Argentina research update

1870s – John George Walker was a settler in Argentina in the 1870s. He was a freemason, a member of a lodge in London before going to Argentina. (Who do you think you are. May 2014 UK. Patrick Brady p7).

Jan Feb 1889 – On 28 Jan 1889 the “SS Dresden” left Deepwater Quay for Buenos Aires Argentina with 1,772 migrants. 1,500 were Irish and 250 were British. 15 Feb 1889 in Argentina. (Practical family history. Dec 2009).

1934 – Tax havens and corruption. Winter 1934. Argentina stopped a British ship, the Norman Star. It was about to sail for London. Investigations into the control of foreign meat packers, profits going overseas. This was the time of the Great Depression. Argentina had farms with rich landlords. Documents showed William and Edward Vestey, members of Britain’s richest family. Philip Knightley’s book, the rise and fall of the house of Vestey. (Nicholas Shaxson. Treasure islands (c)2011 UK).

11 Jan 1943 – Spies in Argentina. The Times UK.

25 May 1944 – Axis spies in Argentina. From our Buenos Aires correspondent. The Times UK.

1945-77 – Adolf Eichmann SS officer and trains for Jews to Poland’s death camps. Ratline Nazi escapes. Jan 1947 Vatican men went to Argentina. Declassified government files. Vatican. 1977 Vatican ratlines escapes and Red cross passports. Eva Peron in Argentina. Juan Peron. Rome Italy visas to Argentina. Buenos Aires Catholics. (Gods bankers. Gerald Posner (c)2015 US).

21 April 1945 – Germany. The FBI declassified 700 documents. Eight planes, Hitler’s belongings. No body of Hitler was found. Argentina jungle.

21 April 1945 – Germany. Secret tunnel in Berlin. Hitler may have escaped. Declassified FBI file on Hitler. He may not have died in the bunker at the end of world war two. He could have left Berlin. (Before its news. Daily express. 18 Oct 2015).

No date – The role of the Catholic church in helping Nazis to settle in Argentina. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

April 1947 – 3,200 gold coins and 75 diamonds. Ustasan officers. Vatican 1947 Pavelic and the ratline escape route of the Nazis to Argentina Buenos Aires, Juan Peron. Red cross passports to Syria, then to Brazil 1967-71. Pavelic 1957 Buenos Aires then to Madrid Spain. (Gods bankers. Gerald Posner. (c)2015 UK).

1952 – In 1948 a US army intel report said that 2,400 kilos of Ustasan gold was sent from the Vatican bank to secret Swiss bank accounts. 5 millon Swiss francs went from Switzerland to Argentina in 1952. (Gods bankers. Gerald Posner (c)2015 UK).

1957-1962 – In 1957 Adolf Eichmann, a Nazi, was seen in Argentina. Argentina was a haven for Nazis. He was in Buenos Aires using the name Ricardo Klement. 10 May 1960 German SS. 21 May 1960. 31 May 1962 Eichmann was executed in Ramla prison. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

1958-1959 – Israeli spy Jacob Yakuba Cohen was in Argentina and Brazil. (Intel news. Ian Allen. 28 April 2014).

1960-1984 – 1984 Argentina and Auschwitz Nazi Dr Josef Mengele. Argentina president Raul Alfonsin. There is a secret file on Mengele, Documents with the police. A red crosss passport, under a false name, on which he arrived from Europe. Catholic priests in Rome Italy. Mengele’s application for Paraguayan citizenship. Sealed Mengele files 1960. A hotel in the rainforest was a haven for Nazis. Catholic clerics in Rome. (God’s bankers. Gerald Posner. (c)2015 US).

11 May 1960 – Adolf Eichmann was captured in Argentina by the Israeli secret service. (History place. Holocaust timeline).

20 May 1960 – Adolf Eichmann Nazi lost his job at CAPRI in Argentina in the early 1950s. He then moved to Buenos Aires. Then he worked at a Mercedes Banz factory. Network of nazis in south America. Nazi Johann Von Leer went from Argentina to Egypt. In May 1960 Israeli Mossad intel seized Eichmann in Argentina on 20 May 1960 and flew him to Israel. (Before its news. 14 Dec 2015).

15 Dec 1961 – Adolf Eichmann was sentenced to death on 15 Dec 1961 the SS officer. Eichmann fled to Austria then to Argentina. He lived there for 15 years under the name Ricardo Klement. Tucuman province in Argentina. Horst Carlos Fulner helped with his company CAPRI power plants employed Nazis. (Before its news. 14 Dec 2015).

7 Dec 1962 – Imad Fayez Mugniyah, Hezbollah, Iranian military guards. Born in Tayi Dibbi Lebanon. Head of intel and ops for Hezbollah.

1965 – Elder Richard G scott (1928-2015) and his family were in Argentina on an LDS Mormon mission in 1965. He worked for the US navy. Elder Scott helped design. the nuclear reactor for the first nuclear powered submarine. Admiral Rickover.. One of his missionaries was Wayne Gardner. When the Scott family finished their mission in Argentina they returned to Washington DC. Working with the nuclear energy industry. He spoke English and Spanish. (Ensign. Nov 2015. LDS Mormon).

1970s – Italian P2 Licio Gelli organised a 3 way deal for oil and arms between Libya, Argentina and Italy. Agency for Economic Develoment. Which he and Umberto Ortolani owned. Wikipedia.

Sept 1970 – Former Nazi, Dr Schreiber died in San Carlos de Bariloche Rio Negro Argentina. (Operation Paperclip. Annie Jacobsen ©2014 US).

2 Jan 1974 – The worst fire in Argentina’s history destroyed 1.2 million acres. (Bad times in history. Roland C Barker ©2001 US).

2 Oct 1975 – Newspaper reports and FBI investigation. Films from Argentina, porn and murder snuff.

1976-1982 – Argentina’s anti Communist murders and disappearances. 30,000 people. Dropping some people from planes into the ocean. (Worse than war. David Jonah Goldhagen (c)2009 US).

1976 to 1983 – Military dictatorship in Argentina. Persons of Jewish background, 1,300 disappeared and 350 to 400 fled to Israel. (Mario Sznajder and Luis Roniger. Journal of Latin American studies May 2005).

1982 – Falklands war. The Camorra negotiated with the Argentine government. Caserta clans. British spies intercepted phone calls between the Argentine government. and San Capriano d’Aversa, the Caserta mafia families. (Gomorrah, the other mafia. Roberto Saviano ©2007 Italy).

1982 – The Falklands war.

25 Oct 1982 – Mass graves were found in Argentina. Jeremy Morgan. The Guardian UK.

1992-1994 – March 17 1992, a Hezbollah group leveled the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, killing 29 people and wounding 242. Imad Mughiyeh was involved. Hezbollah said the attack was to avenge the killing of a Lebanese Hezbollah leader, Sheik Abbas Musawi, whose convoy was wiped out by an Israeli helicopter gunship in South Lebanon in Feb 1992. His other brother, Fuad Mugniyeh, died in Dec 1994, when another car bomb exploded near the mosque, where Fadlallah preached, directly outside of a shop owned by Fuad. The car bomb was ordered by Israel in retaliation for the bombing of the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires in 1994, which killed 86 people.

17 March 1992 – Bombing of the Israeli embassy in Argentina. Hezbollah claimed responsibility for the blast, that leveled the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires in Argentina, killing 29 people and wounding 242.

17 March 1992 – Wikipedia. Attack on the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, a suicide bombing. 29 people were killed and 242 injured. A truck driven by a suicide bomber. Also a Catholic church and school were destroyed. Islamic jihad claimed responsibility. Hezbollah’s Imad Mugniyah.

1994 – AMIA bombing. (BBC. 22 Jan 2015).

July 1994 – Hezbollah bombing of the Buenos Aires Jewish community center, 85 people were killed.

18 July 1994 – Wikipedia. AMIA bombing. Buenos Aires, killing 85 people and wounding hundreds.

18 July 1994 – 85 people were killed and hundreds wounded. A van filled with explosives detonated at a Jewish center in Buenos Aires. It came two years after the bombing of the Israeli embassy in Argentina. (Telegraph UK. 27 Jan 2015).

19 July 1994 – Wikipedia. In flight explosion by bombing, unsolved crash. Atlas Chisicanas flight 901 Panama. 21 people on board, including 12 Jews and all were killed. Unsolved crime. Suicide bombing, One day after the AMIA bombing in Argentina. Jamal Lya, unsolved case.

1995 – Saudi Arabia, Imad Mugniyah was flying back to Beirut Lebanon from Sudan, after meeting with bin Laden. The US arranged for his Middle East airlines flight to make an unscheduled stop in Saudi Arabia. But the Saudi government refused to make him leave the plane.

27 April 1999 – Argentina held Nazi gold in the Central bank and world war two. 1946. The Swiss embassy in Buenos Aires, Looted gold and money laundering. BBC UK. World Americas.

2002 – Uki Goni. The real Odessa. How Peron brought the Nazi war criminals to Argentina. London UK. Granta.

8 Dec 2002 – Argentina security forces killed and disappeared activists. Argentina military troops were responsible.

2003 – Max Paul Friedman. Nazis and good neighbors. The US campaign against the Germans of Latin America in World war two. Cambridge uni press.

2003 – A new economic history of Argentina vol 1. Gerallo della Paolera. Alan M Taylor. Google books.

9 March 2003 – HD historic archival stock footage world war two. Germany Nazi colonies in Argentina 1935 reel. Youtube.

Sept 2004 – Alberto Nisman’s investigation into the 1994 bombing, found bribery and corruption. (Telegraph UK. 27 Jan 2015).

May 2005 – From Argentina to Israel, Escape, evacuation and exile. Mario Sznajder and Luis Roniger. Journal of Latin American studies.

July 2005 – Calls for justice for the victims of the AMIA bombing in 1994. (Telegraph UK. 27 Jan 2015).

Oct 2006 – Alberto Nisman found links to Iran and Hezbollah in the 1994 bombing. (Telegraph UK. 27 Jan 2015).

25 Oct 2006 – Argentina’s prosecutors Alberto Nisman and Marcelo Martinas Burgos. Iran and Hezbollah were suspected of the bombing. Wikipedia.

2007 – Cave painting were found, of hands and birds. Rio Pintures Sante Cruz. The cave paintings were dated from 13,000 to 9,500 years ago. (The story of archeology. Justin Pollard (c)2007 UK).

March 2007 – Interpol issued arrest warrants for nine people in connection with the 1994 bombing. Eight Iranians. No arrests have been made. (Telegraph UK. 27 Jan 2015).

15 March 2007 – Interpol and AIMA Red notice. Lyon France. The Red notice dispute. Argentina and Iran.

May 2008 – Alberto Nisman called for arrests, for corruption and suppressing of evidence in the 1994 bombing. (Telegraph UK. 27 Jan 2015).

14 Sept 2009 – Interpol chief met Iran and Argentina officials about the AIMA terrorist attacks. Lyon France. Interpol’s Ronald K Noble.

15 Feb 2011 – Intel news. US denies smuggling spy equipment into Argentina. Joseph Fitzanakis.

Sept 2011 – Giving God a chance to bless us. By Michael R Morris. Church magazines. Argentina temple LDS Mormon. Ensign p53 to57.

10 Feb 2012 – How Nazis used the ratlines to escape to south America after the war. Horst Wagner SS in Argentina in the 1950s. Red cross passports and Vatican support. Mail online. Allan Hall.

19 March 2012 – Secret files show 9,000 Nazis fled to South America after world war two. 5,000 Nazis went to Argentina. 2,000 Nazis went to Brazil and 1,000 Nazis went to Chile. Secret files from Brazil and Chile. Argentina’s Juan Peron sold 10,000 passports to Odessa. The vatican. Paul Schaeffer in Chile, a paedophile who died in 2010. Daily Mail online. Allan Hall.

5 July 2012 – Stolen babies. Argentina convicts two military dictators. Military kidnappings of children, disappeared, political prisoners in 1970s.

Sept 2012 – Pres Henry B Eyring rededicated the refurbished temple in Buenos Aires Argentina. Nov Ensign LDS Mormon.

2013 – Philip Willan. The Vatican at war. From Blackfriers bridge to Buenos Aires. Bloomington IN.

12 Jan 2013 – Argentine police arrest international paedophile ring. Social network to child porn. BBC UK.

Jan 2014 – Hitler in Argentina. Book by Harry Cooper. May 2014. Sharkhunter. A Spanish spy and Martin Bormann. FBI and OSS files.

15 April 2014 – Classified FBI files. Adolf Hitler escaped by submarine to Argentina. Owen Bennett. Express UK.

8 July 2014 – Pope Francis was being prosecuted by the International common law court of justice ICLCJ in Brussels Belgium, for allegedly trafficking 30,000 children of political prisoners, through Vatican Catholic charities from Argentina’s dirty war. Orphans were found in child mass graves in Spain.

31 July 2014 – Business Insider Australia. Argentina default.

17 Sept 2014 – Suspected Italian Mafia boss arrested in Argentina. Wanted for attempted murder. Vice news.

13 Dec 2014 – Interpol. Wanted by Argentina. Peter Phillip Leaitua, 43 years old. A Spanish New Zealander.

21 Jan 2015 – Intel news. Joseph Fitzanakis. The Argentine prosecutor who was investigating the Israeli embassy bombing was found dead.

21 Jan 2015 – Prosecutors death is the latest in a growing list of bizarre killings in Argentina. Unsolved crimes. Fusion. Kevin Gray.

22 Jan 2015 – Argentina, Alberto Nisman’s death not a suicide. Mr Nisman aged 51,was shot dead in the bathroom of his apartment. BBC UK.

23 Jan 2015 – Matt Levitt. Hezbollah book. Legal insurrection. Argentina prosector’s death and Iran’s terror. David Gerstman. Alberto Nisman was shot dead.

27 Jan 2015 – Argentina demands answers after the death of Alberto Nisman on 18 Jan 2015. Special prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found dead in his apartment in Buenos Aires, suspicious. Eurasia news.

27 Jan 2015 – Journalist Damian Pachter, who reported on Argentina’s prosecutor Alberto Nisman’s death, flees to Israel. Damian Pachter was the first journalist to report on the suspicious death. He was followed by Argentina’s intel agents and he feared for his life, so he fled to Israel. Care2.

27 Jan 2015 – Jewish politics news update. Iran’s Rouhani is linked to the 1994 AIMA bombing. Suzanne Vega. Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani. Washington Free Beacon. Alberto Nisman was investigating the 1994 bombing. Interpol issued red notices for arrests.

27 Jan 2015 – The death of Alberto Nisman, timeline of an Argentine scandal. David Lavle Washington. Telegraph UK.

27 Jan 2015 – Alberto Nisman’s death. There are about 250,000 Jews in Argentina, most of them live in Buenos Aires. Wall Street Journal.

27 Jan 2015 – Argentina disbands its intel agency. Iran’s role in the 1994 bombing was uncovered by Albert Nisman. BBC UK.

26 Jan 2015 – Iran’s terror and the death of Alberto Nisman. Interpol Red Notice for six Iranians and Hezbollah. Front page mag.

26 Jan 2015 – AMIA Argentina mystery about public prosector Nisman’s death. He requested Interpol to charge Iran’s ambassador to Argentina. Hamid Soleimanpour in London. RT.

3 Feb 2015 – Argentina’s prosecutor sought the president’s arrest. Records were found at his home after his death. Taos Turner. Alberto Nisman. The 1994 terrorist attack on the Jewish center. Kischner and Timerman. Wall Street Journal.

10 March 2015 – Two helicpters collided and 10 people were killed. Press TV. 13 Dec 2015.

23 March 2015 – Archeologists. Nazi hideout deep in the Argentina jungle, ruins were found. German Nazis and World War II. Teyu Cuarepatt.. Five German coins from 1938 and 1941, made in Germany were also found. AFP. ABC Australia.

23 March 2015 – Secret Nazi hideouts found in the Argentine jungle. Washington Post. Terrence McCoy.

23 March 2015 – Martin Bormann, archeologists fpound Nazi buildings hidden in the depths of the Argentine jungle. Teyu Cuare park Misiones in northern Argentina. German 1930s coins. Daily Mail UK. Amanda Williams. Allan Hall.

28 June 2015 – An Argentinian judge orders Falklands oil probe. Buenos Aires. Embargo on goods used by companies exploring for oil off the Falklands, of which Argentina claims sovereignty. NZ Herald. AP. Euronews.

17 Oct 2015 – An earthquake toppled buildings and killed one person in northern Argentina. Buenos Aires. A 6 earthquake shook El Galpron. Yahoo news. Guardian liberty voice. NDTV. AP.

14 Nov 2015 – A freak hail and ice storm with ice the size of tennis balls hit Argentina. It caused major damage to cars and buildings. (G+. Griffin Walker).

19 Nov 2015 – A 5.1 earthquake in Abra Pampa Argentina. Twitter. Earthquake.

19 Nov 2015 – Argentina’s central bank was raided by police. After a complaint about selling of the $US. Telesur. Investment watch.

29 Nov 2015 – A 5.9 earthquake in Jujuy Argentina. G+. Griffin Walker.

3 Dec 2015 – Air New Zealand signed an Argentina tourism deal. Argentina’s minister of tourism Carlos Enrique Meyer. Air New Zealand’s Stephen Jones. NZ Herald. Hamish Fletcher.

3 Dec 2015 – Scoop NZ. Air NZ and Argentina tourism and trade. Inprotur.

5 Dec 2015 – Barrick Gold corp is the world’s largest gold producer. Barrick Gold allegedly dumped 5,242,000 litres of cyanide in Argentina. Toronto Canada based mining group. More than one million litres of cyanide was spilled at the Valadeo mine in Argentina. (25 Sept 2015. RT. Critical criminology. Twitter. Heather Marsh).

5 Dec 2015 – Police raid Argentina media regulator ahead of power hand over. A mafia plot. Macri and Magnetto de Godog. Washington Post. Reuters.

11 Dec 2015 – Maurico Macri was sworn in as the new president of Argentina, outing Peron. ABC online.

13 Dec 2015 – A MTV helicopter crash, two people died, the Mendoza river. Press TV.

13 Dec 2015 – A 23 year old Israeli tourist died in a car crash. Twitter. Argentina top news. Jerusalem Post.

13 Dec 2015 – A 4.4 earthquake in the Salta area of Argentina. Twitter. Earthquake alerts and reports.

29 Dec 2015 – A tourist from Argentina in New Zealand left thousands of dollars at Mount Cook. Wads of $US and Argentine pesos. An Argenine man named Tomas Arce.


Hungary research

1096 – Hungary massacre. SFAW newswire. Jews expulsion world. 7 Sept 2014.

1241 – The Mongol invasion of Hungary. (Ancient Origins July 2015).

1241 – The Mongol’s crossed the ice of the frozen Danube and destroyed the Kingdom. Killing half of Hungary’s 2 million population. Timeline of Hungary history. Internet.

1241-1242 – The Mongol invasion devastated large parts of Hungary. (BBC UK 18 June 2015 Timeline).

1345 – Ever since 1345 when Andrew of Hungary was strangled in Aversa, a conspiracy by his wife Queen Joan I. Neopolitan nobles loyal to Charles Duke of Durazzo. (Gomorrah, the other mafia. Roberto Saviano ©2007 Italy).

1541 – The Turks captured the Buda castle, which became part of the Ottoman empire. 150 years of Turkish occupation in Hungary. Timeline of Hungary history. Internet.

1462 – Vlad Tepes or Vlad the impaler who impaled his victims on spikes. Budapest Hungary. (Ancient Origins July 2015).

1526 – The Ottoman Turks defeated Hungary at the battle of Mohacs, then the Ottoman’s took control of Budapest. (BBC UK 18 June 2015 Timeline).

21 Aug 1614 – She was 54 years old when she died. Death of countess Elizabeth Bathory who was born in 1560, the Bathory family from Transylvania Hungary. Aristocrat Hungarian family. Investigation in 1610 of murders. In Dec 1610 Elizabeth was arrested and tried. (History today. Aug 2014 UK).

1848 – The Hungarian revolution. (5 Nov 2011 Yahoo news).

1867-1918 – Hungary became an equal partner with Austria in the Austrian Hungarian empire. In 1918 the empire broke up, at the end of world war one. (BBC UK Timeline 18 June 2015).

3 March 1876 – Schools in Hungary. New Zealand Tablet. Papers past.

1892 – Pinterest. A Kalderari man working. Svenko.

1896 – Pinterest. Photo with Roma. Janos Valentiny Hungary 1842-1902. Svenko.

28 June 1914 – A Serbian dissident shot and killed the heir to the Austrian Hungarian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife. Then Europe went to war. (FBI 100 years. Unofficial history. Henry M Holden ©2008 US).

1 Aug 1919 – The collapse of the Hungarian revolution on 1 Aug 1919. The counter revolution ‘white terror’ that followed. (The lawn road flats. (c)2014 David Burke UK).

1928 – Anti semetic riots on universty campuses. SFAW newswire. Timeline Jewish expulsions world. 7 Sept 2014.

1931 – Pinterest. Gypsy in Hungary. Facie populi.

1939 – Pinterest. Gypsy children in Budapest. Farbn. Tumblr.

1939 – Pinterest. Gypsy children are taught to play the violin outside a poor house in Budapest. William Vandivert. Tumblr.

1944 – US honours Holocaust hero Raoul Wallenberg. Sweden’s Holocaust hero Raoul Wallenberg who saved tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews before mysteriously dying in a Soviet prison. Wallenberg’s death in 1947 aged 34. Wallenberg arrived in Budapest Hungary in 1944. Swedish passports for Jews. Open Russian archives. (Newstalk ZB NZ. 10 July 2014. AAP int news).

1944 – Hungarian Jews and gypsies were sent to death camps by the Nazis. (BBC UK Timeline 18 June 2015).

19 March 1944 – Nazi Germany invaded Hungary. Timeline of Hungary history. Internet.

April 1944 – The Russian problem by April 1944. The Red army entered Hungary. (GCHQ (c)2010 Richard J Aldrich UK).

May July 1944 – 137 trains with 425,000 Jews from Hungary went to Auschwitz. (TV news room 20 July 2015).

19 Nov 1948 – Dr Andrer Zakar went to mass at Vizivaror convent in Hungary. Dr Zakar was personal secretary to Josef Mintszenty, head of the Catholic church in Hungary, secret police returned him in Dec 1948. Secret police “treatment”. (Brainwash. Dominic Streatfeild ©2006 UK).

31 Dec 1948 – The pope excommunicated everyone involved in the cardinals arrest and interrogation. Top secret document 1 Feb 1949 Mindszenty. (Brainwash. Dominic Streatfeild ©2006 UK).

Feb 1949 – The Russian’s accused a Hungarian Roman Catholic Cardinal, a life sentence for treason, Cardinal Jozef Mindszenty. (Spies and revolutionaris. Graeme John Hunt (c)2007 NZ).

1953 – Defection of Hungarian dissident Lajes Ruff in 1956. Arrested in Budapest in 1953 secret police experiments. (Brainwash. Dominic Streatfeild ©2006 UK).

1956 – Hungary rose against the USSR in a bloody revolt, a decade after the end of World War Two. (NZ Memories. Feb March 2014).

1956 – Csaba Bekes. Malcolm Byrne. Janos Rainer. The 1956 Hungarian revolution. A history in documents. 2002.

1956 – Budapest, Khrushchev ordered the removal of the party boss, Mathias Rakosi, in July 1956. Unrest, Khrushchev ordered the red army into Budapest. The Hungarians responded with stones, grenades and Molotov cocktails. New Hungarian party leader was Imre Nagy. He negotiated the withdrawl of Soviet forces from Budapest on 28 Oct 1956. Soon after, Hungary left the Warsaw pact. On 31 Oct 1956 military intervention in Hungary. On 4 Nov 1956 the red army moved in. 20,000 Hungarians and 3,000 Soviet troops were killed. (We know now. John Lewis Gaddis ©1997 US).

Oct 1956 – Mass protests in Hungary, calling for free elections and the withdrawl of Soviet troops. The KGB general Ivan Aleksandrovich Serov went to Budapest to take control of KGB operations there. Sandor Kopacsi was the Budapest chief of police. Hungarian minister of the interior was Laszlo Rajk. (The Mitrokhin archive. Christopher Andrew. Vasili Mitrokhin (c)1999-2000).

23 Oct 1956 – 4 Nov 1956 The Revolution in Hungary was crushed by Soviet forces. (German politics. Peter Pulzer ©1995 US).

23 Oct 1956 – Protests in Budapest turned voilent. Political police. Teargas and opened fire on unarmed crowds of tens of thousands of people. Killing 500 protesters. On 4 Nov 1956 the Soviet Union invaded Hungary with 2,000 tanks. Socialist workers party. Timeline of Hungary history. Internet.

3-4 Nov 1956 – 3 Nov 1956 meeting. The Soviet Red army on 4 Nov 1956. (The Mirokhin archive. Christopher Andrew. Vasili Mitrokhin (c)1999-2000).

4 Nov 1956 – Death of Stalin in Feb 1953. Soviet troops began to advance on Budapest Hungary on 4 Nov 1956. A 16 page report, Oct 1956, by prof Hugh Seton Watson of the London SIS. (The hidden hand. Richard J Aldrich ©2001 UK).

1964 – 168,000 Hungarians and 150,000 Czechs visited western countries. (The Mitrokhin archive. Christopher Andrew. Vasili Mitrokhin (c)1999-2000).

15 March 1985 – Robert Maxwell was born in Czech. He was a tycoon, the Mirror newspaper UK. Viktor Chebrikov was vice chairman of the KGB a spymaster. $450 million from Credit Suisse to the bank of Budapest Hungary. (Gideons spies. Gordon Thomas (c)2008 UK).

1987 – Ancient caves beneath a 13th century palace in Budapest. Skeletons of the dead who suffered violence. In 2011 police raided the site and locked the doors. What is hidden under the streets of Budapest Hungary? The site was made a UNESCO world heritage site in 1987. The caves. (Ancient Origins July 2015).

1990 – An LDS Mormon mission opened in Budapest Hungary. (Ensign July 2015 p20 McKelle George).

19 June 1991 – The withdrawl of the Soviet troops from Hungary was finally complete. Timeline of Hungary history. Internet.

16 Nov 1997 – Hungary was admitted to NATO. Timeline Hungary history.Internet.

1999 – Hungary joined NATO. (BBC UK Timeline 18 June 2015).

Sept 2000 – Missing person when 11 years old. Tames Till. Interpol.

7 April 2002 – Hungarian election and Socialist power. BBC London UK. Medgyessy the Hungarian Socialist party PM.

May 2004 – Hungary is one of ten new states to join the EU. (BBC UK Timeline 18 June 2015)

7 June 2005 – Hungarian Socialists vote BBC London UK. Hungarian Socialist party MSZP.

29 March 2006 – Gyurcsany alleges mafia plot to bomb Hungarian poll rallies. Daniel Malaughlin. The Irish Times 1921 Dublin.

23 April 2006 – Socialist bloc wins Hungary elections. BBC London UK. MSZP Hungarian Socialist party, and SZDSZ alliance.

25 April 2006 – Hungary Socialists. The Advertiser Adelaide Australia. PM Ferenc Gyurcsany Socialism.

27 Nov 2007 – Alleged bribery in Hungarian Gripen deals. New York Times. Politico.Hu.

Oct 2008 –The IMF, EU and World bank give Hungary a 20 billion Euro loan. (BBC UK Timeline 18 June 2015).

22 Oct 2008 – New York Times. Scandal and the IMF role in global lending. Dominique Strauss Kahn was the IMF managing director. The IMF deals for loans to Iceland, Ukraine, Pakistan and Hungary. Political conditions attached to the loans. Debt crisis. (The money mafia. A world in crisis. Paul Hellyer (c)2014 US).

Oct 2010 – A state of emergency was declared after toxic red sludge from a reserviou r of chemical waste killed 7 people and injured 150. Rivers in Hungary were left polluted by this chemical waste. (BBC UK Timeline 18 June 2015).

29 July 2011 – Evidence of a Turkish harem in the caves. Female skeletons in tunnels. Ottoman occupation period. Prisons with torture in Budapest Hungary. Vlad Tepel the impaler in 1462. On 29 July 2011 police sealed the doors of the caves. (Ancient Origins July 2015).

29 July 2011 – A network made up of five labyrinths, underground tunnel system. Entrance at Uri Utea. Buda castle was destroyed. A hospital during world war two.

Jan 2012 –The EU and austerity in Hungary. Tens of thousands of people protested in Budapest. Hungary’s credit rating was reduced to junk status. (BBC UK Timeline 18 June 2015).

Feb 2012 – Hungary’s state owned airline Malev went bankrupt. (BBC UK Timeline 18 June 2015).

Nov 2012 – MP Marton Gyongyosi called for a list of Jewish officials. Anti-semitism. (BBC UK Timeline 18 June 2015).

Aug 2013 – A Budapest court sentenced four extremists, guilty of the murder of six Roma in 2008 to 2009. Serial murder case. They got life sentences. (BBC UK Timeline 18 June 2015).

3 Jan 2014 – Missing person when 2 years old. Chental Ildiko Tonelle. Female. Born in Italy. Italy Hungry. Interpol.

Feb 2014 – 10 billion Euro deal with Russia over funding for two nuclear reactors at the Paks nuclear plant. (BBC UK Timeline 18 June 2015).

May 2014 – Former Communist Bela Biszku was sentenced to five and a half years jail. For war crimes about 60 years ago. He was interior minister in 1956. (BBC UK. Hungary timeline 18 June 2015).

18 Sept 2014 – Citizenship mafia report. Politics hu. Forging tens of thousands of Hungarian citizenship documents. Azernes.

17 Oct 2014 – US cancels visas for Hungarians implicated in corruption. US embassy in Budapest. Wall Street Journal blog.

22 Oct 2014 – Proof of corruption in Hungary’s government is readily available. US State. RIA Novosti. Washington. Corruption among Hungarian officials. Marie Harf US State Dept.

22 Oct 2014 – Hungary key figures. Economist intelligence unit. Aged 44, Joszef Tobias leader of Hungarian Socialist party MSZP.

23 Oct 2014 – US steps up pressure on Hungary for corruption. Euronews. Biased judiciary. Simona Kordosova. Atlantic Council.

Nov 2014 – The head of the tax office and five other officials are banned from entering the US because of corruption. Thousands of people protested against official corruption in Belgrade. (BBC UK Timeline 18 June 2015).

1 Nov 2014 – Internet tax is cancelled after mass protests. BBC London UK. Tax on internet data traffic. PM Viktor Orban.

17 Nov 2014 – Reuters. Budapest. More than 10,000 Hungarians protest against PM Viktor Orban. Corrupt public servants cozying up to the Kremlin.

27 Jan 2015 – PM Viktor Orban spoke of Hungary’s role in the Holocaust during world war two. VOA US. Budapest.

July 2015 – Bucharest Hungary. Krisztian Eszther is a Mormon who lives in Nyiregyhaza. In 1990 an LDS Mormon mission opened in Budapest. Six family history centers in Hungary. (Ensign LDS July 2015 p20 McKelle George.).

17 Oct 2015 – Migrants/refugees arrived in Slovinia after Hungary closed the border with Croatia. Twitter. Telegraph UK.

21 Nov 2015 – Holocaust documents have been found in a Budapest apartment. More than 6,000 documents were found in the wall of an apartment. May 1944 nad the 6,300 census of Budapest’s Jewish community. 600,000 Hungarian Jews died in the Holocaust. The Guardian UK. Twitter.

15 Dec 2015 – A Hungarian man in Miami south Florida human trafficking. Andros Janos Vass age 25. Three Hungarian men were used to get gay men into the US for sex slavery. Sex slaves who died did not speak English. Rapes. Ben Kennedy.

15 Dec 2015 – Hungarian man arrested in Miami Florida US for human trafficking. Andros Janos Vass age 25. Local Ben Kennedy. Amanda Batchelor.

27 Dec 2015 – General Consul of Hungary in hospital after a road accident in Bashkortostan. Russia beyond the headlines.

Denial Of The Nazi Holocaust Against The Jews On Rise In Eastern Europe | Now The End Begins

In Lithuania, for example, people are doing everything to downplay the significance of the horrors of the war against the Jews as a unique event in the history of mankind, and in Ukraine a famous mass murder site has turned into a thriving jogging spot.

Source: Denial Of The Nazi Holocaust Against The Jews On Rise In Eastern Europe | Now The End Begins