USA BC to 1969 clues

USA history

3100-1200 BC – The Menomonic Indians of North America spoke of the Marine men.. Native Americans spoke of copper miners who who excavated the land. Marine men were survivors from Atlantis. (Atlantis and other lost worlds. Frank Joseph (c)2008 UK).

1000 BC – A space impact, a meteor hit Montana west of broken bow Nebraska, an impact crater from 3,000 years ago, a meteor explosion. (Atlantis and other lost worlds. Frank Joseph. (c)2008 UK).

589 BC – Sailed for many days, we arrived at the promised land, pitch tents called it the promised land sailed from Jerusalem. (The Book of Mormon LDS p43).

0000 – Jesus Christ was born and lived.

400-750 AD – Chaco canyon excavations. Pueblo people. Mesa verde New Mexico. 1200 BC. Bodies found 750 AD Cave dweller people, pueblos were wiped out in a war. Skeletons with injuries were found. Ancient kivas at Pueblo. Chaco canyon pueblo. (The story of archeology. Justin Pollard. (c)2007 UK).

1501 – The library of Congress in Washington DC. It owns the largest collection of books printed before 1501 in the western hemisphere. (A history of info storage and retrieval. Foster Stockwell ©2001 US).

1513 – Juan Ponce de Leon of Spain led three ships reaching Florida. The city of Saint Augustine, sailed past Miami and went to Puerto Rico. (History Today. April 2013 UK).

1521 – Juan Ponce de Leon of Spain led an expedition, to establish a Spanish colony in La Florida, they were attacked by Indians and went to Cuba, where he died. (History Today. April 2013 UK).

1557-1920 – More than half a million people left Britain from 1630 to 1700 and about 400,000 of them went to America. There are plantation books for 1678-1806 and treasury board papers for 1557-1920, passport registers from 1795. (The peoples detective. ©2001 T McGregor UK).

1565 – Florida, Pedro Menendez de Aviles arrived in 1565 and founded a Spanish military base, at Saint Augustine, a European colony in the US. Saint Augustine is the oldest city in the US. (History Today. April 2013 UK).

1585-1620 – The worldwide nature of genealogy. Forms of assisted emigration continued well into the 20th century, when people were encouraged to move to Australia and New Zealand. The Mayflower arrived in New England in 1620 but emigration from Britain to America began in 1585. Sir Walter Raleigh founded a settlement on the coast of North Carolina, it failed, but a settlement of 1607 in Virginia succeeded, and became a colony. It began in Virginia. (The peoples detective. ©2001 T McGregor UK)

1605 – France’s colonial empire began in 1605. Port Royal in the colony of Acadia in Nova Scotia. (Empires children. ©2009 Anton Gill)

1607-1776 – Peter Wilson Coldham. Emigrants in chains. A special history of forced migration to the Americas from the UK of felons, destitute children, political and religious non conformists, vagabonds, beggars and other ‘so called undesirables’. Baltimore Maryland 1992.

13 May 1607 – British colonists led by John Smith landed near James town Virginia. ( Today in history 13 May 2015).

14 May 1607 – Jamestown Virginia was settled as an English colony. (Wikipedia 14 May 2015).

7 Jan 1608 – Fire destroyed Jamestown Virginia. (Bad times in history. Roland C Barker (c)2001 US).

1609-1888 – John Thomas Scharf. 1888. History of Delaware 2 vols. Philadelphia.

1617 – Beginning of transportation of convicts to America and the west Indies. (The people detective. ©2001 T McGregor UK).

1619 – Autumn, John Rolfe recorder of Virginia, based at the English tobacco producing colony of Jamestown. He was sold 20 Africans. The sale of Africans in Jamestown was the first trade in slaves in the colony, the first sale in North America. (UK Slave trafficking. Nick Hazelwood ©2004).

1619 – First 100 British vagrant children from the UK were rounded up and sent to Virginia USA. A second group was planned.

1619 – The first African slaves arrived in Virginia. (History of slavery in America. internet timeline).

1619 – In Virginia the English colonists set up a parliament. (The great upheaval. ©2007 Jay Winik US).

1620 – Voyage of the Mayflower. (The people detective. ©2001 T McGregor UK)

15 July 1620 – 6 May 1621 – The Mayflower and her log, complete by Azel Ames paperback $20 Amazon books

6 Sept 1620 – The Mayflower set out west from Plymouth England with 102 passengers. The ship landed in Massachusetts USA, only half of the Mayflowers passengers survived the following New England winter. (Ancestry. July August 2007 p23).

1630 – John Winthrop on the Arbella. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1636-1699 – France laid claim to the Mississippi valley in 1699. Louisiana and Louis XIV name, Harvard opened its doors in 1636. (The great upheaval. ©2007 Jay Winik US).

25 Feb 1637 – The first US electric printing press was patented by Thomas Davenport. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 25 Feb 2015).

1638 – The first American library, the Harvard library, dates back to the foundation of European colonies in the New World. It was set up in 1638, only 31 years, the first settlers at Jamestown. Its collection of books, clergyman John Harvard. Cambridge was the school in the UK that taught John Harvard. (A history of info storage and retrieval. Foster Stockwell ©2001 US).

1640-1728 – 1640 Governor John Winthrop jr of Connecticut and a collection of books. Rev William Browster, one of the Pilgrim fathers, left a private library when he died in 1643. The largest library in the colony was Cotton Mather’s who died in 1728. (A history of info storage and retrieval. Foster Stockwell ©2001 US)

1645-1660’s – A ship from Massachusetts was the first American colonial vessel to be attacked by Islamic pirates. By 1660s many Americans were slaves in North Africa. The Governor of Carolina was also seized. (White gold. ©2004 Giles Milton UK)

1647-1661 – National geographic New York municipal archives. 10,000 maps Manhattan. 20 Dec 2014 Colonial New York city seaport.

1650s – 100,000 Irish children were sold into slavery. Children between 10 and 14 years were taken from their parents and sold as slaves in Virginia and New England. 52,000 women and children were sold as slaves to Virginia. (Irish Examiner by Conall O Fatharta 29 January 2013).

1652 – Boston time capsule with coins and papers dating to 1652. (Twitter 7 Jan 2015. USA Today).

1662-1807 – From Liverpool to west Africa to South Carolina. In the 1740s, 322 ships from Liverpool transported 78,890 slaves, to the tobacco plantations of Virginia and Maryland. Americans came to rely on slaves. Between 1662 and 1807 British ships carried 3.25 million Africans across the Atlantic, 70% destined for the sugar plantations of Brazil and the Caribbean. (The trader, the owner, the slave. James Walvin ©2007 UK).

1676 – Cotton Mather’s father, Incruace Mather owned books, but most of these were destroyed by fire in 1676. History books. (A history of info storage and retrieval. Foster Stockwell ©2001 US).

1680s – Historical society of Pennsylvania. catalogue. 1680s to recent times. Genealogy society of Pennsylvania. (Who do you think you are mag. June 2015 UK).

1680-1786 – Goree island of the coast of Senegal, more than 2 million slaves passed through Goree island or Isle de Goree. On their unwilling way to America, between the years of 1680 and 1786. The slave trade began Portuguese in Africa in 1444. Senegal slavery. The first black slaves were brought to England in 1440 from Africa. Records. (The people detective. ©2001 T McGregor UK)

1692 – Salem trials and punishments. Two young girls and Tituba, a female slave, part of the household. 14 women and 5 men were hanged. (The great upheaval. ©2007 Jay Winik )

1700-1865 – Richard D Brown. Knowledge is power. The diffusion of information in early America. Oxford uni press 1991.

26 Jan 1700 – 9 earthquake and tsunami. Timeline of earthquakes.

26 June 1700 – 9 earthquake. Timetoast.

1712 – 1798 – Negro burial ground is in New York city, Manhattan cemetery, where 10,000 to 20,000 people were buried in the 5 to 6 acre sites.

1714 and 1803 – Digitize preserve index Historians at work on the US slave documents. SF Gate San Francisco chronicle. Colonial LA records shed new light on US history by Cain Burdeam New Orleans. Digitize thousands of 18th century French and Spanish legal papers on slavery in the USA. (7 November 2012).

1716 – Colonial American merchants put to sea. Captain Benjamin Church’s ship, the “Prosperous” sailed from New England and was seized in spring 1716, by Sale Corsairs. The crew were made slaves in Islamic Morocco. (White gold. ©2004 Giles Milton UK)

26 April 1717 – on 17 Dec 2012 Real pirates explains the intersection of slavery and piracy. The “Whydah” a pirate ship sunk on Cape Cod. Built in Britain in 1715. A commercial ship to carry slaves from west Africa to the Caribbean. Needles used to brand the 700 slaves. Inhuman trafficking and a branding iron, manacles. Public museum 27 may 2013 real pirates Milwaukee.

1720 – In North America by 1720 the population was about 475,000 with Boston still the largest city with 12,000 people. It was the center of the slave trade. (Family tree. Sept 2010).

1720 – Palaeography or study of old documents and handwriting. Important genealogical skills. In north America by 1720 the population of the British colonies had risen to 475,000. With Boston still the largest city, having 12,000 inhabitants, as it had become the center of the slave trade. (Family tree. Sept 2010 UK)

1725 – The population of black slaves in the American colonies reached 75,000. (Timeline internet).

1731-1850 – Benjamin Franklin started the library of Philadelphia in 1731. The modern library wasnt known until about 1850. (A history of info storage and retrieval. Foster Stockwell ©2001 US).

1739 – Three separate violent uprisings by black slaves occurs in South Carolina. (Timeline internet).

1740s – Demand in the American plantations was high and, 80,000 people were shipped into the Americas in the 1740s on Liverpool slave ships. (The trader, the owner, the slave. James Walvin ©2007 UK).

April 1745 – Left Cornwall UK. Life on slave ships was brutal. Distressed Africans and demand from American slave colonies. The ship, the 200 ton Bristol slaver the “Levant”, captain James Phelps and William Miller. Depart for Jamaica off the coast of Sierra Leone. Tens of thousands of Africans were in the hell of the slave ships. (The trade, the owner, the slave. James Walvin ©2007 UK).

1747-1748 – Feb 1747, the “Greyhound” to Africa. Jan 1748 Brazil and back to the UK, via Scotland and Ireland with a Liverpool base. The “Greyhound” was docked in Liverpool in May 1748. The Slave ship the “Brownlow” to Africa then to South Carolina. July 1748, the “Brownlow” went from Liverpool to Africa then to the slave market in South Carolina. (The trader, the owner, the slave. James Walvin ©2007 UK).

14 Aug 1749 – About 10% of slave voyages had some kind of slave revolt. Mainly on the African coast. Chains, manacles and guns were used. 14 Aug 1749 the South Carolina Gazette reported on the “Brownlow” slaves from Africa. (The trader, the owner, the slave. James Walvin ©2007 UK).

13 Aug 1751 – The “Duke of Argyle” a Liverpool slave trading ship. Slaves were chained below deck. (The trader, the owner, the slave. James Walvin ©2007 UK).

1758 – The first Indian reservation in America is founded in New Jersey on 3,000 acres. (Timeline internet).

1760-1775 – 125,000 English, Irish and Scottish migrated to America. In the UK poor work conditions and high unemployment. (Empires children. ©2009 Anton Gill).

1765 – In colonial America rising tensions with British rule. The stamp act crisis was a direct threat to the newspapers. The New York Gazette spoke out in opposition to the stamp act. (History today. Feb 2014 p17).

1770 – The population of the American colonies reaches 2,210,000 persons. (Timeline internet).

1775-1776 – Patrick Henry and 4 July 1776 the Declaration of Independence, civil war. In 1776 still called the United colonies under a Grand Union flag. (The great upheaval. ©2007 Jay Winik )

1775-83 – American war of Independence. (The people detective. ©2001 T McGregor UK).

1776 – St Paul’s chapel survived the great fire of New York, which destroyed many other city buildings, also survived 9/11. (Family tree. Sept 2010 UK)

1776 – Two out of five original drafters of the 1776 Declaration of independence. Benjamin Franklin and Robert Livingstone were freemasons. Nine of the signatories including George Washington and John Hancock were freemasons and a further ten are believed to have been. (Who really runs the world. ©2005 T Burnett and A Games).

1776 – The Illuminati was created in 1776, the same year as the Declaration of Independence. Illumunati leader was Dr Adam Weishaupta, a professor of canon law at the university of Ingolstadt in Bavaria. The order of the Illuminati was launched on 1 May 1776 with five members. In the first four years it rose to 60 members. The leaders of the Illuminati were also called Areopagites. By 1787 the Illuminati were gone? (Who really runs the world. ©2005 T Burnett and A Games).

1776-1783 – Louis XVI was a French King. Nine tenths of the arms used by American patriots at the battle of Saratoga were from France 1778. 25 November 1783 was Evacuation day in New York city. The Fire of 1776 New York. (The great upheaval. ©2007 Jay Winik US)

1783 – Arab Barbary pirates were attacking American ships. American sailors were sold in Muslim slave bazaars in North Africa. 1783 treaty British American. (The great upheaval. ©2007 Jay Winik US)

1788-1800 – The great upheaval. America and the birth of the modern world. Jay Winik. ©2007 Harper Collins. ISBN 978-0-06-008313-7

4 February 1789-1823 – George Washington was elected as the first President of the US. Thomas Jefferson was elected in 1800. Samuel Russell established Russell and company in 1823, making a fortune with opium in Turkey, smuggling it to China. (Who really runs the world. ©2005 UK T Burnett and A Games).

30 April 1789 – The temple of Jerusalem was destroyed in 568 BC in Israel. On 30 April 1789 America came into existence with a constitution. The day America’s first President was inaugurated. George Washinton. Prayers to God for protection and blessings. Bells sounded. (The Harbinger. Jonathan Cahn (c)2011 US).

30 April 1789 – Prayers for the holy protection and blessings of God. Washington DC city did not exist, yet. The first capital of the US was New york city. St Paul’s chapel. Ground zero. A field by a church. (The Harbinger. Jonathan Cahn (c)2012 US).

30 April 1789 – By 1871 the US had become an economic power on earth, a superpower. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

1790 – The US population was about 3,929,000, including 698,000 slaves. (Timeline internet).

1790-1905 – Indian campaign medal, army 1905, for military action against American Indians 1790-1891 (Ancestry. May June 2007 p35).

1790-1970 – US historical census. Data browser. Http:// (The invisible web. Chris Sherman. Gary Price (c)2005 US).

1791-1816 – The first bank of the US was chartered by Congress in 1791, for 20 years with a capital stock of $10 million, of which $2 million was held in gold. 1812 outbreak of war with the UK. The second bank of the US was chartered in April 1816, for a period of 20 years. (Who really runs the world. Thom Burnett ©2005 Alex Games).

1792 – Dutch traders lost the island to the British. Wall street Manhattan. In March 1792 there was a meeting in a Manhattan hotel, 24 merchants. 17 May 1792 signing of a document. New York Stock exhcnage. The Buttonwood agreement. Wall street. (The harbinger. (c)2011 US Jonahan Cahn).

March to May 1792 – Wall street as the wall. The US as a financial superpower. In March 1792 a secret meeting was held in a Manhattan hotel. 28 merchants, stock trade and bonds. 17 May 1792 Wall street document was signed by these merchants. The New York stock exchange. Buttonwood agreement, the Buttonwood association. New York stock and exchange board. (The Harbinger. Jonathan Cahn (c)2011 US).

17 May 1792 – Signing of the Buttonwood agreement. US financial superpower, the founding of Wall street. 24 merchants. New York stock exchange. 9/11 economic collapse. Wall street as the wall. (The Harbinger. Jonathan Cahn (c)2011 US).

1800’s – From the early 1800’s to the early 1900’s, people in the US who could not afford a home, were confined to a poorhouse or workhouse, for being poor. (Huffington Post. Bobbie Ibarra. Criminalizing poverty 10 January 2013).

1805 – A smuggler from Boston Massachussetts, Charles Cabot, tried to buy opium from the British. He tried to smugggle it into China under the guise of British smugglers. PBS Frontline.

23 December 1805 – Joseph Smith jun was born in Sharon Windsor county Vermont. During his early life he moved with his family to Manchester in western New York. (Doctrine and Covenants intro. LDS Mormon).

1808 – Congress bans the importation of slaves from Africa. (History of slavery in America. internet timeline).

1808 – Diplomatic links between the US and Russia began in 1808. Trade. Tsar Nicholas I. (The Kremlin conspiracy. Douglas Boyd (c)2014 UK).

1811-1812 – Masive earthquake in Lus New madrid Missouri. The new Madrid earthquake. (Apocalypse. Amos Nur (c)2008 US).

1811-1812 – Intraplate earthquake in the US. The New Madrid, Missorri quake . (Apocalypse. Amos Nur (c)2008 UK).

15 Dec 1811 – 7.3 earthquake and aftershocks until 1812. Mississippi river. Timeline of earthquakes.

1812 – American John Cushing and his uncles business, James and Thomas H Parker company of Boston, smuggling Turksish opium into Canton China. PBS Frontline.

1812 – The war of 1812 exhibit. State library and archive. WRCB TV 8 Jan 2015. Nashville Tennessee AP. The State’s role in the war of 1812.

1812-14 – War of 1812. Foreign occupation of the US Capital. August 1814 British troops entered the city and set it alight. Washington’s key public buildings including the Senate, the House of Reps, the Library of Congress and the Presidents house. The burning of Washington. (History Today. July 2014 UK).

1816 – John Jacob Astor of New York and the opium smuggling trade. His fur company buys Turkish opium and ships it onto Canton China. Astor left China opium trade to sell to England. PBS Frontline.

1820 – It was while Joseph Smith was living near Manchester western New York in spring 1820 when he was 14 years old. He experienced his first vision, in which he was visited in person by God, the eternal father, and his son Jesus Christ. He was told in his vision that the true church of Jesus Christ that had been established in New Testament times, which had administered the fullness of the gospel, was no longer on the earth. Through him the church of Jesus Christ would be restored to the earth. (Doctrine and covenants intro).

1820-1892 – Castle Immigration to the US. Database with 11 million immigrants. (Who do you think you are mag. June 2015 UK).

1820-1920 – Some 6 million Irish people, 90% Catholic, immigrated to America.

18 Nov 1820 – Antarctica was sighted by a US navy captain Nathaniel B Palmer. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 18 Nov 2015).

1831-1833 – Two French aristocrats went to Newport Rhode island in 1831. To study the American prison system for France. Published in 1833. Also the cruelty of slavery. (Archives power. Randall C Jimerson (c)2009 US).

14 Oct 1834 – Philadelphia whips and democrats gun, stone and bricks battle for control of Moyamensing township elections. One person was killed and several people were injured. They brought down a block of buildings. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 14 Oct 2015).

1835-1864 – American banking establishment. JP Morgan bank in New York. George Peabody set up a banking firm in London in 1835. Junius Morgan was founder of JP Morgan. There was a run on the bank in 1857 and it almost went bankrupt. Loans from the Bank of England. Half a billion pounds. Nathaniel Rothschild and George Peabody 1864. Junius Morgan and the Rothschilds. (Hidden history. Gerry Docherty. Jim Macgregor (c)2013 UK).

13 May 1835 – The first foreign embassy in Hawaii was founded. ( Today in history 13 May 2015).

1840 – New England brought 24,000 pounds of opium into the US. US customs made a fee on the imports. PBS Frontline.

4 Nov 1841 – The first wagon train arrived in California. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 4 Nov 2015).

1851 – Ancient artefacts. Vase, Massachusetts quarry slver zinc. Age of vase was 534 million years old. Unexplained. Pinterest. 7 Nov 2015.

18 Sept 1851 – The New York Times began publishing at 2 cents a copy. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 18 Sept 2015).

4 Nov 1854 – A lighthouse was built on Alcatraz island. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 4 Nov 2015).

1860-1907 – The Rothschilds agent in the US was August Belmont. He was also chairman of the Democratic party national committee from 1860 to 1872. First secretary of state Thomas F Bayard. Standard oil gave money to the Republican party. Big banks and both US political parties. Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Wall street 1907. The panic of 1907 was a Rothschild scam. Morgan and the creation of a central bank 1915 banking abuse was at pandemic levels. (Hidden history. Gerry Docherty. Jim Macgregor (c)2013 UK).

6 Nov 1860 – Abraham Lincoln, Republican, was elected the 16th American president. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 6 Nov 2015).

25 Feb 1862 – Paper currency, the greenback, was introduced in the US by President Abraham Lincoln. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 25 Feb 2015).

1863 – Pinterest. Historic photos of white slaves in 1863 and 1864. Mike Simone. Mixed race ancestry.

9 April 1865 – Pinterest. Pictures of some of the Andersonville prisoners during the American civil war, in camps, starved skeletons bearly alive.13,000 of 45,000 prisoners died. The war ended on 9 April 1865. Wikipedia.

1867 – Alaska was a possession of Russia until 1867. (The Kremlin conspiracy. Douglas Boyd (c)2014 UK).

1868 – In Louisiana a Knights of the White Candia (KKK), killed 200 black plantation slaves on a single day in 1868. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

1868-1924 – Inside looking out. The Cleveland Jewish orphan asylum. James Borcabert. American historical review. Oct 1991.

3 April 1868 – 7.9 earthquake in Hawaii 46 people were killed and a tsunami 31 people died in a landslide. Timeline of earthquakes.

21 Oct 1868 – 7 earthquake in California. Timeline of earthquakes.

30 Oct 1868 – The earthquake, another shock, on extent of damage, casualties. Midnight panic in San Francisco. New Hampshire


27 Nov 1868 – The battle at Washita river Oklahoma. Custer attacked American Indians and chief Black Kettle was killed. (Chch Star NZ. Today in histoy 27 Nov 2015).

4 March 1869 – Ulysses Grant was inaugurated as the 18th US President. (Today in history. Chch Star NZ. 4 March 2015).

1870s – The origins of the FBI are sometimes stated as 1908. But Jeffreys Jones says the FBI’s true begining was in the 1870s, with Congress acts. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

1 May 1870 – Late 1860s the world’s first skyscaper in the US. Equitable life assurance building in New York city. The tower was completed in 1870. The rise of American world power. In 1871 the US overtook the UK as the largest economy on earth. The tallest building on earth was now in in the US. Migdal the tower and a shift in world power. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

22 June 1870 – Collecting evidence. FBI formation in 1908. On 22 June 1870 Congress created the Department of Justice. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

1871 – Eliza Jones, a former slave living in south Carolina, went to register for a bank account in 1871, she could not sign her name for ID. Descendants of 480,000 African American slaves who registered at 37 freeman’s banks after the civil war. The records of 29 of these banks are preserved. Search in Ancestry. More than 3,500 slave signatures. (Ancestry. March April 2007 p19).

Oct 1871 – The Great Chicago fires. A shower of fiery meteors ignighted in a line 200 miles away. The town of Peshtigo Winsconsin fires, burned to the ground. Survivors of the Peshtigo fires spoke of fire falling from the sky. Meteorites and asteroids impact. (Warning revelation is about to be fulfilled. Larry W Wilson (c)2014 US).

26 March 1872 – 7.8 earthquake in California. Timeline of earthquakes.

13 Dec 1873 – Margaret Pryor was born 13 Dec 1873 in Dunedin New Zealand. She married Edmund Johnston and had 4 children, Stuart, Gordon, Ronald and Margaret. She went to live in the US. (The Whereabouts of her ancestors are unknown, Her and her family would be on my family tree. See family search LDS Mormon site).)

1876 – Extortion by the Black Hand was first reported within the Italian American community in St Louis Missouri. (Wiki Organized crime timeline).

1876 – Patrick Anthony McCarran was born in 1876 in Reno to Irish immigrant parents. (Money and power. ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).

1877 – US use of federal troops on behalf of capitalists against left wing strikers. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1877 – Striking rail workers, left wing, paralyzed most of the US rail traffic in Chicago and St Louis, which were shut down by a general strike. The battle left over 100 workers dead and a nation divided. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1877 – Widespread railroad riots in 1877. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

1879 – Giant skeletonswere found in 1879, excavation of a mound near Brewersville Indiana. 9 foot 8 inch skeletons. Giant skeletons were also found in Ashland Ohio. Pinterest. 7 Nov 2015.

1879 – 200 children died at the boarding school. Lulu O’Hara was in the Carlish Indian special records by Larry Cebula. The boarding school as founded in 1879. 12 Jan 2014. North West history blog.

1880s – Cheap steamship fares increased the flow of emigrants from Russia to the US. 19,000 a year during the 1880s and up to 200,000 a year during the decade preceding World War One. (We now know. John Lewis Gaddis ©1997 US).

Early 1880s – Bulgarian gypsies, Kopanari, Romanian speaking Bulgarian Christian gypsies began to arrive in the US in the early 1880s. (A history of the gypsies of eastern Europe and Russia. David M Crowe ©2007).

1880-1933 – Russian Jews who fled to the US, in a mass migration, went to Brownsville, Manhattan and New York. Fleeing Czarist pogroms. They were Marxists, Socialists and Communists. Ralph Greenson was in LA in 1933. He was from the Communist party in Berne Switzerland. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DL Wolfe.©1998 UK).

1881 – Clara Barton established the American Red Cross. (Ancestry. March April 2007 p27).

1881 – Pinterest. More people died of smallpox than any other disease in history. Smallpox New York City epidemic.

1881 – Assassination of American President James Garfield in 1881. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

7 Aug 1881 – Mystery missing. What has become of many people who suddenly disappeared. St Louis Globe Democrat.

19 Sept 1881 – President James A Garfield died from wounds, after an assassination attempt. (Bad times in history. Ronald C Barker ©2001 US)

4 Dec 1881 – The first edition of the Los Angeles Times was published. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 4 Dec 2015).

30 Dec 1882 – The history of the Catholic church in America. Otago Witness NZ. Papers past.

1883-1901 – The Texas school book depository company, the seven storey building was used by the company since January 1962. The original building was erected in 1883. Southern rock island plow company. In 1901 the building was struck by lightening and almost burned to the ground. It was rebuilt the same year, but the new building had seven stories instead of five. (Reclaiming history. ©2007 Vincent Bugliosi).

12 Jan 1884 – Mystery missing. The unexplained disappearance of many people. Cleveland Herald.

17 May 1884 – Alaska became a US territory. ( 17 May 2015).

1885-1886 – The knights of labor, strikes on Jay Gould’s 15,000 mile rail network in 1885. Socialists. Knights membership went from 103,000 in July 1885 to 200,000 a year later. Death of seven police in Chicago’s Market square in May 1886. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1885-1926 – About 4 million Italians came to the US between 1885 and 1926, among them was the mafia and Black hand groups. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

24 April 1885 – Six dead bodies in the ruins of the Viksburg fire. Many people missing. The Milwaukee Sentinal.

11 Nov 1885 – The birthday of George S Patton US General. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 11 Nov 2015).

1886 – Hollywood began in the small town of Los Angeles in 1886. (World famous unsolved crimes. Colin Wilson ©1992 UK).

1886 – Haymarket bomb explosion in Chicago in 1886. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

Aug Sept 1886 – USGS. Two earthquakes. Charleston South Carolina on 1 Sept 1886 a 7.3 quake. Another quake on 31 Aug 1886.

31 Aug 1886 – South Carolina 7.3 earthquake 60 people were killed. Timeline of earthquakes.

28 Oct 1886 – The statue of liberty was dedicated by US pres Grover Cleveland. New York parade. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 28 Oct 2015).

1887-1962 – History of the Kansas orphans home. Mallen press. Dr Chmidlings.

14 Oct 1888 – The first recorded mafia murder. The victim was Palermitan Antonio Flaccomio at a Sicilian restaurant where he was stabbed to death in front of the Manhattan Cooper Union building. (Blood brotherhoods. John Dickie (c)2011 Italy).

24 Oct 1888 – The murderous mafia, does the Sicilian band of organized assassins exist in Chicago. The Daily Inter Ocean Chicago Il.

3 Nov 1888 – A branch of the Sicilian Vendetta society of the Mafia, exists in New York Italian colony. Frank Leslie. New York.

3 Dec 1888 – Gitana Rossa the chief of the murderous mafia, a New Orleans criminal. The Daily Picayune. New Orleans.

Late 1800’s – Archeology, unusual skulls were found while excavating at a burial mound in Bradford Pennsylvania. Unexplained. Pinterest. 7 Nov 2015.

1890 – Collusion has been illegal in America since the Sherman Act of 1890. Police and penalties have grown. Price fixing, cartels. (The Economist. March April 2014).

1890 – The American Tobacco Company was founded in 1890 by James Buchanan Duke. Younger son of tobacco farmer Washington Duke, it was a cartel. (History Today June 2014 UK).

1890 – The Blue Ridge Indian reservation. The US cavalry artillery on a Sioux ranch in 1890 killing 200 men, women and children, in the battle of wounded knee. (FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones. ©2007 US).

1890-1898 – The founding of the national chiefs of police union in 1893 led to the formation of a national bureau of criminal identification and a publication called the Detective from 1898. Homocide rates rose after 1890. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

1890-1960 – 1892-1924 Ellis island US. Database US passenger lists and Passenger lists from the UK 1890 to 1960. (Who do you think you are. The genealogy handbook BBC UK 2014).

2 Aug 1890 – Doomed to death, two Boston policemen marked for murder by LA mafia society. Oregonian Portland.

14 Oct 1890 – Dwight D Eisenhower, the 34th president and world war two general was born in Texas. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 14 Oct 2015).

1891-1931 – David Critchley. The origin of organized crime in America. The New York city mafia 1891-1931. London UK ©2009. Taylor & Francis US ©2009. ISBN 0-415-99030-09.

4 Feb 1891 – The Chinese mafia protection and pensions for wounded soldiers. Oregonian Portland Or.

9 Feb 1891 – Polish mafia society, arrest of four leaders for the murder of five. Oregonian Portland.

18 Feb 1891 – The mafia in Chicago, another arrest in connection to the recent murder. The Daily Picayune. New Orleans.

14 March 1891 – The five mafia shot, the doors of the prison were forced open and the prisoners taken out. The Milwaukee Journal.

15 March 1891 – Shot like rats. Eleven members of the mafia were lynched in New Orleans. The Milwaukee Sentinal.

28 March 1891 – An Austrian merchant was murdered by the mafia. The Daily Picayure New Orleans.

1892 – The Peoples Party convention in Omaha Nebraska. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone (c)2012 US).

1892-1900 – When the gates of Ellis island opened in 1892 many Italian immigrants moved into New York city. By 1900 about a quarter of a million lived there. Little Italy in Manhattan. The “Black Hand” extortion tactic originated in the 17th or 18th century in Spain. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferrara ©2011 USA).

1892-1924 – More than 22 million immigrants came through Ellis island between 1892 and 1924. Passenger lists. (Family history monthly. August 2003 p61).

1892-1924 – More than 20 million passengers arrived in the US through the port of New York and Ellis island. (Google your family tree. David M Lunch (c)2008 US).

1893 – An economic crisis swept across much of the US, leaving hundreds of banks, railroads, mines and other businesses in financial ruin. Called the Panic of 1893. Elder Herber J Grant was a member of the Quorum of the 12 apostles. (Teaching of the presidents of the church. Herber J Grant ©2002 intel reserve inc US).

5 May 1893 – The financial panic of Black Friday triggered a depression, which lasted for five years. Four million workers last their jobs, unemployment reached 20%, and there was an economic collapse. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

November 1894 – The LDS Genealogical society of Utah was founded and a library opened. The family history library became the largest library of its kind in the world. (Discovering your family tree. LDS ©1984).

1895 – Roosevelt was police commissioner of New York city in 1895. Brothels and gambling were seen as political. NYPD New York police dept. Bribes from the underworld and slavery. Police Commissioner Roosevelt, governor of New York state then President Roosevelt. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

1895-1901 – 1895 the Rothschilds. Replenishing the US gold economy through JP Morgan. Alfred Milner 1901 American establishment. Wall street bank Kuhn Loeb and co. Another Rothschild front. Backed by Rothschild gold. Credit Anstalt was a Rothschild bank in Vienna Austria. European banking families and the global market. (Hidden history. Gerry Docherty. Jim Macgregor (c)2013 UK).

1 Jan 1895 – John Edgar Hoover was born in Washington DC. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

1 Jan 1895 – J Edgar Hoover was born. (Puppetmaster. J Edgar Hoover ©2004 US).

15 May 1895 – Prescott Bush was born. He died in 1972. (Wikipedia 15 May 2015).

30 May 1895 – Mafia victim Guisippi Bernaigo of Italy disappeared, maybe murdered. Reilly national news Denver.

18 July 1895 – George Kelly was born George Kelly Barnes 1on 8 July 1895 to a rich family in Memphis Tennesse. In 1928 he was caught smuggling alcohol onto an Indian reservation and went to Leavenworth jail for 3 years. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden. ©2008 US).

15 May 1896 – A tornado decimated a Texas town. 73 people were killed. (This day in history. 15 May 2015).

1897 – Books a classification system by Herbert Pitman in 1897 the library collection of books, the Congress system. (A history of info storage and retrieval. Foster Stockwell ©2001 US).

1898 – The US Supreme Court institutionalized racism, and the murder of African Americans. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

1899 – Alphonse Al Capone was born in New York in 1899. (Mafia pdf).

1899 – The Hague declaration concerning asphyxiating gases outlawed the wartime use of projectiles who sole object was the diffuse of asphyxity or gases. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone (c)2012 US).

1899 to 1930s – Triads, Tongs and opium. In New York and San Francisco between 1899 and the 1930s the Tongs opium dens. (The history of organized crime. David Southwell ©2006).

17 Jan 1899 – Alphonse Capone was born on 17 Jan 1899 in the Brooklyn slums. His parents had immigrated from Naples Italy. (Top cases of the FBI. RJ Parker ©2012 US).

1901 – Roosevelt became President in 1901 after President William McKinley was assassinated. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

1901 – Research articles in newspapers of earlier times The public right to know what government was doing. Index public records. A device of memory. Opposition to tyranny. Collecting info, research and archives. Records for historians, libraries and archives. Women and the poor were allegedly on the margins of society. The first government archival agency in the US was set up in 1901. (Archives power. Randall C Jimerson (c)2009 US).

1901-1903 – The crash, Pacific depression. The Shemitah began in Sept 1902 and ended on 21 Sept 1903. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

Sept 1901 – A 28 year old anarchist named Leon Czolgosz shot McKinley at a Pan American exposition in Buffallo, assassination. (The untold story of the US. Oliver tone ©2012 US)

1902 – Peonage in the south, forced into sex slavery, called “new slavery” for women, neo-slavery 1902. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

1902 – Vincent H Gaddis. Native American myths and mysteries. McDonald ltd.

1902-12 – Patrick Anthony McCarran won an assembly seat in 1902 backing unions. He went to Reno and became a criminal attorney. In 1912 he won a state supreme court judgement. (Money and power. ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).

4 March 1902 – Peter DeFeo was born on 4 March 1902 in New York city. He died on 6 April 1993 in New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

6 Dec 1902 – The American grave robberies. Evening Post NZ. Papers past.

13 Jan 1903 – 1 July 1902 a meeting was held at the Carlton hotel, 40 members of the London chapter of the Pilgrims society. UK and US. The first world war. Democracy and the New York branch of the Pilgrims society was held at the Waldorf Astoria on 13 Jan 1903. Financiers, business and politicains. Lords, Rothchilds, Curzon, Northcliffe, Esher and Sir Edward Grey. (Hidden history. Gerry Docherty. Jim Macgregor (c)2013 UK).

22 April 1904 – Julius Robert Oppenheimer, head of the Manhattan project, was born in New York. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 22 April 2015).

1905 – US Congress banned opium. PBS frontline.

1906 – San Francisco 8.2 earthquake. This caused $2 million damage to the Spanish mission by Stanford university, photos, Erupted San Andreas fault. 1906 quake.

18 April 1906 – San Francisco California 3,000 people were killed in a 7.8 earth quake. Rapture Ready.

18 April 1906 – San Francisco 8.2 earthquake killed 28,000 people, buildings destroyed and 498 blocks were leveled. 3,000 killed? 30,000 people were made homeless. Timeline of earthquakes.

18 April 1906 – The San Francisco earthquake. Which was followed by fires, which killed about 2,500 people. Huge fires raged all over and looters attacked the city. Martial law was declared. (Bad times in history. Roland C Baker ©2001 US).

1907 – 52 bombings in Manhattan Italian areas were blamed on the Black Hand. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferrara ©2011 USA).

1907-1908 – In 1908 there was an increase in lynchings in the US. 77 lynchings in 1908 and 48 in 1907. Actions against lynchings were wanted. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

1907-1910 – Rothschilds central bank fraud. Bankers and the world system of money control in private hands. Global political and economic system. US central bank was backed by the UK and French. Banking families. Rothschilds. 1907 panic New York. A lie was spread. 1908 US banking system Nov 1910 central banking system, Federal reserve system is owned by private banks. (Hidden history. Gerry Docherty. Jim Macgregor (c)2013 UK).

16 March 1907 – Pres Theodore Roosevelt 1907. 16 March 1907 Bureau of Investigation. 1 July 1935 FBI. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

8 June 1907 – Joseph Dr Palermo was born on 8 June 1907 in New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

1908 – Sam Giancana was born in 1908 in Chicago. (Mafia pdf).

27 Jan 1908 – Birthday of William Randolph Hearst US newspaper mogul. (Chch Star. NZ. Today in history. 27 Jan 2016).

26 July 1908 – The FBI give as the date of its founding. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

1909 – A New York detective was gunned down by a mafia godfather. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

1909 – A New York policeman, Joseph Petrosino went to Sicily, near to the harbor in Palermo he was shot in the back by local Mafiosi. He was sent to Palermo to gather the current of Mafiosi. 250,000 New York people in little Italy from the, of Petrosino. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

1909-1963 – Alcatraz prison “the rock” in 1909. In 1933 Alcatraz was taken over by the US government for convicts thought to be dangerous. Some arrived in 1934 in handcuffs guarded by FBI agents. Al Capone was there from 1934-39. During the years to 1963 there was 14 escape attempts involving 36 men. 23 were caught, 6 were shot dead and 7 were drowned. The prison was closed in 1963 by Robert F Kennedy. (History Today. March 2013 UK).

11 Nov 1909 – The construction of the US Navy base at Pearl harbor began. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 11 Nov 2015).

1910 – Thomas Duke. Celebrated criminal cases of America.

1910 – Slave or citizen? Records upon which to claim citizenship. Economic security and political freedom. Family heritage. Corrupt politics. In 1910 a fire in Albany, which destroyed a valuable part of New York state. Records dating back to the colonial era. (Archives power. Randall C Jimeson (c)2009 US).

1910 – Women as property and sex exploitation of women as commerce. Interstate trade in women. Involuntary servitude, white slavery. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

1910 – White men killed 12 black people in riots in Reno Nevada. There were millions of mixed race Americans born of black women and white men. Brothels and sex slavery, multiple rapes of women, organized sex slavery. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

1910 – Pinterest. Gypsy woman at Ellis island. Augustus Sharem. Eugenics.

1910-13 – Peter Kroger aka Morris Cohen was born in 1910 in New York. Mrs Kroger aka Leontina Terese Pekta was born in Adam Massachusetts in 1913. (Other reports say she was born in Canada). (Relates to NZ spy Paddy Costello and false passports issued France). The Portland spy ring. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1910-20 – A wave of arrests, called the Palmer raids in early Jan 1920. An explosion in 1910 at the HQ of the anti-union Los Angels Times, killing 20 people. Union leader John J McNamara and federal leader of labour pres Samuel Gompers were involved in he deaths. (FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

21 Feb 1910 – Carmine Galante was born on 21 Feb 1910 in New York city. He died on 12 July 1979 in Glen cove New York. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

25 June 1910 – The US Congress passed the White slave traffic Act. The Mann Act. After Congressman James Mann. Making it a felony to transport a woman across state lines for immoral purposes. (Whale oil beef hooked blog NZ. 25 June 2015).

13 Dec 1910 – Opium smuggling at Seattle. Colonist NZ. Papers Past.

1911 – John D Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Trust, was one of the first and largest world multinational corporations, with an absolute monopoly. It was dissolved by the US supreme court in 1911. (History Today June 2014 UK).

1911 – Jack Ruby, Rubenstein was born in the Jewish ghetto in the west side of Chicago in 1911. (Mafia pdf).

1911-33 – 166 inmates left Rosewood in Baltimore. Social worker Mabel Kraus and a sex trafficking operation. Paid off doctors. Sex abuse, illegall as girls were sent into the streets as sex slaves in slums. 29 were sex slaves. 165 children to the 102. Sex slavery. A forgotten scandal in Baltimore by Jesse Bey. 17 march 2014.

20 Jan 1911 – Opium seizure at San Francisco. Colonist NZ. Papers Past.

23 Feb 1911 – Opium seizures in America. Colonist NZ. Papers Past.

25 March 1911 – Jack Ruby aka Jack Rubinstein was born in Chicago. (Reclaiming history. ©2007 Vincent Bugliosi).

25 March 1911 – Jacob Leon Rubenstein Chicago mafia boss was born aka Jack Ruby.

25 March 1911 – Jack Ruby, killer of Lee Harvey Oswald, was born in Chicago. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 25 March 2015).

16 Nov 1911 – Joseph D’Ercole was born on 16 Nov 1911 in New York city. He died on May 1976. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Farerra ©2011 US).

1912-1913 – Insider knowledge. The 1913 miners strike in Ludlow. Armoured cars and machine guns. JD Rockefeller’s mining company. Rockefeller’s Standard oil. Refining 90% of all crude oil in the US. New York round table. Goliaths of oil. Rockefeller and Rothschild., Front companies. Dec 1912 private banking house of Kuhn Loeb and co. Rothschild investments. Stardard oil and Wall street. (Hidden history. Gerry Docherty. Jim Macgregor (c)2013 UK).

1912-14 – April 1912 a special commission on the slave traffic, white slavery investigations 1913. The FBI had an index of 38,000 sex slaves in 1914. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

May 1912 – A race of giants found in burial mounds near Lake Delavan Wisconsin in May 1912. The dig site at Lake Delavan found 200 effigy. Giant skeletons. Pinterest. 7 Nov 2015.

20 May 1912 – American Presidency. Ashburton Guardian. Papers Past NZ.

13 Sept 1912 – Chicago Daily Socialist. Maoriland worker. Papers Past NZ.

15 Oct 1912 – Roosevelt shot. Nelson Evening Mail. Papers Past NZ.

7 Nov 1912 – Belle Schrieben was sex trafficked from Pennsylvania to Illinois, across state lines, for sex exploitation. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

1913 – Many people crossed the Atlantic from Italy to America. 870,000 exodus emigration and among the migrants were members of all three of Italy’s main criminal organizations. The Black hand. (Blood brotherhood. John Dickie ©2011 Italy).

1913 – Medical experiments were carried out on 15 children at the childrens home of St Vincent in Philadephia. They were infected with tuberculosis causing permanent blindness. No one was ever punished. Natural news.

1913 – The Federal reserve system was created in 1913. (Barry Eichengreen. Hall of mirrors (c)2015 US).

1913-20 – Vito Genovese was 16 years old when he went to the lower east side from Naples in 1913. Friend of Lucky Luciano. Sex slavery and selling heroin. Heroin was a new drug in the 1920s. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

1913-25 – Germany’s Bayer company stopped making heroin in 1913. In 1914 it was outlawed in the US. In 1919 doctors were banned from prescribing heroin. There were thousands of addicts. By 1925 Jewish and Italian. Luciano and Genovese in New York became suppliers of smuggled heroin. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark. ©2007 Italy).

6 Jan 1913 – Benedetto Cinquegrana was born on 6 Jan 1913 in New York city. He died on 17 Aug 2002 in Englewood Cliffs New Jersey, 89 years old. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Farerra ©2011 US)_.

14 Feb 1913 – Jimmy Hoffa and the teamsters union, born on 14 Feb 1913 in Indiana, grew up in Detroit. (Mafia pdf).

14 May 1913 – Rockefeller foundation New York six generation Rockefeller family founded by John D Rockefeller and his son 14 May 1913 New York.

3 June 1913 – Natale Evola immigrated from Italy to New York city on the “SS Indiana” on 3 June 1913. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

24 Dec 1913 – Woodrow Wilson. The US Federal reserve Act. The Fed system (The money mafia. A world in crisis. Paul T Hellyer (c)2014 US).

1914 – Women and sex trafficking, in America the Harrison Act of 1914, criminalized drugs. There were about two million opium, morphine and coca addicts. (The history of organized crime. David Southwell ©2006).

15 March 1914 – Aniello Della Croce was born on 15 March 1914 in New York city. He died 2 Dec in 1985in New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

29 April 1914 – John Dioguardi was born on 29 April 1914 in New York city. He died on 12 Jan 1979 in Lewisburg Pennsylvania federal prison. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

Aug 1914 – War broke out in Europe in Aug 1914. America confronted a red menace, the professional intelligence service of the worlds leading military power. A network of German and Austrian agents. British monopoly on war news. Agents deployed by Colonel Walter Nicolai, head of the German secret service. (FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

18 Oct 1914 – Peter Di Palermo was born on 18 Oct 1914 in New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

4 Nov 1914 – Socialist elected. Huffington Post. 5 Nov 2014. Meyer London was the first Socialist, in the east coast, elected to the US Congress.

19 Nov 1914 – Alfred Joseph Embarrato immigrated from Italy to New York city 19 Nov 1914 aged 5 on the ship “Taormina”. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

1915 – A rare photo. Giosue Gallucci mayor of little Italy. A Neopolitian Camorristi Sicilian mafia

1915-1917 – The US house of Morgan were the British government purchasing agents.84% of allied munitions bought from the US were paid through Morgan hands. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone (c)2012 US).

1915-1927 – The US State Dept central intelligence unit was first set up in 1915. Frank Polk abolished it in 1927. Under Herbert Hoover the code breakers unit was called the Black Chamber and was later disbanded. (FBI a history. Rodri Jeffreys Jones. ©2007 US).

25 March 1915 – First submarine disaster. A US F-4 sank off Hawaii killing 21 people. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 25 March 2015).

April 1915 – German agents, anthrax on horses and mules for export to Europe were in docks in New York, Baltimore and Norfolk Virginia. Attempt to spread anthrax in the UK too. (Christopher Andrew. M15 UK (c)2009).

May 1915 – Sinking of US liner Lusitania by a German U-boat killing 128 Americans. In 2008 divers confirmed that the passenger liner was carrying munitions. (Barry Eichengreen. Hall of mirrors (c)2015 US).

7 May 1915 – A German submarine torpedoed the liner Lusitania. 1,200 dead including 128 Americans. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

July 1915 – Secret surveillance of German diplomat Dr Heinrich Albert. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden. ©2008 US).

1916 – America’s worst polio epidemic, with 7,000 deaths and 27,363 cases reported. The largest outbreaks of polio reoccured in 1949 and 1953. The first polio vaccine was distributed in 1955. (Bad times in history. Roland C Barker ©2001 US).

1916-17 – 1 July 1916 the Bureau had data lists on 480,000 enemy aliens aged over 14 resident in the US. In April 1917 the US declared war on Germany. The Selective Service Act of May 1917 people had to register for military service and carry a draft card. There were mass arrests. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jeffery Jones ©2007 US)


1916-17 – The crash of the stock market. The first world war. Nov 1916 to Dec 1917. The shemitah began in Sept 1916 and two months later the stock market collapsed. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

July 1916 – Acts of sabotage July 1916 ammunition freight cars and barges exploded at the Black Tom island terminal in New York harbor. Causing $14 million damage. German spies in America. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

30 July 1916 – Ammunition and high explosives destined for Britain and France exploded in the depot. Windows shattered all over Manhattan. 7 people dead and many injured. The Statue of Liberty was seriously damaged. The Black Tom detonation. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

30 July 1916 – German archives. Black Tom pier New Jersey was blown up, killing four people and causing $14 million damage. (Christopher Andrew. M15 UK (c)2009).

27 Nov 1916 – 8 year old Joseph Cataldo arrived in New York city with his family on 27 Nov 1916 on the ship “Duca d’Aosta”. He became a US citizen in September 1933. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

1917 – After the Russian revolution. The American Protective league was formed to root out spies and those living in America who were not Americans. Vanderbilt family multi millionaires. (World famous unsolved crimes Colin Wilson ©1992 UK).

1917 – America entangled. The secret plotting of German spies in the US and inside the sinking of the Lusitania. John Price Jones New York. Worldcat Database.

1917 – Gangsters inc. Clarence Walker. New Orleans Sicilian Henry Matranga head of the Matranga family. Storyville and the French quarter. 1917 Louis Armstrong first pay for playing his trumpet to huge crowds in brothels owned by the Matranga mafia family USA.

1917 – Willard Huntington Wright. Misinforming a nation. BW Huebsch. New York.

1917 – About 400,000 Germans lived legally in America. Suddenly they were all suspect. (Puppetmaster J Edgar Hoover ©2004 US).

1917-18 – In 3 days in early Sept 1918 the police arrested 75,000 people in New York city alone. The Espionage Act of June 1917. The St Louis race riots of July 1917. White terrorists killed 39 black people and damaged African American homes. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

April 1917 – After the US war declaration of April 1917, world war. White slavery cases continued. The secret service chief was William J Flynn. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

2 April 1917 – Wilson asked Congress for a declaration of war. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

June 1917 – Emma Goldman emigrated from Russia in 1889 and spent 30 years in the US. Goldman and Alexander Berkman were arrested in June 1917 for violating the selective service Act. Goldman got 2 years jail and was fined $10,000. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

6 July 1917 – Spies in American Navy office. The Times London UK.

5 Sept 1917 – For violating the espionage act, FBI agents arrested the leadership of the industrial workers of the world IWW at its Chicago HQ. They seized IWW literature and records. These IWW leaders were convicted in 1918. Illinois.

5 Sept 1917 – IWW International Workers of the World Sept 1917. Offices were raided in 64 cities, confiscating records and political dissent. Lists were kept of sex slaves, victims, enemy aliens, Socialists and poor people. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

9 December 1917 – James Jesus Angleton was born in Boise Idaho. American father and Mexican mother.

1918 – New Orleans the “Black Hand” Italians, and the unsolved killings of Italian grocers. (World famous unsolved crimes Colin Wilson ©1992 UK).

1918-27 – 1918 at the close of World War One, Meyer Lansky and Benjamin Siegel in New York. Arnold Rothstein. Dealing in heroin. Sicilian Lucky Luciano. (Money and power. ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).

16 Jan 1918 – US haul of German spies. The Times London UK.

7 Feb 1918 – German spies convicted in New York. The Times London UK.

6 March 1918 – The US navy boat Cyclops disappeared in the Bermuda triangle. (Today in history. Chch Star NZ. 6 March 2015).

28 March 1918 – Gettysberg Times. German spies in airplane plants. Washington. Senator North Carolina, German spies in the Curtiss plant.

20 May 1918 – The LDS Releif society sells 200,000 bushels of wheat to the US government. “Church wheat to be turned over to government” Deseret evening news.

June 1918 – Socialist Eugene Debs spoke out against the war and was arrested in June 1918 after speaking to a crowd outside the prison in Canton Ohio. Debs was indicted on ten violations of the Espionage Act. The judge sentenced Debs to 10 years jail. Socialist publications were banned from the mail. Montana lynching of IWW executive board member Frank Little. Industrial workers of the world. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1 Oct 1918 – 14,000 students on more than 500 campuses in the US, were recruited into the army as part of the student army training corps. SATC. The Espionage Act of 1917 and the Sedition Act of 1918. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1919 – The house of Morgan. The Paris peace conference in 1919. JP Moran and company. Thomas Lamont and the house of Morgan. George Whitney. In Paris bankers made sure Morgan’s interests were protected. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1919 – By 1919 the Russian Communists were two years into their revolution. Race riots in the US. On 2 June 1919 a bomb exploded outside the home of A Mitchell Palmer the Attorney general. Career of J Edgar Hoover, card index lists and 200,000 dossiers. (The FBI a history. Rhodri Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

1919-20 – In 1919 more than 4 million US workers went on strike for more money. The Russian revolution inspired the left wing labor militancy. In Nov 1919 and Jan 1920 there were anarchist bombings. Federal agents raided left wing groups in the US. The raids were run by J Edgar Hoover and 5,000 radicals were arrested. Russian born activists were deported. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1919 to 1928 – 1919 the US Congress passed the Volstead Act starting an era of prohibition, alcohol was a crime. Bootlegging and gambling created a new underworld empire. Cuba smuggling. Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky arrived in Havana Cuba in the 1920s bootlegging. Al Capone set up shop in Cuba 1928 bootlegging casinos and gambling. (The Havana mob. T J English ©2007 UK).

1919-1929 – Naval disarmament conference in Washington in 1922. US cipher bureau in 1919 it was shut down in 1929. (BBC Antony Zurcher 1 Nov 2013).

2 June 1919 – Bombs exploded in 8 US cities. Bolsheviks. J Edgar Hoover, raids arrested thousands of people many from the Union of Russian Workers. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

2 Sept 1919 – The Communist party of America emerged in Chicago. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 2 Sept 2015).

8 Sept 1919 – Vincenzo James Ciraulo was born on 8 Sept 1919 in New York city. He died on 26 Sept 1997 in Palm beach Florida aged 78. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

7 Nov 1919 – Raids in 12 cities against the Federation of Union of Russian workers. 232 people were arrested. (Puppetmaster. J Edgar Hoover ©2004 US).

25 Nov 1919 – Alexander Berkman was ordered deported by the immigration bureau. Followed 4 days later by Emma Goldman. (Puppetmaster. J Edgar Hoover ©2004 US).

Dec 1919 – The Immigration Bureau deported Goldman and Berkman and 249 others to the Soviet Union on the “Soviet Ark”, the USS Buford. Many of these people disappeared during the Stalin years. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden. ©2008 US).

1920 – Johnny Torrio in Chicago and Al Capone. Brothels and sex slavery, the Colosimo mafia. Unions too. (Tip cases of the FBI. RJ Parker ©2012 US).

1920 – Andrew Carnegie was a Scottish immigrant in 1881 the Pittsburg library. By 1920 Carnegie provided finance for more than 2,500 libraries in the US, Canada and the UK. (A history of info storage and retrieval. Foster Stockwell ©2001 US).

1920s – New York replaced London as the center of world finance. The role of US dominance of the world economy. UK’s Royal Dutch Shell oil company in 1920. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1920s – The American Russian institute was set up in the 1920s by the Soviets in the US. A Communist front. 27 April 1949 (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans. ©2007 US).

1920s – Frank Costello was born 1891 in Calabria Italy, he moved to the US aged 4. In the 1920s he was in a coop business with Joseph Kennedy, bootlegging. Costello died in 1973. (Mafia pdf).

1920-25 – Joseph Bonanno in 1925 was 20 years old in Brooklyn US. Since 1920. there was a ban on selling alcohol in the US. The Sicilians saw a gold mine in producing illegal alcohol, bootlegging. Local Irish cops were paid off. Bonanno was a Mafioso who fled Sicily. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

1920s 1930s – US California and forced sterilizations of women. 60,000 were performed, racism, Virginia sterilizing was second only to California in forced sterilizations of women. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1920-33 – The Prohibition years and the beginnings of the American mafia. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

1920s-40s – Santos Trafficante senior in the 1920s began importing heroin from France into Cuba then into Florida. By the 1940s the Trafficante network partnerships with other mafia families bring heroin through New York city. (Legacy of secrecy. Lamar Waldron (c)2008 US).

1920-1947 – In Jan 1920 the Communist International gave Communist journalist John Reed about $2 million for Communism in America. By 1947 evidence existed that Communists had infiltrated the American government. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

16 Jan 1920 – The day that prohibition came into effect in the US. (The history of organized crime. David Southwell ©2006 UK).

16 Jan 1920 – Prohibition came into effect. Bootlegging began. (Puppetmaster. J Edgar Hoover ©2004 US).

15 May 1920 – American Presidency. Northern Advocate. Papers Past NZ.

13 June 1920 – Pinterest. The US post office dept ruled that children could no longer be sent by parcel post.

18 June 1920 – Matthew Ianniello was born on 18 June 1920 in New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

1921 – By 1921 J Edgar Hoover’s index card system listed radical groups and publications in the US with 450,000 entries. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1921 – A fire in the Commerce building in Washington, destroyed many original census records of 1890 and also destroyed census records for other deades. (Archives power. Randall C Jimerson (c)2009 US).

1921-24 – Robert W Cherny. Graft and oil. The teapot dome became the greatest political scandal of its time. History now. Golder Lehrman institute of American history.

1921-24 – Wikipedia. The teapot dome scandal. Bribes from oil companies. President Warren G Hardy. Teapot Dome Wyoming. Navy petroleum.

1921-40 – Senate Investigation. The teapot dome scandal. Historical. US Senate.

24 May 1921 – European orphans for American adoption. The Irish Times Dublin.

26 May 1921 – Frank Garofalo arrived in New York city aged 29 on 26 May 1921 on the ship “SS Providence”. In June 1968 he disappeared. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

4 Aug 1921 – Joseph Gernie was born on 4 Aug 1921 in New York city. He died on Feb 1972. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

1922 – Alphonso Attardi spent 4 months in jail for violation of the Harrison act, passed in 1914, opium or coca drugs etc. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

1 Feb 1922 – Pinterest. Wikipedia. William Desmond Taylor, an Irish born American director and author. Hollywood, was murdered, Film director, murder is unsolved.

21 Feb 1922 – Murder of William Desmond Taylor. Lasky studios, bullets holes Hollywood. (World famous unsolved crimes. Colin Wilson ©1992 UK).

1923 – 60% of Chicago police were involved in bootlegging. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

2 Jan 1923 – Ku Klux Klan attack on a black area in Florida, killing eight people. (Chch Star NZ. 2 Jan 2015. Today in history).

1924 – The Immigration Act of 1924 denied Japanese who lived in the US after 1907 the right to become a US citizen. Banning further immigration from Japan. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1924 – Al Capone’s first murder was in 1924. Lack of evidence and witness tampering. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden. ©2008 US).

1924 – Lawrence Richey who had worked for Herbert Hoover. Richey helped the Masonic lodge, as J Edgar Hoover made him chief in 1924. (FBI a history. Rodri Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

1924 – J Edgar Hoover was appointed as FBI director. (Reclaiming Parkland JFK. James DiEugenio ©2013 US).

Mid 1920s – Willie Moretti was an associate of Joe the boss, a mafia figure in New York’s underworld in the mid 1920’s. Moretti later joined Lucky Luciano’s family. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark. ©2007 Italy).

1925 – After the first federal ban on opium, a black market emerged in New york’s Chinatown. PBS Frontline.

1925 – In Indiana in 1920 the KKK membership in the US was about 350,000. On 8 Aug 1925, 40,000 KKK walked down Pennsylvania ave in Washington DC. Membership of the KKK was about 4 million in 1925, and fell to 10,000 as the US entered the great Depression. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

1925 – By 1925 Jewish and Italian. Luciano and Genovese were in New York suppliers of smuggled heroin from Europe to the US. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark©2007 Italy)

1925-27 – In 1925 Alfonso Capone rose to power as mafia boss of organized crime. Chicago, assaults, murders, gambling, sex slavery and illegal alcohol. $105 million in 1927 alone and no tax was paid. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. ©2008 US).

1925-35 – Violent organization called the Black Legion, which split from the Ku Klux Klan in 1925. They wore black robes instead of whiter sheets. The legion had a membership of between 60,000 and 100,000 in 1935. They were anti-Jewish. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

15 Feb 1925 – Charles Di Palermo was born on 15 Feb 1925 in New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

1926 – Most damage, the 1926 Miami hurricaine caused 80 billion worth of damage. Archeology magazine.

1926-29 – In 1926 Joe Kennedy, was a multimillionaire, a bootlegger and stock market manipulator. In 1928 he lived close to the LA orphans home. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe ©1998 UK).

1 June 1926 – 9.30am At the charity ward of the general hospital in LA. Marilyn Monroe was born. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe ©1998 UK).

1 June 1926 – Norma Jean was born, illegitimate, Marilyn Monroe. Her grandmother Della Grainger died on 25 Aug 1927 at Norwalk insane asylum. The same institution where her grandfather, Otis Monroe died in 1909. Della Grainger was buried in an unmarked grave near to Otis Monroe at Rose Dale cemetery in LA. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe ©1998 UK).

18 Sept 1926 – The 1920s was the decade of the skyscraper. More ground was broken. for construction of tall buildings than in any other decade of the 20th century. The skyscraper boom. Ground was broken for the New York’s Crysler building in 1928. A tropical cyclone in Dec 1925. Followed by a category 4 hurricaine which hit Miami on 18 Sept 1926. Three Miami beach residents died in flooding and 100 more in Miami. (Barry Eichengreen. Hall of mirrors (c)2015 US).

1927 – American Catholic association, the Knights of Malta, was founded in New York.

1927 – Salvatore Maranzano arrived in New York from Castellammare del Golfo Sicily. Stefano Magaddino. Gaspar Milazzo and Joe Aiello. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

1928 – George R Kelly was caught smuggling alcohol onto an Indian reservation. He went to Leavenworth jail for 3 years. Later Kelly went to Oklahoma city. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden. ©2008 US).

1928 – Giuseppe Masseria aka Joe the boss from Sicily. Bootlegging in New York. Charlie Lucky Luciano was 30 years old, born in Sicily. Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Siegel. By the late 1920’s Masseria and the New York underworld. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

29 March 1928 – Vincent Gigante was born on 29 March 1928 in New York city. He died on 19 Dec 2005 in Springfield Illinois. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

April 1928 – Seek and ye shall find. Utah Genealogical and historical magazine p59-61.

12 Sept 1928 – A hurricane in Florida killed 6,000 people. (Chch Star 12 Sept 2014. Today in history).

10 Oct 1928 – Salvatore D’Aquila was born in 1878 in Sicily. He died on 10 Oct 1928 in New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

4 Nov 1928 – Arnold Rothstein was found shot in the stomach at a hotel in Manhattan. He died in hospital. (The Havana mob. T J English ©2007 UK).

1929 – The 1929 stock market crash and the great depression. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden. ©2008 US).

1929 – Out of a job, unemployed. Just as the Great Depression was really getting started at the end of 1929. (Top cases of the FBI. RJ Parker ©2012 US).

1929-33 – The Great Depression bank failures. Led to the Glass Steagall Act. This seperated Commercial banking from investment banking. The Act lasted until 1999. The 1930s collapse of banks. (Barry Eichengreen. Hall of mirrors. (c)2015 US).

1929-57 – Seven members of the Bugs Moran gang on 24 Feb 1929 in Chicago. Later Moran was convicted of bank robbery and died in Leavenworth prison in 1957. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden. ©2008 US).

15 Jan 1929 – Birthday of Martin Luther King. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 15 Jan 2016).

14 Feb 1929 – Al Capone, alcohol. sex slavery and gambling. Chicago mafia. St Valentines Day massacre 14 Feb 1929. Chicago mafia era, gunned down and murdered. (Top cases of the FBI. RJ Parker ©2012 US).

March 1929 – On 29 March 1929 the Bureau of Investigation arrested Al Capone, who was in Miami. Al Capone had appeared before a grand jury on 20 March 1929. Bureau agents arrested him for contempt of court, he was released. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

Oct 1929 – Lucky Luciano was forced into a limousine at gun point by three men, beaten and stabbed then dumped on a beach in Staten island. In 1957 Luciano said that it was police who had kidnapped and beat him.

17 Oct 1929 – Lucky Luciano was kidnapped and taken to a warehouse in Staten island. There he was strung up, tortured and gashed across his right cheek. The cut on his face left a nasty scar and muscle damage. (The Havana mob. T J English ©2007 UK).

21 October 1929 – In the three days beginning 21 October 1929, over 12 million shares changed hands. Millions of investors lost all they had. Banks failed, businesses closed and unemployment increased. No system of relief and vast numbers of people starved. Soup kitchens. All during the presidency of Herbert Hoover and the Depression lasted a long time. In 1939 war broke out in Europe. (The momentous years. ©1961 Priestly and Betts).

24 Oct 1929 – Black Thursday, following the stock market crash, stock prices fell. The great depression when 15 million people roamed the streets of America, hungry, hopeless and unemployed. (Ancestry. July August 2007).

29 Oct 1929 – The New York stock exchange crashed. Black Tuesday. The begining of the Great Depression. (Colombia daily herald. Today in history 29 Oct 2015).

1930s – The beginning of the Great Depression, and the end of easy access to census and other records. Homes for destitute children and convent schools. (Ancestry. May June 2007 p50).

1930 – Most of the heroin smuggled into the US was from China refined in Shanghai and Tietsin. PBS Frontline.

1930s – Orphanage children were considered homeless, and orphans vanished from their beds after dark, they were just taken away. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe. ©1998 UK).

1930s – Drug testing experiments on orphans in the US. William Park and May Schnoder in competition with Burroughs Wellcome drug companies. 1930s, alum-toxoid prophylactic experiments on orphans in New York. Home for Hebrew infants, Hebrew infants asylum, vulnerable orphans. Now called GlaxoSmithKline. (RIA Novosti. Sergei Veniavskiy and Michael Dwyer. 10 June 2014).

1930s – David Weintraub UN official who sent Owen Lattimore to Afghanistan. Weintraub was identified by Whittaker Chambers and confirmed by Senate archives as a Communist operative. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1930s – Theodore Geiger. Communist 1930s. 1956 not a member? (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US)

1930s – Herbert Fierst. Communist and Soviet spy ring, State dept. FBI reports. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1930s – Banks failed, which wiped out the life savings of millions of Americans. The depression deepened and banks foreclosed. Many people lost everything. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

1930s – From the archives. The Economist 1 Jan 2015. During the great depression of the 1930s, there were many oil discoveries in Texas, but falling global demand for energy, sent oil prices down.

1930s – MKULTRA was run by the CIA in 1953. It changed its name to MKSEARCH in June 1964. It ran until June 1972. Psychological warfare. Dr Ewen Cameron ran inhuman experiments at Brandon mental prison in the 1930s. Inmates were naked in electric cages.

1930 – New York Supreme court justice, Joseph Force Crater disappeared. He remained in a missing persons file for 50 years. (The annals of unsolved crime. EJ Epstein ©2012 US).

1930-31 – At the beginning of the 1930s the biggest skyscraper on earth in New York city. World financial center, a center of world power. 11 of the world’s tallest buildings 1930 and 31. New York city 4 tallest buildings in the world. May 1930. The 4th tower, the Empire State building, began in Jan 1930 and was completed in 1931. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

1930-32 – The crash, the Great Depression. The worst economic and financial crisis in modern history. The stock market crashed in 1929. April 1931 in the depths of the Great Depression. The collapse of global trade. April 1931 Wall street. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014) US).

1930-33 – One fifth of US banks failed. 31 Oct 1932 and 14 Feb 1933 the closure of 550 state and national banks. A banking crisis. Banksters. 5 March 1933 Roosevelt’s Emergency Banking Act. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1930s – 1940s – A member of the Communist party front group, the Hollywood arts, screen and performance council, Dr Hyman Engelberg, who was Marilyn Monroe’s doctor and at her death. Engelberg joined the Communist party in the 1930s. He met Ralph R Greenson, LA Communist party archives of the LA Communist party, doctors unit. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe ©1998 UK).

1930s and 1940s – Hollywood and the US Communist party in the late 1930s and early 1940s. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

1930-45 – Gangsters inc. Clarence Walker. 1930s Meyer Lansky Jewish crime organization called the Syndicate. Lansky owned gambling, casinos in Miami, New York and Havana Cuba. 1945 Lansky built the Flamingo hotel and casino.

1930-47 – On 28 Feb 1930 a jury found Al Capone guilty, he got six months in Cook county jail. Income tax fraud 17 Oct 1931 convicted on five counts of tax evasion. Al Capone was in a federal jail in Nov 1939. He died at his home in 1947. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden. ©2008 US).

1930-1950 – Drug trafficking made the mafia hundreds of millions of dollars, between 1930s and 1950s. Prohibition era of the early 1930s. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferrara ©2011 USA).

1930-50 – 1930s mafia Jewish and Italian delegates. Murders, five New York families. Nevada mafia in Las Vegas gambling in the 1950s. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden. ©2008 US).

1930s-50s – George De Mohrenschildt, Oswald’s KGB handler? The FBI, CIA and the office of naval intel investigated his activities since 1941. He arrived in the US in May 1938 on the SS Manhattan. He arrived on a Russian passport served in Belgium. He became a US citizen in the 1930s. De Mohrenschildt worked for a series of American oil companies in Cuba and Venezuela. Russian immigrant community in Dallas. CIA to the 1950s. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jarome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1930s-1957 – In the 1950s the eastern Mafia was Catholic and Jewish, this went back to the 1930s run by Al Capone in Chicago, Lucky Luciano in New York and Meyer Lansky in Florida and Cuba. Gambling, 26 Feb 1957 and 11 March 1957 Kennedy and Mafia, the Elkins. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jarome C Corsi ©2013 US)

Early 1930s – Murder inc. Jewish and Italian men. Founded by Benjamin Siegel and Meyer Lansky. In the early 1930s Murder inc. Benjamin Siegel was implicated in at least 30 murders. Born in 1906 he later met Charles Luciano and Meyer Lansky. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

26 Feb 1930 – Genovese murdered Reina as he was in the Bronx. Shot him in the back of the head with a shotgun.

6 March 1930 – Hundreds of thousands of poor people protested for jobs and welfare. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

17 May 1930 – TPP Trans Pacific partnership. BIS Bank for International Settlements. US BIS, IG Farben and the IMF. (The money mafia. A world in crisis. Paul T Hellyer (c)2014 US).

6 Aug 1930 – Joseph Force Crater, a judge in New York city disappeared. Pinterest.

15 Oct 1930 – Carli Di Pietro was born on 15 Oct 1930 in New York city. He died in 1978 a drug smuggler with ties to the Canadian mafia, heroin into New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US.)

11 Dec 1930 – The bank of the US closed in New York city. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 11 Dec 2015).

1931 – A group of young men were convicted of rape in 1931 of two girls on a train. The brutal punishment of the innocent. The federal government did not act to help the girls. (The FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

1931-40 – Early 1940s Meyer Lanksy gambling, sex and drugs in LA. Nevada legalized gambling in 1931. George Wingfield. (Money and power. ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).

1931-47 – 18 Oct 1931 Al Capone was jailed for tax evasion. He was transferred to the island prison of Alcatraz in San Francisco harbor. There were many attempts on Al Capone’s life in Alcatraz. On 16 Nov 1939 Al Capone was released. He had the mentality of a 12 year old after his experiences. He was a virtual vegetable. He died on 25 Jan 1947 of a stroke. (Top cases of the FBI. RJ Parker ©2012 US).

1931-57 – Lucky Luciano, Italian and Jewish American mafia in 1931. Luciano and Meyer Lansky. 1957 the Apalachin organized crime meeting. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

18 March 1931 – Jeanete D Moses. Stateville police. Prison in Joliet Illinois. 1,500 prisoners rioted. Chicago tribune.

April 1931 – The stock market crash. The days of the Great Depression. In April 1931 a larger crash hit Wall street. 1931 the US and world economies went into paralysis. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

15 April 1931 – Joe Masseria who controlled organized crime in New York with Lucky Luciano and Vito Genovese, who were working with Masseria. Masseria was shot in a hail of bullets. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

15 April 1931 – Organized crime in New York in the late 1920s. The Masseria family and the Maranzano family, the Castellammarese wars. Charles Lucky Luciano was a member of the Masseria family. Assassination of his own leader on 15 April 1931. (Mafia pdf).

30 April 1931 – The tower and the shemitah. The Empire State building was built in the depths of the Great Depression. Economic collapse and the tower remained empty. 30 April 1789 and 30 April 1931. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

19 Sept 1931 – The UK discarded the gold standard upon which its currency relied, settting of a global panic. Forcing the stock market into the depths of the Great Depression. Global financial catastrophy. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

17 Oct 1931 – Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion and got 11 years jail. (Chch Star NZ. 17 Oct 2014 p20).

Nov 1931 – Lucky Luciano was involved in sex slavery, drugs, loan sharking, gambling and labor rackets in New York. When prohibition ended in 1933 they moved from bootlegging to whisky imports. Meyer Lansky a Jewish mafia was at a meeting at the Franconia hotel in Manhattan in Nov 1931. Bugsy Siegel. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy)

1932 – Pearl harbour had been a focus of Japanese naval attention since 1932, when Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, Commander of the Japanese navy, was watching US Navy exercises. (Espionage. ©1995 Volkman).

1932 – Black unemployment skyrocketed as the depression hit. Urban black unemployment reached more than 50% in the south in 1932. Economic hardship, racism and discrimination. In the north, Philadelphia black unemployment topped 56%. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

March-June 1932 – 1 March 1932 the infant son of Charles and Ann Morrow Lindberg was kidnapped in New Jersey. Congress passed the Federal kidnapping act of 22 June 1932. New York Times 2 March 1932. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden. ©2008 US).

1 March 1932 – The baby son of Charles A Lindberg was kidnapped. The boy was murdered. (The FBI a history. Rodri Jeffreys Jones. ©2007 US).

12 May 1932 – The infants body was found partly buried and badly decomposed five miles from the Lindberg’s home. The child had been dead for two months. Killed by a blow to the head. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden. ©2008 US).

16 March 1932 – Gerard Vernotico was found strangled to death on a Manhattan rooftop.

24 May 1932 – Norman Thomas, Socialist candidate for the US Presidency. Evening Post. Papers Past NZ.

Sept 1932 – Jean Harlow’s husband the director Paul Bern was found shot dead, mysteriously. Hollywood, Bern was naked when he was found shot. (World famous unsolved crimes. Colin Wilson ©1992 UK).

19 Dec 1932 – A mayoral Police squad illegally attacked a Mafia HQ and shot Frank Nitti with bullets. Chicago Mayor Anton J Cermak. Nitti recovered and Cermak backer Ted Newberry was murdered three weeks later. (The Mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim ©1988 US).

1933 – Pres Franklin Roosevelt came to power in 1933, in the early stages of the great depression. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans. ©2007 US).

1933 – Long Beach high school California 6.3 earthquake. (Apocalypse. Amos Nur (c)2008 US).

1933 – President Roosevelt’s new deal. On 17 Jan 1933 New York banks. IRS intel unit on 2 May 1933. In Sept 1933 Roosevelt’s meeting with J Edgar Hoover about banks. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

1933 – Benjamin Siegel. Bugsy moved to Hollywood. Siegel took over the Screen Actors Union and the LA Dock Workers Union. Union strikes and the Chicago mafia. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden (c)2008 US).

1933 – Franklin D Roosevelt became President in 1933. In 1931 when the economic depression was deepening and the unemployment rate was 15.9%. (The FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones. ©2007 US).

1933 – Pres Roosevelt called in all the public gold supplies, to try and rebuild the US economy during the Great Depression. (The end of money. David Wolman (c)2012 US).

1933 – In 1933 Franklin Roosevelt outlawed the private ownership of gold by US citizens. (The colder war. Martin Katusa (c)2015 US).

1933-34 – Research and bibliography. Archives preservation and history. The rights of citizens and slaves. Access to records and secrecy. The convenience of government workers. Hereditary societies. 20 Feb 1933 the US National Archives building. Pres Herbert Hoover. The National Archives Act of June 1934. pres Franklin D Roosevelt. New Federal agency. (Archives power. Randall C Jimerson (c)2009 US).

1933-34 – 3 March 1933, run on the banks, President Roosevelt signed the Emergency banking relief Act, hard times. On 20 Oct 1934 Gladys, Marilyn Monroe’s mother brought a house. Marilyn was 8 years old, she moved to Hollywood with her mother. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe. ©1998 UK).

1933-54 – In July 1933 Kathryn and George Kelly kidnapped rich oil tycoon Charles Urschel in Oklahoma city. George Kelly went back to Leavenworth jail in 1951. He died of an alleged heart attack on 18 July 1954. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden. ©2008 US).

15 Feb 1933 – Chicago mayor Anton Cermak was shot and several bystanders as Giuseppe Zangara fired his revolver. Cermak died after accusing the mafia of the shooting. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

15 Feb 1933 – Mayor Cermak attended pres Franklin Roosevelt rally in Miami. Giuseppe Zangara fired shots, wounding 5 people in the crowd, hitting Cermak who died 3 weeks later. Zangara had worked at a Mafia drugs processing plant in Florida. (The Mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim ©1988 US).

4 March 1933 – Franklin Delano Roosevelt became President. The worst depression in history. The banking system collapsed. Breadlines formed in every town and city. Homeless walked the streets. Poverty and despair. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

4 March 1933 – The Pecord report on the US Stock exchange. There were insiders who benefited from the 1929 crash. The Federal Reserve bank closed on 4 March 1933. (The money mafia. A world in crisis. Paul T Hellyer (c)2014 US).

10 March 1933 – Long beach earthquake. John Muir school. WL Huber USGS.Wikipedia.

12 May 1933 – Silver certiicates. Federal reserve.

June July 1933 – June 1933 Kansas city shootings. In July 1933 kidnapper George Kelly was arrested in Memphis Tennessee. (The FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

17 June 1933 – Multiple murders at the union railway station in Kansas city Missouri. 3 police, one federal agent and their prisoner were killed. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden. ©2008 US).

Sept 1933 to July 1934 – John Dillinger robbed 10 banks, killed 10 men, wounded 7 others and was involved in 3 jailbreaks. On 22 July 1934 Dillinger was surrounded and gunned down. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

17 Oct 1933 – Albert Einstein arrived in the US as a refugee from Nazi Germany. (Chch Star NZ. 17 Oct 2014 p20).

1934 – Workmen planting orange trees found human remains. More than 100 skeletons were found at Saint Augustine near Florida. (History Today. April 2013 UK).

1934 – Tunnels were found under Los Angeles. They are about 5,000 years old. A mining engineer G Warren Shufelf did a survey of the underground tunnels in LA. gold, oil and minerals. (LA Times. Twitter 23 Nov 2015. Disclose TV).

1934 – The US National Archives was established. (Archives (c)2005 Sue McKemmish Australia).

1934 – Organized crime USA. Luciano and Lansky formed the National Crime Syndicate, bringing together all the bosses from the major US cities under one organization. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden. ©2008 US).

1934 – Roy Brewer. The Mafia took over the Int alliance of theatrical stage employees IATSE. The mafia used the union to get into Hollywood movie studios. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1934 – Terrorists kidnapped a jailed man, Claude Neal from Alabama jail, tortured him and hanged him in Florida. The Department of Justice took no action. There was no ransom. (The FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones. (c)2007 US).

1934-1963 – Alcatraz California US penitentiary, jail, prisoner index 1934-1963. (NZ genealogy Jan Feb 2011).

1934-63 – Military prison at Alcatraz San Francisco. (The FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

13 May 1934 – A great dustbowl storm swept the US praries. ( Today in history 13 May 2015).

22 Aug 1934 – Republican business, the American Liberty League started by the Du Pont family went public on 22 August 1934. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

19 Sept 1934 – Genovese and five others shot and killed Boccia in a coffee shop in Brooklyn.

Oct-Dec 1934 – 20 Oct 1934 Marilyn Monroe and her mother were in Hollywood. Marilyn was 8 years old. Her mother rented the upstairs of her house to a British couple, Kimmell, an actor, in the house of Rothschild. Dec 1934 Marilyn was aged 9, Mr Kimmell a boarder put his arms around her. Later she was put back into the orphanage, 8 years old. The molestation incident occurred, before she entered the orphanage. Mr Murray Kimmell, the molester, was a British actor. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe. ©1998 UK).

Late 1930s – By the late 1930s the heroin trade in the US was one of the largest businesses in the US, $1 billion a year. Almost monopolized by Meyer Lansky. The heroin routes from Europe and Japan were cut off by World War Two, so Lansky funded a new route via Mexico, with Siesa overseeing the trafficking and smuggling himself. (Money and power. ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).

Late 1930s – George F Kennan. US State dept late 1930s. Russian affairs section had an extensive library and files. Ordered to liquidate it and cease to exist. Special files were destroyed. Soviet influence in the US govt. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

27 Nov 1934 – Bank robber baby face Nelson was killed by the FBI in a shootout. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 27 Nov 2015).

Dec 1934 – Custody record. 1934 soon after the molestation incident with Mr Kimmell, Gladys, Marilyn’s mother was confined to a mental asylum. Norwalk mental asylum where her mother’s father and grandmother were taken. The English couple prevented Marilyn from doing anything. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolf ©1998 UK).

1935 – By 1935 Lucky Luciano controlled 200 New York City brothels. 1,200 sex slaves worth $10 million a year. Adding sex slavery to heroin trafficking, a habit to support. (mafia pdf).

1935 – The richter scale was first used by Charles Richter in 1935, for earthquakes. (Apocalypse. Amos Nur. (c)2008 UK).

Jan-Sept 1935 – On 15 Jan 1935 Marilyn Monroe’s mother was declared legally incompetent, three months after buying her home. Grace McKee became guardian and had custody of Marilyn. Norma Jean. The British couple disappeared. On 13 Sept 1935 she was sent to LA orphans home, she was not an orphan, her mother was not dead. She was dragged inside. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe ©1998 UK).

13 Feb 1935 – Bruno Hauptmann was found guilty of the kidnapping and murder of the Lindbergh infant. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 13 Feb 2015).

1 July 1935 – The Bureau of Investigation was officially re-named the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

22 July 1935 – John Dillinger was born on 22 June 1903 in Indianapolis. 22 July 1935 FBI agents shot Dillinger who died almost instantly. He was also involved with Romanian Anna Sage who was deported back to Romania. (Top cases of the FBI. RJ Parker ©2012 US).

3 Sept 1935 – Hurricane Labor day in the Florida keys killed 408 people. The Telegraph UK. 24 Oct 2015.

Oct 1935 – The US supplied more than half the world’s oil. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

6 Nov 1935 – Pinterest. In 1935 Loretta Young had an affair with Clark Gable and got pregnant. Judith Young was born on 6 Nov 1935. She was put in an orphanage Young later adopted her own child.

Dec 1935 – Hollywood. Thelma Todd in Santa Monica was found dead in her car, in a garage, she died of carbon monoxide poisoning. She had become miss Massachusetts at age 16 and was later in movies. (World famous unsolved crimes. Colin Wilson ©1992 UK).

1936 – Eleanor Roosevelt campaigned for racial justice. America was badly hit by the Great Depression, 1936 election. (The FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones. ©2007 US).

1936 – A national crime syndicate of Jewish and Italians in New York 1931 when Dewey went after Luciano in 1936 he nailed him for sex slavery along with 8 other mafia. New York Times. Organized sex slavery in New York. Dewey became governor of New York in 1943. Republican candidate for US in 1944 and 1948. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

1936 – Roosevelt visited Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. (Red heat. Alex von Tunzelmann (c)2011 UK).

1936-43 – Charles Luciano in June 1936 was convicted on 62 of 90 counts of causing sex slavery. 8 Feb 1943 the US and World War Two, comfort women. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden (c)2008 US).

2 Feb 1936 – Dewey ordered a police raid on 200 brothels in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Ten men and 100 women were arrested.

April 1936 – LDS church security program to assist the poor during the great depression. Became the church welfare program. This program grew out of a revelation received by President Heber J Grant.

1 April 1936 – Charles Lucky Luciano was arrested in Arkansas, went from New York. (Today in history. 1 April 2015 Chch Star NZ).

June 1936 – FBI 62920 B92168. Charles Luciano ‘Lucky’ FBI files. (Factually. One in three Americans are on file in the FBI criminal database. Matt Novak. 23 Oct 2014).

7 June 1936 – Lucky Luciano. Dewey in New York charged him on 90 counts of forced sex slavery. Sentence of 30 to 50 years in a US jail. The New York syndicate. Luciano in jail. Franesco Castiglia aka Frank Costello. (The Havana mob. T J English ©2007 UK).

8 June 1936 – Lucky Luciano was convicted with 8 others on 62 counts each. New York Times. (The Mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

9 Oct 1936 – The Hoover dam began supplying electricity to LA. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 9 Oct 2015).

1937 – By 1937 Bugsy Siegel bookmaking, and he ruled gambling boats anchored of the coast. Organized crime in California, extortion and gambling, the drug trade. (Money and power. ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).

1937 – Federal bureau of drugs memo 15 Jan 1947 said Alphonso Attardi attended a meeting in 1937 in Houston Texas. Don Vincenzo Vallone, Dallas mafia boss Joseph T Piranio and Joseph F Civello. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

1937 – Economic crisis. Unemployment skyrocketed as a million people lost their jobs. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1937-38 – The stock market collapsed. The crash of 1937 to 1938. The recession of the Great Depression. March 1937, the shemitah began on 6 Sept 1937, the day after that Wall street collapsed. By June 1937 four million people had lost their jobs. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

1937-50s – In 1937 Ronald Reagan was in Hollywood. 1940s and 50s Ronald Raegan was pres of the screen actors guild Hollywood. The Hollywood blacklist during the McCarthy era. Arthur Miller’s screenplay was killed by Roy Brewer. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

5 Oct 1937 – Alphonso Attardi his wife Josephine and 14 others were arrested, suspected of conspiracy to import drugs from Europe, and distribute them in New York city, Texas and Louisiana. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

16 Dec 1937 – Theodore Cole and Ralph Roe tried to escape from Alcatraz island San. Francisco. Neither of them was ever seen again. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 16 Dec 2015).

1938 – The Genealogical society of Utah began gathering the preserving records on microfilm. Family history library. Birth, marriage, death, probate, land, military and other records. (Discover your family tree. LDS (c)1984).

1938 – New Zealander and Soviet spy Ian Milner was in the US. At one stage he was at the UN in New York. He also worked for Czech intel. There is an FBI file on him. American friends of the Chinese. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ)

1938 – California Adrian Samish corrupt intermediary mafia Meyer Lansky and J Edgar Hoover. 1938 California charged. Samish. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1938 – As Hitler’s armies overwhelmed Europe, many were forced to flee. Ernst Simmel Fenichal, went to LA in 1938, Marxists members of the Communist party. Pro-Soviet sympathies. Otto Fenichel, from Berlin, Jewish went to LA. Ralph Greenson in 1938. He was born on 20 Sept 1911 in Brooklyn. His parents were Russian Jews who emigrated from the Czarist pogroms of 1903. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DL Wolfe ©1998 UK).

1938 – Soviet agent Mikhail Gorin stole US navy data. The FBI nabbed them for espionage and they were charged. The Soviet agent went free, after US State dept intervention. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans. ©2007 US).

1938 – Communist party Socialists, spies sent from Moscow, were spotted by the FBI, but shielded by some higher power in the US government. 1938 Soviet agent Mikhail Gorin stole data from the US Navy. The FBI charged him with espionage and he was convicted. Soviet agent went free, because of the State dept. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1938-41 – In New York on 13 Oct 1938 there were 35,000 New York supporters of Italy’s Mussolini. 11 Dec 1941 Benito Mussolini joined Hitler and also declared war on the US. America was officially at war with Germany, Italy and Japan. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

July 1938 – Henry Ford was given the Grand Cross of the German eagle, by the German vice consul in Detroit, the highest honor Hitler had given a foreigner. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

1939 – The Mellon institute’s Kettery labs study of fluoride is classified.

1939 – Millions of people were unemployed because of the Great Depression. (The FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

1939 – Horrific psychological experiments. The Monster study. The little Albert experimenst on orphans in 1939 at the Davenport Iowa orphanage. Psychiatrist Dr Wendell Johnson. 22 orphans and unethical studies. (The blog. 19 May 2009).

1939 – Medical experiments were carried out by Dr Wendell Johnson on 22 children at the Iowa soldiers orphans home in Davenport. Psychological tortures. Natural news.

1939-41 – March 1940, the Nazi fifth column panic swept America. German espionage and the war in Europe in 1939. 6 Jan 1941 Roosevelt’s State of the Union address. The Lend lease program gave finances to the UK. (FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

1939-43 – In 1937 Vito Genovese fled from New York to Italy. He ordered the Jan 1943 murder of Carlos Tresca, who was editor of the New York leftist newspaper. The Hammer. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1939-57 – Robert Louis Benson. Michael Warner. Venona. Soviet espionage and American response. 1996.

4 Feb 1939 – Frank Sinatra, aged 23, married his first wife Nancy Barbato. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 4 Feb 2015).

1 Sept 1939 – The World bank, IMF and the $US. Bretton Woods. 1944-45. World War two 1 Sept 1939. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

18 Oct 1939 – Lee Harvey Oswald was born in New Orleans. He went to Bethleham children’s home.

8 Dec 1939 – Leon Cooke the president of the union was killed by John Martin, Jack Ruby. Chicago scrap iron and junk handlers union. (Mafia pdf).

1940 – After the Soviet military intel officer Walter Krivitsky defected to the Americans. (M16 SIS Keith Jeffery ©crown 2010 UK).

1940 – Pinterest. Helen Levitt. Gypsies in New York. Flare calas.

1940s – Alphonso Attardi spent 8 years in jail on drugs charges, and faced deportation to Italy on release. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

1940s – The Arthur Dozier school in Marianna Florida, was a care home for boys. CIA MKULTRA mind control program. Forced to watch the murder of another child. 50 bodies were found buried in the grounds of the school, which was shut down in 2011.

1940s – In the early 1940s there were more than 10,000 strikes involving 7 million workers, in the US. (Money and power. ©2001 S Denton R Morris).

1940 – A Cambridge product, Michael Greenberg from Manchester UK, he went to the US in 1940 and got a job in the White House while still a British citizen. Greenberg was named in a Congress report as a Communist. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1940s – J Edgar Hoover and the FBI, these FBI memos were ignored by top officials. Communist infiltrations of the US govt. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1940s – Eleanor Roosevelt UDHR and a Magna Carta for mankind. UN human rights. (International human rights law. Oxford UK 2014).

1940s – 100 Communists in Bill Donovan’s OSS. William Dodd. Frederick Schuman. Goodwin Watson. George Vucinich and David Zablodowsky. Venona Communists Milton Wolff and Irving Fajans. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1940 – The FBI regarded info coming from the British intel as “subject to check”. (FBI a history. Rodri Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

1940 – Paul Helliwell and Castle bank. The Pritzkir family of Chicago, Hyatt hotels, a loan from the Teamsters pension fund for a hotel and casino in Nevada. Jimmy Hoffa and Allan Dorfman. Pritzker loans. (Global research. Peter Dale Scott. 6 Sept 2008).

1940s – In the 1940s the FBI collected intel on Communist infiltration of the US, which was called “COMINFIL”. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

1940-41 – Since 1940 FBI. William G Sebold in Germany went to New York in Feb 1940 under a false name, Henry Sawyer. Sept Dec 1941 Trial in federal court Brooklyn New York. Nazi spies, the largest spy ring in US history. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

1940s-51 – In 1951 British diplomats in Washington DC were Guy Burgess and Donald Maclean, Soviet spies. Cambridge spies and Kim Philby. Some said the CIA’s James Angleton was a double agent who was trained by Kim Philby. (American spy. E Howard Hunt (c)2007 US).

1940-72 – Michele Sindona trader Sicily during the 1940s one of Europe’s richest financiers. By the mid 1970s his multi billion dollar empire six banks in 4 countries. Italy’s largest hotel.The CIA linked Rome Daily American and 500 corporations worldwide. Franklin National bank of New York. Sindona gave 11 million to 1972 Nixon election campain. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

Early 1940s – By the early 1940s there were 27 illegal casinos operating in Dallas. Benny Binion. New Orleans crime boss Carlos Marcello ruled much of the rest of Texas. (Money and power. ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).

Early 1940s – On the McCarthy list was Lauchlin Currie executive assistant to Pres Roosevelt in the early 1940s. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1940-42 – 1940 Joseph Kennedy was ambassador to the UK. America was gearing up for war. On 7 Dec, Japan attacked Pearl harbor. LA ,10 Dec had its first complete blackout with sirens. Jan 1942 Norma Jean was still a ward of the courts, back in the orphanage until she was 18. Marriage at 16 on 19 June 1942 to Jim Dougherty. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe ©1998 UK).

1940s 1950s – Florida mafia boss Santos Trafficante controlled traffick in drugs, sex slavery and porn movies. Cuba by the mid 1950s Havana gambling and drugs. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1940s to 50s – Fact gathering. Harold Adrian Russell “Kim” Philby would later appear in Moscow as an intel officer for the Soviet KGB. Kim Philby was ‘cleared’ by Harold Macmillan and the old boys network in the UK, in the 1940s and 50s. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans. ©2007 US).

1940s to 2011 – (Aangirfan 17 Nov 2014) From the 1940s, the Arthur G Dozier school in Marianna Florida home for boys. At least 50 bodies were buried in the grounds of the school, which closed in 2011.

8 April 1940 – US Socialist party. Evening Post. Papers Past NZ.

24 June 1940 – President Franklin Roosevelt assigned foreign intel and counter intel in the Western hemisphere, Central and South America to the FBI. A special branch within the FBI called the SIS was created. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden. (c)2008 US).

6 Nov 1940 – Franklin Roosevelt was re-elected as US president. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 6 Nov 2015).

1941 – Orphans, a history of the Hebrew orphans asylum in New York. Hyman Bogen. Political science. The Jewish orphanages in the US, which closed in 1941.

1941 – Soviet defector Walter Krivitsky was murdered in his hotel room, maybe by the Soviets. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

1941 – Mafia Abe R… fell to his death from a hotel window, while under guard by six New York policemen. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1941-45 – GRU, hundreds of GRU New York messages remain unsolved. Venona story.

Jan 1941 – Message to Congress. US Pres Roosevelt and human freedom. Freedom of speech and expression. Freedom to worship God. Freedom from want. Freedom from fear. (International human rights law. P29. Oxford UK 2014).

21 Jan 1941 – US New York. Empire State building. Today in history. CBC news.

February 1941 – Polish Jew, Walter Krivitsky, whose real name was Ghinsburg. Krivitsky died violently in Washington, a KGB assassination? (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher. ©1984 US).

10 Feb 1941 – Walter Krivitsky was found dead of a gunshot wound in a Washington hotel. The police said it was suicide. (Venona chronology 1939-1996 Denis Naranjo).

28 March 1941 – J Robert Oppenheimer nuclear scientist, evidence within the FBI reports as early as 28 March 1940. Memo 21 May 1941 Communist. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

16 May 1941 – During the Hitler Stalin pact. Lattimore and Oppenheimer were on the FBI custodial detection list, as Communists. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

July 1941 – Soviet spy Gaik Ovakimian. The FBI arrested him, and the State dept overturned it. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

August 1941 – US UK cooperation. SIGINT NSA GCHQ. 1947 M15 registry had 250,000 cards on people with Communist connections. Senator Joseph McCarthy and Communists in the US govt. The Atlantic charter was signed by Roosevelt and Churchill in Aug 1941. Loans worth $3.75 billion. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

13 Sept 1941 – German spies in America. The Times London UK.

2 Dec 1941 – The US Navy intel stopped bugging the Japanese consul. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 2 Dec 2015).

7 December 1941 – On the morning of Sunday, Japan launched heavy air attacks on the main American Pacific base of Pearl harbor in Hawaii. More than 2,000 people were killed and 1,000 wounded. (The momentous years. ©1961 Priestly and Betts).

7 Dec 1941 – Pearl harbor, the USS Arizona was sunk by a Japanese bomb and torpedo strikes. The next day the US and UK declared war on Japan. (Practical family history. Dec 2009).

11 Dec 1941 – Germany and Italy declared war on the US. (Chch star NZ. Today in history. 11 Dec 2015).

1942 – US Bretton Woods in New Hampshire. Two economic institutions. The World Bank with $7.6 billion funding. The IMF with $7.3 billion funding. The US controlled two thirds of the worlds gold. Bretton Woods system set on both gold and the US dollar. US banker of the world, bankers of Wall street. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone (c)2012 US).

1942 – FBI investigations in 1942 and a big report. The report vanished from the public record, a list of Communist/Socialist suspects in the US govt. Also in 1942 pres Roosevelt let Communist party boss Earl Browder out of prison, where he was being held for passport violations. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans. ©2007 US).

1942 – Jan Valtin (Richard Krebs), a former Soviet in Germany. 1930s defected to the West. 1941 appeared in the US before the Dies committee. 1942 He was arrested and locked up on Ellis island and deported. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1942-43 – Josip Broz. Communists, Howard Fast. Venona identified the Soviets, Duncan C Lee, Cedric Belfrage and James Klugmann. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1942-44 – Albert Anastasia was a murderer for the Mafia. He worked for the Brooklyn dock workers union. When he thought he might be put on trial for murder he killed the witnesses and their families. In 1942 Anastasia joined the US army as a technical sergeant US in 1944. Albert and his brother Tony. (The Mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

1942-46 – Chemical warfare, mustard gas. lewisitz 4,000 US military. Merk pharma and George Merk and the war research service. Biological warfare. The Manhattan project medical, fluoride and the central nervous system CNS. F code for fluoride. Col Saffara Warren at Strong memorial hospital. Natural news.

1942-58 – The FBI investigated Communist party infiltration of the movie industry. In Feb 1943 a declassified FBI memo said that there were 39 labor unions in the movie industry. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

Jan 1942 – The Missouri murder of Cleo Wright, which was the first lynching since Pearl Harbor. (The FBI a history. Rodri Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

Jan Feb 1942 – Mysterious fires on the New York waterfront. 9 Jan 1942 Destroyed a pier and two buildings at the Hudson river. 9 Feb 1942 the Normandie, an ocean liner troop ship burst into flames. By the next day it was a smoldering hulk. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

13 Jan 1942 – From the archives, lights out in 1942. Albany Times 13 Dec 2014. North Pearl street during an air raid alert test. Albany NY lights extinguished.

Feb 1942 – 19 Feb 1941 Roosevelt signed Executive order 9066, for the evacuation and incarceration of Japanese and Japanese Americans from California, Oregon and Washington. Two thirds were US citizens by birth. By 25 Feb 1942 the FBI had incarcerated all adult males of Japanese ancestry in camps in California. Camps to hold Japanese inmates, called concentration camps. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

9 Feb 1942 – The Normandie flagship burst into flames. 1,500 sailors and others fled the burning ship. A troop ship which was ready to take 10,000 American troops to the UK. New York Herald Tribune. (The Mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

June 1942 – 13 June 1942 a German U boat and the US coast, a Nazi saboteour came ashore 3 miles east off Long Island at Amagansett. The leader Georg Darch. The second German submarine U-584 held 4 saboteours on 17 June 1942 near Jackson Bay Florida. They reached New York on 18 June 1942. FBI. 30 agents were arrested. (The Mafia at war. Tim Newark (c)2007 Italy).

13 June 1942 – President Roosevelt issued an executive order creating the OSS, the Office of Strategic Services, with William Donovan as director. (FBI a history. Rodri Jeffreys Jones ©2007US.)

13-17 June 1942 – Nazi saboteurs in the US landed on Long Island New York and Vero beach Florida. Landings from German submarine. 13 June 1942 and 17 June 1942. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden. ©2008 US).

27 June 1942 – FBI said 8 Germans were in New York and Chicago landed by U-boats in Florida and Long island with $120,000 cash. Operation Underworld and the July 1943 invasion of Sicily. (The Havana mob. T J English ©2007 UK).

31 July 1942 – Geoffrey Stevens, a code breaker from British GC&CS, went to Arlington hall the US army code breaker center in Washington. Discussion about the Soviet Union. The Americans were intercepting all Soviet traffic in and out of Washington and collecting Soviet traffic elsewhere. The Americans began a Soviet group in Feb 1943. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

24 Sept 1942 – 25,000 protesters were in New York’s Union square. The US was at war in Europe. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

Dec 1942 – The FBI knew in Dec 1942 that J Robert Oppenheimer, nuclear physicist, was a secret Communist party member. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

2 Dec 1942 – Scientists at Met lab reached the first nuclear chain reaction at the university of Chicago. The Manhattan project followed. Oppenheimer was head of the projects main labs at Los Alamos New Mexico. (The untold story of the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1943 – George White ran drug tests on New York gangster August gel Gracio. (Brainwash. Dominic Streatfeild ©2006 UK).

1943 – Paul Hagen aka Karl Frank, German Communist party. Louis Adamic. Alan Cranston. Carlo a Prato. Mrs Roosevelt. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1943 – US journalist William Hinton was sent to China in 1943. Communists Owen Lattimore. FBI Lattimore file 1943 Chew Hong and Chi Kung Chuan. James Aronse. Julia Older Bazer. Peter Rhodes. Elizabeth Bentley. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1943 – Mafia boss Frank Costello and Naval intel in World War Two. Luciano was in jail. The Government opened “Operation Underworld”. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

1943-45 – Almost all the files of those post war deception agencies remain closed. Still classified. The cold war. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1943-63 –In Jan 1963 there was evidence that M15 agent Kim Philby was a Soviet spy. Trained by Philby, James Angleton was tutoured by Philby in 1943. He even helped Angleton set up the US counter intel unit. (American spy. E Howard Hunt. (c)2007 US).

1943-80 – Decode. Venona. Revealed Klaus Fuchs. Kim Philby. Donald McLean. New Zealander’s Ian Milner and Hill. The Petrov’s, among others. (Spy. Kit Bennetts. (c)2006 NZ).

1943-1990s – Facts are only now emerging as records of ACUE. American Committee on a United Europe. It was formed in 1948 by Allen Dulles. A thesis was written in the UK by FX Rehattet at the university of Oxford in 1962. It was censored for three decades. Open only in the 1990s. CIA OPC Wisner, 21 March 1943. Formal launch of ACUE in New York on 29 March 1949. Documents linking ACUE and the CIA are very limited. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

11 Jan 1943 – A gunman shot and killed Carlo Tresca outside his office in Manhattan.. Carlo Tresca was allegedly an anarchist. No one was ever charged with his murder.

15 Jan 1943 – The world’s largest office building, the Pentagon, was completed. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 15 Jan 2016).

Feb 1943 – The US Army Signals intel service was the precursor to the NSA. It began a secret program called Venona. The program was cancelled in 1980. It exposed Julius and Ethel Rosenberg in a Soviet spy ring. (Internet archive NSA Venona files).

15 April 1943 – By 1943 US army intel launched the DSM project to investigate Communist invasion of atomic projects. California, the scientist Steve Nelson, the DSM project was headed by Colonel Boris Pash. Soviet agents and the Manhattan project. Postal interceptions, communism and the DSM project. FBI vetted, Activation of the DSM project. 15 April 1943. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

14 May 1943 – World War Two. The US and UK plan Operation Pointblank. (This day in history. 14 May 2015).

Nov 1943 – FBI report. Alexander Hertz. Oscar Lange. Boleslaw Gebert. Communist party USA. Joe Barnes. Robin Kinkead. Boleslaw Gebert, US Communists. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

10 Dec 1943 – 2 Feb 1950, Klaus Fuchs, a Communist who fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s and went to the UK. The Venona program, a Soviet spy. Los Alamos was swarming with Soviet spies. Notebook records. FBI First chief, J Edgar Hoover,10 Dec 1943 Manhattan district and Communists. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

11 Dec 1943 – The birthday of John Kerry US politician. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 11 Dec 2015).

31 Dec 1943 – FBI agent George Burton report to Hoover assistant Mickey Ladd. Dismemberment of the counter intel corps G-2 files. Harry Hopkins and the secret service ordered it to be wrecked. Roosevelt? Other episodes of army intel files going missing. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US)

1944 – Fluoride isone of the most toxic chemicals and a health hazard. . Lawsuits in the US over fluoride damage, classified operation, “program F”. The health effects of fluoride in water. University of Rochester.

1944 – Toxic secrets. Fluoride and the A bomb. Joel Griffiths and Chris Bryson. Nexus magazine. Wayback website. The effects of fluoride, secret classified memos. Declassified documents, the Manhattan project. Fluoride was the key element in atom bomb production. Many documents are still classified in 2015.

1944 – DuPont chemical facility in New Jersey. The facility was producing millions of pounds of fluoride for the Manhattan project. Philip Sadtler investigated. Fluoride effects on health and damage.

1944 – The world bank was created at Bretton woods in New Hampshire in 1944. To reconstruct countries devastated by war. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

1944 – Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Faisal Ibn Abdul Aziz visited New York. He had with him a personal slave called Marzouk. Ibn Saud abused his slaves, wives and concubines. He had a harem of several hundred young girls. Well into the 1940s each of Ibn Saudi’s sons had a young slave boy. (Gerald S Posner. Secrets of the Kingdom (c)2005 US).

1944 – Johnny Roselli was convicted in 1944 of conspiracy to extort $1 million from Hollywood movie studios. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem (c)1988 US).

1944-45 – FBI investigation US Communists Louise Bransten. Gregori Kheifetz. Gerhart Eisler. Otto Katz. Soviet spy in San Francisco FBI investigation . Philip Eugene Lilienthal. Joesph Fels Barnes. Haakon Che Valier. Charles Albert Page. Communists. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

Jan 1944 – A secret conference on fluoride and the Manhattan project. Dr Harold C Hodge. Fluoride studies for the Manhattan project. Fluoride in water and the office of scientific. Secret Pentagon conference on fluoride and the Manhattan project.

April 1944 – Victor Kranchenko a Soviet diplomat in Washington defected. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

April 1944 – Kravchenko worked for the Soviet purchasing commission in Washington. He defected in April 1944. He got a book published in New York in 1946. (The atom bomb spies. H Montgomery Hyde (c)1980 UK).

29 April 1944 – Manhattan project declassified documents and the atom bomb. Fluoride effects on the central nervous system and bones. Documents are still classsified in 2015. Manhattan project fluoride CNS not in files, still classified.

29 April 1944 – Manhattan project memos. Uranium hexa fluoride effects on central nevous system. F code for fluoride. Secret memos, colonel Stafford Warren and the Manhattan project. Fluoride toxicity studies at the uni of Rochester and the Manhattan project.

5 June 1944 – Eisenhower launched the Allied invasion of Normandy. (History Today. April 2013 UK).

16 June 1944 – Counter Communist files from the office of navy intel in New York and Boston vanished. 100,000 index cards, dossiers, reports and files. In June 1944 these files went missing. Removal or destruction of G-2 files. Thousands of records. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans (c)2007 US).

July 1944 – Reps from 44 countries met in Bretton Woods New Hampshire $US. TPP and world trade. The UN in New York. The tower of babel. 586 BC Israel. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

July 1944 – Bretton Woods New Hampshire. The global economic order and the $US. International trade. 1946 the UN HQ in New York city. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

25 July 1944 – World War Two and the Manhattan project. Fluoride in water. Missing from files. Uni of Rochester, atomic energy project. US national archives. Still classified in 2015. Human radiation experiments. DuPont 1947, FOIA Act hundreds of classified documents on fluoride and the cold war era.

Nov 1944 – Klaus Fuchs left for Los Alamos at the end of 1944. (The atom bomb spies. H Montgomery Hyde (c)1980 UK).

22 Dec 1944 – Victor Kraven Chenko a defector from Moscow. 1944 FBI Memo Director Hoover. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

Mid 1940s – Soviet commission official Andrei Schevehenko and Arthur Adam. 1949 by former FBI agent Larry Kerley. Both men were set free, after proof of spying, on State dept orders. FBI agent Robert Camphere. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

Late 1940’s – Operation Mockingbird CIA.

1945 – Benny Binion during World War Two. Dallas casino manager was Louis McWillie who had ties to Meyer Lansky, and an associate of Jack Ruby, who soon moved to Dallas from Chicago. (Money and power. ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).

1945 – Vannevar Bush 1945 Memex. Pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in context. (Personal archiving. Donald T Hawkins (c)2013 US).

1945 – Summer, Igor Gouzenko defected. (Venona chronology 1939-1996 Denis Naranjo).

1945 – As early as Dec 1942 the FBI had surveillance data showing J Robert Oppenheimer was a Communist. Laughlin Currie, former assistant to the late pres Roosevelt. Major Duncan Lee OSS. Julius Joseph OSS. Helen Tenney OSS Maurice Halperin OSS. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1945 – The FBI had info about Alger Hiss, Lauchlin Currie, and Harry Dexter White, as Soviet agents. Also in 1945 spy cases of John Stuart Service and pro Red magazine Amerasia, were fixed, lied about and covered up by top officials. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1945 – On 29 Aug 1945, J Edgar Hoover was Director of the FBI. By Oct 1945 the cold war in Washington. Nov 1945. (The hidden hand. Richard Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1945 – Ludwig Ullman. Frank Coe. Alger Hiss. Harry White. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1945 – Peter LaTempa was poisoned in a maximum security jail in Brooklyn. He was about to testify against mafia boss Vito Genovese. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem (c)1988 US).

1945 – Nathan Gregory Silvermaster. Louise Bransten. Steve Nelson. Bruce Minton. Richard Bransten. Robert Miller. Maurice Halperin OSS. Willard Park. J Robert Oppenheimer. Haakon Chevalier. George Eltenton. Harry White. Lauchlin Currie. Gordon Griffiths. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans. ©2007 US).

1945 – Sol Adler. Lauchlin Currie. Frederick Field. Duncan Lee. Michael Greenberg. Lois Carlisle. Sylvia Schimmel. Bowen Smith. Alix Rowther. Stanley Grace OSS. David Wahl. Sergei Kournakov. Samuel Krafsur. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1945 – Henry Collins. Richard Post. Julian Walleigh. Donald Blusdell. Clarence Nelson. George Rothwell. Paul Appleby. George Scharzwalder. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans. ©2007 US).

1945 – FBI agent Fred Youngblood Dec 1945. US government workers who were Communists. The OSS staff named as Communists. Maurice Halperin. Duncan Lee. Julius Joseph. Helen Tenney. Donald Wheeler. Woodrow Borah. Carl Marzani. David Zablodowsky. Peter Rhodes. Edward Rosskan. Inez Munoz. Alix Reuther. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans. ©2007 US).

1945 – Election of the Labour party unionists in the UK. The Holocaust, details of Nazi mass murder in Europe was in the media after 1945. US Pres Harry Truman, Jewish refugees to Palestine, but it was not supported by the State dept. Israel was created in May 1948. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

1945 – Reinhard Gehlen was a Roman Catholic and Hitler’s chief of intel. Catholic member of the Knights of Malta, a Vatican based order. After the war, Allen Dulles, also a member of the Knights of Malta, with an uncle a Jesuit priest, Avery Dulles. Brought Gehlen and other Nazis to the US. The CIA and Operation Paperclip.

1945 – Ynet news. Operation Paperclip. Nazi scientists in service of the CIA. Mind control drugs for use against the Soviets. Yitzhak Benhorin Dec 2014. USA and mind control for use on prisoners 1945. Annie Jacobsen book.

1945-46 – Harry Dexter White was a Soviet agent in the US. Venona IMF officials. Truman nominated White for the IMF on 23 Jan 1946. Two and a half months after the first FBI letter in which White was identified as a Soviet agent. Hoover letter 8 Nov 1945 to Truman and Harry Vaughn. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1945-47 – By the latter months of 1945 signs of tension with the Soviets were mounting. Oppenheimer’s security clearance was altered to a Q clearance in Aug 1947. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans (c)2007 US).

1945-90 – Secret agenda. The US govt, Nazi scientists and Project Paperclip. A British book by Tom Bower. The Paperclip conspiracy. The hunt for Nazi scientists in US and UK archives. (Operation Paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

15 Jan 1945 – Peter LaTempa was a witness against Vito Genovese. He was murdered in a maximum security prison cell in Brooklyn. The autopsy from his death showed poison, enough to kill 8 horses. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem (c)1988 US).

20 Jan 1945 – Franklin D Roosevelt was sworn in as US pres 4th term. (Chch star NZ. Today in history. 20 Jan 2016).

12 April 1945 – President Roosevelt’s death. His vice president Harry S Truman entered the White House. (The cold war. ©2005 JK Gaddis).

12 April 1945 – Pres Roosevelt died of a brain hemorrhage. Harry Truman took over the presidency. (American spy. E Howard Hunt (c)2007 US).

14 April 1945 – President Frankilin Roosevelt’s funeral was held. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

May 1945 – Operation Paperclip began. No Nazis were convicted of murder or slavery. Bubonic plague. (Operation Paperclip. Annie Jacobson ©2014 US).

17 May 1945 – A German submarine U-234 arrived in New York harbour. Nuclear weapons grade uranium oxide. Germanys participation in post war nuclear weapons program.

June-Aug 1945 – In June 1945 Norma Jean was 19 years old. She made an appointment with Miss Emmeline Snively at the Blue book model agency 2 Aug 1945. 14 Aug 1945 and World War Two had come to an end. The start of the Cold War. The Comintern Soviets focused on Hollywood. Hollywood fronts were arranged by the Comintern HQ from the Kremlin, CP fronts. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe. ©1998 UK).

16 July 1945 – In the desert at Alamogordo air base, 120 miles south east of Albaquerque New Mexico. The first nulear test. A British team included Klaus Fuchs.. A blinding flash, an explosion and noise. Tornado like wind vaporised by heat. (The atom bomb spies. H montgomery Hyde (c)1980 UK).

1 Aug 1945 – Within 72 hours of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, 3,486 Germans, Japanese and Italians were arrested. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

Sept 1945 – The death of President Roosevelt, then in Sept 1945 the new President Harry Truman. Who disbanded the OSS. (FBI a history. Rodri Jeffreys Jones. ©2007 US).

Sept 1945 – Operation Bride, Drug, Venona. ‘window index’. GCHQ, NSA and M15. Klaus Fuchs and the Rosenberg’s. Alger Hiss from the US State dept. Igor Gouzenko defected from the Russian embassy in Canada. Alan Nunn May. Venona is incompete. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright (c)1989 UK).

Sept Oct 1945 – 29 Sept 1945 Boston US German POWs. 6 Oct 1945 ‘Operation Overcast’ Texas. Nerve agents and poison gases. (Operation Paperclip. Annie Jacobson ©2014 US).

20 Sept 1945 – IG Farben and Auschwitz. Medical practise. 4 Nov 1945 Washington Post. The US army discovers the Nazi science of freezing people. George Connery. Freezing human experiments at Dachau. Humans were tested and killed by German physicians as medical science. Nazi doctors, criminal medical experiments 20 Sept 1945 US Army Aero medical center in Heidelberg. (Operation Paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

Oct 1945 – When World War Two ended, the conference of studio unions, Hollywood Oct 1945 the labor unions of 1945-46 and Ralph R Greenson. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe. ©1998 UK).

Nov 1945 – William Remington, first under Roosevelt, intel in Nov 1945 as a spy. FBI reports 45 memos. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

24 Dec 1945 – The Sodder children, 5 children went missing after a fire destroyed their home in Fayetteville west Virginia. Defrosting cold cases. 1 Feb 2015.

24 Dec 1945 – Five missing children. West Virginia brothers and sisters. Pinterest.

1946 – Meyer Lanksy built his first luxury casino in Las Vegas in 1946. (Money and power. ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).

1946 – Details of mafia boss Lucky Luciano’s world war two activities are hidden in ‘classified’ files.William Donovan OSS. He was deported to Italy in 1946. He revitalised the mafia’s drug trade. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1946 – The McMahon Act of 1946 made it a criminal offence for American citizens to pass atomic info to a foreigner. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1946 – Mickey Cohen gave $5,000 to Murray Chotimer for Nixons first congressional campaign 1946. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1946 – Sept 1943 Linn Farish of OSS 29 Oct 1943, Venona decrypts published five decades later. Linn Farish. Sava Kosanovic. FBI records 1946 Nathan Gregory Silvermaster. Elizabeth Bentley. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1946-47 – The Venona decrypts. 3,000 Soviet diplomatic communications, More than 200 Americans worked for Soviet intel during the war and after it. Department of Franklin D Roosevelt wanting … for Palestine, by Soviet, Venona was made public in 1995 after the fall of the Soviet Union. Some of the Soviet agents in Venona have never been identified. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton (c)2013).

1946-47 – In 1946 Bugsy Siegel built a hotel and casino called the Flamingo with $5 million of Mafia money, Meyer Lansky. On 19 June 1947 a hit man in Beverly Hills fired 9 bullets killing Bugsy Siegel. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

1946-52 – The number of heroin addicts in the US tripled. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

Jan Feb 1946 – On 3 Jan 1946 Governor Thomas E Dewey convicted Lucky Luciano and six others, convicts in US prison. Deportation. Luciano was 48 years old on 2 Feb 1946 Luciano was taken from jail and put in a cell on Ellis island. On 9 Feb 1946 Luciano was taken to the ship “Laura Keene” and he arrived in Naples Italy on 28 Feb 1946. (The Mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

9 Feb 1946 – Lucky Luciano was taken from New York prison cell to Brooklyn, put on an ocean liner and sent back to Italy. (World famous gangsters. Ian Schott ©1994 UK).

May-June 1946 – Marilyn Monroe divorced James Dougherty in LA on 14 May 1946. In June 1946 Jack Kennedy won the Boston primary in the 11th district. He went to Hollywood. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DL Wolfe. ©1998 UK).

2 May 1946 – Uni of Rochester experiments on the toxic effects of fluoride called “Program F” at Strong memorial hospital.Newsburgh’s water was fluoridated. The secret history of fluoride is still classified in 2015. Fluoride metabolic.

15 May 1946 – Alger Hiss, Maurice Halperin, Mary Jane Keeney, Gustavo Duran, Robert Miller, Carl Marzani. Communist agents in the US State dept. Case files on several hundreds people. FBI Bannerman the Klaus report. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans. ©2007 US).

June 1946 – Continued to gather evidence. When Genovese went to court on June 1946, all charges were dropped against him due to, lack of evidence. (The Mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

June 1946 – 160 Nazis scientists were living in the US, Texas. Dr Kurt Blome his Pasen lab. Plague pathogens, bubonic and pneumonic plague . Human experiments and plague research. Bacteriologist Dr Theodor Rosenburg. Camp Detrick Washington DC, Top Secret bubonic plague and germ projects, anthrax, Classified. (Operation paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

June 1946 – James Ragen knew about control, by organized crime of major elements of the US economy. Nevada gambling casinos and unions, also serving as international enforcers for United Fruit, laundering money through movie studios, extortion of Hollywood executives. Drug trafficking and the mafia. Ragen was poisoned in a hospital room and killed because he talked to the FBI. (Money and power. ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).

10 June 1946 – A prosecution witness, Jerry Esposito, was found shot dead beside a road in Norwood New Jersey.

3 Aug 1946 – State dept report. Communist party members there. The Samuel Klaus memo mysteriously vanished. The memo should be in the files but it isn’t. Archives. Withdrawn from the archives in March 1993? (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans. ©2007 US).

12 Aug 1946 – Merk and co was a pharmaceutical company in New Jersey. Vaccines. Medical and bacteriological research. Smallpox vaccines in 1898 and 1942. George Merk. Camp Detrick. 12 Aug 1946 Medical war crime vaccines, plague, malaria, typhus. Subhuman guinea pigs. (Operation Paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

Sept 1946 – Records held in the J Edgar Hoover building. Memo written by FBI director Hoover to Attorney General Tom Clark, about a cold war figure named David Wahl, a former government employee, a spy for Soviets? (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

9 Dec 1946 – Blome’s institute for plague in Posen. Mr Ding infected prisoners with typhus. Nazi doctors 9 Dec 1946 the macabre science of killing, torture, medical experiments on concentration camp prisoners. Malaria research, mass sterilization and euthanasia. Medical crimes. Medical murder experiments. (Operation Paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

1947 – Until 1947 Kim Philby, a senior KGB spy in the West, was head of SIS section 9, in charge of all British operations agent for the Soviet Union. Then he went to Washington DC and was a liason officer between SIS and the CIA. (Deception. E Lucas ©2012 UK).

1947 – A Soviet ‘Operation Osoaviakhim’, was similar to ‘Operation Paperclip’ in 1945. In 1947 scientists at Edgewood arsenal began conducting human experiments with tabun nerve agents on soldiers, gassing chambers. Psycho chemical warfare and incapacitating drugs. (Operation paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

1947 – Addisons disease was diagnosed in President Kennedy. on a trip to the UK in 1947 by a British doctor. He was near death. (Reclaiming history. ©2007 Vincent Bugliosi USA).

1947 – The CIA HQ Langley Virginia formed in 1947. (The spys handbook. Herbie Brennan (c)2003 UK).

1947 – CIA National Security Act. Corsican syndicates in France were allies of the Sicilian mafia. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1947 – Project CHATTER a Navy program. Drugs like mescaline. The Korean war.

1947 – Maclean had a pass which allowed entry to the atomic energy commission building without an escort, this was denied to J Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI. Maclean was at the British embassy in Washington 2 May 1944. 1947 Maclean and the western allies atomic energy and his pass. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

1947-48 – M15 had relations with American military G-2 intel in occupied zones of Europe. “Operation Gold” run by US military intel was not shared with the British, nor was it acted on by Washington. The Soviet Union was the first country to recognize Israel when it was established in May 1948. Still closed KGB archives. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

1947-48 – Melvin Bishop was one of the leaders of Communist, that Reuther purged in Dec 1947. After which Jimmy Hoffa made Bishop a Teamsters union official. 20 April 1948 Walter Reuther was wounded in a shotgun blast through his kitchen window. (The Mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).

1947-50 – Joe Kennedy’s occasional golf partner was Johnny Rosselli. Americas entry into the Korean war and the cold war heating up. Dr Ralf Greenson arrived from Mexico, a Comintern agent? Marxist. Dr Hyman Englelberg a Communist and thought control. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe ©1998 UK).

1947-50 – Peveril Meigs, transfer from OSS and State dept. 1947. unions. Watch list army Feb 1950 Dept of defence. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1947-51 – New Zealander and Soviet spy, Dr William Ball Sutch, was Sec Gen at the NZ delegation at the UN in New York. Also UN social and UNICEF. The NZ SIS spent a lot of time culling files and destroying them. ‘confidential’ files govt department workers, files kept for a short time then destroyed. Dr Sutch ‘secret’ file and ‘top secret’ file. Sutch got FBI attention during the cold war. (Spy. Kit Bennetts SIS (c)2006 NZ).

Jan 1947 – Actress Elizabeth Short, she was 22 years old when she was killed. In Jan 1947 her body was found in a vacant lot in Los Angeles. Tortured to death over many hours. Porno films and snuff movies. (World famous unsolved crimes. Colin Wilson ©1992 UK).

Jan 1947 – New Zealander and Soviet spy Ian Milner was at the UNSC in New York. Cold war. Bill Sutch was also a New Zealander and Soviet spy at the UN. FBI reports

. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

2 Jan 1947 – Al Capone in Miami had a heart attack and died. (The Havana mob. T J English (c)2007 UK).

15 Jan 1947 – Unexplained pictures. The case of the ‘Black Dahlia’ murder, unsolved, in Hollywood. Twitter.

15 Jan 1947 – Pinterest. Elizabeth ‘Black Dahlia’ murder victim. Leimert park LA. California. Unsolved murder.

Feb 1947 – Lois Carlisle transfer from State dept to OSS, member of Communist intel public workers union. FBI communism. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

5 Feb 1947 – 3kg of heroin was seized from a Corsican sailor on a ship from France. (Gangsters inc. Thom L Jones).

20 June 1947 – Ben Siegel died in a hail of bullets at Virginia Hill’s Beverly Hills house. Shot in the face, His murder is unsolved to this day. (The Havana mob. T J English ©2007 UK).

1 Sept 1947 – Col Carter Clarke of NSA. Soviet diplomatic messages.. Soviet cover names. FBI agent S Wesley Reynolds had a list of 200 couriers. Reynolds handed them over to NSA, to manage, but they were placed in a safe and forgotten. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

Nov 1947 – Marilyn Monroe’s baby girl was born and adopted to the Maniscalcos family of Sicilian descent in Brooklyn. Nancy Maniscalco Greene. Nancy was placed with the Maniscalco family by New York. Mafia boss Vito Genovese, was Jack Kennedy the father? Nancy Greene. The Cusak papers. Laurence Cusak was Kennedy’s attorney. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe ©1998 UK).

4 Dec 1947 – (FOIA). CIA memo to JIOA. Wermer Osenberg, files on German scientists. (Operation paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

1948 – Thomas G Buchanan an American journalist who was in 1948 for the investigation he was a member of the Russian Communist party, corrupt police. Jim Lehrer reported for the Dallas Times Herald wrote on 20 Dec 1963 Ruby made five reservations on a plane heading for Mexico. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi (c)2013 US).

1948 – Edward U Condon nuclear physicist, US cold war. 1948 report on Condon atomic. FBI report on Condon’s access to classified info, loyalty or security? (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1948-49 – 22 June 1949 Hover sent a memo to CIA. Lattimore was a possible espionage agent. Sending info to Russians. The Sorge spy ring. 10 Jan 1948 Chan Han-Song. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCathy. M Stanton Evans. ©2007 US).

1948-52 – Black Friday Oct 1948 GCHQ and NSA examined the Soviet nuclear forces. During the early 1950s throughout 1951 and 1952 global war seemed imminent. During the Korean war Soviet and American pilots were fighting each other in the skies of east Asia. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1948-64 – Frank Wisner OSS in 1948 Wisner recruited Jackson for ‘Operation Mockingbird’ a CIA news project. Levine was born in Russia and spoke fluent Russian. Marina Oswald and the Warren Commission 3 Feb 1964. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerson C Corsi ©2013 US).

1948-72 – The French Corsican mafia and US heroin market, mafia drug distributors. Raw Turkish opium in Marseilles labs in France, sold in New York. PBS Frontline.

April 1948 – The FBI handled intel in Latin America during World War Two. J Edgar Hoover April 1948 meeting of Organization of American States. Riots in Bogota Colombia. Castro was one of the rioters. (We know now. John Lewis Gaddis ©1997 US).

20 April 1948 – Walter Reuther was shot with a 12 gauge shotgun blast through his kitchen window. Communists were suspected. Reuther had purged them from a union in 1947. UAW unionist in Detroit. (The Mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim ©1988 US).

20 July 1948 – General Eugene Dennis and 11 other Communist party leaders were arrested and indicted under the Smith Act of conspiring to advocate violent overthrow of the US govt. (Venona chronology 1939-1996 Denis Naranjo).

25 Aug 1948 – Moshe Sneh, M15 dossier on Sneh for the CIA. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

Sept 1948 – Joseph P Kennedy turned 60, he had a fortune of more than $400 million. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe ©1998 UK).

Nov 1948 – Alger Hiss spy scandal. Multiple FBI reports were sent to the State dept and White house. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1949 – LSD research ARTICHOKE Sidney Gottlieb. Two way mirrors in safe houses in San Francisco and New York. Chinese brainwashing and Korean war hypnosis.

1949 – District attorney of San Francisco Edmund Pat Brown mysteriously dropped a murder charge against mafia Sebastiano Nani. Jerry Brown’s father. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1949 – Kim Philby was sent to Washington as M16 liason in 1949.

1949-51 – Victor Hunt April 1949. Feb 1950 State dept 1951. (Blacklisted by history Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1949-52 – John J McCloy was president of the World Bank. CIA LSD experiments on hundreds of soldiers at Edgewood arsenal, psychological warfare program CIA MKULTRA mind control program. (Operation Paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

1949-68 – Intel, Karl H Weber directorate of science and tech. Historical. Top Secret office of scientific intel. Vol 11 Annexes iv v vi vii osi-1. June 1972 FOIA Declassified 2008 annex iv. (Operation paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

30 July 1949 – US home for two Irish orphans. The Irish Times Dublin.

Sept 1949 – The US National Security Council papers on policy. These documents are heavily sanitized, more than half a century after they were approved. Disruption of the Soviet Government system. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

7 Oct 1949 – Pinterest. Hollywood mystery. 26 year old Jean Spangler disappeared. Model actress. Listverse.

1 Dec 1949 – Pinterest. Mr Tetford disappeard from a bus inVermont. Tetford was an ex soldier.

1950 – When Nixon ran for the Senate in 1950 Democrat Kennedy showed up at the Republican office with a large financial contribution from his father. (Kennedy and Nixon. ©1996 Mathews).

1950 – For Nixon’s 1950 senator race against Helen Gahagan Dough. Mickey Cohen gave $75,000 from LA gamblers. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1950 – The same year the Desert Inn opened. Lansky used some of the millions skimmed from Nevada casinos, to get a new traffick in Turkish, through Marseilles France, setting up labs, and bribes for officials. There was a multi billion dollar drug market in America. (Money and power. ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).

1950s – Discredit people by false diagnosis. MKULTRA MKNAOMI Fort Detrick. CIA projects with biological agents. No written records of transfers of anthrax or shellfish toxins were kept. Discrediting and disabling people. BLUEBIRD ARTICHOKE. Aim to alter human behavior.

1950s – Info Alphonso Attardi gave to the government in the 1950s led to infiltration of Organized crime and some convictions. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

1950s – Venona decrypts 1948 UKUSA agreement March 1946, revised in 1948 until 1950s. SIGINT UKUS. BRUSA treaty. The UKUSA agreement was declassified in 2010. FH Harry Hinsley a cryptanalyst at Blentchly park UK. The UKUSA agreement was revised in the early 1950s to include Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Sigint NSA. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

1950s – Bobby Kennedy and the Kefauver committee on organized crime. (Daniel Hopsicks).

1950s – Johnny Dioguardi a Mafia and extortionist. AFL New York. Dioguardi and Jimmy Hoffa’s Teamsters union. (The Mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1950 – Two Americans Morris and Lona Cohen disappeared from New York in 1950. They were watched by the FBI for Communist/Socialist association with the Rosenberg’s. They used false passports supplied in France by a New Zealand diplomat to enter the UK as the Krogers. The New Zealander was a Soviet agent named Paddy Costello who moved to the UK and became a professor of Russian at Manchester university. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

1950 – Wikipedia. Human radiation experiments. Hamilton wrote in a memo in 1950. Human experiments on orphans who were fed irradiated milk. Children were also injected with radiation materials.

1950-52 – Missing documents from Wheeling. The Intelligencer newspaper from the 1950s. Jan and Feb 1950 are missing. So are copies of the Intelligencer before Aug 1952. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1950-52 – The use of drugs and chemicals. CIA memo. Project Artichoke. 31 Jan 1975. John Marks FOIA. Mind control CIA office of 1975 MKULTRA. FIA. (Operation paperclip. Annie Jacobson ©2014 US).

1950-52 – Project BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE. Hypnosis Aug 1951 and 1952..

1950-53 – MKDELTA Harass, discredit and disable LSD. Army testing LSD. Project THIRD CHANCE and DERBY HAT. LSD tests.

1950-53 – CIA. Soviet, Chinese and Korean mind control techniques. BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE. MKULTRA began April 1953. hypnosis.Georgetown university hospital tests by the CIA. Dr Charles F Geschickter human experiments. Info on human radiation experimnents is wanted.

1950s 60s – California, Nevada, Florida, the Caribbean and Bahamas. The rise of Meyer Lansky, Moe Dalitz, Mickey Cohen, Bugsy Siegal and Jack Ruby. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1950-61 – The Kroger’s were detained Jan 1961 false passports. Morris and Lona Cohen were wanted by the FBI for links to the Rosenberg’s who had been executed for espionage ten years earlier. Morris and Lona Cohen, from New York in 1950, wanted by the FBI for links to the Rosenberg’s. False passports were supplied in Paris France by the New Zealand Consulate Diplomat Paddy Costello a New Zealand diplomat and Soviet agent. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher. ©1984 US).

17 Jan 1950 – The Brink’s office in Boston was robbed of $1.2 million in cash and $1.5 in securities by 11 robbers. (Bad times in history. Roland C Barker ©2001 US).

24 Jan 1950 – A Soviet agent revealed by Venona, German émigré scientist Dr Klaus Fuchs. The Manhattan project. FBI J Edgar Hoover’s Venona evidence. Fuchs signed a confession on 24 Jan 1950. Fuchs was released from prison in 1959 and went to east Germany and died in 1988. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

31 Jan 1950 – Truman announced that the US would go ahead with a Superbomb project. (The cold war. ©2005 Gadddis).

31 Jan 1950 – US NSC Top Secret document NSC-68. It was declassified in 1977 Higher military spending for national security. Washington DC.

Feb 1950 – Missing documents from US archives. The Tydings archives and proceeds of US Senate. They are missing, archives records gaps. Speech by McCarthy Feb 1950 and Wheeling west Virginia. Wheeling Intelligencer newspaper. List of 250 Communists working at the US State dept. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans. ©2007 US).

Feb March 1950 – Joseph McCarthy’s speech on 9 Feb 1950 to the Republican Women’s club of Wheeling West Virginia. Names of key Communists within the State Dept. 205 people were card carrying Communists, who were still working in the State Dept. In March 1950 J Edgar Hoover began giving documents from FBI investigations to McCarthy. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

Feb March 1950 – Klaus Fuchs was arrested on 2 Feb 1950 and charged with espionage. On 1 March 1950 Fuchs was sentenced to 14 years jail in an old bailey trial. This was the maximum sentence for treason. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher. ©1984 US).

10 Feb 1950 – McCarthy charges Reds hold US jobs. Wheeling intelligencer. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

15 Feb 1950 – The attorney general’s conference on organized crime. Washington dept of justice 1951. Worldcat database.

March 1950 – The CIA’s Frank Wisner and M16 liason and Russian spy, Kim Philby. (To secret too long. Chapman Pincher (c)1984).

2 March 1950 – Frances Ferry job at CIA, investigation. Info on the case, notice of CIA went missing from official records. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

14 March 1950 – E J Askwith. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

18 March 1950 – McCarthy to Tydings letter. Historical info records should be in the archives. One of many cold war papers that are missing. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

18 March 1950 – Irish orphans arrive in New York. The Irish Times Dublin.

April 1950 – The CIA Director Roscoe Hillenkoetter, launched ‘Operation Bluebird’, to find methods of interrogation by using teams with a psychiatrist and a hypnotist. A review of ‘Operation Paperclip’, Nazi interrogations using drugs, electro shock, hypnosis and psycho surgery. ‘Operation Bluebird’ also tested LSD.

April 1950 – The CIA BLUEBIRD was a project to study brainwashing and other thought control techniques. (Brainwash. Dominic Streatfeild ©2006 UK).

10 April 1950 – Leander B Lovell. State dept 1950. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans. ©2007 US).

May 1950 – 1950s The British IRD, Info Research Dept, liased with the CIA’s International Operations Dept. Anti-Communist. Trade Unions and Communists. A Foreign ministers conference was held in May 1950. 27 July 1959 the Korean war. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

May 1950 – Solomon Adler, manipulation, Communist Soviet agent. 1945-48 FBI. In May 1950 Adler left the US and went back to the UK. Later moving to China, a worker for China, Communist Socialist. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

May 1950 – The first Senate hearing into organized crime, was called the Kefauver committee, on gambling and the mafia. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

June 1950 – Stalin authorized the use of Soviet fighter planes manned by Soviet pilots over Korea, where they encountered American fighters flown by American pilots. This was the only time this US Soviet shootout occurred during the cold war. (The cold war. (c)2005 Gaddis).

16 June 1950 – Fuchs, to Sir Michael Perry and James Skardon. Also Hoover memo to White House.

23 June 1950 – Pinterest. The disappearance of Flight 2501. National airlines headed for Seattle Washington. Unsolved mystery.

July 1950 – The arrest of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. They were charged with espionage for the Soviet Union. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

17 July 1950 – The FBI arrested the Rosenberg’s. They were executed in June 1953. (FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

7 Aug 1950 – Grand jury testimony in the cold war era Rosenberg spy case revealed. Krishnadev Calamur. Testimony of David Greenglass. These documents were sealed for more than six decades, released now. (NPR 15 July 2015).

25 Sept 1950 – William Drury, Chicago police. Just before he was due to give info to a Kefauver committee . He was shot dead in his garage. Attorney Marvin Bas, another witness, was also murdered a few days before the Kefauver committee began in Chicago. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

2 Nov 1950 – Roosevelt archives Hyde park New York. Ernest Cuneo papers box 107 CIA file. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

1951 – The Village voice. In 1951 the FBI thought the Soviets might be hiding an atom bomb somewhere in New York city. Anna Merlan. Government Attic website USA.

1951 – Ten year old Beverly Potts went missing in Cleveland. A mystery call may help solve the 64 year old missing girl case. (Fox news Latino 2015).

1951 – Burton B Turkus. Sid Fedor. Murder inc, the story of the syndicate. New York FSG.

1951 – Covert tests on humans by military intel. Project THIRD CHANGE and DERBY HAT. Army drug testing program LSD. THIRD CHANCE and DERBY HAT LSD Sandoz company LSD in 1951.

1951 – A book was published called Murder inc, the syndicate. (The Havana mob. TJ English ©2007 UK).

1951 – Paul Helliwell and BCCI. Castle bank was set up and controlled by Paul Helliwell. In 1951 Helliwell set up and ran Sea supply corp, a CIA front for ten years. Sea supply was used to supply the KMT nationalists in Burma and the Thai police, opium trafficking. (Global research. Peter Dale Scott. 6 Sept 2008).

12 Feb 1951 – Interrogation techniques. CIA memo special interrogations. (Operation paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

May 1951 – Deciphered material supplied by the NSA said “Homer” who was Maclean, a British diplomat and spy. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

11 June 1951 – Arthur Martin, the case officer for Maclean, accompanied Sillitoe to Washington and they flew out on 11 June 1951 from London airport. The files they took were doctored. To remove evidence that M15 knew that Maclean was a suspect and that they had withheld into from the FBI. The files Sillitoe showed Hoover and CIA chief general Bedell Smith were misleading. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher. (C)1984 US).

4 Oct 1951 – Moretti was assassinated by order of the Mafia Committee.

4 Oct 1951 – Willie Moretti was about to testify to the Kefauver committee. The 51 year old New Jersey mobster. A gunman opened fire, he was hit and died in a pool of blood. Someone had shut Moretti up for good. (The Havana mob. TJ English (c)2007 UK).

8 Oct 1951 – More orphans home for adoption in US. The Irish Times Dublin.

1952 – J Edgar Hoover excluded the CIA from knowledge of the Venona program until 1952. (The hidden Hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1952 – Immigration and Nationalization Act of 1952, many older Japanese the Issai were seen as not fit to be citizens. (The untold story f the US. Oliver Stone ©2012 US).

1952 – Nixon and Murray Chotiner a lawyer, a secret fund. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1952 – Soviet Union, China and Korean communists. Harass, disabe and kill. Gain control of bodies, unwillingly. Harass, disable the kill. Soviet Union, China and Korea


1952 – CIA MKNAOMI army biological agents.

1952 – NSA has operated since 1952 in Maryland at a 1,000 acre complex at Fort Meade. SIGINT. NSA employed 40,000 people. (The Snowden files. Luke Harding. ©2014 UK).

1952-53 – NSA was responsible for communications intel or Comint. Electronic warfare UK/US GCHQ Dec 1952 1953. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

1952-55 – In 1955 creation of the Bilderberg group. ACUE and the CIA in Europe. An informal secret transatlantic council of decision makers. Bilderberg was formed by Joseph Retinger and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands in 1952. Hotel de Bilderberg in Holland 1954, provided by the CIA. Bilderberg and ACUE had the same founders, members etc. ACUE CIA links, records of CIA not released?. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1952-57 – On 1 Nov 1952 the weak AFSA was replaced by the NSA. In 1954 it moved to a site at Fort Meade Maryland. The new NSA HQ was built in 1955 and occupied in 1957. New NSA Pacific HQ in Tokyo. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

20 Jan 1952 – Willard Edwards. Secret papers missing, army red plot. Loyal group asks Congress probe. Washington Times Herald.

14 Feb 1952 – Nazi doctor Drew Pearson. The US Air Force hired Nazi doctors linked to ghastly experiments. AP 14 Feb 1952. (Operation Paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

7 March 1952 – New York Times. Cured in US of her ills. Life as Nazi guinea pig. (Operation paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

8 March 1952 – Arnold Schuster was shot dead on a Brooklyn street near his home. (The Havana mob. TJ English (c)2007 UK).

29 May 1952 – Chennault’s testimony given to the Senate internal security subcommittee. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

Aug 1952 – Four kilos of heroin, in Salerno east of Perreto. Aug 1952 ihe had been deported from the US to Italy, a friend of Giancari. Heroin seized in Salerno Italy was destined for Giancarli in the US, New York. Giancarli was killed one month later in the US. (Inside Interpol. Tom Tullett ©1963 UK).

Oct 1952 – The Armed Forces Security Agency which in Oct 1952 became the National Security Agency or NSA. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

3 Nov 1952 – In 1952 President Truman and the creation of the NSA under General Ralph Canine August 1952. In November Truman signed an order American Comint, NSA was given control over Comint in a document called NSC1D-9. NSA Comint. 3 Nov 1952 Fort Meade HQ for NSA under a secret program called project K. The worlds largest, most expensive and secret intel agency. (GCHQ. Richard J Aldrich (c)2010 UK).

1953 – In 1953 Rosario Ario Farulla was convicted of conspiracy for his role in the international crime ring that smuggled large amounts of heroin into the US from France. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US)

1953 – The Catholic association, a branch of the Knights of Malta, was founded in San Francisco.

1953 – Oscar Lewis. Sagebrush casinos. The story of legal gambling in Nevada. New York Doubleday.

1953 – Paul Bailey. Sam Brannan and the Caifornia Mormons. LA Westmore press.

1953 – The FBI case against Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, trial, prosecuted and executed for Soviet espionage in 1953. Much info came from venona, evidence of spying. Executed by electric shocks in Sing Sing prison. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

1953 – Sons accept end of ambiguity of Rosenberg spy case. Sam Roberts. Int Herald Tribune. 18 Sept 2008. Orphans of the cold war, 6 and 10 years old in 1953. Parents Rosenbergs were executed.

1953 – Cold war in history. Anti Catholic feeling was strong. Presidential campaign of John F Kennedy. (Blacklisted in history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1953 – Edward Rothschild was identified as a member of the Communist party. He worked at the government printing office GPO. FBI reports about Rothschild, said he had access to classified information from the printing office and nuclear secrets from the navy. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans. ©2007 US).

1953 – The US government project MKULTRA was a CIA program, a mind control project, child sex slaves. Captured children from care homes, Boys Town. 80 institutions MKULTRA, Nazi war crimes. Donald Ewen Cameron and William Sarganton.

1953 – MKULTRA was run by the CIA in 1953. It changed its name to MKSEARCH in 7 June 1964. It ran until June 1972. Psychological warfare. Dr Ewen Cameron ran inhuman experiments at Brandon mental prison in the 1930s. Inmates were naked in electric cages.

1953 – G David Schine was heir to a fortune. The Schine hotel and theatre chain. He went to Harvard, and was 25 years old in 1953. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

1953 – (Aangirfan 17 Nov 2014) In 1953 the US govt project MKULTRA was a CIA program for mind control. Child sex slaves, children in care homes. Boys Town Donald Ewen Cameron in Canada and William Sargent in London.

1953-57 – In Oct 1953 McCarthy began an investigation into Communist infiltration of the US military. The June 1953 the execution of Soviet spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. After the 1954 elections McCarthy went into political and physical decline. 3 years later he died, aged 49 in 1957. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

1953-63 – CIA project MKNAOMI army assisted CIA in tests and biological agents on humans and animals. Electro shock and harassment. Pharma and hospitals, Control of human beings, hypnosis LSD harassment.

1953-64 – CIA project MKULTRA until 15 July 1977. Recent discovery of 7 boxes of documents related to the project MKULTRA. The death of Frank Olsen. In 1953, leaped to his death from a hotel window in New York city. About a week after being given LSD.

1953-64 – CIA project MKULTRA. The destruction of most of the records in 1973. National record center outside Washington. FOIA requests. Church committee investigation in 1975. hypnosis and drugs electroshock harassment. Discrediting and disabling., Three jails and 12 hospitals. Using humans as guinea pigs. MKSEARCH CHICKWIT programs.

8 Jan 1953 – Harold Blauer died of a heart attack. Injection of mesculine, tests. New York psychiatric institutions and the US army. Drug tests by US intel LSD Mr Blauer died.

20 Jan 1953 – Wikipedia. Jeffrey Epstein paedophile billionaire. Registered sex offender. Manipulating child sex slaves. Religion Judaism. Born in Brooklyn New York. International child sex slave paedophile ring.

5 March 1953 – A VOA engineer and witness in the Baker West case, the engineer, major Raymond Kaptan was on a visit to Cambridge Massachusetts, when he fell or walked in front of a truck and was killed. (Blacklisted in history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

13 April 1953 – Project Monarch, mind control. Bibliotecaplegalc. R Patten. Project Artichoke and project MKULTRA came into existence on 13 April 1953. Richard Helms. CIA.

13 April 1953 – MKULTRA CIA program chemical and biological agents. Clandestine operation to control human behavior. Jan 1973 MKULTRA records were destroyed by Dr Sidney Gottlieb. MKULTRA was approved by CIA DCI on 13 April 1953. Manipulation of human behavior, unethical. Electroshocks psychiatry.

June 1953 – Drug tests on poor people. The first house was at 81 Bedford street Greenwich village New York. Two way mirrors, MKULTRA CIA men and surveillance. Spiking the drinks of these guinea pigs with drugs. (Brainwash. Dominic Streatfeild ©2006 UK).

20 June 1953 – New York Times. Death sentence on Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, executed as atom spies. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

31 July1953 – Ohio’s Robert Taft, Republican senator, died of cancer. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

Nov 1953 – June 1952 drugs and hypnosis, hypnosis murder experiments. Operation Artichoke. Medical experiments using drugs, torture and brainwashing Nov 1953 The Cold War. (Operation Paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

27 Nov 1953 – The death of Frank Olsen LSD tests by the CIA. Olsen fell to his death from a tenth story window in the Statler hotel.

28 Nov 1953 – Frank Olson, liason with the CIA technical division, allegedly leapt from a window after being given LSD. Unsolved mystery. (The annals of unsolved crime. EJ Epstein ©2012 US).

28 Nov 1953 – Frank Olson jumped from the tenth floor of New York Statlor hotel on 28 Nov 1953. An LSD experiment gone wrong. (Brainwash. Dominic Streatfield ©2006 UK).

29 Nov 1953 – CIA liason Frank Olson fell from a tenth floor window at the hotel Pennsylvania. Unsolved. (The annals of unsolved crime. EJ Epstein (c)2012 US).

1954 – Sid Fedor. Joachian Joesten. The Luciano story. New York David McKay.

1954 – Discredit in public. Hypnosis. QKHILLTOP study Chinese communist brainwashing techniques.

1954 – By 1954 drug money and casino earnings mingled, in organized crime capital and unions in Las Vegas. (Money and power. ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).

1954 – Patrick Anthony McCarran died of a stroke in Hawthorne, in winter 1954. (Money and power. ©2001 S Denton R Morris US).

1954 – Soviet intel officer Yuri Rastvorov, director of Soviet spy ring in Japan at the Soviet embassy in Tokyo. Defected to the west. Contact with Australians but refused to go to Britain or any British colony, for fear of betrayal, arrest and death. He went to America CIA. Moscow and M15 registers were photographed, Hollis was suspected. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

1954 – The Herlands report of 1954. US Naval intel and the New York Mafia. A Secret report that was still unpublished in 2007. (The mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

14 Jan 1954 – New York Yankee Joe DiMaggio married actress Marilyn Monroe aged 27. Her second marriage at San Francisco city hall. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 14 Jan 2015).

Feb 1954 – MKULTRA experiments with LSD. R Frank Olsen who died.

2 Feb 1954 – FBI report Jan 1951 and FBI file 2 Feb 1954. FBI officer Lou Nichols about Robert Kennedy. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

13 April 1954 – Deal between Lucky Luciano and US Naval intel. The Herlands report of 1954. Thomas E Dewey article in the uni of Rochester library New York. It has never been published. William B Herland. The “Luciano project”. (The Mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

18 June 1954 – Alabama Phenix city attorney general was assassinated. President Eisenhower declared martial rule. (Legacy of secrecy. Lamar Waldron ()2008 US).

Mid 1950s – Since the mid 1950s the Mafia controlled the American heroin trade. Corsican heroin dealers and labs in Sicily with French drug chemists. The French Corsicans and the Mafia flooded the US with heroin. Heroin addiction in the US rose from 50,000 in the 1950s to half a million. (World famous gangsters. Ian Schott ©1994 UK).

Late 1950s – Paul Helliwell moved to Miami where he was involved in the Bay of Pigs, and other CIA activity, against Cuba’s Castro. (Merchants of madness. B Lintner M Black ©2009 Thailand).

1955 – Joseph Di Palermo, Ralph Polizzano, Netale Evola and others were suspected of importing pure heroin from Europe and Cuba into the US. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©(2011 US).

1955 – J Edgar Hoover had both Arthur Miller and Marilyn Monroe placed under surveillance. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe (c)1998 UK).

1955 – San Francisco CIA house at 225 Chestnut street, overlooking the Golden gate bridge. Two way mirrors, women and poor people had drinks spiked. (Brainwash. Dominic Streatfeild. ©2006 UK).

1955 – CIA BW tests, which are still classified. Bacteria was released in Tampa bay Florida. Whooping cough infections and 12 deaths followed.

1955 – Mayor Daley in Chicago. Sam Giancana and the mafia, vote fraud was a way of life. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe ©1998 UK).

Late 1950s – James Angleton was CIA chief of Counter Intel, late 1950s. He was one of the original wartime OSS agents. He was trained in Counter Intel by Kim Philby at the old M16 office in Ryder street. Philby was posted to Washington as M16 station chief in 1949. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright. ©1987 UK).

1955-57 – Kennedy had 9 hospital admitions between 1955 and 57 and took lots of medication. Three doctors were treating Kennedy. (Reclaiming history. ©2007 Vincent Bugliosi US).

1955-62 – Army chemical corps LSD tests Fort Bragg and Edgewood Maryland 1958 LSD. May to Aug 1961 THIRD CHANCE LSD DERBY HAT army Aug to Nov 1962. 15 Oct 1959 US army intel LSD experiments on humans in 1955.

1955-63 – FAA report on Ferrie from 1963. Oswald met Ferrie at Lakefront then joined the CAP at Ferrie’s Moisant squadron in 1955. Oswald was in Ferrie’s CAP squad. Civil Air Patrol. Photos of Ferrie with Oswald. FBI report 11 Nov 1963 Oswald was underage. Ferrie a homosexual. (Reclaiming Parkland JFK. James DiEugenio ©2013 US).

20 Jan 1955 – The first nuclear powered submarine USS Nautilus was launched in Connecticut. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 20 Jan 2016).

June 1955 – By June 1955 half a million men were cut from the US army, and more were cut from the navy and marines. Only the number of air force personnel increased. (History Today. April 2013 UK).

28 Oct 1955 – Bill Gates (William Henry) founder and CEO of Microsoft, was born in Seattle. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 28 Oct 2015).

Nov 1955 – The Mafia brotherhood of Sicilian families. Drug trafficking, morphine in Lebanon and Syria for transit to the US. Smyrna port in Turkey. (Inside Interpol. Tom Tullett ©1963 UK).

1956 – A cover shipping company called Egerfangst, its first ship was the Eger. It was operational in 1956. Sigint systems were supplied by the NSA. Intel gathering over the Soviet Union. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1956 – A pictorial history of the American Indians. Oliver La Fage. New York Crown publishers. Worldcat database.

1956 – More than 3,000 shopping malls opened across the US. (The great cold war. Gordon S Barrass ©2009 US).

1956 – Kennedy ran for the Democratic nomination for vice President. (Kennedy and Nixon. (c)1996 Matthews).

1956 – Double identity of Oswald, Lee Harvey Oswald was an agent of the CIA years before the assassination. Double identity theory. In 1956 Lee Harvey Oswald joined the Marines. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1956-60 – In Jan 1956 the CIA set up MKULTRA Sub-project 54, subjects were reduced to the “the vegetable level”. CIA officer John Gittinger and MKULTRA sub-project 68, April 1957 to June 1960. (Brainwash. Dominic Streatfield ©2006 UK).

1956-63 – Lawyer advisor Mario Brod, a former US army intel captain, who assisted Angleton’s OSS unit in Rome during World War II. Angleton got him for Golitsyn in 1963. In 1956 Brod opened his own law office on Broadway park avenue, from where he helped the CIA with difficult jobs in the intel business, that needed untraceable intermediary. Brod died in 1980.

1956-63 – In 1956 Frank Wisner headed to the CIA station in Rome Italy, he was taken to Bethesda naval hospital in Washington. Six months later, after electro convulsives, he was made regional head of the CIA London station. Alleged suicide in 1963. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1956-71 – COINTELPRO 1971 a left wing group broke into the FBI field office, they emptied file cabinets. 1,000 documents 1972. COINTELPRO began in 1956 by FBI boss J Edgar Hoover. It operated until 1971. anti-Communist. (The many faces of Anonymous. Gabriella Coleman ©2014 US).

17 Feb 1956 – Benedetto Cinquegrana associations with Chinese drug dealers like Wong Gum Hoy, both were arrested 17 Feb 1956. half a pound of opium. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Farerra ©2011 US).

1 July 1956 – Aug 1962 – Marilyn Monroe converted to Judaism. Rabbi Robert Goldberg in New Haven Connecticut. After her Jan 1961 divorce she was still Jewish until her death in Aug 1962. (Converts to Judaism. Lawrence J Epstein c)2015 UK US).

28 Aug 1956 – COINTELPRO was a Counter Intel program of the FBI. 15 years of COINTELPRO. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

6 Nov 1956 – US President Eisenhower was re-elected. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 6 Nov 2015).

28 Dec 1956 – Pinterest. Barbara Grimes and Patricia Grimes disappeared in Chicago Ilinois. Bodies found on 22 Jan 1957. Unsolved murders.

1957 – Frantisek Tisler worked as a cipher clerk in the Czech embassy in Washington. Tisler was run by the FBI, and they passed into M15 items of intel which related to British security. He went back to Czech in summer 1957 and met up with Colonel Pribyl who was on leave from his post to London as the military attaché.

1957 – Pinterest. Soldiers watch an atomic explosion during Exercise Desert Rock VII at Nevada test site. Tumblr.

1957 – Archives 1667-1900. Angelico Chavez. Catholic archdiocese of Santa Fe. Washington Academy of American Franciscan history. Worldcat database.

1957 – De Mohrenschildt got in touch with Oswald and his wife as a result of a request from Dallas CIA chief J Welton Moore. Suggestion that De Mohrenschildt was a KGB agent assigned to be Oswald’s handler in Dallas. De Mohrenschildt was in contact with the KGB in 1957. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jarome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1957 – Theodore Draper. The roots of American Communism. New York Viking.

1957 – 2 million member truck union was ousted from the rest of the Labor movement in 1952. For racketeer. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1957 – Irving Howe. Lewis Coser. The American Communist party. Boston Beacon.

1957 – Interstate mafia meeting in New York. Mafia in the village of Apalachin, black cadillacs and Lincolns, 63 people were arrested and had to identify themselves before they were released. Vito Genovese of New York. John Scalisi of Cleveland. Joseph Zerilli of San Fransico. Joseph Civello of Dallas. Santos Trafficante of Miami and 57 other Italians. (FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US)

1957-62 – Know what to look for and evaluate what you find. Colonel Rudolf Abel, the Soviet illegal arrested in New York in 1957, was exchanged for Francis Gary Powers in 1962. (Penkovsky papers. ©1965 O Penkovsky).

1957-64 – Dr D Ewen Cameron MKULTRA. Psychiatry Manitoba Brandon mental prison aka black jail. Insulin. Natural news.

1957-67 – Gorman annex began in 1957 … in March 1959. CIA MKULTRA projecrt human tests. Dr Geschickter sleep drugs MKSEARCH CIA. Through July 1967 at Georgetown university hospital Gorman annex.

1957-74 – Sindona was a Siclian mafia in Palermo. Sindona was head banker trans Atlantic heroin trade. In 1974 collapse of Sindona controlled Franklin National bank of New York. The largest bank failure in US history. Collapse of Banca private Italiana of Milan. US Italy Switzerland Zurich bank that Sindona controlled. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1957-78 – Pennsylvania large defence contract Medico industries a multi million dollar corporation in Luzerne county $39 million Pentagpn contract to produce 60,000 warheads for use in Vietnam. Phillip Medico a capo in mafia family. Medico officer James Osticco attended the 1957 Apalach mafia meeting. A Dorman payoff. Time mag 6 March 1978. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

25 Jan 1957 – The FBI arrested Jack and Myra Sobel for espionage based on Boris Morros evidence. (Venona chronology 1939-1996 Denis Naranjo).

30 Jan 1957 – Robert Kennedy and the Kefauver committee. Investigating Jimmy Hoffa. (Mafia pdf).

19 Feb 1957 – Joseph Gernie was arrested on 18 Sept 1957 for his part in a drug ring, that sold heroin to undercover agents purchased heroin. Gernie was sentenced to ten years jail on 19 Feb 1957 and fined $5,000. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©20911 US).

13 March 1957 – The FBI arrested Jimmy Hoffa on bribery charges. (N 3/13/98) Timeline internet.

2 May 1957 – Joe McCarthy died on 2 May 1957, he is buried on a hillside in Appleton, Fox river. He was only 48 year old when he died. (Blacklisted by history. Joe McCarthy. M Stanton Evans ©2007 US).

21 June 1957 – FBI agents arrested Colonel Rudolf Ivanovich Abel, a Soviet espionage agent in New York city. Convicted and sentenced to 30 years jail, Abel was exchanged in Feb 1962 for captured U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers.

25 Oct 1957 – Albert Anastasia was gunned down in a barber shop. Genovese was mafia boss of bosses. The Apalachin mafia convention in New York. (FBI 100 years Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

25 Oct 1957 – Anastasia was in Manhattan at a barber shop. Two men with their faces covered with scarfs shot and killed him. No one identified the gunmen.

Nov 1957 – Major Mafia gathering of crime family bosses at Apalachin New York. Vito Genovese had just eliminated Albert Anastasia. The police raided the meeting. (The Mafia at war. Tim Newark ©2007 Italy).

14 Nov 1957 – Mafia figures from major families met in the small upstate New York town of Apalachia. The meetings at the farm of Joseph Barbara, where more than 100 mafia attended. (Mafia son. ©2009 Aust Sandra Harmon).

14 Nov 1957 – The Apalachin New York mafia meeting. The police arrested 60 mafia members at the meeting. (Mafia pdf).

28 Nov 1957 – Dr W A Stohl jr psychiatrist in Bleulera clinic Zurich Switzerland. Prof Rothland in Geneva. Dr Harold Abramson an allergist in New york. 26 Nov 1953 28 Nov 1953, 2.30am Olsen crashed through the closed window and fell to his death from a window on the tenth floor.

1958 – Elizabeth Taylor became Jewish. Marriage to a Jewish film producer Mike Todd. In 1958 Mike Todd died in an airplane crash. (Converts to Judaism. Lawrence J. Epstein US UK (c)2015).

Sept 1958 – May 1960 – Lewis J McWillie was manager of the mafia owned Tropicana hotel in Havana Cuba. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem (c)1988 US).

1959 – Eight spies against America. George John Dasch. New York RM McBride. Worldcat database.

1959 – Summer 1959 in Cuba, mafia boss Santos Trafficante was held by Castro in Trescornia detention camp. Trafficante was rleased by the Cuban govt in Aug to Sept 1959. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1959 – William H Whalen, one of Soviet intel’s best recruits in the US. He was an army lieutenant Colonel who in 1959 served as an advisor to the joint chiefs of staff. Whalen betrayed his country for money. He gave the GRU details on American nuclear weapons, operational plans for US forces in the event of war and US intel estimates of Soviet military capabilities and other info. (Espionage. ©1995 E Volkman).

1959 – Frederic Sondern. Brotherhood of evil, the mafia. New York. Farrar Staus and Cudaly.

1959 – In a visit to the US embassy in Moscow 31 Oct 1959 Oswald and U-2 spy planes. Oswald as the source of the Soviet U-2 intel? By Jan 1963 Chinese US relations were at a new crisis. 16 Aug 1963 Oswald was found in New Orleans handing out leaflets for the fair play for Cuba committee. In 1963 Oswald began Vincent T Lee a Maoist organization. Membership card on 29 May 1963 for Oswald. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1959 – JFK meeting with Sam Giancana and mayor Richard Daley about the election campaign. Sam Giancana’s brother Chuck. FBI surveillance said a deal the mafia, in which they would assist JFK’s election campaign. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe ©1998 UK).

1959 – Two NSA cryptanalysts defected to the Soviet union betraying vital secrets. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright. ©1987 UK).

1959-60 – The FBI watched Oswald from 1959 as a possible Soviet spy. There was a file on him in the Dallas office in May 1960. Oswald went to Moscow and gave up his US citizenship. (FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

1959-62 – Lee Harvey Oswald was a case of double identity used by the Intel agencies for years. Oswald was 13 years old, two young Lee Harvey Oswald, an eastern European refugee who spoke Russian. Harvey Oswald was recruited by the CIA for MK-ULTRA. Merge his identities over a number of years. Lee Harvey Oswald defected to the Soviet Union in 1959 retuning in 1962 career CIA officials. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1959-62 – 7 Dec 1959 army intel general Willems LSD project THIRD CHANCE FBI and CIA cooperation.THIRD CHANCE 1961 tests. 6 Sept 1961 LSD. Sept 1962 army DERBY HAT tests LSD. 15 Oct 1959 LSD army intel.

1959-63 – When the first round of CIA Mafia plots to assassiate Castro in 1959 failed, the CIA began increasing efforts in 1960. Three months before the presidential elections. The CIA brought Tony Varona into the plot at this time. Also Santo Trafficante, Johnny Rosselli and Sam Giancana. The CIA continued their work with the Mafia, stilll going on in 1963. (Legacy of secrecy. Lamar Waldron (c)2008 US).

24 March 1959 – Marcello refused to answer questions at the Kefauver committee. Robert Kennedy. (mafia pdf).

27 March 1959 – Elizabeth Taylor at the Temple Israel in Hollywood, 27 years old. She took the Hebrew name Elisheba Rachel and became Jewish. (Converts to Judaism. Lawrence J Epstein US UK (c)2015).

May 1959 – Khrushchev arrived on a tour of the US in May 1959. John Foster Dulles was in hospital with terminal cancer, and died soon after Khrushchev’s departure. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

17 Aug 1959 – 7.1 earthquake at Yellowstone national park. Timeline of earthquakes.

Sept 1959 – Marilyn Monroe met with Soviet premier Nikita Khrushchev at an event at Fox studios. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe ©1998 UK).

25 Sept 1959 – Anthony Carfano and a woman were found shot to death in his Cadillac on a street in Jackson heights Queens. Carfano had skipped the mafia meeting.

24 Dec 1959 – Goleniewski defected to America, a KGB spy inside British SIS, M16. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

1960 – Close bitter fight for the Presidency, John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon. (Kennedy and Nixon. ©1996 C Matthews).

1960 – Tony Varona had ties to Santo Traficante and Johnny Rosselli. (legacy of secrecy. Lamar Waldron (c)2008 US.)

1960 – Jimmy Savile visited Elvis Presley in California. Billy Bryars was the son of an oil magnate who ran a boys brothel called Laurel Lavyon in California. Boys brothel, J Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson. Site for CIA mind control experiments. Elvis was mind controlled.

1960 – Book written by Robert Kennedy about the mafia. The enemy within. Jerry Wald died suddenly. Just before the Kennedy Nixon debate, mafia boss Carlos Marcello gave $500,000 in cash to Nixon through Jimmy Hoffa. The CIA mafia anti Castro alliance in the early 1960s.(The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1960 – Theodore Draper. American Communism and Soviet Russia. Viking NY.

1960 – Invoices record of C2766 after it was shipped from Genoa Italy to New Jersey in 1960. When Fred Rupp of Crescent rifles, paper trail records for the specific C2766, 3336. (Reclaiming Parkland. JFK James DiEugenio ©2013 US).

1960 – Washington private former FBI agent, Robert Mahem, was friends with Johnny Roselli, mafia. Roselli was an illegal Sicilian émigré called Don Giovanni. Roselli worked for Chicago leader Al Capone and in late summer 1960 Mahem met with Roselli at the Brown Derby restaurant in Beverly hills California, killing Castro, Roselli’s boss, San Gianiana Chicago, who also trained under Capone. Santo Trafficante from Florida worked with Roselli. (Bay of pigs. Howard Jones ©2008 US).

1960 – J Edgar Hoover and attorney general Nicholas Katzenbach. Bugs evidence of the mafia, called malpractise. (FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

1960 – The Kennedy White House, Giancana and hit man John Rosselli and the assassination attempt on Fidel Castro of Cuba. CIA, the prosecution of Giancana could implicate the Kennedy’s in crimes. (FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

1960 – FBI annual report said that 2,600 to 5,000 pounds or 1,200 to 2,300 kg’s of heroin came into the US from France. (Gangsters inc. Thom L Jones).

1960 – Former ambassador Joe Kennedy and his dynasty. Sam Giancana and the Chicago mafia, cash for the election of his son in1960. Sam Giancana and Jack Kennedy were both involved with Judith Campbell Exner and Frank Sinatra. (FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

1960s – Space is also an area within which State Intel agencies exercise power over the internet. Since the 1960s satellites collected SIGINT. Signals sent to NSA listening stations. Like Australia’a Pine Gap and Germany’s Bad Aibling, other SIGINT satellites. NSA operates SIGINT collection facilities at ground stations, to collect transmissions from civilian satellites intercepting diplomatic communications. Signals intel gathering is highly secret. (Black code. Ronald J Deibert (c)2013 Canada).

1960s – The early 1960s, defection of American SIGINT specialists from the NSA. William Martin and Bernon Mitchell defected. A massive investigation was launched by 15 NSA investigators. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

Early 1960s – Cold war effort, the Kennedy administration formed the interagency special group counter-insurgency.

Early 1960s – Johnny Roselli was involved in plots by the mafia and CIA to assassinate Fidel Castro. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem, (c)1988 US). (Comment: With so many people killed by the mafia so easily. Its strange that today in 2015 Fidel Castro is still alive.)

1960s – Daniel Ellsberg a nuclear theorist from RAND corp, working in the Pentagon. Published the Pentagon papers on Vietnam. (Cold war. ©1993 M Walker).

1960s – After Castro closed the Casinos in Havana, run by Meyer Lansky. John F Kennedy’s marriage in his youth. Roselli wiped all legal documents from public records regarding this marriage. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

No date – Medico industries of Pennsylvania got a $3.9 million contract to produce 600,000 warheads for the war in Vietnam. The mafia boss visited medico. Company president Phillip Medico was a capo in the Butalino mafia family. A third Medico official had been arrested at the 1957 mafia meeting in Apalachin New York. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1960 – The US conducted extensive aerial bombardment of Laos, the north Vietnamese and Ho chi Minh trail. ( Laos timeline).

1960s – Computers provide storage for data in huge databases on CDs and internet archives. The 1960s magnetic tapes, recorded then, cannot be read now, because the hardware and software that originally created them is now obsolete and has been destroyed. (A history of info storage and retrieval. Foster Stockwell ©2001 US).

1960-61 – More than 70 aircraft were hijacked in the air in America. For political reasons in connection with the revolt in Cuba. (Inside Interpol. Tom Tullett ©1963 UK).

1960-62 – Twice in 1960 and again in 1961 Denis Nikolayevich Polyakov, lieutenant colonel in GRU, went to the US with Soviet delegates to carry out intel work. Early in 1962 he went on temporary duty to Cuba, to train deep cover illegal agents for work in the US and Latin American countries. He was the chief of the America desk. (Penkovsky papers. ©1965 O Penkovsky).

1960-62 – The FBI tapped and altered JFK and White house phone records between 1960 and 1962. J Edgar Hoover was FBI Director. The FBI tried to frame up the mafia. Many unsolved murders related to JFK’s death. People who testified as witnesses in the US. (The mafia killed president Kennedy. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1960-63 – Oleg Dmitryevich Brykin, KGB agent in the US, undercover as a translator at the UN in New York. (Undercover lives. (c)1998 H Womack).

1960-63 – Jack Ruby and New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello and the Marseilles heroin trade through New Orleans and Texas in the 1960s. The French connection On 20 Nov 1963 a woman Rose Cheramie, one of 30 aliases used by Melba Christine Marcades, or Melba Christine Youngblood, 34 years old a drug addict and arrested for alleged prostitution. She also worked for Jack Ruby in his Carousel club in Dallas. She was using heroin for nine years. She worked as a drug dealer for Jack Ruby. Police put her in jail. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jarome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1960s-70s – Banks in the Caribbean were associated with the CIA. Castle bank and Trust company and an affiliate called Mercentile bank and Trust ltd. Both run by OSS veteran Paul Helliwell, used by the C IA for covert ops. Helliwell was OSS head of special intel in China during the war. Later he helped establish several proprieties, companies that were secretly owned by the CIA. He was involved in founding Civil Air Transport, Sea Supply and Air America.

Jan 1960 – Dr Greenson was on the Communist party secret list of analysts approved for party members. “Normal” Marxism. He first met Marilyn Monroe in Jan 1960. Investigated by the un American activities committee. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe ©1998 UK).

Feb 1960 – Judith Campbell met Kennedy while he was a senator. She was also involved with Frank Sinatra. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem (c)1988 US).

7 Feb 1960 – Judith Campbell in Las Vegas at the Sands hotel. JFK had an affair, links to Roselli, Sam Giancana and Frank Sinatra. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

7 Feb 1960 – Jack Kennedy and Teddy Kennedy in Las Vegas for a meeting with Frank Sinatra and Sam Giancana. JFK was headed for the White house. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe ©1998 UK).

June 1960 – Israel’s attack on the American NSA Sigint collection ship, the USS Liberty, killing 40 people. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

20 July 1960 – Marilyn Monroe, FBI agent Bill Roemer had Sam Giancana under surveillance, among the guests at the Cal Neve that weekend were John and Jack Kennedy, Sam Giancana and Johnny Rosselli. D’Amato, a fixer of the west Virginia primary and former pit boss in Havana Thunderbird for Giancana, (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe ©1998 UK).

Aug 1960 – Defection of William H Martin and Bernon F Mitchell, two American NSA civilians who went to the Soviet Union in Aug 1960. (GCHQ Richard J Aldrich ©2010 UK).

20 Aug 1960 – Papers from history. Wisconsin State journal. 20 Aug 2014.U-2 spy plane pilot Francis Gary Powers was convicted of espionage against the Soviet Union, ten years jail.

21 Sept 1960 – President Nixon launched ‘Operation Intercept’. More than 2,000 customs agents went to the American side of the Mexican border to stop the marijuana trade. 10 planes a night were crossing the border. (Drug barons. Paul Copperwaite ©2010 US UK).

24 Sept 1960 – CIA operations support chief James O’Connell. Robert Maheu. FBI CIA. Johnny Rosselli. Sam Giancana and Santo Trafficante.

8 Nov 1960 – Polls and voting for John F Kennedy, a narrow victory over Richard Nixon. Kennedy won the election. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe ©1998 UK).

10 Nov 1960 – The President the re appointed J Edgar Hoover as FBI director. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe (c)1998 UK).

17 Nov 1960 – News that Clark Gable had died of a massive heart attack. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe ©1998 UK).

9 Dec 1960 – James Angleton was counterintel for the CIA from 1954 to 1975. He opened a 201 personality file on Oswald in 9 Dec 1960, after Oswald defected to the USSR. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1961 – Harold Bell Hancock. Delaware during the civil war. Wilmington. Delaware historical society of Delaware.ISBN 0-924117-24-9.

1961 – Henry J Anslinger. Will Dursler. The murderers, the story of the narcotic gangs. New York. Farrar, Strau and Cudaly.

1961 – Pres Kennedy fired CIA Director Allen Dulles over the Bay of Pigs. Operation Mongoose.

1961 – Wikipedia. Robert Engler. The politics of oil. New York.

1961 – Spring 1961 US army intel program codenamed THIRD CHANCE interrogations, LSD, in Europe. (Brainwash. Dominic Streatfeild ©2006 UK).

1961 – Offshore tax havens. President Kennedy asked Congress for legislation to drive these tax havens out of existence. (Nicholas Shaxson. Treasure islands (c)2011 UK).

1961 – Bob Neuman, a pilot flew Marilyn Monroe and Jack Kennedy to a private ranch in Idaho in 1961. Neuman recalled flying Robert Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe to a Bing Cosby ranch in San Lucas . (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe (c)1998 UK).

1961 – A guide to archives and manuscripts in the US. Philip M Hamer. National historical publication. New haven Yale uni press. Worldcat database.

1961 – Edith Simon. The Knights of the Maltese cross. Horizon New York. James Parton.

1961 – Ezra Goodman. The 50 year decline and fall of Hollywood. New York Simon Schuster.

1961 – Natural news. Yale psychiatrist Stanley Milgram. The holocaust and electric shocks. Milgram experiments. 1962-1980. Laurel childrens center in Maryland. Prison inmates and drugs tests. 1963 Chester M Southan Ohio state prison in 1952. 22 patients at the Berkeely Jewish childrens hospital.

1961 – In 1961 when Robert Kennedy became Attorney General. Teamsters union Jimmy Hoffa was one of those targeted by the “get Hoffa squad”. (Mafia pdf).

1961 – The CIA Bay of Pigs invasion had recently failed. The Kennedy’s purged all those responsible for the Cuban fiasco. John McCone became CIA director, after Allen Dulles was removed after Bay of Pigs. (Spycatcher. Peter Wright (c)1987 UK).

1961-62 – The secret service had recorded 34 threats on the President Kennedy’s life from Texas. (Reclaiming history. ©207 Vincent Bugliosi).

1961-63 – On the day JFK died, the US had 15 thousand American advisors in South Vietnam the same JFK sent in 1961. Only 4 days after JFK was shot, on 26 Nov 1963, JFK withdrawl policy on Vietnam. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1961-63 – The attempt on the life of Cuba’s Fidel Castro by the mafia and CIA. Code named AMLASH which was in progress when JFK was killed. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schem (c)1988 US).,

1961-73 – US CIA backed secret army in Laos fighting the Pathet Lao and north Vietnamese. More than 50,000 Hmong civilians died. ( Laos timeline).

1961-81 – Dmitri Polyakov a major general in the Soviet military intel, spied for nearly 20 years for the CIA. Soviet missiles info. (The new spy masters. Stephen Grey (c)2015 UK).

1961-1994 – Bay of Pigs April 1961, a disaster for the US and the Cuban exiles the CIA recruited. Kennedy met with Guyana’s President Cheddi Jagan in Washington in Oct 1961. Kennedy ordered the CIA to get rid of him. In 1994 the State dept and CIA withheld documents from 30 year declassification about Guyana. (We know now. John Lewis Gaddis ©1997 US).

20 Jan 1961 – JFK Democrat was inaugurated as US Pres. The youngest ever sworn in. Also a Catholic. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 20 Jan 2016).

20 Jan 1961 – When President Kennedy took the oath of office, he inherited the ongoing Cuban project from the Eisenhower administration. (Bay of pigs. ©2008 Howard Jones US).

13 March 1961 – Elizabeth Gurley Finn, aged 70, became pres of US Communist party.

26 March 1961 – How Kennedy’s men saw the cold war. Michael Davie. The Observer UK.

15 April 1961 – The covert invasion, flight of B-26 marked as Cuban air force planes flew from Puerto Cabezsai Nicaragua to bomb the Cubans near Havana. JFK called Bissell and Dulles and threatened to break the CIA into a thousand pieces. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

7 July 1961 – James R Hoffa was elected chairman of Teamsters.

Sept 1961 – Three microfilms delivered to the CIA by Colonel Oleg Penkovsky, the Soviet military intel official who had been recruited by British intel. Late 1961, blurred early photos were confirmed by Penkovsky. (Cold war. ©1993 M Walker).

9 Oct 1961 – US members of the Communist party were obliged to report themselves to the police.

10 October 1961 – President Kennedy arrived in Dallas to visit Sam Rayburns deathbed. He was greeted by the chief of police. (Death of a President. ©1967 W Mandata).

12 Oct 1961 – A new COINTELPRO began. The Socialist workers party SWP, Communists and Trotsky. Morris J Starsky was a Trotskyist. (FBI a history. Rodris Jeffresy Jones. ©2007 US).

Nov 1961 – JFK sacked Allen Dulles head of the CIA. (Before its news. 26 Nov 2015. Makia Freeman Waking Times).

Nov 1961 – Angelton advised John McCone, the CIA newly appointed director, who succeeded Dulles in November 1961, to allow Golitsyn access to the DCI office. A KGB defector. A KGB mole called SASHA was revealed by Golitsyn. There was possibly a mole other than SASHA in the CIA.

18 Nov 1961 – JFK sent 18,000 military advisors to south Vietnam. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 18 Nov 2015)

29 Nov 1961 – John A McCone replaces Allen W Dulles as 6th Director of CIA.

Dec 1961 – KGB major Anatoli Golitsyn defected to the US from Helsinki Finland. (Spies revolutionaries. Graeme Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

19 Dec 1961 – Joseph P Kennedy had a stroke on 19 Dec 1961 at the age of 73. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1962 – When Lee Harvey Oswald lived in the Soviet Union the KGB assigned Nosenko to watch him, to see if he was a CIA plant. Nosenko said he was not. The KGB considered the idea of recruiting him, then allowed him to return to the US with his Russian born wife. The KGB did have an involvement with Oswald, raising the possibility of presidential assassination arranged by the KGB. (Espionage. ©1995 E Volkman).

1962 – In early 1962 the CIA moved to its HQ at Langley Virginia. Angleton’s counter intel staff had grown to nearly 200 people.

1962 – US marines arrived in Laos. ( Laos timeline).

1962 – Joe Profaci, was born in Sicily, he ruled one of the New York city mafia families for nearly 30 years. Profaci died of cancer in 1962 and was replaced by underboss Joseph Magliocco. (Mafia son. ©2009 Sandra Harmon Aust).

1962 – John L McClellan. Crime without punishment. New York Duell Sloan and Pearce.

1962 – Private eye Fred Otash, former LA policeman. He was hired by Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa to place bugs in the Lawford beach house and Monroe’s Brentwood residence. The tapes proved that Bobby Kennedy was at the Monroe residence on the day of her death. Also tried to set him up. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe. ©1998 UK).

1962 – Gus Tyler. Organised crime in America. Ann Arbor. Uni of Michigan press.

1962 – ‘Operation Buster Jangle’. Doctors at SAM. Records were classified flashblindness. Records were allegedly lost or destroyed. (Operation Paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

1962 – JIOA colonel Henry Whalen 1957-59. Whalen was a Soviet spy. In 1962 JIOA was disbanded. The Paperclip program was taken over by the Pentagon, ARPA. DARPA, most of the FBI investigation of Whalen was classified. (Operation Paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

1962 – Felix frankfurter. The case of Sacco and Vanzetti. New York Gossett Dunlop.

1962 1963 – 9 Nov 1963 Union organizer William Somersett a former Ku Klux Klan, working for the Miami police dept in 1962. Secret service agent Forrest V Sorrell in Dallas . In Nov 1963 FBI agent Don Adams investigated Joseph Mitteer’s threats against JFK. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerson C Corsi ©2013 US).

1962-67 – 8 June 1962 Yuri Ivanovich Nosenko. In Nov 1963 President Kennedy was shot. MKULTRA doctor John Gittenger spent weeks interrogating Nosenko. Yuri Nosenko was released on Oct 1967 after 1277 days in solitary. (Brainwash Dominic Streatfield ©2006 UK).

1962-73 – Richard Helms was DDO in 1962-65 and DCI 1966-73. He departed from the CIA in 1973.

1962-74 – The CIA worked through the office of public safety, a division of US AID that sent police advisers to other countries. Established by president John F Kennedy in 1962, OPS grew in six years into a global anti communist operation with an annual budget of $35 million and over 400 US advisors assigned worldwide. By 1971 the program had trained over one million police officers in 47 countries.

1962-77 – Vladimir Chuchukin KGB was at the UN in New York. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher (c)1984).

1962-1992 – Jimmy Hoffa wanted a derogatory profile on Bobby Kennedy. Otash planted bugs which were installed in the house, bedrooms and phone. Recorded at Marilyn Monroe’s house. Otash died in LA Oct 1992 leaving a million dollar estate. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe. ©1998 UK).

Jan March 1962 – The man who stole the French connection. Gangsters inc. 2 May 2011 Thom L Jones. 6 March 1962 New York. 51 kgs heroin, the largest drug bust at the time. Drug bust in Jan 1962.

31 Jan 1962 – Gen Charles P Cabell USAF ends term as deputy director of CIA.

Feb 1962 – Pres Kennedy’s fixe,r Harvard historian Arthur Schlesinger jr. Papers held in the Pres Kennedy’s private archives. It was the State dept which gave funds through US trade/labour unions. (Empire of secrets. Calder Walton ©2013).

Feb 1962 – The AFC CIO trade/labour union HQ was blown up by five molotov cocktails. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem (c)1988 US).

Feb March 1962 – Eunice Murray, Marilyn met with Churchill Murray, her brother a Communist who ran Communist programs, Mexico, Cuba and Soviet Union, to Frederick Vanderbilt Field. Field was a Comintern operative for the Soviets. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe ©1998 UK).

7 Feb 1962 – Lucky Luciano was buried in St John cemetery New York. (Wikipedia).

7 Feb 1962 – Lucky Luciano died on 26 Jan 1962 in Naples Italy. He was buried on 7 Feb 1962 at St John cemetery in New York US.

March 1962 – FBI director J Edgar Hoover and Kennedy had lunch. That ended Kennedy’s affair with Judith Campbell. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

March 1962 – Federal agents seized Greg Scarpa sr outside New York state, after an investigation into an armed robbery. Thus began Scarpa’s connection with the FBI. His mafia boss was Joe Colombo. Scarpa avoided jail. Greg Scarpa sr admitted to murdering more than 50 people, with the assistance or knowledge of his FBI friends. (Mafia son. ©2009 Sandra Harmon Aust).

March-Aug 1962 – On 21 Aug 1962, Technology of the modern world of forensic medicine gave the final verdict, the case was a homocide. Marilyn’s file cabinet was broken into and many papers were missing, it was forcibly broken into. Things kept disappearing from the files, so she got the locks changed. Locks were changed on 15 March 1962. Marilyn’s diary included government plans to use the mafia to assassinate Fidel Castro. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. Donald H Wolf ©1998 UK).

6 March 1962 – FBI Marilyn Monroe was with Communist Frederick Vanderbilt Field, a Soviet espionage agent. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe ©1998 UK).

22 March 1962 – JFK and J Edgar Hoover had a rare meeting at the White House. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe ©1998 UK).

3 April 1962 – Lt Gen Marshall S Carter became Deputy Director of CIA.

8 April 1962 – Anthony Strollo left his home to go for a walk and was never seen again. His body was never found.

May 1962 – CIA brief Robert Kennedy, $150,000 was offered to the US mafia for the assassination of Fidel Castro. (SFC 7/2/97 pA5) Timeline internet).

May June 1962 – Marilyn Monroe at Madison 19 May 1962, many photos were taken but only one remained, they were destroyed by the secret service. 1 June 1962 the last day she would appear before a camera, also her birthday 36 years old. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe ©1998 UK).

June 1962 – Oswald with the help of a State department loan, returned to Texas with his Russian wife and infant girl. He had tried to defect and both his conduct in Russia and his behavior after his return brought him under surveillance from the FBI. FBI office in Dallas and the five man secret service office there. Oswald’s file was in the hands of FBI agent James P Hosty jr, a 35 year old. (Death of a President. ©1967 W Manchester).

4 June 1962 – Lee Harvey Oswald departs from Rotterdam on the SS Maasdan to the US.

11 June 1962 – President John F Kennedy Comcast address. Yale uni.

11 June 1962 – Missing JW and Clarence Anglin, the prisoners who escaped from Alcatraz. They were sent to Alcatraz in the early 1960s, after they tried to escape from Leavenworth federal penitentary. On 11 June 1962 they escaped their cells at Alcatraz with Frank Morris. They were never heard of again. No bodies were found, They had robbed a bank in Alabama. Alfred Anglin. (How to disappear. (c)2009 Australia. Frank M Ahearn. Eileen C Horan).

13 June 1962 – Oswald, Arthur Edwards. J Epstein.

July 1962 – Eunice Murray, a nurse, her husband who was a left wing labor leader organizer of strikes and Soviets. Meeting at the Greenson’s. Espionage Cell leaders were psychiatrists, Soviet espionage agents Marxists, as “normal”. Greensonwas a Comintern operative and Mrs Murray. Gross manipulation and threats. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe ©1998 UK).

July Aug 1962 – 13 July 1962, FBI memo said Marilyn Monroe, Communist, 3 weeks before her death. Links between Marilyn and Soviet agent Frederick Vanderbilt Field. The Kennedy library had a daily diary and info relating, but info for July Aug are missing from the archive and where they are remains unknown. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe ©1998 UK).

13 July 1962 – Samuel Roseman was chairman of the board at Fox, who Marilyn worked for. He was a key aide to Franklin Roosevelt, partner of Clark Clifford. Bobby Kennedy. FBI 13 July 1962. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe ©1998 UK).

23 July 1962 – International Geneva Switzerland agreement, on the neutrality of Laos.

August 1962 – Angelo Anthony Buia and five other mafia, including Benedetto Cinquegrana and Carmine Locascio, pleaded not guilty to operating an international drug ring worth $100 million in heroin into the US over ten years. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

Aug 1962 – When Noguchi asked for the samples, he was amazed to find that the samples he and Miner had prepared under supervision of Curphey had all vanished. The disappearance of these specimens is perhaps the most astonishing of the list of irregularities relating to the autopsy. These missing specimens contained vital info about the mode of death. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. Donald H Wolfe ©1998 UK).

Aug 1962 – The OCID file room, Organized Crime Intel Division, confidential files, among them was the Marilyn Monroe file and a copy of her diary. A journal with notes about conversations she had with John F Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. On the night she died her file cabinet was broken into and much of the contents removed. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. Donald H Wolfe ©1998 UK).

Aug 1962 – Some areas in the Marilyn Monroe case were covered up. Evidence disappeared. Papers were taken from files. Someone in the department was removing key material from the Monroe file. Info leaving the file was never replaced. One item that vanished was Monroe’s diary, or book of secrets, a red covered book, the red diary. A major national security concern. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. Donald H Wolfe ©1998 UK).

Aug 1962 – The specimens disappeared at the toxicological lab at the UCLA school of medicine where Greenson was a member of the faculty. Missing organ samples. Its difficult to ignore, that those specimens just disappeared. Their had never been a previous incident where organ samples vanished. Curphey was covering up the death. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. Donald H Wolfe ©1998 UK).

Aug 1962 – Jack Clemmens was convinced that Marilyn was murdered. In the weeks following the funeral the Press said that Marilyn Monroe had left the bulk of her estate to Lee Strasberg, but that she had died broke and in debt. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. Donald Wolfe ©1998 UK).

August 1962 – Pat Newcomb, became Marilyn Monroe’s publicist and one of the last people to see her on the day she died. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe (c)1998 UK).

Aug 1962 – 1968 – Dr Thomas Noguchi did the autopsy on Marilyn Monroe. In 1968 he performed an autopsy on Robert Kennedy. Bruises on Marilyn Monroe in the initial examination were part of a file that disappeared as the case then began to expand. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. Donald H Wolfe (c)1998 UK).

4 Aug 1962 – Marilyn Monroe, was born Norma Jeane Mortenson in 1926, an orphan. She died on 4 Aug 1962 in her home in LA, a cover up unsolved. (The annals of unsolved crime. EJ Epstein ©2012 US).

4 Aug 1962 – Jack Schumerhern interview New York Post 16 Oct 1985. Bobby Kennedy’s visit to Marilyn Monroe’s house on 4 Aug 1962. Kennedy and Lawford in the afternoon. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe (c)1998 UK).

4 Aug 1962 – Beverly Hills police officer Lynn Franklin saw Peter Lawford, Robert Kennedy and Dr Ralph Greenson in a speeding car. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe ©1998 UK).

4 Aug 1962 – Bobby Kennedy was at Marilyn Monroe’s home, he never left Marilyn’s home that Saturday. He was a witness to her death and the cover up. Violent argument between Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn. Tapes made by Fred Otash were stolen in a raid in 1966 by Frank Hogan. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DC Wolfe ©1998 UK).

4-6 August 1962 – On 4 Aug 1962, Dr Hyman Engelberg said Marilyn Monroe has died. In a follow up report on 6 Aug 1962 both Greenson and Engelberg had altered their chronology. All three had changed their stories. Marilyn Monroe’s death was a big story in 1962, with the Cuban missile crisis several months later. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. Donald H Wolfe ©1998 UK).

5 Aug 1962 – The death of Marilyn Monroe occurs. Overdose of sleeping pills. (Newspaper archives).

5 Aug 1962 – After 1960 Marilyn Monroe had an affair with Frank Sinatra. On 5 Aug 1962 she was murdered. Affair with pres Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. A detective Fred Otash bugged the phone in Marilyn Monroe’s home. Marilyn’s home was also bugged by an electrical expert Bernard Spinder, who was hired by Jimmy Hoffa. Spinders home was raided in 1966 by Frank Hogan. Mafia boss Sam Giancana, Marilyn knew of his involvement in the plot to kill Castro. Jimmy Hoffa disappeared in 1975. (World famous unsolved crimes. Colin Wilson ©1992 UK).

12 Aug 1962 – 1979 – Interview 12 Aug 1962 at Greenson’s office. Greenson expressed the opinion that Marilyn Monroe had not committed suicide. Greenson died in 1979. It was not suicide, murder? Noguchi ruled out an accidental overdose. Suppressed information. Miners memo was seen to vanished from the files. The autopsy report had been altered. It was completely changed. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. Donald H Wolfe ©1998 UK).

Oct 1962 – JFK and Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev were on the brink of a nuclear holocaust. The Soviet Union placed nuclear weapons in striking distance of Washington DC. Never has the world been so close to nuclear war. For 13 days, during 1962 the Soviet nuclear arsenal in Cuba, Hiroshima Japan. In Texas and Virginia. (Red heat. Alex von Tunzelman (c)2011 UK).

Oct 1962 – In return for withdrawing Soviet nuclear missiles from Cuba the Kremlin received an understanding from President Kennedy not to invade Cuba. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher (c)1984 US)

16 Oct 1962 – The Cuban missile crisis. JFK became aware of missiles in Cuba. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 16 Oct 2015).

16 Oct 1962 – President Kennedy was given photos by the CIA, showing that Russians were installing ballistic missile launching pads in Cuba. Six days later Kennedy broadcast this and said a blockade of Cuba by the US Navy. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

27 Oct 1962 – Khrushchev sent a letter to Kennedy offering to withdraw the missiles from Cuba, if the US would withdraw theirs from Turkey. The US should not invade Cuba. On 28 Oct 1962 the USSR agreed to withdraw its missiles and Soviet ships from Cuba. (Too secret too long. Chapman Pincher ©1984 US).

17 Nov 1962 – JFK and Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba. New York. (Red heat. Alex von Tunzelman (c)2011 UK).

1963 – There was no law making it a federal crime to assassinate the president. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1963 – The rights of patients. George J Annas 1992. US medical experiments scandals, 1963 study Jewish. Congress Ed Markey, Mass documented dozens of secret radiation experiments on the un-consenting. Google books,

1963 – John F Kennedy created the Peace corps. (The secret history of the American empire. John Perkins ©2007 US).

1963 – Sicilian mafia, Nicola Gentile’s book, Joe Valechi released his memoirs soon after. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferrara ©2011 US).

1963 – Sabotage efforts and assassination attempts continued, on a reduced scale, through most of 1963, but by the time of the Kennedy assassination, he was quietly exploring a modus vivendi with Castro. (We know now. John Lewis Gaddis ©1997 US).

1963 – Tampa 18 Nov 1963 assassination plot, patsy for Tampa was Gilberto Policarpo Lopez a Cuban exile who moved from Florida to Tampa in 1963. He was under FBI surveillance. Mystery trips to Mexico. Oswald’s declassified CIA 201 file Gilberto Policarpo Lopez under surveillance in 1963. Lopez entered Mexico on 20 Nov 1963. 22 Nov 1963 Lopez at Mexico city airport boarding a Cuban flight. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jarome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1963 – Roselli was the main Mafia contact with the CIA plot to assassinate Fidel Castro, a plot that continued through the Kennedy assassination. Roselli involved both Giancana in Chicago and Santo Trafficante in Tampa bay. Roselli was born Fillippo Sacco in Esperos in Italy. On 4 July 1908 immigrated to the US with his mother, in 1911 Massachucetts. Fled to Chicago in 1922 and relocated to LA in 1925. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1963 – Ted Shackley head of CIA JMWAVE Miami station. Set up by JFK after Bay of Pigs. (Air America. Christopher Robins (c)1979 UK).

1963 – Kennedy spent much of his life in pain. Addisons disease and a back ailment. X rays and steroids, painkillers and anti spasmodic, antibiotics. Anti histamines and “anti psychotics” ?. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jarome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1963 – Allen Dulles. The craft of intel. London Weidenfeld Nicholson.

1963 – John Wetterer in Vietnam. He set up the shoeshine boys. A paedophile ring for the US military. Robert Macauly was in Americare, linked to the CIA.

1963 – Trafficante expanded the French connection heroin network. By 1963 this heroin import network reached from France to New York city, Montreal Canada, Mexico, New Orleans, Houston and Miami. Smuggling heroin hidden in cars into the US at borders in Texas from Canada or ships. Trafficante’s heroin network was under attack from the Kennedy’s. (Legacy of secrecy. Lamar Waldron (c)2008 US).

1963 – The CIA got the Zapruder film from the Secret service and did a study. They concluded there were two assassins. The CIA analysis defied the Commission. The FBI had no interest in info from State trooper Francis Fruge, which he got from Rose Cherami. (Reclaiming Parkland JFK. James Di Eugenio ©2013 US).

1963-64 – Jack Ruby worked with the Mafia in Dallas, a nightclub manager who ran a strip club. A CIA gunrunner to Cuba. 9 June 1964 Abraham Chaynes. Lee Harvey Oswald got a passport in June 1963. In 1994 an FBI memo 26 Nov 1963. William Sullivan as J Edgar Hoover’s chief red hitter. Khrushchev died on 11 Sept 1971. (Who rally killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1963-64 – Miguel Casas Saez CIA surveillance docs. Miguelito 22 Nov 1963, Cuban airlines flight from Mexico to Havana. Also known as Angel Dominquez Martinez. Entered the US in Nov 1963. 25 Jan 1964 Casas left Cuba 26 Sept 1963 by small boat. Cases spoke Russian well. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jarome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1963-66 – Natural news. Saul Krugman at the childrens Willowbrook state school on Staten island New york. Psychology and viral hepatitis vaccinations. 1963-71 Dr Carl Heller 62 people at Oregon state prison in Salem. Radiation and vasectomys. 100 inmates at Oregon state prison.

1963-69 – Mafia conrolled most US heroin traffic. FBI US narcotics report. .

1963-73 – Between 1963 and 73 handguns killed 84,000 Americans, compared to between 46,000 and 58,000 US deaths in the Vietnam war. (FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

1963-74 – 22 Nov 1963, the President was dead. Marilyn Monroe was a homocide victim. Robert Slatzer’s book The life and of Marilyn Monroe was published 1974. Kanes Hamilton former head of the Intel division died in 1964 of a brain tumour. In 1966 Cheif William Parker died at a diner. Homocide detective Thad Brown died in 1972. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. Donald H Wolfe ©1998 UK).

15 Feb 1963 – Attorney General Robert F Kennedy ordered an investigation into organized crime leaders. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

28 Feb 1963 – Chicago Alderman Benjamin Lewis was assassinated. 3 bullets to the head. (Legacy of secrecy. Lamar Waldron (c)2008 US).

March 1963 – Dallas FBI agent James Horty put Lee Harvey Oswald under investigation. Oswald purchased the Daily Worker a magazine of the Communist party US. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

April 1963 – Shots were fired at Gen Edwin Walker. Dallas police investigated. Walkers right wing political views. More than one shooter. (Reclaiming Parkland. JFK James DiEugenio ©2013 US).

10 April 1963 – Retired Major General Edwin A Walker in Dallas, was shot at through the window of his Dallas home. (Reclaiming history. ©2007 Vincent Bugliosi).

June 1963 – Jack Ruby owed a small fortune to the IRS and was facing financial ruin. (Legacy of secrecy. Lamar Waldron (c)2008 US).

June – Oct 1963 – June 1963 counter intel, leak in agency NSA. Sgt Jack Edward Dunlap. The KGB paid him $30,000 in his first year. The story broke in Oct 1963.

4 June 1963 – Executive order 11110. JFK and the Fedral reserve silver certificates. After JFK’s death no more silver certifcates were issued. (Before its news 26 Nov 2015. Makia Freeman. Waking Times).

12 June 1963 – Civil rights leader Medgar Evers was killed by an assassins bullet. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

7 July 1963 – Joseph Cataldo, the FBI traced him back to a phone call placed by Jack Ruby on 7 July 1963, four months after the murder of Oswald. Ruby booked mafia for Dallas nightclubs through Joseph Cataldo. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

18 July 1963 – The offshore system, HSBC and small fry. Switzerland as a tax haven too. On 18 July 1963 pres Kennedy and new regulations to tax interest on foreign securities. Archives from the 1960s and 70s. 1976 Castle bank and trust, the Cayman islands. From the 1950s and 60s Florida and the French connection heroin trade. Half of the property in Miami was owned by offshore shell companies. Pres Kennedy wanted to curb this. Tax or levy of 15% on foreign securities. (Nicholas Shaxson. Treasure islands (c)2011 UK).

20 July 1963 – Jack Dunlap, CIA liason with NSA, a double agent for the Soviet Union, died of carbon monoxide poisoning. (The annals of unsolved crime. EJ Epstein ©2012 US).

23 July 1963 – Mafia lawyer Frank Ragano, clients included Jimmy Hoffa and Santo Trafficante. Hoffa wanted to kill JFK. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

August 1963 – Oswald was arrested in New Orleans, while distributing pro-Castro pamphlets. On a New Orleans radio program he extolled Cuba and defended Castro.

Sept 1963 – 60 mafia from the US attended a convention at the home of Joseph Barbara in Apalachin New York. Creating a national organized crime network. Vito Genovese was boss of bosses of the American mafia. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

Sept 1963 – Ferrie and Oswald were together in Clinton Louisana in early Sept 1963. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).

Oct 1963 – Marcello was not a US citizen and was in the US illegally. Allegedly born in Tunisia north Africa. (Probably Italy like Luciano). Jack Ruby Dallas, Marcellos part of the French connection heroin nework. (Legacy of secrecy. Lamar Waldron (c)2008 US).

Oct 1963 – James P Hosty jr FBI agent assigned by Washington to keep track of Oswald in Dallas. Beverly Olives said in 1963 Jack Ruby brought Oswald into the Carousel club saying Oswald was with the CIA. A Carousel club worker named Jada disappeared after telling reporters that Ruby knew Oswald at the time, before the assassination. Jada disappeared. Conversation 4 Oct 1963 at Carousel club H L LEE told Jack Ruby, there were plans to kill John Connally, governor of Texas. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jarome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1 October 1963 – The day Genovese family Joseph Valachi went on CBS TV. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferrara ©2011 US)

31 Oct 1963 – J Edgar Hoover and the President 31 Oct 1963 . FBI memo 28 Oct 1963. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

November 1963 – President Kennedy’s assassination. Americas first Catholic President.

Nov 1963 – Just before Nov 1963, Jack Ruby was in deep financial trouble. He owed the government $60,000 in taxes. Ruby’s trial was in 1964. (World famous unsolved crimes. Colin Wilson ©1992 UK).

Nov 1963 – Evidence exists that Oswald’s identity was being used by two different people, one of them called Lee, and the other called Harvey. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

Nov 1963 – The US Mafia, Carlos Marcello and Giancana and Santo Trafficante. Heroin distribution networks in the US from Antoine Guerini and his Marseille based heroin. US Mafia, Marseille Mafia and south Vietnam government to protect the heroin trade. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

Nov 1963 – Khrushchev received word that JFK wanted a 2 or 3 day summit meeting between the US and USSR, A week later JFK was assassinated in Dallas. 24 Oct 1964 Khrushchev was ousted from office in the USSR. (The great cold war. Gordon S Barress ©2009 US).

Nov Dec 1963 – A 25 Nov 1963 memo said, the public must believe that Oswald was the only assassin. Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach. On 9 Dec 1963 a FBI report said 3 bullets were fired. The FBI said Oswald was the only assassin and he fired all 3 shots. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

1 Nov 1963 – The south Vietnam government was ovethrown in a coup, with the agreement of Kennedy. Diem, a Catholic, was assasinated.

2 Nov 1963 – On 2 Nov 1963? Who killed Kennedy. Four shots were fired and not three. (World famous unsolved crimes. Colin Wilson ©1992 UK).

2 Nov 1963 – Three plots to assassinate JFK. Chicago 2 Nov 1963 and Tampa 18 Nov 1963. Chicago 2 Nov 1963 O’Hare airport. Patsy Thomas Arthur Vallee. New York license plate of Vallee’s car was registered to Lee Harvey Oswald. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jarome C Corsi (c)2013 US).

2 Nov 1963 – Chicago police arrested Thomas Arthur Vallee. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jarome C Corsi ©2013 US).

18 Nov 1963 – The major cut in defence spending that defence secretary Robert McNamara had announced 4 days before JFK was killed, never happened. It was similar to a cut proposed by Khrushchev in July 1963. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

20 November 1963 – Rose Cherami aka Melba Christina Marcades, so called prostitute and heroin addict, was found injured near Eunice Louisiana on the evening of 20 November 1963, two days before the JFK assassination. She was pushed out of a moving car. She spoke to Dr Victor Weiss and told him President Kennedy was going to be killed. (Reclaiming history. ©2076 Vincent Bugliosi US).

20 Nov 1963 – Fruge took her to hospital. Pushed out of the Silver slipper brothel. Cuban exile named Sergio Aracha Smith as one of Cheramie’s travel companions. Aracha Smith was an anti-Castro refugee after 1961. Head of the New Orleans Cuban front. Friends with pilot David Ferrie, she said 8 kilos of heroin to Galveston by boat then head to Mexico. Ruby and Oswald knew each other. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

20 Nov 1963 – In Eunice Louisiana heroin addict Rose Cheramie told Louisiana state police lieutenant Francis Fruge that two men, Silver Slipper lounge and drove from Miami to Dallas, planned to kill president Kennedy.

20 Nov 1963 – Rose Cheramie was struck by a car on highway 190 near Eunice Louisiana. She told police lt Francis Fruge she was traveling with two men from Florida to Dallas as part of a drug. She was thrown out of the Silver Slipper lounge, then run over . Fruge took her to Jackson East Louisiana state hospital.

22 Nov 1963 – JFK’s attempts, in his last months, to pull Americans out of Vietnam. Lyndon Johnson’s NSA on 26 Nov 1963 reversed JFK’s moves towards a military disengagment. 780 of the 1,000 troops that JFK ordered out of Vienam, never happened under Johnson.(The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

22 Nov 1963 – Secret service in Dallas? Sylvia Meagher suspected the man was one of the assassins with false credentials. Men who claimed to be secret service agents on the grassy knoll. More than one shooter?. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

22 Nov 1963 – The mafia and Dallas police corruption. Sheriff Bill Decker rode in the command car in front of JFK. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

22 Nov 1963 – Warren Commission testimony said that many of the eyewitnesses were convinced the shots had come from the grassy knoll. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

22 Nov 1963 – Tape disproves theory of second JFK assassin. The Times London. Oswald, the mafia, Soviet spies and the CIA.

22 November 1963 – News a left wing Labor win in a British election. The trial of Jimmy Hoffa in Nashville. (Reclaiming history. ©2007 p13 Vincent Bugliosi US).

22 Nov 1963 – Mrs Roberts said that Oswald was in the room, a police car drove by and stopped outside the house honked its horn as if signaling Oswald. In front of the door, a police car stopped and honked, two uniformed police in the car. Policeman Tippit. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

22 Nov 1963 – Roselli confessed to his lawyer his involvement in the JFK assassination. Roselli said he a gunman shooting from the grassy knoll fired the first shot that hit JFK. Roselli said the second and third shots came from gunman. Charles Nicoletti, a Gianciana hit man, shooting from the third floor of the Dal Tex building behind JFK, fourth shot fired. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

22 Nov 1963 – A bruised battered women was found lying on a road near Eunice Louisiana. Rose Cheramie a heroin addict was taken to Louisiana state hospital near Jackson. Cheramie said the assassination of JFK would occur two days later. She had worked for Jack Ruby. Word in the underworld was that JFK would be assassinated. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).

22 Nov 1963 – A man with fraudulent secret service credentials, an escaping assassin?, shots were fired from the grassy knoll. Two gunmen fired at JFK in a conspiracy. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).

22 Nov 1963 – Jack Ruby was on the second floor, front of the Dallas morning news building, which looks out at the Texas school book depositry building. At about the time JFK was shot, (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

22 Nov 1963 – Jim Braden was arrested in the Dal-Tex buildig, opposite Dealy plaza when JFK was shot. He was Eugene Hale Brading, a Californian mafia with 35 arrests and 3, under 6 aliases. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

22 Nov 1963 – Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested 8 minutes after, for killing Dallas police officer JD Tippit. Oswald denied shooting the President and said he was being set up. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

22-24 Nov 1963 – On 22 Nov 1963 within the hour after the JFK assassination, Dallas police dept patrolman J D Tippet was gunned down in Oak Cliffs in the city. Lee Harvey Oswald on 24 Nov 1963 days after the JFK assassination Dallas, Jack Ruby gunned down Lee Harvey Oswald in the basement of the Dallas police HQ, two blocks from where JFK was killed. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

23 Nov 1963 – News reports in Europe linked Jean Souetre and Michel Mertz to the JFK assassination. French connection heroin network, Michel Victor Mertz part of Trafficante heroin network. (Legacy of secrecy. Lamar Waldron (c)2008 US).

23 Nov 1963 – Carlos Marcello and Michel Mertz heroin network. Rose Cheramie heroin , sex slavery and heroin trafficking. Marcello. Secret service files about Cheramie disappeared and were never released. (Legacy of secrecy. Lamar Waldron (c)2008 US).

23 Nov 1963 – Jean Souetre aka Michel Roux aka Michel Mertz a Corsican tied to the French connection. Heroin drug trade. Seee CIA docs 1977. (Who really killed JFK. Jerome C Corsi (c)2013 US).

23 Nov 1963 – JFK assassination and the decision to withdraw from Vietnam. In response to a 1976 freedom of info act request, the CIA released data saying a professional assassin was arrested in Dallas 23 Nov 1963. Jean Souetre aka Michel Roux aka Michel Mertz, a Corsican assassin ties to the French connection drug trade, south east Asia to Marseilles, France to New Orleans. Mary Ferrell archivist of assassination material found the CIA document in 1977. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi (c)2013 US).

24 Nov 1963 – Photo Dallas Times Herald, found after Ruby shot Oswald. (Reclaiming history. ©2007 Vincent Bugliosi).

24 Nov 1963 – Senator Attorney Tom Howard and newsmen Bill Hunter and Jim Koethe met in Jack Ruby’s apartment. Within 16 months after the meeting Howard died of an alleged heart attack. Hunter and Koethe were murdered. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem (c)1988 US).

24-25 Nov 1963 – Before any official investigation into President Kennedy’s murder began, there was a government cover up. Nicholas Katzenbach, Attorney General tried to convince the public that Oswald was the only assassin. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

25 Nov 1963 – Victoria Adams was a witness. FBI interview. In February she was told by Dallas police detective Jim Leavelle there was a fire at police HQ and her file was burned. Adams died in 2007. The JFK Act passed for the ARRB. Tapes exist but the Adams tape is missing and cannot be found. (Reclaiming Parkland. JFK James DiEugenio ©2013 US).

26 Nov 1963 – Humes told about the destruction of his notes, a paper trail ends. Physician George Burkley gave autopsy notes to the secret service. Humes destruction of autopsy draft and notes by Humes at his home in his fireplace he burned documents. (Reclaiming Parkland JFK. James DiEugenio ©2013 US).

27 Nov 1963 – Journalist Martin Agronsky interviewed Governor John Connally from his hospital room, five days after the JFK assassination. Connolly was hit by the second shot. And not the same shot as JFK, three shots were fired. The ballistics evidence supports multiple shots. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US.)

Dec 1963 – The spector of a nuclear crisis with the Soviets over Cuba came up in the days and weeks after the JFK asassination. DEFCON threat levels went up. Cold war hot spots like Vietnam. Russia and China, the US was trying to avoid a nuclear conflict.(Legacy of secrecy. Lamar Waldron (c)2008 US).

7 Dec 1963 – Dallas police officer Harry Olsen and his girlfriend Kathy Kay, who worked for Jack Ruby as a stripper at the Carousel club. Olsen was driving his car, it veered off the road and crashed into a telephone pole injuring him so he spent 2 weeks in hospital. After that he left the Dallas police. On 1 Feb 1964 Olsen and Kay went to California. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem. (c)1988 US).

9 Dec 1963 – Frank Sinatra junior was kidnapped. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 9 Dec 2015).

20 Dec 1963 – Jim Lehrer reporter for the Dallas Times Herald issue on 20 Dec 1963 said that Ruby made five reservations on a plane heading for Mexico. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1964 – Joseph D’Ercole was sentenced to 20 years in jail for heroin distribution. He died 16 years later. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra (c)2011 US).

1964 – David Wise and Thomas Ross. The invisible government. A vast secret intelligence bureacracy. Random house.

1964 – Melvin M Belli, Maurice C Carroll. Dallas justice, the real story of Jack Ruby and his trial. New York McKay.

1964-65 – Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little. He was a Muslim and spokesman for the nation of Islam, after a trip to Mecca Saudi Arabia in 1964. He was assassinated on 21 Feb 1965. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

1964-73 – US warplanes dropped 2.3 million tons of bombs during 580,000 bombing raids over Laos. ( Laos timeline).

1964-73 – US bank failures starting in 1964. The 3 largest bank collapses of the 1970s. Loss of $50 billion in stolen US securities by 1973. Probe in 1971. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1964-87 – FBI agents in Boston used hit men and mafia, prevented prosecutions. Patriarcha crime family were brought down. (SSFC,7/28/02 pA5 (Timeline internet).

23 Jan 1964 – Warren Reynolds was at a car dealership where he worked. He was shot in the head with a 22 caliber weapon, but he survived. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).

February 1964 – Yuri Nosenko defected to the CIA. (Espionage. ©1995 E Volkman).

13 Feb 1964 – Nancy Jane Mooney was arrested. While in a cell in Dallas city jail she allegedly hung herself. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).

14 March 1964 – Jack Ruby was convicted of the first degree murder of Lee Harvey Oswald and sentenced to death. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem (c)1988 US).

17 March 1964 – Hank Killam was found dead, his throat was cut, broken glass and a store window in Pensacola Florida. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).

27 March 1964 – Alaska 9.2 earthquake. Timetoast.

April 1964 – Jack Ruby’s roommate was George Senator. Journalist Bill Hunter was shot dead by a policeman in Long Beach California, mysterious. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).

2 April 1964 – Interview Lee E Bowers jr, employee. Bowers testified to the Warren Commission that he saw two suspicious cars enter the area in the half hour preceding the assassination. The first car, a 1959 blue and white O’dmobile, 20 minutes before the assassination. The second car, a 1957 black ford, the third car a 1961 or 62 Chevrolet Impala. Bowers testified he heard three shots. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

June 1964 – MKULTRA was officially shut down. Goittlieb’s new project was called MKSEARCH. (Brainwash. Dominic Streatfield. ©2006 UK).

7 June 1964 – MKULTRA was run by the CIA in 1953. It changed its name to MKSEARCH on 7 June 1964. It ran until June 1972. Psychological warfare. Dr Ewen Cameron ran inhuman experiments ay Brandon mental prison in the 1930s. Inmates were naked in electric cages.

22 July 1964 – Silvio Odio testified to the Warren commission she had a meeting with a man she identified as Lee Harvey Oswald in late Sept 1963. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

30 July 1964 – An FBI report filed by special agent James W Swinford on 30 July 1964 said that Oswald, Jack Ruby and officer Tippit all went to the same restaurant, Dobbs house in Oakcliff. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

Aug 1964-Feb 1971 – The Vietnam war began in Aug 1961 and lasted uintil Feb 1971. More than 11.4 million gallons of Agent Orange were spread across 24% of south Vietnam. 5 million , 500,000 acres of food crops. (Operation paperclip. Annie Jacobsen (c)2014 US).

3 Aug 1964 – (5 Aug 2014) From the Republicans archive. Joe Debusso, after JFK assassination.

24 Aug 1964 – Ernest Rupolo’s body was found in Queens. He had two concrete blocks on his legs and his hands were tied.

21 Sept 1964 – Jim Koethe was killed by a karate chop to the throat in his Dallas apartment, by an unknown assailant who also ransacked his home. He was working on a book about the JFK assassination. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).

Oct 1964 – Mary Pinchot was murdered and her diary was taken by CIA chief James Angleton after her death.

12 Oct 1964 – Mary Meyer was attacked in Georgetown, killed by two bullet shots fired at close range. The case has never been solved. Jim Angleton was at her home after her death. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

12 Oct 1964 – Mary Pinchot, a journalist and wife of Cord Meyer CIA agent. She was gunned down while walkiing in Georgetown. She had divorced Cord by then. Unsolved crime. James Angleton was at her home after the murder. From the cold war, spies were everywehre. How the pieces of the puzzle fit into place. (American spy. E Howard Hunt. (c)2007 US).

22 Oct 1964 – Mafia leader kidnapped in New York. The Guardian UK.

11 Dec 1964 – Che Guevara spoke at the UNGA in New York . A mortar shell was fired at the building during his speech. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 11 Dec 2015).

Mid 1960s – Jim Garrison alleged that Ferrie, Oswald and Clay Shaw were behind the Kennedy assassination. A few days after Garrison made his finding known to the Press, Ferrie’s naked body was found with suicide notes. The same day, Ferries close anti-Castro associate, Eladio del Valle was murdered in Miami, and his killer was never found. (World famous unsolved crime. Colin Wilson ©1992 UK).

1965 – US bureau of the census and the Soviet science research council. The statistical history of the US from colonial times to present. Stanford Corm Fairfield.

1965-66 – Unwitting testing of LSD and other drugs in CIA houses continued until 1965 in San Francisco and 1966 New York. (Brainwash. Dominic Streatfeild ©1966 UK).

1965-66 – The shemitah began on 27 Sept 1965 and ended on 14 Sept 1966. World Trade center. (The mystery of the shemitah. Jonathan Cahn (c)2014 US).

4 Feb 1965 – Alaska 8.7 earthquake. Timetoast.

21 Feb 1965 – Malcolm X speech at the Audubon in New York city. A man with a shotgun and others with pistols, shot and killed Malcolm X. Talmadge Hayer was later shot in the leg, others escaped. Fire damaged the Mosque in Manhattan on the night of the assassination. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

March 1965 – Attorney Tom Howard aged 48 died, of a suspicious heart attack, no autopsy was performed. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).

Aug 1965 – Rose Cheramie, hit and run.

Sept 1965 – Rose Cheramie, a drug addict. She was run over by a car in Texas. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

4 Sept 1965 – Journalist Dorothy Kilgalle mystery death. Rose Cheramie with two men she thought were Italians. Cheramie was found dead by a highway near Big Sandy Texas, on 4 Sept 1965 run over by a car. JFK Wikipedia. Mysterious deaths of witnesses connected to the JFK asassination. 103 people. Warren commission Richard Belzer, cover up murders.

4 Sept 1965 – Rose Cheramie was again the victim of a car accident, her skull was crushed. She was killed near Big Sandy Texas. Owner of the Silver Slipper was Mac Manual. Cuban exiles Sergio Arcacha Smith and Osantr Emllio Santanta.

4 Sept 1965 – Rose Cheramie was struck by a car and killed on a highway near Big Sandy Texas. Cheramie was apparently lying on the road, ran over the top of her skull. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).

29 Oct 1965 – Frank Wisner CIA executive was shot with a shotgun (The annals of unsolved crime. EJ Epstein ©2012 US).

8 Nov 1965 – Dorothy Kilgallen investigated the JFK assassination, her book Murder one, interview with Jack Ruby, then she died under strange circumstances, On the night of 8 Nov 1965, her completed manuscript and notes of the interview with Jack Ruby vanished along with her life. (The assassination of Marilyn Monroe. DH Wolfe ©1998 UK).

8 Nov 1965 – Dorothy Kilgallen was a crime reporter aged 52. She died in her New York home, allegedly of barbiturates and alcohol. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).

1966 – Frances A Yates. The art of money. Penguin books New York.

1966 – Charles A Madison. Book publishing in America. McGraw Hill. New York.

1966 – Paul Laxalt bid for the Nevada governorship. Ruby Kolod . (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1966 – CIA project MKOFTEN testing the toxicological effects of drugs on humans and animals.

1966 – Michele Pantaleone. The mafia and politics. London Chitto Windus.

1966 – Fred J Cook. The secret rulers. Criminal syndicates and how they control the US underworld. New York Duell Sloan Pearce.

1966 – The founding father. The story of Joseph P Kennedy. Signit books. Richard Whalen.

1966 – Harold Weisberg. Whitewash II. Hyattstown MD.

1966-76 – Oswald said he was innocent, im just a patsy. By 1966 calls for a new investigation came from William F Buckley, Richard Cardinal Cusly, Walter Lippmann, Arthur Schlesinger jr, Life magazine, the London Times and the American academy of forensic sciences. By 1976 4 out of 5 Americans thought that the assassination of JFK was a conspiracy. In 1978 a House Select Committee said it was probably a conspiracy. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).

14 Feb 1966 – Albert Bogari was found dead in his car in Hallsville Louisiana. A hose ran from the exhaust into the passenger compartment. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).

10 June 1966 – Joseph Biondo was born on 16 April 1897 in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto Sicily. He died on 10 June 1966 in New York city. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

9 Aug 1966 – Lee Bowers was killed in a strange car accident in Midlothian Texas. He had received death threats. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).

9 Dec 1966 – Jack Ruby was in the Parkland hospital in Dallas. Doctors said he had cancer. Three weeks later he died.

1967 – Director King Vidor knew of the power of the studios, and the corruption of the Los Angeles police, in Hollywood. (World famous unsolved crimes. Colin Wilson ©1992 UK).

1967 – CIA and defence project MKNAOMI alleged successor to MKULTRA, stockpiled tests biological and chemical weapons.

1967 – Teamsters union leader Jimmy Hoffa went to prison in 1967 and after his alleged release he went missing. (FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

1967 – Saudi Arabia’s King Faisal’s son Saudi prince Turki went to school in America. In 1967 one of his classmates was Bill Clinton at Georgetown. (The looming tower. Lawrence Wright ©2006 US).

1967 – Joachim Joesten. The case against Lyndon Johnson in the assassination of president Kennedy. Munich Dreischstr Selbstrerlag.

1967 – Harold Weisberg. Oswald in New Orleans. Case of conspiracy with the CIA. New York. Canyon books.

1967 – US president, on organised crime. The mafia is 5,000 members of Italian descent. 24 families. National commission. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1967-75 – Roger Craig’s testimony, he said Lee Harvey Oswald was seen fleeing the Texas book depository after the shooting by the grass knoll then got into a car Nash Rambler. Oswald had a double in Dealy Plaza that day. Craig was fired from the sheriffs office on 4 July 1967, attempts were made on his life to silence him. He died mysteriously on 15 May 1975. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

2 Jan 1967 – CIA FOIA. NSA scandal terrifying. Crest.

3 Jan 1967 – Jack Ruby died aged 55 in Dallas Texas.

3 Jan 1967 – Jack Ruby died of lung cancer, three days after his trial. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

14 Jan 1967 – The New York Times reported that the army is conducting secret germ warfare experiments. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 14 Jan 2015).

22 Feb 1967 – David Ferrie was a pilot who worked for Carlos Marcello the Mafia boss of New Orleans. Ferrie was found dead in his apartment with a cerebral hemorrage. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).

15 May 1967 – US Mafia corruption widespread. The Irish Times 1921 Dublin.

1968 – Peter Maas. The Valachi papers. The first inside account of life in the Cosa Nostras. New York GPO Putnam sons.

1968 – Meyer Lansky and a stock exchange in Miami Nathan Voloshen. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1968 – Ramon Navarro, Hollywood, was found naked and murdered on his bed, his home was ransacked. (World famous unsolved crimes. Colin Wilson ©1992 UK).

1968 – During the criminal investigation by Jim Garrison, an anonymous letter with info saying, officer Tippit worked as a security officer on weekends, corrupt policemen. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

1968 – Australian George Freeman went to the US on a false passport. He met with Joseph Dan Testa in Chicago Illinois, for a six week stay. (Smack express. Clive Small ©2010 Australia).

1968 – The FBI used tear gas on a crowd of children at their school. They wanted it closed for Martin Luther King’s funeral. Riots, six African Americans were shot. Eugene Connor and Clarence M Koolly. (FBI a history. Rodris Jefferys Jones ©2007 US).

1968 – The local native Indian people founded the American Indian AIM in 1968. (FBI a history. Rodris Jeffreys Jones ©2007 US).

1968 – Alice and Rachlin Marriot. American Indian mythology. NY New American library.

1968 – Operation Chaos. Anti Vietnam war activists were spied on.

13 Feb 1968 – The US sends 10,500 more troops to Vietnam. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history 13 Feb 2015).

April 1968 – Memphis, James Earl Ray gunned down Martin Luther King jr in assassination. Fires and riots erupted in more than 100 cities, killing 40 people and wounding thousands, looting mobs. (The skeleton crew. Deborah Halber ©2014 US).

April 1968 – Martin Luther King was assassinated. (LA Times research FBI. Michael Muskal. 4 Nov 2014.)

June 1968 – Salvadore La Charda died. He had ties to Carlos Marcello.(The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

4 June 1968 – Senator Robert Kennedy at the Ambassador hotel in LA, after victory in two Democratic presidential primaries. Was shot, Kennedy and 5 others were hit. Kennedy fell to the floor. Sirhan Sirhan was charged. Dr Noguchi LA county coroner Thomas Noguchi. (From memory the same man involved in JFK’s murder). (The mafia killed JFK.David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

5 June 1968 – Mafia pdf. Salvador Astucia. Bobby Kennedy was assassinated on 5 June 1968.

5 June 1968 – Soon after winning the election, Caifornia Democrat, senator Robert F Kennedy was shot dead. Sirhan Birshan Sirhan was convicted. (The mafia kiled JFK. David E Schiem (c)1988 US).

5 June 1968 – Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy. The Guardian UK. 20 Nov 2006. In 1968 Robert Kennedy 6 June 1968 he was assassinated. 5 June 1968 Robert Kennedy won the California Democratic primary. 24 year old Palestinian Sirham Sirham.

31 Aug 1968 – Joan Freenz aged 22, who worked for Hoffmann La Roche pharmaceutical company was killed. Unsolved murder. Cold case files. (Star Ledger 8 March 2005. Russell Ben Ali)..

8 Sept 1968 – A New York Times report said that the Black Panther party was Marxist, Communist and Maoist. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

13 Sept 1968 – HQ of New Jersey mafia Angelo Gyp De Carlo. Louis D Saperstein. Lying on the floor bloody purple tongue hanging out. He was beaten and kicked. Repay a loan or die. $400,000 $5,000 a week payment. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

17 Oct 1968 – In 1963 the Elkins family told the Kennedy’s that a mafia hit was called on JFK. On 17 Oct 1968 J B Elkin died under suspicious circumstances. The car he was driving was pushed off the road by another driver. No one was ever caught or identified. He crashed and Elkins died. (Who really killed Kennedy. Jerome C Corsi ©2013 US).

20 Oct 1968 – Robert Kennedy posthumous book published McCalls magazine.

6 Nov 1968 – Richard Nixon was elected the 37th US president, defeating Hubert Humphrey. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 6 Nov 2015).

26 Nov 1968 – Louis D Saperstein died. An autopsy showed arsenic in his body enough to kill a mule. Murder. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

2 Dec 1968 – Pres Richard Nixon named Henry Kissinger as security advisor. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 2 Dec 2015).

6 Dec 1968 – Article, Corruption behind the swinging clubs. Life mag. Chicago police and mafia corruption. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1969 – The US secret bombing of Cambodia began. (Nic Dunlop. The lost executioner. (c)2005 US)

1969 – Ed Reid. The grim reapers. The anatomy of organized crime in America. Chicago. Menry Regnery.

1969 – Attorney Grant Cooper was convicted of an accessory crime, the unauthorised possession of secret grand jury testimony against defendents. Leaked grand jury transcripts, the identities of witnesses who were later murdered. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Scheim (c)1988 US).

1969 – Ralph Salerno. John S Tomkins. The crime confederate. Cosa Nostra and allies operations in organized crime. New York Doubleday.

1969 – Emerson Wilson. Forgotten heroes of Delaware.Cambridge Mass. Deltos publishing company.

1969 – Alex de Tocqueville. Democracy in America. J P Mayer. George Lawrence. Garden city NY Doubleday.

1969-73 – The US air force dropped 539,120 tons of bombs on Cambodia, killing 700,000 people. (Timeline internet).

20 Jan 1969 – Richard M Nixon was inaugurated as US pres. (Chch Star NZ. Today in history. 20 Jan 2016).

13 Feb 1969 – Nixon began a fight against the Mafia. Alistair Cook. The Guardian UK.

14 Feb 1969 – Vito Genovese died in Springfield Missouri. He had immigrated to New York city from Italy about 1914. (Manhattan mafia guide. Eric Ferarra ©2011 US).

14 Feb 1969 – Vito Genovese died of a heart attack at the US medical center for Federal prisoners in Springfield Missouri.

14 Feb 1969 – Vito Genovese died aged 71 in Springfield Missouri of a heart attack.

23 Feb 1969 – Pres Nixon ordered plans for the secret bombing of Cambodia. (History commons. Timeline internet).

18 March 1969 – US Pres Richard M Nixon and “Operation Menu” the bombing of Cambodia. (Wikipedia. timeline internet).

14 May 1969 – President Nixon and the Vietnam war. Report to the American people. (This day in history. 14 May 2015).

27 June 1969 – Broadway 122nd st Oklahoma city. Dated over 2,000 years old. Inlaid floor with mortar tiles. Pinterest. 7 Nov 2015.

28 June 1969 – Mafia infiltrates New York dock. The Irish Times 1921 Dublin.

Aug Sept 1969 – The Woodstock festival and 40,000 people attended. Part of the anti Vietnam war movement. (Drug barons. Paul Copperwaite ©2010 US UK).

17 Aug 1969 – Hurricane Camille hit near Biloxi Mississippi killing 256 people. (The Telegraph UK. 24 Oct 2015).

Nov 1969 – One third of the JFK assassination Warren commission’s 28,000 documents were still classified. (FBI a history. Rodris Jeffresy Jones ©2007 US).

25 Nov 1969 – president Nixon renounced the use of any form of biological weapons that kill or incapacitate and ordered the disposal of existing stocks of bacteriological weapons.

17 Dec 1969 – Newark mayor Hugh Addonizio, mafia boss Anthony Boiardo and 13 others were charged with splitting $1.5 million in payout extortion city. A defendant was killed in a mysterious car crash, another witness was killed in another car crash, one died of a heart attack, patterns of violence, organized crime and the Kennedy assassination. (The mafia killed JFK. David E Schiem ©1988 US).