese houses. Wanganui Chronicle. Papers Past.

23 March 1907 – Reefton Chinese in trouble. Grey River Argus. Papers Past.

30 April 1907 – Raid on opium dens. Nelson Evening Mail. Papers Past.

30 April 1907 – Raid on opium dens. Colonist. Papers Past.

10 June 1907 – Chinese. Press. Papers Past.

19 June 1907 – (papers past) ODT p12 Matthews Pryor marriages. Presbyterian. Percival Haxtron Matthews Auckland to Ellen Nell Pryor, third daughter of the late James John Pryor Andersons bay Dunedin

19 June 1907 – (papers past) Otago Witness. Percival Haxton Matthews Auckland to Ellen Nell Pryor, third daughter of the late James John Pryor Andersons bay Dunedin. 19 June 1907. Andersons bay presbyterian minister A Cameron.

25 June 1907 – (papers past) Oamaru Mail p4. James Pryor school committee and bibles in schools.

27 June 1907 – NZ spy, Dr William Ball Sutch was born in Southport Lancashire UK. Arriving in NZ at 8 months old with his family. (Spy. Kit Bennetts SIS (c)2006 NZ).

8 July 1907 – Opium raids on Chinese den. Papers Past.

8 July 1907 – Opium smuggling. Marlborough Express. Papers Past.

13 July 1907 – Dr Barnardos homes and sex abuse. Thames Star.

12 Aug 1907 – Opium dens closed. Feilding Star. Papers Past.

12 Aug 1907 – Opium dens. Star. Papers Past.

16 Aug 1907 – A Chinese raid. Bush Advocate. Papers Past.

16 Aug 1907 – Opium dens. Star. Papers Past.

24 Aug 1907 – Chinese opium smokers. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

24 Aug 1907 – International Socialist congress. Ashburton Guardian. Papers Past NZ.

26 Aug 1907 – International Socialist congress. Ashburton Guardian. Papers Past NZ.

29 Aug 1907 – An opium raid. Star. Papers Past.

7 Sept 1907 – A Chinaman’s opium. Taranaki Herald. Papers Past.

17 Oct 1907 – (papers past) Oamaru Mail p1. Otago education board meeting. Mr James Pryor of Oamaru.

11 Dec 1907 – The NZ parliament was destroyed by fire, saving the library. The Manchester Guardian UK.

11 Dec 1907 – NZ parliament buildings were nearly destroyed by fire. (Chch Star NZ.. Today in history. 11 Dec 2015).

26 Dec 1907 – An Italian crime. NZ Herald.

2 Jan 1908 – Smuggling of opium. Taranaki Herald. Papers Past.

28 Feb 1908 – Opium smuggling. Otago Daily Times. Papers Past.

29 Feb 1908 – Opium smuggling. Otago Daily Times. Papers Past.

29 Feb 1908 – Opium smuggling. Papers Past.

11 March 1908 – Opium smuggling. Evening Post. Papers Past.

12 March 1908 – Opium smuggling. Marlborough Express. Papers Past.

24 March 1908 – Smuggling opium. Nelson Evening Mail. Papers Past.

24 March 1908 – Opium smuggling. Bush Advocate. Papers Past.

24 March 1908 – Opium smuggling. Thames Star. Papers Past.

25 March 1908 – Opium smuggling. West Coast Times. Papers Past.

25 March 1908 – Opium smugglers arrested. Bay of Plenty Times. Papers Past.

24 April 1908 – Opium dens closing. Grey River Argus. Papers Past.

25 March 1908 – Opium smuggling. Wanganui Chronicle. Papers Past.

22 April 1908 – Chinese opium dens. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

24 April 1908 – Opium dens. Ohinemuri Gazette. Papers Past.

26 May 1908 – Chinese and opium. Evening Post. Papers Past.

22 July 1908 – NZ premier and the ‘yellow peril’, the welcome to the American fleet. The Manchester Guardian 1901-1959 UK.

31 July 1908 – Opium smugglers fined. Star. Papers Past.

31 July 1908 – Opium smuggling. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

31 July 1908- Smuggling opium. Grey River Argus. Papers Past.

1 Aug 1908 – Opium smuggling. Colonist. Papers Past.

18 Sept 1908 – Opium smuggling. Grey River Argus. Papers Past.

2 Oct 1908 – The opium traffic. Wanganui Herald. Papers Past.

19 Oct 1908 – Smuggling opium. Mataura Ensign. Papers Past.

19 Oct 1908 – Smuggling opium. Taranaki Herald. Papers Past.

19 Oct 1908 – Smuggling opium. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

20 Oct 1908 – Opium smuggling. Otago Daily Times. Papers Past.

21 Oct 1908 – Opium monopoly. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

2 Dec 1908 – (papers past) North Otago Times. P2 Property and occupied by Mrs James Pryor, half an acre of land. 7 room house, property sale Mrs Pryor’s household effects.

11 Dec 1908 – A haul of opium. Nelson Evening Mail. Papers Past.

11 Dec 1908 – An opium haul. Papers Past.

8 Jan 1909 – Opium traffic. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

8 March 1909 – The opium curse. Hawera and Normanby Star. Papers Past.

29 April 1909 – Opium smuggling. Mataura Ensign. Papers Past.

29 April 1909 – Opium frauds. Bush Advocate. Papers Past.

23 July 1909 – Raid on opium smokers. Papers Past.

23 July 1909 – An opium den. Marlborough Express. Papers Past.

23 July 1909 – Opium den raided. Bay of Plenty Times. Papers Past.

23 July 1909 – Raid on opium smokers. Nelson Evening mail. Papers Past.

23 July 1909 – An opium den raided. Taranaki Herald. Papers Past.

23 July 1909 – Chinese and opium. Wanganui Chronicle. Papers Past.

23 July 1909 – An opium den. Harewa. Papers Past.

26 July 1909 – An opium den. Ashburton Guardian. Papers Past.

18 Aug 1909 – Smuggling opium. Manawatu Times. Papers Past.

18 Aug 1909 – Smuggled opium. Wairarapa Times. Papers Past.

18 Aug 1909 – Opium smuggling. Evening Post. Papers Past.

18 Aug 1909 – Opium smuggling. Wanganui Herald. Papers Past.

18 Aug 1909 – Opium smugglers charged. Bay of Plenty Times. Papers Past.

19 Aug 1909 – Opium smuggling. Hawewa Star. Papers Past.

20 Aug 1909 – Opium smuggling. Grey River Argus. Papers Past.

20 Aug 1909 – Opium smuggling. West Coast Times. Papers Past.

23 Aug 1909 – Chinese and opium. Mataura Ensign. Papers Past.

19 Sept 1909 – Smuggled opium. Ashburton Guardian. Papers Past.

20 Sept 1909 – Smuggling opium. Colonist. Papers Past.

20 Oct 1909 – Christchurch murder. Marlborough express.

22 Nov 1909 – Charles Kenneth Cotton was a teller at the BNZ in Lyttelton. Supreme court fruad case alleged forger. Chch Star p2 Christchurch (Papers past).

17 Dec 1909 – (papers past) Wairarapa Daily Times p6. Annual sucessful candidates Masterton district high school, proficiency certificate boys Eric Pryor. Promoted to student girl Olave Pryor.

21 Dec 1909 – Chinaman and opium. Mataura Ensign. Papers Past.

2 March 1910 – Opium on Cable steamer. Oamaru Mail. Papers Past.

3 March 1910 – Opium dens. Fielding Star. Paper Past.

31 March 1910 – The Hocken library opened at the University of Otago museum. A storehouse and a large collection of manuscripts, charts, files, old newspapers and documents. A research library. (On this day in NZ. Ron Palenski ©2010).

5 April 1910 – Military and opium growers. Wanganui Chronicle. Papers Past.

5 April 1910 – Raid on opium growers. Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser. Papers Past.

7 April 1910 – Chinese and opium. Mail. Papers Past.

8 April 1910 – Chinaman fined. Wanganui Chronicle. Papers Past.

27 Aug 1910 – Smuggled opium. Horowhenua Chronicle. Papers Past.

27 Aug 1910 – Smuggled opium. Manawatu Times. Papers Past.

30 Aug 1910 – International Socialist Congress. Hawera Normanby Star. Papers Past NZ.

13 Sept 1910 – Smuggling opium. Ashburton Guardian. Papers Past.

13 Sept 1910 – Smuggling of opium. Evening Post. Papers Past.

14 Sept 1910 – Opium smuggling. Otago Daily Times. Papers Past.

14 Sept 1910 – Opium smuggling. Grey River Argus. Papers Past.

8 Oct 1910 – Chinese and opium. Mataura Ensign. Papers Past.

8 Oct 1910 – Chinese and opium. Nelson Evening Mail. Papers Past.

12 Dec 1910 – Opium and Chinamen. Ashburton Guardian. Papers Past.

12 Dec 1910 – Smuggling opium. Papers Past.

12 Dec 1910 – Opium and Chinese. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

12 Dec 1910 – Opium raid. Star. Papers past.

12 Dec 1910 – A customs haul. Mataura Ensign. Papers Past.

12 Dec 1910 – Opium and Stowaways. Post. Papers Past.

13 Dec 1910 – Opium smuggling. Press. Papers Past.

13 Dec 1910 – An opium syndicate. Dominion. Papers Past.

24 Dec 1910 – Chinese opium evil. Papers Past.

19 Jan 1911 – The oil fields of NZ. The Irish Times 1874-1920 Dublin Ireland.

24 Jan 1911 – Opium smuggling. Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser. Papers Past.

11 Feb 1911 – Chinese opium smuggling. Nelson Evening Mail. Papers Past.

11 Feb 1911 – Smuggling opium. Papers Past.

13 Feb 1911 – Opium smuggling. Wanganui Chronicle. Papers Past.

13 Feb 1911 – Opium smuggling. Papers Past.

23 Feb 1911 – Opium smuggling. Wanganui Chronicle. Papers Past.

10 April 1911 – A Chinaman fined. Bay of Plenty Times. Papers Past.

1 May 1911 – Opium smuggling. Thames Star. Papers Past.

30 May 1911 – Smuggled opium. Northern Advocate. Papers Past.

14 June 1911 – Smuggling opium. Grey River Argus. Papers Past.

22 June 1911 – Chinese opium ring. Papers Past.

24 June 1911 – Chinese and opium. Colonist. Papers Past.

27 June 1911 – An opium ring. Auckland Star. Papers Past

27 June 1911 – An opium ring. Northern Advocate. Papers Past.

28 June 1911 – An opium ring. Thames Star. Papers Past.

28 June 1911 – An opium ring. Dominion. Papers Past.

30 June 1911 – NZ Socialist party. Maoriland worker. Papers Past NZ.

11 July 1911 – Chinese and opium. Mataura Ensign. Papers Past.

10 Aug 1911 – A policeman missing. NZ Herald.

1 Sept 1911 – Murder mysteries. Nelson Evening Mail.

2 Sept 1911 – Mysterious disappearance. Dominion Wellington.

22 Sept 1911 – Opium smuggling. Waikato Times. Papers Past.

23 Sept 1911 – Opium smuggling. Otago Daily Times. Papers Past.

23 Sept 1911 – Opium smuggling. Northern Advocate. Papers Past.

26 Sept 1911 – Smuggling opium. Papers Past.

3 Oct 1911 – (papers past) Wairarapa Daily Times p3. Debating society Masterton James Pryor. Should women enter parliament.

1912 – Thomas Sedgwick. Youth migration to Australia and NZ for farm work. Youths 15-19 years. Child migrants under 14. Sedgwick the first groups of 50 youths from London and Liverpool were sent to NZ.

1912 – Mines in Waihi. A political strike, unions. William Parry was a member of the Socialist party and a union leader. Many were arrested by police. Shots were fired Constable Wade was shot. The shooter was Fredrick Evans. He was taken to Waihi police station and then to Waihi hospital where he died. Constable Wade made a full recovery. (NZ Memories. Oct Nov 2012 ).

1912 – Archives NZ. Archway records. (R23157172) James Pryor. Masterton Draper. 18576 Masterton probate files 1910-1923 Masterton district court 1910-2004. Open access.

25 Jan 1912 – Big opium seizure. Poverty Bay Herald. Papers Past.

30 Jan 1912 – Big opium seizure. Grey River Argus. Papers Past.

12 Feb 1912 – Chinaman and opium. Mataura Ensign. Papers Past.

3 May 1912 – (papers past) Wairarapa Daily Tims p5. Mr James Pryor was elected to the NZ hockey association

22 May 1912 – Opium den raided. Colonist. Papers Past.

17 June 1912 – Chinese arrested. Post. Papers Past.

18 Sept 1912 – James Pryor died aged 43 or 46? In Masterton. Buried in Masterton cemetery. He made a will in July 1912.

18 Sept 1912 – (papers past) Dominion Wellington p4. Death at his residence in Bannister st Masterton. James Pryor husband of Emily Pryor, brother of Ms Win Pryor of Haitaitai Wellington, died in his 44th year.

18 Sept 1912 – (papers past) Wairarapa Daily Times p4. Bannister st Masterton James Pryor’s death, husband of Emily Pryor.

18 Sept 1912 – (papers past) Wairarapa Age p4. Death of James Pryor at his home in Bannister st Masterton. Husband of Emily Pryor.

19 Sept 1912 – (papers past) Obituary. Wairarapa Age p5. Mr James Pryor died suddenly at his home in Bannister st. He had an operaton for varicose vains in July 1911. he got pleurisy and pseumonia. Violent pains after tea. Unconscious and died. Internal Hemmorrhage at 46 years old. He came to Masterton from Oamaru in Nov 1908, a draper

19 Sept 1912 – (papers past) Obituary. Wairarapa Age p5. Mr James Pryor was a member of the horticultual society, a poultry farmer and officer at Knox church. He left a widow and 4 sons, one daughter. One of his sons, David is studying in Dunedin for the Presbyterian ministry. Mr William Pryor, brother of James Pryor.

19 Sept 1912 – (papers past) Obituary. Wairarapa Age. James Pryor brother, late rev David Pryor, Knox church Dunedin.

21 Sept 1912 – (papes past) Dominion p4. Death. On 18 Sept 1912 at his Bannister st Masterton home, James Pryor, husband of Emily Pryor, brother of WW Pryor of Hataitai, in his 46th year died.

25 Sept 1912 – (papers past) Wairarapa Daily Times p5. Suceeded the late James Pryor as head of the drapery dept WFCA Masterton.

28 Sept 1912 – (papers past) Wairarapa Daily Times . Personal. Late Mr James Pryor Wairarapa Amateur athletics club vote.

19 Oct 1912 – (papers past) Wairarapa Daily Times p5. Widow and family of the late James Pryor.

31 Oct 1912 – Shocking murder. Wairarapa Daily Times.

12 Nov 1912 – Waihi. The strike, policeman Gerald Wade, police shot on Black Tuesday. The truth about what happened may never be known. Workers and police. (NZ Memories. June July 2013).

1913 – 14 year old Sally Kent in Dunedin, was raped and stabbed in a school yard. (By a person or persons unknown. George Joseph ©1982 NZ).

1913 – There were no laws requiring Maori to register births, deaths or marriages until 1913. (NZ Memories Dec Jan 2014).

1913-18 – Bill Bayly’s neighbour, Samuel Pender Lakey, migrated to NZ from the UK in 1913. Released from the army in 1918. (By a person or persons unknown. George Joseph ©1989 NZ).

9 Jan 1913 – The opium trade. Press. Papers past.

9 Jan 1913 – The opium traffic. Colonist. Papers Past.

21 Jan 1913 – Smuggling opium. Ashburton Guardian. Papers Past.

30 Jan 1913 – Big opium crops. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

24 April 1913 – Opium dens. Poverty Bay Herald. Papers Past.

15 May 1913 – Chinese opium smokers. NZ Herald. Papers past.

1914 – Donald Fraser was born in Queensland Australia 1892. In 1914 Fraser was charged with a sex assault on a teenage girl. In 17 Nov 1933 unsolved murder, Riccarton Christchurch. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ)

1914 – Historians get hold of the details. British General S Alexander Godley was sent to New Zealand. Training and advisor to NZ troops. Military preparedness and 1914. (Hidden history. Gerry Docherty. Jim Macgregor (c)2013 UK).

1914 – Archives NZ. Archway records. William Pryor. (R27219697) Open access.

1914-18 – NZ lost about 18,000 soldiers during World War One. Following the war the Spanish flu epidemic swept through NZ killing more than 8,500 people. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ).

1914-18 – Women in NZ were knitting in support of the war effort. (NZ Memories Aug Sept 2014).

1914-18 – Archives NZ. Archway records. William Antony Pryor.WW1 army. (R20803230) Restricted access.

1914-18 – Archives NZ. Archway records. (R20803337) Harry Kininmont Pryor WW1 army. Restricted access.

1914-1945 – Archives NZ. Archway records. James John Pryor WW1 army. (R24062704) Restricted access.

14 Jan 1914 – Chemist and opium. Star. Papers Past.

14 Jan 1914 – Chemists and opium. Manawatu Standard. Papers Past.

20 Jan 1914 – Chinese and opium. Wanganui Chronicle. Papers Past.

20 Jan 1914 – An opium den. Press. Papers Past.

7 March 1914 – A Wellington opium den. Press. Papers Past.

14 April 1914 – Chinese opium smuggler. Northern Advocate. Papers Past.

9 May 1914 – NZ police force, an increase of pay. Weekly Irish Times 1876-1920 Dublin Ireland.

8 June 1914 – Chinese and opium. Sun. Papers Past.

3 July 1914 – Chinese and opium. Evening Post. Papers Past.

4 July 1914 – Chinese and opium. Feilding Star. Papers Past.

11 Aug 1914 – A week after the outbreak of World War One, 12 year old Kiri Waihinga was raped and murdered, she was found in the Wanganui river. Murder unsolved. (By a person or persons unknown. George Joseph (c)1989 NZ).

12 Sept 1914 – North Waikato town of Huntly. An explosion at Ralph mine, 43 people were killed and many more injured. (NZ Memories. Aug Sept 2014).

15 Sept 1914 – Chinese with opium. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

28 Sept 1914 – Sex slave Frances Marshall was murdered in Auckland. Unsolved crime. (NZ crime timeline).

20 Oct 1914 – Chinaman with opium. NZ Herald. Papers past.

20 Oct 1914 – Chinese and opium. Wairarapa Daily Times. Papers Past.

20 Oct 1914 – Chinese and opium. Evening Post. Papers Past.

5 Dec 1914 – NZ and the war. The Irish Times 1874-1920 Dublin Ireland.

19 Jan 1915 – (papers past) Public service. Dominion. James Patrick Ward. Hokitika. Entrance exams passses.

21 Jan 1915 – International Socialist conference. Colonist. Papers Past NZ.

10 Feb 1915 – In Sumner Christchurch, Charles Kenneth Cotton and Ethel Kate Bromley were married.

3 March 1915 – Chinamen and opium. Papers Past.

19 March 1915 – Alleged opium smuggling. Hawera Star. Papers Past.

19 March 1915 – (papers past) Dominion. The recruiting. Wellington 39 recruits for active service. James John Pryor Hataitai.

21 May 1915 – Opium smuggling. Northern Advocate. Papers Past.

29 June 1915 – Chinaman and opium. Evening Post. Papers Past.

30 June 1915 – Chinamen and opium. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

8 Sept 1915 – Smuggling opium. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

17 Sept 1915 – Opium smuggling. Sun. Papers Past.

17 Sept 1915 – Opium smuggling. Nelson Evening Mail. Papers Past.

8 Oct 1915 – Opium smuggling. Wairarapa Daily Times. Papers Past.

12 Oct 1915 – Big seizure of opium. Ashburton Guardian. Papers Past.

12 Oct 1915 – Haul of opium. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

13 Oct 1915 – Opium smuggling. Papers Past.

14 Oct 1915 – (papers past) Dominion p6. A country’s call. Enlistments. 145 registered at the Town Hall. James John Pryor motor mechanic.

5 Jan 1916 – Opium smuggling. Wanganui Chronicle. Papers Past.

5 Jan 1916 – Chinaman and opium. Nelson Evening Mail. Papers Past.

5 Jan 1916 – Chinamen and opium. Colonist. Papers Past.

24 Jan 1916 – Chinese stock of opium. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

11 May 1916 – Mr and Mrs JF Holland were murdered at their Raven st home in Kaiapoi. Their young child was in the house unharmed. Unsolved. (Nine unsolved murders in Canterbury. The Press. 30 March 2012).

29 July 1916 – Mysterious murder. Northern Advocate.

29 July 1916 – Mysterious murder. Marlborough Express.

3 Aug 1916 – The NZ military service bill. The Manchester Guardian 1901-1959 UK.

15 Aug 1916 – Chinese opium smugglers. Marlborough Express. Papers Past.

23 Sept 1916 – Charles Kenneth Cotton WW1 Wellington NZ to Devon UK. Cape of good hope South Africa. Departed 23 Sept 1916 arrived 19 Nov 1916. WW1 New Zealand Expeditionary force. (See Auckland war memorial museum).

1917 – NZ census and statistics office. Register of aliens 1917. Confidential for use of alien registration officers only. Wellington 1917. (The great wrong war. Stevan Eldred Grigg ©2010 NZ).

1917 – The clergy and conscription. Manifesto of the Catholic hierarchy of NZ. Dunedin. (The great wrong war. Stevan Eldred Grigg ©2010 NZ).

1917 – The NZ census and statistics office register of aliens. Confidential, for use of register officers only. Wellington. (The great wrong war. Stevan Eldred Grigg (c)2010 NZ).

1917-1918 – Capture of the US schooner Winslow in June 1917. SMS Wolf was a German navy warship, which returned to Kiel Germany 24 Feb 1918 with crew and 600 prisoners, all ill with scurvy. SMS Wolf German navy 1918. (NZ Memories Dec Jan 2012 2013).

1917-1918 – 2 June 1917 NZ, SS Wairuna Raoul island. The 5th victim of the Imperial German navy SMS Wolf armed merchant vessel. From April to June 1917 Wolf was in Australia and NZ waters. Wolf laid minefields off the NZ coast on the tip of the North Island. Loss of the steamer Wimmera in July 1918. (NZ Memories Dec Jan 2012 2013).

1917-1923 – Br F P Bowler Christian brothers school Catholic hostel for 12 boys. 2 Bishop place Dunedin. Rattray st. 30 boys until 1923 when he went to Adelaide Australia.

1917-1928 – Nana Chhiba, a Hindu was born on 19 Jan 1900 in Surat Bombay, he arrived in NZ in 1917. In 1917 the Chhiba brothers sailed to NZ, Wanganui, In 1927 Nana returned to the India village of Mataud in Bombay. He returned to NZ, 1926 fruit store in the Taranaki town of Hawera. Returned to NZ in May 1928, and was donating fruit to the poor. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ).

14 March 1917 – Chinese and opium. Evening Post. Papers Past.

21 May 1917 – International Socialist conference. Wanganui Chronicle. Papers Past NZ.

9 June 1917 – Eric Nicol Pryor (R20803341) embarked WW1 army Wellington. To Devon UK then to Cape of good Hope South Africa. NZEF.

22 June 1917 – The Socialist Internationale. Colonist. Papers Past NZ.

1918 – The Spanish influenza pandemic killed 8,600 New Zealnders over a few months. NZ disasters timeline.

1918 – NZ Marxian association was founded in 1918 a Marxist (Socialist), party in New Zealand.

1918 – The Sisters of mercy in NZ Catholic. The works of mercy during the 1918 Spanish flu epidemic.

1918 – War in Europe, a memorial for 48 New Zealanders, whose bodies were never found, most of the New Zealander’s were killed at the beginning of the war. 1916-17. Grave memorials are in Belgium. (NZ genealogist July Aug 2011).

1918 – The 1918 flu epidemic killed over 8,500 people and is part of New Zealand’s World War One history. (Radio NZ. 9 Aug 2015).

15 Feb 1918 – Engagement lieut OG Jarrett, son of Mr Mrs RO Jarrett. Olave Pryor daughter of James Pryor. Pine street. Lieut Jarrett who left with the NZ rifle brigade, on duty as 38th reinforcments at Trenthem. Wairarapa Age 15 Feb 1918 p5. Personal. Papers past.

27 Jan 1919 – International Socialist Delegation. Marlborough express. Papers Past NZ.

7 Feb 1919 – International Socialist conference. Colonist. Papers Past NZ.

24 Feb 1919 – Public service scholarships examinations. David Nicol Pryor, Oamaru Mail p6. Papers past.

6 Oct 1919-1 Apr 1921 – On 6 Oct 1919 Constable Vivian Duddy was shot dead in Wellington. Passing of the Arms Act in 1920. Register firearms was required by 1 April 1921. 200,000 firearms were registered. Many were not. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ).

1920s 30s – Murder mystery. An old rest home matron Elspeth Kerr aka the Granny killer. Kerr murdered elderly patients by poisoning them during the 1920s and 30s she worked in North Shore Auckland. Skeletons were found at the property of a house owned by Kerr. Residents also found skeletons while gardening. Elspeth Kerr was an abortionist, she also killed several young children. Hunt for more bodies. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

18 March 1920 – Ponsonby murder. Evening Post.

21 June 1920 – Ponsonby murder. Evening Post.

21 June 1920 – Ponsonby murder. Marlborough express.

18 Nov 1920 – A corpse missing. Marlborough Express.

19 Nov 1920 – Timaru murder. Marlborough Express.

16 Dec 1920 – Trade in opium. Ashburton Guardian. Papers Past.

July-Sept 1921 – 17 July 1921 Albert Prosser Auckland boxers found the body and told police. The deceased was Francis Edward Jew aged 19. The inquest into the death of Francis Edward Jew opened in Auckland magistrates court on 12 Sept 1921. On 16 July 1921 he had been beaten with a batten. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ).

27 August 1921 – Murder of policeman James Dorgan outside a Timaru drapery. He was shot dead and the killer was never found. (NZ crime timeline).

27-30 Aug 1921 – Death recorded on 27 Aug 1921, 37 year old policeman James Dorgan. Funeral for James Dorgan was held on 30 Aug 1921 in Timaru. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ).

25 Sept 1921 – Birthday of Robert Muldoon, former NZ PM. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 25 Sept 2015).

28 Dec 1921 – Murder mystery. Ashburton Guardian.

31 Dec 1921 – Sex abuse in Catholic orphanages. NZ Herald.

1922-23 – William Oates was released from hospital on 2 Nov 1923. Unsolved murder of an elderly Chinese market gardener named Chow Yat, shot dead a year earlier. Inquest into the murder of Margaret Emily Oates was held in Wanganui district court on 23 Nov1923. Murder unsolved, 26 Oct 1923 at her residence. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ).

1923 – (R23089791) Thomas James Pryor. Stillwater miner. Open access. Archives NZ. Archway records.

9 Jan 1923 – NZ writer Katherine Mansfield died of tuberculosis, institute for harmonic development in Fontaineblou. A Greek American psychologist, George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, was accused of killing her. (The lawn road flats. David Burke (c)2014 UK).

1 May 1923 – Smuggling of opium. Press. Papers Past.

24 Aug 1923 – Smuggled opium. Northern Advocate. Papers Past.

25 Aug 1923 – Smuggled opium. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

25 Aug 1923 – Opium smuggler caught. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

29 Aug 1923 – Supreme court. Charles Kenneth Cotton for being 8 pounds 10 shillings in arrears on a maintenance order. Convicted and sentenced to one month imprisonment. Release on payment of arrears. Chch Press p7. Papers past.

17 Sept 1923 – Murder mystery. Hawera Normanby Star.

27 Sept 1923 – Medal of action completed. Charles Kenneth Cotton. Last known address 273 Kilmore street Christchurch.

14 Nov 1923 – Chinese fined 30 pounds. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

17 Nov 1923 – Opium smokers. NZ Truth. Papers Past.

12 Dec 1923 – The courts. Charles Kenneth Cotton disobedience of a mainenance order, convicted and sentenced to 2 months imprisonment. Release on payment of 7 pounds. The Press Christchurch p6. Papers past.

30 Jan 1924 – Socialist international. Evening Post. Papers Past NZ.

11 Feb 1924 – Opium raid. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

16 Feb 1924 – Boy immigrants. Northern Advocate.

16 Feb 1924 – Orphans as immigrants. Hawera and Normanby Star.

16 July 1924 – Chinamen fined for opium smoking. Papers Past.

25 July 1924 – Opium smuggling. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

16 Sept 1924 – Smuggled opium. Hawera Normanby Star. Papers Past.

8 Oct 1924 – Another haul of opium. Papers Past.

17 Nov 1924 – Smuggled opium. Northern Advocate. Papers Past.

2 Dec 1924 – Chinamen fined. Hawera Star. Papers Past.

1925 – Police Gazette. Ellen and Frederick Mouat in Christchurch. Ellen was missing and Frederick was accused of her murder. (NZ genealogist. Jan Feb 2011).

1925 – Loyalty league. What is the red menace. The secret history of the forces behind Socialism and Communism. The Labour party Wellington. (The great wrong war. Stevan Eldrid Grigg (c)2010 NZ).

1925-37 – The disappearance of Nellie Mouat in Christchurch in 1925. Her husband Fred was charged and convicted of her murder. Fred was released in 1937 after 12 years of hard labour. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ).

23 Jan 1925 – Opium traffic. Evening Post. Papers Past.

9 Feb 1925 – Opium traffic. Evening post. Papers Past.

16 Feb 1925 – Arms and opium. Evening Post. Papers Past.

23 July 1925 – Smuggled opium. Press. Papers Past.

1926 – The New Zealand Communist party was set up. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

1 Feb 1926 – Chinese and opium. Evening Post. Papers Past.

20 May 1926 – Opium smuggling. Press. Papers Past.

16 Sept 1926 – Child welfare in NZ. The Manchester Guardian UK.

Dec 1926 – Rewi Alley NZ Communiust left NZ and went to China. Age 29. He arrived in China on 21 April 1927. NZ History.

Dec 1926 – Allan Eaglesham became gen sec of the Communist party of NZ. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1927-38 – Rewi Alley, was a Marxist (Socialist), in Shanghai China and a friend of Communist spy Agnes Smedley. Rewi Alley was a factory inspector in Shanghai from 1927 to 1938. Rewi Alley remembered M15 Hollis in China. (Too secret too long. p12. Chapman Pincher. ©1984 US).

8 March 1927 – Chinaman with opium. Auckland Star, Papers Past.

21 April 1927 – Rewi Alley from Canterbury, arrived in China, where he stayed until his death 60 years later. He died on 27 Dec 1987. (On this day in NZ. Ron Palenski ©2010).

12 May 1927 – The Arcos raid in the UK lead the British to sever diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union. The All Russian coop society ltd, aka Arcos. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

20 June 1927 – Murder mystery. Auckland Star.

11 July 1927 – Chinese with opium. Auckland Star, Papers Past.

18 July 1927 – Chinese smoking opium. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

15 Nov 1927 – Gwen Scarff, Cashmere Christchurch. The criminal sessions at Christchurch supreme court, Murder unsolved. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ).

1928 – The Elsie Walker case rocked the Te Puke community in 1928. Her disappearance, an unsolved mystery. 1928 newspaper clippings. (NZ Memories p53 Dec Jan 2014).

1928-29 –5 Oct 1928 Auckland Elsie Walker, aged 17, disappeared several nights before she was found dead. A girl abused? Elsie could not drive. On 8 Oct 1928 Elsie Grace Walker was buried at Purewa cemetery. Elsie Walker disappeared on 1 Oct 1928. The inquest in Auckland magistrates court on 10 Jan 1929. No arrests were made. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge (c)2010 NZ).

22-23 March 1928 – Postal clerk missing. The Press. Auckland Star.

18 June 1928 – Papers past. NZ Herald. Weddings. Knox church in Masteton on the 4 June 1928 Olave Pryor. Frederick Anderson of Timaru.

13 Aug 1928 – Papers past. NZ Herald p8. While playing football at Waimauku on Saturday Mr James Pryor aged 24 fractured his leg. Auckland hospital.

20 Aug 1928 – Opium traffic. Evening Post. Papers Past.

1 Oct 1928 – Elise Walker aged 17, her dumped body was found in Taranaki on 1 Oct 1928. (Tauranga murders in history. 23 Sept 2014 Sun Live).

2-5 Oct 1928 – Elsie Walker, 17 years old, died on 2 Oct 1928, Papamoa near Te Puke Tauranga. Her body was found later on 5 Oct 1928. (By a person or persons unknown. George Joseph ©1989 NZ).

1929 – In Murchisen a 7.8 earth earthquake, and a landslide that killed 14 people. (NZ newswire Te Ara).

1929 – The Wall street crash and the start of the great depression. (The lawn road flats. David Burke (c)2014 UK).

1929 – My great aunt was murdered in the US in the 1970s by her husband. In 1929 she was adopted from the UK to NZ on the ship Ruahine. Illegitimate. From Clapton London. Josephine Egginto. Adopted in NZ by Mr and Mrs Mellors. She met a US soldier in NZ and got marrried. They went to the US. He shot her and himself and children in 1970. 20 March 2012.

1929-32 – The New York stock exchange crashed on 24 Oct 1929 causing the Great Depression. Poverty in April 1932 and violence in Auckland. The Cuba street riots on 10 May 1932. Mounted police in Wellington. Old age pensions were cut, poverty as the govt took money out of circulation. Work for the dole. Clothes were made from old suger sacks, also called the sugar bag years. (The great depression NZ. Kevin Boon (c)1994).

1929-33 – The Wall street stock market crash of 1929, which began the Great Depression. In 1933 there were 80,000 unemployed in NZ. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ).

9 March 1929 – Chinese opium dens. Evening Post. Papers Past.

11 May 1929 – Murder mystery. Auckland Star.

8 Aug 1929 – The NZ earthquake, extent of damage. The Manchester Guardian UK.

26 Aug 1929 – The NZ earthquake, devastated areas. Manchester Guardian UK.

12 Sept 1929 – Elsie Walker’s mystery death. While in Oamaru a boy on a bike, Magnius Liang died after being hit by a car. Moss Wylie drove the car. NZ Truth.

12 Sept 1929 – Tragic fire lost ashes of a mystery. Charred bones in the ruins. 8 victims died in the burnt out blaze. The whole family. The home was owned by John Brown Westlake who also died in the fire. Foxton Himatangi mystery. NZ Truth.

11 Oct 1929 – (papers past) NZ Herald. Benefit concert and dance for Mr James Pryor, Waimauku who was injured at football, 12 months, Coronation hall.

5 Dec 1929 – Opium trafficker fined. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

1930 – The World socialist party in New Zealand was set up in 1930. The socialist party of NZ was affiliated to the world socialist movement.

1930 – Alex Galbraith visited the Soviet Union in 1930. NZ delegation to the red international of trade unions. Alex Galbraith 1883-1959. (Spies revolutionarires. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1930s – The sugarbag years. The great Depression era in NZ. (c)1997. ISBN 978-0-908877-95-1. Godwit publishing ltd Auckland. First published in 1974. Tony Simpson.

1930-31 – In April 1930, Nana in Hawera, 29 Jan 1931 Nana Chhiba victim in New Plymouth. Walter Tinsley was suspected of murdering Nana Chhiba in Hawera on 31 Jan 1931 he was tried and acquitted. Walter John Tinsley was born in Masterton on 15 Dec 1904. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ).

1930-64 – Paddy Costello was at Trinity college Cambridge in the early 1930s, in the NZ legation to Moscow from 1944-50, NZ diplomatic service in Paris 1950-55. He died on 23 Feb 1964. The two diplomats expelled in NZ were Andraev and Shtyko.

Early 1930s – New Zealander Rewi Alley was a friend of Agnes Smedley. Alley was a Communist/Socialist and a friend of M15 Hollis in China. (Treachery. C Pincher ©2011 UK).

24 Jan 1930 – Smuggled opium. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

15 March 1930 – Smuggling opium. Evening Post. Papers Past.

9 Sept 1930 – Chinaman fined 50 pounds. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

7 November 1930 – Ernie Burr was missing in Marsden NZ. The identity of a body has never been confirmed nor the cause of death. Burr has not been seen alive since 7 November 1930 West Coast. (Still missing. Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).

1931 – The land district Wellington, Taranaki and Hawkes Bay. The Hawkes Bay Deed indexes and registers, were destroyed by the 1931 Napier earthquakes, so there is little available before that date. (NZ genealogist. Nov Dec 2011).

1931 – During the Great Depression the 1931 census was cancelled. (NZ genealogist. May June 2011).

2 Feb 1931 – Hawkes bay 7.9 earthquake. 256 people died. USGS historic world earthquakes.

3 Feb 1931 – Hawkes Bay earthquakes magnitude 7.3 on 13 Feb 1931 Napier Hastings. Hundreds of people were killed or trapped. 256 death toll. 593 people were seriously injured. More than 5,000 people were evacuated. On 3 Feb 1931 earthquake 7.9 Hawkes Bay, Napier, Hastings. (NZ genealogist. Jan Feb 2012).

3 Feb 1931 – The Hawkes Bay earthquake. NZ’s worst natural disaster to date. 258 people were killed. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 3 Feb 2016).

4 Feb 1931 – The NZ earthquake. The Manchester Guardian UK.

5 Feb 1931 – The NZ earthquake. worlds unstable belt. Prof J W Gregory The Manchester Guardian UK.

5 Feb 1931 – NZ loss estimated earthquake death toll 1,000. Army of rescuers hard at work. The Manchester Guardian UK.

7 Feb 1931 – Relief in NZ, order in devastated district. Napier bankrupt, complications of burnt documents. The Manchester Guardian UK.

10 Feb 1931 – The NZ earthquake, governor general tribute to inhabitants. The Irish Times.

11 Feb 1931 – The NZ earthquake official statistics of casualties. The Irish Times.

27 Feb 1931 – The NZ earthquake. appeal by former governor general. The Manchester Guardian UK.

3 March 1931 –

19 March 1931 – The NZ legal system. Lawyer Kevin Ryan, Irish ancestry, he was born in Westport. (Justice Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

6 April 1931 – Chinese charged. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

13 May 1931 – Murder mystery. Evening Post.

1 June 1931 – NZ earthquake, the task of reconstruction. The Manchester Guardian UK.

22 Aug 1931 – Chinese and opium. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

30 Oct 1931 – The death of Arthur Blomfield in Auckland, a 75 year old chemist in a pharmacy, drug related, possible. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ).

10 Dec 1931 – Missing woman’s body. Evening Post.

11 Dec 1931 – The statute of Westminster UK gave legislative independence to New Zealand. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 11 Dec 2015).

1932 – 80,000 unemployed in Dec 1932 in NZ. 100,000 people did not “qualify”. April 1932 violence in Auckland. 20,000 people met at the town hall. Police attacked people with battons. Many people were injured. Queen street Auckland windows were broken. Looting. Called the Queen street riot. Also violence in Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin. 10 may 1932 protests at parliament. (The great depression NZ. Kevin Boon (c)1994)

1932-33 – Oswald Laurence Coulton aged 24, Australian born. Inquiry into the murder of Arthur Blomfield, Auckland 20 March 1932. On 15 Oct 1933 Christobal Lakey went missing. Auckland taxi driver James Blair. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ).

1932 to 1940s – Sutch visited Moscow Russia in 1932. He returned in 1936 and again in the 1940s with a UN aid agency. After world war two Sutch was sec gen at the UN in New York. Sutch was a Soviet spy since the 1930s. (Bloodied but not beaten. Rob Vaughan NZ (c)2012).

9 Feb 1932 – Charles Wilson died age 75. Wellington cable car then taken to Bowen st hospital and died there. He was a NZ member of parliament, Wellintgton from 23 April 1877 to 15 Nov 1819. Born on 1 Jan 1857 in the UK. Politician, editor and librarian. Wikipedia.

14 April 1932 – Riots broke out in Queen street Auckland. There was more than 200 injuries and widespread looting. (Spies and revolutionarires. Graeme John Hunt. (c)2007 NZ).

23 April 1932 – Catholic orphanages and child sex abuse. Auckland Star.

3 Sept 1932 – Opium den. Evening Post. Papers Past.

15 Dec 1932 – Chinese fined 40 pounds. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

1933 – The minimum age of marriage was raised to 16 in 1933. Previously it was 14 for males and 12 for females. (Family tree. Dec 2009).

1933-34 – Christobel Lakey was killed by asphyxia. Samuel Lakey disappeared. Bayly was charged with the murder of Christobel Lakey on 5 Dec 1933 and on 10 Jan 1934 he was charged with the murder of Samuel Lakey. Bill Bayly’s trial was on 21 May 1934 in the Auckland supreme court. In Mt Eden prison, then he was executed, hanged. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ).

1933-34 – William Alfred Bayly 3 Nov 1933 was arrested and charged with the murder of Samuel Pender Lakey and Christobel Lakey. Date of Bayly’s execution Auckland 20 July 1934. (By person or persons unkown. George Joseph ©1982 NZ).

24 April 1933 – Tararua ranges. Bill Sutch (Communist spy) and 3 other trampers went missing in the bush. On 15 April 1933, four trampers Eric Hill, Morva Williams., Bert O’Keefe and Bill Sutch went missing in the Tararua region during a violent storm. Evening Post. NZ History.

26 Oct 1933 – Sex abuse in Dunedin orphanages. Evening Post.

4 Nov 1933 – Opium growing. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

17 Nov 1933 – Unsolved murder, in Christchurch, Riccarton. Donald Fraser was born in Queensland Australia in 1892. In 1914 Fraser was charged with the sex assault of a teenage girl. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge. ©2010 NZ).

17 Nov 1933 – Donald Frazer at the Racecourse hotel was shot dead. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

17 Nov 1933 – Racecourse hotel. Donald Fraser was shot in the chest with both barrells of a shotgun. The shotgun was never found. Unsolved. (Nine unsolved murders in Canterbury. The Press. 30 March 2012).

1934 – HJ Wilson. The Bayly case. magazine ltd Wellington.

16 April 1934 – Opium den. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

5 Aug 1934 – Truth newspaper article. Bill Bayly was hanged several weeks earlier and could not be questioned. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge ©2010 NZ).

13 Nov 1934 – Birthday of Peter Arnett. A NZ born journalist in the US. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 13 Nov 2015).

1935 – The number of people who died from starvation was quite considerable. People died from lack of food during the great depression, older people. (The sugarbag years. (c)1997 NZ. Tony Simpson p169).

1935-36 – Northland, Ernest Severin Nelson, was born in Sweden in 1881 and emigrated to NZ when he was 3 years old. He was shot dead, an unsolved murder. Kaikohe. (Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge. ©2010 NZ).

1935 to 1937 – A search of Sutch home found diaries from several decades. Sutch was meeting with Soviet embassy staff for many years. Colin Lines said the full story is yet to be told. Meetings went back years. Colin Lines said Sutch was a Soviet spy. Socialist Communist. Oxford uni in 1937. Sutch Communist in London in 1935. (Bloodied but not beaten. Rod Vaughan NZ (c)2012).

18 May 1935 – Importing opium. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

31 May 1935 – James Brendon “Jim” Bolger was born in Opunake Taranaki. His parents emigrated from Ireland in 1930. Roman Catholics. (Wikipedia. Jim Bolger).

11 Oct 1935 – Gambling in NZ betting and lotteries. The Manchester Guardian UK.

14 Oct 1935 – Murder mystery. Auckland Star.

1936 – Dunedin Catholic Sisters of Mercy opened. Orphanages and children’s homes in Otago and Southland. Archives at NZ Dunedin regional office records, a report of inmates. Catholic Sisters of Mercy.

1936 – Dr Harold Silverstone was a Wellington insurance clerk. He was the son of Mark Silverstone, who was a founder of the Labour party in 1916. He was a member of the Communist party from at least 1936. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

10 Feb 1936 – Opium raid. Evening Post. Papers Past.

10 Feb 1936 – Opium den raid. Auckland Star. Papers past.

2 April 1936 – Raid on opium den. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

1937 – No welfare and people had to fend for themselves. The system of them and us.. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

1937 – Bill Sutch was born in Lancashire UK in 1907. Sutch came to NZ with his family in 1908. Wellington, Nelson and Wanganui. PHD in New York, Colombia uni. He moved from the US in late 1932. In 1937 he was a NZ government worker. British M15 put Dr Sutch under surveillance. He was the NZ delegate to the UN. (NZ mysteries. Nicole McCloy ©2005 NZ).

1937 – Florence Pryor. (R23117718) Wellington married. Open access. Archives NZ. Archway records.

1937-54 – Dr Bill Sutch and an anti American speech he gave about the Korean war in 1952. New Zealand born Soviet spies Ian Milner and Wally Clayton. 19 April 1954. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

27 Sept 1937 – Missing woman’s body found. The Press.

6 Nov 1937 – Chinese fined 100 pounds. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

7 Dec 1937 – Papers past. Evening Post, traffic offences p13. Driving without due care and attention. Jame John Pryor fined 10s and costs.

1938 – Greengrocer Dalu Desai disappeared without trace in Taharoa. He arrived in NZ in 1911 aged 15. Case of missing Hindu. A reward of 250 pounds, but no info was forthcoming. His body was never found, how he was killed and by who? (Still missing. Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).

19 March 1938 – Nazi count von Luckners visit to NZ. Evening Post. Papers past.

4 April 1938 – Chinese charged. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

11 April 1938 – Chinese fined. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

25 May 1938 – Missing Indian. Evening Post.

4 June 1938 – Nazi league in NZ. The Press Christchurch. Papers past.

1939 – An alien enemy within the meaning of the enemy property emergency regulations 1939, estate?.

1939 – Christian brothers. Br Allen was assistant to superior at a school in Dunedin.

1939-40 – Ian Milner returned to NZ in Aug 1939. Dept of education in Wellington, a government worker. Wellington Peace committee, a Communist front group. 8 Jan 1940 Communists in NZ. Wellington trades hall meeting of the Peace committee. Ian Milner and Dr Bill Sutch. Soviet intel. Dr Martyn Finlay a Communist lawyer. (Spies revolutonaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

6 March 1939 – Opium aboard Aorangi. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

15 March 1939 – Opium shops. Evening Post. Papers Past.

17 July 1939 – Refugees.

Sept 1939 – April 1940 – Fraser became PM in April 1940, after the death of Michael Savage. Emergency regulations were introduced in Sept 1939. Two days later, war was declared. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

3 Sept 1939 – Outbreak of the Second World War. The war ended in the Pacific on 2 Sept 1945. (Practical family history. Feb 2010 p50).

17 Nov 1939 – New boys home and sex abuse. NZ Herald.


New Zealand research clues

.New Zealand part 2

1940 – Alec Ostler was the son of Sir Henry Ostler, a former justice of the supreme court of NZ. Resident of Burnham military camp. He was known to have been a member of the Communist party since 1940. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ)

1940s – Before the 1940s there was no concept of international law, that one state had the right to interfere in the sovereign affairs of another states right to deal with its own citizens. (International human rights law. Oxford UK 2014).

1940s – Fake NZ passports in the 1940s. Dominion Wellington. 5 May 1998. Helen Peter Cohen. New York spy ring. Portland naval spy ring.

1940s – New Zealand born Soviet spy Wally Clayton 1906-1997. March 1955 Soviet spy in the 1940s spy ring in Australia. Clayton was born in Ashburton and went to Australia in1930-31. The Communist party of Australia in 1933. Spy code named “Klod” Clayton and Ian Milner controller Australia. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1940s – Dr Sutch and John Levin, Socialist unions. Richard Hall’s book the Rhodes scholar spy. Ian Milner, a New Zealander who worked for the NZ govt and was also an Australian diplomat. Milner and Sutch were friends in the 1940s. They were both Soviet spies. (Spy. Kit Bennetts. (c)2006 NZ).

April 1940 – The Communist magazine, The Peoples Voice, was fined for campaigning against the war. They were temporarily shut down. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt. (c)2007 NZ).

Nov 1940 – Feb 1941 – In Nov 1940 there was a visit by a member of the British army general staff,. Lieutenant Colonel L J Mawhoode. Setting up of a NZ security service along the lines of M15, with a British leader. In Feb 1941 the NZ secutiy intel bureau began, under M15 officer Major Kenneth Folkes. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1941 – Farmer Stanley Graham went on a murder shooting spree on the West Coast. (Law breakers mischief. ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).

1941 – Archives NZ. Archway records. (R23159290) Emily Jane Pryor. Masterton widow. Open access.

1941-48 – Wally Ashton was a Communist candidate for the Auckland hospital board in 1941. A candidate for parliament, Auckland central in 1943. Sec of the Auckland trades council in 1943. 1943 sheepskins for Russia. April 1948 Ashton’s body was never found. His abandoned car was found at Piha beach Auckland. He disappeared and went missing. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

9 Feb 1941 – Charles Kenneth Cotton died, buried in Bromley block 4 plot 6 Christchurch. He had a daughter aged 20 when he died. Buried 11 Feb 1941. He was in the Boer war and World war one. His wife Ethel Kate Bromley. He was born in Lyttelton in 1877. ( 61-02 6777 2881 NSW Australia).

19 March 1941 – (papers past) Deaths. Evening Post p1. Masterton Emily J widow of the late James Pryor, she was 71 years old.

19 March 1941 – Emily Pryor (nee Cole) Died aged 70. She made a will in August 1937. Emily is buried in Masterton cemetery. Alien enemy. Enemy property emergency regulations 1939. What happened to the estate is unknown.

4 June 1941 – 2,800 people were missing. World war. The Evening Post.

25 July 1941 – Jim Shepherd was born in Auckland. Mr Asia drug ring. (Mr Asia. James Diamond Jim Shepherd ©2010 Australia.)

23 Aug 1941 – Opium den raided. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

10 Oct 1941 – Opium at Christchurch. Evening Post. Papers Past.

1942 – In Wairarapa there were 7.2 and 6.8 earthquakes and 10,000 chimneys in Wellington were damaged. (NZ newswire Te Ara).

1942 – Book by spy Dr William Ball Sutch. Quest for security in NZ. Published in 1942.The book sold over 100,000 copies. (Spy. Kit Bennetts SIS (c)2006 NZ)

1942 – Construction began for military tunnels in the Christchurch Cashmere hills. Following the attack on Pearl harbour when the threat of invasion by Japan was real. One entrance to the tunnels was behind Princess Margaret hospital. Construction ceased in 1944. Also called the Cracroft caverns. Secret stairs led to the tunnels. A fire destroyed a the homestead and the tunnels were sealed until discovery by a journalist in 1988. (Southern view Chch. 7 Sept 2015. Bridget Rutherford).

1942 – During World War Two, thousands of American troops landed in NZ, camps in Auckland. (NZ Memories Feb March 2012. )

1942-43 – After Japans entry into the Pacific war. Dunedin had blackout tarpaper on the windows, trenches sprang up in the Octagon and in many other public places. Underground shelters. Fear of air raids. The sirens, air raid rehersals. The Japanese. Rations of sugar, tea and other items. Meat, clothes and petrol required coupons. Ration books were used. Wartime casualties. Telegrams sent news of NZ soldiers. American airmen were in NZ. (NZ Memories. Aug Sept 2014).

1942-1962 – Client files as far back as 1942 in Dunedin. Anonymous letters began. Dead rats were posted to rich people and government workers. Letters threatening the recipients and families began again in 1961. These letters are in police files. From 1942 James Patrick Ward (the Catholic lawyer who was murdered in Feb 1962), received threatening letters. (By a person or persons unknown. George Joseph ©1982 NZ).

1942-68 – Flora McKenzie was one of Auckland’s brothel keepers. Flora’s father was Hughie McKenzie and her mother owned Ascot stud, a farm in Mangere. The US, Second World War after the US attack on Pearl Harbour. Many Americans were in NZ. Flora was at 17-19 Ring terrace brothel in Auckland Ponsonby. Japanese also arrived to construct the Auckland harbour bridge, brothels and sex slaves. The police arrested Flora often. 1968 Truth article about how police entrapped Flora. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

11 Feb 1942 – Pearl Harbor to NZ. US naval vanguard arrives. The Manchester Guardian 1901-1959 UK.

9 June 1942 – Powers of detention, interrogation and deportation to the UK of enemy aliens and aliens from the Dominions and colonies. 9 June 1942. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

Aug 1942 – Wairoa Hawkes Bay. Salvation army Brig Annie Smyth had spent 32 years as a missionary in Japan. In 1942 NZ was at war with Japan. Murder was on 8 Aug 1942, NZ Truth article, she was found dead on 21 Aug 1942. Murder unsolved. (By a person or persons unknown. George Joseph ©1982 NZ).

8 Aug 1942 – Annie Smythe and the Salvation army, Wairoa Hawkes Bay. For 34 years earlier she had done missionary work in Japan. Inquest into the deaths on 19 June 1943. (A case of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams ©2000).

8 Dec 1942 – 37 people died in a fire in the Seacliff mental prison north of Dunedin. 39 women were locked in. (On this day in NZ. Ron Palenski ©2010). (NZ disasters timeline internet).

1943 – Cyrus Smith president of American airlines DC-3. When the US entered World War Two, DC-3 had a military role as a K-47 cargo plane. NZ got the C-47 under the US lend lease program. By early 1943 the aircraft had to be returned to the US, destroyed or paid for. (NZ Memories Dec Jan 2012 2013.

1943 – US Marines were based at McKays Cross in Paekakariki Otaki. (NZ Memories Dec Jan 2012 2013).

1943-73 – Alister McIntosh sec of external affairs from 1943-1966. NZ diplomat, leftist friend of Paddy Costello, Communist. McIntosh protected Costello from being sacked. Even though M15 said he was a security risk. Mcintosh was knighted in 1973. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ)

Feb 1943 to 5 Sept 1945 – NZ SIB Security intel bureau, the predecesser to the NZ SIS. Wartime SIB. Naz.i sympathisers. In Feb 1943 James Cummings was director of SIB. The war ended on 15 Aug 1945. The SIB disbanded on 3 Sept 1945. Two days later the Cold War began, when in Canada, Igor Gouzenko GRU defected to Canada. (Spy. C H Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

12 June 1943 – (papers past) NZ Herald p6. 48 years old, he served in France during the last war. By elections. Bill passed Wellington. Hawkes bay seat . National party selected Mr Eric Nicol Pryor as official candidiate. Dairy farmer and milkman. Born in Auckland and educated in Masterton.

1944 – By autumn 1944 the Second World War was ending and the Cold War had already begun. (GCHQ. Richard Aldrich ©2010 UK).

18 Jan 1944 – Opium den. NZ Herald. Papers Past.

18 Jan 1944 – Opium den raided. Auckland Star. Papers Past.

18 March 1944 – NZ troops advance in Italy. The Irish Times 1921-current. Dublin Ireland.

25 Oct 1944 – Sir Eric Machtig. Sir Harry Fagg Batterbee at the high commission in Wellington. Report on Paddy Costello.”secret”. (Denis Lenihan. June 2012. Paddy Costello).

12 Nov 1944 – Terrence Clark was born in Gisborne NZ. Mr Asia drug ring. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

Late 1940s early 1950s – Nazi war criminals emigrated to NZ in the late 1940s and early 1950s as refugees. ODT 2 Aug 2008. Hamish McNeilly.

1945-46 – March April 1945 Melbourne Australian code breaking organization was called the Central Bureau. On 17 April 1945 the British intel visited New Zealand, then went to the US. 22 Feb 1946 New Zealand. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

29 March 1945 – Box 252 exhibit 1462 Allied translation and interpretation section south west Pacific area. Doc no 552 research report no 65 suppl no 1. 29 march 1945 Macmillan Brown library university of Canterbury Christchurch NZ. (Japans Gestapo. Mark Felton. ©2009 UK p35).

8 April 1945 – Jean Marie Martin was a lab technician, she went missing on a bush walk at Wilsons bush. These were the final days of the war. The case has never been solved. A mystery. (Still missing. Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).

May 1945 – U-196 David Child Dennis. Northland NZ. Admiral Donitz.

May Aug 1945 – The Japanese were getting closer to our shores. Not long after that the harbour was filled with ships, crowds of Americans arrived in town. There was knitted clothes made from recycled wool. VE celebrations. The war was over and Japan had surrendered. (NZ Memories. Aug Sept 2014).

17 May 1945 – German submarine U-196 arrived in Northland NZ. Dargaville. Then disappeared. U-196 was found 60 years later. The body of a German SS officer in a shallow grave near Dargaville.

17 May 1945 – Scoop. Nazi submarine in Dargaville Northland. Uncesored magazine. Jon Eisen. 29 Sept 2012. Admiral Doenitz Hitler’s succesor. Uranium oxide and vanished.

20 Oct 1945 – Internees on Somes island. The Press Christchurch. Swiss consulate and Nazi govt, third reich. Nazis and anti Nazis in New Zealand. Refugees. A Lush.

Nov 1945 – Cold war intel battle, a silent war in the wilderness of mirrors. In Nov 1945 the Soviet Union opened a legation in Wellington NZ. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

1946 – NZ at the end of the Second World War. St Helens Auckland. American troops and brothels. Shortages of everything, meat, sugar, four, butter and milk. (Mr Asia. James Diamond Jim Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

6 Feb 1946 – Miler Herbert Radcliffe, 6 Feb 1946 a homosexual, murder unsolved. Ship in Wellington from Taiwan, A Chinese. Ship from Panama, the “Zemba” Greek company. Fingerprints unknown, Australia, US and UK. 6 Feb 1946. The day the body was found there were several ships in port, the “Themistoclen” from Durban. Wellington NZ. (Person or persons unknown. George Joseph ©1982 NZ).

15 July 1946 – Charles John Mangan died in Dunedin Otago NZ.

1947-51 – Dr William Ball Sutch was sec gen of the NZ delegation at the UN in New York. Also UN social and UNICEF. (Spy. Kit Bennetts SIS (c)2006 NZ).

23 April 1947 – Francis Roy Wilkins was murdered in Wellington. He had been reported missing the previous day. Unsolved murder. Gambling, bookmaking, racing and poker. He was heavily in debt. (By person or persons unknown. George Joseph. ©1982 NZ).

7 July 1947 – Marie Emily West, 17 years old, 7 July 1947 went missing, her body was found three months later in Christchurch, unsolved murder. (Person or persons unknown. George Joseph (c)1982 NZ).

Sept 1947 – By 1948 the cold war was in full swing. The new Comintern was created in Sept 1947 and was called the Cominfrom. (Spies and revolutinaries. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

18 November 1947 – Ballantynes fire, 41 people were killed at a department store in Christchurch. (NZ disasters timeline internet).

18 Nov 1947 – Ballantynes fire in Christchurch. The Press, The Star, The Star Sun, the NZ weekly news. 1948 report of the inquiry. (City libraries).

18 Nov 1947 – Chch Star 19 Nov 2014. Gabrielle Stuart. 41 people died in the fire.

1948 – The Universal declaration of human rights of 1948 that banned slavery and the slave trade. (Sex slavery still exists in NZ in 2015). (A crime so monstrous. E Benjamin Skinner ©2008 UK).

1948 – Sir Percy Sillitoe from British intel M15 visited Australia and New Zealand. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

1948-54 – Dr Bill Sutch’s, boss was Alister McIntosh .March 1948. In NZ in 1951 NZ link to M15 was Mr Gilbert who had been trained by suspected spy Hollis. 8 Nov 1956. The Soviet legation in Wellington was suspect. 29 Nov 1951 and 31 Aug 1954 reports. Georgi Sokolov and VP Stativkin, Soviet intel in NZ. NZ Sovoet agents socialists. (Spies reolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1948-56 – British, in NZ the security service was set up n 1956. M15 recommended it to be set up in 1948. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

Feb 1948 – M15 Director General, Sir Percy Sillitoe and Sir Roger Hoillis visited NZ and Australia. Helping to set up the NZ SIS, linked to M15, to combat Communism. 19 March 1948. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

2 March 1948 – Papers from the PM. The work of Mcintosh.. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

22-24 May 1948 – The national Communist conference was held in Wellington. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

Oct 1948 – A Lockheed Electra flying from Palmerston North to Hamilton, flew into the side of Mount Ruapehu. Killing 13 passengers and crew. (NZ Memories. Aug Sept 2014).

19 January 1949 – Harold Charles Norman Mangan died in Dunedin Otago, burial 22 Jan 1949.

1 Feb 1949 – Douglas Neil Henry, strange unexplained disappearance. On 1 Feb 1949 after he was missing for 7 years. 5 months later he was declared dead Te Akau NZ. (Still missing. Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).

6 June 1949 – Thomas Pryor died in Timaru NZ.

Sept 1949 – Ian Milner, and his wife Margot were in NZ for a month in Sept 1949. Soviet spies and the cold war. He had been at the UN in New York and the FBI had a file on him. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1950 – The Catholic Sisters of mercy opened in Palmerston North.

1950 – Two Americans, Morris and Lona Cohen disappeared from New York in 1950. They were watched by the FBI for Communist/Socialist association with the Rosenbergs. They used false passports supplied in Paris France by a New Zealand diplomat to enter the UK as the Krogers. The New Zealander was a Soviet agent named Paddy Costello, who moved to the UK and became a professor of Russian at Manchester university. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

1950 – Jeannette Crewe inherited the farm from their mothers brother, who died in a tractor accident in 1950. (The case of the missing bloodstain. Corrupt police, Crewe murders. Keith Hunter (c)2012 NZ).

1950s – Canadian Herbert Norman, a Communist Soviet Intel and homosexual. High Commissioner to New Zealand, worked for the KGB. Suspicious death, later in Canada. (Too secret too long. p418 Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

1950 – The NZ ‘peace’ council was formed in the 1950s, a communist/socialist front group, opposed to the Korean and Vietnam wars. (NZ and the Vietnam war. Roberto Rabel ©2005).

1950s – Ques for homes in the 1950s were longer than those for cars, they had no garage. During the 1950s traffic cops in black uniforms, peaked caps and white gloves, stood in the middle of busy intersections at rush hours, directing flow. All males wore hats. (NZ Memories. Feb March 2014).

1950s – Immigration from the Pacific islands to NZ. Some came on false birth certificates. People with criminal records gained entry into NZ. (Justice. Kevin Ryan (c)1997 NZ).

1950s – By seeking to preserve empire the British and French used torture and executions. Cover ups and lies. Which haunts them today. Treatment by the State. (History today Sept 2013 UK).

1950s – Jonas Pukas a Lithuanian suspected Nazi war criminal living in NZ since the 1950s. He died in the mid 1990s. A 1992 investigation into 47 suspected Nazi war criminals in NZ. Wayne Stringer. (NZ Herald.. ODT. 8 Aug 2012).

1950-60s – Elderly Chinese opium addicts in Auckland. Greys opium den. Two police officers demanded protection money for gambling. Auckland police officer Frank Brady. Police were arrested tried and found guilty. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

1950s – 1961 Arthur Bax, head of UK Labour party press dept and KGB spy. Bax was part of a spy ring involving New Zealander Paddy Costello, New Zealand government passports for Peter and Helen Kroger in France. The Portland spy ring, New Zealand Consulate in Paris in the 1950s, spying for the Soviet Union. Bax and Czech agents. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

1950-70 – June 1950 James Hill Milner. NZ in late 1970. Ian Milner was a NZ Soviet spy and defector to Russia. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

June 1950 – CAT Civil Air Transport, flying Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, pilots flew race horses to New Zealand. (Air America. Christopher Robins (c)1979 UK).

13 July 1950 – Wilfred von Sturmer died in Dunedin NZ.

1951 – The Official Secret Act, was linked to a British Act. NZ parliament in 1951. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

1951-61 – Dr Sutch had at least 3 KGB controllers in Wellington, after his to NZ in 1951. Georgi Sokolov from 1953, from 1956 Dr Sutch run by Yergeni Ivanovich Gergel, KGB officer ran Dr Sutch until 1961. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

May 1951 – A Letter from UK PM to the PM’s Canada, Australia, NZ and South Africa. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton (c)2013).

1952 – Prison dept inward correspondence to native dept 1879. About the arrest of Maori prisoners .This file no longer exists, it was destroyed in the Hope Gibbons fire of 1952, which burnt records of seven government departments. (NZ genealogist July Aug 2011).

13 March 1952 – William Giovanni Silveo Fiori, who had murdered Jack Gabolinsky, his wife and son in the north island. Hanging returned. (NZ crime timeline).

May 1953 – Canadian Diplomat Herbert Norman attended the Communist cell at Trinity college Cambridge with Paddy Costello. Soviet spies. He was the Canadian high commissioner to NZ in May 1953. NZ KGB. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

23 Dec 1953 – The Tangiwai disaster when 151 people died at Tangiwai. The Wellington to Auckland express plunged of a damaged bridge into the flood waters of the Wangaehu river. 134 people emerged from the Tangiwai crash. (NZ genealogist March April 2012 p73).

1954 – New Zealander and Soviet spy Paddy Costello. In France at the New Zealand Consulate providing false New Zealand government passports. UK. The Krogers, Morris and Lona Cohen. There was a KGB network in New Zealand after the Petrov case in Australia. June 1960 Gordon Lonsdale, a Canadian and Soviet illegal. Named as Konon Molondy who was using the name and passport of a dead Canadian. KGB Peter and Helen Kroger. The Rosenbergs. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher. ©1984 US).

1954 – Mike Bungay. Kit Bennetts had seen him before. He was not a well known lawyer then. Mr Wicks, Dr Sutch for trial in the Supreme court then released him on bail. In 1954 the SIS’s brig Gilbert went to London as NZ army liason. His driver was Mike Bungay. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

1954-55 – Kevin Ryan completed his degree, working part time in the legal office of Wilfred Subritsky in K road Auckland. He qualified and went into partnership with Subritsky. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

3 April 1954 – A Soviet spy code name ‘Klod’ was Australian Communist NZ born Wally Clayton, a friend of Ian Milner, NZ born Soviet spy. (Spies revolutonaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

20 April 1954 – Born in Rotorua , Allison Dine went to Australia in December 1976. Terry Clark. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).

June 1954 – The Communist party of NZ, CPNZ, Canterbury district executive published a book, The truth about Indo China, the first anti-Vietnam war pamphlet anti-US anti-ANZUS. (NZ and the Vietnam war. Roberto Rabel ©2005).

1955 – Interpol Wellington. New Zealand has been a member since.

27 June 1955 – Jean McKenzie and Ian Milner. ATL 4567-002.

1956 – Professor Barros, NZ from Mrs KP Kirkwood. Widow of a Canadian diplomat who replaced Norman as High commissioner in NZ in 1956. The KGB was also getting info about Korea from Donald Maclean.

5 December 1956 – Tauranga tax inspector Pat Fisk disappeared. (Still missing. Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).

1957 – Hollis and New Zealand. When NZ set up a security organization in 1957, out of the original 19 officers in NZ intel service, seven were recommended by Hollis and were British. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

Feb 1957 – Brig Bill Gilbert was director of security NZ in Feb 1957. He got his training from Roger Hollis, (suspected spy), director of M15 from 1956-65. Gilbert was knighted in 1976. Any criticism of Hollis was replied to with accusations of McCarthyism. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

Sept 1957 – Peter Williams was at Auckland university. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

1958 – Pat Potter (1911-1988), was jailed for 3 years in 1958 on 19 counts of stealing trade union funds. 1780 pounds and RAK Masons sick pay. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1958-65 – Dr Sutch worked at the NZ govt, dept of indusry and commerce. In 1958 he was head of this government department until 1965. Vladislav Sergeevich Andreev was Dr Sutch’s handler, when he arrived in late 1961. Nikolai Ivanovich Shtyko both declared persona non grata. New KGB in Wellington, Vladimir Borisovich Koshelev until 1965. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

Feb 1958 – James Shepherd violence and robbery. Mt Eden remand prison Auckland, 16 years old. Invercargill borstal in March 1958, punishment. (Mr Asia. James Diamond Jim Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

14 Feb 1958 – Peter Williams became qualified as a solicitor 14 Feb 1958 he did work for shipping companies, ship deserters and the wharf police. Russell McVeagh, (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

March 1958 – Jim Shepherd, 16 years old, first conviction and prison sentence violent robbery. (Mr Asia. James Diamond Jim Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

1960’s – When people immigrated to New Zealand in the 1960’s as assisted migrants, they had to work for two years for the New Zealand government. Many male immigrants worked in the prison system. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).

1960s – Peter Williams practice was in some ways like a Chicago law practice during the days of prohibition. Actions against the police for malicious prosecution. Inspector with the CIB charged him with assault. So by the early 1960s Peter Williams was known as a criminal lawyer along with Kevin Ryan. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

1960 – A magazine, the NZ monthly review communist/Socialist. Freda Cook a British socialist anti-US Steve Cowan. (NZ and the Vietnam war. Roberto Rabel ©2005).

1960s – Terry Clark and corrupt police in NZ. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia p148).

1960s – James K Baxter’s father was a contentious objector during the first World War, Archibald Baxter was drugged and tied with barbed wire in front of the German trenches then thrown into jail. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

Early 1960s – Australian ASIO and the Skripov case. An SIS agent and KGB officer Skripov. KGB spies in Australia, networks in NZ too. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

13 April 1960 – Inquiry opens into NZ prison riot. The Guardian UK.

27 April 1960 – Elizabeth Catherine Finch died in Dunedin.

26 Dec 1960 – Birthday of Temuera Morrison NZ actor. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 26 Dec 2015).

1961 – Child trafficking. Ministry of Justice New Zealand. Laws, section 98 of the crimes ACT 1961 prohibits the sale of any person as a slave and provides a comprehensive ban on the trafficking of slaves. (It still exists in 2015).

1961 – Arthur Bax was a British Labour party press department worker. He got money from the Czech embassy, which was used by the KGB. Bax was part of a spy ring involving New Zealander Paddy Costello, who had given out false New Zealand government passports in Paris France in the 1950s. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

1961 – The Portland spy case in the UK Jan 1961. NZ Harry Houghton and Ethel Gee KGB officer Kenon Trofimovich Molody aka Gordon Lonsdale. Morris and Lona Cohen were New Zealanders Peter and Helen Kroger who got passports from the NZ legation in Paris France. NZ diplomat Desmond Patrick Paddy Costello. The Krugers were arrested in 1961. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

1961-1996 – 1961 KGB Anatoly Golitysin defected to the US in Finland. He named Paddy Costello and a KGB Vasili Mitrokhin KGB archives 1996. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

27 June 1961 – Murder trial Roy Rau. Auckland supreme court. Trial NZ Herald. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

Sept 1961 – Wendy Catherine Mayes, 12 Sept 1961 and 13 Sept 1961 Advertisement in the Wellington Dominion. She was 16 years old. Mr Thompson was British, he wanted models for photos, and a calendar in Australia. UK, Australia, Wellington 18 Sept. Missing person, British man Mr Thompson’s real name was John Frederick Maltby, who was a male nurse, 20 Sept 1961. (By person or persons unknown, George Joseph (c)1989 NZ).

15 September 1961 – The disappearance of Wendy Mayes. She met with John Maltby for photos. His body washed ashore at Island bay on 24 September. Wendy Mayes body was never found. (1966 Encyclopedia of NZ).

15 Sept 1961 – Wendy was mudered by Malibu and two others. Maltby was murdered by a blow to the head with a rock and was dumped in the water way where he was found. (Feefee Turnbull. 8 Nov 2015).

13 Oct 1961 – NZ to abolish the death penalty. The Guardian UK.

1962 – The NZ military was sent to Thailand as part of the SEATO anti Communist war in Laos. NZ History.

Early 1962 – David Warner was involved in Ops leading to the expulsion of two KGB officers. Vladislav Sergeevich Andreev and Nikolai Ivanovich Shtykov. Soviet intel officers operating in NZ. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

5 February 1962 – The parcel bomb murder. Dunedin lawyer James Patrick Ward was killed by a bomb delivered in a parcel to his office. Unsolved murder to this day. (1966 Encyclopedia of NZ).

James Patrick Ward was Catholic.,Catholic clergy were going from Dunedin to Australia and back. Child sex crimes in Australia. Was he a whistleblower. Did he disapprove of these paedophiles. The Catholic church refers to Australasia not Australia and new Zealand seperate.

Possible FBI involvement in two unsolved bombings in New Zealand. Possible phone tapping and records being altered as well. James Ward in Dunedin in 1962 and the union Trades Hall bombing in Wellington. Who were the FBI trying to frame up?

8 Feb 1962 – James Patrick Ward aged 63, his funeral was held. An unsolved murder. He was a Roman Catholic and President of the St Vincent de Paul society. People suspected Socialists/Communists. Lawyers files went back to 1942 in Dunedin. (By a person or persons unknown. George Joseph ©1982 p75 NZ).

8 February 1962 – Sonya Ash Pryor was born in Dunedin. Aka Judith Rose Pryor. Illegitimate, and adopted.

8 Feb 1962 – Adoption situation. A secretive or absent parent. What do you want to learn? Locate the evidence you seek. Gather and build a collection of evidence. Locate needed records. Identify the person whose info you are seeking. Define the question you hope to answer. Specific questions. Describe what you want to answer. (Advanced genealogy. George G Morgan ©2014 US).

June 1962 – Peter Williams was a young lawyer. Auckland Star. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

10 July 1962 – Walter Nash Labour election. 30 Nov 1957. Dr Bill Sutch and E P Lutskij, Soviets in Wellingtoin July 1958. 10 July 1962 Nikolai Shtykov Wellington Russian embassy. Vladislav Andreev. ANZUS and SEATO. Defence and NZ. Devonport navy base. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 .NZ).

12 July 1962 – The expulsion of two Soviet legation staff accused of spying. VS Andreyev and NI Shtykov, both KGB. Their expulsions were the first of its kind for New Zealand. (NZ and the Soviet Union. AC Wilson ©2004).

13 July 1962 – NZ agents uncover spy ring, expulsion of the Soviet diplomats. The Guardian 1959-2003 London UK.

14 July 1962 – Soviet spies bungled NZ assignment. The Guardian 1959-2003 London UK.

20 July 1962 – Ada Bee died in Dunedin.

25 July 1962 – Nell Woolley age 84 suffered a fractured skull and brain damage, She fell at her Hereford st home of 50 years. She died. Unsolved murder. (Nine unsolved murders in Canterbury. The Press. Stuf,co,nz 30 March 2012).

24 Aug 1962 – Terrence Clark was convicted in Auckland of theft and given probation for 18 months. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

11 Sept 1962 – Auckland Star article. About the 5 Feb 1962 Janes Patrick Ward parcel bombing, unsolved murder in Dunedin.

Oct 1962 – From October 1962, the NZ ambassador in Thailand, Maj Gen Stephen Weir, was also accredited to Laos. Vietnam war and American presence. (NZ and the Vietnam war. Roberto Rabel ©2005).

1963 – Vic Wilcox was a farm labourer living in Ponsonby Auckland. He was a Communist party member since 1934. He was Communist party gen sec from 1951 to 1977. Leader of the Communist party of NZ aligned with the Comunist Peoples Republic of China in 1963. (Spies and revolutionaries. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1963 – The NZ Communist party was alligned wth Communist China in 1963. Gen sec Vic Wilcox. Ron Smith and Jack Marston. Communist Rewi Alley had been in China since the 1930s. Anti-US propaganda. He had a NZ passport and was free to visit NZ. (Spies. Revolutionaries. Grame Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1963-64 – 9 Dec 1963 The Bassett road machine gun murders. John Gillies and Ronald Jorgenson 31 Dec 1963. Court case on 24 Feb 1964. Gillies and Jorgenson pleaded not guilty. Life in jail. Ronald Jorgenson was released from Paparoa prison in 1983. On 19 Dec 1984 his car was found wrecked on rocks south of Kaikoura down a 20 meter cliff. Ron Jorgenson was never found, alive or dead. (NZ mysteries. Nicola McCloy ©2005 NZ).

10 Jan 1963 – NZ anger over French tests. The Guardian UK.

25 April 1963 – NZ military were in Qui Nhon south Vietnam. The Colombo plan. NZ History.

16 May 1963 – Patrick Walsh. Patrick Tuohy was born in NZ on 13 Aug 1894. Int workers of the world. Socialist party of America 1917. Unionist. Fintau Patrick Walsh died in Wellington on 16 May 1963. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hiunt (c)2007 NZ).

24 May 1963 – NZ condemns French tests. The Guardian UK.

27 May 1963 – The NZ government sent a team of military personel to south Vietnam, 15 to 20 personel, (NZ and the Vietnam war. Roberto Rabel ©2005).

11 September 1963 – Sydney Douglas Pryor died. He was cremated in Auckland.

23 Nov 1963 – Christchurch Star. The US JFK Kennedy assassination, was front page of the Christchurch Star in . New Zealand.

7 Dec 1963 – The Bassett road machine gun murders. John Gillies and Ronald Jorgensen were convicted and given life sentences. Paroled in 1984, Jorgensen was living in Kaikoura and disappeared in mysterious circumstances. (On this day in NZ. p245 Ron Palenski ©2010).

9 Dec 1963 – NZ Herald. Bassett road machine gun murders. 9-31 Dec 1963. (NZ mysteries. Nicole McCloy ©2005 NZ).

31 Dec 1963 – Ron Jorgenson was arrested for murder. Auckland magistrates court, Ron Jorgenson and John Frederick Gillies. Bassett road Remuera. The two deceased were George Frederick Walker and Kevin James Speights. Police surveillance equipment was used for Heather Hutchisen to give false evidence. Jorgenson pleaded not guilty. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

1964 – New Zealander Paddy Costello, was a NZ diplomat in France, professor of Russian at Manchester university UK and a Soviet spy. Paddy Costello died in 1964 but some of his New Zealand friends were still active Soviet Communist/Socialist spies. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

1964 – NZ spy Paddy Costello died of a heart attack in the UK in 1964. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

1964 – Police take criminals from their prison cells and give them presents, money and make them give fake evidence. The Police charged May Ross with keeping a brothel in Symonds street Auckland. The police witness gave false evidence. She sued the police and she was acquitted of the charges. Mrs Ross and the police. Motives for damaging evidence against the accused. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

1964 – Eruption occured near Green lake Kermadec islands. Teara govt nz. Video 2006 eruptions.

27 February 1964 – Douglas John Pryor was born in Cromwell Otago. Electrician. I have since been told that his family ancestors came from Belgium. He is Sonya Ash Pryor’s adopted brother.

25 May 1964 – Announced, 20 engineers are to go to South Vietnam, sent by NZ. (NZ and the Vietnam war. Roberto Rabel ©2005).

16 Dec 1964 – NZ stand on French nuclear tests. The Irish Times 1921-current. Dublin Ireland.

1965 – James Farmer. Freedom when? New York. Random house.

Mid 1960s – Police officer John Hughes and the Bassett road machine gun murders. He was also involved in the Crewe murder inquiry in Auckland. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart. (c)2010 NZ).

1965-68 – In March 1965 Dr Sutch retired from the NZ govt aged 57. Lennadi Yevlampievich Shlyapnikov was Dr Sutch’s controller until 1968, a KGB intel officer. Dr Sutch was a longstanding asset of the KGB. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

1965-71 – Between 1965 and 1971 Terrence Clark was convicted of theft and receiving stolen goods. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

Feb 1965 – Wilder was on the phone to the NZ Herald commenting on the siege. Cavanagh was a prison officer and a POW in Germany for many years. The Horoeka avenue siege. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

Feb 1965 – John Frederick Gillies had escaped from Mount Eden prison, he had hostages. With Ronald Jorgenson, both were convicted in the Bassett road machine gun murders. Both were on life sentences in Mount Eden prison. Kevin Ryan was junior counsel for Ronald Jorgeson. There were three escapees, a shotgun and three hostages. George Wilder and Lenny Evans. The police armed offenders squad surrounded the house. (Justice. Kevin Ryan(C)1997 NZ).

28 March 1965 – Auckland the interim ‘peace’ for Vietnam committee, PFVC was formed. At a meeting of 300 people in Auckland town hall, unions, socialists, communists. (NZ and the Vietnam war. Roberto Rabel ©2005).

20 April 1965 – Socialist protests at the US special envoy Henry Cabot Lodge visit to Wellington. (NZ and the Vietnam war. Roberto Rabel ©2005).

May 1965 – Sunlive The Nelson Mail. NZ Herald. 28 Aug 2014. Disappearance of a young baker whose van was found at Mount Manganui. Graeme Leslie Timlin of Hamilton disappeared in 1965 aged 19.

15 May 1965 – Graeme Timlin, 19 years old went missing. Graeme was listed as dead on 21 December 1977. (Still missing. Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).

15 May 1965 – Graeme Timlin vanished from his bakery. (NZ Herald Natalie Akooric 30 Aug 2014).

27 May 1965 – PM Keith Holyoake NZ parliament. send a NZ combat unit to help defend the republic of south Vietnam against communist aggression. (NZ and the Vietnam war. Roberto Rabel (c)2005).

28 May 1965 – NZ to send gunners to Vietnam. The Guardian 1959-2003 London UK.

1 June 1965 – Sit in protests anti-US outside the NZ PM’s office, unions, socialists, New Zealand. (NZ and the Vietnam war. Roberto Rabel ©2005).

July 1965 – Ron Jorgenson was in Mount Eden prison at the time of the riots, when the prison was nearly burnt to the ground. He was in jail for over 12 years. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

July 1965 – Auckland Mount Eden prison was unhygienic and cold. Riots and a fire at the jail, abysmal environment. Ron Jorgenson was at Mount Eden at the time. One warden was overpowered and his keys were taken from him. Three wardens were taken hostage. About 90% of the 400 to 500 prisoners were released from their cells. The riot lasted three days. The police and the army were called in. The building was unsafe, smoke and fire. Sodomy was rife, especially with children. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

20 July 1965 – A failed armed escape attempt from Mt Eden prison. Resulting in the gutting and destruction of the jail. All the inmates were transferred to other prisons in New Zealand. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).

20 July 1965 – Auckland prisoners rioted at Mount Eden prison. They burned and smashed all they could see. Later the prison was surrounded by more than 200 armed police. While inside the jail there were 300 prisoners. Mount Eden was cold and overcrowded. Ron Jorgenson. The worst jail riot and prisoners were transferred to other jails. John Gillies was in solitary confinement. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

Aug 1965 – A violent disturbance at Christchurch Paparoa prison. Prisoners set fire to a 75 cell wing and warders were injured in a battle. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

1966 – An Encyclopedia of NZ 3 vols AH McLintock. Government printer Wellington.

1966 – Trevor Edward Neel was later charged with an armed hold up of Hunterville ANZ bank. An inquiry and jury acquitted him. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

1966 – Police were manufacturing evidence. Use of improper tactics. Like the UK and Australia. 1950s and 1960s Trevor Edward Nash, a burglar and safecracker was convicted of an Auckland robbery. 18 Oct 1966 Detective Nash burglary of the Marriott, 17 Nov 1966 The real guilty parties were two serving police officers who were later arrested and charged with the burglary. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

1966 – The pro Moscow NZ Socialist unity party. Alex Drennan. Members Bill Anderson, Ken Douglas unionist. and Rob Campbell. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1966 – Mr D Godfrey was a spy scandal in 1966. Investigation and a Royal Commission of Inquiry. Godfrey was born in the UK. He joined the Colonial police. Godfrey arrived in NZ and joined the SIS and went to Auckland university. Police arrived to quell a riot. Godfrey said he was a spy and the SIS vetted students. Godfrey reported on students. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

1966-69 – Broken into the office of the SIS in St George rd in Auckland. Stolen files, some files were posted to Kevin Ryan. Eddie Isbey, a trade union delegate, his mother was a leading member of the UK Communist party. Isbey belonged to the youth communist league. Files on other trade union leaders. Fintan .Patrick Walsh. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

Jan 1966 – A 17 year old Waimate girl, Gillian Thompson, went missing on New Years eve 1966, she was later found in Waimate Otago. Murder unsolved. (By a person or persons unknown. George Joseph ©1989 NZ).

Feb 1966 – PM Holyoake welcomed US vice president Hubert Humphrey at parliament on his visit to NZ. (NZ and the Vietnam war. Roberto Rabel (c)2005).

June 1966 – Archives NZ. Archway records. Inquest files. (R10451515) James Cotton. Restricted access.

19 Oct 1966 – US President Lyndon Johnson arrived in NZ, at Ohakea Air Force base for a two day visit. Vietnam war. NZ sent combat troops in May 1965. (On this day in NZ. Ron Palenski ©2010).

1967 – Papers in the Alexander Turnbull library ATL, relating to Stalin’s daughter’s attempt in 1967 to gain residence in NZ. (NZ and the Soviet Union. AC Wilson ©2004).

1967 – Since it was founded in 1976 the NZ society of genealogists inc, building records collections, a library, research services and family history research. (NZ genealogist March April. 2012).

Early 1967 – US pres Lyndon B Johnson visited NZ. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 Tom Lewis).

29 Aug 1967 – The eccentric Parisian murderer. Wanganui Times.

Nov 1967 – Conference of counter intel officers from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. To. be held every 18 months, was called CAZAB. The first conference was held in Melbourne Australia in Nov. 1967. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright ©1987 UK).

30 Nov 1967 – Michiko Watson from Japan. NZ citizenship. (R24610415) 1962-68. Restricted access until.. 2027.

1968 – Crime in NZ. Justice dept, corporal punishment.

1968-71 – Arthur Allan Thomas’s first trial was on 15 Feb 1972 in Auckland. He was framed by police. Bruce Hutton and Len Johnston. They planted false evidence to frame him. The Crewe bodies were found in the Waikato river. There were at least two break ins at the Crewe farm before the murders. In 1967 and an arson in Dec 1968. 17 June 1969 the haytbarn was torched. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

1968-73 – Milan Brych arrived in NZ in 1968, stateless with a UN passport from Czech. Another Czech in 1969. Mirek Cvigr. Auckland hospital. 18 July 1973 inquiry into outrageous stories and false qualifications.. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

9 April 1968 – Cyclone Giselle hit Cape Reinga. It reached Wellington on 10 April 1968. Sinking of the Wahine. Hundreds of farm animals were drowned. A farmer was killed. Flooding. In Christchurch homes lost roofs. Avon and Heathcote rivers flooded. Christchurch library.

23 May 1968 – Inangahua 7.1 earthquake. 2 people died. USGS historic world earthquakes.

24 May 1968 – Inangahua earthquake 7.1 quake on the West coast. Three people were killed. (NZ disasters.. timeline internet).

24 May 1968 – Three people were killed, in the west coast town of Inangahua junction, earthquake 7.1 (O.n this day in NZ. Ron Palenski ©2010).

1969 – Emmett Mitten policeman in late 1969 at the CIB in Dunedin. Sex orgies and youth. Barbara Anne Dickson age 24 and young boys age 12. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 Tom Lewis).

1969 – At about seven years old I went to Oamaru and Timaru with brother Doug and parents. We went for a funeral of a family member. I Got a “broken leg” falling off uncle Mervyn Pryor’s motorbike at his home in Timaru. Hospital in Timaru. Leg in plaster at primary school in Dunedin. Doug was there he was five years old. Other relatives were there Pryor family. I was put on the bike against my will.

1969 – At its peak, 68,889 troops from Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Thailand and the Philippines were in Vietnam. The Vietnam war. (Timelines of history. Siam Thailand).

1969 – People were told that the cold war was just American propaganda. (Spies and revolutionaries. (c)2007 Graeme John Hunt NZ).

1969-70 – The Crewe’s haybarn was torched on 17 June 1969. One year to the day before they were murderd on 17 June 1970. Frederick Hoskins said these crimes were strange. Burglary and thefts at the Crewe house were unusual. Policeman Metcalfe, break ins at the Crewe farm before the murders, were a rare event in the area. Bruce Hutton. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

1969-70 – Crown prosecutor David Morris. Anand Satyanand. The Crewe murder happened on the annivesary of an arson attack on the Crewe farm. The Crewe’s bodies were found in the Waikato river. Bruce Hutton had loaned money for Demler to finance a propery in Hellensville. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

3 Aug 1969 –Arapeta Awatere was charged with murder, Auckland, 61 years old and in poor health. Maori battalion. Mount Eden prison with brain injuries. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

26 Nov 1969 – NZ oil find confirmed. The Guardian. London UK.

Dec 1969-Jan 1970 – Jennifer Mary Beard, 3 Jan 1970, Haast river bridge, a 25 years old a hitchhiker, born in Wales UK, spent time in Tasmania Australia, moved to NZ, 8 Jan 1970 missing person, last seen alive on 31 Dec 1969, last day of her life. The killing of Olive Walker five days later. (By a person or person unknown. George Joseph ©1989 NZ).

Dec 1969-Jan 1970 – Jennifer Beard murder case. Policeman Emmitt Mitten. The mystery Ian Milner. Gordon Bray died in 2003. He was a suspect. Ron Hunter was also a suspect he was 72 years old and living in Australia. So many of the witnesses have died, so have police who worked on the cases. Jennifer Beard’s death on the West coast. (Arthur Alan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ)

31 Dec 1969 – Jennifer Mary Beard, 25 years old, on holiday from Tasmania Australia was killed in Haast area of South Westland. Mystery unsolved. (On this day in NZ. Ron Palenski ©2010).

31 December 1969 – Jennifer Beard murder a 25 year old school teacher from Tasmania was murdered in the South Island in a sexual attack. The murder remains unsolved. She was hitchhiking down the West Coast on New Years eve. Dunedin police. (New clues give life to cold case murder. 23 December 2012 Deidre Mussen Fairfax NZ news).

31 Dec 1969 – Policeman Bruce Hutton. The Crewe’s were shot in the head. Frank Cairns. A shooting. Bruce Hutton. Policeman Emmitt Mitten 31 Dec 1969. The Jennifer Beard murder case was happening at the same time as the Crewe murders. Bruce Hutton. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

1970 – The NZ Genealogist NZ society of genealogists inc Auckland NZ.

1970s – Andy Bell undercover cop in New Zealand in the 1970s. Disguises. Drug trafficking. ( 16 Jan 2016).

1970 – A detective in NZ Claire Plunkett, who knew Terry Clark, this ex-detective said Clark was responsible for more murders than he was credited with. Police handlers, a police informer in Auckland by 1970. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia)

1970’s – Australia New Zealand drug syndicate. The Author was born in New Zealand. Secret society of corrupt police in the 1970’s. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).

1970s – Bill Sutch. NZ History online. Spy charges KGB .

1970s – 26 Jan 2012 – Investigate Daily. Police dig up house in search of cold case bodies. Rotorua police house. Under the house of a former police officer who died 3 years ago. Mona Blades and Heidi Charles 1970’s murder cases. Rotorua.

1970s – Mike Davidson was shot dead in Auckland in the 1970s. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd (c)2010 Australia).

1970 – Bruce Hutton took Arthur Allan Thomas to Oakley mental prison, but he had no history of mental illness. Then he took him to Mount Eden prison. Len Demler and lawyer Paul Temm. David Morris prosecutor. DSIR Rory Shanahan. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

1970s – Sex abuse scandal at Marylands school in Christchurch. Catholic Brothers hospitaliers of St John of God. By 2006 the Australasian branch of the St John of God order paid $5.1 million to victims of sex abuse. More than 120 complaints were received. Offences in the 1970s. Brother Timothy Graham. Wikipedia.,_Christchurch

1970s – Police had for years been taking regular bribes for Chinese opium dens in Auckland. Illegal immigration of Chinese for market gardens in Bombay south Auckland. Police taking bribes. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

1970 – Harvey and Jeanette Crewe Pukekawa South Auckland. 22 June 1970. 16 Aug 1970 Jeanette Crewe’s body was found in the Waikato river. 16 Sept 1970 Harvey Crewe’s body was found in the same river. On 11 Nov 1970, Detective Bruce Hutton, who lead the police investigation arrested Arthur Allan Thomas and charged him with the murders. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

1970 – Points. The mystery woman could have been a man with a wig? Also on 15 Sept 2015 one person was mysteriously found dead in the Waikato river. Also five people were rescued from the Wakato river. Mystery as to why they were there and how they ended up in the Waikato river. Another point. If the killers were so careful as to leave no evidence. Why would the policeman implicate themseves by planting false evidence and framing up Arthur Thomas. If the police did it, surely they would not have implicated themselves like this. Makes me wonder if these police were not being framed up too. Maybe by some knighted people in power?

1970-71 – Nov 1970. 17 Aug 1970 Policeman John Hughes. Owen Priest and Len Demler. Harry Leech. Len Johnston was yet another a crooked cop. 5 Aug 1970 Auckland Star report. Forensic Jim Sprott. (Artthur Allan Thomas. Crew murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ)

1970-71 – Policeman John Hughes. Stan Keith 21 Oct 1970. 22 Oct 1970 Bruce Hutton. 25 Oct 1970 policeman Len Johnston. 17 June 1970 the ratepayers meeting. Farmer Brian Murray is dead but in 1971 he gave an interview to NZ Weekly news. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

1970-72 – Police forensics Frank Cairns. Book by Chris Birt. Alexander Fletcher 1970. 1972 Doug Vesey. Fletcher died in a suspicious workplace accident before his evidence could be verified. Policeman Bruce Hutton. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

1970-72 – Bruce Roddick 23 June 1970 and 19 June 1970. Queenie McConachie 20 June 1970. 15 May 1972 Richard Thomas. Bruce Hutton. Bruce Roddick is dead. (Arthur Alllan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

1970-74 – Auckland Star 5 Aug 1971. DSIR and the Crewe murders. Sir Trevor Henry, a judge was knighted in 1970. Sir Trevor Henry died age 105 in 2007. The Winebox inquiry in 1995. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

1970 to 1976 – Unsolved murders. (7 Nov 2012 Law management Wingate Blogspot).

1970 -78 – Peter Garratt 1978 and 1970 different axles. Harvey Crewe’s body was found in the Waikato river. Policemen Bruce Hutton and Len Johnston. 13 oct 1970. Policeman Bruce Parkes. DSIR Donald Nelson. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

April 1970 – The Thomas farm was visited twice to check on cats. (NZ Herald. David Fisher 20 Oct 2014).

14-15 May 1970 – Doctor. Taupo Rotorua. Olive Walker was murdered, unsolved, a poor Maori girl. Olive Oriwira Walker, 18 years old in Rotorua. Tourism the American ship “Mariposa” was in Auckand with visits to Rotorua. Unsolved murder. (By a person or persons unknown. George Joseph ©1982 NZ).

15 May 1970 – Olive Walker Rotorua. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

June 1970 – Harvey and Jeannette Crewe were shot and killed at their Pukekawa home in June 1970. They were found five days later and their daughter Rochelle was found alive in her cot. (NZ Herald David Fisher 20 Oct 2014).

June July 1970 – 26 June 1970 Policemen Bruce Hutton, John Hughes and Phil Seaman 15 July 1970. David Yallop. Owen Priest and his wife Julie. Policeman John Roberts. Fred Hoskins. Policeman Mike Charles. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

June Aug 1970 – 2 July 1970Arthur Allan Thomas got a visit from policeman John Hughes. John Handcock. John Hughes and policeman Bruce Parkes 12 Aug 1970. 16 Aug 1970 whitebaiters Joseph Adams and John Gerbowitz found the Crewe’s bodies in the Waikato river. (Arthr Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

June Sept 1970 – Bruce Hutton 16 Sept 1970 and the police search for the Crewe’s. Pieces of jigsaw evidence. Policeman Craig Duncan. Demler on 9 July 1970. Policeman Phil Seaman 24 June 1970. Policeman John Hughes 23 June 1970. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

17 June 1970 – Night of murders. Harvey and Jeannette Crewe. Cold case murder on the Thomas farm. (NZ Herald. David Fisher 20 Oct 2014).

17-22 June 1970 – The Crewe murders on 17 June 1970, the bodies were not found until 22 June 1970. Police oficer John Hughes was also involved in the Bassett road machine gun murders in the mid 1960s. (Arthur Allan Thomas. The inside story. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)20210 NZ).

17-22 June 1970 – Harvey and Jeanette Crewe were murdered 22 June 1970. Unsolved. Police corruption, Bruce Hutton. There was a heavy storm on 17 June 1970, nearby Waikato river. Len Demler waa a suspect. (The case of the missing bloodstain. Crewe murders, corrupt police. Keith Hunter (c)2012 NZ).

22 June 1970 – Cold case and letters by email. The Crewe murders at Onewhero. No one was convicted. Arthur Alan Thomas was released from jail with a pardon. (Arthur Allan Thomas. The inside story. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

22 June 1970 – Discovery of the Crewe murders. Bruce Hutton policeman. Ross Meurant policeman was at the Crewe inquiry. Policeman John Roberts. Len Demler was a suspect. Who killed the Crewe’s? No fingerprints were left in the houses, prior planning the organization. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

July 1970 – Policeman Mike Charles. Owen Priest. Bruce Hutton. Graeme Hawson. John Handcock was the former manager of the Crewe farm. Policeman Lin Sinton. Policeman Murray Jeffries. 11 July 1970 someone electrified a front gate. Policeman Bob Walton 15 July 1970. (Arthur lan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

Sept 1970 – 7 Sept 1970 Arthur Allan Thomas and policeman Bruce Parkes. Policemen Phil Seaman and Mike Charles. 16 Sept 1970 the body of Harvey Crewe was found by local policeman Gerald Wylie, who was also the man first on the scene when the Crewe’s were reported missing. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

Oct 1970 – Ten prisoners held four officers hostage at Paremoromo prison. Armed police were outside the prison, a riot. Leader of the riot was Stanley Rangi. On life imprisonment. (Justice Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

Oct 1970 – Policemen Len Johnston and Bruce Hutton. A winter storm. Farmer Ross Fleming. 15 Oct 1970 Len Johnston. Arthur Allan Thomas. Policeman Bruce Parkes. Police planted things. Julie and Owen Priest Oct 1970 the planted cartridge 21 oct 1970. policeman Stan Keith planted bullets. Len Johnston planted things too. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

26 Oct 1970 – The Crewe murders and the Waikato river. Policeman Murray Jeffries. Policemen Mike Charles and Bruce Parkes. Bruce Hutton and Len Johnston. Vivien Thomas knew it was a frame up by the police. Malcolm McArthur died. He knew Bruce Hutton. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

1971 – NZ mysteries. Nicola McCloy. Secrets, spooks, conspiracies and con artists. Unexplained deaths. Whitcouls ©2005. ©1971. ISBN 1-87732-736-0.

1971-72 – Ian Milner, NZ Soviet spy, was at the uni of Otago for a year, after being at the Charles uni in Prague Czech. He was also spying for the Communist Czech police. .(Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

2 March 1971 – Arthur Allan Thomas. No obvious motive for the Crewe murders. Superintendent Sid Ward is dead now. Bruce Hutton got the NZ police certificate of merit. Police Commissioner. Angus Shrimpton. Sir Angus was knighted. (Athur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

12 March 1971 – Terrence Clark first prison sentence came after being convicted of burglary and five charges of receiving stolen goods. He was released on 8 July 1974. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

May Sept 1971 – Police malpractice. A hotel in Whangarei where stolen 50 pound notes were found. Mount Eden prison. Plenty of police evidence in NZ. 20 Sept 1971 Leonard Evans jury trail Auckland 13 May 1971 bombing. Planted evidence. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

21 July 1971 – Daniel Houpapa, a youth shot dead by police in Taumarunui,, the death of the 17 year old Mongrel mob member. The police officer who fired the fatal shot. Hounded by the police, followed and provoked. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

5 Aug 1971 – Alexander Edwin Fletcher and Bruce Hutton. Fletcher spoke to Len Johnston policeman. Policeman Phil Seaman and the Waikato river. Thomas Royal Commission 10 years after the Crewe murders. Auckland Aug 1971 Robert Gilmore. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

25 Dec 1971 – Zelma Valini aged 21 was found in the Thames river Christchurch, on 25 Dec 1971, bullets. (Person or persons unknown. George Joseph ©1982 NZ).

1972 – Evan Swain, NZ’s unsolved murders. Wilson Horton Auckland.

1972 – Filming for ‘Survey’ in Dunedin in 1972. (Bloodied but not beaten. Rod Vaughan NZ (c)2012).

1972 – Gilliam Morris aged 14 shot. Francis Raymond Richards aged 20 found dead in Memorial park. He got a license for a rifle on the day of the murder. (Tauranga murders in history. 23 Sept 2014 Sun Live).

1972 – David Wayne Tamihere was aged 19. Murder of a 23 year old alleged stripper Mary Barcham in 1972, with an air rifle butt. Two years jail. An accidental death, manslaughter charges. (Missing pieces. Swedish tourist murders. Ian Wishart (c)2012 NZ).

1972-80 – Royal Commision on 26 July 1980. Ten years later. Robert Adams Smith QC. Bruce Roddick 15 May 1972. Pat Vesey. The Waikato river and police corruption. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

28 February 1972 – Sonya Ash Pryor’s 10th birthday.

29 April 1972 – NZ newspapers ltd, libel case. Auckland Star article 29 April 1972, The stench of prison. Ron Jorgenson and Peter Williams 3 Feb 1983 Ron Jorgenson was given parole. About Dec 1984 Ron Jorgenson disappeared from his Kaikoura home. Some say he is still alive and living in Australia. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

June 1972 – A riot broke out in Paremoremo prison. They took a warder hostage. Prisoners were taken to Oakley mental prison. Legal aid was not available. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

11 Dec 1972 – PM Norman Kirk, NZ involvement in the Vietnam war was ending, Withdraw began. 37 NZers, 36 army and 1 air force, were killed in the Vietnam war. First involved NZ in 1965. (On this day in NZ. Ron Palenski ©2010).

1973 – Donald Armstrong Akuira McLean was shot dead by his wife. (Tauranga murders in history. 23 Sept 2014 Sun Live).

1973 – Con Devitt, Communist and the China Russia related Wellington workers communist league of NZ, unions 1979. NZ union ban on trade with Chile after the overthrow of Salvador Allende, a Communist in 1973. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1973-76 – Imported Thai buddha sticks were readily available in New Zealand, imported Buddha sticks. . Corrupt police were protecting the trade. In 1974 after his release from Wi Tako prison, Terry Clark started drug trafficking. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).

1973-76 – Royal Dutch orient line ships Straat line ships. New Zealand between 1973 and 1975 Chinese Jack Choo smuggled and sold hundreds of thousands of Buddha sticks in New Zealand. The Straat ships Auckland and Wellington ports, smuggled from Thailand between 1973 and 1976 New Zealand had lots and lots of Buddha sticks. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

Aug 1973 – Peter Williams first met Arthur Allan Thomas, who got life in jail at Paremoremo charged with murder. 22 June 1970, Aug Sept 1970. Kevin Ryan. Police fabrication of evidence. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

15 Aug 1973 – The American defeat in Vietnam. (The Shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

1974 – Wellington NZ. Pertseus was code named the ‘submarine’ KGB at the Soviet embassy in Wellington. Intel gathering. The cold war and NZ. Western intel called ‘the Big five’ now called five eyes. (Spy. Kit Bennetts SIS (c)2006 NZ).

1974 – Dr Sutch and Yuri Drozhin, his previous handler ,working together for some years before April 1974. 31 Aug 1974 Norman Kirk died of congestive Cardiac failure and heart disease. The NZ govt was warned about Dr Sutch by the Americans and British. Dr Sutch activties in the 1930s and 40s. Sutch may have been recruited by the Soviets on his visit to the USSR in 1932. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

1974-76 – The skipper of the Brigadoon was a 30 year old New Zealander, Peter Laurence Miller, and George Papaconstantinoui, another New Zealander. Mid 1974 early 1975. Miller set sail for Thailand Michael Lampshire, a car sales manager, and his brother Kevin. Brigadoon left NZ in late Aug 1975 and arrived back in NZ 21 March 1976. Bangkok Thailand. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

1974-76 – NZ 1970’s Communist unionists were Jim Knox, Toby Hill and Frank Thorn 1974. Con Devitt NZ unions Communist 3 Sept 1976. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1974-77 – The Sutch case. Evening Post 12 Oct 1977. 10,000 people protested NZSIS HQ and NZ’s gulag brothels. Dr Sutch and the KGB, something was going on. A wilderness of mirrors. 26 Sept 1974. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

1974-79 – Harry Lewis was born in Wyndham UK 12 July 1942, married in 1965, son in 1968. They immigrated to NZ in 1974, Auckland 1975 and 76, girlfriend a maori girl Lois Haslett. Harry Lewis couriers for Terry Clark and Chinese Jack Choo on the Thailand Singapore run 1977-78. 8 May 1978 a female courier Viviane Short Sydney. Harry Lewis used a false name Stanley John Weinert. His body was found on 15 March 1979 he had been murdered. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

1974-86 – Peter Plumley Walker was born in Britstol UK on 20 May 1937. In 1974 his family emigrated to NZ Pakuranga. Pornograph , a homosexual, a sexual deviant. In 1986 he was arrested for indecent exposure. A trial in the Auckland high court in 23 Nov 1989. A woman in prison for eight years was charged with importing heroin, she was granted bail after making a statement. His family left the UK because of exposing himself to children. Sexually abused children. A paedophile. (A case of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams ©2000).

Jan-April 1974 – 18 April 1974 Wellington code named ‘hyderabad’ Vitaly Pertsev the Soviet embassy’s superintendent a KGB officer with little English. Dimitri Aleksandrovich Razgovorov first secretary at the Soviet embassy. He arrived in NZ on 25 Jan 1974 another KGB officer. (Spy. Kit Bennetts SIS (c)2006 NZ).

March 1974 – March 1976 – After his release from Waitako prison in March 1974 Terry Clark was in Auckland with his wife Norma Fleet, who was a heroin addict. Attempt to smuggle heroin from Fiji, using a woman’s name, Valerie Karam, trial in March 1976. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

9 April 1974 – 4.9 earthquake in Dunedin. Damaged chimneys and things fell of shelves. ODT reports. (TVNZ 2 June 2015).

May 1974 – The Official Secrets Act was used by police to search the home of a government worker to find Confidential cabinet documents. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

May Aug 1974 – NZ govt in early May 1974. Razgovorov was at the Soviet embassy in Wellington, then moved to a flat in Karori. 25 July 1974 Dr Sutch was a controlled KGB asset acting as an agent of influence. PM was Norman Kirk. Aug 1974 NZ Labour PM Norman Eric Kirk aged 51 a Unionist. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

July Aug 1974 – Paul Freeman. Labour govt Norman Kirk Unionists Jack Lewin. Bill Sutch and Labour MP Gerald O’Brien. Socialism in one fowl swoop. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

1 July 1974 – New evidence in Arthur Allen Thomas case. Court of appeal. Auckland library. Natlib.

8 July 1974 – Terrence Clark was released from prison and began drug trafficking. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

Sept 1974 – NZ closed its mission in Moscow in 1950 and re opened it in 1973. The wildernes of mirrors.

Sept Oct 1974 – Dr Sutch was nominated to appear in the honors list. He would have been knighted by the Queen. NZ policeman Colin Lines, arrested Dr Sutch in Wellington. Missing a meeting passing documents to the Soviets. Attorney General Dr Martyn Finlay Oct 1974. Dr Sutch lawyer was Mike Bungay from Greig and co. Dr Martyn Finlay and Dr Sutch were friends. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

26 Sept 1974 – Bill Sutch passed things to the KGB handler and to the Soviet embassy. Bill Sutch was arrested , he passed things to the Soviets. Razgovorov. Bill Sutch was arrested and charged. Highly classified documents were found among Bill Sutch’s papers, at his home after a search by police. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

26 Sept 1974 – 67 year old Dr Bill Sutch. Official Soviet Dimitri Razgovorov. Wellington former government department worker. Official secrets act. (Spies reolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

26 Sept 1974 – Colin Lines police SIS. Sutch and Dmitri Razgovorov a KGB officer in Wellington. KGB Vitaly Pertsev and Razgovorov. Aro street Wellington. Colin Lines and a package handed to Alexi Makarov which had come from Sutch. (Bloodied but not beaten. Rod Vaughan NZ (c)2012).

25 Sept 1974 – NZ in 1951.Bill Sutch retired from the NZ government in 1965. On 25 Sept 1974 Bill Sutch met with Dmitri Razgovorov from the Soviet embassy in NZ. SIS surveillance, and the two men were arrested. Charged under the official secrets act of 1951. Sutch’s trial was in Feb 1975. (NZ mysteries. Nicole McCloy ©2005 NZ).

26 Sept 1974 – Arrest of leftist economist NZLP supporter WB Sutch, working for the KGB, D Razgovorov. The trial began 16 Feb 1975, Sutch was found guilty (NZ and the Soviet Union. AC Wilson ©2004).

26 Sept 1974 – Dr Sutch was arrested. He passed things to Razgovorov, taken by Pertsev. Dr Sutch handed Razgovorov a package. He gave the package to Belousov. Colin Lines, NZ policeman, arrested Sutch in Wellingon. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

Oct 1974 – (1 Aug 2014. Radio NZ) New twist in Sutch spy claims. SIS, Bill Sutch trial in 1975 codenamed “Maori”.

17 Oct 1974 – Dr Sutch secretary was Aldon Arlukiewicz, a woman. Dr Sutch wrote a 5 page letter to his good friend Dr Finlay. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

1975 – Mona Blades disappeared. (Still missing. Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).

1975 – Terrence Clark brought a vessel the “Catana” for transporting drugs from south east Asia to NZ. Clark made several trips to south east Asia in 1975, Thai sticks. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

1975 – The Ombudsman’s Act of 1975 was still used on 19 March 2015. Richard Ruddenklau NZ Ombudsman. Brendan Boyle WINZ.

1975 – Tom Lewis worked on the Mr Asia drug ring case. Police Norm Cook, corruption and buddha sticks. Zak Ratana was allegedly a member of the Mr Asia drug ring. Craig Leslie Brown. John Sydney West. Peter Fulcher. Christopher Martin Johnstone. Terry Clark and allegedly Zak Ratana. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 Ton Lewis).

1975 – 13 years old at boarding school in Oamaru, Waitaki girls. I was sent there because I complained about the paedophile Roland Watson. Sonya Ash Pryor aka Judith Rose Pryor.

1975 – Edward Sutch file appears to be smoking gun. Dominion Post Wellington 11 Aug 2014. Sutch was an economist, left wing. Espionage trial in Wellington 1975.

1975 – The voyage of a NZ yaucht, the ‘Valkay’, which went to Thailand to bring back drugs to NZ. National party MPs and lawyers. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

1975 – Malborough Express 14 Aug 2014. Out in the cold. Sutch was a left wing economist. Espionage trial in Wellington in 1975.

1975 – What happened to Lionel Sydney Russell age 25. In summer 1975 he went into the bush, on a drug op., two shots were heard, linked to Mr Asia. His disappearance was not reported until 1997. By the 8 year old boy who is now age 43. He said Lionel was murdered. Lionel was living in Te Kuiti. Lionel went into Whanganui national park near Raetiki with 2 other men and the 8 year old boy. He did not return. Linked to. Mr Asia, Dominion Post. 20 March 2004.

1975-79 – Paddy McNally stealing diamonds from a Napier Jewelers shop. He died and the depositions and the trial did not proceed. In 1975 Auckland New Lynn. Paddy McNally in Sydney, the police knew he was wanted in NZ but were extorting money from him anyway. 1979 McNally was shot 3 times in Sydney, he returned to make payments to police. Corruption in police. He was brutally murdered in Sydney. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

1975-86 – 8 Nov 1975 Nugan Hand bank, Ted Shackley. Aug 1986 58 year old CIA agent Ralph W McGehee. European Pacific 1986 offices in NZ, Australia, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Samoa and Rarotonga. Jarden Morgan. Deak foreign exchange. Lockheed bribes. 3 July 1979 money laundering of $US3 million for corrupt Thai officials. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ)

21 Feb 1975 – William Bell Sutch. The Supreme court in Wellington charged him with spying. He was arrested in September 1974 and charged under the official secrets act that, between 18 April and 26 Sept 1974 Sutch had a series of secret meetings with a Russian diplomat, Dimitri Razyovorov. Sutch denied the charge. A jury took seven hours to find him not guilty. Sutch died on 28 Sept 1975. His security file was made public in June 2008. (On this day in NZ. Ron Palenski ©2010).

26 Feb 1975 – Dr Sutch interview with NZBC seven days. Ian Fraser. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

May 1975 – Australian’s Murray Riley syndicate, Cornwall and Moylans. . Three drug shipments came into NZ hidden in the luggage of passengers on an ocean liner. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

21 May 1975 – Oil hope for NZ. The Guardian 1959-2003 London UK.

31 May 1975 – 18 year old Mona Elizabeth Blades disappeared, hitchicking from Hamilton to Hastings. No body has ever been found and no one has been charged with her disappearance. (On this day in NZ. Ron Palenski ©2010).

31 May 1975 – 18 year old Mona Blades went missing. She went hitchking. (Flashback. 40 years since Mona Blades went missing. Dominion Post Wellington. 30 May 2015).

31 May 1975 – Mona Blades went missing. Hitchiking. Pinterest board. Police Graham Bell said a serial killer was in New Zealand during the 1970s. Hitchiker murders. Mona Blades was last seen hitchiking from Hamilton to Napier.

July 1975-July 1979 – Jim Shepherd started working with Clark in mid 1977, until July 1979, illegal hard drugs. Between July 1975 and July 1979 Clark slowly deteriorated from cocaine addiction, in late 1979. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

Aug 1975 – Peter Williams had enemies in the police. Cases against the police for malicious prosecutions. Exposing police malpractise and a history if corruption in the police in the 1970s. He employed a woman graduate named Karen Soich who came from a well known Yugoslav family in Whangarei. An alleged drug deal in Aug 1975 by Terry Clark aka Terrence Alexander Sinclair. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

Aug Sept 1975 – Aug 1975 Dr Sutch was diagnosed with cancer, one year after his arrest. He went into a coma and died the next day on 28 Sept 1975. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

August 1975 – March 1976 – The “Brigadoon” left NZ and returned to NZ. Sailed to Thailand to collect buddha sticks for Mr Asia drug syndicate, Bangkok in October 1975. Via Indonesia for three and a half months. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).

28 Sept 1975 – Bill Sutch (Communist spy), was born in the UK on 27 June 1907 and died in NZ on 28 Sept 1975. Bill Sutch biography.

Oct Dec 1975 – Police investigation and propaganda, drug trafficking in the 1970s, heroin Auckland. Opium in Greys ave by Chinese, protected by the police. Many drug addicts began using heroin at the Greys ave opium dens. Corrupt police in the mid 1970s. Oct 1975 Clark was arrested and charged with importing heroin into NZ along with Ray Brunnell, he used couriers, heroin into Wellington airport. Auckland Dec 1975. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

3 October 1975 – Terrence Clark was arrested and charged with importing heroin into NZ. Clark got bail and fled to Australia. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

1976 – I was raped at age 14 by Rex Connolley and I got pregnant. My adopted mother forced me to go to hospital and have an abortion in Dunedin. Doctor Borrie, Roland Watson and Rex Connolly were all part of a Dunedin paedophile ring. The rape was never reported to the police.

1976 – Old coaching days in Otago and Southland EM Lovell Smith (Trade me $38).

1976 – Off NZ coasts alone in 1976 there were at least 30 Soviet fishing vessels at any one time. (p94 NZ and the Soviet Union. AL Wilson ©2004).

1976 – George Griffiths in search of an ancestor Otago heritage books Dunedin.

1976 – ARANZ is an incorporated society which was established in 1976. The importance of records and archives in NZ. Preservation and use of archives and records. (NZ genealogist March April 2012 p95).

1976 – Ron Jorgenson while with Peter Williams got poisoned. Auckland hospital report of toxicology and a plant called lily-taro. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

1976-77 – In 1976 an Auckland nightclub called Pips international began. Jim Shepherd was a silent partner with Graham Smith in the Auckland nightclub Pips international. Included gambling, a manila casino. It burnt down in late 1977. No one was ever charged with burning down Pips. Mr Asia drug syndicate links. (Mr Asia. ©2010 Australia Jim Diamond Shepherd).

1976-78 – In Feb 1976 Clark got bail. Police wanted bail for Clark, within a week he disappeared until mid 1978, when he was arrested in Brisbane and extradited to Auckland 17 Feb 1977, 18 Feb 1977, Dec 1978 Detectives from the Auckland drug squad were trying to set up Peter Williams. 22 Jan 1979. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

January 1976 – Heidi Charles disappeared on New Years eve, an unsolved murder. (Still missing. Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).

29 Jan 1976 – 13 year old Tracey Ann Patient. Unsolved murder. 28 Jan 2016.

29 Jan 1976 – Tracy Ann Patient was murdered, unsolved. Sex attack in Auckland. Raped. (By a person or persons unknown. George Joseph ©1982 NZ).

29 Jan 1976 – Unsolved murder. Radio NZ. 28 Jan 2016.

29 Jan 1976 – Tracey Ann Patient. 13 years old Waitakeri Auckland. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

29 Jan 1976 – 13 year old Tracey Ann Patient. Unsolved murder. 28 Jan 2016.

29-30 Jan 1976 – The Patient family had emigrated to NZ from the UK soon before Tracy’s death. British.. The Patient family returned to the UK soon after Tracy’s death. Murder unsolved. (By a person or persons unknown. George Joseph ©1989 NZ).

30 Jan 1976 – Body found in the Waitakere ranges. Tracey Ann Patient 13 years old. 40 years later the killer still not been found. Auckland suburb of Henderson. Unsolved murder. (28 Jan 2016. NZ Herald. Lynley Bilby).

March 1976 – 450,000 Thai buddha sticks were smuggled into NZ on the yacht “Brigadoon”. This allegedly gave Terry Clark the money to buy hundreds of kilos of high grade heroin in Asia. (Was it on credit?) Martin Johnstone was Mr Asia maybe? (Mr Asia ©2010 Aust NZ J Shepherd).

March 1976 – Cannabis imported into NZ on the “Brigadoon” by Christopher Johnstone was sold by Clark’s network, which included Douglas Wilson. Clark also arranged heroin to be sent to NZ. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

1 May 1976 – Natlib. Double murder of Janet Ball Greenhorn in 1964. Alexander George Doull 13 years earlier, Toxicology. Auckland library.

July 1976 – Sir Guy Powles was NZ’s first Ombudsman. He was a Socialist and friend of Dr Bill Sutch. (The Soviet spy). Bob Tizard and Dr Martyn Finlay. Sir Guy in July 1976 wrote a top secret report. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

Aug 1976 – Ron Jorgenson was in jail for over 12 years. He was released in August 1976. Contact with Peter Williams and Kevin Ryan. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

Aug 1976 – NZ Herald reports. Death of 65 year old Mate Kingi Davis of Ponsonby. Death in police custody. Bruises, punched and kicked with head injuries. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

Nov 1976 – Ron Jorgenson in Christchurch, he was accused of selling marijuana to an undercover cop. He got three years jail in Christchurch prison. NZ Truth news media Auckland, a libel case against them. Truth launched a campaign against Ron Jorgenson. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

31 Dec 1976 – Heidi Seek age 29. Unsolved murder. (7 Nov 2012 Law management Wingate blogspot).

1977 – The GCSB was set up. Echelon. Sigint. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1977 – LP Leary. Not entirely legal. Whitcoulls Christchurch.

1977 – Sidney Bloch. Peter Reddaway. Russian political hospitals. The abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union. London Victor Gollancz.

1977 – Muldoons SIS reforms. NZ police state 10,000 protesters in 1977. ( 7 June 2015).

1977 – Cheques were cashed in Auckland. Australian Murray Riley, heroin trafficking, casinos and false passports. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1977-84 – In 1977 Donald Gerald Stewart NSW Australian court government of premier Neville Wran. In 1981 Wran govt appointed Stewart a judge of NSW supreme court. Royal commission for Mr Asia inquiry 20 July 1984. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

7 July 1977 – The day Sonya Ash Pryor aka Judith Rose Pryor left school in Dunedin. Queens high school in Dunedin at 15 years old. My first job was working for the Chin Chinese family as a kitchen hand in the restaurant. My boss Eddie Chin later died and his son became Mayor of Dunedin.

10 Aug 1977 – Russian’s want bases in NZ. The Irish Times 1921-current Dublin Ireland.

1978 – Robert Trimbole and Terrence John Clark. Mr Asia heroin smuggling. (Crims in grass castles. Keith Moor Aust ©2009).

1978 – Terry Clark was in Auckland Mt Eden jail. Karen Soich was an associate solicitor working for the NZ criminal lawyer Peter Williams 1979. 1970s the lawyer that Karen Soich worked for in 1978 was Peter Williams QC. He got Terry Clark acquitted of the heroin charges he was on in Oct 1978. Peter Williams had ten murder acquittals in a row. Jim Shepherd knew Peter Williams since the 1960s in Auckland. Peter Aldridge Williams QC. Clark’s heroin trial in Oct 1978 Nov 1978. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

1978-79 – On 19 March 1979, after a seven day trial. Simon Heatly Dods, possession of cannabis for supply, the first trail was in Oct 1978. Six years jail. Police took cannabis used in another case and deliberately placed it in Dods car. Third trial 20 July 1979. Dods was found not guilty. Simon later died. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

1978-1980 – In 1978 Forged British passport. Raymond Francis Everett real name John Symonds. 1980 returned to the UK. False 1972. Vasili Mitrokhin at Lubienka square Moscow. KGB foreign intel. Info about NZ. Power unitlities and oil pipelines. Richard Tomlinson M16 was jailed for trying to publish his memoirs. (Bloodied but not beaten. Rod Vaughan NZ (c)2012).

March 1978 – Chinese Triads in Thailand, heroin trafficking. Australian Murray Riley and ships. New Zealander Graham Lyall Cann had a boat called the ‘Choyro maru’. Cann was a member of Mr Asia drug syndicate. Cann went to Hua Hin Thailand, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon islands. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

3 April 1978 – Michael John Dudley. Working for a TV repair company in Dunedin Otago. Born 2 June 1957. Missing person. (NZ police missing persons).

25 May 1978 – Bastion point Auckland. Ngati Whatua Waitemata harbour. 600 police and army arrested 230 protesters. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

June 1978 – Terry Clark’s 23 year old girlfriend was Karen Soich. She grew up in Whangarei and studied law at Auckland university. She worked for Auckland barrister Peter Williams. Clark was his client, and she helped defend him. Clark was extradited to face heroin import charges in NZ in June 1978. (Law breakers mischief. ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).

June 1978 – Terry Clark in Brisbane cells, extradited to NZ to face his old heroin charges. (Mr Asia. ©2010 J Shepherd Aust NZ).

9 June 1978 – Terry Clark in Sydney and Brisbane. Arrested and extradited to NZ. Clark at Mount Eden prison. Detective Sergeant Ronald Pickering a Queensland policeman, bribery. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

June Oct 1978 – June 1978 Terry Clark was arrested in Australia and extradited to NZ Aug 1978 Kevin Ryan trial transferred from Auckland to Wellington Aug 1978. 26 Oct 1978 Jonathan Parker, Mount Eden prison. Police were offering bribes to inmates who would give statements to the police detrimental to Clark’s case. Noel Zahan a prisoner, $2,000 for info, offers made by police. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

Oct 1978 – Investigation into the Crewe murders. Royal Commission of Inquiry. Bruce Hutton and Len Johnson framed Arthur Alan Thomas for the Crewe murders. Johnson died in 1978 and Hutton died in 2013. (NZ Herald David Fisher 20 Oct 2014).

27 Oct 1978 – Bribes were paid to Justice Ongley in exchange for evidence to be excluded. Police were trying to smear Peter Williams. Terry Clark and Kevin Ryan. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

31 Oct 1978 – Terrence Clark, Mr Asia, was extradited to NZ from Australia. Trial on charges of importing heroin. He was acquitted on 31 Oct 1978. He returned to Australia and heroin smuggling. (Crims in grass castles. Keith Moor (c)2009 Australia).

30 Nov 1978 – Alister McIntosh died. The Mcintosh papers with ommissions are at the Alexander Turnbull library public.

Dec 1978 – Arrest of two Mr Asia syndicate women, Allison Dine and Wendy Shrimpton in Wellington. (Mr Asia. James Diamond Jim Shepherd ©2010 Australia)

1979 – The SIS, Michael Parker Dunmore Press Palmerston North (NZ and the Soviet Union. AL Wilson (c)2004).

1979 – National register of archives and manuscripts National library Wellington.

1979 – Peter Fulcher was questioned about the deaths of Doug and Isabel Wilson. He was not charged. Fulcher was arrested in 1979, he had a disguise, a false passport, and a plane ticket to London. In and out of prison ever since. (Law breakers mischief. ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).

1979 – Patchwork. Lauri Tapsell. Wilson Horton NZ. ISBN 0-88884-041-1.

1979-80 – 17 Dec 1979 Arthur Allan Thomas was granted a pardon. He had spent over nine years in jail. Royal Commission to inquire. 21 May 1980 Kevin Ryan and Pete Williams represented Arthur Alan Thomas. Malpractice by police and scientific witnesses. Misconduct of police, exposure of police corruption and scientific bigotry. Many of the important documents had been destroyed, the police claim they had lost all records. Bruce Hutton and detective Johnston had planted the Charles shell case and fabricated evidence. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

1979-80 – Peter Williams, former law clerk Karen Soich was arrested in the UK. Soich met Clark while Peter Williams was defending him. After a long trial in the UK Clark was sentenced to life in jail. Eb Leary returned from the UK Jan 1980. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

1979-84 – 19 April 1982 Yvonne Bennett, her husband was a sergeant in the Royal NZ Air force. Warwick Bennett of Hobsonville base was a helicopter crewman. She was from Middlesborough UK to NZ and got married in 1979. Yvonne’s sister and grandparents were in the UK. Her British passport was held by the police. In Aug 1983 Bennett left NZ to work for the Oman Air force in the Persian Gulf. In Sept 1984 Yvonne’s parents left NZ to return to the UK. (A case of murder, unsolved NZ. Tony Williams ©2000).

1979-2005 – Saudi Arabian prince Mohammad visited Las Vegas a lot, said Sue Bennett, a New Zealand flight attendant on prince Mohammad’s jet from 1979 to 1981. Sue Bennett ran a recruitment company in New Zealand in 2005. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the kingdom ©2005 US).

April 1979 – Trimbole was also a close friend of Mr Asia’s Peter Fulcher, who tried to reactivate the syndicate after the arrest of Clark in the UK. (Crims in grass castles. ©2009 Keith Moor Aust).

26 Aprl 1979 – Mr B Peach. NZ born teacher and member of the anti-Nazis in the UK. Died from head injuries at a political riot. Auckland library. Natlib.

1 July 1979 – Auckland Queen street nightclub murder. Brian Ronald McDonald allegedly shot Margaret Bell aged 17 in the head. NZ Listener. I was living in Titirangi Auckland with Charles Caulder Bree, (Chas), who was at the nightclub? (NZ listener). I thought it was a drive by shooting. What about Lebanese connected to Mr Asia?

5 July 1979 – 91 year old Ernst George Englebrecht death in Lower Hutt. A cold case. Pensioner’s death, beaten to death in his Alicetown home. Homocide. He saved cash at his home but none was later found. ( Jared Nicoll. 6 Nov 2015).

Late 1979 – Dr Sutch got to be number 2 on the IRD tax dept most wanted tax evader. He had been dead for 4 years. What happened to his numbered Swiss bank account. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

Guess time I was pregnant… Charles Bree, his brother Scott Bree was murdered on the Grafton bridge in Auckland. He was a homosexual and a hairdresser. I was living in Whangarei with Charles and spent time at his mothers place. He had a bus parked at his mothers. I was amazed seeing pictures of Margaret Bell how she looked like me. I remember the night. I hid in the house in Titirangi, I would not open the door. Was Charles at the club?

1 July 1979 – Mainstreet nightclub in Queen street Auckland. 17 year old Margaret Bell who worked for the club. She had been shot, one gunshot. Margaret Hinurewa Ngahiwi Bell she was part Maori. The person who fired the shot mistook her for someone else. Margaret was mistaken for another woman. But who? The Mr Asia drugs syndicate was on the front pages of the newspapers. (A case of murder, unsolved NZ. Tony Williams ©2000).

14 Oct 1979 – Mr Asia found murdered. Drug syndicate. Marty Johnstone aka Terence Sinclair was found at a quarry in Lancashire UK. NZ History.

28 Nov 1979 – 257 passengers and crew on Air NZ Airbus flight TE901 crashed in Antarctica. NZ History..

17 Dec 1979 – Hauta prison farm and superintendant John Todd. The pardon of Arthur Allan Thomas. A Microlight plane and the Waikato river. Aircraft out of control landed in a paddock. Sergeant Johnston is now dead. Clues regarding the Waikato river. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

1980 – NZ Herald journalist Pat Booth book the “Mr Asia” file life and death of Marty Johnston published in 1980.

1980 – Plenty of evidence of corruption. Auckland police at the airport, the CIB was working with Mr Asia. (NZ police coveups and copouts. (c)1998 Tom Lewis).

1980s – NZ athletes sports team Olympic visit to Moscow Russia in the 1980s. (By a person or person unknown. George Joseph ©1982 NZ).

1980 – GJ Chapple. Rewi Alley in China. Hodder Stoughton. Auckland NZ.

1980 – Petticoat pioneers, South Island women of the colonial era, book 3 Barbara Harper ISBN 0-589-01310-6 Reed publishers.

1980 – David C Martin. Wilderness of mirrors. New York. Harper Row.

1980 – John Mark Bidois was killed in Welcome bay in a gang fight. (Tauranga murders in history. 23 Sept 2014 Sun Live).

1980 – Alicia O’Reilly aged 6 in Auckland. Raped and murdered in her bed. Unsolved NZ murders Facebook

1980-83 – June 1980 Terry Clark and Alison Dine, the police wanted info detrimental to a NZ lawyer. 7 July 1980 there were errors in Alison Dine’s testimony. 19 April 1982 an inquiry regarding $20,000 from Clark on 18 June 1982 two detectives said Peter Williams was implicated in drugs with Clark on 6 June 1983. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

24 Jan 1980 – The NZ government expelled the Soviet ambassador Vsevolod Sofinski for handing money to the SUP. Socialists. He had arrived in March 1979. In the Daily Telegraph UK on 29 August 1979 said Sofinski was identified as KGB. (NZ and the Soviet Union. AL Wilson ©2004).

24 Jan 1980 – Soviet ambassador expelled. NZ history online. Giving money to the pro Soviet Socialist unity party $10,000 to SUP.

24 Jan 1980 – Russian Vsevolod Sofinsky was expelled from NZ. $10,000 to the Socialist unity party. NZ Soviet trade increased after 1980. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2077 NZ).

25 Jan 1980 – NZ expels the Soviet ambassador. Ian Templeton. The Guardian 1959-2003 London UK.

9 Feb 1980 – NZ wants Russia to keep out of our affairs. Ian Templeton. The Guardian 1959-2003 London UK.

27 Feb 1980 – The Soviet ambassador to NZ, Vsevolod Sofinsky, was declared persona non grata and ordered to leave NZ within 72 hours. For giving $10,000 to the Socialist unity party. The money changed hands in a NZ hotel and was detected by the SIS as part of routine surveillance of Soviet embassy staff. Full diplomatic relations were re-established 4 years later. (On this day in NZ. ©2010 Ron Palenski).

4 April 1980 – Simon Paulus Buis aged 54. Mount Eden Auckland. Beaten to death. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

27 July 1980 – Randall Caulder Bree was born in Auckland. Son of Sonya Ash Pryor aka Judith Rose Pryor. Also son of Charles Caulder Bree, Auckland. Sonya was not, and is still not, allowed a lawyer.

1 September 1980 – Marion Granville was due to appear in court on drugs charges. She did not turn up. A drug syndicate. She was never seen again. Mr Asia links NZ. (Still missing. Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).

1981 – The police used violence against protesters opposing NZ support for the US, during the Vietnam war. 1981 Springbok tour of NZ, protesters opposing apartheid were beaten by police. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

1981 – Sydney. An NZ police officer and the NZ police. An Australian police officer named Mr Pickering and evidence at Terry Clarks trail. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

1981 – GRV Barratt. Russo phobia in NZ 1838-1908. Dunmore press Palmerston north.

1981 – The Queen’s Royal visit. Prince Charles. Dunedin CIS and the Southern Cross hotel in Dunedin. (NZ police coverups and copouts. ()1998 Tom Lewis).

1981-82 – From 10 to 14 Oct 1981 the CIB in Dunedin and the SIS. An armed robbery at a Post office $10,000 cash was stolen, and a shot was fired. Andersons bay post office in Dunedin. Bayfield high school where Christopher John Lewis got a plea bargain. Feb 1982 robbery charges. 1982 Lewis escaped. Then he was re captured. Borstall at 17 years old, then he was sent to Lake Alice mental prison. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 Tom Lewis).

1981-87 – Christopher John Lewis 9 may 1987. Fred Tullet a journalist at the Dominion in Welllington. Prisoner on the run to the west coast. Bank robbery in Christchurch, crashed a stolen car. Chris Bishop article Sunday Times 10 may 1987. NZ PM was David Lange. Chch Star 12 may 1987. OD 29 Oct 1981. A british Royal visit to Dunedin and an incident. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 Tom Lewis).

1981-90 – 28 Oct 1981 TVNZ. ODT Christopher John Lewis was in jail. 23 Oct 1981. ODT 14 May 1987 The British Royal tour incident in Dunedin. 29 Oct 1981 ODT. 1987 Lewis escaped from Lake Alice. Dunedin visit of Charles and Diana British Royals. 1987 Christopher John Lewis in jail for armed robbery. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 Tom Lewis).

12 Sept 1981 – Springbok tour protests. Onslow near Eden park Auckland. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

Oct 1981 – Andersons bay Dunbedin, Catholic primary school. Three armed men in military uniforms robbed a post office bank. Christopher John Lewis and three 17 year olds. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 Tom Lewis).

14 Oct 1981 – Dunedin mayor Skeggs and the British Royal visit to Dunedin of the Queen. Christopher John Lewis age 17 tried to assasinate the Queen. A cover up. He was also a suspect in the murder of Tania Furlan in Auckland. Police cover ups in 1981. The Dunedin child sex scandal in 1984. Corruption. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 Tom Lewis).

25 Oct 1981 – A large group of Soviet tourists visited NZ between 25 Oct and 1 Nov 1981. Three of them were known to have KGB connections. (NZ and the Soviet Union. AL Wilson ©2004).

1982 – New Years eve. I was violently raped. I was working at the DB Onerahi hotel in Whangarei. I was taken and raped by a group of men, who I did not know. Lucky to be alive. It was reported in the police, but the police did nothing.

1982 – By a person or persons unknown. Unsolved murders in NZ. George Joseph. Methuen NZ. The law book company Sydney. George Joseph was born in Glasgow Scotland, he migrated to NZ aged 3, then later too. Author of at least 28 books. ISBN 0-456-03200-2.

1982 – Sydney Morning Herald 20 Aug 1992. Stephen Lunn in 1982 worked for Challenge corporate services, a subsidiary of Fletcher Challenge. Investment banking. Lunn and a company called Securitibank in 1976, which collapsed a few months later. Michael Fay and David Richwhite. Securitibank employed Rod Petricevic and John Pani. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ). (26 Aug 2015 Rod Petricevic has just been paroled from jail, halfway through his sentence).

1982 – Detective Fredsham of the NSW police. Australian Stewart Royal commission drug dealing. John McLay in NZ. Money for the Brummell and Clark defence came from Peter Fulcher, in prison in Australia. Law becomes a tool of government control. Donald Gerald Stewart was a gambling journalist and a NSW policeman. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ)

1982 – 17-19 Ring terrace Auckland was a brothel for sex slavery. Flora McKenzie who owned and ran the brothel, died in 1982. (Justice Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

1982 – Alfred Anderson.. Christchurch. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

1982-1996 – Nov 1995 Radio Pacific Christopher John Lewis. The high court in Dunedin 1982 charged over an incident involving the British Queen. Lawyer J Murray Hanan. The Port Hills in Christchurch 1987. Bank robbery in Christchurch, crashed a car in the area. Port Hills. Lewis then went to the west coast then to Auckland 1996. Theft of a passport in Auckland, suspect in a murder Aug 1996. Tania Furlan in Howick Auckland. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c1)998 Tom Lewis).

8 February 1982 – Sonya Ash Pryor’s 20th birthday. Aka Judith Rose Pryor.

4 June 1982 – Alfred Anderson age 64, throat cut, severe beating, at his Waltham flat after returning from the movies. Unsolved murder. (Nine unsolved murders in Canterbury. The Press. 30 March 2012).

5 June 1982 – Unsolved murder. Alfred Anderson. Hastings street apartment Christchurch. He was a retired railway worker and he had his throat cut and beaten. It could have been a Muslim….

12 July 1982 – Poverty, homelessness hit NZ. The Irish Times 1921-current. Dublin Ireland.

1983 – Disappearance of Kirsa Jansen. Animal for a walk. The animal was found. Kirsa was kidnapped. Body never found. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Willimas (c)2000).

3 Feb 1983 – Ron Jorgenson and Peter Williams, given parole. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

July 1983 – Aug 1983 Hawaii company Bishop Baldwin collapsed, a CIA proprietary. Missing cash went into 100 bank accounts in south America, Spain, the Cayman islands, Cook islands on CIA business. Bishop Baldwin had a NZ office in Auckland in July 1983 a month before the collapse of the parent company. Iran Contra, the CIA in the Cook islands, the Cook islands trust corp. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

31 July 1983 – Sunday news article. Terry Clark after Clark was jailed in the UK. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ)

2 August 1983 – Doreen Gayle Meggitt. Missing person Waitara North island. Born 18 Feb 1953. (NZ police missing person).

1 September 1983 – Kirsa Mary Jensen 14 years old in Napier. She never returned home and was never seen again. A mystery unsolved to this day.

1 Sept 1983 – Kirsa Jensen. 14 years old. Napier missing. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

1984 – A history of Otago. Erik Olssen. John MaIndoe publishers ©1984 ISBN 0-86868-058-3.

1984 – Anne Bromell. Family history research in NZ. NZSG Auckland 1984 rev ed 1985.

1984 – Mr Asia. New Zealander Darryl Leigh Sorby was convicted, $10 million of heroin. 10 years jail. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1984 – The Dunedin sex ring scandal of 1984. Commission of enquiry and petitions. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 NZ Tom Lewis).

1984 – The convention against torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. (International human rights law. Oxford UK ©2014).

1984-85 – Ken Thomson and police involvement in a child sex ring in Dunedin, cover ups. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 Tom Lewis).

1984-86 – Christopher John Lewis, the SIS said he was a terrorist. He was sent to Lake Alice mental prison. 18 months later he was released. In 1984 he was sent to Cherry farm mental prison in Dunedin. Doctor Faed, a woman and Lewis in Dunedin. Jail on burglary charges in 1986. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 Tom Lewis).

March 1984 – Archie Banks, father of John Banks, once police minister and Auckland Mayor. Archie Banks was a chemist and was in and out of jail. Archie Banks died in March 1984. He was in jail with Arthur Allan Thomas. (Arthur Allan Thomas. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

24 March 1984 – In Wellington a huge blast rocked the central city, buildings in Vivian street shook. The Wellington Trades hall offices bombing. Unionist Ernie Abbott was killed. Over 20 years later its still unsolved. (NZ mysteries. Nicola McCloy ©2005 NZ).

27 March 1984 – A bomb in a suitcase exploded at a Wellington Trade union hall in the central city. The building cleaner Ernie Abbot was killed. No one has ever been charged. (On this day in NZ. Ron Palenski ©2010).

27 March 1984 – The Trades hall bombing. Vivian street Wellington. Dominion Post. Andrea O’Neil. 1 Aug 2015. Ernie Abbott died. Unsolved murder bombing.–150-years-of-news.html

28 March 1984 – The NZ Herald covered the Wellington union Trades Hall bombing. 28-31 March 1984.

31 May 1984 – Yorrick Boxton missing person, from Diamond Harbour Canterbury.

6 Oct 1984 – NZ protests at French nuclear test plan. Ian Templeton. The Guardian. London UK.

Dec 1984 – Ron Jorgenson disappeared from his Kaioura home. Some say his is still alive and living in Australia. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

December 1984 – Ronald Jorgensen 1932-84. Jorgensen’s orange Cortina was found at the bottom of a cliff just south of Kaikoura, partly submerged in the Kahutara river. The doors were smashed shut and the drivers seat was caved in, but there was no body inside. Christmas cards from Western Australia. Several other sightings, but for legal purposes he was declared dead in 1998. (Law breakers mischief. ©2009 Bronwyn Sell).

17 Dec 1984 – Ron Jorgenson’s cortina was found at the bottom of a cliff near Kaikora. Disappeared. Bill Mason said later saw him in Perth Australia. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 Tom Lewis).

19 Dec 1984 – Ron Jorgenson’s car was found wrecked on rocks south of Kaikoura, down a 20 meter cliff. Ron Jorgenson was never found, alive or dead. (NZ mysteries. Nicole McCloy ©2005 NZ).

1985 – The US cut off the intel flow to NZ. NZ was one of the second party members of UKUSA. David Lange Labour govt nuclear free zone NZ. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1985 – Peter Fulcher was an enforcer for drug boss Terry Clark and the heroin trade. Fulcher was sentenced to 14 years in Paremoremo prison in the 1980s on drugs charges. In the mid 1970s with a baseball bat and pistol, Fulcher collected drug debts of up to $100,000. (NZ Herald. Lynley Bilby 21 July 2013 Mr Asia ally dies peacefully at 72).

1985 – John Kennedy and the Tablet. Sex assaults on females by high ranking police, Gideon Tait and Ken Thompson. Police culture. From Queensland police commissioner Terence Lewis. 14 years jail for corruption in 1998. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 Tom Lewis).

1985 – The story of NZ. Rev ed. Judith Bassett. Keith Sinclair. Marcia Strenson. Reed books ©1985 ISBN 0-7900-0644-8.

1985-86 – David Wayne Tamihere was 47 years old. An Auckland woman was raped in her home. He escaped to the Coromandel bush. Using the new identity of Pat Kelly. A 1985 home invasion and rape of a 62 year old Avondale woman. (Missing pieces. Swedish tourist murders. Ian Wishart (c)2012 NZ).

4 Feb 1985 – NZ’s Labour govt refused entry to the American ship the USS Buchanan. Anti nuclear protest. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 4 Feb 2015).

4 May 1985 – Judith Rosena Withell married Douglas John Pryor in Christchurch

July 1985 – Greenpeace ship the rainbow warrior was sunk in Auckland harbour by the French secret service, killing one of its crew. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

10 July 1985 – French in Auckland, bombing and killing a member of the crew of the Rainbow Warrior. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ)

10 July 1985 – French DGSE spies exploded bombs on the hull of the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior at . Marsden wharf Auckland. Greenpeace photographer, Fernando Pereira was killed. A Portugese born Dutch national. Ten DGSE agents were involved. French nuclear tests at Mururoa atoll in the Pacific. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

10 July 1985 – In Sept 2006 the French newspaper Le Parisien said that Gerard Royal, borther of Socialist Segolene Royal, was the person who placed the mines that sank the Rainbow Warrior in NZ. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

11 July 1985 – The Greenpeace Rainbow warrior explosion. Auckland wharf. There were 12 people on board at the time of the blast. A Portugese photographer Fernando Pereiera was killed. French agents Alain and Sophie Turenge. Major Alain Marfart and captain Dominique Prieur. French army French secret service. (NZ mysteries. Nicola McCloy ©2005 NZ).

16 July 1985 – French agents Major Alain Mafart and Dominique Prieur Auckland district court. False passports. French DGSE spies.The High court in Auckland 4 Nov 1985. 22 Nov 1985 sentenced. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1986 – Luana Debora Laverne Williams aged 25 disappeared Gate Pa. Her body has never been found. Legally dead in 1998. (Tauranga murders in history. 23 Sept 2014 Sun Live).

1986 – NZ business NZI bank corp brought out Ariadne’s stake in Deak. NZI insurance company and bank already had offices worldwide. NZI got Deak’s Swiss foreign commerce bank of Zurich. Deak Morgan became part of NZ based. NZI subsidiary Jarden Morgan. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

1986-87 – Oleg Gordievsky a KGB and M15 M16 officer. In Finland too. In NZ in 1986 meeting with David Lange. David Lange expelled Soviet diplomats Segeyevich Budnik as KGB in 1987. Socialist unity party funds and union corruption in NZ. Gordievsky said he was poisoned in the UK with thallium a toxic insectiside. KGB cold war. (Bloodied but not beaten. Rod Vaughan NZ (c)2012).

19 March 1986 – John Holmes Smith, an elderly man, missing from Kenya street Wellington since 19 March 1986. (missing persons NZ police). (His remains have since been found in 2015).

May 1986 – NZ business NZI bank corp brought out Ariadne’s stake in Deak. NZI, an insurance company and bank. The Swiss foreign commerce bank of Zurich. Deak Morgan, part of NZ based NZI subsidiary Jarden Morgan. “Operation polar cap” in the US, cocaine and money laundering. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

5 June 1986 – Luana Williams from Tauranga aged 26, Cook Islander, European, disappeared. She was born in Tauranga in 1960. She met her boyfriend in 1983, he had been working on an oil rig in the Middle east. Luana had been arrested for giving marijuana to an undercover policeman, in ‘Operation Kiwifruit’. She got 18 months jail. In 1994 eight years after Luana Williams disappeared. Its still a mystery. (A case of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams ©2000).

5 June 1986 – Luana Williams missing from Tauranga Bay of Plenty since 5 June 1986. (Missing persons NZ police)

5 June 1986 – Luana Deborah Laverne Williams Tauranga missing. Unsolved NZ murders Facebook.

1 July 1986 – Peter Williams Remuera home was torched. 202 Remuera road. The house burnt down. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

11 Aug 1986 – Inquiry deals blow to NZ anti nuclear stand. Ian Templeton. The Guardian. London UK.

18 Oct 1986 – “The Opal file” aka “The Gemstone file” NZ links to the CIA. Ray Cline and the Cook islands. European Pacific bank. Rarotonga 18 Oct 1986 “The Opal file” money laundering through NZ, the Cook islands trust corp. Casinos in the Cook islands. Ray Cline was in NZ in 1986. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

1987 – James Shepherd, second in charge of Mr Asia syndicate was being held at Parklea maximum security prison. (Mr Asia. James Diamond Jim Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

1987 – Missing people Michael Luton a drug dealer and safe breaker. (A sense of murder. Unsovled NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

1987 – Soviet diploma KGB resident Sergei Budnik was expelled from NZ. Socialist unity party. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1987 – K road and Queen street Auckland. NZ prostitues collective was formed in 1987 for willing sex workers. A union. Ugly mug files. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams. (c)2000).

1987 – Missing person Jeffrey Walker. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

1987 – Warkworth man missing for 20 years may have been shot. 22 Nov 2013. Andrew Dawson aged 21 went missing in 1987. Radio Live.

1987-1993 – European Pacific listed in 1987 on the NZ stock exchange, it was owned by BNZ, Brierleys and Capital markets, Rarotonga and the Cook islands tax havens. European Pacific. Four corners documentary on Fay Richwhite, BNZ in Australia 20 Dec 1993. Peter Travis, Paul Collins, David Lloyd and Julian Miles QC. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

March 1987 – Stella Muriel Hilda Mangan died in Otago Dunedin NZ.

2 March 1987 – Earthquake in Bay of plenty 6.2, it injured 35 people and caused widespread damage, aftershocks lasted several days, it was the most severe quake since Inangahua in 1978 (On this day in NZ. Ron Palenski ©2010).

6 March 1987 – Michael Luton missing person from Auckland since 6 March 1987. (Missing persons NZ police).

April 1987 – The NZ PM and SIS expelled Soviet Counsellor, Sergei Budnik, an officer of the KGB first chief directorate and its rezident in Wellington. (NZ and the Soviet Union. AL Wilson ©2004).

5 June 1987 – NZ bans nuclear arms. The Guardian 1959-2003 London UK.

26 Dec 1987 – 38 year old Mauren McKinnel was murdered at her Arrowtown home. 4 days later her body was found on the banks of the Arrow river. DNA tests were done in 2001. Unsolved. NZ DNA databank. Biotech learning hub. 1995. 70,000 DNZ profiles in the DNZ databank NZ.

1988 – The discovery by a journalist who was at Princess Margaret hospital in Christchurch of secret military tunnels. The homestead burned to the ground and the tunnels were sealed for more than 30 years. More than one tunnel, the Cashmere hills in Christchurch. Secret stairs. Also called the Cracroft caverns. The military tunnels were built from 1942 to 1944 when the threat of invasion from Japan was real. World war two. Later the University of Canterbury used the tunnels as a laboratory of some sort, behind Princess Margaret hospital. (Southern view Chch. 7 Sept 2015 WW2 tunnels may reopen after the Christchurch earthquake. Bridget Rutherford).

1988-94 – Ruth Richardson’s meeting on 21 June 1994. 7 Nov 1994 Commission of tax inquiry and offshore. 6 Nov 1992 Cook islands tax credits. 28 Jan 1988 Alex Adamovich and the Cook islands government. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

28 Jan 1988 – Alex Adamovich and the Cook islands government. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

28 April 1988 – 31 year old Janine Law, Auckland sexual attack murder. (A case of murder, unsolved NZ. Tony Williams ©2000).

7 May 1988 – NZ angry over return of French agents. The Irish Times 1921-current. Dublin Ireland.

June 1988 – Martin Owen Reid aged 27 Oxford, shot in the head. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

June 1988 – The body of 27 year old Martin Owen Reid was found, white Camaro by the Garry river in Oxford. Shot in the head. Drugs suspected. Unsolved. (Nine unsoved murders in Canterbury. The Press 30 March 2012).

Oct Nov 1988 – The last sightings of Joanne Chatfield was at the uni of Auckland on 19 Nov 1988 she was 17 years old. She went to Mount Roskill to the Government Welfare office (WINZ), on 14 Oct 1988 for the dole. She disappeared. Maybe not in NZ anymore, A suspicious taxi driver? (A case of murder, unsolved NZ. Tony Williams ©2000).

5 Dec 1988 – The Swedish tourists arrived in New Zealand on 5 Dec 1988. Auckland from Australia, they got a car. (Missing pieces. Swedish tourist murders. Ian Wishart (c)2012 NZ).

1989 – The early part of the Jim Bolger administration. The Berlin wall fell in 1989 and the collapse of the Soviet Union. (The Bolger years. Margaret Clark ©2008 NZ).

1989 – David Wayne Tamihere and the double murders of Swedish tourists Urban Hoglin and Heidi Paakkhonen in 1989. (Arthur Allan Thomas. The inside story. Crewe murders. Ian Wishart (c)2010 NZ).

1989 – Casinos, the report of the committee of inquiry into the establishment of casinos in New Zealand Ministry of tourism book (Worldcat database).

1989 – The SIS bugged TV3 phones. Winebox and the Serious fraud office. European Pacific documents. Documents stolen from European Pacific in 1989. BNZ. Fay Richwhilte, BNZ and Brierley documents in the winebox. Shell company. John Wynyard and John Connell, tax haven. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

1989 – Wairoa police set up road bocks and searched cars. Gunman, two people dead and two inured, all members of the Black Power; The police arrested 17 Mongrel Mob members and charged them with murder. Napier trial. The jury was discharged for siding with the police. The trial moved to Wellington. The Black Power had shot their own members by mistake. (Justice. Kevin Ryan (c)1997 NZ).

1989 – Carol Lee Messenbird aged 26. Tauranga, her body was found dumped at the side of a railway line in England UK, after she had been missing for a year. (Tauranga murders in history. Sun Live 23 Sept 2014).

1989 – 13 year old Karla Cardno was kidnapped, sex attacked and killed in 1989. The next parole hearing for her jailed killer in is Nov 2017. Radio live. 3 news. Ranjani Ponnuchetty. 14 Jan 2016.

Jan July 1989 – Jan 1989 Len Bayliss and the $100 shell compnaies. BNZ in July 1989. BNZ and pref share deals. Vice pres of Citibank was Brian Perry. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

April May 1989 – Tamihere was arrested in Auckland on 24 May 1989 as a bail jumper. His arrest coincided with an Interpol alert to the police in Wellington the same day, about the missing Swedish touststs Heidi and Urban on 26 May 1989. NZ Herald. Interpol. Auckland to the Cook islands on 20 April 1989 but they never made the flight. (Missing pieces. Swedish tourist murders. Ian Wishart (c)2012 NZ).

April June 1989 – 2 April 1989 Interpol TV One news. Police officer John Hughes said there were old abandoned mine shafts from the 1870s gold rush days were in the area. The mine shafts were hundreds of metres deep. 2 June 1989 “Operation Stockholm”. (Missing pieces. Swedish tourist murders. Ian Wishart (c)2012 NZ).

8 April 1989 – Murder of Urban Hoglin and Heidi Paakkonen. Wikipedia. Thames, disappeared tramping Coromandel 1989 tourists from Sweden.

8 April 1989 – The disappearance of the two Swedish tourists. Urban Hoglin and Heidi Birgitta Paakkonen. . Urban Hoglin’s body was found in Oct 1991 in the Coromandel bush.. David Tamihere was jailed. “Operation Stockholm”. 8 April 1989. (Missing pieces. Swedish tourist murders. Ian Wishart (c)2012 NZ).

4 June 1989 – Peter Douglas Coop missing person from Dunedin Otago since 4 June 1989. (missing persons NZ police).

12 July 1989 – Detective John Hughes and David Morris both worked on the Arthur Allan Thomas, Crewe murders case. Heidi’s missing backpack turned up in Wellington. The second backpack was recovered from London UK. (Missing pieces. Swedish tourist murders. Ian Wishart. (c)2012 NZ).

Aug 1989 – Missing person Dean Fuller Sandys. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

26 Aug 1989 – Leah Romany Stephens, sex abuse age 15. Chaplin and Las Vegas strip clubs in Auckland. She went missing. Last seen on 26 Aug 1989 Queen street Auckland. Also seen were five Indian men, kidnapped. Was she taken to India? Her welfare and bank accounts were untouched. To have had welfare she must have been willing. Yet some women in NZ only do this because their welfare was cut off and they. were prevented from working. If they had welfare they would not be anywhere near the place. Thats the difference. (A sense of murder. Unsoved NZ Tony Williams (c)2000).

8 Sept 1989 – Garth Doull aged 42 was found floating in Wellington harbour. A gambler and drinker. (Dominion Post Wellington. 9 Oct 2007. Unsolved but not forgotten).

16 October 1989 – Reta Irene Gladys Mangan (Pryor) died in Dunedin NZ.

Nov 1989 – Monica Cantwell a British backpacker was raped and murdered. Her body was found three days after being reported missing. (Tauranga murders in history. Sun Live 23 Sept 2014).

199 – Missing person Kerin Hau who was once charged with attempted murder. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

1990 – Family history at National archives. Government publication Wellington Allen Unwin. Worldcat database.

1990-1997 – 35th PM of NZ. From 1990 to 1997. Bail out of BNZ. MMP in1996. During a 1994 address Bolger was in favor of a NZ Republic. His Irish heritage. (Wikipedia. Jim Bolger).

5 January 1990 – Sonya Ash Pryor aka Judith Rose Pryor. Freelance journalism course with Stotts correspondence college. Qualified.

May 1990 – Giovanni di Stefano spent $59 million on Auckland property. He was born in Italy. (NZ mysteries. Nicole McCloy ©2005 NZ).

13 Nov 1990 – In Atramoana David Gray shot dead 13 people. Dunedin area. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 13 Nov 2015).

1991 – Secion 72 of the immigration act was used in 1991 to deport KGB agent Anvar Kadyrov. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1991 – Missing person Andrew Maaka a headhunters gang prospect. (A sense of murder Unsolved NZ (c)2000 Tony Williams).

1991 – Neil Raymond Swain age 58, who is charged with the murder of Whetu Hansen, who died on 24 Nov 2013. He bombed the Sydenham Christchurch police station in 1991. ( Jono Galuszka.,nz.)

1991 – KGB agent Anvar Kadyrov was expelled fom NZ. Using the name of a Wellington boy, Philip James Couper. Who died aged 6 in 1966, to get a NZ passport and a false ID. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ),

1991-94 – 7 April 1993 European Pacific group and tax haven bank BNZ. 10 May 1993 Citibank and European Pacific. Charles Sturt, Stephen Lunn on 17 Sept 1991 and 15 July 1993. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

1991-2000 – Peter Ellis 10 years jail for child sex abuse. Christchurch civic creche 1991 NZ child sex abuse inquiry. American lecturers spread rumours about satanic ritual child sex abuse in Christchurch. Bizzare claims. Police just accepted the children. 1992 Lots of complaints. 2000 Phil Goff inquiry. Peter Ellis was released from jail. No one bothered to find out who really did it. (Blooded but not beaten. Rod Vaughan (c)2012).

1991-2001 – Richard Tomlinson M16 in Paris France his NZ passport was held by the NZ embassy in Paris. France. Consul Mary Oliver. Went to Auckland. Stephen Davis TVNZ. Tomlinson went from NZ to Cambridge uni UK. 1991 working for M16 until 1996. Detective Steven Ratcliffe of Scotland Yard in 2001. The big breach in Moscow Russia. (Bloodied but not beaten. Rod Vaughan (c)2012).

4 March 1991 – Arrest of Soviet citizen, AB Kadyrov, for trying to get a NZ passport by fraud, using the name of a boy who died in Wellington in 1966. (NZ and the Soviet Union. AL Wilson ©2004).

Two more rapes, without dates. One in Dunedin. I was raped suffocated and nearly murdered then the rapist told WINZ I was dead, so they cut off my welfare. Again the police did nothing.

Another rape when I had recently arrived in Christchurch from Whangarei, I was raped and suffocated by the manager of Warners hotel, and nearly murdered, my welfare was cut off too. All because I tried to get a. job at the Press newspaper and I refused to join the union. I had previously worked voluntary as a journalist at the Northern Advocate in Whangarei. In all these rapes and attempted murder cases were reported to the police, yet the police did nothing.

20 June 1991 – Terence Hendry age 32 went missing Christchurch. (3 news Thomas Mead. 24 July 2013.)

1992 – Kiwi journalist, news. Jim Tucker ©1992 Longman Paul. ISBN 0-582-85909-3.

1992 – Aug Sept 1993 the Magnum transactions. Oct 1992 deals. 25 Nov 1987. European Pacific files are digitized in 1992, soon after Winston Peters revelations. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

1992 – 27 July 1988 Sunday Star 19 Dec 1993 TVNZ reporter Ian Wishart. The prosecuton in 1992 of Allan Hawkins for 1987 charges involving the collapse of his company Equiticorp. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

1992 – Peter Ellis, a gay man who worked at a child creche in Christhurch. Falsely accused. Arrest in 1992. Detective Colin Eade primary creche sex psychiatry PTSD. Police unions. The Park Royal hotel and cemeteries in Christchurch. where Paedophile offenses allegedly occurred. (NZ City. 16 Nov 1997.

1992 – Agnes Aliivaa 12 years old, missing. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

8 february 1992 – Sonya Ash Pryor’s 30th birthday.

20 May 1992 – Has not been seen for 22 years. Family thinks he is still alive. TVNZ One news 13 Feb 2014. Quentin Godwin from Auckland.

June July 1992 – In June 1992 a 26 year old second hand computer dealer, Paul White. David Palmer sold him disks from Citibank Auckland. Old computer gear. Floppy disks, banking data. 90 disks from Citibank. 10 paper files with bank info. Client info from Citibank. Paul White hired a lawyer on 2 July 1992. Lawyer Mark Blomkamp. Extortion. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

1 June 1992 – NZ in the 1980s was “Dodge city” in the Western world. Unregulated corporate entities. The Busines roundtable. Sir Selwyn J Cushing of Brierley investments ltd. Four corners documentary on ABC Australia. Selwyn Cushing was worth 25 million and was on the board of 408 companies. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

10 June 1992 – The serious fraud office NZ. SFO officer Steve Drain, former cop. Winston Peters and a briefcase in parliament. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

14 June 1992 – Car accidents and dental records were checked. Detective Malcolm Burgess. Golf club records and books searched. Post mortem did not find the cause of death. (A sense of murder. Unsolvd NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

14 June 1992 – Muriwai golf club Auckland’s west coast. Found a skeleton 300 metres from the road leading to the club. The skeleton was not buried or hidden. Area of forest pine needles. A women age 20 to 40. It had been there for at least 2 years. Carried there and dumped. No clothing. 3 rings and a bracelet. Leah Stephens. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

30 June 1992 – 60 family and friends attended Leah Romany Stephens funeral at St Mary’s Catholic church in Northcote Auckland. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

21 July 1992 – Paul White got a visit from the SIS. The agent told Paul to hand over the disks, a search warrant by police. SAS links too. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

6 Aug 1992 – Armourguard and Paul White. Demands with menace (extortion) were made for $50,000 by Blomdar lawyers and Paul White against Citibank. Apparently the NZ police did not see this as a crime. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart. (c)1995 NZ).

Sept 1992 – The role of the SIS and links to Australia and the Labout party. Winston Peters. Some of the SIS agents are Socialists. John Banks was police minister. Armourguard in uniform at the scene of Paul White’s death. Armourguard officer Dennis Manson, was an army medic during the Vietnam war. Paul White’s car crash. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

5 Sept 1992 – Detective Graham Bell nick named ‘Ding’. Death of computer worker Paul White. Drove into. the harbour bridge and crashed. Citibank documents discs. A car crash? Missing was the $15 thousand. Citibank payout. Armourguard officer Dennis Manson also a medic in the Vietnam war. Detective Bell was threatened with getting fired. Auckland hospital all limbs except his left arm were fractured. No socks or shoes. Paul White died. 1992. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart. (c)1995).

5 Sept 1992 – Mysterious death. Links to Winston Peters and NZ big business. A car crash in Auckland, Paul White died. He was not wearing socks or shoes. He died in Auckland hospital in a coma. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

7 Sept 1992 – On 9 Aug 1992 Paul White was dropped at his home by Winston Peters, drunk. Four weeks later he died. 7 Sept 1992 police. Extortion, the police callled Paul White mentally ill. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

Oct 1992 – Amber Lee Cruickshank, a blonde toddler aged 2 went missing in Wakatipu South island. (Anna Leask. NZ Herald. 29 Jan 2014. NZ most high pofile cold cases).

Oct 1992 – Judith Yorke disappeared from the Mata Pihi area. No body has been found. Suspected murder. (Tauranga murders in history. 23 Sept 2014 Sun Live).

15 Oct 1992 – Larry Johnson was an American Vietnam war veteran. NZ is unregulated. 15 Oct 1992 Auckland. SIS, illegal wiring of his phone and fax. Winston Peters in Parliament. Backbencher Tony Ryall was a former BNZ worker. He attacked Larry Johnson. Ryall was bankrupt and fired from BNZ. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

17 Oct 1992 – Amber Lee Cruickshank aged 2 Lake Wakatipu missing. Unsolved NZ murders, Facebook.

20 Oct 1992 – Stephen Lunn, Citibank disks. Challenge corporate services. Money laundering. Citibank. European Pacific. Hong Kong and the Channel islands. European Pacific boss David Lloyd 20 Oct 1992. National business review, Fran O’Sullivan, Auckland BNZ. Documents and disks. “Magnum”, European Pacific winebox. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

21 Oct 1992 – Judith Anne Yorke aged 25 missing from Te Puke Te Manaia orchard in Matapihi. Her body has never been found. (Tauranga murders in history. Sun Live 23 Sept 2014).

21 Oct 1992 – Judith Yorke missing from Tauranga Bay of Plenty since 21 Oct 1992. (missing persons NZ police).

21 Oct 1992 – Judith Ann Yorke aged 25 disappeared after a party at an Orchard shed in Mount Maunganui. (Dominion Post Wellington. 9 Oct 2007. Unsolved but not forgotten).

1 Dec 1992 – David Nicol Pryor, minister, was born 13 March 1902 in Dunedin. He died 1 Dec 1992 Auckland. Another David Nicol was born in 1871 and died aged 29 and is buried in the Andersons Bay cemetery Dunedin.

I tried to do another freelance journalism course. With the NZ Institute of Business Studies. I paid for it, which was the only money I got out of my (forced by a Socialist nurse), marriage and house sale. WINZ (Sonya Vincent), would not let me do the journalism course and cut off my phone. The Socialist nurse (Diane Fitzgerald), forced me out of my private rental home, into a government temporary bedsit, surrounded by alcoholics. All these people in government departments are Socialists.

1993 – Stephen Collie Auckland businessman from UAE jailed for 16 years in 1993 after many violent sexual attacks on at least eight women. 21 June 2012.

1993 – Stephen Collie was convicted in 1993 on 17 charges 7 women complained, some of them prostitutes. In 1997 Auckland millioanire had 3 charges quashed of his 16 year sentence by 3 years. (6 April 1998. Martin van Beynen).

1993 – Archival documents. Accountability and recordkeeping. Sue McKemmish. Frank Upward. Clayton Ancora press.

1993 – Kevin O’Loughlan DNA 30 year old father. Stabbed in Nelson outside Dick Smith. Murder. (Murder mysteries of 2005 Elizabeth and Louisa 2 Jan 2006).

1993-1998 – Sex slavery (unwilling sex), requires the existence of willing prostitution. So its difficult to distinguish which is which. This is the only reason why willing prostitution is legal. (Slavery inc. Lydia Cacho ©2010 UK).

May 1993 – Jane Furlong went missing, she was going to testify for the police about Stephen Collie, a multimillionaire from UAE, who was guilty of many violent sex attacks on women. (NZ Herald 22 Sept 2013).

2 May 1993 – Kevin James O’Louglin aged 30 was found stabbed to death in a Nelson car park. (Dominion Post Wellington. 9 Oct 2007. Unsolved but not forgotten).

26 May 1993 – Jane Marie Furlong was last seen at Rendells drapery in K road at 8pm then she disappeared. Her bank accounts were untouched. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

26 May 1993 – Jane Furlong and Amanda. Missing last seen. (Was she in NZ or was she trafficked overseas?). (NZ Herald. 21 June. 2012).

28 May 1993 – Jane Furlong inquiry. (Radio NZ. 25 June 2014). No arrest has been made. The 17 year old was last seen by her boyfriend on K road Auckland. Her body was found at a Waikato beach in May 2012. (Radio NZ 25 June 2014).

Oct 1993 – Names of shell companies. A series of $100 shell companies were set up by Kensington Swan. Eodern securities ltd. Galverston securities ltd. Rhizo investments ltd. Primate investments ltd. Panachel holdings ltd. Potonga group ltd. Litmax investments ltd. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

Oct 1993 – Set up little $100 shell companies by lawyers in Wellington. BNZ loaned each of the $100 shell companies $50 million, in the form of a preference share purchase. A series of $100 shell companies was set up by Lambert Kensingron Swan in Wellington. (The Paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

26 Nov 1993 – European Pacific and Fay Richwhite. The Cook islands frauds. TVNZ tax havens. The Winebox case. Citibank and the Serious Fraud office. Charles Sturt. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart. (c)1995 NZ).

1994 – 8 Aug 2012. Daily Mail UK. Richard Shears. Jonas Pukas died in Auckland age 80. A Lithuanian immigrant to NZ. Nazi.

1994 – Documentary exploses Nazi war criminals in New Zealand. Jonas Pukas from Lithuania died in 1994 age 80. Ynet news. Jewish world. Shiri Hadar. 8 Dec 2012.,7340,L-4266830,00.html

1994 – GCHQ and an investigation into blackouts of the national power electricity grid Auckland NZ. Electronic attacks on NZ distribution network launched over the internet, run from Amsterdam. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1994 – 6.7 quake at Arthurs pass South island NZ. (Chch Star 7 Jan 2015).

1994 – Kotuku publishing NZ. Events in NZ history. The great depression. Kevin Boon (c)1994.

1994-95 – In 1994 foreign investments $90 billion in NZ. July 1995 corrupt cash was washing through NZ. The Cook islands tax haven was called economic terrorism, corruption. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

16 Feb 1994 – Wellington murder. Gene Thomas and Eugene Thomas. Both men were shot dead in a professional hit. Mafia connections. Italy Sicily. Police searched the local tip where a gun and silencer were found. John Barlow was charged and got 14 years jail. No motive. (A case of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

13 April 1994 – Ray Mills businessman in Auckland. A brutal attack and someone tried to set fire to his car. He survived after being in hospital. (NZ City 2015.

21 June 1994 – Ruth Richardson meeting. (The paradise conspiracy Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

24 Aug 1994 – Police lose child’s murder files. Maloha Horne lost her 15 month old boy. Audreana Aramakutu was killed by serious trauma injury. No one was charged. Police allegedly lost the files. The baby had a shattered skull and serious internal abdominal injuries. The baby died in hospital. (Sam Boyer. Nov 2015.

1 Sept 1994 – Body of man found, missing for 20 years. Body found by forestry workers. 42 or 62 years old. Missing from Whangarei since 1 Sept 1994. (Kirstin Edge. 25 July 2014. Northern Advocate.).

6 Sept 1994 – NZ Old boys network. Tax havens. 27 Aug 1982 David Lloyd was European Pacific director.. Cook islands scams. 6 Sept 1994 Doug Graham and Ricketts. Secret tax deals. European Pacific. Fay Richwhite, Brierley investments. Dec 1994. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

7 Nov 1994 – Commission of inquiry. Tax and offshore. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

1995 – Angela Blackmore aged 21 Christchurch missing person. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

1995 – Metadata, requirements for evidence. David Bearman. Ken Sochats. Archimuce papers. Metadata electronic recordkeeping, software PDF. Evidence in recordkeeping.

1995 – Brent Garner police officer was attacked and left to die. 18 oct 1996 “Operation Venus”. Detective Doug Brew. Ansett dash 8 plane crash near Palmerston north airport in 1995. 4 people died. (NZ City.

1995 – 21 year old Angela Blackmoore, knife attack at her Wainoni home. She was 10 weeks pregnant when she was killed. (Nine unsolved murders in Canterbury. The Press. 30 March 2012).

1995 – The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart. Howling at the moon productions ltd Auckland NZ. ISBN 0-473-02397-6.

1995 – Extorition case. British private eye Bryan Cooper tried to extort US4 million from NZ millionaire Alexander van Heeren. Police allegedly lost evidence and Bryan Cooper walked free. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

1995-96 – Witness to ‘historic’ sex assault case. Nicole Mathews. New years eve, 20 years ago in Nelson. (28 Nov 2014. Nicole Mathews. The Press).

3 Jan 1995 – Clifford Trevor Carn missing person from Nelson Lakes National Park Tasman.

20 Jan 1995 – Stuart James Te Wano aged 21 was a Mongrel mob prospect l. He was found shot twice in a field in Hiruharama southwest of Ruatoria. (Dominion Post Wellington. 9 oct 2007. Unsolved but not forgotten).

8 Feb 1995 – Norrie Triggs aged 51 was found in his bedsit in Chartwell Wellington. He died from blows to the head. (Dominion Post Wellington. 9 oct 2007 Unsolved but not forgotten).

April 1995 – An Indonesian tourism, post and telecom minister made unwanted sex advances to a male hotel worker. Diplomatic immunity. ( 30 June 2014 Blake Crayton Brown 30 years of incidents).

May 1995 – Tongan finance minister, Cecil Cocker, made unwanted sex advances on a woman. Diplomatic immunity. ( 30 June 2014 Blake Crayton Brown 30 years of incidents).

31 May 1995 – Russian Mafija Mogilevic a Prague Czech operation, involved with a New Zealand organisation 1997. (Zero zero zero. Roberto Saviano (c)2013 UK).

16 July 1995 – Joseph Thompson the south Auckland serial rapist. ‘Operation Park’ by police. Of the 47 known rapes, half were victims under 17, one was only ten years old. A paedophile. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

31 July 1995 – First convicted serial rapist, Joe Thomson, New Zealand pleaded guilty to all 129 charges over a decade. 30 years jail.

Aug 1995 – Former Cook islands treasurer Michael Fleming was deported from the Cook islands. Trevor Clarke. Paul White evidence points to NZ government corruption in SIS and SAS. Socialists. Aug 1995 Ian Wishart’s car was tampered with in Auckland. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart (c)1995 NZ).

9 Aug 1995 – NZ plans on French testing, nuclear tests. Wellington. The Irish Times 1921-current Dublin Ireland.

17 Aug 1995 – Angela Maree Blackmore aged 21 Christchurch. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

17 Aug 1995 – Angela Blackmoore was found with 39 stab wounds. She was 10 weeks pregnant. She was a former street kid. Her grave at Ruru lawn cemetery in Christchurch was also vandalised several times. No motive. (A case of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

Oct 1995 – Elizabeth Marusich aged 67 Auckland. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

Nov 1995 – A Kenyan official indecently exposed himself to a woman. Diplomatic immunity. ( Blake Crayton Born 30 June 2014. 30 years of incidents).

9 Nov 1995 – The Major Outrage rally was held in Auckland, an anti-nuclear rally, 5,500 New Zealanders opposed to nuclear tests at Moruroa. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

Dec 1995 – The Labour govt lost power and National took over. Robert Muldoon. Kevin Ryan. The rough way the police treated Bruce Roddick they abused him and invaded his life. He left NZ and went to Australia. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

1996 – Jeremy Seabrook. Travels in the skin trade. The sex/rape industry. London Pluto press.

1996 – Nicky A Hagar. Secret power. NZ’s role in the internaional spy network. Craig Potton publishers Nelson NZ.

1996 – John Reynolds aged 55 Sydenham Christchurch. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

7 Feb 1996 – A Will was made by Alan Thomas Pryor in Dunedin, retired. Trustee Executors and agency company NZ ltd.

28 April 1996 – John Reynolds a 55 year old scrap metal dealer was beaten to death in his Sydenham workshop. Garden city scrap. (Nine unsolved murders in Canterbury. The press. 30 March 2012).

12 May 1996 – Stephanie Skidmore was an alleged prostitute, who was hitchiking in Henderson Auckland 21 years old. K road. She was born in the US in 1975. She came to NZ age 11. She was on the streets of NZ at at age 13. Jason Menzies was charged with her murder. (A case of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

16 May 1996 – Cone of silence protects paedophiles. Rosemary McLeod. Dominion Wellington. Name suppression of paedophiles.

15 Aug 1996 – NZ spy on Japan and the Pacific. Richard Norton Taylor. The Guardian 1959-2003 London Uk.

24 Aug 1996 – Casino Austria says capital could be loser. Dominion Wellington. Casino in Taranaki.

Oct 1996 – Natacha Hogan, Twiggy, was raped and murdered. Corner of Symonds st and K road cemetery Auckland. (21 June 2012. NZ Herald. Naomi Larkin. Tony Wall).

Nov 1996 – The body of Australian woman Tania Furlan was found in her Howick home. Her 8 week old baby was kidnapped and later found in Auckland. Christopher John Lewis charged with her murder and the kidnapping of her child. How many unsolved murders Christopher John Lewis is guilty of in NZ is unknown. (NZ police coverups and copouts. (c)1998 Tom Lewis).

14 Nov 1996 – British priest uses the internet to reach NZ Paedophiles. Neil Reid. Evening Post Wellington. Sex abuse of boys in NZ, paedophiles in NZ were contacted on the internet. Sex abuse.

25 Dec 1996 – Barry Coleman aged 44. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

1997 – Peter Williams QC. A passion for justice. Ron Jorgenson, Terry Clark, Mr Asia and old boy networks. Shoal bay press ltd Christchurch. ISBN 0-908704-63-1.

1997 – Allegations against Peter Williams in relation to the Mr Asia case. Enemies in the police force. Because of his involvement in the Thomas case, etc. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

1997 – A skull was found at Musick point near Howick beach in 1997. Dental records did not match. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

1997 – In the Jorgeson case, only a small amount of documentation was given to the defence. (Peter Williams QC ©1997 NZ).

1997 – Matthew Innes death in police custody. Police held him down in a car. Accused of being mentally ill. No date. (Peter Williams QC (C)1997 NZ).

1997 – In 1997 Auckland millionaire Stephen Collie had 3 convictions quashed of his 16 year sentence by 3 years. In 1993 Stephen Collie was convicted on 17 charges 7 women compalined, some of them prostitutes. (6 April 1998. Martin van Beynen).

1997 – Justice without fear or favour. Kevin Ryan. Defending the innocent, the not so innocent and the downright guilty. ISBN 1-86958-573-9. Hodder Moa Beckett publishers.

1997 – Richardson, a safe blower gelignite, he was acquitted. The police impersonated Ron Jorgenson, shot gun blasts and threats were made by police, pretending to be Ron Jorgenson. There has never been any official explanation. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

1997 – Bomb attempt on John Hughes, a police detective in Auckland, it was later traced to his partner O’Connor allegedly placed bombs. Evans and West were acquitted. Police manufactured the evidence. (Justice. Kevin Ryan ©1997 NZ).

1997 – “Theory” Ben Smart and Olivia Hope. “Murder” yet no bodies found. 28 Jan 2016.

1997-1998 – Jim Bolger was NZ ambassador to the US, on his return to NZ, he became chairman of Trustee Executors ltd. Order of NZ in 1997. Roman Catholic with 9 children. (Wikipedia. Jim Bolger).

2 Jan 1997 – Opium poppies stolen. Palmerston North.

14 Jan 1997 – Opium poppies stolen. Dominion Wellington.

24 Jan 1997 – Migrants face triads link check. Helen Bain Dominion Wellington. Mr Elder, victims of triads often Asian migrants, triads as loan sharks.

3 March 1997 – Police offending tip of iceberg. Cameron Bates. Dominion Wellington. Police offending systematic corruption.

12 March 1997 – Waikato Times Hamilton. Phillip Bond. Gardens raided by opium.

22 March 1997 – Organized crime linked to fisheries. Peter Christian. The Press Christchurch. Organized crime, NZ inshore fisheries.

10 July 1997 – Moratorium on casinos difficult says control body. Cathie Bell Dominion Wellington. Casino control authority.

Aug 1997 – Investigative journalists at the Nelson mail and NZ listener. Linda Astor was a man. Zbignew Poddubuick. Linda Astor after a sex change, used synthetic hormones. TVNZ in Poland Pruhkow. Aka Linda Hoffman. A crazy psychiatrist who worked for the NZ government’s mental health. Also guilty of Bank fraud. (NZ mysteries. Nicole McCloy ©2005 NZ).

9 Aug 1997 – Warren Gamble. Natlib. Secret files. Nazis living in NZ. Secrets emerge from the dust. 10 Nazi party in NZ during world war two. Slovakian Josef Hajnos 1940. NZ Herald.

13 Aug 1997 – Rise in Asian organized crime worries police, says sociologist. Alan Samson. Dominion Wellington. Canterbury uni Dr Newbold. Triads, Asian organized crime rings, links in NZ.

14 Aug 1997 – Stop casinos bill MP. Sarah Boyd. Evening Post Wellington.

28 Aug 1997 – Spotlight on move to register paedophiles. Dominion Wellington. Register convicted paedophiles. Police minister Jack Elder.

30 September 1997 – Arthur Roland Watson died in Dunedin in his sleep. A Paedophile and part of a paedophile ring. He was born in the UK.

3 Oct 1997 – Warning on organized crime in NZ. The Press Christchurch. Wellington top police officer during the 1970s.

23 Oct 1997 – Casinos Austria signs deal for Wakefield site. Dominion Wellington. Casinos Austria general manager Greg Story.

29 Oct 1997 – Research into casinos show impact varies widely. Helen Bain. Dominion Wellington. Christchurch casinos. Casino control authority.

Nov 1997 – Colombian ambassador, Hernando Barjuch, resigned, he had exposed himself and sex attacked an 18 year old woman. ( 30 June 2014 Blake Crayton Brown. 30 years of incidents).

8 Nov 1997 – Police and child sex predators. Neil Reid Evening Post Wellington. There are at least 200 paedophiles active in Wellington. Children in shopping malls. There are at least 2,000 paedophiles in the South Island.

14 Nov 1997 – Moratorium on casinos of concern overseas. Dominion Wellington. Casinos Austria int.

29 Dec 1997 – Group to campaign on casinos. David Gee The Press Christchurch. An anti casino group was formed.

31 Dec 1997 – Ben Smart and Olivia Hope. Gerald Hope went on to become the mayor of marlborough. Ben Smart spent time in Saudi Arabia and his father John Smart worked in Saudi Arabia. Boat the Tamarak. Water taxi and Guy Wallace. Furneaux lodge. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

31 Dec 1997 – There were at least 5 ketches and 113 boats in the Endeavour inlet on new Years eve 1997. Another ketch slipped in then disappeared. The Tamarak. Furneaux lodge and Guy Wallace. The bodies of Ben Smart and Olivia Hope have never been found. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

1998 – Disappearance of Auckland teenager, Joanne Chatfield, who went missing. Offer of $50,000 reward, yielded no results. (Still missing. Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).

1998 – Kirsty Bentley age 15 Ashburton. Her body was found 18 days later in Rakaia north of Ashburton. (Nine unsolved murders in Canterbury. The Press. 30 March 2012).

1998 – Wikipedia. Waihopai spy station. Blenheim GCSB NSA Operating since 1989 expanded in 1998.

1998 – NZ police coverups and copouts. Tom Lewis. Hodder Moa Beckett publishers. ISBN 978-1-86958-643-3.

1998 – NZ had 8 UN mission diplomats at the UN in New York. (Economic gangsters. Raymond Fisman. Edward Miguel (c)2008 US).

1998 – Human trafficking and sexual violence, right to life. Intentional killing of persons by public authorities. Prevention of torture and study of the European council for the prevention of torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment. Oxford uni press 1998. (International human rights law. Oxford UK ©2014).

1 Jan 1998 – 28 Jan 2016. Ben Smart and Olivia Hope. Missing people.

1 Jan 1998 – Ben Smart and Olivia Hope. Missing people. 28 Jan 2016. One news.

1 Jan 1998 – Ben Smart and Olivia Hope went missing. 28 Jan 2016. NZ Herald. David Fisher.

1 Jan 1998 – Olivia Hope and Ben Smart disapeared. “Operation Tam” Scott Watson was convicted of the murders.

1 Jan 1998 – NZ City. Olivia Hope age 17 and Ben Smart age 21. Picton the Tamarack. Operation Tam. NZ History. NZ Herald. Picton Harbour yacht wreck. Disappearance. The boat or bodies have never been found. 5 Nov 2015. A wreck has been found on the seafloor in Picton harbour by divers.

1 Jan 1998 – ODT. 28 Jan 2016. A mystery ketch and cocaine trafficking.

17 March 1998 – Alec Waugh a Whanganui policeman was on 10 fraud charges. Charges were quashed. Article Dominion 17 March 1998. Judge Lowell Goddard. Sept 2002. (NZ City.

23 March 1998 – Police corruption. The Press Christchurch. The NZ police force is riddled with corruption.. and a Royal. Mr Lewis. NZPA.

25 March 1998 – Book police corruption. The Press Christchurch. Book police coruption and cover ups in NZ. Mr Lewis.

6 April 1998 – Peter Ellis. Martin van Beynen. Christchurch civic creche child sex abuse case. 13 charges. He pleaded innocent.

11 April 1998 – ex policeman and corruption. Roy Burke. Waikato Times Hamilton NZ/. Corruption to the highest levels of the NZ police.

End of April 1998 – A 28 year old Stephen Ralph Stone was in Waitakere court charged with Leah Romany Stephens murder. He was 19 years old at the time he allegedly killed her. Black power links. Paremoremo and New Plymouth jails. He worked as a bouncer at two strip clubs. Chaplains where Leah stripped. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tomny Williams (c)2000)

28 April 1998 – Claire Hill aka Lisa aged 30. Murdered in her car Mangere Aucklald. Her and her car were set alight. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

28 April 1998 – Claire Hill was abducted at Auckland airport. Her car in Mangere Aucklajnd. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

28 April 1998 – Claire Hill in Auckland a 30 year old who worked at McDonalds. She was from the UK, she went to Australia then to NZ. Jehovah’s witness. Peter Hills went back to the UK. (A case of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

5 May 1998 – Atomic spies with fake NZ government passports in the 1940s. Dominion Wellington. Helen and Peter Cohen. New York spy ring. Portland naval spy ring.

16 May 1998 – Former Mr Asia man arrested. Waikato Times. Peter Fulcher.

18 May 1998 – Lien Nguyen aged 35 from Vietnam. Otahuhu. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

16 June 1998 – Plot to assassinate Hitler linked to German Jewish poet who fled to NZ. Karl Wolfskehl in Auckland. Waikato uni.

10 July 1998 – Irene von Sturmer (Watson) died in Dunedin NZ.

13 July 1998 – Men arrested after seized heroin haul. Dominion Post Wellington. $20 million worth of cocaine Auckland.

23 July 1998 – Christchurch casino in play. The Press Christchurch.

10 Aug 1998 – Let me out of NZ, refugee. Dean Wolyden. Mount Eden prison for drugs cocaine and heroin. Undercover police. An Iraqi refugee. Hamad Hamdan.

31 Aug 1998 – Police form new unit to combat paedophiles. Evening Post Wellington. Child abuse paedophiles targeted with a new police team.

Sept 1998 – Kayo Matsuzawa aged 29. Back packers east Tamaki, found naked. “Operation Net”. In NZ from Japan in 1997 in Christchurch for a year. On 11 Sept 1998 she went to Auckland. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

3 Sept 1998 – An International paedophile ring based on the internet. Adam Fresco. The Times London UK. Arrests in 12 couintries.

3 Sept 1998 – WA two held in internet porn raid. The Age Melbourne. International paedophile ring on the internet. Raids in 11 countries.

3 Oct 1998 – Mahuta defends Tainui members in casinos. Dominion Wellington. The casinos, pubs and hotels in the Tainui maori Novotal hotel.

Nov Dec 1998 – David John Robinson aged 25, a bullet to the head. 28 Dec 1998 on a beach south of Hokitika. Last seen at court on 11 Nov 1998. (Dominion Post Wellington. 9 oct 2007 Unsolved but not forgotten).

2 Nov 1998 – Bid to trace child porn victims. The Scotsman Edinburgh Scotland. International paedophile ring. Photos of 400 children.

16 Nov 1998 – Internet used to lure children to paedophiles. Daily news New Plymouth. Meetings by paedophiles. Auckland sex abuse, US paedophiles pose as young people on the internet.

19 Dec 1998 – Authority hears final evidence on casinos. Fiona Woodham. Southland Times Invercargill.

31 Dec 1998 – Kirsty Bentley aged 15 Ashburton. Been found dead. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

31 Dec 1998 – Kirsty Bentley age 15 went mising on the Ashburton riverbed. Her body was found 18 days later, murder. (Anna Leask. NZ Herald. 29 Jan 2014. NZ most high profile cold cases).

31 Dec 1998 – Kirsty Bentley 15 years old in Ashburton. Last seen. Her boyfriend Graeme Offord. Police got Telecom records of the phone calls. Kirsty walked her dog for money she needed. Many times a day. Ashburton river. Rugby club nearby. Abby the dog was found by police tied to a tree. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

31 Dec 1998 – Kirsty was abducted and was no longer in the area Ashburton. Searches did not find her. Detective John Winter of Christchurch. A detective who also worked on missing Blenheim pair Olivia Hope and Ben Smart. Kirsty was abducted. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

1999 – Tony Williams. Unsolved murders in NZ. Hodder Mao Beckett Auckland.

1999 – Former cabinet miniter Aussie Malcolm, a private eye. Dominion Sunday Times report. He was the victim of a police vendetta. In late 1999 IRD audit of his business and harrasment. Police tried to discredit him. 14 cops harrased the National party MP. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart. (c)1995 NZ).

1999 – The wilderness of mirrors. Is the cold war over? Dr Martyn Finlay 1912-1999. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

1999 – The Dominion. WINZ staff rip off $122,000 in welfare payments from WINZ. Two WINZ employees. Fraud and Corruption. What happened to the victims whose welfare was stolen?

1999 – Evening Post. Police probe Naenae WINZ. A sacked WINZ case manager defrauded WINZ of more than $20,000 in welfare payments over two years. Corruption.

Jan 1999 – A female body was found by 2 men walking in a remote area, camp Gully in the Rakaia river Gorge area. The body was hidden. Dental records. Kirsty Bentley died from a heavy blow to the head. Badly decomposed body. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c2000).

Feb 1999 – A 17 year old was charged with attacking a 65 year old women in Ashburton and theft of her car. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

23 Feb 1999 – Opium hidden in a cigarette packet. Hid opium and a syringe in a cigarette packet. The Nelson Mail.

March 1999 – A trial in the Auckland high court. Stephen Ralph Stone. Gail Denise Maney age 30. Collin Neil Maney age 25. Mark William Henrikson age 31. Charged with connection to the murder of Dean Fuller Sandys who went mising in Aug 1989. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

26 March 1999 – A man was jailed for trying to smuggle opium into cells. The Nelson Mail. Trying to smuggle opium and a syringe into Nelson police cells.

3 April 1999 – The Nelson Mail. Police gets reports of opium poppies being stolen.

15 April 1999 – Russian Mafia link in Pacific under scrutiny. Oskar Alley. Dominion Wellington Russian Mafia.

16 April 1999 – Police say mum on Mafia probe. Evening Post Wellington. Russian Mafia laundering money in New Zealand. Links worldwide.

28 April 1999 – Drink fears over casinos. The Press Christchurch. Casino control authority. Otago casinos director Graham Smolenski, Otago casino’s $4.5 million casino.

28 May 1999 – Bills poll could stop new casinos. Meaghan Miller. The Southland Times Invercargill. Two casinos planned for Queenstown.

29 May 1999 – Queenstown urged to fight to have resort free of casinos. Southland Times Invercargill.

17 June 1999 – Authorities okay two casinos. Sue Fea. The Southland Times Invercargill. License Queenstown casinos ltd and Otago casinos ltd.

20 Sept 1999 – NZ diplomat was a cold war spy for the KGB. The Press Christchurch. Portland spy ring Paddy Costello.

22 Sept 1999 – Red NZ diplomat spy work. The Press Christchurch. Diplomat Paddy Costello a Soviet spy.

25 Sept 1999 – Tsunami bomb New Zealand’s devastating war secret. NZ Herald. Eugene Bigham. 1944-45 Project Seal. A joint US NZ project.

27 Sept 1999 – Gavin Dash went missing, disappearance, body found 9 months later in the Makara hills. Weird. (NZ City.

Oct 1999 – Stone and Gail Maney were charged with the murder of Dean Fuller Sandys and Leah Stephens.. Retrial in Oct 1999. Stone got life in jail for both alleged murders. He pleaded not guilty. Colin Maney and Mark William Henriksen were jailed. (A sense of murder. Unsolved NZ. Tony Williams (c)2000).

1 Oct 1999 – Support for casinos policy. Colleen Mary O’Hanlon NZPA Southland Times Inverargill.

13 Oct 1999 – Too easy to blame casinos and other temptations. Daily News New Plymouth.

25 Nov 1999 – Socialist disaster. Daily news New Plymouth. Socialist, National Socialist workers party of Germany.

27 Nov 1999 – Helen Clark, Labour leader, became NZ’s first female PM. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 27 Nov 2015).

4 Dec 1999 – Police nab paedophiles on the internet. Mark Stevens. Evening Post Wellington. In hotel rooms, paedophiles abuse kids and share the abuse online.

15 Dec 1999 – Marriage took place. Rex Wayne Ash and Sonya Fay Ash Pryor. Registrar office 48 Peterborough st Christchurch. Diane Fitzgerald, a Socialist nurse, forced the marriage. She threatened to lock me up for life and torture me to death. As if she had more power than judge, jury and executioner. In New Zealand these Socialist nurses do have more powers than the police and don’t need a warrant. They lock innocent people up on no charges, people who are not crazy, and get away with it because they work for the government and are corrupt. All they do is resign, no charges no jail. A forced marriage.

2000 – Diplomat not the first to avoid justice. Australian diplomat, Mario Fierro aka Janaurio Fierro Gonzales, diplomatic immunity. (Daily mail UK 29 June 2014)

2000 – Many of the goldfield burials were unrecorded. Ministers buried the dead and there were no records. References to unknown dead are many. People are also “killed off” before they are dead by being held in a mental prison. They are alive but people are told they are dead. (Janet Reakes How to trace your missing ancestors. ©2000 Australia).

2000 – A case of murder. Bizarre murders and unsolved mysteries in New Zealand. Tony Williams. ISBN 1-86958-808-8.

2000 – Stan Fox an Americn racing driver who was born in 1952. He died in 2000 age 48. He died in a van crash on the desert road south of Auckland. Wikipedia.

2000 – NZ Herald. WINZ staff defraud over $300,000. Eleven WINZ staff defraud department of $349,000 since Oct 1998. Corruption.

2000-2002 – Brian Easton. Sutch and security. 2000. Brian Easton. William Ball Sutch 1907-1975, Dictoinary of NZ biography. Trying, Dr Sutch 2002. (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

1 Jan 2000 to 30 Nov 2011 – 450 foreigners went missing in New Zealand without a trace within this time.

Feb 2000 – NZ 4 Dec 2014. New info on Lisa Blakie case, 20 years old. Sarah Jarvis. Timaru Herald. She disappeared while hitchiking on the West Coast in Feb 2000. 4 days later her body was found in a stream, Porters pass. Timaru woman murdered.

2 Feb 2000 – New evidence in the murder case of Timaru woman Lisa Blakie. DNA tests and a new suspect. On 2 Feb 2000 she was hitchiking to the West coast from Timaru. Her body was found on 6 Feb 2000 under a boulder near Arthurs pass. ( Daisy Hudson. Timaru Herald. 6 Dec 2015).

3 Feb 2000 – Rise and demise of Mr Asia. Clark, heroin. Dominion Wellington. Murray Williams.

6 Feb 2000 – Lisa Blakie was found murdered. Her dog was later found alive. 21 April 2002 article.

12 Feb 2000 – Police cant afford organized crime fight. Glen Scanlon. Dominion Wellington Organized crime investigation $2.3 million for organized crime.

16 Feb 2000 – Seamstress admits opium charges. The Southland Times Invercargill.

29 March 2000 – Bert Potter and Centerpoint. Jail 30 March 1999. He was born in Christchurch on 20 May 1925. Herbert Thomas Potter. Child sex abuse rape from 1978 to 1984. Auckland. Paedophiles. Keith McKenzie a paedophile doctor aged 71. 29 March 2000. (NZ City.

May 2000 – Child sex abuse and the Catholic church in NZ. In May 2000 NZ a Catholic bishop, criminal sexual and physical abuse, as a matter for the Police to investigate.

30 May 2000 – Social impact of casinos sought. Dominion Wellington The casino control authority.

1 June 2000 – Doctor Morgan Fahey aged 68 was jailed for rape. Sex attacks 13 charges. He got an OBE in 1977. Pornography was found in Nov 2001. (NZ City.

2 June 2000 – Unions put Fiji sanctions on hold. Paul Mulrooney. Dominion Wellington. NZ trade unions and Fiji trade union congress. Felix Anthony .Council of trade unions pres Ross Wilson.

16 June 2000 – NZ unions to ban Fiji air and sea cargo. Kelly Andrew. The Press. Christchurch. Confederation of trade unions Ken Douglas. Australian maritime unions John Coombs.

27 July 2000 – Kiwi author asked to help name British paedophiles. Andrea Fox. Dominion Wellington. Sarah Payne. Deborah Coddington. 1996 naming paedophiles in NZ.

Aug 2000 – James H Kuklinski. Misinformation and the currency of democratic citizenship. Journal of politics. (Web of deceit. Anne P Mintz ©2012 US).

17 August 2000 – Finau Toutaiolepo missing person since.

10 Sept 2000 – Casino ban likely to extend. Guyon Espiner. Sunday Star Times Wellington. Rotorua casinos ltd, a joint venture, Casinos Austria.

24 Oct 2000 – Fiji asks NZ to warn of visits by paedophiles. Leah Haines. Dominion Wellington. Paedophiles visits to Fiji, travel and extradite.

30 Oct 2000 – Heroin bust confirms transit role of NZ. Mark Stevens. Evening Post Wellington. Asian heroin Auckland.

31 Oct 2000 – Drug haul consequences for NZ. Sarah Prestwell. Dominion Wellington. $100 million heroin drug bust seized in Fiji.

2001 – Epitaph II Paul Gittins. Random House NZ ISBN 1-86941-433-0

2001 – The largest Asian ethnic group in NZ were Chinese 44% of the total Asian population and 3% of the total NZ population. (Asia making of NZ. H Johnson B Moloughney).

2001 – P Franks. Print and politics. A history of trade unions in the NZ printing industry 1865-1995. Victoria uni press Wellington.

2001 – Dominion Post Wellington 12 Dec 2014. Angelo Dominic Bitossi aged 35 was jailed for trying to get morphine in 2001. He had 100 previous convictions. He was accused of starting a storage fire in Wellington on 4 April 2014.

2001-2005 – Sydney businessman Harry Gordon in 2001 was in a boating incident, no body was found. In 2005 he was arrested at Sydney airpoirt on a flight from NZ, where he had been liiving. (How to disappear. Frank M Ahearn. Eileen C Moran. (c)2009 Australia).

11 Feb 2001 – Children, Jane Corbin Panorama Register. The Wonderland club is an international internet paedophile ring. Sunday Telegraph London UK. Children over the internet. At least 200 men in 13 countries.

19 Feb 2001 – The body of Marie Jamieson was found in West Auckland. (NZ City. 2015).

26 Feb 2001 – Unions watch Howard’s brief NZ visit. Paul Mulrooney. Dominion Wellington. Council of trade unions. NZ trade unions.

9 March 2001 – Superintendant backed on organized crime talk. Lois Watson The Press Christchurch.

14 April 2001 – Abuse in Salvation Army homes. Mary Longmore. Evening Post Wellington. Sex abuse in Salvation Army orphanages. The Whatmen home in Masterton.

1 Sept 2001 – Notice of rating valuation. Christchurch city council. 26 O’Leary st Hoon Hay. Rex Wayne Ash and Sonya Fay Ash Pryor. Sonya was not allowed a lawyer. I didn’t own anything, just using my name.

7 Sept 2001 – Socialist whingers. Dominion Wellington. Xenophobic Socialist whingers in today’s society.

8 Sept 2001 – Campaigner disputes Crewe murders theory. NZ Herald.

25 Sept 2001 – How governments spy on us. Karen Dearne. The Australian Canberra ACT. Info for commercial spying purposes.

8 Nov 2001 – From war at sea to the SIS and Bill Sutch. Dominion Post Wellington.

29 Nov 2001 – 130 suspects held in world child porn raids. Arrests in 19 countries. Daily Mail Glasglow Scotland. Scottish police smash an international paedophile ring.

2002 – Hillmorton high school, Sonya Ash Pryor. Computing, Business Administration, accounting. Adult class.

2002 – Digital records. The online world and virtual archives. Joan M Schwartz. Terry Cook. Archives, records and power. The making of modern memory. Archival science. (Archives (c)2005 Sue McKemmish Australia).

2002 – Red NZSIS and Paddy Costello a Russian spy. NKVD then KGB spy. Canberra Australia. With Philby, Blunt, Burgess, McLean, Cairncross, Straight and Long . (Spy. Kit Bennetts (c)2006 NZ).

2002 – Chris Hurley. Recordkeeping, document destruction and the law. Heimer, Enron and McCabe. Archives and manuscripts.

2002-2008 – 42 year old Bruce Dale faked a suicide in 2002, Port Waikato. Bruce Dale went to Christchurch with a new ID, Michael Peach. In 2008 he applied for a passport in his real name. He was arrested. (How to disappear. Frank M Ahearn. Eileen C Moran. (c)2009 Australia).

8 February 2002 – Sonya Ash Pryor’s 40th birthday

March 2002 – NZ war graves of NZ servicemen. Donna or Gary Mills POBox 2284 south Dunedin.

HYPERLINK “” (Family history monthly. March 2002 p11).

2 March 2002 – WINZ case manager was sacked for corruption, NZ Herald, sold welfare info to repossession agents.

8 May 2002 – Police face new drug foe, meth. Keri Welham. The Press Christchurch. Meth.

21 March 2002 – Police in ten countries hold paedophile ring suspects. The Independent UK. Memebrs of an international internet paeophile ring.

June 2002 – A US report released in June 2002 criticizes countries that legalize so called prostitution (rape, unwilling sex), as an insult to women and children. Sex trafficking. (A crime so monstrous. E Benjamin Skinner ©2008 UK).

9 Sept 2002 – Socialist governments. Waikato Times. Hamilton. NZ governed on Socialism.

17 Sept 2002 – Tui Tania Barclay was last seen at her Wakari Dunedin home. “Operation Tui” the 29 year old, alive 9 days later? Mr Brown is a British passport holder, he took her children to the UK and called her a “mental bitch” to dehumanize her. ODT. Tui Tania Barclay, Tui Marama. (29 Oct 2014 NZ Herald $50,000 reward offered).

19 Oct 2002 – CYF paedophiles. Andrew Kelly. The Press Christchurch. Children living close to paedophiles, take action.

6 Dec 2002 – NZ qualifications authority. Sonya Fay Ash Pryor. 26 O’Leary st, Hoon Hay, Christchurch.

14 Dec 2002 – Mr Asia jailed on drug charges. Dominion Post Wellington. Peter Fulcher from the 1970s.

6-10 January 2003 – Sonya Ash Pryor. University of Canterbury, Freelance Journalism course.

3 Feb 2003 – Mass communication and journalism. Jim Tully head of dept. Sonya Fay Ash Pryor, University of Canterbury. Freelance journalism.

17 May 2003 – Living in a Socialist state. Dominion Post Wellington. Socialist police state of New Zealand. A Socialist system.

26 May 2003 – Chinese opium tin stolen. The Southland Times Invercargill. An opium tin used by a Chinese gold miner more than 100 years ago was stolen.

22 June 2003 – Dark times for Mr Midnight. Darryl Leigh Sorby. Money laundering in Motueka in 1997. Ecstacy ring in Auckland. Mr Asia in the 1970s. $10 million heroin sales in Australia. 52 years old in 2003.. Born in Auckland. In 1983 Sorby was in Brisbane. 1995-1996 He went fom Australia to NZ Christchurch company CODIT. NZ Herald.

26 June 2003 – NZ votes to legalize brothels. The Irish Times 1921-current. Dublin Ireland.

Mid 2003 – Tower became Trustee Executors again. Name change. It began in 1881 in Otago. Jim Bolger as Chairman. (Website).

July 2003 – Boarding schools were notorious as a place to deposit unwanted and illegitimate children. (Practical family history. July 2003 p8).

23 July 2003 – The will of Rex Wayne Ash. Addington Law Centre.

23 July 2003 – The will of Sonya Fay Ash Pryor. Nick Leeming. Addington Law Centre. I still had and have no lawyer. Every attempt to get legal aid is turned down. Still not allowed a lawyer.

30 August 2003 – Trevor Wayne Henderson missing from Oneuhero Auckland.

Sept 2003 – Korean tourist missing presumed dead. Jae Hyoen Kim aged 25. Disappeared in Sept 2003 last seen in Nelson.

Sept 2003 – Jail for murder of Korean backpacker. Jae Hyeon Kim West coast murder. 5 years later remains sent back to Korea. 3 news. 29 April 2010. Juanita Copeland.–2010042916#axzz3x18nGYaq

12 Oct 2003 – Mr Asia is back. NZ Truth Auckland.

17 Oct 2003 – NZ Truth. Mr Asia gang boss is back. Darryl Leigh Sorby. Money laundering.

24 November 2003 – Christchurch city council must act on feral cats. Sonya Ash Pryor’s article in Scoop NZ.

16 Dec 2003 – Ian McGibbon. Desmond Patrick Costello 1912-1964. Dictionary of NZ biography. Updated 16 Dec 2003 NZ govt.

2004 – New Zealand and the Soviet Union 1950-1991. AC Wilson Victoria uni press. ISBN 086473 476x. ©2004

2004 – Aaron Fox. The pedigree of the western intel agencies. Ian Frank Milner and William Ball Sutch. Lenin’s legacy down under. Dunedin NZ. Ian Milner dept of external affairs and UN.

6 Jan 2004 – Clean slate for resort casinos. Lin Ferguson. Southland Times Invercargill. Casino gambling authority.

2 March 2004 – Scoop. Interview with NZ terror expert Paul Buchanan. By Sonya Ash. Freelance journalist, Hoon Hay, Christchurch. Sonya Ash Pryor.

10 March 2004 – Addington Law Center. Nick Leeming. 26 O’Leary street, forced the sale of Rex’s house by Sonya Vincent at WINZ. Sonya Ash Pryor was still not allowed a lawyer or legal aid. Divorced. I paid for another freelance journalism course, which is all the money I got from the house sale. but Sonya Vincent at WINZ prevented me from doing the freelance journalism course. She cut off my phone. When I tried to do a telemarketing job she said $20 was $200 and took it off me, forcing me to leave the job. Then I got punished for alleged abandonment of job. Such is the corruption. Rex said he was going to get kneecapped if he didnt pay up. He was a drug addict. Rex Ash’s brother Bruce Ash was Commissoner of WINZ.

20 March 2004 – Mystery death case linked to Mr Asia. Dominion Post Wellington. Mr Russell.

22 March 2004 – Rex Wayne Ash. Sonya Ash Pryor. House forced Sale. Addington Law Centre Nick Leeming. Harcourts. Sonya was not allowed a lawyer or legal aid.

23 March 2004 – 26 O’Leary st, Hoon Hay, Sale, Harcourts. Sonya Ash Pryor and Rex Wayne Ash. I did not own anything, legally, so they was just using my name. Sonya was not allowed a lawyer or legal aid..

23 March 2004 – Three held on meth lab charges. Dave Courtney. The Press Christchurch. Set up a meth shop in a Christchurch motel.

24 March 2004 – Addington Law Centre. Nick Leeming. 26 O’Leary st house sale. Sonya was not allowed a lawyer or legal aid. Divorced. I applied for legal aid from a lawyer Catherine Vesty. I was turned down.The NZ government refused legal aid, yet I was on welfare.

May 2004 – Missing Korean tourist Jae Hyeon Kim age 25 was reported missing in NZ. He failed to return.. to Korea after a year in NZ. Bush search in the Nelson area cold case. 10 June 2008.

5 May 2004 – Addington Law Centre, Nick Leeming. 26 O’Leary street, Forced house sale. Rex Wayne Ash.. Sonya Ash Pryor. Sonya was not allowed a lawyer or legal aid..

13 May 2004 – Tower. Rex Wayne Ash. Sonya Ash Pryor. Policy insurance. Sonya was not allowed a lawyer or legal aid..

14 May 2004 – Addington Law Centre. Nick Leeming. Forced sale of house. 26 O’Leary street. The sale was forced by WINZ. Sonya Vincent. Also Rex’s brother, Bruce Ash was the Commissioner of WINZ. Sonya was not allowed a lawyer or legal aid..

20 May 2004 – SPCA Sonya Ash Pryor. Membership. 26 O’Leary street, Hoon Hay, Christchurch.

24 May 2004 – Sonya Ash Pryor, 26 O’Leary street, NBNZ life insurance policy, Wellington. Very dodgy.

7 June 2004 – Socialists. Simon O’Rourke. Waikato Times. Hamilton. Socialist Michael Smither.

17 June 2004 – Abuse at boys home. Tim Hume. The Press Christchuch. Blghs road, 82 years of abuse.

21 June 2004 – Jim Donnelly age 43 disappeared in Auckland. Hydrochloric acid was found. (Anna Leask. NZ Herald. 29 Jan 2014. NZ most high profile cold cases).

July 2004 – Israel passport scandal. Mossad agents Uriel Kelman and Eli Cara were deported.

15 July 2004 – Two Mossad agents from Israel were jailed for 6 months. Trying to obtain a NZ passport. Eli Cara and Uriel Kelman. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

16 July 2004 – David Fickly. Attack on Jewish cemeteries in New Zealand linked to passport plot. Wikipedia.

Aug 2004 – Anti semetic atacks on a Jewish prayer house which was burnt down and 92 headstones were smashed in the Jewish section at Wellington’s Makara cemetery. (19 Oct 2012. Brendan Manning. NZ Herald.)

27 Aug 2004 – Jack Nicholas a Hawkes bay farmer was shot dead, murder. (NZ Herald 2 Jan 2006 a classi.c case of who dunnit).

10 October 2004 – Iraena Asher disappeared in Piha. (Still missing. Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).

18 Oct 2004 – TVNZ website, report Sunday Daily. The psychiatrist who faked it.

26 Oct 2004 – Rise and fall of a drug empire. The Press Christchurch. Mr Asia drug syndicate.

11 Nov 2004 – The tomb of the unknown warrior was dedicated at the National War memorial in Wellington. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 11 Nov 2015).

14 Dec 2004 – Ship jumpers in NZ. Chch Press .Anna Claridge NZPA. More than 100 foreign fishermen. jumping ships at South Island ports. 152 crew entered NZ through South Island ports in the past year. 106 have still not been found. Vietnamese, Indonesian and Chinese fishermen entered New Zealand illegally.

17 December 2004 – 6 years in NZ jail then deported to South Africa, prison for cocaine. Christchurch Press John Henzell A South African drug mule was sentenced to 6 years jail for trying to smuggle more than $1 million of cocaine through Christchurch airport. Jason Khan, aged 28, had 790kg in 62 packages he swallowed before leaving South Africa.

2005 – Bombing of the Wellington trades center and the murder of Ernie Abbott, the killers have never been caught. (NZ mysteries. Nicola McCloy. ©2005 NZ).

2005 – Sex trafficking, the global market in women and children, Kathryn Farr, New York, worth publisher. Worldcat database.

2005 – New Zealand and the Vietnam war. Roberto Rabel Auckland uni press Crown copyright ©2005. ISBN 186940 3401.

2005 – Toni Anne Nathan and Mikaere O’Sullivan were shot dead under Wairoa river bridge near Te Puna. Execution style murder. (Tauranga murders in history. Sun Live 23 Sept 2014).

5 Jan 2005 – Mona Morriss 83 years old was found dead in her Marton flat of stab wounds. Her crochet handbag and purse were never found. (NZ Herald murder mysteries of 2005. Elizabeth and Louisa 2 Jan 2006).

4 Feb 2005 – Kiwi man in global porn swoop. Hayden Dewes and Martin Kay. The Post Wellington. New Zealand is a haven for paedophiles.

9 March 2005 – A Self portrait of Ronald Jorgensen is for sale. Painted in 1964. He disappeared in Dec 1984, sightings in Perth Australia. The painting is to be sold at auction in Auckland. NZ Herald. NZPA. Ian Stuart.

12 March 2005 – Casinos target for criminals. Mike Houlahan. The Press Christchurch. Christchurch casino alerted police.

18 April 2005 – Francesca Martin disappeared in Hamilton. (Still missing. Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).

22 April 2005 – Police corruption and immorality is bound to worsen. Garnet Milne. Porn scandals and the NZ police. Scoop.

May 2005 – NZ Institute of Business studies. Press pass. Journalist photographer, student. Sonya Ash Pryor. This was the course that WINZ, Sonya Vincent, prevented me from doing. She cut off my phone.

9 June 2005 – New cops to battle organized crime rings. 15 new police, Bay of Plenty district. Kelly Blanchard. The Dominion Post Rotorua. New specialist squad targets organized crime, police bosses.

13 June 2005 – Kaye Stewart msising person.

13 June 2005 – Kaye Stewart disappeared during a bush walk in the Rimutaka park near Wellington. She never made it to her car. In March 2007 police offered $50,000 reward for info (Still missing. Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).

21 June 2005 – $50,000 reward. Kaye Stewart missing person. Rimutaka forest park.

30 June 2005 – Casinos and horse racing. Dominion Post Wellington.

7 July 2005 – Tam Yan Ah murder in Auckland. Drugs suspected. He Triad enforcer, extrortion, loans and business. (NZ Herald murder mysteries of 2005. Elizabeth and Louisa 2 Jan 2006).

12 July 2005 – Katrina Jeffrieys 22 years old. Auckland. Found semi naked. $50,000 reward. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

12 July 2005 – Katrina Jefferies murder, her body was found in the Weikowhai reserve at Hillsborough Auckland on 12 July 2005. Young mother (NZ Herald murder mysteies of 2005. Elizabeth and Louisa 2 Jan 2006).

19 July 2005 – The Kiwis illegal drug industry. Dominion Post Wellington. Mr Asia syndicate in the 1970s.

August 2005 – Book ‘without trace’ Reed publications background and investigations of 16 people who had gone missing in mysterious circumstances in New Zealand. (Still missing. Scott Bainbridge ©2008 NZ).

16 Sept 2005 – St Joseph Catholic orphanage in Upper Hutt. Peter . Dominion Post Wellington.

6 Oct 2005 – Paedophiles go free and unsupervised. Oskar Alley Dominion Post Wellington. Dangerous paedophiles freed.

9 Oct 2005 – Stephen George, Waikato murder, drugs suspected, 35 year old his Tirohanga home was set on fire and on 9 Oct 2005 his charred body was found inside. His car was found burned out 2 days later near Mangalina. Star tavern Kihkihi. (NZ Herald murder mysteries of 2005. Elizabeth and Louisa 2 Jan 2006).

28 Oct 2005 – Asian drug gangs use students as mules. Helen Tumali. NZ Herald Auckland.

10 Dec 2005 – China now biggest source of illegal drugs. Rebecca Palmer. Dominion Post Wellington.

2006 – Asia in the making of NZ. Henry Johnson Brian Moloughney. Auckland uni press. ISBN 13-978-1869403843.

2006 – Infobel. NZ diving 2006 ltd. Parnell Auckland. Royal NZ navy ops diving team support ship HMNZS Manawanui. Diving archeologist Kelly Tarlton. Teara govt nz.

2006 – K Baker. Mutiny, terrorism, riots and murder. A history of sedition in Australia and NZ. Rosenberg publishing pty. NSW.

2006 – Radio NZ 12 Oct 2015. Aussie who admitted at least 3 murders lived in NZ in 2006. Richard Dorrough died in Aug 2014 in Perth. Mising persons files. Unsolved. Mr Dorrough worked as a diving instructer in Aucland in 2006. Former Aussie navy and post office worker. (Was he on an Australian government assignment?).

2006 – Nicky Hager published emails stolen from National party leader Don Brash, in his book. The Hollow men. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

2006 – Spy. A former SIS officer unmasks NZ’s cold war spy affair. C H Kit Bennetts. ISBN 13: 978-1-86941-831-1. William Ball Sutch 1907-1975. Random house.

2006 – Fugitive Russian double agent hid in NZ for a year in 2006. Derek Cheng. NZ Herald. 7 Jan 2011.Boris Karpichkov aged 51.

2006 – Meth seized 95kg in NZ. The largest haul of meth ever seized in NZ. ( 23 Dec 2014).

2 Jan 2006 – NZ Herald. Unsolved murder mysteries of 2005. Elizabeth and Louisa.

16 Jan 2006 – Secret file on spying found in PM papers. Derek Cheng. NZPA NZ Herald Auckland. US spying in NZ archives NZ.

19 Jan 2006 – Full time squad will fight organized crime. Beck Vass. The Nelson Mail. Black economy, organized crime in Nelson, Marlborough and Tasman district organized crime unit. Mr Winter.

28 Jan 2006 – Greens stupid Socialist ideas. Dominion Post Wellington.

8 Feb 2006 – Navy diver found after 3 days. NZ Herald. Robert Hewitt a former navy diver.

18 Feb 2006 – Coroner Richard McElkrea, 7 month old Staranise Waru was killed. Autopsy showed viloent shaking. Inuest in Nov 2009. She died in Chch hospital. Staranise. (The press. 30 March 2012. unsolved murders in Canterbury).

17 March 2006 – Kermadec islands euprion. Mark Kerney from DOC was killed. Eruption neat Green lake. Teasa govt nz video 2006 eruptions.

31 March 2006 – Police and banks fear an organized crime syndicate. Derek Cheng. NZ Herald Auckland, Ms Bishop.

1 April 2006 – Dead ends. Listener Wellington. Pat Booth. Royal commision Arthur Allen Thomas innocent of the murders of Harvey and Jeanette Crewe. Police fabrication of evidence.Natlib govt nz journals homocide.

28 April 2006 – Who murdered Lionell Russell. Bent cops. In 1987 police corruption detective Colin Irvine Wanganui drug squad and Jerry Cornelius. Colin Irvine. Mr Asia drug syndicate. Jerry changed his name to James Creedmore in the early 90s. Mike Hill. (There is a Cornelius named as missing).

May to Aug 2006 – Richard Edward Dorrough, an Aussie serial killer was in NZ, Auckland.

May 2006 – New Zealander Darryl Leigh Sorby was convicted of importing ecstacy and money laundering. 12 years jail in NZ, Mr Asia member. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

6 May 2006 – Visit to navy marae Devonport Auckland. Johnny Pungatara is a navy diver.

19 May 2006 – Lithuania born Nzer, 12th Lithuanian police battalion, killing Jews in `1941 and 1942. Sunday Star Times. NZ Nazi hunters tale. Natlib.

6 June 2006 – NZ child trafficking. Hank Schouten. Dominion Post Wellington. Child sex trafficking.

12 June 2006 – Auckland blackout. Wikipedia. Electricity blackout in Auckland. 230,000 people effected Otahuhu incident.

Mid 2006 – NZ NZ crime timeline. 2007. Graeme Burton shooting 6 Jan 2007. Killed and 3 people wounded. Random shooting. Graeme Burton had been convicted of murder in 1992. Burton was released on parole in mid 2006, he was violent in jail.

4 Aug 2006 – Judge strips ex Mr Asia, of $1million in assets. Deborah Diaz. The Press Christchurch.

15 Aug 2006 – Maori Queen Te Ata Irangikaahu died. She was the longest sevring Maori monarch for 40 years.

24 Aug 2006 – Deadly Alpine fault predicted. Jarrod Booker. NZ Herald.

24 Aug 2006 – Muder of Liam Ashley. Wikipedia 17 years old, north shore Auckland. By George Charlie Baker, a prisoner in a NZ prison van.

Sept 2006 – Tony Stanlake killing . Investigate. Ian Wihsart. Murder of Wellington man. journals homocide.

Oct 2006 – A life stolen. Rex Haig. Investigate.. Ian Wishart. Former millionaire, fishing boat. Rex Haig was jailed for 10 yearsfor the murder of Mark Roderique. Now quashed. Invercargill police. journals homcide.

1 Oct 2006 – Crime, American nabbed in NZ for child porn. Miriyana Alexander. Sunday Star Times p7.

7 Oct 2006 – The spirit of Aramoana. NZ Listener online. Matthew Philip. Robert Sarkis. Tim White. Steven O’Meagher. Bill O’Brien. journals homocide.

23 Oct 2006 – NZ womans weekly. Rebecca Milne. Murder of 18 year old Kelly Carmin. journals homocide.

Nov 2006 – National Bank NZ Cashpoint. Sonya Ash Pryor expired 11/06.

4 Nov 2006 – CSI real life. DNA profiles. NZ listener online. Sarah Barnett. DNA tests in crime cold cases. Dallas Mildenhall GNS. journals.

10 Nov 2006 – Mona Blades mystery muder unsolved after review. Google groups. True crime. Police wound down a review. NZPA.

16 Nov 2006 – Divorce. Order dissolving marriage. Rex Wayne Ash and Sonya Ash Pryor. Sonya was still not allowed a lawyer or legal aid. Lawyer Catherine Vesty. Sonya has never been allowed a lawyer or legal aid..

17 Nov 2006 – Auckland North harbour diving was incorporated on 17 Nov 2006. Changed its name North Shore Auckland.

22 Dec 2006 – Police corruption. Manawatu Standard. Palmerston North. Wi Tako prison and Mr Asia drug syndicate.

22 Dec 2006 – Lawyer for Mr Asia fails to shed past. Tribunal court. Patrick Crewdson. Dominion Post Wellington.

2007 – Forty years on. NZ society of genealogists, Auckland. Vivienne M Parke., ISBN 978-1-877217-36-4.

2007 – Spies and revolutionaries. A history of NZ subversion. Printed in China. Graeme John Hunt. Reed publishing NZ ltd. ISBN 13-978-0-7900-1140-0.

2007 – Brooks Jackson and Kathleen Hall Jamieson. Unspun, finding faith in a world of disinformation. New York Random house. (Web of deceit. Anne P Mintz ©2012 US).

6 Jan 2007 – Graeme Burton shootings, one person was killed and 3 people were wounded. Random shooting by Graeme Burton.

24 Feb 2007 – The Press Christchurch. Socialist lawyer and economist.

15 April 2007 – Lettter to editor. Oram is a Socialist. Sunday Star Times Wellington. Oram has Socialist views.

3 May 2007 – Kiwi connection the closest link to Madeleine McCann. Madeleine aged 4 disappeared from Portugal on 3 May 2007. Child sex slavery in NZ.

7 June 2007 – Ngatai Cornelius missing since. (The name Cornelius also appears in connection with a police officer named Irvine and corruption).

11 June 2007 – Back door for the triads. Dominion Post Wellington. Legal migrants with Triad backing are buying local companies.

13 June 2007 – Paedophiles offend while being monitored. Emily Watt. Dominion Post Wellington.. At least two high risk paedophiles have committed further sex crimes.

22 June 2007 – Annabell Tumanako was born on 31 May 1972 in Maraenui Napier. Missing person. (NZ police missing persons).

7-8 July 2007 – Baptism LDS, Sonya Fay Ash Pryor . Cashmere ward Christchurch. Mormon.

14 July 2007 – SIS eyes organized crime. Dominion Post Wellington.

17 July 2007 – SIS ganging up on organized crime. Dominion Post Wellington. Organized crime in NZ.G

27 July 2007 – gangs and Asian syndicates tied to casinos. Patrick Gower, NZ Herald Auckland. Skycity casino.

28 July 2007 – Casinos face anti crime fee rise. Patrick Gower NZ Herald Auckland. Crime in casinos, fee charged to a casino.

3 Aug 2007 – Author says his research proves NZ trio spied for the Soviet Union. Stuart Dye. NZPA. NZ Herald. Auckland. Paddy Costello was born in Auckland.

3 Aug 2007 – Did Putin visit NZ for the KGB. NZ Herald. 3news spied for KGB cold war 1980s.

11 Aug 2007 – Organized crime has a finger in poker machine industry as well as casinos. Patrick Gower. NZ Herald Auckland. Casinos in NZ.

16 Aug 2007 – Darrell Crawford missing from Tauranga Bay of Plenty since 16 Aug 2007. (missing persons NZ police).

24 Aug 2007 – Mr Asia back in the field. NZ Herald Auckland. Terry Clark High court Mr Leary.

25 Aug 2007 – Mr Asia lawyer. NZ Herald Auckland. P13 Terry Clark.

12 Sept 2007 – Govt plans organized crime unit. Dan Eaton. The Press Christchurch. Agency within the police to tackle organized crime including cyber crime and identity.

13 Sept 2007 – New direction on organized crime. Dominion Post p4.

9 Oct 2007 – Unsolved cases. Dominion Post.

21 Oct 2007 – SIS Matt McCarten. Forget terrorists, its the secret police the public should fear. NZ Herald. SIS secret police and the NZ establishment.

5 Nov 2007 – Meth lab surge in Canterbury. P on the rise. The Press Christchurch.

23 Nov 2007 – Senior NZ policeman resigns amid sex probe. ABC news. (Tip of iceberg).

19 Dec 2007 – William Taikato missing from Tauranga Bay of Plenty since 19 Dec 2007. (Missing persons. NZ police).

20 Dec 2007 – Off the east coast North island. A 6.6 earthquake. One person was killed. USGS historic world earthquakes.

2008 – Regional research repositories in NZ. Canterbury and Westland. NZ society of genealogists inc Auckland.

2008 – Still missing. More unsolved missing persons cases in New Zealand. Scott Bainbridge. Penguin books ISBN 978 014 3009429

2008 – SPCA Membership Christchurch. Sonya Ash Pryor.

2008 – The Bolger years 1990-1997. Margaret Clark. Dunmore publishing. ISBN 978-1-877 399-33-6.

10 May 2008 – Japanese crime group Yakuza are linked to NZ car imports. Jared Morgan, Southland Times p1.

12 June 2008 –

6 July 2008 – NZ’s Asian anti crime group wants to hire Triads. Xinhua news agency.

11 July 2008 – Beyond the Hutt river. NZ Today. Blog. Unsolved Dunedin parcel bomb murder in Feb 1962. Peter Petterson. Last blog appears to be 2014.

12 July 2008 – Anti crime group wants Triads. Auckland. Anti crime group, Peter Low, Triads in NZ. NZ Herald.

2 Aug 2008 – Lack of response to Nazis in New Zealand. 40 Nazi war criminals emigrated to NZ after world war two. Late 1940s and early 1950s as refugees.

10 Aug 2008 – 1,372 tourists were killed in NZ. (Apartheid fort NZ blog).

16 Aug 2008 – Asian students in NZ are killed, kidnapped, robbed and used for porn movies. Teacher filmed students in shower. 10 Aug 2008. Auckland district court. Filming girls under 16, child porn movies. Herald on Sunday. Hundreds of images and films of under age girls. Making child porn.

17 Aug 2008 – NZ Herald 14 Sept 2011. The 14K Chinese Triad was involved in a kidnapping of a Chinese family in New Zealand. Near Papatoetoe Auckland. Demanded ransom but they were found before the money was paid. Carolyne Xin Xin. Wilkipedia.

21 August 2008 – New lead in a 2008 missing person case. 68 year old New Zealander Do Trieu was last seen on 21 August 2008. Mr Trieu moved to NZ from Vietnam in 1980. (NZ Herald Stephen Gillson 7 Sept 2013).

29 August 2008 – Do Trieu missing person from Wellington.

8 Sept 2008 – Socialist agenda. Waikato Times Hamilton. Helen Clark and her Socialist government agenda.

17 Oct 2008 – ACT takes swing at Labour and ‘Socialist’ National. Patrick Gower. NZ Herald. Auckland.

3-8 Nov 2008 – Paedophile Roderick Robinson aka MacDonald was due to face trial on 3 counts of sex attacks on 2 girls under 12 in Hamilton. 3-8 Nov 2008 Hamilton. His trial 31 May 2010. He fled to Fiji before 23 Dec 2009. False passport? Not false, from the NZ govt. (TVNZ 23 Oct 2014).

6 Nov 2008 – Socialist principles. Waikato Times Hamilton. World leaders have adopted rabid Socialist policies.

7 Nov 2008 – Bent cops. Expose police corruption and perversity. Irvine. NZ bush drugs plantation.

16 Dec 2008 – Palmerston north police officer Timothy Hesketh aged 27 lied about investigations, guilty of breaking a prisoners neck, he did not get a jail sentence. (Political kiwi).

18 Dec 2008 – Malory Manning died. Found in the Avon river Christchurch. Unsolved NZ murders. Facebook.

18 Dec 2008 – Bashed, stabbed and raped, 27 year old Malory Manning. Police “Operation Dallington”. Her body was dumped in the Avon river Christchurch. DNA showed an unidentified person called “Male B” who police were unable to find a DNA match for. This murder is an open investigation. (Chch Star 2 Sept 2015).

2009 – SPCA Membership. Sonya Ash Pryor.

2009 – Catholic NZ. Brother Rodger Moloney aged 73 was jailed for 2 years. 9 charges of historic sex abuse of boys.

2009 – Joan Rosier Jones. The murder of Chow Yat. Stead and Doughtey ltd Wanganui.

2009 – NZ Herald. WINZ fires staff for crimes 21 years ago. Corruption.

2009 – Human remains were returned to NZ from the national museum of Wales UK in 2009. (History Today. Dec 2013 UK).

2009 – Cass Sunstein on rumors. How falsehoods spread, why we believe them, what can be done. New York Farrar Giroux. (Web of deceit. Anne P Mintz ©2012 US).

2009 – Paedophile ring. Missing child Madelline McCann case. British paedophile Roderick Macdonald aged 76, a former oil rig worker, lived in New Zealand. He was arrested in New Zealand in 2009 on child sex charges. On a stolen passport he left NZ and went to Portugal. NZ govt cover up. (3news 16 Oct 2014).

2009 – Photo. Missing person since 2009. Philippa Helen Minchington. Christchurch. Contact Debrah Minchington. (Advertisement. Chch Star NZ. 27 Nov 2015 p6).

2009-2014 – Michael Woodhouse, corruption in NZ. Creepy. Crime pays for the NZ govt, worth at least $50.2 million since 2009. A great incentive to encourage crime and blame the “willing” victims.

Jan 2009 – Shootings. The NZ police trid to cover up the shooters identity. (23 Sept 2015. Lauda Finem).

Jan Feb 2009 – NZ genealogist magazine. Vol 40 no 315 issn 01 10-4012.

28 Jan 2009 – SIS reveals secret files. Policy in 2003 to help the declassification of historical records on Socialism in New Zealand.

31 January 2009 – The real underbelly criminals by Kara Lawrence The Daily Telegraph Terry Clark Mr Asia heroin trafficking, corrupt government officials, police, lawyers and customs.

28 Feb 2009 – As heads of Mr Asia syndicate Terry Clark, Bob Trimbole. NZ Herald Auckland.

28 Feb 2009 – Drugs murder. Mr Asia. Keren Williamson. Dominion Post Wellington.

March Aprl 2009 – The NZ Genealogist. Vol 40 no 316. ISSN 0110-4012.

24 March 2009 – Jane Dunbar. The Press Christchurch. Mr X.

1 April 2009 – Charles Bree from Breezepod and Polybreeze. Wang Shi chairman of China Vanke co. Zhang Limin was China’s ambassdor to NZ. NZ Herald. Anne Gibson.

May June 2009 – The NZ Genealogist. Vol 40 no 317. ISSN 0110-4012.

16 May 2009 – Meth under the microscope. NZ Herald Auckland. Meth doubled between 1998 and 2001.

17 May 2009 – Yoon Sook Chan missing person from Christchurch central.

21 June 2009 – Linda Francis Sidon aged 46, a New Zealander, went missing in Australia. NZ Herald AAP 31 Aug 2015. Queensland police search bush for missing woman. Freya Noble. Mail online UK 31 Aug 2015. Bush search in Queensland, suspected murder of Linda Francis Sidon. She was going to return to New Zealand after working as a part time cleaner in Australia. Sky news Australia. 1 Sept 2015. Missing person.

9 July 2009 – A key figure in Mr Asia drug ring faces charges in Auckland. Name suppression. Mr Asia was involved in heroin trafficking in NZ, Australia and the UK in the 1970s and 1980s. Michael Field..

11 July 2009 – New Zealand soft on Hitler. Waikato Times. Manawatu Standard.

15 July 2009 – 7.6 quake off coast of south island west of Invercargill. (Aljazeera 15 Oct 2013).

25 July 2009 – Northland police run down two pedestrians, killing one person and injuring the other. (Political kiwi).

28 July 2009 – Gang patch law Hells Angels fight ban. Simon Wood. Dominion Post Wellington. A Criminal organization.

1 Aug 2009 – Hells Angels bid to stop patch ban rejected. Simon Wood. Dominion Post Wellington. Hells Angels lawyer Seven Rollo.

3 Aug 2009 – The Triads, drug money and kiwi conman. NZ Herald Auckland. Triads, judge at his trial seven years ago.

8 Aug 2009 – Kiwi connection is closest link to Madeleine McCann. Madeleine aged 4 disappeared from Portugal on 3 May 2007. Child sex slavery in NZ.

26 Aug 2009 – National head of police statistics. Jon Moss regional, sex conduct of officers with the public, victims of crime. (Political kiwi).

28 Aug 2009 – Masterton detective Sue Mackle says police are not investigating incidents of sex abuse complaints. (political kiwi).

6 Sept 2009 – Another Japanese man missing in NZ. Asian male missing in Orewa 22 year old. Masashi Hayama. NZ residency, reported missing 2 Sept 2009 disappearance. NZ police knew he was dead. (Apartheid fort NZ blog).

23 September 2009 – Tom James Pryor was born in Dunedin Otago NZ. (He is half Japanese). Parents Doug Pryor and Michiko.

26 Sept 2009 – Unions destructive. The Press Christchurch. Unions own the Labour party. No one but union leaders were consulted.

1 Oct 2009 – Srikanth Rayadurgan aged 23. Indian student missing person ODT.

1 Oct 2009 – Coroner investigates missing student. An Indian student who was last seen 5 years ago withdrawing $250 from a central Auckland ATM, Srikanth Rayaduryam, aged 23. Last seen on 1 Oct 2009, his disappearance remains unsolved. (NZ city. 26 June 2014).

4 Oct 2009 – Senior police officer a paedophile. Interfered with the investigation of Bert Potter. Centrepoint community. (Political kiwi).

5 Oct 2009 – Death of Aisling Syrie. 16 Oct 2009 NZ toddler. Two year old. 5 Oct 2009 in NZ. CFSI Irish NZ descenant. Found and not thought suspicious.

8 Oct 2009 – Norman Leslie Matthews born in Dunedin. Missing person when he was 83 years old. He would be 89 years old now. Interpol.

30 Oct 2009 – Sex trafficking raids. The Northern Advocate Whangarei. Sex trafficking and rape are called prostitution.

16 Nov 2009 – A Hungarian man disappeared in Queenstown. Gellert Csaba Murdra aged 41. NZPA One news TVNZ.

26 Nov 2009 – Chief says Asian students terrorists. Foreign students, Warren Tucker head of NZ SIS secret police.

17 Dec 2009 – Christchurch police, Nathan Thorose Connolly jail for sex abuse, forced sex, threats and rape. (Political kiwi).

12 Dec 2009 – A New Zealand registered aircraft was impounded in Thailand. Arms trafficking. A New Zealand shell company SP trading , the plane. Simon Powers responded. (Timelines of history. Siam Thailand).

23 Dec 2009 – IPCA investigation into police child abuse complaints. (Political kiwi).

27 Dec 2009 – Cannabis Kiwis arrested in India were SIS agents. Kiwi thugs arrested in India for possession of cannabis. Two Nzers a man and a woman in their 30s were arrested in Bhuntar India with a large amount of cannabis. NewstalkZB reported.

2010 – Data mining. Most of the devices that cause us to leave a digital trail of everything we think and do were not devised by the state, but are symptoms of the way things are today. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

2010 – SPCA Membership. Sonya Ash Pryor.

2010 – Those who do not have a birth certificates or drivers license. Those who are not legal. Person with no ID or are unable to identify themselves. Those who “do not exist”. (Slavery inc. Lydia Cacho ©2010 UK). Corruption.

2010 – Arthur Allan Thomas. The inside story. Crewe murders, new evidence. Ian Wishart. ISN 978 0958 240178. Howling at the moon publishers.

2010 – Shot in the dark. Scott Bainbridge. Unsolved NZ murders from the 1920s and 30s. Allen Unwin. Australia. ISBN 978-1-877505-02-7. Mixed sources.

2010 – Mr Asia last man standing, James Diamond Jim Shepherd. ISBN 9781 4050 4020 4. Australia New Zealand. P53 Ron Jorgenson is still missing, alegedly murdered in the South island NZ. (he was seen in Perth.)

2010 – A New Zealander named Lang who wore glasses. With smuggling experience, in London. Frankfurt airport, Pakistani hashish delivering some to Californians and some to Germans in Frankfurt. Lang went back to London. German and American money in a Swiss bank account. (Drug barons. Paul Copperwaite ©2010 US UK).

2010 – The great wrong war. NZ society in World War One. Stevan Eldred Grigg. Random house. ISBN 978-1-86979-263-3.

2010 – The Malaysian Chinese Mafia in Cambodia. Since the 19th century the Cantonese resident Chinese Khmer. Chinese businessmen control tourism in Cambodia worth $1.8 billion. Triads in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the US. (Slavery inc. Lydia Cacho ©2010 UK).

2010 – misinformation. Brendan Nyham. why the death panel myth wouldn’t die. Misinformation in the health care reform debate. The Forum. (Web of deceit. Anne P Mintz ©2012 US).

2010-2014 – The NZ dept of internal affairs says 11,136 NZ passports were reported stolen and 42,348 reported lost. Identity theft etc. ( Dominion Post Wellington. 20 July 2015. Talia Shadwell).

1 Jan 2010 – Deborah Howell age 68 a veteran editor for the Washington Post Ombudsman. Was struck by. a car and killed in Blenheim new Zealand.

3 Jan 2010 – NZ cyber spies win new powers. Nicky Hagar. Sunday Star Times Wellington. Internet, spying devices. NZ spying capabilities.

3 Jan 2010 – An unnamed person from the Philippines died mysteriously while fishing at Piha beach Auckland .

5 Jan 2010 – A female German tourist age 19 was killed in Manawatu. She was on a bike and struck by a truck. NZPA.

8 Jan 2010 – A German female tourist age 19 was crushed to death by a truck. Mia Susanne Pusch from Fulda Germany. She arrived in NZ in Oct 2009. Ms Pusch was on a bike struck by a large truck and trailer.

16 Jan 2010 – Two Vietnamese people were killed in NZ in 24 hours. A Vietnamese man became brain dead and his life support was turned off. In his 20s. A tourist. The bus was shredded when a truck wheel crashed into the bus in Auckland. Hastings, Kim Sol from Vietnam in his 20s. Crash death. He had emigrated to NZ weeks before. Lam Xuan Hu age 24.

17 Jan 2010 – New underbelly murder, $125k reward for leads in Kiwi cold case. Sunday Star Times Wellington. Mr Asia drug syndicate disappearance, Marion.

21 January 2010 – Hugh Charles McAllister missing person since

22 Jan 2010 – Rotorua district court convicts a police officer for possession of child porn. (Political kiwi).

24 January 2010 – Leo Lipp Neighbours missing person..

24 Jan 2010 – 19 year old Leo Lipp Neighbours went missing from Nelson. (3news 22 Jan 2015 Missing Nelson man).

Feb 2010 – Don’t believe everything you read. Don’t automatically believe what the “official” records say. The “official” records are not necessarily correct, due to a misunderstanding or a distortion of facts. Triple check your info. (Practical family history. Feb 2010 p10). Lies in the files.

7 February 2010 – Sonya Ash Pryor. Patriarchal blessing LDS. Cashmere ward Christchurch. Mormon.

14 Feb 2010 – Cold case revives interest in 30 year old puzzle. Sydney Morning Herald. Mr Asia drug syndicate, NZ born.

3 March 2010 – Dunedin police failed to follow up on a ‘sighting’ of missing British girl Madeline McCann, a local security guard approached police with info on her disappearance. (Political kiwi). Is she in NZ?

12 March 2010 – Police keep close watch on Charles Anderson. The Nelson Mail. Red Devils, a branch of the Hells Angels.

19 March 2010 – Judge takes Hells Angels gang patch in test case. Dominion Post Wellington. Bryan Vincent Moore.

20 March 2010 – After 55 years he rests his case. Michael Field. Dominion Post Wellington. Mr Williams.

1 April 2010 – Karl Walter Vincent, north Otago police officer, case of indecent assault. (political kiwi).

2 April 2010 – What happened to dead tourist stats? Apartheid fort nz. te2ataria.

8 April 2010 – The NZ Catholic church investigates five cases of sex abuse. NZ Herald. NZ Catholic church child sex abuse victims.

8 April 2010 – Catholic order in NZ. Telegraph UK. The Roman Catholic church in NZ is investigating five cases of child sex abuse from 20 years ago.

12 April 2010 – $120,000 reward offered for Kiwi woman’s disappearance. Broun Britten. 1980s Mr Asia. Terry Clark. Mr Davie.

12 April 2010 – Police NZ woman vanished without a trace. NZ Herald NZ. Mr Davie.

14 April 2010 – Ship jumpers hired. 8 Indonesians in NZ. Marlborough Express. South Korean. fishing boat and South Korean passports.

May to August 2006 – Richard Edward Dorrough was born in 1977 and died in 2014. He was in New Zealand from May 2006 to August 2006, Auckland. Interpol. Unsolved murders, disapearances. Australian serial killer. (Murderer spent time in NZ. 12 Oct 2015 NZ Herald.). Was he still working for the Australian government while he was in NZ?

1 May 2010 – Emma Campbell missing person since.

8 May 2010 – Chips are down for casino and gamblers, Wayne Parry NZ Herald Auckland. Tribal casinos report.

15 May 2010 – Raymond Piper missing person.

19 May 2010 – Kiwileaks. Wairarapa police pervert the course of justice while ignoring child abuse. Systematic failure of NZ police to investigate child abuse.

20 May 2010 – Mr Asia lawyer. Michael Field. Dominion Post Wellington. Royal commission on Mr Asia syndicate.

22 May 2010 – Drug boss NZ worst serial killer. Waikato Times Mr Asia drug syndicate and Terry Clark he killed at least 12 people.

22 May 2010 – The rise and fall of Mr Asia. Broun Britten. Waikato Times Hamilton.

22 May 2010 – Clark not just a nasty killer. Brillon Broun. The Southland Times Invercargill. Chinese Jack Choo.

22 May 2010 – Terry Clark murdered his wife, says book. Terry Clark killed at least 12 people. The Dominion Post.,nz. Britton Broun.

31 May 2010 – Paedophile Roderick Robinson aka MacDonald was due to face trial in NZ on 3 counts, sex attacks on two girls under 12. 3 to 8 Nov 2008 in Hamilton. His trial was 31 May 2010. He fled to Fiji before 23 Dec 2009. False passport? Passport from the NZ govt. (TVNZ 23 Oct 2014).

7 June 2010 – Close Hillmorton mental prison aka a black jail.stop forced drugging. Mental prisons in New Zealand are erun by corrupt Socialists. They rape, lie, torture, use psychological warfare and experiment on right wing people. They force torture punishmentl drugs onto innocent people and lie about them. Such is Socialism and political violence in New Zealand.

9 June 2010 – Secret labs and more arrests point to growing drug problem. NZ Herald Auckland.

July 2010 – NZ genealogist July Aug 2010 vol 41 no 324. CDs published archives.

1 July 2010 – Carmen Thomas missing person.

3 July 2010 – Defrosting cold cases. Arthur Allen Thomas and the Crewes.

8 July 2010 – Guy family sells Feilding farm, once intended for murdered son. Scott Guy age 31 was shot and killed. Dominon Post .11 Jan 2016.

8 July 2010 – Scott Guy was gunned down on his Fielding property. Scott Guy’s killing is still unsolved.(NZ Herald. 7 Sept 2015).

17 July 2010 – $5 million of meth. Northern Advocate Whangarei. Police seized $5 million worth of meth.

22 July 2010 – Organized crime agency busts multi million dollar money laundering operation. OFCANZ financial exchange business Auckland.

27 July 2010 – FBI eyes NZ police e-crime software. Chris Gardner. Waikato Times p13.

31 July 2010 – Hells Angels take court action over patch law. Michael Forbes. Dominion Post Wellington. Philip Ernest Schubert. .Solicitor Steven Rollo.

Aug 2010 – Tim Wallis. ODT. 5 May 2015. Missing person since Aug 2010. Tatoos. Dunedin.

12 August 2010 – The son of a Hells angels gang leader runs for the Wanganui council. Mayor Laws lacks candidacy Jack Bullock.

20 Aug 2010 – Police officer charged with multiple counts of indecent assault. (political kiwi).

25 Aug 2010 – Detective Dave Archibald, illegal access to police computer to defend a convicted pack rapist Brad Shipton. Gets promoted. (Political kiwi).

31 Aug 2010 – Skycity seeks better deal for casinos. John Drinnan, NZ Herald Auckland.

Sept 2010 – Golden rules of genealogy, never believe everything on a birth, death or marriage certificate. (Australian family tree connections. Sept 2010 p34).

Sept 2010 – Two earthquakes destroyed much of Christchurch in Sept 2010 and 22 Feb 2011. The Population of Christchurch was 377,000. (History Today. May 2014 UK).

Sept Oct 2010 – The NZ Geneaologist vol 41 no 325 ISSN 0110-4012. 4.35am 4 Sept Christchurch earthquake.

1 Sept 2010 – Nelson gang eyeing Hells Angels status. Bill Moore. The Nelson Mail. Hells Angels have 230 chapters in 27 countries.

4 Sept 2010 – The time the Christchurch earthquake struck. (Chch Mail 21 Sept 2011 p19).

4 Sept 2010 – Many of Christchurch city heritage buildings have been demolished. Major earthquakes of 4 Sept 2010 and 22 Feb 2011. (Chch crimes scandals. Geoffrey W Rice ©2013).

4 Sept 2010 – 7.1 rocked the south island, roads cracked in half and walls crumbled. Timeline of earthquakes.

4 Sept 2010 – An Earthquake struck Christchuch at 4.35am. Many older buildings in Christchurch were demolished as a result. (The NZ Genealogist. Nov Dec 2010).

6 Sept 2010 – Aftershocks and winds in NZ after quake. Early estimate of damage to Christchurch area. The Irish Times 1921-current Dublin Ireland.

6 Sept 2010 – NZ quake caused by unknown fault. Julian Swallow. Unidentified fault. 18,000 year old , beneath gravel, the quake was in the middle of a plate. 7.1 quake.

23 Sept 2010 – Oamaru police constable Karl Walter Vincent, guilty of multiple charges of indecent assault. (political kiwi).

26 Sept 2010 – Did a cop kill the Crewes. Ian Wishart. Len Johnston as a suspect. He died in 1978.

Oct 2010 – Rochelle Crewe asked police to re-investigate the unsolved murder of her parents 40 years ago. (NZ Herald David Fisher 20 Oct 2014).

13 Oct 2010 – Troy Liddington missing person from Kaipara district Northland. (NZ police internet).

18 Oct 2010 – Bent cops. 35 year old mystery gets TV. Lionel Sydney Russell last seen in the central north island aged 25. Police detective Chris Bensemann.

23 October 2010 – Mr Asia lawyer wins damages, Peter Williams said in a book, the British mafia paid Queens counsel $4.1 million to defend Mr Asia, Terry Clark, jailed in the UK. He died in the Isle of Wight in 1983. Suspicious death. Framing and corruption.

23 Oct 2010 – Mr Asia lawyer wins damages. Edward Gay. NZ Herald Auckland $140,000. Judge Laurie Hinton.

27 Oct 2010 – Socialist New Zealand explained. Dominion Post Wellington. Bureaucrats in the Socialist republic of New Zealand.

30 Oct 2010 – Heroin bust confirms NZ status. Mark Stevens. Dominion Post Wellington.

Nov 2010 – Australian navy officer Mark Napier had more than 40,000 child sex porn images on his computer. Diplomatic immunity. Child porn, a paedophile. ( Blake Crayton Bown. 30 June 2014 30 years of incidents).

Nov Dec 2010 – The NZ Geneaologist. Vol 41 no 326 ISSN 0110-4012.

19 Nov 2010 – Kiwileaks. Old boys network creates jobs for themselves. Why are 29 men still inside the Pike river mine. On 19 Nov 2010, 31 men went to work at the Pike river mine West Coast south island.

30 Nov 2010 – Wikileaks reveals US snooping on NZ. Adam Bennett. NZ Herald Auckland. US NSA.

10 Dec 2010 – Police, Hells Angels in cross city drug cleanup. Victoria Robinson. Marty Sharpe. Dominion Post Wellington.

22 Dec 2010 – Mr Asia story set for NZ based drama, Underbelly series. Britton Broun. The Press p2.

27 Dec 2010 – Earthquake shakes NZ city. The Irish Times 1921-current. Dublin Ireland.

2011 – Catholic child sex abuse cases in NZ. Wikipedia. Catholic schools. In 2011 Marist brother Beda Thomas.

2011 – An antique shop in High street Christchurch was in ruins after the 2011 earthquake. (NZ Memories. Feb March 2014).

2011 – During the Christchurch earthquakes the census was aborted. Returns from these census are not available yet. (NZ genealogist May June 2011).

Jan Feb 2011 – NZ genealogist ISSN 0110-4012 vol 42 no 27.

7 Jan 2011 – Police 2008 Bazley inquiry into police sex misconduct. (Political kiwi).

10 Feb 2011 – Drugs and gangs. NZ police money and supply corruption.

18 Feb 2011 – Detective Mark McHattie lied about child abuse cases in Wairarapa. (Political kiwi).

22 Feb 2011 – 6.3 quake inChristchurch and 166 people were killed. (Aljazeera 15 Oct 2013).

22 Feb 2011 – Christchurch 6.3 quake leaves 185 people dead. (Hindustan Times 2 April 2014).

22 Feb 2011 – 167 people were killed in the 6.5 earthquake. Rapture Ready.

22 Feb 2011 – Christchurch 6.3 quake and 166 people were killed. (ABC Australia 6 Feb 2013).

22 Feb 2011 – Christchurch lay in ruins 6.3 quake 166 people were killed. One of the Israelis who died had at least 5 passports. Timeline of earthquakes.

23 Feb 2011 – The Independent UK. Jerome Taylor, A new fault line in the crust, previously unaware of, a newefault, thousands of years ago, 10,000 years ago, previously unknown fault.

March April 2011 – NZ genealogist vol 42 no 328 ISSN 0110-4012.

16 March 2011 – NZ quake victim laid to rest. Patrick Tierney. The Irish Times 1921-current Dublin Ireland.

17 March 2011 – New Zealanders in global paedophile ring bust. 3 News. 230 children, 184 arrests.

18 March 2011 – Paedophile ring busts net NZ offenders. NZ Herald Auckland. 70,000 members linked to an internet online international paedophile ring.

18 March 2011 – Who are these New Zealand paedophiles near the top of the pyramid? NZ Conservative blogspot. Busted paedophiles in the massive ring. International paedophile ring, police and other New Zealanders.

23 March 2011 – Secret deal keeps child rapist off the hook. Judicial corruption. A TV comedian who raped a 4 year old child. Name suppression. Auckland district court. Yahoo news.

9 April 2011 – Crewe case key figure dies. Nicholas Jones. NZ Herald. Vivien Harrison, former wife of Arthur Allan Thomas died in Queensland Australia.

10 April 2011 – Underbelly tells story of Mr Asia drug heyday in NZ. Bevan Hurley. Herald on Sunday Auckland.

May June 2011 – NZ genealogist vol 42 no 329 ISSN 0110-4012.

7 May 2011 – Low cost Chinese housing to hit NZ suburbs. Charles Bree of Polybreeze and Breezepod. Auckland. Photo. NZ Herald. Anne Gibson.

8 May 2011 – Detective Peter Govers sent two innocent men to jail. He forced women to give him sex abuse. (Political kiwi).

18 May 2011 – Chch press article about Christchurch cemeteries damaged in the earthquakes. Some headstones date back 150 years. Established in 1851 the Barbadoes st cemetery was the first in Christchurch. It suffered severe damage from the 2011 quakes. (NZ genealogist July Aug 2011).

21 May 2011 – Kiwi arrested after sex trafficking, corruption. The Daily Post. Rotorua. Trafficking of women and children for sex.

26 May 2011 – Detective Mark Franklin was arrested and charged with drug dealing in Rarotonga. (Political kiwi).

11 June 2011 – Gamblers abandon children in casinos, left alone. Anna Leask. NZ Herald Auckland.

11 June 2011 – Mr Asia strongman dies, aged 62. Nicholas Jeas. NZ Herald Auckland. heroin drug ring.

13 June 2011 – Aftershocks in Christchurch, thousands of aftershocks following the 6.3 earthquake which killed 181 people on 22 Feb. Timeline of earthquakes.

22 June 2011 – Casinos create worse addictions than kronic. NZ Herald Auckland. Skycity casino to invest $350 million, .John Key.

July Aug 2011 – NZ genealogist ISSN 0110-4012 no 330.

3 July 2011 – Gang celebration disrupted. 50th anniversary by the Hells angels motorcycle gang NZ.

4 July 2011 – Celebrating Hells Angels barred from Kiwi event. Dominion Post Wellington. 50th anniversary HQ Mount Eden.

14 Aug 2011 – Metservice blog. The Polar outbreak of 2011. A major weather event. Coldness called the big chill. Snow and cold. Also the winter storm of early July 2011

20 August 2011 – NZ Listener Peter Fulcher interview. The Last days of Mr Asia David Lomas.

25 Aug 2011 – Detective Dave Archibald, illegal search of police computer to defend a pack rape case. (Political kiwi).

28 Aug 2011 – Rene Weisswange missing from Lake Hawea Southland since 28 Aug 2011. (missing person NZ police).

Sept Oct 2011 – NZ genealogist vol 42 no 331 ISSN 0110-4012.

1 Sept 2011 – Colonial slavery. Africa news service. Europe backed by America, slavery and colonialism.

2 Sept 2011 – OFCANZ targets illegal debt collection by gangs. Four men including 3 Hells angels.

5 Sept 2011 – Hells Angels debt collector arrested in major police Jared Savage. NZ Herald Auckland.

6 Sept 2011 – Hells Angels member a debt collecting charge. Michelle Robinson. Dominion Post Wellington.

6 Sept 2011 – Bail for Hells Angel on debt collecting charge. Michelle Robinson Waikato Times Hamilton.

8 Sept 2011 – Drug mule dies in NZ after cocaine packages burst. Telegraph UK. A Colombian drug mule died after attempting to smuggle cocaine into NZ.

12 Sept 2011 – Hells Angels suit. The Press Christchurch. 14 Hells Angels.

21 Sept 2011 – Christchurch Mail advertisement. Charles Caulder Bree. P19. Breezepod. The father of Randall Caulder Bree. Who is Sonya Ash Pryor’s son.

29 Oct 2011 – DIA rejects Hells angels gambling plan, online Department of internal affairs rejected Hells angels application for a gambling license.

30 Oct 2011 – Nazi war criminals tracked on NZ film. More than 40 Nazi war criminals fled to NZ after world war two.

Nov Dec 2011 – NZ genealogist vol 42 no 332. ISSN 0110-4012.

Nov-Dec 2011 – NZ Society of Genealogists inc.

2 Nov 2011 – Hells angels gang gets wake up call from police Nine men arrested on firearms charges Auckland 5 of the men are members of the Hells angels.

17 Nov 2011 – Police staff were among those arrested in a drug swoop. (Political kiwi).

25 Nov 2011 – Mr Asia player jailed. Murder. Patrick Norton Bennett age 63 Nelson. In 1986 the drug related murder of a 23 year old man in Coromandel. Sentenced in June 1988 and released in 2001. Nelson Mail.

17 Dec 2011 – Kiwileaks. Child abuse cover up continues by Wairarapa police. Police bully and intimidate victims of real crime, while they cover up for paedophiles. Sergeant Mark McHattie threw hundreds of child abuse files into the rubbish. He lied and was promoted. Wairarapa police area commander John Johnston. Hundreds of child abuse complaints were ignored by corrupt police. Dominion Post. Wellington.

23 Dec 2011 – Powerful earthquakes 5.8 and 5.9. Timeline of earthquakes.

24 Dec 2011 – NZ city hit by series of earthquakes. The Irish Times. Dublin Ireland.

2012 – Facebook sex threats. Leave an online trail. Public records from govt sources, lies in files. Lies in medical records. Socialist political violence and corruption. Ensure info is accurate and not lies. You should have rights to correct or remove it. Erroneous info lies. (Web of deceit. Anne P Mintz ©2012 US).

2012 – Info is distorted and inaccurate, faulty info. Misinformation. False info, lies and threats. Designed to discredit, rumors and lies. Intentional misinformation. FactCheck .org. (Web of deceit. Anne P Mintz ©2012 US).

2012 – Sex slavery. There are more slaves on earth now than at any other time in human history. Sex exploitation of women and children and pornography. (The white umbrella. Sex trafficking. Mary Frances Bowley. ISBN 978-0-8024-0859-4. Moody publishers Chicago. ©2012 US).

2012 – The case of the missing bloodstain. Corrupt police, the Crewe murders. Keith Hunter. (c)2012. publishers in NZ. ISBN 978-0-473-19646-2.

2012 – Missing pieces. Swedish tourist murders. Ian Wishart. Howling at the moon publishers. ISBN 978 0 9876573 7 4.

2012 – Jewish lives in New Zealand. A history.

2012 – Hacking into websites, selling databases of info and emails to spammers. Seeking freelancers. Pastebin, and LulzSec. Pastebin owner Jeroen Vader, a 28 year old Dutch CEO. (We are Anonymous. Parmy Olson ©2012 US).

2012 – Bloodied but not beaten. 40 years of investigative journalism. Rod Vaughan. ISBN 978-1-877378-69-0. David Ling publishing NZ.

Jan 2012 – Anonymous DDos attack on companies to protest the knocking down of Kim Dotcom’s Megaupload. (We are Anonymous. Parmy Olson ©2012 US).

Jan Feb 2012 – NZ genealogist ISSN 0110-4012 vol 43 no 333.

4 Jan 2012 – 47 fake New Zealand passports found. NZ Herald. Jared Savage.

16 Jan 2012 – Man facing jail in NZ for overseas child sex crimes. Paedophile. NZ Herald.

19 Jan 2012 – AntiSec hacked Startfor website. Pastebin and Wikileaks. A Blackout day 18 Jn 2012 web based protest. 4.5 million people signed an anti SOPA petiton. On 19 Jan 2012 the New Zealand government tookdown file sharing site Megaupload. The New Zealand government raided and arrested Kim Dotcom. (The many faces of Anonymous. Gabriella Coleman ©2014 US).

19 Jan 2012 – The Feds tookover file sharing site Megaupload. Kim Dotcom was arrested in a raid in New Zealand. His assets were confiscated, but no court found him guilty of piracy. His website was taken off the. internet. Two helipcopters and 76 armed police raided his home. (The many faces of Anonymous. Gabriella Coleman ©2014 US).

26 Jan 2012 – Investigate Daily. Police dig up house in search of cold case bodies. Rotorua police house. Under the house of a former police officer who died 3 years ago. Mona Blades and Heidi Charles 1970’s murder cases. Rotorua.

27 Jan 2012 – Some of NZ’s most notorious cold cases. Incudes James Ward Feb 1962. NZ Herald. Anna Leask.

2 Feb 2012 – Police employee Darren Ian Hodgetts provided a drug ring with access to the police computer. (Political kiwi).

14 Feb 2012 – Internet risks for rural children, paedophiles find children. Patrick Rose The Nelson Mail. Paedophiles groom victims.

16 Feb 2012 – Skycity casino on roll but Queenstown miss cup boost. John Eden. The Southland Times Invercargill. Enterprises shareholder and casino, Barry Thomas.

Feb March 2012 – NZ Memories issue 94 ISSN 1173-4159

March April 2012 – NZ genealogist ISBN 0110-4012 vol 43 no 334.

3 March 2012 – Police prosecutor Timothy John Russell Sarah, supplying meth drugs, accessing the NZ police computer. National intel association. (Political kiwi).

28 March 2012 – Huawei NZ a front for Chinese intel. $1.35 billion broadband in NZ. Huawei tapping into. Echelon intel network. National business review. Rod Vaughan.

29 March 2012 – NZ tip on child porn. Dominion Post p1.

30 March 2012 – NZ supports US spying. The Press Christchurch US Echelon program.

30 March 2012 – Nine unsolved murders in Canterbury. The Press.

24 April 2012 – Detective Mark McHattie, major child abuse cover up, inquiry. (Political kiwi).

May 2012 – Jane Furlong inquiry wound down. (25 June 2014). She was last seen in May 1993 on K road Auckland. Her body was found at a Waikato beach in May 2012. Unsolved murder.

3 May 2012 – When will union corruption be investigated in New Zealand. Cameron Slater. Sydney morning herald. Socialism.

24 May 2012 – Business. NZ shell company linked to $150m fraud, Ukraine and Latvia owned companies the Russian mafia and money laundering.

June 2012 – Paddy Costello. Denis Lenihan. The Socialist society at Cambridge UK.

13 June 2012 – Hells angels fight to get drug charges thrown out. NZ Herald. senior Hells angels.

13 June 2012 – Hells Angels fights to get drugs charge thrown out. NZ Herald Auckland. Drugs charge dropped.

16 June 2012 – Bullion chief trader a coke addict. Waikato Times Hamilton. Geldman cocaine addict.

16 June 2012 – Bullion trader a coke addict. The Press Christchurch. Geldman cocaine addict.

16 June 2012 – Bullion trader a coke addict. Dominion Post Wellington. Geldman cocaine addict.

21 June 2012 – Country faces flak over its human trafficking record. Timaru Herald. Human trafficking NZ. Sex trafficking within NZ.

21 June 2012 – US censures NZ record on human trafficking. Hayden Donnell. NZ Herald Auckland. Sex trafficking of underage children.

21 June 2012 – Human trafficking warning from US. The Southland Times Invercargill. Clean up human trafficking or face… NZ sex trafficking within the country.

21 June 2012 – Human trafficking warning from US. Manawatu Standard. Palmerston North. Clean up human trafficking record. Sex trafficking within NZ.

21 June 2012 – NZ Herald. 1998 flashback K road. Naomi Larkin. Tony Wall. Jayne Furlong went missing from K road in 1993. Stephen Collie Auckland millionaire from UAE was jailed for 16 years in 1993 for the violent sex attacks on 8 women, mainly prostitutes.

21 June 2012 – NZ censured over human trafficking. Michael Field. Dominion Post Wellington. NZ human trafficking, sex trafficking within NZ.

20 July 2012 – WINZ staff fired over privacy breaches ACC forum corruption.

20 July 2012 – Robyn Anne Prole was stabbed, murder. (Tauranga murders in history. 23 Sept 2014 Sun Live).

21 July 2012 – NZ a target for drugs Iran and P (meth). NZ Herald.

22 July 2012 – Cocaine back on the menu for NZ. The worlds biggest drug lords zero in on those with money.

22 July 2012 – Cocaine back on menu for New Zealanders. Kirsty Johnston. Sunday Star Times Wellington. Customs seized 3.7 kg cocaine last year. Five arrests. Cocaine from South America. Operation Utah.

28 July 2012 – A Harvard uni study found that flouride lowers IQ. Liberty Blitzkreig. The Nazis used flouride in concentration camps, so did Stalin in the Gulags.

31 July 2012 – Exempt unions from bill as political lobbyists, Labour. Claire Trevett. NZ Herald. Auckland. An amendment that will exempt unions, Greenpeace, the Green party and other Labour Socialist left wing organizations.

31 July 2012 – Labour calls to exempt unions from lobbying bill. Claire Trevett. NZ Herald Auckland. Amendment to exempt unions, the Green party and Greenpeace, Socialists etc.

Aug 2012 – Arthur Alan Thomas brother Des filed a formal criminal complaint against the police, regarding the Crewe murders. Arthur Alan Thomas was framed. (NZ Herald David Fisher 15 Oct 2014).

8 Aug 2012 – Nazi war criminals could have been in NZ. A 1992 investigation into 47 suspects. Wayne Stringer. Jonas Pukas a Lithuanian living in NZ since the 1950s. He died in the mid 1990s. NZ Herald. ODT.

16 Aug 2012 – High rollers test casinos. Nick Krause The Press Christchurch. Casino operator Skycity high rollers rich.

25 Sept 2012 – Bill English signed the order on Dotcom spying. AAPO General news wire Sydney. Megaupload. GCSB spying on Dotcom, arrested.

26 Sept 2012 – Illegal spying on Dotcom unfolds. English signed GCSB documents. Taranaki Daily news. New Plymouth.

26 Sept 2012 – Spying on NZ tycoon. The Northern territory news Darwin. GCSB spying in Dotcom. Arrested.

27 Sept 2012 – Lobby laws should exempt unions. Timaru Herald. Trade unions are influential lobbyists.

27 Sept 2012 – Exempt unions from lobby laws, Labour. Manawatu, Palmerston North. Michael Woodhouse said Trade unions are influential lobbyists.

27 Sept 2012 – Exclude unions from planned lobbyist register says Labour. Kate Chapman. Dominion Post Wellington. Michael Woodhouse says trade unions are influential lobbyists.

27 Sept 2012 – Bid to exclude unions from lobby bill. Kate Chapman. The Nelson Mail. Unions are major backers of the Labour party.

27 Sept 2012 – Greg Sandoval. NZ PM apologises to Kim Dotcom. Case unravels.

28 Sept 2012 – Trade unions keen for lobby register. Timaru Herald. Which union staff have to be registered. The CTU.

Oct Nov 2012 – NZ Memories magazine. Issue 98 ISSN 1173-4159.

2 Oct 2012 – More sex crimes mar rosy figures. Nicci McDougal Southland Times p1.

7 Oct 2012 – Screen for school paedophiles. Kelsey Fletcher. Sunday Star Times Wellington. Paedophiles are liars and manipulative.

18 Oct 2012 – Inquiry into police misconduct. Viv Rickard, a sex assault investigation is needed. (Political kiwi).

19 Oct 2012 – One news TVNZ. Inappropriate sexual behaviour still a problem in police.

19 Oct 2012 – Brendan manning. NZ Herald. APN. Vile desecration of Jewish headstones. Grafton K road cemetery Auckland. Graves 125 years old vandalised.

21 Oct 2012 – Detective Mark Keane and detective Dale Forman failing to investigate a rape. Tineke Foley. was raped by a nurse in a mental prison. (Political kiwi).

22 Oct 2012 – Third arrest in Jewish graveyard attack. Nazi anti semetic graffiti. Jewish cemetery in K road. Auckland. 3 news.

24 Oct 2012 – science. Tracing where the first kiwis came from, DNA tests. Michael Daly.

29 Oct 2012 – NZ Herald. Filipino police arrest a child sex offender from Timaru. Charged with human trafficking violations.

30 October 2012 – NZ Herald, missing man may be homocide victim, Patrice Dougan 6 Sept 2013. Otago man missing for almost a year, Simon Garrick aged 42, a known drug user. Mr Garrick was last seen at Caversham four square supermarket in Dunedin on 30 October 2012 APNZ. (Has since been found).

31 Oct 2012 – Hells angels in drug charges dropped. The fake prosecution of an undercover cop, has meant charges against an Auckland Hells angel member were thrown out. Corruption.

31 Oct 2012 – Deal journal Australia. Wall street journal. Canada’s Tag oil offers $534 million for Greymouth petroleum by Gillian Tan. Vancouver based Tag oil ltd.

Nov 2012 – Corruption. Greymouth teen Matthew Gunter age 15. Appendix surgery and died. Joanne Carrroll.

1 Nov 2012 – Drugs found in NZ cargo. Timaru Herald.

3 Nov 2012 – Cocaine use is creeping up, NZ Herald, police and cocaine in the streets of NZ.

5 Nov 2012 – Cissy Chen age 44 Auckland. Police Bruce Scott. Missing person. (Anna leask. NZ Herald. 29 Jan 2014 NZ most high profile cold cases).

6 Nov 2012 – Scoop business NZ. Citibank got the contract to handle MFAT, NZ ministry of foreign affairs global banking.

27 Nov 2012 – Shady shell companies still being registered. New shell companies operated by shady firms in NZ.

Dec 2012 – Jan 2013 – NZ Memories magazine issue 99 ISSN 1173-4159.

Dec 2012 – British man fails to attend court case in New Zealand. Gabrielle Stuart. Brian Victor Goodman aged 61 is wanted on on fraud charges relating to the Christchurch rebuild. (Chch Star 12 Nov 2014).

Dec 2012 – Jan 2013 – New Zealand Memories magazine. Issue 99.

8 Dec 2012 – Documentary exposes Nazi war criminals in New Zealand. Jonas Pukas died in 1994 age 80. Ynet news. Jewish world. Shiri Hadar.,7340,L-4266830,00.html

13 Dec 2012 – Report about a hit and run in Christchurch. The victim was a Mr Cotton, he died in hospital.

17 Dec 2012 – Former Catholic brother to fight extradition, child sex abuse cases. TVNZ. Bernard Kevin McGrath extradited from Australia, 65 years old.

2013 – Western leader. Case manager stole for family. Laki Scanian a case manager at New Lynn WINZ stole from WINZ. Corruption.

2013 – Christchurch crime and scandals 1876-99. Geoffrey W Rice. Canterbury uni press. ISBN 978-1-927145-51-7

2013 – Quick and easy baby knits. Sarah E White. (c)2013 Stackpole books US. ISBN 978-0-8117-1146-3. pbk. Garter stitch vest pattern.

2013 – A DNA sample of a Queenstown girl was sent to Scotland yard, similar to Madeline McCann. (3news 16 Oct 2014). What about Dunedin police reports?

3 Jan 2013 – ABC news Australia. Military archives show NZ and US conducted secret Tsunami bomb tests. Brendan Trembath. In the 1940s.

28 Jan 2013 – Killing of paedophile investigator uncovered in NZ. Sex and snuff films. Brendon Turberville a British paedophile.

2 Feb 2013 – The Catholic church is forced to publish child sex abuse files. Whaleoil.

5 Feb 2013 – Paedophile ring, 4 children rescued. Virtual global, VGT

5 Feb 2013 – Police bust paedophile ring. ODT Dunedin. International paedophile ring with NZ connections. 4 children rescued.

5 Feb 2013 – New Zealand paedophiles 70 porn. 3News. Four New Zealand children, international paedophile ring.

5 Feb 2013 – NZ police bust international paedophile ring. NZ Herald. Child abuse.

5 Feb 2013 – Police bust international paedophile ring. TVNZ. Four New Zealand children, including a 13 month old toddler, horrific sex.

5 Feb 2013 – Police bust a paedophile ring. TVNZ. International paedophile ring, rescuing four New Zealand children, one was a 13 month old toddler. Horrific sex abuse.

6 Feb 2013 – Paedophile paid father for toddler. NZ Herald. 40 year old paedophile flew into Christchurch to meet the baby’s father, police watched the Hastings man.

15 Feb 2013 – Sunlive Cocaine bust father and son in court Tauranga father accused of importing cocaine 21 year old son facing same charges.

26 Feb 2013 – Canadian meth trail leads to cannabis grow houses in Auckland OFCANZ media release meth imports NZ and Canada.

13 March 2013 – Gifted kids fear nerd label. Teuila Fuatai. Mail or Star?. Tall poppy syndrome. Discrimination against intelligent kids and adults.

26 March 2013 – Whistleblower testimony. British police CID inquiry into child sex abuse in Australia and New Zealand, who are still active. The paedophile and snuff movies made by the company. God Like Productions.

27 March 2013 – 13 year old children in South Auckland. Underage street kids being abused. NZ Herald Abby Gillies. Ms Cole Taylor. APN. Otara Auckland. Rape is not work. By law they are under the age of consent.

3 April 2013 – Blame the victims punish the victims. Dave Crampton. New Zealand Herald. Laws needed about underage sex. Children as young as 11 or 13. Corruption in government departments. It’s a sex crime not a labour issue. Rape is not work. No consent.

18 April 2013 – Police bust Hells angels associate 3 news organized crime division seized drugs cash guns Hells angels.

18 April 2013 – Research evidence. Reddit conspiracy. International paedophile ring.

20 April 2013 – Drug squad detective Ernest Langford was found guilty of stealing thousands of dollars worth of drugs from a police safe. Charges were dropped. (Political kiwi).

22 April 2013 – Seized cocaine Te Ara Encyclopedia of NZ sealed in cosmetic bottles half a kg of cocaine seized by customs in Auckland airport.

27 April 2013 – Unions employment bill. Manawatu. Palmerston north. Council of trade unions pres Helen Kelly.

6 May 2013 – NLPA news. NZ police prosecutor on drugs. Police officer Perive Mautuaitofiya drug dealing corruption.

20 May 2013 – Australia likely to deport NZ paedophile. Dominion Post p3.

20 May 2013 – Australia likely to expel NZ paedophile. Manawatu Standard p5.

25 May 2013 – NZ Herald. David Fisher. US spy device tested on NZ public. Thinthread. GCSB targets are the poor.

26 May 2013 – Man faces jail over cocaine charge NZ Star a Wanaka man.

June 2013 – Illegitimacy expert Colin Mapnnan. . (Who do you think you are mag. June 2013 UK).

June July 2013 – NZ Memories issue 102 ISSN 1173-4159

9 June 2013 – Tech liberty NZ. GCSB new powers for widespread spying on New Zealanders. Police and SIS.

12 June 2013 – Spy targets whole citizenry. Timaru Herald. US contractor leaked documents.

19 June 2013 – Big meth lab bust. Manawatu Standard. Palmerton North. One of the largest meth labs found.

21 June 2013 – Trafficking report said to be from the NZ media. Isaac Davison. NZ Herald Auckland. Trafficking of underage children for sex, girls. Sex trafficking within NZ.

27 June 2013 – Woman fined for cocaine ODT Queenstown news an Australian woman who teaches primary schools fined $400 by judge in Queenstown court.

27 June 2013 – Delayed paedophile ring case. Radio NZ. An Auckland man in an international paedophile ring.

1 July 2013 – NZ needs more resources to fight paedophiles. ODT Dunedin. Paedophiles offend against babies and abuse the victims in violent acts.

4 July 2013 – Dotcom hits out over NZ spy. The Gold coast bulletin Southport QLD. USA NSA.

4 July 2013 – Dotcom fights NZ spying plan. The Australian Canberra ACT US is trying to extradite him.

21 July 2013 – 6.5 earthquake Wellington and 4 people were injured. Timeline of earthquakes.

21 July 2013 – Mr Asia ally Peter Fulcher dies age 72 in Wanganui. NZ Herald. Lynley Bilby.

22 July 2013 – Mr Asia drug enforcer dies. Timaru Herald. Peter Fulcher imported heroin into NZ.

27 July 2013 – Mr Asia’s banker. Alex Fenson. Dominion Post Wellington. Diamond Jim Shepherd.

2 Aug 2013 – NZ linked to internet spy project. Michael Field. Southland Times Invercargill. Documents from NSA Snowden.

6 Aug 2013 – Spying leak hints at wider NZ role. Isaac Davison. NZ Herald Auckland. Conduit for data interceptions by US spy satellites US agency intercepting NZ.

8 Aug 2013 – OFCANZ media release, police seize imitation assault rifles and machine guns in a gang raid, members of the Hells angels Nomad outlaw motorcycle gang in Auckland.

12 Aug 2013 – NZ police Detective Mike Blowers was charged with supplying meth and Cannabis. (Political kiwi).

21 Aug 2013 – Auction of Nazi relics in NZ. The Times of Israel. Illegal in Europe.

26 August 2013 – WINZ case manager gets home detention for $194k fraud.

28 Aug 2013 – Hackers threaten to reveal secrets of NZ MPs behind snooping bill, The GCSB bill, anonymous hacker group. (KT news).

29 Aug 2013 – Anonymous threatens kiwi freedom “Kiwi freedom” operation.

5 Sept 2013 – Mobile van reaching out to addicts. Drug arm street van Christchurch Anna Price. Mail or Star?

10 Sept 2013 – EQC pays $1,233,300 to cocaine importers. NZ companies register, a company owned by convicted cocaine smuggler.

18 Sept 2013 – Women struggle to find housing. Shelley Robinson. Homeless women and children in Christchurch. Mail or Star?

22 Sept 2013 – NZ Herald.. Bevan Hurley. Jane Furlong disappeared in May 1993. She was about to testify for police, against Stephen Collie, a multimillionaire from UAE and sex attacks on women.

24 Sept 2013 – Missing woman’s death remains a mystery. A DOC worker recommended she take a walk in the bush. She was a former all blacks physiotherapist. Stewart .(NZ Herald. Patrice Dougan 24 Sept 2013).

28 Sept 2013 – Ten year old rape victims were willing. NZ police corruption association. Culture of rape and cover ups. They are under the legal age of consent and as a police officer he should know this. Paedophiles. Its her body not his.

28 Sept 2013 – Police commander Russsell Gibson, child rapist Robin Peter Abraham. Rape victim force and unwilling sex abuse. Not according to the police who say child rape victims are willing. Its not your body it belongs to the government. (Political kiwi).

1 Oct 2013 – NSW, NZ tip off leads to NSW child porn charges. AAP Australian national news wire.

3 Oct 2013 – Brothel baron John Chow granted diversion. NZ Herald Ka Yu Chow aka John Chow.

5 October 2013 – A few people who are above the law and work for the New Zealand government. These people need to be investigated. Their crimes include. Attempted murder, rape, forcing women into sex slavery, forcing them to have sex against their will, torture, lies, abuse of power, corruption, sadism etc. There names are Wyn Jarvis and Sonya Vincent from WINZ. Mike Cron and Milton Weir from the Christchurch police. Diane Fitzgerald and Jim Walshe from the mental prison. Socialists.

6 Oct 2013 – Millionaire cleared in wife’s death. Stephen Collie age 64. 2 July 2011 walk and death. The 1993 convictions for violenct sex attacks against 8 women. Jane Furlong was due to testify against him when she went mising.

7 Oct 2013 – Jury retires in drug trafficking case APNZ Newstalk ZB Latvian Rokas Karpavicius.

11 Oct 2013 – Three Chinese warships due in Auckland. Vernon Small.

16 Oct 2013 – Mafia tactics strike rebuild. Chch Star Fiona Thomas. Organized crime, arson of trucks, vandalism of contractors, Christchurch. Reward for info.

17 Oct 2013 – Police prosecutor Bent William Thomson, guilty of possession and use of meth and cannabis. (political kiwi).

18 Oct 2013 – OECD NZ doesn’t tackle foreign bribery. Corruption, international, organized crime, human trafficking, identity theft. Whistleblowers needed. Andrea Vance. Manawatu Standard, Stuff.

2 Nov 2013 – Unions lay out demands for Labour. Laura McQuillan. NZ news wire Wellington. Labour’s six affiliated unions.

8 Nov 2013 – Police threaten blogger, to silence the public on the Roast Busters rapes. (Political kiwi).

11 Nov 2013 – Missing person Andrey Melnikov. Piha Auckland 45 years old from Uzbekistan. (NZ police . .internet).

15 Nov 2013 – NZ dragging chain on handling of sex abuse claims. Dominion Post p13.

18 Nov 2013 – Roast busters damage control. NZ police serial sex corruption. Gordon Meyer. Christchurch. central police station corruption. Lauda Finem.

24 Nov 2013 – Whetu Hansen age 48 was last seen, his grey ford ute in Linton. Whanganui petrol station. Missing person, body never found. 27 Oct 2015. Man, shot, sealed in drum, dumped in the Wanganui river. Jono Galusza. Searches of the river failed to find the drum or body.

24 Nov 2013 – Whetu Hansen went missing and his body was never found. Shot and put in an oil drum and dumped in the river. (Maybe the Waikato river). Died on 24 Nov 2013. Murderer another Arthur Allan Thomas. The high court trial of Neil Raymond Swain. (2 Nov 2015. Jono Galuszki.

24 Nov 2013 – Whetu Hansen murdered. Body never found. Article 1 Feb 2016 house for sale.

28 Nov 2013 – Dave Ford, trade unions. Waikato Times. Hamilton. Workers refused to pay union fees.

Dec – Jan 2013-14 – NZ memories magazine. ISSN 1173-4159.

10 Dec 2013 – NZ deal with Peru. The Southland Times Invercargill. Peru is set to become our latest export market. Farmers SENASA exports. (Peru is also the biggest producer and exporter of cocaine).

2014 – A large number of crimes unsolved or not investigated. Means that the witnesses and victims are being intimidated. (Blood brotherhoods. John Dickie ©2011 Italy).

2014 – Re-examine evidence you have already discovered. Clues. Cremations. Re-read documents. Re-examine items as evidence. Locate every piece of evidence. Obtain copies of the actual records. Local historical events like earthquakes. (Advanced genealogy. George G Morgan ©2014 US).

2014 – Legal documents yet no lawyers? Unanswered questions. Describe the brick wall. Cause of death. Intentional misrepresentation. Pieces of a much larger puzzle. Research historical newspapers. Intentionally lied or provided incorrect info. Question the content. Who might have created the record. Records in government departments in which there was corruption. Tax records. (Advanced genealogy. George G Morgan ©2014 US).

2014 – Research historical newspapers. People lie. Mortgage records. Seek out known and available record resources to place and time of life event. Available local resources. Library archives. Legal matters yet no lawyer? Legal system and adoption. Facing the obstacle is a brick wall banning your path? Determine what questions you want to answer. Reason why info might have been falsified or incorrect. (Advanced genealogy. George G Morgan (c)2014 US).

2014 – Peter Williams QC. The dwarf who moved. Lawyer, police corruption, Ron Jorgenson, Arthur Allan Thomas, Terry Clark, Mr Asia. Harper Collins publishers. publiushers NZ. ISBN 978-1-7755-4047-2.

2014 – The great war cook book. Eleri Pipien and May Byron. (c)2014 UK. ISBN 978-1-4456-2288-6.

2014 – The great recession, a cashless society and austerity. (The money mafia. A world in crisis. Paul T Hellyer US).

2014 – Intertnational human rights law. Oxford uni press UK. ISBN 978-0-19-965457-4.

16 Jan 2014 – 1 kg of cocaine found at Auckland airport. Michael Daly. Dominion Post Wellington. Carried by a 49 year old.

25 Jan 2014 – International paeophile ring. Creating child snuff movies. Child abuse.

27 Jan 2014 – International paedophile ring. snuff movies. Video Care. Bill Maloney. Lou Collins.

30 Jan 2014 – International paedophile ring smashed. Four children were rescued after police smash a paedophile ring, to the UK.

31 Jan 2014 – Children in paedophiles videos are getting younger. The Press Christchurch. Videos taken by paedophiles younger child abuse.

Feb Mar 2014 – NZ Memories magazine. ISSN 1173-4159. Wellington NZ Italians from Naples, fishermen. 1880-1950 Italian immigrants in Wellington NZ. 1940s-50s from Stromboli offshore of Naples, Massaburnense.

6 Feb 2014 – Catholic church in denial over child sex abuse. Radio NZ. Male survivors of sex abuse and priests in the Catholic church in NZ.

8 Feb 2014 – Unions and workers. The Press Christchurch. 79% of union members in the 10 largest unions. 177,000 nurses, more than 79.3% of union membership, public sector workers. Unions, Dominion Post Wellington.

24 Feb 2014 – Spies dodge questions on US cash. Andrea Vance. The Marlborough Express Blenheim. US big data company Palantin. Security agency $200 million payment.

7 March 2014 – Meth lab in Wellington NZ. A meth lab in an apartment. NZ Herald.

8 March 2014 – William Kerry Blair missing person from Erie bay Tasman. (NZ police internet).

8 March 2014 – William Kerry Blair age 55 missing person. Son Dylan. Marlborough sounds. Boat. His body has never been found. ( 21 Jan 2016. Georgina Stylianou).

11 March 2014 – Interview with Peter Williams QC. NZ human rights blog.

12 March 2014 – Over $1 million of meth seized in drug bust. Crystal meth worth over $1 million at 3 more properties.

13 March 2014 – Police look for cocaine smuggling suspect. Waikato Times Hamilton. Brazilian $1 million cocaine bust. South American cocaine supply route between Auckland and Christchurch.

26 March 2014 – Kim Dotcom owns a very rare copy of Hitlers book Mein Kampf and a Nazi flag. Signed by Hitler 1925. Hitler book to Hemann Esser. 3 news. Whaleoil.

4 April 2014 – Dominion Post Wellington 12 Dec 2014. Angelo Dominic Bitossi aged 35 was accused of starting the storage arson fire on 4 April 2014 in Kilbirnie Wellington. He pleaded not guilty and said he was ‘set up’. He had 100 previous convictions, yet they gave him the keys to the storage unit.

9 April 2014 – 3 News. Fresh allegations against the Chow brothers clubs. (Brothels). Briar Marbeck.

14 April 2014 – Missing women presumed dead. A mother of five from Hawkes Bay, seven years after she disappeared. Unclear what happened to her.

May 2014 – Microsoft’s free OneDrive storage for files. Back up on external hard drive. OneDrive was formely called SkyDrive. Microsoft account. (Who do you think you are. May 2014 UK).

6 May 2014 – Gang boosts links with Hells Angels. The Nelson Mail.

9 May 2014 – Warning over Hells Angels link. The Nelson Mail.

June July 2014 – NZ Memories magazine issue 108 ISSN 1173-4159.

2 June 2014 – Aaron Roigard went missing. “Operation Boxcar”. He was the father of 2 and was last seen Waitenka rd. Edmont national park. Mt Taranaki. Roigard murder trial and search for the missing 27 year old. Police searched rubbish dumps in Opunake. (Taranaki daily news. Deena Coster. 4 Dec 2015).

6 June 2014 – Two Brazilians admit supplying cocaine. David Clarkson. The Press Christchurch. Possession of cocaine for supply 2.35 kilograms of cocaine worth $3.5 million was hidden.

9 June 2014 – Fighting against New Zealand sex trafficking. Stuff NZ. Rachel Thomas. Mark Calderwood and Shimal Sataiya in Hamilton. Sex trafficking within New Zealand. Rape is not work. It’s a sex crime not a labour issue. Being forced to have sex against your will is not employment.

9 June 2014 – Kiwi charged over crystal meth haul. 183kg of crystal meth.

13 June 2014 – Adoption laws called unjust. No mans land. Newstalk ZB Laura Dooney.

20 June 2014 – Whangarei teacher and child youth family care giver jailed for sexually abusing girls. Mike Dinsdale NZ Herald. Northern Advocate.

20 June 2014 – NZ scolded for poor record on human trafficking.

21 June 2014 – NZ welcomed back to spy network. Tracy Watkins.

21 June 2014 – President Obama plans New Zealand visit. Tracy Watkins in Washington DC.

21 June 2014 – NZ brushes off human trafficking report. Aimee Gulliver. No lawyers for victims of sex trafficking in NZ. Rape is not work. There is plenty of evidence, its ignored and covered up. Corruption within government departments and especially the police.

22 June 2014 – NZ must take a stand against slavery. Trafficking in persons report.

23 June 2014 – Sex offender banned from using internet. Child sex offences. Shane Cowlishaw.

23 June 2014 – US State dept accuses New Zealand of not prosecuting human trafficking. International business times AU. Woodhouse lied and said there is no evidence of rampant human trafficking, NZ has no anti-trafficking laws. NZ should expand its laws to punish all forms of human trafficking. Rape is legal in NZ. Lies and corruption in government departments. Philippine migrants suffer labour trafficking too. Domestic sex trafficking is denied, like Japan, its willing prostitution, thats all. Lies lies lies.

24 June 2014 – Large earthquake strikes near Raoul island. 7.2 quake to the northeast of NZ.

24 June 2014 – Busted forgery ring faked NZ visas. NZ Herald. Busted in India. Illegal aliens into NZ. Sri Lankan nationals. NZ is a destination country for sex trafficking. Also NZ is a source country for children subjected to sex trafficking within the country.

24 June 2014 – Trafficking in persons report 2014 ECPAT Child ALERT NZ is a source country sex trafficking in NZ. For Child sex abuse images or child porn. Internal trafficking within NZ. Scoop media.

24 June 2014 – TVNZ Call for legislation change to protect children. Child trafficking., ECPAT Child ALERT NZ. NZ as a source country for children subjected to sex trafficking within the county. This is a real concern. Legislation needs to change the current definition of child trafficking to be expanded to include internal trafficking within NZ. Its not racist its economic, police force women and children into sex slavery and frame the gangs. Paedophiles and corruption in government.

24 June 2014 – One news. Stormy weather to batter parts of the country. Metservice. flooding. Winter storm.

24 June 2014 – Brace yourself the storm is coming. Storm, gales and heavy rain. Our first proper winter storm Metservice.

24 June 2014 – Pacific ring of fire up with mag 8 and 7.2 quakes. Liam Hyslop. Rat islands west of Alaska.

24 June 2014 – Trustpower’s Aussie buying spree. $72.2 million. Or $78.1 million three hydro power stations and two wind farms in Australia. NSW. Green state power for $72 million. Trustpower’s latest annual profit after tax was $115.1 million. $227.4 million profit, but they cant read your metre?

25 June 2014 – No justice for killed prostitute. Shabnam Dastagheib. Furlong was an alleged part time sex worker and was last seen by her boyfriend in Auckland K road 28 May 1993, the file stays open.

25 June 2014 – 3 news. Jane Furlong cold case wound down. Before she disappeared, Jane Furlong was to give prosecution evidence in two separate court cases, a businessman from UAE named Collier, who was convicted of sex attacks on women. NZN.

25 June 2014 – 3 news. Collins to crack down on organized crime. New Laws, new offences created including selling or passing on unlawfully obtained identity information. People trafficking to include activities in NZ not just when victims are moved in or out of NZ. It wont be passed before the election. NZN.

25 June 2014 – Government addresses organized crime. Laura McQuillan. NewstalkZB. Human trafficking new legislation into parliament. Its also illegal to sell or pass on unlawfully obtained identity information. (yet the police took my adoption ID info)

25 June 2014 – Voxy. New bills will help to combat organized crime. Collins, a new bill to combat organized crime and corruption. New offences to address identity crimes, illegal to pass on unlawfully obtained identity information. People trafficking offences, for activity in NZ. Not just when victims are moved in or out of NZ. The policing Act 2008.

25 June 2014 – Jane Furlong inquiry would down. Radio NZ. The mother of Auckland teenager Jane Furlong, say police are winding down the homocide investigation. They have not made an arrest. The 17 year old was last seen in May 1993 on K road Auckland. Her body was found at a Waikato beach in May 2012.

25 June 2014 – Anti-corruption bill introduced. Radio NZ. People trafficking offences will be broader so they apply to such activity in NZ. Not just at the border. Legislation is corrupt and has fallen behinds the times.

26 June 2014 – NZ city. Coroner investigates missing student, an Indian student who was last seen 5 years ago withdrawing $250 from a central Auckland ATM. Srikanth Rayaduryam aged 23. Last seen 1 Oct 2009. His disappearance remains unsolved.

26 June 2014 – Warning on sneaky adoption scam. ODT. Adoption is being used by migrants. Lincoln Tan NZ Herald. Immigration NZ.

27 June 2014 – Crossdale courts fugitive returns. The Press Christchurch NZ. Gary William Campbell, a former high ranking policeman, who fled the country and evaded arrest. Ex police inspector. Returned from Australia. Corruption. He evicted elderly people from a rest home he owned.

28 June 2014 – Its become a crime in NZ to be poor. Libby Wilson. Waikato Times p10.

28 June 2014 – Big effort to restock food bank. Manawatu Standard. Janine Rankin. Salvation army and Palmerston north food banks.

28 June 2014 – Poneke action against poverty to protest National government. Wide gap between rich and poor in New Zealand Aotearoa.

29 June 2014 – NZ expels sex case diplomat ODT. There is a suppression order. By Bevan Hurley, Isaac Davison and Patrice Dougan. APNZ.

29 June 2014 – NZ government powerless on diplomat sex attack. Mail online by Australian associated press. Used diplomatic immunity to avoid rape charged.

29 June 2014 – Daily Mail UK. Envoy charged with breaking into a woman’s home and sex crime. AAP Ryan Lipman. Wellington NZ, a 21 year old victim.

29 June 2014 – Telegraph UK. Envoy invokes immunity to escape sex crime charge in NZ. Also charged with burglary. Steve Wilson.

29 June 2014 – Diplomat not the first to avoid justice. Daily mail UK. Australian diplomat Mario Fierro aka Janaurio Fierro Gonzales in 2000, diplomatic immunity.

29 June 2014 – Man arrested over million dollar meth lab. A meth lab that supplied a drug ring.

30 June 2014 – 30 years of incidents involving diplomats. Blake Crayton Brown.

30 June 2014 – Diplomat evades sex charges in New Zealand. Diplomatic immunity, no reason for the suppression order. Deseret news Utah USA. Nick Perry AP.

30 June 2014 – PM wants diplomatic immunity waived. Vienna convention. Hamish Rutherford, Stacy Kirk and Liam Hyslop.

30 June 2014 – SF Gate Wellington AP. Sex assault diplomat is Malaysian Muhammad Rizalman Bin Ismail by Nick Perry US.

1 July 2014 – Foreign affairs minister Murray McCully, diplomat charged with sex crimes in Wellington. Lift suppression order. Country identity to remain hidden. Was it Malaysia? The Dominion Post. Hamish Rutherford.

1 July 2014 – Sex attack, a Malaysian diplomat. The Dominion Post. A Malaysian warrant officer. By Shane Cowlishaw, Hamish Rutherford and Vernon Small.

1 July 2014 – One News TVNZ. No grounds to keep diplomats name and nationality secret. Sex assault. Malaysian Muhammad Bin Ismail. Burglary and sex assault with intent to rape.

1 July 2014 – NBR. Malaysian diplomat staffer named criminal charge. Mohammed Rizalman Bin Ismail at the Malaysian high commission in NZ.

1 July 2014 – Daily Pimp preys on Australian women and is convicted. Australian and New Zealand women as “sex slaves” in the Gold coast, Dubai UAE and Miami Florida. Guilty of sex trafficking victims, rape is not work. Florida jury. Rape is not willing sex. No consent is not work. “sex slaves” .

2 July 2014 – Matt Mclean. Sign in park tells parents to cage small children. National news TVNZ Auckland city council parks department. One news.

2 July 2014 – Hastings man charged with child porn offences. TVNZ. One news. 40 offences. Online child porn and indecent acts. A man 47 years old has name suppression. Underage sex victims are allegedly being identified, bailed today.

2 July 2014 – Internet Mana political party NZ. Radio NZ. Bullets fired into Hone Harawira’s office in Kaitaia. Mana party leader. Hone Harawaira and death threats.

2 July 2014 – Police wont increase security. Bullet holes in Mana party office. Dominion post. Hone Harawira’s Kaitaia office. Internet Mana political party NZ.

2 July 2014 – Still no right to say NO. Still no right to a lawyer. Sexual crime law mooted. Dominion post Sexual violence is the fifth most common offence but the least reported to police. Police still blame the victims punish the victims.

2 July 2014 – TVNZ One news. NZ police call for more details over Rolf Harris. A NZ woman says Rolf Harris sexually abused her. Savile molested hundreds of young victims. Child abuse in institutions and allowed to do it. That’s corruption. Tip of iceberg.

2 July 2014 – Police cant pass on encryption codes. Radio NZ. Police gave the FBI encryption codes to the hard drives they seized from Kim Dotcom. Charges of money laundering too.

2 July 2014 – Kiwi spies to change after scathing report. NZ intelligence agencies. NZ city. Human rights instead of dehumanised people?

2 July 2014 – Sex pest appointed to top government job. Internet part demands answers. Voxy. Sex assault.

2 July 2014 – NZ Herald. MPI appointment has whiff of old boys club. Adam Bennett. Laila Harre Internet party leader wants answers.

2 July 2014 – Plum job for advisor raises eyebrows. By Andrea Vance. Allan Kinsella a sex offender.

2 July 2014 – Manipulative (corrupt), police officer jailed on sex charges. NZ Herald Hawkes Bay police officer Adam Dunnett aged 38 Napier district court.

3 July 2014 – Auckland homeless. The big sleep out focus on youth homeless. Caitlin Smith 3 news.

3 July 2014 – Police condemn guilty cop. 3 News NZ Police constable jailed for indecently assaulting girls, above the law.

4 July 2014 – A night being homeless. The big sleepout in Auckand TVNZ.

4 July 2014 – Sex slavery in New Zealand. Slavery is a crime, it should be up to people to fight it. The Conversation. Slavery is a crime against humanity. It has been legally defined as such since the end of World War II and its status reinforced by international laws.

4 July 2014 – Sex offender watch to be identified. NZ Herald. Derek Cheng. 25 high risk paedophiles.

4 July 2014 – A 6.2 earthquake off the Kermadec islands. Felt in NZ North West of Whakatane. Raoul island is part of the Kermadec islands also. NZ City.

4 July 2014 – Tessa Johnstone. Man jailed for child sex crime images. Child porn. More than 600 images of young girls being sexually abused, some were under 13. The police said they were unwilling, to identify the victims of the child porn. Restricted access to the internet and to children. Paedophile.

4 July 2014 – Prisoner disfigured after stabbing in the face in prison. NZ Herald. A 29 years old inmate at Spring Hill prison. Waikato hospital in critical condition. APNZ NZ prison.

4 July 2014 – Sri Lanka would be refugees thought they were bound for New Zealand. The Australian.

5 July 2014 – Sale yard squalor for city’s homeless. Shelley Robinson. Chch Press. Forcing women to have sex against their will is rape, it is not work. Raping homeless women is a crime.

5 July 2014 – Red zone refugees living in squalor. Shelley Robinson. Christchurch homeless. From suit to alleyway in Christchurch. Young people escaping sex abuse, are now living on the streets. Children, its been going on for more than 20 years. The press.

5 July 2014 – More New Zealand victims of Rolf Harris. NZ Herald. Isaac Davison. More than a dozen women have come forward after Maggie Barrie spoke out. Decades of silence. Sex assault 1968-1988. Indecent assaults. Some were aged 7. Foster home children in Auckland were 9 years old. Rolf Harris entered NZ in 1986 to campaign against child abuse, sex crime investigations. Operation Yewtree. NZ Herald.

6 July 2014 – Sunday Star Times. Police mishandle assault on 11 year old. Corruption. Tony Wall escaped conviction and got name suppression. The old boys network. Paedophile.

7 July 2014 – Paedophiles pic probe. A photo of two convicted Wellington paedophiles at a birthday party. Police questioned their relationship.

8 July 2014 – The Southland Times. Stuff. Police silent on investigation. A Wanaka police officer has been suspended on full pay since December.

9 July 2014 – Sex abuse accused identity revealed. Caleb Harris. Stuff. Godfrey Ball or Geoffrey Ball, accused of sodomy of boys and other charges.

9 July 2014 – Homeless numbers rise in Christchurch. Stuff. The Press. Shelley Robinson.

9 July 2014 – 3 news. Rape culture still present in New Zealand.

11 July 2014 – Ministerial inquiry into handling of diplomat sex case. Malaysian diplomat in New Zealand. TVNZ One news.

11 July 2014 – Fresh calls for public registry of sex offenders TVNZ.

12 July 2014 – Tupulage Peter Talalelei missing from Hutt valley Wellington since 12 July 2014. (missing persons NZ police).

14 July 2014 – World New Zealand cancels Muslim converts passport. Wiremu Curtis was on his way to the Middle East.

14 July 2014 – Human trafficking has no place in the modern world. UNGA news conference. Slavery victims in every country in the world. Sex slavery and starvation.

15 July 2014 – Dotcom residency bid, political pressure. 3news

15 July 2014 – SIS wanted to block residency for Kim Dotcom ‘bad but wealthy’. by Bernard Hickey. Financial and economic news.

15 July 2014 – Come clean over Dotcom, Key told. NZ city. Accepting Kim Dotcom’s residency after it was opposed by the SIS. The Oct 2010 application for New Zealand residency. Liala Harre, leader of Dotcom’s Internet party.

15 July 2014 – Internet Mana campaign hits the road. Kim Dotcom, Laila Harre and Hone Harawira going from from Cape Reinga to Auckland. NZ City

17 July 2014 – UN news conference. Justice matters. UN urges ratification of international criminal court.

19 July 2014 – Blogger. Sonya Ash Pryor. New Zealand Crimes against humanity. Sadism by NZ police. Corruption. Sex slavery and sex trafficking, torture.

19 July 2014 – NZ Herald. Fran O’Sullivan papers release. Rebecca Kitteridge. Release of declassified documents on Kim Dotcom and SIS. .

20 July 2014 – Government Corruption has wiped out my files and changed them. Its criminal. They have no right. Why is being qualified as a journalist and telling the truth a crime in New Zealand?

20 July 2014 – NZ Herald. Rape culture protects predators. Rodney Hide. MPs silence. They get away with it. The “system” protects the rich. Rich = prominent? Does not protect poor women, the “system” silences victims. Blame the victims punish the victims.

20 July 2014 – NZ Herald. Rape culture protects predators.

21 July 2014 – One news TVNZ, John Key laughs off Kim Dotcom’s bombshell claims GSBC and mass surveillance NSA.

21 July 2014 – Radio NZ. Teen accused of murdering homeless man. Auckland’s Queen street, a disabled man was made unconscious. Edwin Linder aged 42 died days after the attack.

23 July 2014 – Trustees Executors. Sonya Ash Pryor. Estate Alan Thomas Pryor. 17 July 2014. High Court Wellington. Lisa Ransom Dunedin. Sonya is still not allowed a lawyer.

25 July 2014 – Coleman knew of FBI interest in Dotcom pre residency decision. David Fisher. Classified information. NZ Herald.

25 July 2014 – Police believe a body found, was a man missing for 20 years, Northern Advocate. Found by forestry workers. 42 year old or 62 year old? Northland man. One News TVNZ. MSN Brynderwyn hills NZ newswire. Missing from Whangarei since 1 Sept 1994. Kirstin Edge.

25 July 2014 – NZ Herald AP.NZ Series of quakes strike lower North island. 4 magnitude Hawkes bay.

27 July 2014 – Police vow to find all offenders in NZ linked to a child abuse plot. In International child abuse conspiracy. Purchased as a baby and used for child porn. Paedophiles and sex trafficking. TVNZ One news.

28 July 2014 – NZ Labour party plans to reverse the burden of proof in rape cases. World Socialist web site. John Braddock. Tom Peters. International committee for the 4th international.

30 July 2014 – David PH Jones QC. Report by the independent counsel to oversee a review by the NZ police into the Crewes homocides.

Aug 2014 – Nicky Hager’s book Dirty politics says Judith Collins gave info about a government worker to blogger Cameron Slater, Whaleoil. She resigned after email leaks saying she undermined the SFO Serious Fraud Ofice. Adam Feeley. (NZ Herald. Audrey Young 7 Dec 2015).

Aug 2014 – Stoned on duty. NZ police. Bruce Ansley. Peter Williamson. Paedophile, school girls, sex ring. No date Trade me.

Aug 2014 – Cover ups and cop outs. NZ police. Whistleblower. Corruption. Tom Lewis. No date Trade me.

Aug Sept 2014 – NZ Memories magazine ISSN 1173-4159.

1 August 2014 – US spy tools set for NZ installation. David Fisher. NZ Herald. Herald documents GCSB Blenheim SSO site NSA PRISM.

1 August 2014 – Papers reveal possible US spy site in NZ. Xinhuanet. US NSA. An NSA engineer visited Blenheim, at a GCSB spy base. (This info, emails, internet, phones, is public info, I don’t know what the Green party are complaining about. The NSA don’t need to tap into lines to access a public internet.)

2 Aug 2014 – Archives NZ opens files on World War One. 141,000 World War One files digitized and published.

3 Aug 2014 – Joe Karam. Trust police reviews, no way. NZ Herald.

3 Aug 2014 – Remedy drive, help fight human trafficking. Music Times. Kim Jones. Children sold as sex toys in underage sex slave rings to paedophiles.

3 Aug 2014 – NZ Herald. Police hunt extremely violent man in Auckland. Bensemann Vakauta.

3 Aug 2014 – Scoop. Archives NZ opens files on World War One. Dept of internal affairs. 141,000 World War One files, to digitize.

4 Aug 2014 – Dogs kill cats as owner watches. Cate Broughton. Aranui Christchurch. Three dogs mauled a cat to death.

4 Aug 2014 – Human remains unearthed in Christchurch. The Press. Maori woman from the 1800s. 100 years old in Opawa.

4 Aug 2014 – Thousands missing from electoral role. One news, TVNZ. 43,000 removed from the electoral role. Government error?

4 Aug 2014 – Election 2014. 37% of young voters are not enrolled. Lydia Anderson Northern Advocate Whangarei.

5 Aug 2014 – Hundreds of Hawkes Bay voters off electoral role. NZ Herald. Lydia Anderson. 567 voters packets back give no address.

5 Aug 2014 – Chinese investor, Zhao Wu Shen, lifts Mega stake. Kim Dotcom proposed shares. Tom Puller Strecker. Graham Gayland new chief exec of Mega.

5 Aug 2014 – The Press. Police praise boy who escaped assailant. Second attempt on child. Myles Hume. A 9 year old Ashburton boy. A man in his 30s in a green car is wanted by police. Paedophile.

5 Aug 2014 – Internet Mana roadshow hits Wellington. NZ Herald Derek Cheng.

6 Aug 2014 – NZ Herald. Internet Mana party takes on Key. Claire Trevett.

6 Aug 2014 – John Meekins. Public safety. Human trafficking thrives right under the noses of law enforcement and corrections, because they don’t know enough to recognize the signs of human trafficking. Sex trafficking, sex slavery. Corruption.

7 Aug 2014 – Dotcom finds no one home at spy base. Waihopai spy base.

7 Aug 2014 – NZ Herald. Internet Mana video blasts MP. Derek Cheng. Christchurch.

7 Aug 2014 – UNICEF calls for end to poverty in NZ. Maori TV Amomai Pihama.

9 Aug 2014 – Pedestrian deaths and poverty. Houston Texas USA. The highwayman, speed kills, people are more likely to be walking in a poor area. Doug Begley.

10 Aug 2014 – UN war on human trafficking sexual violence. Stop human trafficking. WOHT Sex trafficking in the world.

11 Aug 2014 – Three news. KGB archives reveal Kiwi diplomat as spy. Bill Sutch.

11 Aug 2014 – French twist to 40 year old cold war spy mystery. Phil Kitchin.

11 Aug 2014 – French twist to 40 year old cold war spy mystery. The Marlborough Express Blenheim.

11 Aug 2014 – Kiwi diplomat a KGB spy. NZ City. Bill Sutch civil servant died in 1975.

11 Aug 2014 – Survey claims ACC uses intimidation. Radio NZ. Not allowing a lawyer to make a claim is bad enough.

11 Aug 2014 – New twist in Sutch spy claims. Radio NZ SIS Bill Sutch Oct 1974 tried in 1975 Soviet KGB defector Vasili Mitrokhin UK 1990s. KGB under cover name of “Maori”.

11 Aug 2014 – Sutch was a Soviet spy. KGB files reveal. The Nelson Mail.

11 Aug 2014 – File KGB reveals Kiwi official. The Press Christchurch.

11 Aug 2014 – KGB papers reveal top kiwi diplomat was spy. NZ 3 news. Bill Sutch KGB 4 decades.

12 Aug 2014 – Ten year NZ passports. Some people who were born here, alleged citizens, are not allowed to leave the country or get a passport. Aimee Gulliver.

12 Aug 2014 – KGB used passports for NZ. Bill Sutch. Phil Kitchin. The Dominion Post.

12 Aug 2014 – Radio NZ. Plan to extend pre paid benefits, to control how people spend their money, Its like they are saying “we own you”. While others get their welfare cut off, not allowed to work, made stateless and lied about. Forced to have sex against their will or starve to death.

12 Aug 2014 – NZ Herald. Jane Kelsey. Trade deal with US gives them the power to rewrite NZ laws. Trans Pacific Partnership TPP. A few NZ laws they could update, are laws about rape, sex trafficking and sex slavery.

12 Aug 2014 – KGB NZ identities for passports. Manawatu. Palmerston North. Sutch KGB “Maori”

12 Aug 2014 – KGB used passports from NZ. KGB graveyards to steal ID of dead people for NZ.

13 Aug 2014 – NZ Catholic. Voters should make child poverty a key election issue. Rowena Orejana. Children’s commissioner NZ.

13 Aug 2014 – Three Auckland office buildings sold in the CBD. Sold to Hong Kong for $65.5 million.

13 Aug 2014 – APNZ NZ Herald. Patrice Dougan. Kiwi’s appeal over child sex crime trail, living in Russia.

13 Aug 2014 – Deborah Morris. A Postshop worker stole $48,909 working at Parliament house Wellington. Corruption.

13 Aug 2014 – US delegates startle Rotorua. Liam Hyslop. USAF government officials, members of the US Congress were in NZ.

14 Aug 2014 – Lindy Laird. NZ Herald. Northern Advocate. Rape reports rise. How many are not reported?

14 Aug 2014 – Chinese rail workers exploited. Its racism, dealing with asbestos. Michael Forbes. Hutt railway workshops.

14 Aug 2014 – Chow Auckland strip club dispute continues. Auckland sex rape industry. Brothels. Many of these women are unwilling to have sex. So why are they forced. It’s a sex crime not a labor issue.

15 Aug 2014 – Out in the cold. Marlborough Express. Sutch spy trial in Wellington in 1975.

21 Aug 2014 – Peter Bromhead. Was William Sutch a KGB agent. NZ Herald.

22 Aug 2014 – Christchurch man left destitute three years after quakes. NewstalkZB 65 year old Paul Tobin.

24 Aug 2014 – Dotcom plots NZ grab with dance party politics. News.gnomes. SIS NZ gave Dotcom residency in 2010. FBI investigation.

24 Aug 2014 – Attack on French tourists in NZ. Dillon Tucker age 28. NZ Herald 12 Jan 2016.

25 Aug 2014 – Police draw blank on Hone office shots. Mana leader’s Kaitaia electorate office, three shots in late June 2014.

27 Aug 2014 – Cholmondeley children orphanage since 1925. Cared for more than 25,500 children in the last 89 years. Opening of Lyttleton tunnel in 1964. (Chch Star).

27 Aug 2014 – Smuggling 99 pellets of heroin worth $1 million. A South African drug mule was jailed in Christchurch. Laura Elizabeth Cillers aged 32. Trying to smuggle heroin pellets worth $1 million into Christchurch. Airport in June 2014. Laura Cillers husband Sydney was arrested in Lima Peru in March 2014 trying to smuggle cocaine on a flight to Amsterdam in Jorge Chavez int airport. He got 15 years jail in Peru. Laura Cillers flew from Cambodia to Singapore to Christchurch 14 June 2014. (Chch Star p3 Max Towle).

27 Aug 2014 – NZ Herald APNZ. 49 year old cold case to be revisited. Sophie Ryan. Graeme Leslie Timlin.

28 Aug 2014 – Radio NZ. NZ’s first ever people trafficking charges laid.

28 Aug 2014 – Herald Sun. Melbourne. AAP. Pair charged with people trafficking in NZ.

28 Aug 2014 – The Advertiser. Adelaide. AAP. A NZ first, people trafficking charges in NZ. Immigration


.28 Aug 2014 – Bloomberg. NZ brings people trafficking charges for the first time. Tracy Witlers.

28 Aug 2014 – NZ first people trafficking charges laid. TVNZ One news. Nelson district court.

28 Aug 2014 – Nelson. Trio charged with human trafficking. The first time human trafficking charges have been laid in NZ. Indians living in Auckland. Crimes Act 1961 and Immigration Act 1987.

28 Aug 2014 – Human bones found at Whangaparoaoa are a century old. NZ Herald APNZ.

28 Aug 2014 – NZ Herald. Cold case mystery revisited. A 49 year old cold case. Disappearance of a young baker, whose van was found at Mount Manganui. Graeme Leslie Timlin of Hamilton disappeared in May 1965.

28 Aug 2014 – A mother still weeps for her lost son. Still missing. Graeme Timlin aged 19 disappeared in 1965.

29 Aug 2014 – Chch Star p2. Blackmail for sex, acquitted on charges in the high court and discharged. A Filipino woman was coerced into sex, by threats to disclose naked pictures of her, he found on her computer, after offering to fix it.

29 Aug 2014 – TVNZ One news. Human trafficking arrests are the tip of the iceberg. Modern slavery is sex trafficking . Im not the only victim. Rape is not work. No consent.

29 Aug 2014 – NewstalkZB Renewed call for info about a 1965 disappearance. Georgia Nelson. He has never been found. Its still a mystery.

30 Aug 2014 – TVNZ One news. Grave fears for safety of missing Queenstown tourist. A Hong Kong woman aged 63 Kwei Ying Wong .A Chinese women who looks younger and has poor English.

30 Aug 2014 – NZ Herald. Natalie Akoorie. Young baker died the same day he vanished, coroner rules. Cold case from 1965 Graeme Timlin. Mr Timlin vanished from his bakery on 15 May 1965.

1 Sept 2014 – Police fear for safety of tourist. Queenstown missing. A Hong Kong woman Kwei Ying Wong. The Southland Times.

3 Sept 2014 – One News TVNZ. Chinese woman missing in Queenstown. A tourist from Hong Kong. Kwei Ying Wong aged 63.

3 Sept 2014 – Ram attacks drone. Huffington Post, New Zealand countryside, surveillance drone.

3 Sept 2014 – APNZ. NZ Herald. Sophie Ryan. Private investigator gained access to WINZ database by impersonation. Aaron Evans. Corruption.

3 Sept 2014 – NZ Herald. APNZ. Private investigator illegal access to WINZ database. Sophie Ryan. Impersonation. Crime. Aaron Evans. Corruption.

3 Sept 2014 – Christchurch marked 4 years on. Radio NZ. A 7.1 earthquake that started a series of quakes that devastated Christchurch.

4 Sept 2014 – NZ Herald. Police hunt for alleged passport fraudster. Iranian Cristian Dario Alcalde aged 42.Two false NZ government passports and a stolen UK government passport.

4 Sept 2014 – Otago Daily Times. Police hunt passport fraudster. Cristian Dario Alcalde aged 42 Iranian. Two false NZ passports and a stolen UK passport.

5 Sept 2014 – I voted in the NZ election. South Library 10am to 4pm or 6 Sept 2014.

6 Sept 2014 – . The Press. Tony Wall. Christian convert received threats. Khalid Muidh Alzahrani abducted from a Christchurch flat and taken to Saudi Arabia. Interpol.

11 Sept 2014 – Richard Meadows. NZ firm named in huge European. business day. Corruption, banks and offshore companies. Vanuatu laundering drug money. Organized crime and corruption, govt depts.

15 Sept 2014 – Greenwald sticks to NZ spying story. NZ newsvine Wellington. Documents from Edward Snowden metadata.

15 Sept 2014 – We share the same prosecutor. Snowden, Assange and Dotcom team up. The first ever gathering of the world’s whistleblowers. Greenwald.

15 Sept 2014 – Edward Snowden. New Zealand PM not telling the truth about mass surveillance. XKEYSCORE.

16 Sept 2014 – Going bush. Citizens advice bureau. Tourists wanting to go bush.

16 Sept 2014 – Christian science monitor security watch. Why Snowden and Assange line up with Kim Dotcom. Dan Murphy.

17 Sept 2014 – Key concedes that claims by Edward Snowden may well be right. NZ Herald. The US XKeyscore system has access to NZ data.

17 Sept 2014 – Greenwald wants answers from spy watchdog. politics. Andrea Vance.

17 Sept 2014 – Fake NZ bank used in US fraud. Money laundering. Liam Hyslop. Business day. A 49 year old from Greece was jailed.

17 Sept 2014 – Greenwald’s unanswered questions. Intercept news site. International spy networks. politics.

17 Sept 2014 – Hopes fade for missing Chinese tourist. 3 news nz. nz city.

17 Sept 2014 – NZ link to Chinese anti corruption case. Radio NZ. Financial Times report a Chinese New Zelander.

17 Sept 2013 – Catholic church and new child sex abuse complaints. The Catholic church and five new complaints of child sex abuse. Convicted child sex abusers.

18 Sept 2014 – The Press. Vicki Anderson. TV presenter shocked by homelessness. Christchurch. Reporter from the UK.

18 Sept 2014 – Chch Mail p13. Russian business man Slava Meyn is planning a big $40 million sports center on the outskirts of Christchurch. Meyn, whose company is one of the largest meat processors in Russia’s far east has already purchased the 30 hectare Yaldhurst property. Christchurch city council application on 25 Sept 2014.

18 Sept 2014 – Evidence of corruption a national scandal. Internet party leader Laila Harre evidence of corruption, international forums investigate, growing evidence of systematic use and abuse of institutions.

19 Sept 2014 – Belfast Telegraph UK. Edward Snowden and Julian Assange join Kim Dotcom’s political campaign in New Zealand. All three are not New Zealand citizens.

21 Sept 2014 – Auckland city council at the HSBC building in central Auckland wages increased by $50 million. The Aucklander. Cherie Howie. Herald on Sunday.

22 Sept 2014 – Fined for importing child pornography. NZ Herald.

22 Sept 2014 – Human bones found buried on Waiheke island. NZ Herald APNZ. Old bones, ancient historic Ko iwi historic places trust.

22 Sept 2014 – Social services minister Kevin Andrews, wait for the dole for six months with nothing at all. Yahoo7 news. New Zealand dole 6 month wait. People die with no food or shelter.

22 Sept 2014 – NZ City. Ten female children, pupils aged six to eights years old. Teacher not charged. Auckland primary school teacher, indecent conduct, a 68 year old man. Name suppression. 2011 and 2012 the offences occurred.

23 Sept 2014 – King hit killer may never be found. Homocide. Nicole Mathewson. Canterbury man killed by unidentified person on 3 Nov 2013 in Temuka.

23 Sept 2014 – TVNZ Homes creak as strong earthquake strikes the North Island. 5.5 earthquake Pongaroa Kapiti.

24 Sept 2014 – Homeless banned from gathering. Radio NZ. Jemma Bradiembush. Christchurch non association orders to homeless. What does the UN think of these new laws?

24 Sept 2014 – Homeless cant associate. Shelley Robinson. Eating charity meals. UN and new laws.

25 Sept 2014 – Missing Christchurch man John Patrick Daly. Last seen Saturday or Sunday ODT.

25 Sept 2014 – Police find body of missing man. John Patrick Daly. Radio NZ.

26 Sept 2014 – Human remains found at Katikati. NZ Herald. Bay of Plenty. Maori bones.

26 Sept 2014 – Teacher wanted sex with students. No charges, no crime. Just lost his government job. NZ City.

26 Sept 2014 – Yahoo news. High 1080 poison levels in trout fish. Trout eat mice that DOC poisoned with 1080.

26 Sept 2014 – Socialist international meeting. Africa news service. Annual meeting of the presidium of the international Socialists IS worldwide.

27 Sept 2014 – Suspicious billions reported. Financial transactions child exploitation. Anti money laundering laws $545 billion reported to police. Child exploitation. Thousands of innocent people are effected. Corruption in government departments. Sex trafficking of women and children inside New Zealand.

27 Sept 2014 – Missing mans clothing found. Laura Walters. Missing Christchurch man. Dion Ribarev 36 years old last seen Friday night walking Hillmorton area Christchurch.

27 Sept 2014 – Northern Advocate. Girl under 12 raped. Man gets bail and name suppression. 65 year old paedophile. Kris Wills.

28 Sept 2014 – Police seek missing man. 36 year old Dion Ribarev Christchurch. Sun Live. He has since been found.

28 Sept 2014 – Jonathan Carson. Missing 14 year old girl. Alivia Reynish. Nelson to Christchurch. Nelson Mail.

29 Sept 2014 – WINZ incidents alarm. Nicole Mathewson. Two WINZ offices in Christchurch and one in the North island were entered. Trespassed. He tried to buy a gun. Travel around NZ. Threatening WINZ. Dangerous man. Picture of him. Still in Christchurch?

29 Sept 2014 – 1080 drops makes for toxic picnic. Jendy Harper. 3 news. Sick from 1080 poison. West Coast.

29 Sept 2014 – Blame the victims, lie and say they are willing when they are not. 3 news. NZ sex slaves. Violent pimp Damon Baston jailed in Florida for sex trafficking.

30 Sept 2014 – Violent pimp, sex slaves jailed for 27 years. NZ Herald. Damion St Patrick Baston. Sex trafficking.

30 Sept 2014 – Damion Baston. Baston raped and forced women to have sex against their will. Sex trafficking. New Zealand and Australian victims. Terrorized women.

30 Sept 2014 – TVNZ. New Zealand woman tortured. Sex slave in Florida. Australia sex trafficking.

30 Sept 2014 – Missing man. Tauranga. Stephen Michael Tracey last seen Saturday aged 37.

1 Oct 2014 – 3 news newstalk ZB. Truck driver gets 8 months disqualified driving for killing a 22 year old cyclist. A car is a weapon too. Its manslaughter.

1 Oct 2014 – Coroner slams police. Teen dead from alcohol poisoning. Murky says coroner. Police slammed for alcohol death investigation. Michael Wehi Lafou aged 16. What happened was unknown.

1 Oct 2014 – Evidence stolen from Christchurch prison after prisoner died. Corruption NZ.

1 Oct 2014 – Meat shortage could see prices rise. Newstalk ZB. Meat shortages in NZ, while meat is exported overseas. US demand for NZ meat.

2 Oct 2014 – Body found in bush near Coromandel. Yahoo NZ. NZ police fuseworks.

3 Oct 2014 – Corruption in medical practise. An open letter. Times of India. Doctor and nurses, lies in government files and victims.

4 Oct 2014 – UN warns NZ on disability issues. NZ City. Children, poverty and disability.

6 Oct 2014 – Harrasment. Police raided Nicky Hager’s home and seized things. Dangerous for journalism. TVNZ Wellington. Police had a warrant. Took computer, discs, phones, cd’s, a camera, ipod and papers.

6 Oct 2014 – Man dies after an unprovoked attack. NZ Herald APNZ. Whangarei a 56 year old man dies as he worked at his property in Whangarei of serious head injuries.

7 Oct 2014 – 3news. Inquiry told of NZ pastor abusing young boys. Annette Blackwell. Australia’s Hillsey church. Child sex abuse paedophiles.

9 Oct 2014 – Radio NZ. Investigation into four police officers giving false evidence. Tip of iceberg. Try investigating Mike Cron and Milton Weir.

9 Oct 2014 – Council votes to drop 1080 on Hunua ranges. Radio NZ. Poison. Two thirds of Auckland’s water poisoned.

9 Oct 2014 – Business analyst had 4,400 child sex abuse images. Child porn paedophile. David Clarkson. Access to porn for 8 years. Girls aged 9-18 and boys 6-12. Christchurch The Press.

9 Oct 2014 – NZ business wins US contract. Tom Puller Strecker. $600,000 US based in-Q-Tel was set up by the CIA in 1999, commercial technology.

9 Oct 2014 – Missing man not forgotten. Bay of Plenty Times. NZ Herald. Stephen Michael Tracey.

9 Oct 2014 – 1080 to be dropped in Auckland water supply area. NZ Herald. Hunua ranges the source of Auckland water supply. Holly Dove.

9 Oct 2014 – Sydney Morning Herald. Hillsong founder says he did not contact police over paedophile allegations against father. Rachael Browne. Royal Commission. Sex abuse claims.

10 Oct 2014 – Northern Advocate Whangarei. Hone Hawawira’s recount shows economic racism at polling booths. Mike Dinsdale. Special votes election. Against the poor of all colors. Rich Maori don’t get hassled.

10 Oct 2014 – 3 news. Hone Hawawira’s recount ‘not about me’. Mana leader. At least 1,000 disqualified Maori special votes. The point. Also the results were wrong and the counting was wrong.

10 Oct 2014 – Police search for missing Kaiapoi man, Allan Steed. 3 news NZ, Thomas Mead. Aged 27 missing for two days.

10 Oct 2014 – Sunlight Federation Reporting Group Tracking Corruption across international lines. Nancy Wataman. Organised crime and corruption reports and journalism.

10 Oct 2014 – Homelessness can happen to anyone. Radio NZ. Wellington Mayor Celia Wade Brown. Women and children are homeless too.

11 Oct 2014 – Police officers stole drugs. Florence Kerr. Waikato police covered up corrupt cops who stole drugs. Waikato Times.

12 Oct 2014 – Thailand’s orphans. In Wellington NZ.

15 Oct 2014 – In June 1970 Rochelle Crewe was in her cot and her parents were murdered. Police ignored experts views about Rochelle. Fed in the five days before she was found in her cot. (NZ Herald David Fisher).

15 Oct 2014 – Madeleine McCann disappearance. Convicted paedophile wanted in NZ. The Nelson Mail. Macdonald faced charges as he fled to Portugal from NZ on a stolen passport.

15 Oct 2014 – Madeleine McCann’s disappearance. Linked paedophile fled to NZ from Australia.. Wanted by NZ police over child sex offences here. The NZ police took his passport as a condition of his bail.

15 Oct 2014 – Convicted paeophile links to Madeleine McCann. Independent UK. Extradited back to the UK. Roderick McDonald, paedophile ring in 2007. 1989 when on bail he fled to NZ.

16 Oct 2014 – Police swoop on Hells Angels. Bikies, one was arrested. 50 gang members rode to Wellington on their way to the South Island.

16 Oct 2014 – NZ is admitted to the UNSC. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 16 Oct 2015).

16 Oct 2014 – NZ meeting. World Socialists, web site, meeting in Lower Hutt NZ. About the recent NZ elections.

16 Oct 2014 – Paedophile ring. Paedophile extradited in McCann case once lived in New Zealand. British paedophile Roderick Macdonald aged 76. In New Zealand he was arrested in 2009 on child sex charges. Stolen passport left NZ. NZ govt cover up, went to Portugal. (3news NZ).

17 Oct 2014 – Police feel betrayed by corrupt cop. NZ Herald. Drug ring head hunters gang.

18 Oct 2014 – TVNZ. Mysterious lights in the bush. Auckland police are asking the public to look for suspicious activity. Suspicious foreigners living in the bush in NZ. Linked to missing people.

18 Oct 2014 – Government playing the figures on welfare. 10,000 people are without welfare support compared to this time last year. Sex slavery is not work.

18 Oct 2014 – RIA Novosti. Corruption victims treated as criminals. UN anti trafficking day. UN calls on the international community to fight human trafficking. A grave violation of human rights. Sex slavery of women and sex exploitation of children.

18 Oct 2014 – International Socialists Socialist revive. World Socialist party of NZ. Socialist Aotearoa.

19 Oct 2014 – Police seek former inmate. A female murderer who stabbed multiple times. A warrant for her arrest. Melissa Anne Wepa, New Brighton Christchurch area.

19 Oct 2014 – Radio NZ. Economic crime costing up to $9.4 billion. Jeremy Rose. Serious fraud office report.

19 Oct 2014 – Union backs Andrew Little as Labour leader. EPMU conference election.

20 Oct 2014 – Harvey and Jeannette Crewe. Witness says police were wrong. Buster Stuckley 1970 cold case. April 1970 The Thomas farm was visited twice to check on cats. 17 June 1970 night of murders. (NZ Herald. David Fisher).

20 Oct 2014 – NZ City. earthuake rattles Fiordland 5.1 earthquake Te Anau. NZN.

20 Oct 2014 – Earthuake 5.1 Te Anau, Southland, felt in Queenstown and Gore. ODT Dunedin.

20 Oct 2014 – Body found, may be missing tourist in Queenstown. Kwei Yong Wong aged 63. A body has been found on a Queenstown hill forest walk. (3news Thomas Mead).

21 Oct 2014 – Police search for Tongan teenager who has been missing for two weeks. TVNZ One news. 16 year old Sela Fifita Tovo last seen in Manukau Auckland.

21 Oct 2014 – NZ tourism international visitors arrivals. 2.8 million tourists to NZ. Statistics NZ figures. Voxy.

21 Oct 2014 – 3news. Hawkes Bay teacher struck off for indecent assault. Music teacher. 9 children aged 7 to 12. paedophile, primary school. Charles Harter.

21 Oct 2014 – NZ Herald. Online sex predator denied parole. Nikki Papatsoumas. A Christchurch man sex exploited young boys. Cameron Stuart Hore, aged 30. Boys aged as young as 11, a paedophile.

22 Oct 2014 – TVNZ. One fifth of kiwis cant afford daily essentials. Nielsen research company.

22 Oct 2014 – Police concerned about missing boys. ODT Dunedin. Two missing Oamaru youths escaped from a child youth family facility, boys aged 14 and 15. Rebecca Ryan. Whats going on at the government run “care” facility to cause them to escape?

22 Oct 2014 – Man missing in the Coromandel ranges. NZ Herald. Missing since Monday, a 59 year old man.

22 Oct 2014 – Four men tried to lure a boy aged 9 into a car. SouthlandTimes. Dave Nicoll. Invercargill. Stranger danger.

22 Oct 2014 – Dominion Post. Hawkes Bay man had 70,000 child porn images. Paedophile. Tracey Chatterton. Filming teenage girls showering. Peter Moller.

22 Oct 2014 – West Auckland becomes NZ’s murder capital. TVNZ. One news. Glen Eden area. Violent deaths in 6 months in West Auckland.

23 Oct 2014 – British paedophile with links in NZ. World news. UK paedophile extradited from Malta over the Madeliene McCann case and abusing New Zealand children.

23 Oct 2014 – Get used to power cuts, Vector chairman says. NZ Herald. Bernard Orsman. Michael Stiassny in Auckland.

23 Oct 2014 – Madeline McCann case, man wanted on NZ charges. International paedophile ring. Florence Kerr.

23 Oct 2014 – Police take legal action against Nicky Hager. NBR.

23 Oct 2014 – Jail for paedophile teacher who blamed his victims. Daniel Faitaua. TVNZ One news. Havelock North teacher, 63 years old. Abused at least 9 children. Charles Harter. Multiple sex offences on girls under 12. There could be more victims.

23 Oct 2014 – TVNZ. Madeline McCann, paedophile wanted in NZ on child sex charges. Roderick Robinson aka MacDonald. Part of an international paedophile ring. Robinson was due to face trial in NZ on 3 counts, sex attacks on two girls under 12. 3 to 8 Nov 2008 in Hamilton. His trial was for 31 May 2010. He fled to Fiji before 23 Dec 2009.

23 Oct 2014 – Accessed site. No date. NBC. Internet paedophile ring could be the worlds largest. “Operation Rescue” 30 countries Europol 70,000 members.

24 Oct 2014 – 3 news. Arrest in Coromandel, a sex attack on 5 year old child. A paedophile. Attack on 5 Jan 2013. 35 years old Hamilton man Det Hill.

25 Oct 2014 – Police corruption, more drugs are missing from a police safe. Florence Kerr and Tony Wall. The Huntly police safe. Waikato Times reports. Theft of $5,000 worth of meth.

25 Oct 2014 – Russian magnate ordered to sell NZ land after alcohol plant plans fall through. NZ Herald. Geoff Cumming. Michail Khimich, alcohol business. Former oil magnate got NZ residency in May 2013. Russian oil company Naftasib.

28 Oct 2014 – Senior policeman on trial for drug offences. Meth. Lisa Owen 3 news. Whangarei head of the organized crime unit Mike Blowers. He denies all charges.

28 Oct 2014 – International Socialist organization, to revive the NZ Labour party in NZ. World Socialist website workers international Socialist.

29 Oct 2014 – $50,000 reward offered in cold case. NZ Herald. She went missing 12 years ago. Tui Tania Barclay, Tui Marama. Hamish McNeilly reported. Mr Brown, a British passport holder, took her children to the UK, called her a “mental bitch” to dehumanize her. ODT.

29 Oct 2014 – Roast busters, no charges. NZ Herald. Police corruption. No prosections 3 news. “Operation Clover” lies about no evidence. They went online and boasted about it, they did not deny it. Girls, victims as young as 13. Sex attacks, paedophiles.

29 Oct 2014 – Gisborne radiologist wanted in the US. 50 US charges, 63 year old. NZ City. A doctor is wanted in the US for child sex charges. NZ government district health board employee.

29 Oct 2014 – NZ Banks will share info. Foreign owned companies, taxes. Tom Pullar Strecker. OECD Corruption and trafficking too.

29 Oct 2014 – Police detective on trial, drugs charges, meth. Northern Advocate. Aged 51. Michael Blowers pleaded not guilty. Former head of Organized Crime Unit.

30 Oct 2014 – 3news. TVNZ. Radio NZ. Cop pleads guilty to drugs charges. Whangarei Northland. Police corruption, tip of iceberg. Kelly Dennett. Michael David Blowers aged 44 meth.

30 Oct 2014 – International Socialist organization calls to revive New Zealand Labour party. World Socialist website. Workers international Socialist program.

30 Oct 2014 – NZ Herald. Roast Busters latest victims. Cartoon. Injustice and corruption in government departments in NZ.

30 Oct 2014 – A 54 year old Timaru man was arrested while driving near Taupo with $500,000 worth of meth headed for Christchurch. (Chch Star 19 Dec 2014).

31 Oct 2014 – The Economist. Government departments, bureaucrats, house prices and those that have. Corruption in the housing market. Corrupt Socialist bureaucrats. Extortion and bribes, China too.

31 Oct 2014 – International adoption made me a ‘commodity’, not a daughter. The Guardian UK. Tarikuwa Lemma. Corrupt adoption agency, documents confiscated.

31 Oct 2014 – The Guardian UK. Not doing enough to protect the poor from corruption. Women and girls bear the brunt of corruption. Sam Jones. Women and girls lack access to justice or social economic security. Trafficking and rape. Corruption in govt departments by Socialists unions.

31 Oct 2014 – Rapebusters NZ. The roast busters teenage sex rape club. Popdust. Cops call rape of underage groomed rape victims as ‘prostitutes’ and they hope the label sticks..

Nov 2014 – Prison guard denies corruption in Phillip Smith escape from a NZ jail to Brazil. Paedophile and. murderer. Robert Sikora denies corruption and bribery. Phillip Smith escaped from a NZ jail in Nov 2014 and went to Brazil. TVNZ. One news. Chris Chang. 21 Oct.

1 Nov 2014 – Adam Tan missing person. ODT Dunedin. Aucklander disappeared on Monday. 3news.

2 Nov 2014 – Kiwi in arrest of Maddy suspect. Kelly Dennett. British paedophile in Madeliene McCann case. Paedophile Roderick Robinson aka Macdonald, used a stolen passport and left NZ. Sunday Star Times. Robinson aged 76. International paedophile ring.

2 Nov 2014 – Pope hails the poor, homeless as unknown saints. ABC news. Pope Francis, those who flee wars, hunger and poverty, the poor and homeless.

3 Nov 2014 – Missing Adam Tan. TVNZ One news. 22 years old, escaped from being held in a mental prison by force.

3 Nov 2014 – Dope grower died in custody. Charles Anderson. Stephen Cleary died aged 49 in Christchurch prison.

3 Nov 2014 – Animals found near death. Farming business. NZ farmer. Banned from owning animals. 500 near death on his farm of starvation.

3 Nov 2014 – Sex accused ambulance diver gassed victims. NZ Herald. St Johns. 15 year old girl and porn. Christopher King. Hawkes Bay Today. 8 sex charges.

4 Nov 2014 – Singapore government to hold major share in Auckland waterfront property. TVNZ. Multi million dollar deal.

4 Nov 2014 – Trustpower profits, electricity company $89.8 million profit in Sept.

4 Nov 2014 – Bloomberg AP. People without legal documentation or lawyers. NZ and the UN refugee agency. Gregory Katz London AP. People not recognized in their own countries, do not have birth certificates, identity papers or documents. Denied legal papers. Denied basic human rights. No legal existence. No legal identity, not recognised as a citizen. Edith M Lederer UN.

5 Nov 2014 – Chow brothers strip bar. Ben Heather. Wellington porn clubs. Women unwilling and corruption in NZ government departments. Sex exploitation of New Zealanders.

5 Nov 2014 – NZ Herald. Cop ordered to pay the police commissioner $115,000. Violence against prisoners held in cells. Brendan Manning.

5 Nov 2014 – NZ Herald. Global politics to visit NZ. Claire Trevett. China’s pres Xi Junping. Germany’s chancellor Angela Merkel and Canada’s PM Stephen Harper will visit NZ in next two weeks. G20 in Australia.

6 Nov 2014 – Missing Tauranga man James Richard Courde Vachre, last seen 2 Nov. Sun Live. Bay of Plenty Times. Aged 22.

6 Nov 2014 – Women in chains, Auckland police station, Roast Busters protest. TVNZ One news. Three young women, victim blaming and lies about lack of evidence.

6 Nov 2014 – Roast Busters protests, girls chained to the Auckland police station. 3news. Victim blaming and lies about lack of evidence. 13 year old girl’s report is not taken seriously.

6 Nov 2014 – Joint venture GIC in five New Zealand shopping malls. Scentre group ASX SCG joint venture with GIC Singapore wealth fund for five shopping malls in NZ worth $2.1 billion.

7 Nov 2014 – The faux Marxism of the international socialist organization. Liberation. Web site articles.

7 Nov 2014 – Manawatu Standard. Police check on staff who work with children and hospitals, check workers. Necessary and should not complain.

7 Nov 2014 – Singapore fund buys into NZ Westfield shopping center. $1 billion into some of NZ top shopping malls. Herald Sun.

7 Nov 2014 – Cop accused of porn, police, Otago NZ

7 Nov 2014 – Second woman tells of medic sex attack. Paramedic sexually assaults her in his ambulance. Text messages.

7 Nov 2014 – Body confirmed as missing man. Radio NZ. Found in a west Auckland stream. Escaped from Waitakere mental prison, Adam Tan aged 22, his death has been refered to the coroner for post mortem.

8 Nov 2014 – New 1080 poison drop in Catlins South Island. Radio NZ.

8 Nov 2014 – NZ sale of malls. The Australian .Westfields, government investment group of Singapore $930 million deal.

8 Nov 2014 – How the government controls the drug trade. Billions in both ends of the drug war. Infowars Alex Jones.

9 Nov 2014 – Journalinquirer Connecticut US. When sex slavery is ok and government is a business. Chris Powell. State government policy of sex slavery.

9 Nov 2014 – Cop flirted with rape victim. NZ Herald. Victim complained about rape and violence in her Auckland home.

9 Nov 2014 – Flats not brothel. NZ Herald. The Aucklander. Kirsty Wynn. Chow brothers site. Brothel owners Michael and John Chow got the site in 2011 for $3.3 million, across from the Skycity casino. Herald on Sunday.

10 Nov 2014 – NZ uproar, Chile. ABC online Australia. NZ murderer and paedophile Phillip John Smith flew to Chile on a false NZ government passport. Dominique Schwartz.

10 Nov 2014 – Interpol and tracking of paedophiles. Independent UK. Snowden’s spying revelations. Green notice.

10 Nov 2014 – Investigation into who helped a murderer and paedophile leave a NZ prison and on a false passport go to Chile. TVNZ One news. Interpol.

10 Nov 2014 – Fourth woman victim of sex attack. Marty Sharpe. Paramedic in ambulance named King.

10 Nov 2014 – Escaped prisoner escaped to Chile. Murderer and child molester, paedophile. Flown out of NZ to Chile on a false passport. Interpol. Phillip Traynor.

10 Nov 2014 – Serious questions over murderers escape. Labour corrections minister Jacinda Adhern. Used an alias, wigs, to have a passport for Chile. Paedophile and corruption in NZ.

10 Nov 2014 – The Guardian UK. Pornography’s role in child abuse and trafficking. Laura McNally. The choice. The right to say NO and have it respected.

11 Nov 2014 – Police seek missing man. ODT Dunedin. Mr Zhang, last seen Karetai track Highcliff area of Dunedin.

11 Nov 2014 – Police invade privacy and film girl in shower. John Eden. Privacy and school girl. Radio NZ.

11 Nov 2014 – NZ murderer and escaped prisoner, paedophile. Paedophile ring in Brazil. International paedophile ring with NZ connection.. NZ Herald. John Weekes.

11 Nov 2014 Editorial. Failure on so many fronts. NZ Herald. Hawkes Bay Today. Andrew Austin.

11 Nov 2014 – 10.38am 5.4 earthquake north east of Whangarei.

11 Nov 2014 – RT. Ebola vial promps NZ parliament lockdown. NZ parliament mail room, sample of Ebola virus.

11 Nov 2014 – On Tuesday night, Sylvia Pryor phoned me to tell me that the lawyer. still not allowed a lawyer. After manipulating me into getting a lawyer and believing I could get justice and human rights and she would pay for it. She said no, she will not pay for a lawyer. So now I have to ring the lawyer back and explain to him that I am not allowed a lawyer again. Sorry to him and sorry to me. No justice or human rights for me.

11 Nov 2014 – Phillip John Smith. NZ Government could have stopped him. Aimee Gulliver. Brazil, paedophile murderer.

12 Nov 2014 – US embassy alert in Wellington NZ. Mail room. A worker has been decontaminated.

12 Nov 2014 – Police officer attacked a woman in the bushes. Indecent attack, sex attack, Nelson district court. Jonathan Carson. He dragged a woman into the bushes.

12 Nov 2014 – The Press Christchurch. Phillip John Smith exposes system laws. Aka Stacey Beavers. Paedophile manipulative in Brazil.

12 Nov 2014 – Opposing views. Jihadist group allegedly sent vial ebola to NZ. Emily Smith. Tests in Australia, terrorists.

12 Nov 2014 – Ebola vial sent by Jihadists to newspaper and parliament and US embassy. Rida Ahmed. NHGN global news.

12 Nov 2014 – Skynews Australia. Suspected ebola vial sent to NZ office. A Jihadist group.

12 Nov 2014 – Asia one. Package sent to 3 places in NZ. US embassy, parliament and NZ Herald. AFP. Wellington. 3 incidents in 24 hours.

12 Nov 2014 – DOC staff in chaos over 1080 drops. Heather Simpson. Tonnes of 1080 poison. Deer are gouging their stomachs with their horns and dying.

13 Nov 2014 – Victims of the crown range crash named. 3 news. Asad Khan aged 46 and Muhammad Ajmal Chaudhry aged 40 in the hailstorm.

13 Nov 2014 – Wynyard and Thai army crime. Software company Wynyard group and the Royal Thai government, sign a drug trafficking contract. Thai drug agency.

13 Nov 2014 – Man charged with threatening to kill WINZ staff in Gisbourne. TVNZ. 52 year old man.

14 Nov 2014 – Dentist in indecent acts. 3 news. NZ city. NZ Herald. Making boys watch porn. Three children, a paedophile. Name suppression. Auckland district court in March 2013.

14 Nov 2014 – NZ paedophile impersonated Justin Beiber. NZ Herald. Kent Garrett aged 42 groomed young girls. Melbourne Age reports. Some victims were aged 12. NZ Herald

14 Nov 2014 – Former gym owner guilty on child sex charges. NZ Herald. Bay of Plenty man, sex offences against young girls. Garry John Jones aged 63. In the 1970s and late 1980s. In the Bay of Plenty. Girls under 12, rape and other indecencies. Paedophile. He will reappear in court in March 2015.

14 Nov 2014 – Manawatu Standard. Begging in NZ, and corruption in government departments. Kathryn King. Giving money to beggars, is not encouraged.

14 Nov 2014 – NZ Herald. Dunedin man and his ancestors were Chinese. Pioneer grandfather’s remains to China. Duncan Sew Hoy. ODT.

14 Nov 2014 – Drug ring and organize crime. Wanted, Chi Wo Lau a Chinese New Zealander. Auckland. Business worth millions.

15 Nov 2014 – NZ Herald. Brother sought after high roller police raid. Jared Savage. Chi Wo Lau, Chinese is on the run. Owns companies and property. Is he a Triad?

17 Nov 2014 – 6.5 earthquake TVNZ severe east coast north island. Gisborne area, widely felt. Geonet Te Araroa.

17 Nov 2014 – Have your say. 1080 is a no brainer. Northern Advocate.

19 Nov 2014 – Peoples Daily China. Shipwreck find mystery over NZ China tragedy. Xinhua. SS Ventnor. Choie Sew Hoy died and was buried in NZ.

19 Nov 2014 – Lucy Craymer. Wall Street Journal. Wrecked ship carrying bodies of Chinese gold miners 112 years ago.

19 Nov 2014 – Maritime executive. Shipwreck carrying remains of Chinese gold miners left Waikato off the NZ coast 112 years ago. By Marex. SS Ventnor a British ship in 1902 by Cheong Sing Tong a charity led by Dunedin businessman Choie Sew Hoy. Chinese gold miners in 1866, 2,000 Chinese migrants mainly from Guangzhou China. In 1881 there were about 6,000 Chinese in NZ.

20 Nov 2014 – Strangers kindness. Paul Easten. A homeless man, a stranger brought him a guitar for busking in Auckland to earn some money.

20 Nov 2014 – Mystery death. TVNZ One news. West Auckland killing. Brett Fraser was killed on 21 Oct 2014 at a Glen Eden warehouse where he was living. He was 51 years old.

20 Nov 2014 – Family waiting for wreck news from govt. Hamish McNeilly. Duncan Sew Hoy aged 79. ODT Dunedin.

20 Nov 2014 – SS Ventnor descendants. Taylor Sincoik. 3 news. Ship sinking 112 year ago. 55 years old Peter Sew Hoy and his great great grandfather Choise Sew Hoy.

20 Nov 2014 – Waatea news. Ventnor project. Wreck of ship sinking in Oct 1902, 13 crew and 499 Chinese from the Otago goldfields.

20 Nov 2014 – Global corruption a bigger scourge than terrorism. CBC news. Brian Stewart. Government departments, Socialism and victims.

22 Nov 2014 – Fight rape culture, says protesters. NZ City. Auckland High Court. Rape cases don’t get to court. Victims are not allowed a lawyer. “Bust rape culture” protest.

22 Nov 2014 – Action against rape culture. Kelly Dennett. No means no. Roast busters example.

23 Nov 2014 – May be in Australia. Manhunt after escape. NZ Herald. Paul James Bennett aka David Kitz or Dennis Kitz. Fraud and sex crimes, false passports? Or passports from the NZ govt.

23 Nov 2014 – Anti semitism rising in New Zealand. Jerusalem Post.

23 Nov 2014 – Haaretz. Anti semitism attack on 4 year old Jewish boy in Auckland. NZ Herald.

24 Nov 2014 – Dead body identified as Stephen Michael Tracey aged 37. Last seen on 27 Sept 2014. NZ Herald. Bay of Plenty Times. NZ Herald. Mans body found in thick bush on Mt Maunganui, halfway up the northern face of the mountain. Coroner.

24 Nov 2014 – Outrage over lack of respect to Ventnor wreck. ODT Dunedin. NZ shipwreck more than 100 years ago with 499 Chinese bodies on board.

24 Nov 2014 – Over 50 witnesses in prison death inquest. TVNZ. 58 witnesses at inquest into the death of a prisoner at Otago Dunedin prison in 2011. Radio NZ.

24 Nov 2014 – Armed police and road blocks. A 23 year old woman charged with possession of meth for supply, Christchurch. (Chch Star 19 Dec 2014).

25 Nov 2014 – UN. Child trafficking on the rise. Sex exploitation. Vienna Austria. Agence France Presse. Rappler.

25 Nov 2014 – NZ Herald. Man charged after police. Drug mule from Christchurch International Airport, 32 year old female in Christchurch hospital, in a BMW. Under police guard. Three elderly people were seriously injured and are in hospital following the crash.

25 Nov 2014 – Rape as a weapon that dehumanizes women. Denis Mukwege. Eroparl. True everywhere NZ too. European parliament news site.

25 Nov 2014 – Feud over the fate of 1902 corpse ship. Sfgate AP. Sew How died before the Ventnor left and he allegedly joined the other corpses aboard the Ventnor.

26 Nov 2014 – Flights from China to double to NZ. John Anthony.

26 Nov 2014 – Inquest into prisoners death at Otago prison Dunedin. Radio NZ.

26 Nov 2014 – Brian Rudman. NZ Herald. Spies are a bigger threat than fighters. Secret security cameras on public property, like young women in the shower?

26 Nov 2014 – SIS surveillance without a warrant. Police. NZ Herald. Government plan. Not allowed a passport in the first place, New Zealanders born here. SIS director Rebecca Kitteridge. Young women in the shower. Audrey Young.

26 Nov 2014 – Countering human trafficking is an ongoing challenge for New Zealand. Two men are charged with 11 charges in NZ’s first human trafficking case.

27 Nov 2014 – Fate of the Chinese corpse ship in NZ. Today online. SS Ventnor near Whangarei northern coast off NZ

27 Nov 2014 – Inmate vomited blood before death. Inquest into the death of a Dunedin remand prisoner, Jai Davis.

28 Nov 2014 – Wanted. Police are looking for a paedophile in Christchurch. Christopher David Roche aka Kristian Granville 35 years old. A serial child sex offender paedophile. A boy under 12 convicted. A 10 year old boy and porn convicted. Firearms charges. The Press.

28 Nov 2014 – Crashed car and body found on Paeakariki hill, next to his crashed car, Wellington. A member of the public found the body, 30 years old.

28 Nov 2014 – TVNZ one news. Mans body found on grass verge. Auckland Glenfield. 19 years old, injuries consistent with a fall from a height. Unexplained death.

28 Nov 2014 – Man found dead on Kapiti hll. Kay Blundell. Body found outside his car, injuries inconsistent with a crash, 32 year old man. Post mortem, Dominion Post Wellington.

28 Nov 2014 – West Auckland police officer, on drugs and corruption charges. Peter Pakau aged 36 was manipulated. Stuff. Kelly Dennett.

28 Nov 2014 – Paedophile rapist taxi driver and two women. Belinda Feek. Hamilton court. Abdiraham Sheikh Mohamed Guled aged 31. A 14 year old girl and a 19 year old girl. From Somalia, then Kenya then to New Zealand. Waikato Times.

28 Nov 2014 – article 27 Feb 2016.

29 Nov 2014 – Autopsy on body found near car crash. Injuries not consistent with a crash. NZ City. 32 year old suspicious death.

29 Nov 2014 – NZ Herald. Money Laundering and gambling. Yan’s assets. Jared Savage. William Yan aka Bill Yan aka Bill Liu and Yang Liu and Yong Ming Yan 43 years old. Millions of dollars in assets $ 2 million apartment and a Bentley.

29 Nov 2014 – Man found dead next to crashed car. ODT Suspicious death. North of Wellington. Matthew Stevens aged 32 of Lower Hutt. “Operation Vintage”. Post mortem today. Rebecca Quillan.

2 Dec 2014 – Coroner inquests. False statements after prisoners death, should be probed inquest says. TVNZ One news. False statements made by prison guards. Otago prison. Jai Davis was held in custody in a special unit with no water or toilet.

3 Dec 2014 – Kelly Dennett. Policeman Michael Blowers was sent to jail. Northland cop stole drugs. 4 years 9 months jail. Corruption in NZ.

3 Dec 2014 – Repeat sex offender targeting women. Four Kirks bush attacks worry police. Auckland Now. Anna Loren. Papakura East. 14 year old was the 4th reported attack this year, and a 33 year old. Papakura Courier.

3 Dec 2014 – Hayden Cossey. Blair Ansor and Abbie Napier. The 33 year old moved to Christchurch from Auckland on 3 Dec 2014. He disappeared 2 days later. Rebuild engineering worker. Cossey’s Linwood flat. Cossey was last seen at 1pm leaving the Eastgate mall in Linwood on 5 Dec 2014. The Press.

4 Dec 2014 – Arson accused tells police of threats. Radio NZ. Angelo Bitossi.

4 Dec 2014 – New info on the Lisa Blakie case. 20 years old. Sarah Jarvis. Timaru Herald. She disappeared while hitchhiking on the West Coast in Feb 2000. 4 days later he body was found in a stream, Porters pass. Timaru woman murdered.

4 Dec 2014 – Pesticides found in NZ baby food is hazardous. TVNZ One news. NZ baby food has 800 times more pesticides than baby food in Europe. It can effect the nervous system. Include 1080 everywhere and fluoride in the water.

4 Dec 2014 – Self storage arson suspect denies owning clothing linked to the crime. By David Faitaua. Clothing linked to the arson didn’t belong to Bitossi. CCTV footage of the Kiwi self storage showed the face was not visible. He pleaded not guilty to a charge.

5 Dec 2014 – Trevor Richard Hall aged 62 jailed for child sex crimes. Whakatane news. Paedophile. At least 3 young victims. A 6 year old victim. Rotorua Daily Post. 15 similar convictions in Queensland Australia.

5 Dec 2014 – Bloomberg Business week. Lulu Yilun Chen in Hong Kong. Kim Dotcom’s Megaupload can renegotiate $40 million in Hong Kong frozen. Extradition from NZ to US on charges of racketeering, money laundering and wire fraud charges.

5 Dec 2014 – Auckland. Vernon Small. Address rape culture and corruption in government departments. No means no. Blame the victims punish the victims. Calling them willing prostitutes is a lie. Its propaganda. No consent, is not willing prostitution as they claim.

5 Dec 2014 – A man has been found guilty of killing a homeless man in Myers park in central Auckland. Radio NZ. Steven Harris was stabbed many times.

5 Dec 2014 – Hayden Cossey aged 33 was last seen at Eastgate mall in Linwood on 5 Dec 2014. He was reported missing on 7 Dec 2014. (Radio NZ 20 Dec 2014).

5 Dec 2014 – Meth $22 million seized at border. 23 Dec 2014. NZ’s second biggest meth haul. Came from Taiwan and was sent on 5 Dec 2014.’ Operation Georgie’. Two Taiwan people were arrested, importing meth and meth for supply. 2006 seizure of 95kg of meth in NZ. Auckland airport on an international flight. TVNZ

7 Dec 2014 – ID this man. A sex attack on a 20 year old women in Hamilton. Indian looking man. Olivia Wannan.

7 Dec 2014 – Shamed drug cop had an $80 thousand ACC job too. Police corruption and Meth. By David Lomas. David Blowers a Northland corrupt cop and meth.

7 Dec 2014 – Nun quizzed over prison drug ring. NZ Herald. Amy Maas. Meth import ring, three Rimataka prison inmates face charges. Sister Marie Roche. A major meth importing ring run from jail. Offshore bank accounts. ‘Operation Gandolf’. Ringleader Mohamed Atta, supplying heroin too.

9 Dec 2014 – Police searched three Christchurch homes. A 31 year old man was charged with possession of meth for supply. (Chch Star 19 Dec 2014).

10 Dec 2014 – Christchurch arrests, possession of meth for supply. Police recovered meth, precursor substances to make meth, ammunition, a pistol, and two stolen vehicles, from three properties. (Chch Star 10 Dec 2014).

10 Dec 2014 – Australian police investigate reports of a “dead” teacher. A former Tasmanian teacher accused of sex crimes who was thought dead, is living in NZ.

11 Dec 2014 – Proclaiming themselves the innocent victims of a plot. They were Set up. Swore Vendetta. .New Zealanders with Italian names. Prison breakouts. Innocent of the charges they were originally imprisoned for. (Blood brotherhoods. John Dickie. ©2011 Italy).

12 Dec 2014 – Financier Tony Lentino. His company Instra corp. New Zealander.

12 Dec 2014 – Wellington Storage fire victim is ‘not convinced’ that the right man was charged. NZN.

12 Dec 2014 – Dominion Post Wellington. Guilty verdict in storage fire arson. Angelo Dominic Bitossi aged 35. Kiwi storage fire arson. Starting the fire on 4 April 2014 in Kilbirnie Wellington. Bitossi has more than 100 previous convictions. In 2001 he was jailed for trying to get morphine. Judge Simon France ruled him guilty. The cap was a plant. 100 charges and he was given the keys to the storage unit.

12 Dec 2014 – Desex cats, don’t kill them, says SPCA. TVNZ. Calls to kill stray cats, supported by Gareth Morgan.

12 Dec 2014 – William Yan, cash, police. National Business Review. Victoria Young.

12 Dec 2014 – A 26 year old man was arrested, possession of meth for supply. Waimakariri. (Chch Star 19 Dec 2014).

13 Dec 2014 – Stolen dog. NZ Herald. Ana Macdonald and her beloved pet dog after her car was stolen with her dog inside.

13 Dec 2014 – Police shoot dead a mans dog. NZ Herald. The dog was chased by police, pepper sprayed and shot dead. Criticism from a district court judge.

13 Dec 2014 – Drugs caught in roadblock by police. Man arrested. Meth was seized and maybe LSD too. A 26 year old man, was charged with possession of Meth for supply. Radio NZ.

13 Dec 2014 – At 25 to 3am there was a sharp shock quake, rock and roll of a quake I felt in Christchurch. 4.5 quake Skynews Australia said it was at 2.37am.

13 Dec 2014 – Wanted by China for smuggling. Enguang Yu. Interpol. 62 years old, born in China. A New Zealander.

13 Dec 2014 – Wanted by Croatia. Garth Peter Worthington. 59 years old. Te Kuiti New Zealand. Interpol. Abuse of office official.

13 Dec 2014 – Interpol. Wanted by the US for damaging computers. Timothy Christopher Anthony Molteno. 47 years old. New Zealander born in South Africa.

13 Dec 2014 – no photo. Selby Dean Freeman, wanted by Malaysia for possession of drugs. 31 years old. Hastings New Zealand. NZ UK Interpol.

13 Dec 2014 – Interpol. No photo. Wanted by Argentina. Peter Phillip Leaitua 43 years old. A Spanish New Zealander.

13 Dec 2014 – New Zealand corruption. 3 news. A New Zealand woman faces arrest and six months in jail if she returns from Australia. She is the victim of a sex attack, if she names the person who sexually assaulted her, she faces arrest and six moths jail. . The 34 year old is the second person to name the man. Who has already confessed the offence. Blame the victims punish the victims, may have gone too far this time. He pleaded guilty in 2011 to indecently sexually assaulting Louise Hensley. They tried to suppress her name as well. But she did not want this.

14 Dec 2014 – Gang steps up to help fight child poverty. Waikato gang called Tribal Huk. Lunch to 25 schools daily. Maori TV.

15 Dec 2014 – Meth lab, organized crime. Radio NZ. Northland, police raids on meth labs, worth millions. Northern Advocate. Marlborough Express.

15 Dec 2014 – Meth labs contaminate NZ homes. 3 news.

16 Dec 2014 – Missing French tourist Celine in Arthur’s pass. Celine Vitrioul, photos taken by Canadian tourist Genevieve Forcier

16 Dec 2014 – Auckland man arrested trans Tasman drug bust. Syndicate heroin. Radio NZ..

20 Dec 2014 – Zomato wanting to be the Google of food. Italian Zomato got Menumania in New Zealand. Zomato buys Italian Cibano, a restaurant search engine. Reghu Balakrishan in Mumbai.

21 Dec 2014 – Christchurch house fire investigated. A cannabis growing operation was found after a house fire in Chelsea street Linwood.

21 Dec 2014 – Radio NZ. Mr Cossey’s family live in Auckland. His father Geoff Cossey moved from Auckland to Christchurch. He said he is sure his son is alive. NZ Herald

21 Dec 2014 – Call for investigation into ‘historic’ child abuse case. Christchurch civic child care worker Peter Ellis in 1993. One News TVNZ.

22 Dec 2014 – Cat burglar strikes Cat Rescue charity. Brittany Mann. Christchurch charity. Theft of cat food and equipment. They help stray cats.

22 Dec 2014 – One News TVNZ Response after theft from Cat Rescue. Addington. Facebook page. Public response to burglary. They have over 50 kittens in care. Replaced items stolen.

22 Dec 2014 – Body found. Of Hayden Cossey who was missing in Christchurch. Body found by a tramper, a rockfall in Port Hills. Hayden Cossey. Remote Port Hills location. (Murder, dumped?)

24 Dec 20-14 – Dogs are being stolen in Waikato. Phillipa Yalden. Impersonating council dog control officers in uniforms. Disappearance of dogs. Shooting of 2 dogs. Dog fighting syndicates or ransoms. Waikato Times.

24 Dec 2014 – A NZ farmer was fined $16,875 for removing weeds from his own land. Waikato farmer Bas Nelis. A farmer who had won environmental awards. The fine was imposed by Environment court judge Melanie Harland.

24 Dec 2014 – Bean curd from Taiwan to be recalled. David Faitava. One News TVNZ. Five bean curd produces are effected. From Taiwan with Dimothyl yellow. Chien Hsin enterprises.

26 Dec 2014 – Dominion Post. Kay Blundell Otago university, a woman’s skeleton allegedly dating back to the 1800s was found at the Kapiti express. About 9 months ago a skeleton of a woman was found south of the Waikanae river, which was allegedly dated from the 19th century. These skeletons are called a Urupa.

27 Dec 2014 – When police rape, who can people turn too? Middle East eye. Nadine Marroushi, sexual violence.

31 Dec 2014 – NZ police up the stakes as … job name. Police corruption.

2015 – Estimate, that by 2015 a third of Auckland’s population will be of Asian descent. (The Bolger years. Margaret Clark. ©2008 NZ).

2015 – The control over public memory and archives by ruling elites. Voices are silent in historical records. No records exist for slaves. Silence in the archives. (Archives power. Randall C Jimerson (c)2009 US).

2015 – The New Zealand government is hijacking Facebook logins and passwords. Phishing. Govermnment spying on citizens in social networks. Facebook passwords and government attacks. (We are Anonymous. Pary Olson ©2012 UK).

2015 – There are a large number of unknown earthquake faults. There could be 4,000 faults around NZ. Capable of a 6 quake. Unidentified faults. Finding all the thousands of blind faults in NZ is impossible. Very old faults.

2015 – no date. NZ . Nomita Halder works for the Bangladesh government. She did her MA in political science at the uni of Canterbury in NZ.

1 Jan 2015 – VOA Pope Francis urges united fight against slavery and human trafficking. Reuters. Vatican city. Mass of 2015 God given right to be free.

1 Jan 2015 – The Guardian UK. Pope Francis uses New year mass to condemn slavery and human trafficking. Rome Catholic church world day of peace. Reuters. Justice needed for victims of sex slavery in New Zealand. Care2 petition. Journalists are not crazy whores. Corruption in government departments and lies in the files.

1 Jan 2015 – Anthony Wanhalla. Official info act request refused. Trans Pacific partnership agreement. TPPA. Tim Groser NZ govt.

6 Jan 2015 – US government turns attention to Kim Dot Com’s wife, Mona. Megaupload. Billboard. Mona Dot Com and kids, she is from he Philippines.

6 Jan 2015 – The Sun Daily. Strong 6 earthquake hits NZ south island. 18 miles from Arthurs Pass, southern alps, which runs the length of the South island. The Alpine fault. Some say so.

6 Jan 2015 – 6.4 earthquake south island NZ, NZ Herald. A 6 earthquake west of Arthurs pass. Sydney Morning Herald Australia. Severe 6.4 earthquake . 6 earthquake NZ south island. Malay mail online Malaysia.

15 Jan 2015 – BGR Google’s new invention. Chris Smith. Internet browsing patent is scary. Yahoo news.

16 Jan 2015 – Investigation tracks down 300 paedophiles online. Eyewitness now. Cape Town. Hundreds of suspects linked to an international child porn network.

16 Jan 2015 – Global brokers NZ went bust after Swiss move. Tim Hunter. Trading as Excel markets, Global markets is owned by, in the British. David Johnson in Ireland. Excel markets, in Ireland but out of New Zealand.

17 Jan 2015 – Drones could pose serious hazards in NZ airspace, pilots warn. TVNZ.One news.

18 Jan 2015 – Cop admits sabotage of family car. A police officer put stones, dirt and sticks in the engine of a couples land cruiser. Charged.

18 Jan 2015 – Are NZ central Otago police .. hide. Police corruption. Police cover for paedophiles.

19 Jan 2015 – Islamic hackers target New Zealand websites. Henry Cooke. “Team Muslim Cyberforce”.

19 Jan 2015 – 1080 blamed for rare bird deaths, poison. NZ City. $10 million NZ govt poisoning operation.

20 Jan 2015 – A truck engine exploded inside the Lyttleton tunnel in Christchurch, closing it. The Herald. The tunnel filled up with thick smoke. NZME. Unions in Christchurch.

21 Jan 2015 – Balclutha teen‘s disappearance is out of character. 3news. Thomas Mead. Shaun Carson, NZ missing person.

22 Jan 2015 – Officer court marshaled on sex charges. NZ Defence forces. 13 charges sex offices. 9 Feb 2015 court marshall at Linton military camp in Palmerston North. Waiouru sex crimes. NZME APNZ. ODT.

22 Jan 2015 – Missing Nelson man still a mystery. 3news. 19 year old Leo Lipp Neighbours went missing from Nelson on 24 Jan 2010.

23 Jan 2015 – .A Maori child poverty advocate says a drop in the number of referrals to Child Youth and family might be an increasing awareness, not a drop in abuse. Radio NZ.

23 Jan 2015 – Slavery in the world. Sex exploitation, every country is affected. Sex trafficking/slavery of those born in NZ too.

23 Jan 2015 – Anonymous hackers and the global paedophile menace. The Telegraph UK. Child porn and the dark web. Peter Foster Washington. Westminster child abuse and government corruption. International paedophile rings. Operation Death Eaters. OpDeathEaters. Child porn and paedo sadist corruption.

23 Jan 2015 – Woolston cattery. Public consultation for a cattery in Woolston close Friday. The Cats Protection League cattery at Charlesworth street applied for consent to expand its premises onto the neighbouring property. The city council would now review the application and come to decision. (Chch Star).

24 Jan 2015 – Sex abuse survivor speaks out. Rotorua Daily Post. She wants New Zealand’s name suppression laws changed.

24 Jan 2015 – Leo Lipp Neighbours is still missing. Jonathan Carson. On 24 Jan 2010 he went missing and its still a mystery, 19 year old from Nelson. Nelson Mail.

25 Jan 2015 – Hacking group Anonymous to target international paedophiles. The Westminster paedophile ring, Operation Death Eaters. Daily Mail.

27 Jan 2015 – Maori skulls in a macabre collection to be brought back to New Zealand. ODT. 800 human skulls in Sweden at the Karolinka institute in Solna north of Stockholm Sweden. Maori skulls in 1890 from zoologist Conrad Fistedt for scientific racism. Bernard Orsman NZ Herald APNZ.

27 Jan 2015 – A car rams a police car on Auckland harbour bridge. Shots were fired in K road and a pistol was found. NZME.NZ Herald.

27 Jan 2015 – Anonymous and Operation Death Eater. Techworm. Activists against International paedophile rings.

27 Jan 2015 – Tauranga. A bomb scare at customs causes an evacuation. Sunlive.

28 Jan 2015 – A Paedophile British tourist in NZ was caught with masses of child porn. Sean Jamieson.

29 Jan 2015 – New Zealand passports are targeted by criminals and terrorists. Worth $US 10,000 on the black market. Thousands of NZ passports go missing each year. 11,136 were reported stolen and 42,348were reported lost from 2010 to 2014. Sex trafficking and terrorism. Passports from government corruption. Dominion Post.

29 Jan 2015 – Rapists use social media to cover their tracks, police. The Guardian UK. Rapists use false info online.

29 Jan 2015 – The national slavery and human trafficking.. Sex trafficking is the fastest growing business of organized crime, and the third largest in the world says FBI. Huffington Post.

29 Jan 2015 – A man was attacked and robbed in central Wellington. He suffered a broken eye socket when he was robbed while walking home early in the morning. NZ Herald.

29 Jan 2015 – NZ government health worker admits having child porn. Radio NZ. “Name suppression”.

29 Jan 2015 – Interpol wanted by New Zealand. Man Fu Hui born in Hong Kong China. Importing supply ecstacy meth.

29 Jan 2015 – Paedophile Sean Jamieson had child porn a UK tourist in NZ. No jail, corruption. 52,000 child porn images, one child was only 4 years old. Mirror UK.

29 Jan 2015 – A British tourist left child porn in a rental car. Sean Jamieson had 50,000 child porn images. He had been working as a child protection officer in Thailand. He was British. Radio NZ.

30 Jan 2015 – Volcanic warning Mount Ruapehu lake. Its changed colour.. Heating up. Mount Ruapehu crater lake. The Press. TVNZ.

30 Jan 2015 – Cattery opposed. Neighbours of a cattery in Woolston are opposing its expansion, because they are “worried it will affect property values”. The Cats protection league Canterbury wants to build a $3 million facility to replace its existing earthquake damaged cattery in Charlesworth street. The claws are out on this one. (Chch Star.).

30 Jan 2015 – Gwaze author is married to paedophile. By Gabrielle Stuart. The author of a book about George Gwaze. Felicity Goodyear Smith was involved in Centerpoint in Albany Auckland. Seven men were convicted of sex crimes from the 1970s, and she is married to John Potter, who had been jailed for indecent assault on a child. Paedophiles. His father Bert Potter was a leader, underage girls. (A woman named Potter recently went missing in Dunedin). Chch Star.

30 Jan 2015 – Chinese tourists flood New Zealand. Macro business.

31 Jan 2015 – Human remains, bones found in Coromandel. Waikato Times. Florence Kerr. Its not the first time that human remains have been found in the area.

31 Jan 2015 – Sweden, Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany are the new owners. More NZ farmland in foreign hands. The Press. Martin van Beynen.

31 Jan 2015 – Sex crimes linked to Christchurch youth charity. Blair Ensor. Linwood. Poverty stricken youth. Rape is not commercial work. Sex trafficking and brothels. The Press.

31 Jan 2015 – Chinese buy two Auckland islands for $41.5 million. Anne Gibson. $130.6 million resort. Rainbow holdings. Simon Deng Li aka Yin Binguhi. Lee island investments. Six star resort on the island. NZ Herald.

3 Feb 2015 – Missing person aged 70 from Petone. Talia Shadwell, Tupulaya Peter Talalelei. His bank accounts are untouched. He was discharged from a hospital. Last seen in a hostel kitchen when an unnamed nurse visited him and then he disappeared.

5 Feb 2015 – An unpaid French farmworker is missing in NZ in Waikato. He is 22 years old. Tanguy Pharizat was last seen on 15 Jan 2015. Newstalk zb.

5 Feb 2015 – Male survivors of child sex abuse. Institutional historic child sex abuse. Inquiry Royal commission.

6 Feb 2015 – Birth and citizenship certificates. Voxy Department of internal affairs.

6 Feb 2015 – Gisborne earthquake 4.5 at 12.05pm. It might have been bigger. Dominion Post.

7 Feb 2015 – Van crash kills Israeli tourist while four others are in hospital. A rented mini van in Canterbury. Greta valley with six Israeli tourists. One news. TVNZ.

10 Feb 2015 – An Israeli tourist killed in a Canerbury car crash to be buried in Israel. The Press. Myles Hume.

12 Feb 2015 – Lies and threats continue. Before those in the New Zealand government criticize shootings in Indonesia, the US death penalty or Egypt, they should take a good look at the even worse crimes happening here in New Zealand.

12 Feb 2015 – Lauda Finem. Child youth and family sex abuse trial aborted. Anne Tolley National party minister. NZ Herald Jared Savage. Child youth and family bungle halts sex abuse trial. 13 Feb 2015. 300 pages of documents to the police investigation. A 61 year old man on 42 charges of sex abuse of 2 girls from 1994 to 2003.

14 Feb 2015 – Mr Asia mansion for sale in the Bay of islands. Owned by Terry Clark. Rateable value of $2.35 million. ODT. John Weekes. NZME.

26 Feb 2015 – Parliament scraps old prostitution law. A bill to control street prostitution. (Rape is not work). 3News.

The death penalty is carried out here, for no crimes, by Socialist sadists who work for the NZ government. Socialist sadists in government departments are threatening to have me arrested without charge or without warrant ‘again’. Tortured to death and lied about. I know I am not and have never been crazy, and I know I am not and have never been willing to have sex either.

It would be kinder and more humane to shoot someone to death, than to torture them to death and lie about them, to cover it up. Wake up NZ. Maybe ive been dehumanised too much? I am qualified as a freelance journalist, and that’s what I do, as a volunteer. Reading and writing should not be tortured out of someone like this. Its totally inhumane, so is the murder by the forced induced heart attack that follows. There is nothing wrong with my heart. I can read and write now.

When will the lies and threats stop. When will I get some justice. Do I have the right to life or to be shot instead. Its kinder and more humane. What crime am I accused of? In my 53 years of living in New Zealand I have never been allowed a lawyer, or legal aid for anything. Not allowed basic citizenship rights either. Am I allowed one of these new birth and citizenship documents? I doubt it. Being born here is not good enough to get one. If I was a new immigrant from Iraq maybe I could get one.

stop the lies and threats. Those guilty are Mike Chron and Milton Weir of the Christchurch police. Wyn Jarvis and Sonya Vincent of WINZ. Diane Fitzgerald and Jim Walshe of the mental prison. When will these Socialist sadists get investigated. When will the lies and threats stop. When will I have the right to life or some basic human rights?

March 2015 – Phishing hacks by corrupt local NZ government workers on Facebook. This originates from an ISP. Greasemonkey add on for Firefox, a new user script. (We are Anonymous. Parmy Olson ©2012 US).

9 March 2015 – Top judge loses $42k. Rob Kidd. Bank fraud. Justice Rhys Harrison. A serial fraudster, James David Stewart aged 31 in Auckland district court. NZ Herald.

11 March 2015 – Mising mans body found in the Waikato river. Police Ross Patterson. Body of man who died in the Waikato river. 3 news 12 March 2015. NZ Herald.

15 March 2015 – NZ targeted by the NSA Xkeyscore system. GCSB spying to harrass and abuse the poor. NZ Herald.

18 March 2015 – file:///C:/Users/User/Desktop/Wynyard%20adds%20senior%20former%20FBI%20official%20to%20its%20board%20_%20The%20National%20Business%20Review_files/Wynyard%20adds%20senior%20former%20FBI%20official%20to%20its%20board%20_%20The%20National%20Business%20Review.htm

19 March 2015 – Richard Ruddenklau NZ Ombudsman. Ombudsman’s Act 1975. Bendan Boyle WINZ.

20 March 2015 – Convent girl Bonnie Schlef’s life of sex abuse and prison escape. John McCrone. 52 year old Bonnie Schlef died in Christchurch hospital. Catholic priest sex abuse. Born in Auckland in 1957, Maori, Chinese and Yugoslav ancestry. Catholics. Adopted, sex abuse at aged 6 paedophiles. Catholic convent girls school, ward of the state, corruption. The Press Chch. Catholic convent in NZ. (Murder called an error).

20 March 2015 – Fatal brain surgery at Christchurch hospital. Bonnie Schlef died from surgery on an ‘alleged’ brain aneurysem. Above the law, killing is not an “error” its corruption.

22 March 2015 – Frank Jackson. Justice Carruthers report into police handling of the Roast busters case. Those in authority who cover up child sex abuse. NZ promotes and covers up child sex crimes.

24 March 2015 – Volcanic alert for Mt Ngauuhoe, went to level one. NZ Herald.

25 March 2015 – Catholic church and child sex abuse in ‘care’. 252 child sex abuse cases. ABC online Australia. A Catholic brother was extradited to NZ for child sex abuse charges. Bernard Kevin McGrath aged 67.

26 March 2015 – Missing Dutch tousist Ken Boogers aged 26 went for a walk at Wharariki to Pillar. (3 news NZ. Nelson Mail).

27 March 2015 – WA Australia sex offender is to dodge parole by moving to Christchurch NZ. Martin van Beynen. A Perth sex offender. 10 year old girl and sex offences, he is a paedophile. He was sent to Christchurch NZ. He is still a danger to children.

27 March 2015 – Missing Dutch tousist Ken Boogers. Official search.

28 March 2015 – John Roughan. Spying on the WTO and economic espionage. Tim Goser WTO NZ. NZ’s external intel agency and spying on the WTO. NZ Herald.

30 March 2015 – Denise Potter. Missing from Dunedin born 21 Sept 1961. Last seen Carroll st Dunedin. (Is she related to Bert Potter, Centerpoint).

April May 2015 – NZ Today mag. Corruption in NZ and history. Tourism magazine. Issue 61. ISSN 1176-3051. Also on

6 April 2015 – Two missing American tourists have been found. They spent a night in the bush near Kaikora, a man and woman, both aged 21. 3 news NZ.

7 April 2015 – Missing Dutch tourist Ken Booger went for a walk on a hilltop track in Wharariki.

9 April 2015 – Metservice blog. Colder weather coming up from the Ross dependency in Antarctica. A very cold snap, freezing. Called a Polar outbreak, from Sunday.

10 April 2015 – Winter is coming. Metservice blog. A Polar blast with hail, snow and gales is expected.

11 April 2015 – Metservice blog. A Polar outbreak on Monday and Tuesday. Winter is coming. Cold and strong windy snow to low levels. Called a “Polar Outbreak” a serious big chill.

11 April 2015 – Metservice blog. A burst of bitterly cold weather called a Polar Outbreak coming up from Antarctica with snow and winter chill. Polar blast of early winter weather.

16 April 2015 – New Zealand is involved in spying on Bangladesh. NZ had been involved in spy ops in Bangladesh, sharing intel, the US as part of its global.

16 April 2015 – Secret documents reveal NZ shared intl, collected through covert surveillance, with Bangladesh. NZ Herald.

17 April 2015 – Joseph Fitsanakis. Intel news. New documents released by Edward Snowden show an extensive intel collection operations in Bangladeh by New Zealand, the US and Indian collaboration.

20 April 2015 – Human remains have been found on Farewell spit. Missing Dutch tourist Ken Boogers. TVNZ.

30 April 2015 – Protocol. GNS NZ Ruapehu volcano 2006 eruption.

1 May 2015 – Scandal at Serco and GRS 18 months ago. Outsourcing services. (Private eye mag 1 May 2015 UK).

6 May 2015 – Cats protection league cattery approved. The Press Christchurch.

11 May 2015 – Thousands of sheep, owned by compensated Saudi farmer, died on ship. Compensated by the NZ taxpayer. TVNZ One news.

15 May 2015 – The Suday Times UK gave thousands of pounds for Roya Nilikhah to go to New Zealand for Prince Harry’s brief visit. (Private eye mag 15 May 2015 UK).

17 May 2015 – The New Zealand government deleted sheep export rules to keep Saudi businessman happy. One news TVNZ.

17 May 2015 – UN committee highlights issues in NZ. The UN committee against torture made 13 recommendations for improving human rights in New Zealand. NZ City.

18 May 2015 – Business Standard news. Indian students have been receiving extortion calls in New Zealand.

18 May 2015 – Welfare concerns over sheep exports to Saudi Arabia. PM John Key said NZ doesnt allow export of breeding stock unless animal welfare issues are…TVNZ One news.

18 May 2015 – Hawkes bay NZ company Brownrigg agriculture and Hamood Al Ali Al Khalaf and his business partner George Assaf in Saudi Arabia. TVNZ One news.

18 May 2015 – Labour demands the government explain equipping Saudis to the tune of $7.2 million. The NZ govt paid a Hawkes bay company to equip a farm in Saudi Arabia with millions of dollars of NZ taxpayer funded gear. The NZ govt and rich farmer in Saudi Arabia. Hawkes bay brothers David and Jonathan Brownrigg have been doing business with the Saudi farmer for 25 years. TVNZ. One news.

18 May 2015 – Metservice news. Cold breath of winter. A strong cold front on Wednesday. Very cold as temperatures plummet in the south island on Thrusday 21 May. Snow is possible to low levels, chilly weather. Showers, rain. Drop in temperature, colder in the south Thursday 21 May. Winter woolies, snow may fall to low levels in the South Island. Thursday and Friday.

20 May 2015 – Drug money being laundered through property firms. Foreign purchases made with illegal money.

20 May 2015 – Dame Susan Devoy backs Winston Peters on refugee numbers increasing for New Zealand. NZ Herald.

20 May 2015 – Petition urges the government to act on child poverty in the 2015 budget. Maori TV. Maiki Sherman.

20 May 2015 – Auckland Immigration officers charged over bribes. Border control officers charged with corruption and bribery. NZ Herald.

26 May 2015 – Family planned missing mans escape. Nicky Stevens aged 21 was found dead in the Waikato river. Waikato Times.

27 May 2015 – No rights to access Saudi farm, despite millions of NZ taxpayers money being spent on it. NZ Herald.

29 May 2015 – Crewe murders. NZ Herald archives. Jeannette and Harvey crewe’s bodies were found in the Waikato river.

30 May 2015 – Hitchiking. Flashback. 40 years since Mona Blades went missing. Dominion Post Wellington. On 31 May 1975, 18 year old Mona Blades went missing.

1 June 2015 – NZ police brutality @ real police. The police story. Another scam.

2 June 2015 – The Australian navy turns back 65 boat people including a pregnant woman. Indonesian Police chief says. Sydney Morning Herald. Jewel Topsfield.

2 June 2015 – People smuggling boat credible risk and threat to NZ. Aimee Gulliver. Human trafficking a threat to NZ’s “image”.

2 June 2015 – Doctor admits drug misconduct charges. NZ Herald.

2 June 2015 – People smugling boat headed for NZ shores. Audrey Young. Human trafficking boat. NZ Herald.

4 June 2015 – Fugitive found dead in the Waikato river. Police find the body of fugitive Oscar Dennis Olsen age 45. 3news.

7 June 2015 – Wild cat colony shows SPCA trap neuter and release works. Stray feral cats in Wellington. Dominion Post.

7 June 2015 – Asylum seekers make plea for help from the NZ govt. Migrants, refugees. NZ Herald. Nicholas Jones.

8 June 2015 – IRD billion dollar contract goes to the US. $1.9 billion to Fast Enterprises in Colorado. They will set up a temporary office in Wellington for the deal. TVNZ. One news. Renee Graham.

12 June 2015 – Is there an establishment in NZ. Bryce Edwards. Metro mag, who really runs this town. NZ Herald.

17 June 2015 – Police investigate fresh leads in decade old Kaye Stuart mystery. Missing person.

20 June 2015 – Nigerians sentenced to 18 years jail for drug trafficking in New Zealand. 4 Nigerians and a New Zealander were arrested for being part of a drug trafficking ring. Nigeria news.

20 June 2015 – Police officers paid us for sex say teen girls. Natalia Thorburn. Teens dont trust the police system. Radio NZ. NZ Herald. The corrupt police rape kids, throw them a couple of dollars and call it work. No consent to have sex from the kids. They know enough not to compalin or they will be punished even worse.

22 June 2015 – The City Mission Christchurch appeal begins, food for those in need. ( 10 May 2015)

22 June 2015 – NZ civil defence Taranaki, arranging welfare for residents without power or road access. State of emergency, due to flooding. Also hundreds of people in Canterbury are without power for another day. (Twitter and google news).

23 June 2015 – If UK figures can be believed, there are over 59,300 men who want to have sex with children in New Zealand. (Whaleoil beef hooked blog).

23 June 2015 – Grandmother shoved to the ground by police. Taranaki floods. She refused to leave her home. Jimmy Ellingham,. Dot Bowlin aged 67 and her neighbour Roma Brewer aged 69. NZ Herald.

23 June 2015 – The discovery of a box of firearms baffles police. A Mystery for Alexandra police. A box containing several firearms was found in central Otago, at a Roxbugh gorge cycle walkway. NZ Herald. ODT.

23 June 2015 – Radar glitch grounds flights in NZ. Reuters.

23 June 2015 – Food fills hungry tums in tough climate. Food collection to re stock the city mission for free food parcels in Christchurch. The Press Christchurch.

24 June 2015 – NZ says yes to raw milk. New govt rules about milk sales. SFAW newswire.

26 June 2015 – $11 million New York apartment purchased with NZ taxpayers money for the NZ UN rep. TVNZ. Radio NZ.

26 June 2015 – Parliament security exposed after Greenpeace protests. They got onto the roof of parliament. Radio NZ.

26 June 2015 – Cold snap tough for homeless. South island big freeze. Christchurch homeless, rough sleepers, those in cars and garages. NZ Herald.

26 June 2015 – New Zealand’s unsolved murders and missing people, the police. At police stations in archive rooms there are boxes and boxes of info on missing people and unsolved murder enquiries, files never close. 3News.

26 June 2015 – Two Canadian tourists bodies have been found. Mystery. Two Canadian tourists went missing.

13 July 2015 – Christchurch motel death still unexplaind. She died unexpectedly. Not sure how she died. NZ City.

14 July 2015 – Woman’s death in Christchurch motel still unexplained. 31 year old Anne Marie Wanhalla at the Terra Vive motel in Bealey ave Christchurch. Her body was found on Sunday morning. An autopsy has been completed and her death has been referred to the coroner. All the police are saying is, its still unexplained.,nz.

14 July 2015 – Popular Irishman Finbarr Clabby’s Wellington harbour death, still a mystery. The Irishman could not swim. He was found fully clothed in Queens wharf area of Wellington harbour on 5 July 2015. From Galway west Ireland. (Talia Shadwell The Dominion Post Wellington).

18 July 2015 – Search for missing man Murray Teece enters day two. Aged 73 working in Nelson. They found his body in his car. Nelson Mail.

18 July 2015 – Justin Davis. NZ police missing persons facebook page. Weird looking.

19 July 2015 – West coast paedophile losses appeal. Blair Ensor. Four girls. William Oquist from Blackball. Guilty of 23 charges of sex offenses against 3 girls. Two charges of sex asault on another girl. Jailed for 16 years. Offenses from 1996-2012. Girls aged five to 11 years old, rape.

23 July 2015 – Canterbury man denies child porn charges. 60 year old, name suppression. 14 charges possession of child porn. Young boys and girls while overseas in 2013. Court news. NZ Herald.

23 July 2015 – An NZ Immigration officer admits taking bribes. NZ Herald.

23 July 2015 – Ian Mathieson missing person from Balclutha. South island.

23 July 2015 – Police inundated with staff security checks, The new vulnerable children act. The new law came into effect on 1 July 2015. People applying for jobs working with children in hospitals.

23 July 2015 – SIS and police monitoring Trade me, for info. Child exploitation, sex offences, homocides and missing persons cases.

25 July 2015 – Catholic priests who sex abused NZ children wont be investiagted by the NZ govt. Ben Heather. Bill Kilgallon is the Catholic oficial handling the sex abuse cases. 58 children with sex abuse complaints since Dec 2014. Investigated by the Catholic church. Alan John Woodcock abused at least 11 boys. Tip of international paedophile iceberg.

25 July 2015 – Search for missing Canadian tousists in Southland. Photos were taken of the two missing Canadian tousists, Louis Vincent Lessans and Etienne Lemieux who went missing. The Press Chch NZ.

26 July 2015 – The bodies of two missing tourists were found side by side in Fiordland. TVNZ.

28 July 2015 – NZ human trafficking, no laws against it in NZ. Sex trafficking of locally born women and children and foreigners. The US State dept global trafficking report . USA Today. TVNZ.

28 July 2015 – Body found on Auckland beach. Not identified yet. Orewa beach by the cliffs after 11am. ODT.

28 July 2015 – Millions of people are exploited by human trafficking. US State dept report. Sex traders in every country in the world, including New Zealand. VOA.

28 July 2015 – Manawatu Standard Susan Teodoro. Missing 13 year old girl from Whanganui. Ebony Lynch Reihana. May be in the Wellington area.

28 July 2015 – Shanghai Pengxin get offers for farm sale. Dairy farm in south Waikato. Company chief executive Gary Romano, Crafar farms.

29 July 2015 – Son thinks missing Korean woman Yoon Sook Chun is alive. Hyun Soo Chun and Sung Kee Choun. Christchurch. The Press.

29 July 2015 – Taxi driver jailed 8 years for sex attacks. Mohammed Ahmed Khdil Daradkeh aged 35 Christchurch. 3news.

30 July 2015 – Graeme Hart on the NBR rich list is NZ’s richest man with about $9 billion.

30 July 2015 – Police offer $50,000 reward for west Auckland murder. Paul Easton. Brett Fraser was found dead. Police Bruce Scott “Operation Frankfort”.Brett Fraser died on 21 Oct 2014. Police Mike Clubb.

30 July 2015 – Indian nationals are getting extortion threats in NZ. The Economic Times. Immigration officials. The India

31 July 2015 – Police face more Official Info requests every day. NZ news 3news. Police corruption.

31 July 2015 – Pre schoolers escape from day care. The Cubby house on 24 July 2015 in Palmerston North. Investigation by the ministry of education. NZ Herald. NZME.

Aug 2015 – ANZ are the owners of Postbank. I have been getting strange emails allegedly from ANZ and strange mail from Postbank. (The paradise conspiracy. Ian Wishart. (c)1995 NZ).

11 Aug 2015 – Chinese tourists try and warn a heli skier before an avalanche. One person is missing so far. The Southland Times.

11 Aug 2015 – Chinese tourists warn a heli skier before Queenstown avalanche. Death, Tourists scream in horror. The Southland Times. TVNZ.

20 Aug 2015 – 100 records added to Avonhead park cemetery Christchurch NZ. 4 days ago. Billion graves activity.

24 Aug 2015 – Stock up on canned food to prepare for the stock market crash. Gordon Brown adviser says. (Gary Walton. The big wobble).

25 Aug 2015 – NZer Mark Ivil died after gas brew in Auckland hotel room. AP Wellington. The Gulf Today.

26 Aug 2015 – Hamish Fletcher. Former Bridgecorp boss Rod Petricevic was paroled, and will be released from jail in Sept 2015. He is banned from business and voluntary work. The 66 year old was charged by the Serious fraud office. Told he is crazy, forced retirement. NZ Herald.

26 Aug 2015 – Mark Ivil. Multi million dollar fraud case against Mark Ivil, who died in an Auckland hotel. Adjourned court case. 39 charges laid by the serious fraud office against Mark Ivil. A suspicious death called not suspicous by the police.

27 Aug 2015 – Tourists were involved in a fatal car crash. A tourist driver failed to stop at a stop sign. Radio NZ.

30 Aug 2015 –

31 Aug 2015 – Richard Ruddenklau NZ Ombudsman. Mr Chai Chuah NZ ministry of health. Anthony Ilott.

2 Sept 2015 – Science. Alpine fault spreads across the South island. Sarah Jane O’Connor.

3 Sept 2015 – Tourists escape harm after a bridge collapsed. Four German tourists and a bridge at Lake Waikaremoana which collapsed. The tourists fell 8 metres. ODT. Radio NZ. TVNZ.

3 Sept 2015 – Record number of car accidents involving foreign tourists. Iceland Review.

6 Sept 2015 – Mobile phones saved Irish tourists in the south island. Radio NZ.

7 Sept 2015 – Secret military tunnels run through the Christchurch Cashmere hills behind Princess Margaret hospital. They were discovered in 1988 by a journalist. The military tunnels were built from 1942 to 1944 during world war two. The tunnels were recently used by the university of Canterbury as some sort of laboratory, behind Princess Margaret hospital. In about 1944 the homestead, with secret stairs leading to the tunnels, burned to the ground, this is when the tunnels were sealed and kept hidden. (Southern view. 7 Sept 2015. Bridget Rutherford.)

7 Sept 2015 – Tourists driving in a rental car crashed killing partner. A Taiwanese couple traveling in the South island. Their rental car crashed on the West coast. 31 year old male driver. 3 news NZ.

8 Sept 2015 – Man killed in crash near Ashburton. A man was trapped in his truck in a riverbed in Ashburton has died. The man in his 60s was seriously injured at a bridge on Maronan road. He crashed into the riverbed. ODT.

8 Sept 2015 – 6.2 or 6.4 earhquake at the L’Esperance rock in the ocean north of NZ. (Gary Walton G+. The big wobble).

9 Sept 2015 – A doctor was suspended after an investigation. A Whangarei doctor guilty of obscene text messages to harm to a 22 year old. Dr Vijay Harypursat, the offences occurred in April and May 2013. Also obscene texts to a 14 year old female. The doctor got name suppression. NZ Herald.

9 Sept 2015 – A nurse from India working in NZ. Palmerston North, accessed patient records 66 times in a year wrongly. Lost name suppression. Went back to India. Elizabeth Rajuwas acussed of accessing 20 patients files 66 times in year to Oct 2012. Malpractise, accessing the files, prying. NZ Herald.

10 Sept 2015 – Homocide has been ruled out in the death of a Northland man found in a car. Post mortem. 62 year old was found dead in his car, died of natural causes. 61 year old woman. TVNZ.

10 Sept 2015 – $10,000 worth of jewellery was stolen. Three people were involved in a smash and grab at Napier Michael Hill jewellers. Napier Today. NZ Herald.

13 Sept 2015 – Missing mans family says. Its just a big mystery. Amanda Gillies. He is one of about 400 missing people today under active police investigation. (He has since been found alive). 3News.

18 Sept 2015 – NZ wants more info on NZ deportees from Australia. 200 NZ’ers held in Australian detention centers. Hundreds of visas cancelled. Herald Sun Australia.

18 Sept 2015 – .A 9 year old girl was taken to Starship hospital, she was hit by a car in Auckland. Fowlds ave Sandringham. Injuries. ODT.NZME.

18 Sept 2015 – Alpine fault not the only big quake source. ODT.

19 Sept 2015 – Missing Auckland boy found. Rangitira Rita, part Cook islander. Otahuhu. 11 or 12 years old.

19 Sept 2015 – Chemical spill at Fonterra plant. Nitric acid spill. Fonterra plant in Southland. 60 litres of nitric acid spilled. Endalc plant in Southland is Fonterra’s oldest site, northeast of Invercargill. 600 people work at the plant, milk powder. NZ City.

21 Sept 2015 – A disabled man in a wheelchair was struck and killed by a freight train at Paraparaumu. Karoliu Tuckey. Kapati coast. Allegedly fallen off the platform. The maintenance of wheelchairs is in question.

25 Sept 2015 –

28 Sept 2015 – Daily Times Pakistan. 20 Sept 2015. The Tetrad lunar eclipse, blood moon and Jewish holy day. Significant changes for the world begins.

28 Sept 2015 – Shmitah, stock market collapse, troubled economy. Blood moon. Tetrad. Lyn Leahz. Jones and utube.

28 Sept 2015 – 4th eclipse in a tetrad, bible prophecy of apocalypse. A sign from God. The next tetrad is in 2032. Feast of the tabernacle. Shemitah, economic collapse. Blood moon. The start of terrible events. Jewish holy day. Stockpile food for an economic collapse.

28 Sept 2015 – news

28 Sept 2015 – Tetrad. Blood moon. Prophecy of upcoming difficult trying times ahead. Jewish holy day.

1 Oct 2015 – NZ Herald. Police seek info on Aussie serial killer who lived in NZ. Richard Edward Dorrough, Aussie Navy and Post office worker. He died in Aug 2014.

1 Oct 2015 – NZ City. Police probe killer from Aussie Navy, travel. Richard Dorrough, unsolved crimes in Aust and NZ. HMAS Geelong and a Post office worker.

1 Oct 2015 – SBS. AAP. Police probe Navy sailors travel. Richard Dorrough, unsolved homocides in Aust and NZ.

8 Oct 2015 – IMF warns of global economic crash. Youtube. Ricky Scapiro. The IMF, UN, BIS and Citibank all warn of an ecenomic crash imminent. End times.

8 Oct 2015 – At Saddle hill in Dunedin Otago, firefighters and residents rescued about 30 cats from a cattery. Serious fires in the area. 3 news NZ.

10 Oct 2015 – Geonet. Twitter. A Earthquake 10km north of Gisborne, a 4 at 5pm.

12 Oct 2015 – Radio NZ. He allegedly confessed to at least 3 murders. Aussie navy sailor and Post office worker. He died in Aug 2014. He spent time in Auckland in 2006. He worked as a diving trainer.

12 Oct 2015 – 5.8 eathquake in the lower north island. NZ Herald. Geonet severe quake. Pongaroa east coast Wairarapa. Huge quake.

12 Oct 2015 – Murderer spent time in NZ. NZ Herald. He was in NZ in 2006. Richard Edward Dorrough died in Aug 2014. He was born in Aussie in 1977. He arrived in NZ in May 2006 and left in Aug 2006. Auckland. Interpol. Unsolved murders in that time. Was he still working for the Australian government at the time?

14 Oct 2015 – Volcano, one to watch. White island lake levels rose by 2 miles since June 2015. Bay of Plenty. GNS White island is on volcanic alert level 1 (minor volcanic unrest). Geonet. (The big wobble. Gary Walton).

15 Oct 2015 – Guy Lawrence Verschuur age 54 a US registered sex offender from Nebraska, was found in NZ.

19 Oct 2015 – Water supplies were cut to Wellington suburbs. Water mains have burst in two Wellington suburbs. Major water shortages. NZ Herald.

20 Oct 2015 – Large number of dead fish have washed up on Muriwai beach. Something fishy is going on at Muriwai beach. Twitter. NZ Herald.

20 Oct 2015 – A 3.7 earthquake north west of Wanaka. Geonet. Twitter.

22 Oct 2015 – Strong earthquake strikes NZ. Taranaki. 4.8 quake south of New Plymouth on the west coast of the north island. North of Opunaki. The Australian.

23 Oct 2015 – A 4.8 earthquake at Tolga bay, 5am. Geonet. One news.

23 Oct 2015 – A 4.5 earthquake near Gisborne. North island east coast. One news. Geonet.

23 Oct 2015 – Missing Brighton Dunedin man, Tony Carter. ODT.

23 Oct 2015 – Quakes jolt the north island. A 4.5 earthquake north west of Tolga bay, north of Gisborne. A 4.4 earthquake jolted Wellington last night. ODT. NZME.

23 Oct 2015 – Mystery salmon farm deaths. Salmon are dying mysteriously in Marlbourgh over the past 2 years. (NZ Mike Watson. Marlbourgh Express.)

1 Nov 2015 – A 5.4 earthquake east of Waiouru. Geonet maps.

2 Nov 2015 – Missing person in Taranaki, 26 year old Michael John Trinder. Last seen on 1 Nov 2015. In Oakura south of New Plymouth. (NZ police press release).

4 Nov 2015 – Intel agency links to US torture. Cheryl Gwyn SIS. NZ CIA links.

4 Nov 2015 – The Picton harbour sea floor ship wreck linked to missing pair. The Scott Watson case. Olivia Hope and Ben Smart. NZ Herald.

13 Nov 2015 – Heads could roll. The New Zealand spy watchdog and police capability in CIA torture. New. Zealand CIA links. G+. RT.

16 Nov 2015 – Local New Zealand government corruption have taken over my ‘Facebook’ account and access my email to spread nasty discrediting porn. They accessed my Care2 petition and closed it down. They accessed my Family search LDS site and ruined my family tree. I am not allowed to close my Facebook account. To get my Facebook account closed I am expected to be guilty of a crime, which I am not.

17 Nov 2015 – Jury’s out in Whetu Hansen’s murder trial. Whetu Hansen disappeared on 24 Nov 2013. Neil Raymond Swain is charged.

How can you give up doing something you were not willing to do in the first place. I have never been suicidal ive been too busy trying to stay alive. I am not and have never been crazy. I dont think my son is crazy either. These corrupt local government workers, get away with sadistic crimes, rapes, torture, lies, dehumanising, arrests without charge. Allempted murder. Thats just the tip of the iceberg and I am not the only one. Threats are common and there is no justice, no human rights and no access to a lawyer or legal aid to defend against this sadistic corruption.

I named four people who I complained about, I was severely punished for this. Arrested without charge from my home and tortured sadistically. Held in a black jail. I am not willing to have sex. I am not gay. I am not a criminal. Me and my cat are not some kind of meow meow gang. I am a christian and I do my best to keep the commandents. The basic right to say NO to sex, should be allowed in this country. The right to life and the right to get on with your own life and do what you are qualified to do. The right not be tortured by corrupt government workers. They are Socialists and they work together.

Mike Chron and Milton Weir from the Christchurch police. Wyn Jarvis and Sonya Vincent from WINZ. Jim Walshe and Diane Fitzgerald from the mental prison aka a black jail..

These are the four people I complained about. They are guilty of crimes. Rapes, sadism, torture, arrest without charge. confinement without charge, attempted murder. Victims are banned from working or having kids. .Prevented from reading and writing. It is my body and no means no, no to sex, my body does not belong to the government to rape, molester and use for sex tourism. That is a basic right, or should be. I am not and have never been crazy. Im sure my son is not crazy either. Dehumanizing people this way, to try and get hold of family money is a crime, or should be.

There will be no justice and no human rights in New Zealand until victims of crime are allowed a lawyer or legal aid. The laws are wrong worldwide. If corrupt government workers force you to have sex against your will with other people, or starve to death, then the people who forced you are guilty of rape. Cutting off welfare and banning you from working is a crime. It makes you stateless and a rape victim. After 53 years in New Zealand I am still banned by law from getting a lawyer or legal aid. In any other country of the world, these corrupt government workers would be charged and dealt with, but not in New Zealand. Legal self defence should be a right, not banned. Working should be allowed, not banned.

3 Dec 2015 – Christchurch construction industry and meth drugs. Georgina Campbell.

3 Dec 2015 – The review of Roastbusters investigation raises questions. CYFS Government department corruption.

4 Dec 2015 – Man arrested after a meth lab bust in christchurch. A container was found, meth lab in Linwood. Gary Mark De Latour age 48 is now in custody. Charges, Chch mens prison. The Press. Blair Ensor. David Clarkson.

5 Dec 2015 – A 4.2 earthquake in Hokitika. A 4.5 earthquake in French pass, Wellington area. Geonet.

5 Dec 2015 – Homocide investigation in Dunedin. The death of Karin Ann Ross age 51 a cleaner for an Australian cleaning company, Spotless. The Press. ODT. 3News.

6 Dec 2015 – Teen who threatened a 5 year old child with a knife got let off. The cops lost the file. A violent robbery. Police lost his case file for the 2012 offence. ( Kerry Dennett.).

8 Dec 2015 – Lisa Blakie murder case.

10 Dec 2015 – The GCSB Cortex system may be aimed at ISPs. NZ Herald.

10 Dec 2015 – What happened to missing man. Lance John Murphy who was ast seen on 21 Nov 2015. Facebook and police. NZ Herald. ODT.

12 Dec 2015 – A huge fire in Waihopia Marlborough. Its a monster. 3 news. Sophie Lowery.

12 Dec 2015 – Fraudsters steal New Zealanders disaster victims identities. Pike river, The Christchurch earthquake dead and corruption. Identity theft. Lorazon Miller. NZ Herald.

13 Dec 2015 – A 19 year old man’s body was found on state highway 32 near Mangakino, in the middle of the night by a member of the public. He was found lying outisde the vehicle. The victim was from the UK. Chief fire officer saw the car parked, the person was not in the car. He did not know how he got out of the car. Rotorua Daily Post.

13 Dec 2015 – Suspicious fire destroys 3 Aranui Christchurch housing NZ properties. The Press. Ashleigh Stewart.

17 Dec 2015 – Kiwibank ATMs hit by international bank card scam. ATM fraud. Fake cards are made.

17 Dec 2015 – Retired Rebel motorbike gang member to be deported back to NZ from Australia’s Risdon jail. Colin David Picard age 69. Drug trafficking and Tasmania Australia. Patrick Billings.

19 Dec 2015 – An Australian paedophile, deported from Thailand to NZ, was given a NZ passport to travel freely. A serial paedophile was jailed in Indonesia for the rape of two boys age 8. Did he ever live in NZ to get NZ citizenship and a passport?.

19 Dec 2015 – A 70 year old paedophile was given name suppression. Bail to live next door to his 10 year old victim. Auckland.

20 Dec 2015 –

20 Dec 2015 – Urgent stocktake of police evidence. Paper trails and missing police evidence. Talia Shadwell.

20 Dec 2015 – Queen street Auckland begging, poverty and solutions. If people are fat then they are not poor or starving. I know this from experience. Whaleoil beef hooked. Cameron Slater.

20 Dec 2015 – NZ Korea FTA. Todd McClay. Free Trade agreement. Scoop.

21 Dec 2015 – Call for review after idiotic bail decision. Seious corruption in New Zealand government departments. NZ Herald. Anna Leask.

21 Dec 2015 – Chow brothers and Clint Webber. Inno capital. Millionaire Chinese brothel owners in NZ. RIS group company. $75 million allegedly from sex brothels. $200 million allegedly from strip clubs. Chloe Winter.

21 Dec 2015 – Record numbers of tourists arriving in NZ. NZ Herald. Sophie Ryan.

22 Dec 2015 – New Zealanders have been caught distributing child abuse material on the internet. 3 New Zealanders convicted by the FBI in an international op. 4 children in NZ identified. Investigations are ongoing. One News. TVNZ.

22 Dec 2015 – International child abuse investigation nets New Zealand perpetrators. Global Post. Xinhua news agency China.

22 Dec 2015 – Human trafficking exploitation rife in NZ. Peter Mihaere. Jonathan Carson. Stand against slavery, Tip of iceberg.–peter-mihaere

29 Dec 2015 – NZ Herald. Lincoln Tan. South Korean sex slaves head to NZ. Immigration NZ. Sex trafficking.

2 Jan 2016 – Two people are in hospital. Auckland brothel Femme Fatale. Drug GHB a date rape drug. NZ Herald.

2 Jan 2016 – New years eve 17 years ago. Ashburton teen Kirsty Bentley was murdered. Her father Sid Bentley died last year. Tommy Livingston.

8 Jan 2016 – Anderson Luiz Dos Santos age 32 from Brazil was killed near Queenstown in a head on car crash.

10 Jan 2016 – Joanne Pert age 41 was attacked and killed while jogging in Remuera Auckland. Retired Detective Graeme Bell said unprovoked murders are rare.

11 Jan 2016 – Former policeman charged with accessing Faceboook account by deception. Dominion Post. Jessy Edwards. Matt Stewart.

11 Jan 2016 – Guy family sells Feilding farm, once intended for murdered son. Scott Guy age 31 was shot and killed in July 2010. The Dominion Post.

12 Jan 2016 – NZ police invading Facebook accounts.

14 Jan 2016 – NZ Serious Fraud Office. Corruption and fraud.

14 Jan 2016 – Cattery lost pet cats. Daisy and Molly are missing from a Christchurch cattery. No explanation from the Cattery Becci Janes cattery in Beyndwr. NZ Herald. Newstalk zb.

15 Jan 2016 – Dunajtschik and Kowalczyk. Grey street Wellingon. Didnt someone recently jump from a Grey street building? Nearby HSBC workshop. He knew him for 13 years but did not know if he had a family or not.

15 Jan 2016 – Hastings doctor aged 40 on sex charges will soon be named. Stupefying and sex attacks on young men. 13 charges. Passport taken. Hawkes Bay today.

15 Jan 2016 – Unexplained death in Te Atatu peninsula west Auckland. At a house a body was found. 10 police cars. Auckland now.

15 Jan 2016 –

18 Jan 2016 – Maori bones and artefacts found.

21 Jan 2016 – Ring stolen from Taupo has century old gypsy curse on it. Marriage in Germany in 1906. Waikato Times. Matt Shard.

21 Jan 2016 – New Zealand company Fastway couriers was sold to UAE company Aramex for $125 million. Hussein Hachem.

21 Jan 2016 – Yahoo answers. NZ UAE trafficking.

22 Jan 2016 –

23 Jan 2016 – Waihopai protest. The Daily blog. 15 Jan 2016.

27 Jan 2016 – Billion graves user bryonytaha. Avonside Christchurch cemetery. Louisa Marian Sanders born 1836 died 1912. Blanche Lucy Sanders born 1875 died 1960. Any Sanders family in Christchurch.

28 Jan 2016 – NZ Herald. Bob Tizard dies age 91.

28 Jan 2016 – Newstalk ZB. Police visiting activists about TPP protest plans.

28 Jan 2016 – Cashmere high school in Christchurch got $100,000 from UAE. Zayed future energy fund. UAE vice pres Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid. Crown prince Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed in Abu Duabi UAE. (Chch Mail NZ. 28 Jan 2016. Anna Price).

29 Jan 2016 – Hamilton now. Car plunges off a high rise car park.

29 Jan 2016 – UAE New Zealand direct flights.

29 Jan 2016 – Ian Wishart’s new book about Ben Smart and Olivia Hope disappearance. Its been pulled from the shelves and censored.

29 Jan 2016 –

29 Jan 2016 –

29 Jan 2016 – Forida US father of teen missing for a month. Arrested buying a one way ticket to New Zealand. Bruce Jorgensen age 58.

30 Jan 2016 – serial

1 Feb 2016 – Lisa Blakie murder case.

1 Feb 2016 –

2 Feb 2016 –

4 Feb 2016 – TPP to be signed at Sky City in Auckland. (21 Jan 2016. NZ Herald).

4 Feb 2016 – The TPP is to be signed in New Zealand. The Trans Pacific Partnership of 12 Paciifc rim countries. (Fox news latino. 18 Nov 2015).

5 Feb 2016 – Archeology find. Large Maori area before the 1800s. Otumoetai Pillans point.

5 Feb 2016 –

9 Feb 2016 –

9 Feb 2016 – A 5.7 earthquake near Nelson was felt across the country. Geonet report. Movement as if the whole island moved, but no sound.

14 Feb 2016 –

14 Feb 2016 –

14 Feb 2016 –

15 Feb 2016 – New GCSB director Lisa Fong.

15 Feb 2016 –

15 Feb 2016 – Auckland island south of NZ. A 6.2 earthquake was reported.

16 Feb 2016 – A 6 earthquake south of NZ was reported. Snares island.

19 Feb 2016 – US economy collapse prediction. Jonathan Cahn. You Tube.

25 Feb 2016 – Christchurch Star NZ. Editor Barry Clarke.

27 Feb 2016 – Man’s dog and clothes found. Kerry Morgan age 53. Missing person. Waikato river area. What did he and his dog find?

Nov 2017 – 13 year old Karla Cardno was kidnapped, sex attacked and killed in 1989. The next parole hearing for her jailed killer is in Nov 2017. Radio Live. 3news. Ranjani Ponnuchetty. 14 Jan 2016.

2021 – NZ visitor numbers are forecast to grow strongly. Alan Wood. Tourism is the second biggest foreign exchange earner for NZ, after dairy exports. International visitors spending is expected to increase to $11.1 billion by 2021. (The Press Chch. 19 May 2015).

2027 – Michiko Watson. From Japan. .NZ citizenship. 30 Nov 1967. (R24610415) 1962-68. Restricted access until 2027. Archives NZ. Archway records.

2032 – The next tetrad is in 2032. See Blood moon on 28 Sept 2015.


























































































































































































































































































































































































































Spain research clues


400 to 300 BC – Lady of Elx in Spain. (The story of archeology. Justin Pollard (c)2007 UK).

197-146 BC – The Romans 7 years fighting in Spain, to prevent Carthaginians there. Spain was divided into two provinces in 197 BC. War in Spain and Cathage city was destroyed in 146 BC. Africa became a Roman province. (The Romans. (c)1949 RH Barrow UK).

0000 – Jesus Christ was born and lived.

1140 – A Spanish Jewish philosopher Yehuda Halevi wrote a book. The Kuzari. (Converts to Judaism. Lawrence J Epstein US UK (c)2015).

1200 – Andalusia. The golden era of the Spanish city of Cordoba. Muslim world. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

1474 – Juan Ponce de Leon was born to a noble family in Spain. In his teens he fought against the Moors in Grenada. (History Today. April 2013 UK).

1492 – Spain expelled Jewish people. The inquisition and the Catholic church. (Worse than war. David Jonah Goldhagen (c)2009 US).

1492 – Jews who lived in Spain were forced to become Christians. They kept Jewish religious laws secretly. (Converts to Judaism. Lawrence J Epstein. UK US (c)2015).

1504 – Famine in Spain. Wikipedia.

20 Sept 1519 – Portugese explorer Ferdinand Magellan and crew went from Spain on five ships to find spice islands. (Today in history. Richmond Times Dispatch. 20 Sept 2014).

1543 – Simancas. A European archives repository was set up by Charles I of Spain. (Managing archives. Caoline Williams (c)2006 UK).

1590 – Francisco Ribera and Luis de Alcasar, Jesuit scholars. Published in 1590 that the anti christ was a man. Who would appear before the second coming of Jesus Christ. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson (c)2003 US).

16th century – Charles V of Spain tried to become the ruler of Europe. He conquered 7. nations then abdicated coz of illness. (Holy bible. King James. CD Stampley. (c)1976 US).

1614 – Luis de Alcasar published in 1614. Revelation. A Jesuit scholar. (Daniel. Larry W Wilson (c)2003 US).

10 March 1624 – England declared war on Spain. (

17th century – Archeologists. The body of Miguel de Cerventes was found, at the convent of the barefoot Trinstarens in Madrid Spain, lost since the 17th century. (Christian science monitor. 18 March 2015).

1711 – The National library of Spain was founded. (A history of info storage and retrieval. Foster Stockwell ©2001 US).

1713-1770 – In 1770 Charles II died heirless and the Spanish empire passed to Philip Anjo, grandson of Louis XIV of France, plunging Europe into 13 years of war. Thousands of people died on the battlefields of Europe. Philip V of Spain, by the Treaty of Utrecht of 1713. Charles II was the last Spanish King of pure Habsburg descent. (Royal babylon. Karl Shaw ©1999 US).

1724-1746 – In Jan 1724 the King of Spain abdicated to his 17 year old son Louis I. After 8 months Louis died of smallpox. King Philip II. On 9 July 1746 the Catholic majesty had a massive stroke and died. (Royal babylon. Karl Shaw ©1999 US).

1 Nov 1755 – Damage to buildings in Seville, Cordova and Cranath Spain from the Lisbon Portugal earthquake. (Holy bible. King James. CD Stampley. (c)1976 US).

1777 – Philip the Duke of Cabaria died of smallpox, after the King refuse to get him vaccinated. (Royal babylon. Karl Shaw ©1999 US).

Feb 1797 – Nelson, Spanish ships during the Battle of Capo St Vincent. (History Today. April 2013 UK).

18th century – Irish emigrants living in Spain during the 18th century. Irish society online. (Who do you think you are. May 2013 UK).

1811-1812 – Famine devastated Madrid and 2,000 people died. Wikipedia.

12 Feb 1818 – Chile got Independence from Spain. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 12 Feb 2016).

1868-1880 – The lost caves of Altamira, animal bones were found. (The story of archeology. Justin Pollard (c)2007 UK).

1874-1931 – In Spain a large socialist movement emerged. The trade union tried to gain power. There was not an honest election from 1874-1931. Socialism was lead by Caballero a Madrid plasterer. (The momentous years. Priestly and Betts ©1961).

1885-86 – The Spanish King Alphonse XII died in 1885, 28 years old. When he died his wife was pregnant. Baby King Alphonse XIII was born in May 1886 under the regency of the Queen mother. (Royal babylon. Karl Shaw ©1999 US).

4 Dec 1892 – Francisco Franco Spanish general dictator birthday. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 4 Dec 2015).

1898 – From 1898 after the loss of Spanish colonies, strikes, executions and assassinations increased. Socialism was a problem. (The momentous years ©1961 Priestly and Betts).

29 Sept 1898 – About Spanish funeral ceremonies. Otago Witness NZ. Papers past.

1914-19 – Pinterest. Spain gypsy dance by Kurt Hielscher. Flikr.

1918 – The Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918 killed about 21 million people. Discovery update.

1918 – The influenza epidemic and vaccines. The worst epidemic to hit the US the after effect of a massive vaccine campaign. Pinterest.

19 April 1919 – Rioting in Madrid. NZ Herald. Papers Past NZ.

Sept 1923 – Spain’s military regime was led by General Primo de Rivera who seized power. (M16 SIS Keith Jeffery ©crown 2010 UK).

25 Feb 1926 – Francisco Franco became the youngest General in Spain. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 25 Feb 2015).

1930s – Gustavo Duran, of Spanish descent, anti Franco forces in Spain in the 1930s. A Socialist agent of the Soviet Communists in the Spanish civil war. By 1946 he was an official in the Latin America section at the US State dept. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans. (c)2007 US).

9 Dec 1931 – Spain became a republic. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 9 Dec 2015).

1936-1939 – Spanish civil war. July 1936, Francisco Franco, 3,000 American volunteers went to Spain to battle the Fascists. 450 men formed the Abraham Lincoln brigade, which suffered 120 dead and 175 wounded. Fighting continued for three years. Spring 1939, killing 100,000 troops and 5,000 foreign volunteers. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1936-1939 – Unearthing Spanish mass graves. Skeletons, hidden mass graves. From the Spanish Fascist past and civil war. Estepan village. Spain in 2007, 5,700 bodies since 2000. Archeology. (, 23 Dec 2014. Daniel Ochoa de Olza. AP).

13 May 1936 – The Quiroga government took office in Spain. ( Today in history 13 May 2015).

July 1936 – The Spanish civil war began. (Arms bazaar. ©1977 Sampson).

18 July 1936-1939 – The Spanish civil war. The military coup of July 1936, led to open violence. Conflict erupted on 18 July 1936. (History Today. April 2013 UK)

1937-39 – Spain in June 1937 the resistance of the Basques collapsed, things tipped towards the government. In 1938 the government of Spain was hungry, starving. Refugees flooded into France. They were gunned down by Italian airplanes. 1939 Franco entered Madrid. Half a million people in concentation camps. (The Observer years. George Orwell (c)2003 UK).

Feb 1937 – Kim Philby (Russian spy), went to Spain as a journalist in Feb 1937. The Spanish civil war. (the Mitrokhin archives. Christopher Andrew. Vasili Mitrokhin 1999-2000).

17 May 1937 – Juan Neprin suceeds Largo Caballero as Spain’s premier. (

20 April 1943 – Spanish offer of mediation. Christchurch Press NZ. Papers past.

11 Dec 1946 – Spain was suspended from the UN. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 11 Dec 2015).

1952 – Pinterest. Jacques Leonard and Rosario Amaya. Gypsy culture in Barcelona.

29 March 1954 – A 7.9 earthquake. USGS historic world earthquakes.

19 April 1956 – 12 people died and 20 people were injured in Granada. Timeline of earthquakes.

1960-62 – Trafficking of 300,000 babies from Spain by the Catholic church. Monsignor Bryan Walsh. False documents, orphanages and ruling elites.

1960-1989 – 30,000 babies were stolen from their parents, trafficked by Catholics in Spain. The Malaga hospital in 1971, official documents were forged birth certificates. Victims were label crazy. San Ramos clinic in Madrid. DNA tests. (Mail online UK. Polly Dunbar. 16 Oct 2011).

1961 – Hugh Thomas. The Spanish civil war. New York Harper.

Aug 1962 – One of Kim Philby’s friends, Tomas Harris the art dealer recently died in a mysterious car accident in Spain. Flora Solomon Russian émigré to the UK. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright. ©1987 UK).

1969 – Doctors and Catholic priests trafficked stolen babies. Mike Elkan in Madrid and Barcelona Spain. Juan Moreno’s son Juan Luis who was purchasef in 1969. DNA tests showed Juan Luis birth certificate was that of his adopted parents, but it was fake. Pinterest.

1971 – Pinterest. Joseph Koudelka. Gypsies in Spain. Rice cracker.

1973 – PM Carreo Blanco of Spain was assassinated.

1976 – The Spanish west. Time life books. New York. Worldcat database.

1976 – Ninos Robados. A scandal in the 1980’s. Stolen babies during Franco’s rule, lasted up to 1976. The Catholic church, hospitals and stolen babies from unwed mothers were sold. Zone-tele. Pinterest.

6 Aug 1977 – Fulgencio Batista went from Portugal to Spain . 14 years after leaving Cuba he died of a heart attack in the town of Mirabel aged 72. (The Havana mob. TJ English ©2007 UK)

29 July 1979 – Madrid baggage area explosion, 1 person was killed and 9 wounded.

1980 – Andrei Amalrik was born in 1938 and died in 1980. 42 years old. He was a Russian writer. He died in a car accident near Guadalajera Spain, in a crash with a truck. Wikipedia.

Dec 1980 – At a bar in Zarauz Spain, an attack killed four people..

May 1981 – Banco central Barcelona 200 hostages 1 person was wounded.

2 Dec 1981 – Spain requested membership of NATO. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 2 Dec 2015).

1983 – BCCI acquired Spain’s Banco de Descuento and renamed it Bank of Credit and Commerce SA Espanola.

1984 – The Cali cartel. Gilberto Rodriguez and Jorge Ochoa went to Spain in 1984. Ranch in Badajoz. Colombian trafficking in Europe. To launder money between Spanish and Panama banks and real estate. (Drug barons. Paul Copperwaite ©2010 US UK).

12 April 1984 – A restaurant near the US Air force base at Torrejon was bombed. 18 US servicemen were killed and 83 wounded.

2 August 1984 – Madras suitcase explosion 40 people were killed and 19 wounded.

31 March 1985 – Vladimir Alexandrov, Soviet scientist, nuclear winter conference Madrid Spain disappeared. (The anals of unsolved crime. EJ Epstein ©2012 US)

6 Feb 1986 – Adm Christobal Colon Spain assassination MG Gren 2 people were killed.

May 1987 – Australian mafia, Bob Trimbole died in Spain. (Mr Asia. Jim Diamond Shepherd ©2010 Australia).

May 1987 – Bob Trimbole died of a heart attack aged 55. His body returned to Sydney Australia. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

13 May 1987 – Robert Trimbole died of heart failure in Spain. Italian Australian NSW Griffith mafia. Australian federal police were unable to find Trimbole in Spain, besides evidence in 1984. He died 3 years later. (Crims in grass castles. Keith Moor (c)2009 Australia).

26 Dec 1987 – A US servicemen’s bar was attacked by Catalan separatists. They bombed a Barcelona bar frequented by US servicemen, resulting in the death of one US citizen.

29 Oct 1991 – Robert Maxwell was murdered in Spain. His yacht the Lady Ghislaine on 4-5 Nov 1991. Spanish autopsy. 10 Nov 1991. Robert Maxwell was found off an island. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas. (c)2008 UK).

6 Sept 1994 – Trafficking in Turkish heroin. Istanbul and Australia. In the early 1990s Pannunzi in Colombia. Jan 1994 Pannunzi in Medellin Colombia. On 6 Sept 1994 Madrid Spain banks and money laundering. The ACP Bank in Zagreb the Balkans. (Zero zero zero Roberto Saviano (c)2013 UK).

July 1996-2014 – Adolfo Suarez, the PM of Spain, died on 23 March 2014 aged 81. He was appointed in July 1976 aged 43. (The Economist. March April 2014).

20 July 1996 – ETA bombing. A bomb exploded at Tarragona international airport in Reus Spain wounding 35 people including British and Irish tourists. The Basque fatherland and liberty ETA group was suspected.

Sept 1997 – Child sex tourism. In Czech, an Austrian man was jailed for abusing eight gypsy boys aged 11 to 13 years. Boys from eastern Europe. In Sept 1997 Spanish police arrested two men from Czech. Trafficking dozens of young Czech girls for sex into Madrid nightclubs. 100 girls were forced into these clubs. (The Guardian UK. 17 Dec 1997).

1 Oct 1998 – Spanish Socialist leader, Basques, Joaquin Almunia.

20 Nov 1998 – Spanish Socialist party. Spanish Socialist workers party. PSOE. Spanish Socialist party. BBC UK.

21 Nov 1998 – Spanish police arrest paedophiles in Valencia. BBC UK.

25 Nov 1998 – Spain government budget policy. Socialist party, Borrell. Socialist party Partido Soclista. AFX news UK.

12 March 1999 – Spanish Socialist leader, Lafontaine. Leader of Spain’s Socialist party Josep Borrell European Socialists. BBC UK.

29 March 1999 – Spanish police smash drugs ring, arrest 25 people. BBC UK

7 July 1999 – Spanish police arrest 54 people as drug rings smashed. Cocaine and heroin. BBC UK.

29 Sept 1999 – Basque city protests Socialist party offices. Socialist member party office damaged. BBC UK.

2000 – Vladimir Gusinsky a Russian media tycoon TV. 1999 Russian Duma, he was critical of Putin’s Unity party. The 2000 presidential elections, arrested and he went to Spain. (The colder war. Martin Katusa (c)2015 US).

27 Jan 2000 – Unidentified people set fire to a citroen car dealership in Iturreta causing damage to the building and destroying 12 vehicles. The attack bore the hallmark of Basque fatherland and liberty ETA.

9 March 2001 – ETA bombing, two police were killed by the explosion of a car bomb in Hernani Spain.

10 July 2001 – Mohamed Atta met Ramzi bin al-Shibh in Spain along with a number of other Arab men. Bin al-Shibh may also have been at the January 2000 Malaysian meeting.

10 Jan 2002 – Port Vigo in Calicia a container from Ecuador was searched. They found 1,698 kilos of cocaine in cans of tuna in olive oil. It was destined for the Conserva Nueva in Madrid Spain. (Zero zero zero. Roberto Saviano (c)2013 UK).

13 April 2002 – Spanish police arrested Ahmed Brahim who is believed to be the chief financial officer of the al-Qaeda network.

23 Aug 2002 – Spain poised to seek the graves of Franco’s dead. Giles Trenlett. The Guardian UK.

3-4 June 2003 – Spain intercepted the trawler Alexandra off the Canary islands with 2,591 kilos of cocaine. (Zero zero zero. Roberto Saviano (c)2013 UK).

2004 – Madrid train bombings by al Qaeda, killing 191 people. Lots of people protested. (Putin’s labyrinth. Steve Levine ©2008 2009 US)

11 March 2004 – Terrorists exploded simultaneous bombs on Madrid’s rail network. Ripping trains and rocking the stations. 190 people were killed. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 11 March 2015).

11 March 2004 – 11 bombs explode on commuter trains at Madrid’s Atolaha station and two sub stations. Death toll of 191 people, about a third of those killed were migrants from 11 different countries. (The 9/11 war. Jason Burke ©2011).

11 March 2004 – A coordinated series of 10 explosions aboard four packed commuter trains in Madrid killed 191 people and injured more than 1,500 others. The attacks were carried out by terrorists boarding the system at outlying stations, deploying their device laden packages in trains and exiting before the predetermined time of detonation.

11 March 2004 – Rush hour trains 191 people were killed. Madris Atocha. Europe’s worst Islamic terror attack. (Timeline of attacks on western Europe. Time. AP. 14 Nov 2015).

5 April 2004 – Italian police arrested drug trafficker mafia Roberto Pannunzi in Madrid Spain, with his son Alessandro and son in law Francesco Bumbaca, jailed in Italy. (Zero zero zero. Roberto Saviano (c)2013 UK).

19 Oct 2004 – Arrests foil Spain court attack, police arrested 7 suspected Islamic militants in raids across Spain, to foil a planned bomb attack on the high court. More terror arrests in Spain but still no evidence presented.

27 May 2005 – Police smash a paedophile ring. Madrid police broke up a paedophile ring, which was sexually abusing children. The Independent UK.

18 Oct 2006 – Passports were stolen from the Pakistani mission in Spain, concern they may go to terrorists.

7 Nov 2006 – Operation Suez, on 7 Nov 2006 agents from the Spanish national police in Madrid arrested 4 men because of their involvement in a document falsification ring, providing document cover to either Spain and other European countries. The ring had been operating for at least 2 years. One of the detainees, Nasreddive Bousbaa, an Algerian, had been jailed for having contact with the organisers of the terrorism attacks in Madrid, but was later released in Feb 2005. (Jamestown vol 3 issue 45, 21 Nov 2006, Kathryn Haahs).

Feb 2007 – 29 Islamists involved in the 11 March 2003 terror attacks in Madrid, trials began in Feb 2007. (Jamestown vol 3 issue 45. 21 Nov 2006 Kathryn Haahr).

10 Feb 2007 – The national court in Spain convicted 5 Algerians on Islamic terrorism charges and sentenced them to 13 years each according to a sentence. The 3 judge panel acquitted a 6th Algerian man. The court convicted the 5 men for membership in a terrorist organisation and for document forgery for terrorist purposes. The court acquitted the 5 men on charges of conspiracy to carry out a terrorist attack and possession of explosives. One of the men, Mohamed Tahraoui aged 24 had been charged in an alleged plot on the military base Rotz where US and Spanish troops are based. Near the strait of Gibraltar, that charge was not proven in court. 16 Islamists were arrested in Jan 2003 near Barcelona and rearrested in 2004. CNN.

15 Feb 2007 – The presiding judge Javer Gomez Bermudez will be the judge in the Madrid train bombing trail with 29 defendants, due to start on 15 Feb. CNN. 10 Feb 2007.

27 June 2007 – Nazis hiding in Spain. Nazis from Norway. Fredrik Jensen age 93. Aribert Heim, Dr death experiments in concentration camps on Jews. He went missing in 1962.

15 Jan 2008 – Spanish paedophile links to Madeleine McCann. Madeleine McCann was abducted to order by a paedophile ring in a tourist area in Spain. Daily Record Glasgow Scotland.

2009 – Nearly half of all the cocaine seized in 2009 was headed for Spain. Getting cocaine into Europe. Drugs seized on the way to Spain. (Zero zeo zero. Roberto Saviano (c)2013 UK).

15 May 2009 – The cocaine in Spain falls freely in Madrid. Paul Bibby AFP. Sydney Morning Herald.

17 June 2009 – Nazi gold train and Gibraltar Feb 1945. German and British intel meeting. Nazi gold looted from Jews, in Spain. Operation Odessa. Live Press. Spain in English.

2010 – Mafia in sex trafficking run 4,000 brothels in Spain earning 18 billion Euros a year. (Slavery inc. Lydia Cacho ©2010 UK).

March 2010 – Spanish police arrested three men over a botnet called Mariposa, Spanish for butterfly. (We are Anonymous. Parmy Olson ©2012 UK).

13 May 2010 – 200 mass graves unearthed in Spain. Global Info Network New York.

10 Aug 2010 – Valencia, Costa Balanca’s hidden Nazis.

16 Oct 2011 – 300,000 babies were stolen from their parents and sold for adoption. 50 year scandal of baby trafficking by the Catholic church in Spain. Mail online UK.

18 Oct 2011 – Spain’s stolen babies and the families who lived a lie. BBC UK.

27 Oct 2011 – Coffee and the port of Barcelona Spain. The civil guard seized drugs, 625 kilos of cocaine was found hidden in a container of coffee. (Zero zero zero. Roberto Saviano (c)2013 UK).

7 April 2012 – Catholic babies adoption scandal. Lara Trace. 28 March 2012 Spain.

10 Aug 2012 – Spain arrested 4 people, Mexicans in Madrid Spain. Cocaine shipped through the Spanish ports. (Zero zero zero. Roberto Saviano (c)2013 UK).

17 Oct 2012 – Spanish operation Interpol. Money laundering. Madrid 80 people were arrested. 10 million Euros was seized and a network of Chinese organised money laundering and fraud called “Operation Emperader”.120 raids.

26 Jan 2013 – Russian money laundering in Spain. A Russian crime ring 56 million Euros laundering, a mafia network. Euronews.

22 May 2013 – Bloomberg. Justice for Germans. British world war two dirty tricks revealed. Espionage in the US and bribery in Spain. Robert Hutton. Declassified documents. $14 million was paid to Spanish generals bribery, Franco. Fascist Spain.

11 Sept 2013 – A Spanish forensic team finds eight Saharawi bodies in mass graves. Sandblast. Two of them children.

15 Sept 2013 – Spain arrests 4 Hells angels in a large cocaine bust. Madrid. Sailed from Colombia with cocaine. NZ Herald. AP.

2014 – Alex Angulo was born in 1916 and died in 2014 age 61. He was a Spanish actor. He died in a car accident, Fuenmayer La Rioja Spain. Wikipedia.

7 June 2014 – Catholic mass graves of 350,000 missing chldren found in Ireland, Spain and Canada. Judy Byington. Child mass graves linked to the Catholic church. 32 child mass graves in Canada, Catholic residenial schools. Paedophiles.

8 July 2014 – Pope Francis was being prosecuted by the International common law court of justice ICLCJ in Bruseels Belgium, for trafficking 30,000 children of political prisoners through Vatican Catholic charities from Argentina’s dirty war. Orphans found in mass graves in Spain.

8 July 2014 – Catholic mass grave sites with 350,800 missing children. Ireland, Spain and Canada. The 1980’s Franklin cover up scandal, child sex ring in the US, was just the tip of the iceberg. Satanist elites mass murder and abuse of children. The 34th child mass grave site liked to the Catholic church. Above Top Secret.

29 July 2014 – Shell company business Fraud. Lionel Messi shell companies to avoid paying tax in Spain.

4 Aug 2014 – Stolen vehicle trafficking. Algeciras. Trafficking of stolen vehicles in Spain. Interpol.

23 Sept 2014 – Spanish lawmaker. Russian mafia case. RAPOSI. Moscow. Catalonia. Andrei Petrov.

25 Sept 2014 – Spain refuses to return a looted Nazi painting worth $16.5 million. Stolen in 1939.

3 Oct 2014 – Madeleine McCann disappearance. Might be in Spain. Former solder and prison worker David Fullman contacted UK detectives about a sighting in Spain. Express UK.

8 Oct 2014 – Spanish police detain 54 in paedophile ring. Arrested members of a paedophile ring, child porn file shares on P2P. Euro weekly news.

27 Oct 2014 – Spain has arrested 51 top figures in an anti corruption swoop. A network of corruption. The Guardian UK.

27 Oct 2014 – Ten corruption cases in Spain. Corruption. Spain arrested 51 top figures in an anti corruption swoop. The network of corruption. The

28 Oct 2014 – Poverty and education, a lost decade for Spain’s children. PorCamsa 2.7 million Spanish children live in poverty and social exclusion. The Guardian UK blog.

28 Oct 2014 – Spain police arrest mafia trafficking cocaine. 420 kilograms of cocaine from Latin America into Europe. RIA Novosti.

3 Nov 2014 – Spain police arrested 19 people trafficking women. Smuggling Russian, Ukrainian and Belarussian women into Spain. BBC UK.

4 Nov 2014 – Corrupt Spanish politics. 2,000 Politicians investigated for corruption, including the mayor of Lore. The Guardian UK.

7 Nov 2014 – Socialist who earns $45k pounds a year. Spain, a new left political party is first in the polls, huge problems for the EU. The Mirror UK.

12 Nov 2014 – 26 arrests in corruption crackdown. Spanish judge Mercedes Alayo. $185 million in public funds by Andalusivo Socialist group. The local

23 Dec 2014 – Francos regime 114,000 mass graves. Research into the Franco era war. crimes. Hidden graves in Chaherrero Spain.

25 Jan 2015 – Ceuta, police arrest suspected Jihadists in Spain’s north African area. Interior minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz. The Guardian UK.

27 Jan 2015 – A Greek fighter jet crashed in Spain killing 10 people. 8 French people were among the 10 killed. A Greek fighter jet crashed during take off. The F16 jet lost power at Los Llanos air base in Albaceta Spain. BBC UK.

6 Feb 2015 – Justice for Fairy. A dog stolen from her owner, viciously raped and left paralysed, dumped in the street to die in Spain. Care2 petitions.

27 Feb 2015 – Poachers beheaded 100 deer and scattered their heads across Spanish woodlands, after the animals were trapped and hungry. Care2 news.

12 June 2015 – Spain changes laws for citizenship and descendants of expelled Jews. The Guardian UK.

18 June 2015 – Spanish police search for missing woman. Tourist missing Caminode Santi. New York Times.

29 July 2015 – Dimitni Galanis. Podemos mayor saved 70 families from eviction. Twitter.

30 July 2015 – Before its news. Twitter. Bionic exo-skeletons for disabled children crowdfunded in Spain.

7 Sept 2015 – Hailstorm kills 300 couples of flamingos in Spain. Many more were injured. Albacete Petrola lagoon. Storm, rain and hail in the Province of Albacete. (Gary Walton G+. The big wobble).

Oct 2015 – In Oct 2015 300kg of cocaine was found at the Spanish port of Valencia, it came from Costa Rica. NZ Herald. Daily Telegraph UK. 14 Dec 2015.

12 Oct 2015 – Spain arrested 89 people in a human trafficking ring. 89 Chinese and Pakistani citizens were members of the ring. Fox Latino news AP.

2 Nov 2015 – Anti semitism rampant. Fascists in Spain. Haaretz. Margarita Gokun Silver.

12 Nov 2015 – A Spanish women was arrested for selling naked photos of her 3 daughters to paedophiles on the internet. She was 41 years old, the oldest girl was age. 15. Independent UK.

15 Nov 2015 –

12 Dec 2015 – Spain detains a British drug trafficker with Mafia links. Drugs and Italy. Europe’s cocaine trade from Calabria. Robert Dawes age 44 drug trafficking, money laundering and murder. Yahoo news. The Guardian Nigeria. Daily mail.

12 Dec 2015 – Car bomb rips through Kabul Afghanistan. A terrorist attack close to the Spanish embassy. Taliban suicide atacks. Jakarta Post. Reuters. CNN.

14 Dec 2015 – Wood pellets and cocaine. $540 million of cocaine from Colombia was found at the Spainish port of Valencia. Two Colombian cooks were arested. A lab in Chiva near Valencia. NZ Herald. Daily Telegraph UK.

15 Dec 2015 – Spain’s biggest bankruptcy ever hits banks in Mexico and Brazil. Debt. Abengoa Spain’s biggest bankruptcy. General elections on Sunday. Blacklisted news.

17 Dec 2015 – Corruption dominates in lead up to Spanish elections. Guy Hedgecoe. The Irish Times.

20 Dec 2015 – The right wing peoples party have won the Spanish elections. Led by Mariano Rajoy the current PM age 60. The Guardian UK. Ashifa Kassam.

24 Dec 2015 – A migrant called Nagme, from Senegal was recued at sea on a boat from Morocco. He won 400,000 Euros in a Xmas lottey in Spain. RT. Reuters.

16 Jan 2016 – Former Mexico politicain held in Spain. Fraud and money laundering. Yahoo news. AP.

25 Jan 2016 – 6.1 earthquake off the coast of Spain, Morocco. Video. 6.6 earthquake in the Mediterranean. Buildings were damaged. 5.3 aftershock recorded. RT. AFP.

27 Jan 2016 – 24 people arrested in anti corruption raids. Euronews.

5 Feb 2016 – A British 18 year old was raped by Moroccan men, dragged into a car in. Spain. Mail online. Simon Tomlinson.

15 Feb 2016 – More than 300 landslides. Rain, winds and flooding. Two people are missing in Spain and Portugal.

16 Feb 2016 –